Geocatched Part 9

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Geocatched part 9

It has been a few weeks since our whole slut family get-together at my place. I've heard many stories of a few girls getting together with others for some fun when I'm at work, or busy with one or two of the others. Laura had to go back to school, so her sisters and I had a little going away party with just the four of us. I'd like to think it was a good sendoff.

Last week, I was told that my lesbian slut, Melinda, was in fact pregnant with my child, making her and Erin's bun in the oven, a little family coming up. I'm sure the other sluts will all be good aunts to both kids when they arrive. I still haven't gotten a chance to get together with them to celebrate the good news yet. Our schedules haven't clicked together lately.

Of course, I'll always receive texts from my girls, flashing me, or of them masturbating. Sometimes I'll even get videos. All are good at random times of almost every day, and keeps my moods at work better. I've received a few with quotes like “Wishing it was my turn” when I'm on a date with a few of the girls.

It was on one of those occasions where I'm driving back from a burger joint with my date of the evening, Emma, who was instructed to masturbate for the whole drive home. She was 3 fingers deep in her slut hole when I got a wild hair and pulled into a small shopping center we were passing. I pulled into a spot of a shop that's been around for a few years now.

The windows were all covered by satin sheets illuminated from behind so you can't see inside, and on the door, it had a welcome sign. Above that was the name Freaky's.

“Ok, you can stop playing with yourself. Let's go shopping for a minute. I've got an idea for the girls.” I said.

Emma pulled her fingers out of herself, and licked them clean, before dropping her sundress back over her legs. Once she was covered up, she got out of the car, and met me at the front bumper. Then we made it to the door, and I pulled it open for her to lead me inside. It didn't take long for her to stop with a sharp intake of breath, once she noticed that it was a sex shop.

We were only down the first isle before the bell ring of the door brought out the attendant from the back room. When I looked up at her, I stood stunned for a minute.

She was curly blonde down to her shoulders, and obscuring just a bit of her oval face. I saw the thin nose, lush lips, and barely any make up on her. She was wearing a sea green see through blouse with a black bra holding a nice pair of maybe small D breasts under that. I couldn't see below that because of the counter, but damn she was cute!

I elbowed Emma and directed her attention from some random outfits, to the girl behind the counter. All she did was smile and said “yes.”

As we were wandering up the next isle, I whispered in Emma's ear.

“Sleep, slut.” I said to Emma. She immediately went under, and her head started to lean forward.

I then went up to the blonde at the counter to say hi. She must have been having a bad day, because she was a little short, but said hi to me. I then pulled my necklace out of my blue t-shirt, and flashed it for her to see. Once she saw what I was doing, she was out like a light.

I hurried through my commands for her, as I had with all of my sluts, went back to Emma, woke her up, walked back to the desk and then woke her up. She just shook her head and talked to me again.

“Uhmm, sorry. Don't know what happened there. Did you need something?” she asked in a heavenly voice.

“Uh, yeah actually. Do you have remote controlled eggs?” I asked her.

“Of course. They're down the next isle, next to the other vibrators.” She said, and rolled her eyes as I was turning around.

I walked down the next isle, and found them hidden between the bullets and little 5 inch vibrators. They were just what I had in mind, too. They were egg shaped with a tail that's used on the clit or ass, while the rest is inserted into the vagina. I pulled the 3 off the shelf, and went back up to the counter.

“How well do these work? It says it's controlled by an app.” I asked the blonde.

“They work really well.” she responded.

“Have you tried one?” I asked, starting to become a bit more bold in the questions.

“Uhh yeah. They're great!” she said.

“Can you show me how they work?” I put them all on the counter, and pull my phone out to offer her, so she could find the app to download.

“Okaaaay?” she said.

I start to open a package, and she tries to stop me, as I hadn't paid for it yet.

“Well, how will I know it works unless we try it out?” I inquire.

