Is It Just A Game?

A New Job & A New Me

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

So all the regular things apply. Everybody is 18 or Over. This is a work of Erotic Fiction. It is a fictionalized story of a real world role playing online game. I would give a TRIGGER WARNING as there is a sexual abuse/assault that happens to the main character.

AUTHOR"S NOTE: As the story has formed the characters have taken on a very different form from the NPCs that are in the game. They have become real in my mind. It is not how they act in the game. You have to earn different relationship happenings. I am using things from the game, but it is way more simple and more about the player. That would be a boring story. So just know I am creating fully realized people I guess. I hope you can take the slowness of explaining the world. Things will get steamy in the next chapter, promise. It has Callie and a beach and a bunch of touching and kissing.


The last rays of the day are vanishing as we get home. We find a note telling us that Greg had to leave for a few days for his job. There is a message about an interview for me at a place called DynaPills. Alexia orders some Pizza and of course pockets the leftover money, at least she gives the lady a tip. We settled down to a nice meal in front of the TV. I laugh a bit as the show Dallas plays. It is like the entertainment is stuck in the 1980’s.

“I saw you hanging out in Mutatio.” Alexia says. “It's okay, lots of people go there. I traded some fitness once to help bump my intellect to help my friends win at trivia night.” She giggles, “I was a beast at the gym that week.” “I was…” I pause. “It's okay bro.” she offers. “I am just glad you are here, especially now with Dad off for work.” We chat for a while more before saying Good Night and heading to our rooms.

Soft music wafts across the house from Alexia’s room. It is that same singer, Mariselle is the name I suddenly remember. She is from Summer City with Cuban heritage. The music has a beat and soon it has me nodding my head as I undress. I reach down and my finger touches my almost non-existent cock. It slides inside my body as I push in. It feels nice, it feels right somehow. I lay back in bed and imagined I was a girl. I push on my new small nub. Soon I am writhing until I release and sadly realize I am still just some guy that has dreamed of being different.

The alarm brings me to alertness in a hard way. My mind is still trying to stay in the fading dream even as I wrap a towel around myself and stumble to the bathroom. “Hey!” I hear as I crash into Alexia. We tumble to the floor. I am awake now. I reach to help my stepsis up. She blushes then grins as she skills away. “Well I guess I know what you gave up at Mutatio. No way that little dick is what I felt the other morning.” I turn red with embarrassment. 

My morning embarrassment past me, I do get ready for my interview. The drive to the place is short which would be nice. I soon am in the office of the Director of Sales. His first name is Micheal as well. He tells me that my work will be on commission. I come in when I want as long as sales are consistent. Seems sometimes people need breaks because of other interests. I can also decide to give sales demonstrations. They could be mine or a sale another didn’t want to do the demo for. It requires taking the product and becoming a female to show what the pills can do.

“Now we here at DynaPill don’t care what gender you do your job in, just as long as you make sales.” Micheal explains. “Here are some papers you need to fill out, a desk assignment, and a few cold call leads. The computer has a program that can help you with the descriptions of the different pills. Since you are a newbie some of the products will not be available for you to sell yet.”

Soon I am sent out the door and to my work area. It is kind of loud as men and women are just at desks without any cubicle dividers to buffer the sound. I sit down and decide first I should find out about what I am selling. It is all pills that are not X-Change, but cheaper transformation pills. Some can be reversed at the end of the work shift required or they wear off over time. There can be side effects, some that linger even after the transformation back into who you were at the time of taking the pill.

“Wow.” I say under my breath. The first company in the computer is called Somatic Warp Pharmaceuticals or SWP. Seems right now I am just able to sell two of their products. The Dumb Bitch Pill is one that turns a person into a very loyal and sexy employee. The transformed loses some intelligence, but is still able to work at a productive level. Suggested for jobs where highly sexualized employees would be a plus. There are some side effects that can remain, but there is a pill that transforms one back. Other than the name being a turn off I can see the appeal. 

Hot And Ready is the other pill. Seems it has some major effects. Suggested for jobs that require a person to use sex as a tool. Compliance is a major part of this pill. Can have lasting effects. Transformee becomes highly sexual and aroused under the pill’s influence. Looks like there is a third one that will be available as I hit sales quotas.

