Is It Just A Game?

Explorations & Findings

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

All the people in this story is 18 or above. Nobody being changed into a younger than them woman is a woman younger than 18. It is a Transgender Fantasy of being able to transition in that magical way that does not exist, but would be a game changer if it was Reality.

Now, there is sex in this chapter. There is sex as I write it and I do hope it is something that you the reader can enjoy. Truthfully, this part has delved away from the gameplay in a big way.

“Okay Ladies,” Oran smiles, “Dinner will be ready in about an hour. So you have time to see the ship, or just Callie’s room.” I blush so hard I feel the heat of it cover my face and chest. Callie just giggles. “Come on Madison. Don’t pay attention to his teasing.” She grabs my hand and pulls me along behind her. The ship is amazing. I see some of it as we move along at a brisk pace. We descend down below decks and soon we stop in front of one of many mahogany doors. Callie turns and kisses me as her arms wrap around my body. I swoon as her kiss short circuits  my brain. We stumble through the door and turn circles kissing and caressing until we fall into the bed. Callie is poised over the top of me smiling. Her honey colored hair framing her face as it hovers above me. 

“Madison, just relax and let me show you how great being a woman can be.” She removes the purple bikini top, lowering it to take my nipple in her mouth. I feel my body heat up as she runs her hand along my side. Feelings of emotions begin to overwhelm me. My tummy is fluttering, my sex is tingling, and my mind is racing. Callie giggles as she raises up and removes my bottoms. Her hand slides along my inner thigh and along my pelvis. Soon I feel her fingers gently playing with my folds. I gasp as she enters just inside my slit. She grabs the back of my head and pulls me up into a soul searing kiss.

I bend my legs and spread wide as she begins working my pussy. I grab her arm with one hand as my other caresses her torso until I find her breast. I slide my hand under her bikini and knead her as my hips begin to move in time with her fingers. Suddenly I feel empty and she moves out of reach. I fall back, opening my eyes seeing her removing her suit. She is gorgeous. My hand slips between my legs as she lays down beside me. We kissed, our tongues entwined. I feel her hand slide down my belly into my valley, my legs part as she fills my treasure box with the pleasure of her fingers.

My back arches as she finds my nub. Her fingers begin stimulating it as she begins whispering in my ear. “That’s my Good Girl. Yeah, my Good Girl.” Shivers run along my neck down my body. It feels like the entirety of my being is burning up. Callie moves between my legs. Her hands squeeze my hips as she takes a long lick along my slit. She nibbles my folds and then plunges her tongue into my vagina. My clit is flicked and caressed by her tongue. I moan as my body rises in an arch.

It feels like an explosion in my brain as the orgasm hits me. I lose the ability to breath and my body is seized up, unable to move. Callie continues to lick me as my body sprays her face. I collapsed and jerked a bit. She climbs along my body until she is able to kiss me. I taste myself on her lips. My arms wrap around her caressing her back. Our legs are twisted together in a writhing mess. We kiss for what feels like eternity. “My turn.” Callie crawls until her moist pussy is above my face. 

Tentatively I move my tongue to lap at her wetness. She is sweet and tangy as I playfully lap at her. Soon I am boldly licking deep inside and finding her button. My tongue presses and Callie moans and squeals. I move from under her. My fingers begin probing her moving in and out as I am now licking from her taint up towards her rosebud. My tongue circles over and over before I plunge it deep in her ass. “Oh FUCK!” she screams as her juices explode from her. I quickly envelope her cunt sucking deep. I drink her sweet nectar.

We writhe pleasuring each other as time moves at a pace that belongs to us. I feel happy, I feel euphoric as Callie teaches me how to best pleasure her. She takes my body to places I couldn’t even have imagined. Eventually we collapsed. She is draped over me. Soft kisses on my neck. I am not sure if we fell asleep or if I just passed out. “Wake up sleepy head.” she coos.

Callie leads me to the shower. We soap each other up, kissing and caressing as we clean up. I am in heaven as she runs her fingers through my hair. I believe showering alone is so wrong as I experience her care and love. I return the favor by taking care of her hair. It is a wonder we didn’t just ravage each other instead of finishing. We dry each other, taking care to avoid getting too handsy. The smile on my face beams as I sit at her Vanity and let her do my makeup. I let her dress me. “Just so you know, mealtimes are clothing optional.” I look at her puzzled. “So should we be dressing up?” I ask.