“Fine! Here!?” She holds out her hand for the phone, and I continue to pull one egg out of it's packaging. She then downloaded the app for me, and handed back my phone with the app on screen. She then told me to find the digital code to key into the app. It was somewhere in the packaging. Once I found it, I inputted it, and it confirmed.

She then told me how the controls work, and because I brought up 3, she showed me where to add more remotes.

“Now, we've got to try it out on someone. How about you...” I finally noticed that she had a name badge over her left tit “Emily?”

“WHAT? No!” she reacted.

“I think so. Come out front here” I indicated in front of me.

The programming started to work, and she came out in front of myself and Emma, who'd just showed up at my side. She was wearing a black miniskirt, with black garters holding up fishnets, and some off brand sneakers.

“Now, turn around, bend over, pull up your skirt, and drop your panties.” I commanded.

She huffed a bit, but did as she was told, bending over and showing off her nice round ass. Her little panties were covering her ass well, black in color, matching her bra. She then hooked her thumbs in the waistband, and pulled them down enough that they fell the rest of the way to her feet.

What a glorious pussy I had right in front of me. I grabbed the open egg, and brought it down to her ass, where I dragged it down to her now damp cunt.

“Beg me to try it out on you.” I said.

“Please, Sir. I need to show you how well it works. Please let me offer my guest service to you fully!” she begged.

“That's a good girl!” I said as I then poked the round egg end into her tight little cunt, and wiggled it about until it popped inside her which I pushed deep inside her with my finger, then manipulated the tail of the egg down and over her clit, where it stayed.

She reacted immediately when I opened my phone and turned on the remote egg. By reacted, I mean she yelped, and her hips jerked back and forth a few times. I kept turning it up, and took a second to watch her reaction. I also rubbed a few fingers on either side of the toy's tail, up and down her slit. Bringing my fingers to my mouth, I tasted her for the first time.

Emma, beside me, her large tits barely being restrained by just the one layer of cloth from her sundress, reached out and slapped her on the ass. Hard.

“Say 'thank you, Sir' for allowing you to test out the toy.” Emma said.

“Ooh! Thank you, Sir, for allowing me to test out the egg for you. I hope you're satisfied with me and the toy.” she grovelled.

“You're not allowed to cum, slut.” I said while rubbing her folds with my fingers again.

I heard her whine a bit, but Emma slapped her ass again, leaving a red hand print on her cheek.

“Yes, Sir. I promise I won't! Ungh!” Emily said.

I turned the toy down to an almost relaxed buzzing inside her, and locked the phone, placing it in my pocket.

“You can stand up now, without your panties” I step on them between her feet “but you're not allowed to take the toy out. I'll be the one to do that later. Now, do you have about 9 more of these?” I asked her.

After struggling to get her shoes through the leg holes of her panties, she stood up, and turned to me before replying.

“You want 9 MORE? You have some sort of harem or something?” She inquired with a laugh.

Well, do you think that this is the only slut I have to play with?” I say indicating Emma.

“I see. Let me go look in back.” she said.

“Good. While you're back there, remove and bring me your bra.” I commanded. I reach down and pick up her panties, and sniff them before pocketing them.

While she was gone, I pulled out the phone, and started playing with the features on the egg. Suddenly, I heard a few boxes fall to the floor in the back area, along with a faint yelp. A very flustered Emily walked out of the back, and placed a box on the counter next to the register. Then she came around the counter to me, and handed me her bra.

“Good girl.” I said and just admired the view for a moment.

Shuffling from foot to foot, rubbing her thighs together, she just stood there, and then broke the sexy silence.

“Please, Sir! May I cum?” she pleaded.

“What do you think, slut?” I look over at Emma at my side. “Do you think she's earned an orgasm?”

Just then, the front door opens and a couple comes in looking about mid 20's, and starts down the first isle where I began.

“Well, she HAS been somewhat helpful, and given us what you need. I say yes.” Emma said.

“Very well.” I look back at Emily “Cum, slut!”

