Geocatched Part 10

by ARandomGuy

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Geocatched part 10

The next morning, I woke up slowly, and snuck out of bed without disturbing the girls, and took a shower. Getting cleaned up, I stroked my cock for a time before Kim came in, and helped get rid of my hard on for a moment. I mean, how can I get rid of a hard on when I'm surrounded by sluts clambering to sit on it?

Once I was cleaned off, and sucked off, I went back to my room to dress in shorts, and then out to the kitchen to start making breakfast. I had just put a pan on the stove and hadn't even had the time to turn the stove on, before there was a knock at the door.

I looked out the window as I went to the door, and saw at least 6 girls in all sorts of dress looking back at me. When I opened the door, another girl was there with her hand up, ready to knock again.

“Can I help you?” I said.

“I hope you can. I was told about your magnificent cock, and wanted to try it.” she said as she advanced on me, and rubbed her hand up and down on my hard bulge in my shorts.

“Wait a second.. you heard about my cock? From whom?” I asked as I tried to back away.

“Ashley spoke very highly of you.” she said, moving forward every step I took back.

Without missing a beat, one of her strokes went up too far, and immediately dug down within my shorts, and grabbed at my cock.

“Damn! She was so right!” she said as I had somehow been walked backward all the way to the couch, where I fell back, and she followed me down, attacking the button and zip of my shorts.

I was still in shock with this very forward girl intent on swallowing my rod. I looked up, and the front door was closed, 7 girls standing in a vague line, and half naked, looking my way. Somewhere in my initial shock, my cock had popped out, and was being consumed by the girl who knocked.

I couldn't take my eyes off of any of the girls, now that they all stood naked in front of me. The only one still partially dressed was the one I was being blown by, who was close to naked, as her shorts were at her knees, and t-shirt was only on around her neck. She didn't want to release my cock from her mouth, I guess.

Damn, she was good at giving head! I was trying to hold back, mind racing as to why Ashley would tell all these girls about me. I closed my eyes, head laid back, and just enjoyed the pleasure given to me for a bit. I can talk with Ashley about this when I see her again.

“Mmmm” I groaned as my balls were being sucked through my cock and into this amazing mouth. I was just on the verge of coming, and I grabbed both sides of her head, jamming my cock down her throat. The first 3 bursts went directly down her throat, and I released her head for another 4 shots to baste her mouth with.

The feeling was so wonderful. I opened my eyes, and I was looking at the ceiling, and laying down in bed. My morning wood was being pumped by Emily's hand, and she was coughing a bit.

“Wow, Sir! You nearly drowned me. You taste so good, too.” she said casually at me.

Oh boy. I had one hell of a wet dream, only to wake up to a wet dream swallowing my cock. I was truly in heaven.

“Good morning!” Krystal said as she sat up.

Somehow, Kim was still asleep on my left. I guess I wasn't as loud as I thought. Time to get up and get cleaned up for breakfast. I snuck out from Kim's left hand still resting on my chest, and slid down to the end of the bed, getting up. 5 minutes later, I was out of the shower, and back in the room to put on some sweats and shirt, and looked up on the bed, to see Krystal and Emily tribbing together. I just shook my head. Sex fiends, I thought. Or am I the sex fiend?

It was time to eat, and soon, get ready for work. Yes, it's the weekend, and everyone has a 3 day weekend for Memorial Day, but I don't this time. Normally, I'd have the weekend off, but holiday weekends are always extra busy.

Once I got to the kitchen, I had all the makings of a good breakfast, with enough protein for a day's work, and a few rounds with the girls. I made a plate piled high with bacon, eggs, sausage, and some orange juice. I got done with most of it before all 3 girls came out to get their own, which I left warming on the stove.

I am glad that it was a long weekend, and the girls could have extra time off. Mostly anyway. I figured that Emily would still need to work, and myself. Most offices were closed, and so was the local university until Tuesday. They'll have to entertain themselves while I'm at work. I'm sure that'll be easy. I know I'll be getting my fair share of photos of them texted to me.

It'll also be nice to be at work since it's rather warm this time of year, and when it's hot out, girls wear less. Working in produce, I see beautiful women bending over every table, showing off their cleavage, as well as the tight shirts, and almost always, yoga pants. The department is also kept at a chilly 65 degrees as well, so I find more nipples popping than not. I'll have plenty to look at to entertain me.

