Is It Just A Game?

Madison's First Day

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

So things took a dark turn. This chapter is more relationship building. Madison has her first full day of Womanhood. Also we catch up with Callie. Everybody is 18 years old or older in the story. This is way off from what the game is that inspired it. Some scenes will be near or something from the game, but really it has taken on a life of its own.

I woke up confused. It took a moment to remember I was in a woman’s body now. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in Alexia’s bed. I realized that yesterday really happened. I was on a high and then came crashing down as I had allowed myself to be used to help my sister get out of trouble. My tummy rumbled. Apparently cum is not a filling supper. The smells of food beckoned me to head downstairs to the kitchen.

Alexia was cooking breakfast. The smells of bacon and eggs made me smile as I closed my eyes. I climbed onto the kitchen stool at the small counter that separated the kitchen from our dining room area. My hands cradled my head as I watched her cook. “Hey Sleepy Butt.” Alexia grinned. I looked and admired her white boy shorts and the plaid oversized shirt that she wore as pj’s. “Morning.” I answered. “Since when do you cook?” “Since I realized Dad would be out of town lots and take out was not a responsible choice for a lifestyle.” She brought me a plate and slipped beside me. We ate in silence for a bit.

“Thank you.” she said quietly. “I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t, hadn’t….” She broke down crying. I wrapped my arms around her until she was able to speak again. “Micheal, I mean sorry, Madison, I guess you are probably wondering about the shoplifting?” I finished chewing some bacon and then said, “I was wondering, yes.” “It was a dare. Bruce is this new guy in our group and he had us playing a game where we accepted dares. It is stupid I know, but I didn’t want to disappoint my friends.” Are they really your friends if they ask you to do things like that Sis?” I waited but she didn’t answer. “Just know that you are a smart and beautiful young lady that does not need to prove herself. I love you, even if you are a hardcore criminal.” I grinned. We hugged again, cried some more, cleaned up and went and sat on the couch. 

“Wanna talk about how you saved this criminal?” Alexia asked. “It was rough.” I stared at my lap. “Alexia, the thing is, I didn’t like the guy, but I kind of liked the feeling of that cock in my mouth.” She took my hand. “I am not sure how I really feel. I have been so focused on becoming a woman I never thought about my sexuality or stuff like that at all.” She sat a minute before she spoke. “I am bisexual.” she said.

“I have been sexually active for a while now. I like sex as well.” I looked and listened. “What I am trying to say is it will take time. I didn’t figure out myself in a day. I am still finding new kinks and things I like.” She squeezed my hand. “I am a virgin.” I replied. “I have never done anything. I like girls, but the idea of penetration just made me feel sick.” I blew a breath out and looked at her. “I hated having that big penis.”

“How about we just be there for each other.” Alexia smiled. “Deal.” I replied. The sound of the door opening and heavy footsteps drew our attention. Greg stood looking at me before recognition came over his face. “Madison?” “Yeah, it's me Greg. I am trying out being your stepdaughter.” He stared for a bit before shaking his head and grinning. “Well, I guess I am the father of two beautiful girls now.” He then headed off to his room. I looked at Alexia and she just said, “Yes, that was kind of awkward.”


Work didn’t have an appeal as I looked out at my first full day as Madison. Alexia went to the gym and I promised to go with her soon, but really I just needed some time to get used to my new body. I was putting away my new clothes when I spied the purple bikini. It called to me like a siren luring sailors into their arms. From my window I could see the ocean. I could walk to the beach from here. It really was not that far to the trail that we left Callie on my first night in town. I went to Alexia’s room and found some sunblock. She won’t mind if I borrow this. I packed my backpack with things I figured I might need. Then I tied the bottoms on. I eased the top on and it fit okay. I guess Callie is a bit bigger than me. Still I didn’t look bad. I slid an Oversized T-Shirt over my head and set off for a day at the beach.

Finding a spot near the water I settled down on a beach towel and just looked at the ocean for a bit. The water was so blue it shimmered like a jewel. Nerves faded as I decided to play in the water. I took off my Tee and stretched my body, raising my arms high above my head just feeling the rays of the sun on my skin. I did stop long enough to reapply some sunblock. Then I ran off to the water. It was freeing to just kick and play without a care in the world.