Her eyes go wide, as does her mouth for a moment, and looking around at the other couple, she all but doubles over, with mouth closed, holding in any noise she would normally make.

“MMMMMMM” she moans. “Ohgodohgodfuck MMMmmmmm” she attempts to make little sound.

Her hips gyrating, and her hand flies to her crotch, the other over her mouth. Her body is shaking as she slowly stands up again as the orgasm subsides, and she looks at me with the wide eyes.

“Can you ring us up? I'm expected home in a few minutes.” I say casually to Emily.

“Ye.. yes, Sir!” she starts to shuffle back behind the counter, her tits swaying, and nipples rubbing on the silky material, pointing back at me, begging to be sucked on.

She rings us up and tries to get us out quickly. I grab a piece of paper and write my address down for her, before turning to leave. As I get to the door, I pull out my phone and ramp up the toy again to full. I hear loud groan as I walk out the door.

Once we're in the car, I have Emma start to masturbate again, as I place the box of toys in the back seat.

“So, how do you think she'll fit in?” I ask her. I manipulate the app so Emily's egg slowed down enough for her to do her job.

“I think that mmmm she'll be a good uhh addition for us.” she moans back to me.

I reach back, pull out another toy, and proceed to open it, as well as program it in the phone. Then, I reached over and pulled Emma's left leg up and out of the way, before inserting another egg inside her, and manipulating the tail to press on her clit. When I started it up, she squealed and ground her hips around in the passenger seat.

I took the long way around to go the 2 miles to my house so that Emma would be worked up rather well. It was getting past 8 now, so we had some time before Emily was off work.

Emma was having a hard time walking normally to the door of my house. Once we got there, I opened the door and we stepped in, closed the door behind me, and reached out under her arms, and straight to her own generous boobs, mauling them for a minute. She fumbled with the box she carried in, and then placed it on the end table. When her hands came up to hold mine to her, I moved them up slightly, and pulled down the strapless top, uncovering her marvelous melons.

I turned her around, guided by a pinched nipple, and gave her a deep kiss. She moaned into my mouth as she returned the kiss, and she reached down, tracing my engorged cock through my pants. I turned her toward the end table by the door, and pushed her shoulders forward until she put her hands on the end of the couch, her tits hovering over the box on the table. She stuck her ass out as I pulled the bottom of the dress up, and tucked it into the elastic of the top, creating a large cloth belt.

I then pulled off my pants, guided my cock into the crevasse of her ass, sliding it up and down, and then pressed the bulbous head to her asshole, and then trailed it down toward her dripping cunt. Then I reached down and pulled the egg slowly out of her, placing it on the table under her. When I got myself lined up, I reached up to her breasts again, pinched her nipples between my fingers, and pulled her back into me, burying myself into her volcanic depths.

“Eieeeee!” She screamed, and pushed back into me.

I pulled back, and slammed home again. On my second time pulling out and slamming in, she cried out in orgasm.

“Ooohhhh! Ohhhh! Aaaah! Fuckyes!” She exclaimed.

When she screamed out, it was followed very closely by a soft knock at the door.

“Who could that be?” I thought.

“Open the door for our visitor, slut!” I said to Emma.

“But Sir.. I'm..well, I'm naked and you're ..” she attempted to refuse.

“Yes, I'm still fucking you. Open the door.” I said.

I gently stroked in and out of her cunt, as she slowly rose up, and turned toward the door. I took my hands and placed them under her breasts to show them off to our mystery guest. She then opened the door a crack to look outside. She shuttered a bit. I'm not sure if from the after affects of her orgasm, or embarrassment. Then she opened it wider, still hiding my body from sight.

“Well, look who's here!” she exclaimed, and opened the door, standing fully erect, showing our coupling to Emily. Her mouth drops open with the sight before her.

“Aren't you a bit early, slut?” I asked her.

“Uh, uhmm, yes, Sir. I closed early to come over. I hope that's ok?” She asks and her head drops in supplication.