The 3 ladies with me this morning seem to really be getting along, which I'm glad, as 2 of them are pretty new to our way of doing things. I'm sure Krystal will help Emily out more so than Kim, who's been with us for a few weeks now. Waking up from the little day dream of all the possibilities ahead of them this weekend, I caught on part way into a talk.

“But I'll have to work until Monday. I can't go up there with you.” Emily said. “Monday, I can do something since the store will be blocked off for the race.”

“I'm there with you,” Kim said. “The diner will be blocked, too, on Monday.”

“Well, shit.” Krystal said. “I wonder who else can go with me on a hike?”

“I can go with you tomorrow. I only had to work Saturday this week. I have the next two off. I'm sure a few of your friends would go with you.” I said.

“I don't have many friends outside of our group, but I can try. Otherwise, I'll hold you to a hike tomorrow.” she said as a threat, with a smile.

“Sounds like fun!” I tell her.

“Well, I've got an hour to kill before I need to go to work. Who's pussy will be my scent of the day?” I grinned as I said it, and 3 hands went up quickly.

“Hahaha.. ok, I'll lay down this time. One slut on my cock, another on my tongue, and the third slut gets to masturbate until I cum in whoever is on my cock, and vacates their seat, until I've cum in all 3 of you.” I said, and get up from the table, to clear my plate.

Once out in the living room, I get down on my back, and pull off my sweats.

“OK, who's first? Decide among yourselves.” I told them.

The race of the day was one from the table to me. Emily lost as she was on the far side of the table. Krystal was closer to the living room by almost a foot over Kim, and almost fell on me to get to my cock. Kim skidded to a stop on the carpet, and quickly squatted down over my face, her cunt already dripping. Emily sauntered her way over to me, and squatted on my right at just the right distance that my relaxed hand could finger her while she leaned in and suck someone's nipple to get them off faster.

Krystal treated my cock as though a great reward, and rubbed my helmet all over her gash, before slowly inching down, swallowing me up in her tight channel.

“YESSSS!” she hissed as she bottomed out on me.

I tried to giggle, but it ended up as a stuttering moan into Kim's juicy cunt. My tongue starting to work hard at getting an orgasm to come. Her hips started moving. First, it was just back and forth, and then she started gyrating all over my tongue and nose, smearing her juices everywhere on my face.

My hand found Emily's secret place, and I inserted 2 fingers to start on her. She was also drenched, which made finger insertion easier, but tougher because of her muscles tightening their grip on me. My thumb began to flick her clit side to side above my fingers, and her hips responded in kind.

Krystal was just going for broke. Maybe to allow someone else to climb on the tree trunk inside her now, or to see how many orgasms she can get before I blow. She was going full throttle, twisting, stroking, and just plain riding me hard from tip to root. It did feel incredible.

Krystal was the first to climax, but she hadn't gotten me that riled up yet, but she was certainly trying. My left hand needed something to do, so it traced Krystal's thigh, up her torso, until it found her slightly smaller breasts. Still quite a handful, so soft and resilient. I pulled on her nipple and she cried out once. Moving my hand to her other breast, I twisted this nipple, not too hard, but enough to illicit another strong reaction.

Surprisingly, Kim was the first to cum in my mouth. All that hard work and practice with 11 sluts develops a keen sense of how to lick someone. She also didn't slow down. Although, my staying power was losing this race, and I was ready to baste Krystal's insides shortly. I think that Emily even felt when I was close, as my fingers started working double time. Just then, my balls overfilled, began to erupt, and 6 shots were fired into Krystal, which set her off.

Aaaahh! Ohhsogood!” she exclaimed.

Her fingernails tracked down my chest, under my shirt, hard enough that I figured I'd have a few bloody trails to require first aid. Her hips were erratic in their motions, and she started slowing down, trying to keep the feeling going longer, but she knew her time was up.

Slowly, she pulled up and off of me, and gave up her seat. Emily probably would have been the next to sit on my cock, but I had her all but edging on my fingers. I had her flying high already, and she wasn't paying attention. Kim slipped off my lips, and crawled down to my overly dripping wet cock, and sat on it reverse cowgirl, using her hands on my knees to hold her up.

I kept up my assault on Emily, with now 3 fingers inside her, and thumb just pressing down on her clit, and wiggling it about had fireworks shooting off for her. Her hips jerked, and then sat down on the carpet completely, trapping my hand. Now, it was her turn to get licked up, and she smiled as she crawled over to me, to squat facing away from Kim.

