Is It Just A Game?

Arriving In The City

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

All characters are over 18. This is fiction and is not something that can happen in real life. Hope you enjoy.

Looking at the game I was just barely committed to playing. It asked for a description of my ideal body as a woman. That is easy: red hair, athletic, flexible, trim and slim, nice ass, long legs, small breasts, toned and fit. Check all those off. Okay. Woah, that is my face, I mean the character’s face. I guess I will pick this one. Guy name is Micheal and Girl name is Madison. It can’t hurt to just start the game. Probably will not be much anyway.

Welcome to X-Change Life. Soon you will become a resident of Summer City. The only place in the country where the use of the X-Change Gender Swapping Pills are legal to use. Live a life as the gender you feel you should have been or just see what it is like on the other side of the gender spectrum. Our city is run by an AI named Aphrodite. She is here to make sure life in Summer City is good for all our residents. We hope you enjoy your stay in Summer City.

“So Micheal, are you as excited to visit Summer City as I am?” Hollis grinned at me as we zoomed down the Interstate. I laugh nervously, “I guess. I mean it is going to be strange staying with my Stepdad and Stepsister. I haven’t seen them since Mom and him split up. Alexia has to be so grown up. She is out of high school like us.” “Yeah. Your stepdad really has been a player. What was it three wives? Maybe he can give me some pointers.” Hollis said jokingly. “I don’t believe you need any help being a player. Really, I don’t feel he ever got over his first wife’s death. She left a big hole in his heart I guess. Then Alexia’s mom just up and left and suddenly he was a single father. I am not sure why he and mom never made it.”

“Well, going to Summer City will be an adventure dude. You are at least lucky enough to have a place to live. I have to hope the resort I am working at will have some kind of employee housing.” “Yeah, it is nice knowing, even if I have to be under their roof.” I see the way the surroundings are changing. The lush tropical trees and plants have begun showing up as we near the city that has been said to be a near perfect place to live. “So Hollis?” “Yeah Michael?” Do you feel like you will take one of the pills?”

“Probably not. Just too much man here for it to work.” he grins. “What about you?” “Maybe, I mean, I could see the appeal of just seeing.” “Can I take you on a date if you do?” “WHAT? I mean no. Who says you are good enough for me anyway?” I nervously say, hoping we can change the topic. “I still need to find a job and settle in anyway.” We continue on just two friends embarking on an adventure as we shift from the academic to the world of full adulthood.

It still boggles my mind that there is such technology as the X-Change stuff. The government tried to quash it early on, but there was just too much money and want to do that, so instead we got Prop 12. They carved out a section on the Southern Coast that would be the only place to live a life under the pills' influence. That just provided a place for the life-style. Other companies provide transformation pills, but they are not of the quality of X-Change. It's funny how the rest of the world and some of the country still buys these even as they rail against Aphrodite and the X-Change lifestyle.

“WHOA WATCH OUT!” screams Hollis. I slam my brakes as a woman freezes in front of my car as the headlights engulf her in light. My heart is pounding as she runs around and climbs into my convertible. “DRIVE” she shouts. In my rear view mirror I see two shadowy figures exit from the alley she ran from. My tires squeal as we accelerate. “What the hell?” I ask as she settles into the back seat. Hollis is just leering as I notice her reflection and realize she is gorgeous. “Hi, thanks. Name’s Callie.” she babbles. So were you running from those guys?” Hollis asks. “Yeah, you really helped me out, even if you almost ran me over.” she smiles.

“I mean you ran out into the road.” My nerves settle a bit. “Hi.” I say, “I’m Micheal and this is my friend Hollis.” Hollis grins and salutes her in a weird fashion. “Well, thanks again. Do you think you can take me to the beach? I am trying to get home.” Callie is rummaging through her large canvas bag, stuff falling out and around her as she is checking for something. “Sure,” I reply, “I am heading that way. My Stepdad lives by the beach.” “So, Callie?” Hollis says, “You lived here long?” “As long as I can remember.” We chat for a bit as we follow her directions. She evades any time we ask about the guys who were chasing her. Soon we are at the start of a trail that leads into the jungle near the beach.

“Thanks for the ride fellas. I am fine here, my friends and I live on a boat out in the cove.” she says. “Maybe you can come find me after you have settled in. I would love to see how Summer City treats you.” She waves and disappears into the jungle. Hollis is bouncing and hitting my shoulder. “Dude, she was so into us. We have to come back and find her. What if her friends are as smoking hot as she is?” The rest of the short drive is spent with Hollis dreaming of Callie and her friends.

The sun was setting as I pulled into Dad’s drive. Immediately a bundle of energy burst through the door smiling. “Hey big bro!” Alexia shrieked.  She was so beautiful. Her half Filipino heritage had made her skin a soft tinted color. She had new curves since last I saw her. Gone were the braces and pigtails and now stood a fully grown young woman before me. I hugged her not realizing how much I had missed her. “Hey brat.” I kissed her on the top of her head. “Hey! Not in front of Hollis she hissed. Alexia had had a crush on him since our first year at college. “Hey Alexia.” Hollis waggled his eyebrows at her. The blush on her ran down her neck. “Okay Hollis, down boy. You still are not on my approved list of boys.” Greg said. “Sorry sir. But wait, there is a list with guys Alexia can date on it?” “So far that list is very empty, Hollis.”