I keep stroking in and out of Emma, as I look on this other beauty standing outside my wide open door, showing the world outside that I'm fucking a slut.

“OK, come in.” I said, but barely moved, so she'd have to brush by me, pressing her chest into my body on her way by.

“Th.. thank you, Sir.” She said, and stepped in, brushing by me as little as possible.

Her nipples were bullets, playing with the bottom of her short skirt, and she kept leaning from foot to foot in anticipation or further embarrassment of what she's watching. I figured I'd let her sweat it out for a bit, and kept my pumping action into Emma at a leisurely pace, while staring at our new guest.

Emma was moaning as I closed the door again, turning us around, with her standing almost upright and faced Emily. I cupped both of her generous tits as I continued to pump into her, picking up the pace a bit, receiving a grunt on almost every thrust. Her hands on her own cunt, rubbing fiercely for the next orgasm to come.

“Are you hungry?” I asked our newcomer.

“Yes.” She responded quietly.

“Come over here, and kneel before Emma. She's got a nice treat for you.” I told her.

As Emily knelt down, I sped up my pace for a moment, and then returned to a leisurely pace again. I wanted her worked up into another large orgasm. I pulled Emma's hands from her hot box, and then guided Emily in.

“Come a little closer... Yes, that's it. Now, hands on her thighs.” I guided by voice.

“I've never done this before.” She said. I could just about feel her breath on my wet cock, she was so close.

“There's no better way to learn than to just dig in with that tongue.” I said. “There will be many chances for you to perfect eating cunt.”

She very tentatively leaned in, and flicked her tongue around Emma's clit, and pulled back. Then she went in again, and licked from my trunk sliding in and out, up to her clit again. Emma's hands took control of Emily's head, and pulled her back in, and held her there, as I continued to pump into her.

I couldn't really see what was happening below, but I tried to do my part by trying to hit Emily's chin with my balls as I thrust hard into Emma. I think I made contact a few times, and even felt a tongue on me as well, which was good. She's learning fast.

I was building up to a nice orgasm myself, and pushed harder, and faster into Emma. Once I reached the pinnacle, I blasted a good 6 shots of cum into her, which set her off into her own orgasm. As soon as I was done blasting her insides, I pulled out just in time for her to squirt all over my balls, and Emily's face and chest.

Emily pulled back once her head was released from the iron grip of Emma, and caught her breath. She was sitting back on her heels, and looked up at me in shock, then looked down at her shirt, now sticking to the upper curves of her breasts.

I came around Emma, and bid Emily to rise by taking her hand and pulling. She took a moment before rising, as my cock was rigid and was directly in her face. Once up, she just looked me in the eyes. Then I started to unbutton her blouse slowly.

“Let's get you out of this before it catches any more cum.” I said as I continued undoing buttons on the shirt.

The blouse kept it's place covering her breasts, as it was stuck with wetness, and I got to peal the shirt away, as Emily just fidgeted in front of me, allowing me the chance to undress her. As I pulled her shirt off of her blessed chest, I cupped each of her breasts in my hands, and manipulating the stiff nipples with my thumbs. Then I squeezed each melon, testing the elasticity of the skin.

“Mmmmm” she moaned in front of me, looking up into my eyes, as I stared down at her a few inches shorter than I was.

“You know you belong to me now. No other men for you. The harem is your sexual release, or not.” I commanded.

I pinched both of her nipples, and pulled up a bit before releasing them, only to grab on again, to twist.

“Oooh yes! Pull my nipples, Sir!” She moaned.

I grabbed the whole of her tits again, and leaned down to nurse on one, flicking it with my tongue, eliciting another moan. I kept at it, and then switched breasts, claiming them as mine, to her satisfaction. Without releasing her nipple, I allowed my hands to slide down her torso to her skirt, searching for the zip to drop it. Once released, I cupped her shaved mound.