My hands found the round ass of Kim and squeezed both cheeks, and spreading them apart. I let my left thumb slide between her cheeks, and start rubbing around her back door. She immediately started moving a bit faster, sliding my cock in and out of her tight little cunt. I decided to push my thumb on her back door, and it slipped in to the second knuckle in no time.

“Ooohyeah!” Kim said.

I used the thumb, and fingers as a firm grip on her ass, and began pulling her off of me, and pushing her ass back down. I was using the tempo using her ass, to lick up the juices from Emily's cunt. When I used my nose to bump her clit over and over, she gripped me by my hair, pulled my head up into her gash and began riding my face.

Only a few minutes later, Emily was creaming my face in her ejaculate. She rode my face hard, trying to keep her orgasm going. She slowed down some, and enjoyed the euphoria she experienced, before she started up again. I think this hot girl is going to be a little firecracker in my group of sluts.

Kim sped up her bouncing and hip rotating, forcing my cock to rub against every surface inside her slut cunt, including her cervix. I brought my other hand up to her ass, and began to attempt to fit my other thumb into her ass at the same time. This time, it was more difficult, as she was clinching quite often on my cock, but I succeeded, and then pried my thumbs apart inside her, opening her up wide.

“Oh YES! Finger ugh my asshole!” she said as she began to orgasm.

I continued to finger her through the whole body shaking orgasm. Teasing her asshole also got me going somewhat, and soon, there were 7 creamy shots deep inside her tight little pussy, which set her off again. I lost one thumb in her hole, but not to worry, she was gripping both my cock, and my thumb like they threatened to leave.

Emily was getting closer to another climax when Kim climbed off of my steel pole, and she stood up quickly, and rearranged her position of dripping into my mouth, to adding more lube to my cock as she stuffed herself as quickly as possible. There was no getting used to my size this time. She got on and we were off to the rodeo.

Now that I could breathe normally, and no one was sitting on my face, I could focus on Emily more. I reached up to her chest almost right away, and began to maul her tits. She couldn't hold it in, and after a minute, began to orgasm on my pole. Pulling on her nipples brought her down to lay on my chest while shaking her hips. She dove for my neck, and I soon had a hickey, I'm sure, and then she kissed up my face to my lips, where she pried my lips apart with her tongue.

This little nympho slut seemed to have found her place. She was crazy riding my cock, and face. I wonder if I'll ever be able to test her to see who can outlast the other.

I looked up at the wall to my clock, and realized that I didn't have much time left before I was supposed to be at work. At the rate she's riding me, clamping down on my cock so hard, she will probably get me off in a few minutes, but despite the time frame, I was determined to hold out if I could.

It seemed as though riding my thick cock was her rightful place. She was controlling my cock like none other, and I've had a few pussies riding me, so I could tell. There was just something about how she rode me, and all but commanded my cock inside of her, that I decided right there, that I was going to need to make a dildo cock mold of my cock for her.

I reached a point that I was loving how she felt around me, but I knew I'd be late to work if I didn't blow soon, so I stopped holding back. The things she was doing with her hips was just what it took to bring me up to the edge in seconds. I held on for a few seconds, then thrust up inside her, pressing my helmet into her cervix, and let loose a barrage of cum fire as far as I could in her depths.

This set her off as well, and our shared climax lasted a fair amount of time, where she ended up collapsing on my chest with me still holding both of her breasts in my hands. Her head hit my shoulder, lips on my ear.

“Thank you, Sir!” she breathed into my hear, and then lightly kissed my cheek.

Now was the time that I needed to get up, and change for work. Emily didn't make that easy at all. She didn't want to move yet. I ended up rolling her over, and off of me, so I could find my work clothes. She just continued to lay there, in the middle of my living room. The other two ladies were busy either scooping my cum out of their twats, or still masturbating.

I quickly went back to my room to change into work clothes, and then the bathroom to take care of things, before I came out again. I leaned down to kiss and grope each of the girls before I walked out the door.


Being at work can be very boring. Always doing the same thing, day in and day out. There, however, is a bright side. The women. I think I've said before, that when it's hot out, especially after a long winter, women wear less, and more revealing outfits. Normally, before I found the necklace, I'd say that with all the women, 'I can window shop all I want, but just can't go in,' seeing as they were mostly young college kids, so maybe a few years difference. Now, with the necklace, there's plenty of window shopping, with the good possibility of 'going in.'