InstaGirl Pharmaceuticals has the next two products I am selling. Okay, this seems better. Not as sketchy as the SWP products. They basically take the image the buyer supplies and it creates that woman they want. Loyal and capable women who will be productive employees. Good Girl Basic and Good Girl Max. These seem better. Although something tells me that DynaPill is selling some very borderline questionable products.

That just leaves WANGL Pharmaceuticals. These seem straight forward. Ready Maid is for companies that need Maids. Oh, the pill makes cleaning a blissful experience. All the skills needed are part of the transformation. SECRET-ary is the other I am selling. For twelve hours the person is transformed into a highly skilled secretary that is able to handle any job a secretary might be asked to do.

Okay, I guess I should get to calling and see if I can sell some pills.


“Hey Buddy,” a boisterous voice rings in my ears as a hand clamps down on my shoulder. “Save a little work for the rest of us!” I look up seeing a guy in a gray suit grinning at me. “Ah, just joshing ya fella. Name’s Drew. I have been here a long time. You need some advice just come see old Drew.” “Okay, nice to meet you.” I say uncomfortably. Drew talks and talks for a long while, then thankfully he leaves. I head to the cashier and cash out on the few cold calls I made. I ended up with fifty-eight dollars which I guess was good for a first day.

Once home I read a note from Alexia:

“Guess you got that Job. Went out with some friends. Be back late. Left you some food in the fridge. Love Ya!”

It is kind of nice being in a family again. Mom had always been strict and stern. I remember Greg being a great stepdad. When he left while I was in college it took a while to find out why. There had been a big fight between them. Greg had gotten a job offer here in Summer City. It had to do with ensuring that bootleg X-Change technology wasn’t out there being used and sold. He kept an eye on the products and basically is the one that keeps people safe. Mom hated the X-Change tech. Hated people indulging, as she would say, in immoral sins. I knew she was hard about people different from her, but what I learned is that she had a hate in her. Hate for me as well. 

I read over my Summer City intro booklet for a bit. I looked up and saw the Purple Bikini on my desk. I wondered if it would fit me if I took an X-Change Pill? It felt like I was on the cusp of something big. Something life changing. I lay my head back and drifted off to sleep. My dreams were of being different women. I was a Maid in a frilly outfit or a sexy waitress handling handsy customers. It was a swirl of being transformed and living a life that's free. Free to dream. Free to be.


The days passed by slowly. I would go to work. I picked up new leads as I finished old ones. Sometimes I would get hung up on. So far no one wanted a demonstration. It wasn’t long until I had earned enough to help out with the household expenses. I also had enough to purchase an exchange pill. Just needed to figure out which one.

On Thursday I decided to take the day off of work and hit the Paradise Mall. I had on some sweats because I knew anything else might not fit well. As I was heading out the door Alexia ran out the door after me. “I need to tag along to the Mall, is that okay?” I hesitated for a moment, before smiling and saying “Hop In.” She was very squirmy as we drove. I wasn’t sure but she seemed lost in thought as well. That suited me just fine. She kissed my cheek before heading off into the Mall.

I stood outside the X-Change Pharmacy. This was it. I was going to change genders. Live my life as Madison. I felt nervous, yet also excited. I went in and was immediately approached by a portly man with a big smile. I listened as he explained the Pills. Some I knew were too extreme for my first time. I settled on a Basic. It had a protection against STDs as all the Pills did. There was a Birth Control effect which seemed good. Resistance was added to the pill I purchased. Something about cumming or orgasming extending the change.

I bought the Pill and went into a small room he provided. It had a comfortable couch and a full length mirror, one of those tailors used that let you see all sides. I swallowed the pill and sat back. A rush of heat engulfed me as my body rippled. I was being rebuilt. Hair flowed from my scalp. My hips widened and I felt my ass inflate. What was left of my penis pulled completely inside and I felt a small pain as my ball sack split and became the lips and folds of my new genitals. Sweat covered me to a point I had to get out of my clothes. I was burning up. Then it was all over.

Panting I had my hands on my knees. My new hair hung down covering my face as I gulped for air. My chest was not very heavy. I stood and saw my breasts were small. My nipples seemed to like the change as they stood out erect. I suppressed a grin. That was when I looked into the mirror. I was standing seeing a gorgeous red haired beauty with her mouth gaping open. I turned and saw an ass that was epic. Easily, I was all ass and legs. My body was fit. I lifted my hands over my head and flexed right then left. I then touched the slit that was now between my legs. I was hairless down there. That gave me pause, until my finger slipped in and found my button.