“Who's is this?” I emphasized what I was referring to by sliding my middle finger between her folds, and entered her.

“Mmmm yours, Sir!” She moaned in answer.

“Good girl!” I said, and she became even more wet at those words, soaking my hand.

I rubbed her folds with her juices for probably 5 minutes, toying with the egg still buried in her wet tunnel, with her standing there in nothing but garter and fishnets. Her head fell to my shoulder, and kissed at my neck. Pressing now two fingers inside of her, she was very tight, and she clamped down on the digits once inserted into her. I pressed on, and pushed and pulled my fingers from her tiny slit, only to jam them back in again.

I released her but for my fingers buried inside her, and knelt down in front of her. I took little time admiring her swollen cunt lips, slowly removed the egg, and leaned in to attack her clit with my tongue. I kept fucking her with my fingers as I licked up and down her folds, nibbling on one side, only to release and take the other side between my lips.

Her gyrations picked up a bit from the finger fucking, as well as from my tongue, and I allowed her to ride my face a bit, before sucking her clit into my mouth again, and tossing it back and forth with my tongue. It didn't take too long before she started to cum on my face, and in my mouth. I continued the abuse with my fingers, and licked up her juices as much as I could before standing up, and kissing her hard.

I pulled her to me by her cunt and arm around her lower back, and she tightened her grip around my shoulders. Then I ran one hand down her thigh, which she lifted up to wrap around my legs. As she was a few inches shorter than I am, my cock was trapped between our bellies, hers a little higher up. I released her tight cunt, and grabbed her ass with both hands, lifting her up and into my arms.

I slid her clit up and over my cock as I lifted her up, and once my cock slipped between her folds, I began to lower her, my mushroom head, trying to penetrate her hole. I kept dropping her down bit by bit, forcing my cock inside her. She only tightened her hold on my neck, and squealed slightly, as my large cock buried itself inside her to the root.

DAMN she was tight! Not to mention those muscles working hard at clamping myself inside of her. I let her all but hang there, her toes on one foot almost reached the floor.

“Sleep slut” I whispered in her ear, and then continued.

“When I tell you to cum, you will, at any time. Now, wake up slut.” I continued to whisper in her ear. It was time to test out my theory as to control I pondered about a few weeks ago.

Emma had fully recovered from her orgasms, and came up to me to whisper in my ear.

“Want me to get her toy for her?” she inquired. I just nod a few times.

She saunters off, shaking her ass as she does, to go retrieve the toy, and I massage and spread Emily's ass cheeks, exposing her asshole. Once she comes back to the room, she starts to lube up the toy using her own cunt full of our combined juices, and is ready to insert it.

“Have you ever had someone fuck your ass?” I ask Emily, while I rub my middle finger over her asshole.

“I tried once, but I was too tight.” She responded.

“Well, we'll work on that today.” I said flat out.

“Wha?” She got out before Emma pressed the tip of the toy into her dark tunnel, and started wiggling it around, priming her ass for the full toy.

Emily's hips jerked my way, but she couldn't clinch her asshole as I had an iron grip holding her off the ground. Emma continued to apply pressure, and inserting the butt plug. Emily started breathing faster, blowing it out through her mouth.

“Cum for me, slut” I said.

We hadn't even started fucking yet. Just letting her get used to my size, and waiting on the toy. It didn't matter.

She exploded. Her hips gyrated at high speed around my cock, rubbing her clit on my lower belly, and her grip around my neck tightened up greatly. The gripping pressure on my cock was immense. In her gyrations, and convulsions from the orgasm, Emma was able to inch her way inside her back door, and the butt plug found it's new home, buried in Emily's ass.

I guess that theory works out great! I'm going to have to play with that, with all the other girls. Cumming on command will be great to see and feel.

I lifted her up, almost off my cock completely, but dropped her on my rod, and continued to do this a few times, fucking her. Once she had calmed down from her orgasm, and Emma had stopped playing with her ass, I turned around, and walked into the wall to help hold her up, and began pumping in and out of her at a high rate of speed.