Today wasn't one of those days that I would pick a girl out, and get her to join my harem. Don't get me wrong. There were plenty of women to look at, and some were downright gorgeous, but they just didn't thrill me in any way.

I did, however, enjoy a few ladies.

I would see a woman that I was seriously attracted to, who had the body to go along with it, and approach her with the necklace. I would not give my whole command set that I've refined over the last few months. I just gave them a few commands and then enjoyed their company.

I'd tell them that they're really attracted to me, that they really want to suck my cock, and that it'll feel like a dream to them as they do it. Then I'd throw in a little bit of fun for myself. I'd tell them that any time they give head to someone, that they'd think back to their 'daydream' of sucking me off.

When I was done with commanding them, I'd wake them up, chat them up for a few seconds, and then tell my coworkers that I was going on a break. I'd end up taking said girl outside, and to my car, when I drive, or like today, I walked, so I'd take them behind the store which was pretty secluded, with the back docks shadowed by a large retaining wall for the park behind the store.

There, I'd push them to their knees, and open my pants for them to choke on my cock. I'd let them do their work, while I slid my hand down and into their shirts, expressing my gratitude by mauling their breasts, or playing with their nipples. Sometimes, I'd have to give more direction in how they're not really going deep enough, and help them over their gag reflex, to better get down their throat. I'd always end the session exploding into their mouths, so they can embed the flavor of my cock and cum into their minds for their future adventures.

Then I'd take them back to where I confronted them, and let them go on with their day.

The women would often walk off, but turn back as if remembering something, look at me, and then they'd disappear around the corner.


I decided, kind of last minute, to go on a short hike back to the place I found the necklace again. I even got out of work a little early, so I had light for a longer time. Seeing as this town is such an outdoorsy kind of town, I saw many people coming back from their hikes with a dog or 3. Most were friendly.

When I located the spot again, I looked around at the peace in the tiny beach next to the creek where I found the necklace. It looked as though someone had tried to clear out some of the vegetation in the creek right around the geocaching 'treasure' box. Half of the debris seemed to have just been thrown around into the creek. Most had collected around a few stones where the game trail crosses to the other side of the water.

I'm not sure how recently they had come by to root around for the necklace, as I hadn't been here for a week or two. It does appear that their lost jewelry is sorely missed.

I began to wonder who it was, and what they've accomplished with it. I know that the time I've had it has been orgasmic, to say the least. I couldn't complain about anything I've had happen to me since that fine day in early spring.

Of course, I was a lonely man, without many options, so I used it for sex, and I'll never go back on that choice. However, I wonder if the person that lost it was male or female. If male, did they do to others as I have, or take girls as slaves? If it was a woman, would she be more logical in using the jewel for better outcomes than sex, such as gaining wealth or something like it?

I hadn't thought of using the necklace like that until just now, and I know I'd be able to gain a fair amount of cash if I so choose. There are a lot of wealthy people in this town, and many shop at my store. I wouldn't have to work hard at all to talk them into handing over money to me.

I can, from my experiences alone, tell that this piece of jewelry could reek havoc if used by an evil person, or even a greedy one. My greed at the moment? Now that I'm getting it whenever I want.. pussy. Will that be the downfall of society around me? Nah. Will it raise a few eyebrows? Only if you live next door to me and hear the screams, or maybe catch me out on dates with different girls every day.

I'm not harming anyone really. Keeping a few treasures for my own use, and spreading that treasure around a small group of people who are loyal to me. They also get dick, and\or pussy whenever they want as well. Have I changed their lives in almost any way? Maybe only in who they go out with, or in how they spend their leisure time a few days a week. I'm not one to end up ruining people's lives. I get what I want, and they have most of their freedom.

Yes, I've changed the lives of a few girls, but I think that Erin and Melinda wanted children anyway, so I think I've actually helped them with their wishes in a way. I tend to like keeping a clear conscience, or as close to it as possible.

I contemplated all of this until I found myself almost falling asleep in the tall grass across the creek, just off the game trail. I'd crossed the creek, and sat with a view of the town below, mountains behind me, and clear skies above. I wasn't at all tired of these thoughts, as they also keep me grounded, and not so evil.

I thought I had heard something down at the creek, but it turns out it was an animal. I could just barely make out the back, neck and ears of a doe when she brought her head up time and again. I'm glad to have been able to not be startled, and also glad to live in this area, so as to have these chance encounters with the wildlife here. I just watched her feed along the creek quietly, until something spooked her, and off she went.