Her laughter is infectious. “Silly, I want to show you off a bit.” I am wearing a short blue sequined dress. I twist and turn watching it shimmer. I realize that she has not offered any underwear. I look at Callie and gasp. She is wearing a skin tight pink dress that accentuates every curve. “So just to help you, most of the ship will be there. Not sure about Quake, he might or might not. Don’t be intimidated by him, he can be intense.” She fusses with my hair a bit. “Most of the crew is girls, there are a few guys, but really, if you think about it, not as many transformations were girl to guy.”

We arrive on the aft deck and there are tables of food laid out with fruit, seafood, breads, desserts. It is all so lavish. In the couches that are arranged around the feast are people in different states of dress. I meet so many people it is hard to keep them straight. One girl, Mia, is very sweet. I make my way with Callie to get some food. We then move over to the couch closest to Oran. I blush as I sit. Oran is being fed by two gorgeous women. All three of them are naked. His dark skin is a stark contrast to the one’s milky skin. She has straight black hair and a body that oozes sexuality. The other is the color of coffee with cream. She has a fit and athletic body and frizzy hair. “Greetings Madison.” Oran says. “I trust you and Callie had a nice rest.” He says in a way that lets me know he knows exactly what our rest entailed.

“It was a transcendent rest, Sir.” I grin. We eat and laugh. I find out that the two ladies are Jamie and Justine. They had been found when a raid on a bootleg pill operation occurred. I wondered if Greg had been a part of that since it fit with his job. Aphrodite had ensured they made it to Oran. They were completely transformed into subservient slaves. If they were not able to serve someone they would become very despondent and wracked with pain. I realized that the people on this ship were truly in a place where they could exist safe from the world that had changed them so much.

Shivers ran along my spine as I felt like someone was watching me. I look and see a handsome man staring at me. My breath catches as I take in his deep dark skin. He is almost invisible as he is leaning in the shadows. The open shirt displays his abs. My heart flutters as his dark eyes bore into my soul. Callie leans over and says “That is Quake.” Quake is a good name as that is what my nether region is doing as I drink in his yummy physique. He saunters over and plops down beside me. “So this is Callie’s new stray.” he sneers. I lower my head. “Where did you find this one Callie?” “She found me. This is who saved me the other night.” She replies. “So another X-Change girl.” He takes in my body. “Tell me girl, how long have you been on the pill?” “I took it yesterday evening.” Quake hollers with laughter. “Damn Callie, were you outside the pharmacy waiting?” I shrink as small as my body will allow. I feel like I have done something to upset him, but I don’t know what.

I feel a strong hand take my arm. I look up and see Oran has me and is pulling me back to his seat. I am in his lap before I realize it. He gently strokes my hair. I feel calm, safe. “That is enough Quake.” Oran says with a stern look. “Madison is a guest. She is not just Callie’s guest but mine as well.” Quake responds, “How do we know she is not some Partisan spy? I swear Oran sometimes I feel like you don’t worry about the danger enough.” “Silly boy, do you imagine I would have let Callie pursue this if I hadn’t already checked Madison out. As soon as she called home to tell them she was safe, a very responsible thing by the way, Aphrodite traced the call and we knew exactly who she was immediately.” 

I was so confused. They had traced the call. What did that mean, was Aphrodite that powerful? “Sensing my distress Oran caresses my side and then is holding me protectively. “No worries pet, you are safe here.” He said as he kissed my forehead. “Quake, this is the step daughter of the Enforcer.” My eyes open wide. “What?” I gasp. “Oran what do you mean?” He smiles at me. “Silly Pet, you are so cute when you are confused.” He slides his hand between my legs and slowly lets his finger circle my clit. I melt as all my mind is now focused on the pleasure he is bringing forth.