My cock kept plunging into her juicy tunnel, over and over again, and her clinching her muscles made it a bit tougher, but much better feeling, with the added friction.

Just then, the door bursts open, Krystal and Kim walk in, and see the happenings right in front of them.

“Oooh!” Krystal said. “New pussy!”

Emily whips her head around to face the newcomers and begins to cum again on my rod.

“You like exhibition, don't you?” I whisper in her ear.

Krystal comes right up, sticks her hand between us, and starts to rub her hand over Emily's clit.

“I love new pussy to play with!” she said.

Kim walks around the other side of her, and grips her right breast.

“I was like you not long ago. Masturbating in front of a crowd of girls I didn't know at all. If I was allowed to cum, I would have so many times. It was so HOT!” she said.

Emily just rode me faster, really getting into being used by the small group so far.

“Sluts, this is Emily. My new slut. Slut, this is Krystal, my girlfriend, and Kim.” I introduced her by nodding in each of the girls' directions.

She came again, from riding me, the introductions, and all the extra sensations from the other girls.

“Eieee! Oh GOD! Yes!!” She cried out.

I wasn't going to let her come down completely from this latest orgasm, and continued to pummel her juicy cunt with my large cock, stretching her out a bit. I just pounded into her over and over again.

I felt that this was a good 'welcome home' fuck, and I felt my balls begin to boil to a head. I pumped hard into Emily, lifting and dropping her on my cock over and over again, until my balls released their torrent of cum, blasting up and basting her cunt. She climaxed again, just from me cumming inside her.

We both grunted out our exhaustion, and I lowered her down enough to touch the ground, before pulling out of her. Krystal immediately knelt down and took Emily's sloppy pussy into her mouth, licking up all the spoils from our joining. Kim took the breast she molested into her mouth to nurse on the protruding nipple. Emily was in heaven.

I took a moment away from two naked sexy women, and grabbed a glass of wine from the kitchen, and just stood there watching them. Krystal ended up pulling Emily to the floor and flipped around to 69 our new guest, so as to both taste the spoils of our fucking.

Emma had resurfaced from the bedroom, with a change of clothes from her sundress into a half shirt and a pair of black panties. She sat down on the couch along the solid wall, put her legs up with her feet just inches from her ass, and started masturbating while watching the lovers, while giving everyone a view of her coochie.

Kim, however, followed me into the kitchen, and grabbed a soda out of the fridge, and stood beside me to watch the action in the other room. It didn't take long for her to switch hands for her drink, and reach down to stroke my half hard cock. I recoiled for a second as her hand was cold from her drink, but it quickly warmed up, and I allowed her to stroke me off. I turned and looked at her, contemplating her recent joining the group.

Now, Kim, when I first met her at the diner, while on a date, seemed friendly, but very timid, shy, and almost pure, making her sexy to me. She exuded an air of innocence. We found out later, that she could be anything but innocent. She took to my commands with ease, but still was shy about it. Who knew that she would make a great slut to me and the others. She was the new kid for others to torture and abuse sexually. They all treated her with respect as I had chosen her, but she knew what she was doing, and made her mark on the group.

She now has a bunch of more experience in the sexy slut area, but still can play the part of the shy one. After all, she had been shy, as her only experience with sex was with a boyfriend that treated her as an afterthought, and abused her physically, without her consent. Lately, she would consent to everything we'd done to her without blinking an eye.

It took a few minutes, but she all but finished her soda, and placed the can on the counter, before twisting and dropping to her knees in front of me, and leaning back onto the lower cabinets, still stroking my rod. Then she just breathed on my mushroom head, and would occasionally lick around the crown. Once she opened her mouth and welcomed my cock into her hot mouth, I stepped forward until my cock head was in her mouth with the back of her head against the cabinet door.