As I walked back to my towel I could hear people talking about me. Girls were either jealous of my butt and legs or just admiring my body as beautiful. Guys were not as subtle. They were openly talking about what they would do to my body. I gathered my things and decided to move along. Soon I was at the trailhead where Callie had entered. I hesitated before deciding to enter the Jungle and see if I could find her.

The jungle was dense and the trail was rough in places. Sometimes it seemed like no one had passed through here for ages, then a well trod path would open up. Birds of all kinds were singing in the trees. I began to feel relaxed and just enjoyed being in this gorgeous setting. Before too long the trail opened to a cove. It had the whitest sand and the water was like a sapphire blazing in the sun. I wandered forward hypnotized by the motion of the waves. “I believe that bikini belongs to me.”

I turn and see Callie. Blushing, I reply, “Yeah, uhm, I didn’t really have one.” “It's cool. Looks good on you. So is it Hollis or Micheal?” she grinned. “It was Micheal, Madison now.” Callie offered her hand saying, “Nice to meet you Madison.” I blush. Callie takes my hand and leads me to a shady spot and we sit. “Well Madison, did you come looking for me?” I look up and say, “I guess. I mean I was curious. We just left you to enter a jungle. I guess I wanted to find out more of the story.” “That’s fair. I mean some strange girl jumps in front of your car being chased by some dudes. It does make a person wonder.”

We sat in silence for a bit and then she asked, “Do you know who The Partisans are?” I think for a moment. “Aren’t they the people that are opposed to X-Change?” “Yes, they are that and they are more. Lots of people just think they are a group with political power, that is how Proposition 12 was passed.” She ran her finger in the sand. “They are more. They have factions that hunt down people like me.” She looks in my eyes. It suddenly dawns on me. A myth from the early days of transformation technology. When companies and drug cartels were experimenting with the X-Change Pills and people were being changed without consent. “So you are one of the M*^..” Callie put a finger to my lips. “Please don’t say that word, but yes, I am someone that has been changed so much I have no memories of who I was born as, who Callie was.”

“I don’t know what to say.” I sat waiting for her to continue. “Madison, there are people, The Partisans in particular, who want to capture us. They want my genetic information, but also to just take me out of the world.” She looked out to the ocean. “Aphrodite was able to get Summer CIty made, it is a place where we can live, but we are still always in danger. I live with my friends out there on a ship. It is a big ship in terms of not being a boat. We can feel safe.”

Something about Callie made my heart flutter. I was smitten. I knew I was attracted to her ever since my headlights caught her in front of my car. I realized I had been staring at her eyes. I shyly blushed and moved my hair behind my ear as I looked away. I felt her fingers entwined with mine. “I guess I am not the only one that felt something then?” As I turned to face her our lips met and her hand was behind my head. Her soft lips met mine and soon our mouths parted and our tongues met. 

When we finally parted I was gasping as my heart raced. Callie was smiling, giggling even. “My you are my Good Girl.” Something inside felt good upon hearing those words. We spent the next few hours finding out about each other. I confessed being transgender and how being able to experience this completeness was a dream come true. She told me of how she was saved by Aphrodite and brought to the Sirene Shores. The artificial Islands off the coast. We laughed and as time went by each was feeling more than attraction. The sun was setting when I heard a motor and saw the small boat coming into the cove.

“Come with me?” Callie was standing with her hand offered. I took her hand and soon was being taken to her home on the ocean. “This is Oran, our Captain.” She introduced us. “Oran, this is Madison, the person I told you about.” “So you are the white knight that came to my Callie’s rescue. Seems in the story I heard you were not as pretty or sexy, well maybe she did say you were sexy, but surely more handsome than pretty.” I blushed. “I just gave her a ride, no biggie.” Callie took my hand and looked at me, “It was a biggie. Those guys almost had me. I don’t want to imagine what they would be doing to me now.” I kissed her softly.

After boarding the ship I told them I needed to call home. I noticed Oran stayed within earshot as I dialed the number. “Hey Greg, yeah it's Madison. I know I sound really different. I just wanted to let you know I was staying over with a new friend. It's that girl I told you about, the one I gave a ride to…..yeah…'re welcome. I just didn’t want to worry you. I will. See you tomorrow sometime. Okay, love you Dad.” As I hung up I realized that was the first time I had ever really called Greg Dad, much less say I Love You.


I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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