I then just lay back on the floor and was humping the air as my fingers slid in and out. Soon I was on my knees with my ass in the air. My head rested on the floor as I moaned. Soon I lost it as my breath was caught and a wave of pure euphoria washed over me. I collapsed with my fingers coated and my new vagina releasing my womanly nectar. I was spent. I licked my fingers feeling so comfortable doing so. After a bit of time I exited the room and the man grinned. “Don’t worry Honey, all you new gals get a bit excited. Here take this, an X-Change Card & a voucher for one complete outfit at the Boutique Shop.

Of course I headed there straight away. The Sales Lady was so nice. We found out I had 32A breasts. I soon had a nice outfit suitable for the office. I also bought workout clothes, some casual, and lots of lingerie. Then I saw it, the cutest outfit in the store to me at that moment. It was a cross between a Sailor Moon uniform and a school girl uniform. I had just enough left to buy it. I thanked the lady and walked out of the store in my new attire. I was comfy in a burgundy top and black tights.

RING RING RING my phone was going crazy. I was glad I had bought the backpack to carry stuff in. One thing Women’s Fashion lacked was pockets.  “Hello?” I said with my higher pitched voice. I realized it was Alexia. She was confused until I told her I had taken a Pill. Then I find out she is in trouble. I hung up and went to the Mall Security Office. What had she done to be held there?

I was ushered to a hallway and told to go to the office at the end. I knocked and when I entered I was shocked! There sat Alexia, arms around her knees which were hugged to her chest, she was naked and had been crying. “What the HELL?!?” I shouted. “Now just settle down young lady.” An overweight greasy looking officer cut me off. “I take it you are the Sister? Well your sibling here was shoplifting. Decided to check all her clothes to see what was hers and what belonged to the store she was in.” He laughed. “That is no reason to have her here naked.” I replied. “Calm your tits, babe. I am tired of these spoiled entitled gals strutting in here and robbing us blind. I caught her and if you want her freed, well you can pay $1000 or she is off to jail, maybe even without clothes.”

“I don’t have $1000," I said as I stared angrily at him. He stood and placed a hand on my hip. “Maybe we can find another way to pay her fine.” he leered. I looked at Alexia, her eyes were wide. I could see her fear and at that moment my protective feelings for my little sister kicked in. I lowered my head and meekly said, “Okay.” Alexia started to say something. I shook my head. I took her clothes off the table, knowing what she had worn from the house. I took her to the side and told her to wait for me in the car.

Soon I was in a locked office with the sleazy mall cop. “Take them clothes off girl.” I obeyed. I was scared. I wasn’t sure what I was going to have to do, how far I would have to go. My first time having sex was about to be with some loser. “Don’t look so scared, little lady.” I ain’t interested in that pussy of yours. Just take my cock and let me fill that belly that way.” I watched as he dropped his pants and a fat cock flopped in my face. It wasn’t that long, but it was as wide as it could be. I gulped and took a lick. Soon my nostrils were filled with his musk as I attempted to take his cock in my mouth. What was most concerning was I kind of liked the feeling of having a cock in my mouth.

“Ah, hell. Haven’t you ever sucked a dick before?” He looked down as I shook my head no with his shaft still in my mouth. “I guess I will have to show you then.” He took my head and thrust inside my mouth. I was gagging and choking as he face fucked me. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I was just a hole. Soon he gave one final thrust and my mouth was filled with cum. He held me tight as I choked. I gasped for air as he pulled out. “Swallow it bitch.” he ordered. I obeyed even as cum dripped from my chin.

I trudged to the car and before I knew it Alexia was hugging me tight. “I am so sorry.” she gasped as tears flowed freely. I hugged her and we headed home. She was the best. I was shell shocked from my first experience with a man. She took my hand and guided me to the shower. I washed and then brushed my teeth over and over. It is a wonder my gums didn’t bleed. I dressed in my new teal pj top and matching boy shorts. Alexia wouldn’t let me sleep alone. She cuddled me in her bed, lovingly stroking my hair. I cried then, all the shame of having him treat me like that just overwhelmed me. “It's okay sis.” Alexia whispered. She also apologized over and over. “Alexia?” She looked down at me. “Yeah?” I looked confused as I said, “Part of me enjoyed it.” She kissed the top of my head and we soon fell asleep.”


I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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