The way we were now, Kim couldn't pull off of my cock without turning her head to the side and pulling back. She was basically trapped where she was, and I enjoyed knowing that. I thrust forward just a little bit, and she was forced to take a bit more of me into her mouth, tonging the underside of my rod.

After letting her suck on my cock for a time, I began to push myself toward the back of her mouth, and eventually into her throat beyond. I'd push in and hold, then pull back enough that she'd cough briefly around my cock, then I'd push back in.

“Get ready, slut. I'm going into your throat now.” I said, and pushed to where I'd been, but then push onward, and felt my thick cock bend some, after some resistance.

Once I was balls deep, and her nose was in my pubes, I paused for 5 seconds as her auto reaction was swallowing. The throat massage was great. Then I pulled out enough for her to cough once again. We did this for a good time, but I wanted to cum now, and so I stopped toying with her, and began to fuck her face, almost always pushing into her throat.

Here I was. Sipping on a big glass of Ménage à Trois red wine (coincidence? I think not), fucking the throat of one of my new sluts, Kim, as well as watching my girlfriend and my newest slut, Emily, 69 not 15 feet from me, with Emma masturbating on the couch. How could it get better?

I was starting to build to a nice climax, and I think Kim knew it. When she could, she started humming on my rod, and even masturbating herself, as my cock swelled with the need to expel a load of cum. When my balls tightened up, I relaxed the face fucking, and pulled back a bit to finish in her mouth. Within seconds, I exploded in her mouth, some escaping out her nose, and side of her mouth, but she swallowed most of the load.

Kim reached her peak not long after I allowed her to breathe without my cock in her mouth. She shuttered and groaned at my feet, still attempting to lick my balls, and up and down my lengthy cock, which was still rock hard. I shortly finished my glass of wine, and walked around the counter, coming up to the ladies on the floor, still licking each other's pussy's trying to get another cum out of the other.

Since Emily was on top, I decided to take her virginity. I reached down and manipulated the butt plug in her ass until she was moaning louder, and then asked her a question.

“Have you ever had a cock fuck you up the ass, Slut?” I asked her.

“No! My ex wanted to, but I wouldn't let him. It's dirty.” Emily responded, but went right back to attacking Krystal's clit.

“Well, you're about to have a fat cock up your ass in a moment.” I said.

I then pulled on the plug until it expanded her ass to the limit, and it popped out. Placing it on the carpet next to her, I squatted down like a sumo wrestler, and pushed my cock down until my helmet was pressing on her little rosebud. She immediately tried to flinch away with a squeal, but Krystal, watching the whole thing between her legs, while sucking on her clit, held her fast, as did I.

I pressed harder into her back door until it spread her ass enough that my helmet popped inside of her, holding her ass expanded as much as the plug at it's widest. I let it rest just inside of her for a few minutes, to let her get used to my size, before I pushed in another few inches, to the widest point of my cock. Again, I rested to allow her to become accustomed to me.

When I was most of the way inside her asshole, I leaned forward, released her hips, and slid my hands forward to her magnificent breasts, and squeezed before pressing the rest of the way inside her ass. I rested there, just to acclimate to her tight tunnel, before I slowly slid out to the head, and stroked in slightly faster until my balls were resting against her skin. Pulling back again slowly, I hesitated at the end, but then used my handholds to pull me back inside her quickly, forcing my balls slide down Krystal's nose, to slap Emily's cunt hole. I stayed in that position again for a moment, with 8” buried inside her.

“Ooooh! Oh shit! Shitshitshit! Oooh!” she moaned into Krystal's cunt.

“Your ass is mine to fuck.” I leaned down to whisper in her ear, and then pinched her nipples hard.

“Yes, Sir!” she said, her tongue half way in Krystal's cunt.

Staying in the position I was, all but laying on her back, I gripped those luscious melons, and began to fuck into her tight rear entrance, bottoming out each time, eliciting a grunt muffled by the flesh taco her mouth consumed. I sped up for a while, and plowed into her over and over again. Her nipples were hard as bullets, poking into the palms of my hands. I readjusted, and pinched her nipples as I plowed into her.