“Alright Oran, if you say so.” Quake nods. “How about she comes and spends the day with me fishing? Just to settle my worries,eh?” I look up suddenly. “Spend the day…with you?” I say. “Yes girl, Saturday. I will ask Aphrodite to put the trail map in your phone. Wear your swimsuit and be ready to get, WET.” He laughs and walks away. I give a worried look to a grinning Callie. “I believe he has taken a liking to you, my Good Girl.” I blush and then feel Oran push deep inside me. “Oh Holy Hell '' I moan. We all relax and as Oran keeps me on edge others begin to slip away. I hear some say they are going to the club. A nice looking white guy with a lanky body tells Oran he is going to keep watch over them. Justine and Jamie slip off giggling after some praise from Oran. 

Then it is just Callie, Oran and myself. I mewl contentedly as my body is being played like an instrument. Callie scoots close to Oran and hugs us both. “I am falling for her, Captain.” Callie exclaims. Oran looks down at her. “She is falling for you as well I believe.” Oran lays me back so my head is in Callie’s lap and my butt is over his staff that is pushing against the fabric of my dress. “Madison.” he says, “Do you know what it means to be polyamorous?” Is it when lots of people love each other?” I say in a dream-like state. “Close pet.” he says. “It is when people have multiple intimate relationships. They might be sexual, but not always, they can be romantic as well. It is where you are loving with so many others. Everybody knows this and it is not about being possessive.” He looks at me.

“So does that mean I can love Callie?” I ask. He chuckles. “Yes pet, you can love Callie, me, Justine and Jamie. Even that rogue Quake.” My eyes are wide at that last statement. Callie leans down and kisses me. I stare in her eyes. “Can you be okay with me having intimate relations with others?” She strokes my hair. Inside I am struggling with years of cultural programming. Being with one person is hammered in your head from the moment you enter the world. Now I am feeling loved by not just Callie, but Oran as well. I have seen the love that all of them have for each other. Emotions explode in my soul and I realize that I want this, need this so much.

“I have been hidden all my life. I suppressed who I was and just went along. I have wanted to be loved. Now I find someone that I do feel love growing into something. I also have seen the love the others have for each other. I want that. I need that love. I need to be in a safe and loving place. So yes, Callie. I love you, all of you. I believe I can grow to love others as well. My heart just feels so big right now.” I released a breath I was unaware I was holding.

The three of us talk into the night. There is kissing and touching. It is a time of just feeling loved. I feel safe with Callie and Oran. I feel loved. I am not sure when, but I fell asleep. I wake up between Oran and Callie. She is hugged tight against me. I feel her breasts against my back. My head is on Oran’s shoulder. I grin as I see the sheet tented high. A naughty idea comes to me as I carefully move.


My fingers work slowly and cautiously as I move the sheet off of Oran’s member. Already I can see it is so much nicer than the Mall Cop’s. It has such a wonderful shape and his brown skin just has my stomach flip flopping. I wonder what he is dreaming about that has him so worked up. I stifle a giggle. Very carefully I move so my body is even with his groin. My butt can feel Callie behind me. I am not sure if the angle will be okay, but deep down I want to devour this cock. I hover above before at last taking his tip into my mouth. I let my tongue twirl around before sliding down until I can’t take it anymore. The feeling of my mouth full of cock makes me feel wet. I begin bobbing up and down the shaft. Oran is letting out groans and moans as I keep my hot wet mouth working his rod.

Lost in my sucking I don’t realize Oran has awakened until his hand is on the back of my head. “Looks like my pet couldn’t wait for breakfast.” He chickles. “Hey!” I hear a sleepy sounding Callie, “No fair having fun without me.” She begins moving my body so that I am properly between Oran’s legs. Then I feel her take a long lick starting from the top of my slit to my rosebud. Licking and kissing in turn. I am vaguely aware that I am naked. Not even caring that sometime in the night I was undressed or I undressed. It just feels good and natural to be naked.

So my sucking has the desired effect. Oran holds my head still as he pumps load after load of cum into my mouth. I swallow as fast as possible until cum is dripping from my lips. I save some of the cum and turn to face Callie. We kissed, sharing what I had saved of Oran’s seed. We curl up on each side of Oran. “Very Good Girl.” I hear Callie sigh. “My very good Pet.” Oran says as he caresses my back. We lay content for a bit. Then I break the silence. “Oran, would you take my virginity?” I look up at him with wide eyes. “Yes My Pet, for you I will.” But first we need to freshen up and go fix breakfast for the rest of the family. I share a smile with Callie. How things have changed in such a short time.


I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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