“DAD.” Alexia whined. “Anyway, it appears the resort sent a van for you.” A horn beeps and two very pretty blondes are waving for Hollis to come join them. “Hollis, I turned your paperwork for residency in and the ID and other things should be waiting for you at the resort.” “Thanks for that. I guess duty calls.” Hollis ran over and soon the van was driving away. “So Micheal, I have your ID inside. It will help you get a job, plus it has your female self on it as well. I am not sure if you will take a pill, but it seems all of us get curious from time to time.” I stare at Dad wondering what his other self looks like. We walk inside. “I will expect you to contribute to the house expenses once you make some money. Until then just do some chores, help out. I will help you out some until you get settled.

The rest of the night was spent catching up. We talked about how mom was doing. Alexia was taking a gap year. We joked and teased each other the rest of the night. I realized I had missed Greg and Alexia. He had been a good Stepdad. I missed having a sister. Still there was so much I had to learn about living in Summer City. I went to get a bag I had left in the car. I found a purple bikini with orange strings in the back seat. Callie must have left it. A thrill went up my spine as I rubbed the soft material in my fingers. Looking around I quickly hid it in my bag. I went inside and up to my room spending the night reading the Summer City Introduction booklet and holding that bikini. It smells of Callie’s perfume. I drifty asleep with it in my hands.


I feel a slight tickle over my face. I slowly wake up feeling air hitting my face. “Alexia?” My sister is hovering over me with her bright eyes twinkling in laughter. “Good Morning. Sleep well?” I rub my eyes and the bikini is wrapped around my arm. “Oh well, what do we have here?” she says, taking the bikini in her hand. “So many questions I have right now.” I notice that Alexia is wrapped in a towel. “Anyway, I was just coming to remind you that we share a bathroom. I am going to take a shower and want to avoid any mishaps.” She grinned. “Okay, just get out and let me wake up.”

Alexia leans back to get up and her hand falls right over my morning wood. I see a shocked expression before I feel her move her hand along my shaft. A mischievous grin appears on her face as she finishes getting up and leaving the room. I am embarrassed. Most guys would probably get harder if their drop dead gorgeous Stepsister ran her hands over their member. For me it is a mixture of shame and feeling wrong. I never have liked that large thing between my legs. 

I shower and put on some sweatpants and a simple white tee shirt and begin doing some chores. I cleaned the bathrooms, Greg’s really needed work. Alexia’s bedroom was a mess. I emptied the trash, vacuumed. Then did the same downstairs. I finished in the kitchen. I was just about done with the dishes when Greg came in. “Micheal I really am pleased you got up and did the chores.” I shrugged. “I needed to do something today, plus I do want to earn my keep.” Well, since you did such a good job here is some cash as a thank you. Alexia walked in and eyed the $150 he gave me. “I want money too.” she whined. “Do some cleaning some time then.” Greg chuckled.

The sudden windfall of cash had me deciding to see more of the city. I decided to go to the Mall. As I was leaving Alexia stopped me. Her voice was sweet as she batted her eyes at me. “So my ever so loving big brother who I have not seen in such a long time, can I get a ride to the Mall with you?” I act like I don’t hear her at first. “I guess.” I said at last. “Goodie!” she squealed with glee as she ran off to get changed.

Soon we are zipping down the road. It is a nice day in Summer City. Alexia is singing a new song by some singer I have heard of, but can’t remember her name. “So about the bikini?” I cringe as Alexia speaks to me. “It's okay if that was yours.” I explain about the lady I almost ran over and where it came from. She listened intently before commenting.``Still Michael,” she looked at me, “I remember when Mom caught you in her pantyhose. How mad she got.” Memories flooded back. “I knew you were confused and struggling, even though I was so young.” I just stayed quiet. “You know your Mom decided to leave Dad because of his getting a job in Summer City, right?” “Yes.” was all I said.

“I bet she is none too happy that you are staying with us in this place of possibility. It is, you know, a place to see what is possible.” “Since when did you get so serious Sis?” I am really hoping to get her to understand I don’t want to talk about this right now. “Alright, alright. I will let it be. I just want you to know I am here for you. Oh, I almost forgot. Here are a couple of X-Change trading cards. You can sell them at the comic shop.” We pull into the Mall and soon she is running off with her friends waving at me.”Call me if you get ready to leave before I call you.”

I look at the cards. Trina once Timothy is the title of one, Adam now Eden is the next. One had a sweet girl next door type woman having her breasts roughly handled by a hunky man. The other is of a stripper dancing onstage. Both are accompanied by stories of how they were transformed by taking X-Change Pills. I feel a rush of excitement as I look at them. With that I explore the Mall.

A store called Mutatio catches my eye as I wander the Mall. Upon entering the store it reminds me of some mad scientist laboratory mixed with a gothic magical theme. The lady that approaches me is stunning. Curves in all the right places encased in the shiniest black latex outfit I have ever seen. Her wavy black hair has a sheen to it and sometimes seems like a rich dark blue. She tells me that they deal in Essence. Potions to enlarge a cock or help you charm people. I can sell my essence or buy the essence they have stored. I stare at the information about shrinking a penis. I never believed I might be able to rid myself of the monster in my pants. 

If I am being truthful with myself I have considered transitioning. Mom’s reaction to X-Change scared me into a hidden dreamer. I never have dreamed of my secret desire to come true. “Ah, I see young man.” she coos in my ear. I look at her and ask her to take my cock’s size. It really is a painless effect. Like a lightness suddenly occurs. I turn around and stumble my way out of the shop. I know I need to get more money before I go on a spending spree. Soon I guess I know what I will be doing.

          I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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