“Oooooooooh” she moaned until her lungs emptied, with the occasional grunt as my hips connected with her butt cheeks. “Yes, Sir! Fuck my ass!”

“ I believe I will!” I said, and sped up the pace on her back door, it's sheath tightening upon my cock on each thrust.

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up the pace forever, so I allowed the pleasure to build up and get my balls to their boiling point. Krystal had long stopped licking her cunt, and focused on sucking her clit, so as to not be pummeled by my nuts. That just helped build up Emily's pleasure.

“Oooh fuckyes! Oh God, fuck meeeeee!” she cried out in orgasm.

I didn't let up at all, but planned on extending her orgasm, and driving her to a new one before I blow. Pounding in and out of her back door so hard, the slap of flesh was loud, and often. I didn't know if I'd last long enough for her two orgasms, but I'd try.

I slowed to about half speed, but pounded hard on each thrust, receiving a grunt with each thrust. Her asshole was milking my cock, trying to get all my cum. It fluttered around my length, post orgasm, and another one on the way. I wasn't going to let up, but was going to try.

It didn't happen. I was going to baste her ass in cum in seconds.

“Cum, slut! I cried out as I exploded inside her back door.

Emily's response was instant. She froze for a moment, and then wailed loud enough to wake the dead, as her orgasm crashed inside of her. She rose up, forgetting about the pussy she was licking, her back arched pressing back into my chest, my hold on her breasts not relenting at all. Her rose bud tightened on me, and controlled when I squirted inside of her. Each clinch holding back the next shot to fill her up.

As she came down from her massive orgasm, I pulled out of her ass, and reaching for the toy, inserted it back inside of her.

“Wouldn't want anything to leak out of your ass, now would we?” I asked.

“No, Sir.” she responded with a smile, and turned enough to kiss me hard.

It had been a long day, what with Kim and I on a date for a good portion of it, and then meeting Emily, and all that followed that event. I was starting to get tired, and it was about 10pm, with work coming in the morning. Time to wrap it up I think.

I walked over to Emma, and slid a hand down her thigh until my hand covered hers, abusing her clit, trying to reach climax. I then took over, and helped her along. She didn't end up squirting as she has a few times, but she did leak a ton.

I hated to be that guy, but I was going to crash soon, and Emma didn't really have a place to sleep at my house tonight. I kissed her hard and urgently, cupping her large breast in my hand as I did. She knew she had to leave. She was hopeful she'd be able to stay over tonight, but with a new member showing up took away her space on my bed.

She'll get her time with me soon.

Once Emma left, the other 3 girls were uncoupling, and stretching after the evening's festivities, and preparing for bed. I told Emily that she was staying overnight, and she didn't really fight it. I had enough room on my King size bed for 3 girls to stay with me.

I hit the restroom to clean up a bit from the ass fucking, and then organized the girls in bed, with me in the rough center, Kim behind me, spooning me, as I faced Emily, and finally Krystal spooning behind Emily. I reached over one body to caress Krystal's right breast as I stuck my right arm under the pillow, and Emily's head, and held Krystal's shoulder. Then I slid my hand down to Emily's thigh, and pulled it up over me, and resting on Kim's leg. Krystal figured out what I was doing, and reached down behind Emily, and grasped my hard on, directing it toward Emily's dripping slit.

She toyed with my cock, rubbing the helmet up and down her slit multiple times, before allowing me to press inward. When I finally got seated inside Emily, the hand moved to my balls and massaged them, as I started thrusting slowly into Emily's silky cunt. I played with her breast, and pulled and released her nipple multiple times, helping her along to a relaxing climax she had after maybe 10 minutes of my fucking her. I shot off about the same time, but didn't pull out of her.

As we all relaxed into bed, my cock still buried in a now very sloppy cunt, we all fell asleep.

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