I'm not sure of what would have spooked her, but I know there are other more dangerous animals that also frequent the area. I looked up to the sky as I stood, and saw that the stars were already out, even before darkness came. What a beautiful night. Now, it's time to head back to town, and away from whatever might eat me.

When I finally made it to my door almost an hour later, it was plenty dark out, and only one light on in the house. I let myself in, and followed the light into the kitchen, where I found Emily, who was wearing just a light blue dress shirt of mine that wasn't buttoned up at all, and a little pink g-string, Anne in a lacy black push up bra and matching panties, and Krystal in a white tank top stretched across her chest and red runners shorts. They had just started eating lasagna when I walked in, and everyone stopped chewing.

“We expected you hours ago. We couldn't wait, and had a little fun together.” Emily said.

“Well, I took a hike after work, to think, and just be.” I said.

“Awwww. Anything we could help out with?” Krystal inquired.

“Nah. I'm good. You are all helping me out already. Look at these outfits!” I said, as I grabbed the lump in my pants and stroked a few times.

“Have you all been outside tonight? It's beautiful out. The stars shining..” I asked. Anne was the only one not to shake her head.

“I saw them for a second as I came over here, but that's all.” she said.

“Why don't we go to the back deck to eat under the stars? It's a nice cool night for viewing.” I suggested.

Once outside at my patio set, I turned off the lights in the house, and we ate under the stars. The girls were very into it, and the night air was cool enough to engorge their nipples, which I watched, as I had seen enough of the stars. I was watching my sluts.

As Emily sat to my left, and Krystal to my right, I saw how tight their nipples became, partially from the cool air, and partially from my commands about being horny when around me. Emily's magnificent chest, pushing the unbuttoned shirt out enough, but the nipples poked even farther out enough to see from the side.

From the angle, and color of her underwear, I couldn't see too much of Anne's proud chest, and protruding nipples while sitting across from me in the dark. Krystal's, on the other hand were rather prominent through the tight white t-shirt, poking out about a half inch.

We spent some time just looking up to the stars, maybe hoping for a shooting star, or to watch a satellite fly over, but I continued to watch my girls instead. My cock was hidden, but fully engorged, waiting for the opportunity to be used. I didn't really want to wait either.

Now, my patio set isn't one that has normal chairs, or the tall sets they have around cocktail bars. This set was in between those, where you almost had to climb into the swivel chairs, and the table was at about belly height. After eating my fair share of the lasagna, I took direct interest in my sluts bodies.

I stood up, and holding onto the back of her seat, I turned Emily toward me, as she continued to stare at the sky above. It was dark enough out that I couldn't tell by sight that she was wet, but when I reached down between her legs, she opened them up, and allowed me to test for myself just how wet she was.

Just like I like my gorgeous sluts. Just dripping, waiting for a cock to split them open. She was soaked under her panties, and I aimed to test just how wet. I grabbed onto both of her hips, and pulled her forward, allowing her to lean back a bit more in the chair, and her ass hanging off the edge of the seat.

Once situated, I knelt down, kissed my way up her thighs, to her panties, and brushed them aside so I could taste her slut juice. Her pretty pussy just about gushed out onto my tongue at first contact, but it did soon after a real tongue lashing from me. I had 2 fingers inside her, and was sucking her clit deep into my mouth when she burst, and flooded my mouth with a quiet strangled cry.

Before she could come down anymore from her orgasm, I stood up, dropped my work pants, and underwear, and slapped my cock on her cunt, which sat at just about the right height for me. Once I sawed up and back a few times between her lips, I hooked her legs in the crook of my elbows, then I pressed myself into her tight channel and slammed my cock into her, smashing into her cervix.

“AAHHHHH!” she cried out to the night, loud enough to maybe alert the neighbors. I didn't care. She was going to empty my balls before we move.

If the soft sounds she made before hadn't attracted the other two, I know that one did. I hadn't noticed, as I was paying sweet attention to Emily's tits. So full, firm, yet very soft to my questing hands. I groped her for a fair amount of time as I forced a grunt out of her on almost every stroke inside her.

The next thing I knew, Anne was at my left, and leaning over Emily, where she began to kiss her. This definitely helped quiet her down some, as every grunt was muffled. I released Emily's right breast, and slid my hand up Anne's back until it slid over her bra. No clip! Oh, darn. I guess I have to play with her luscious breasts as well. Tragic. I reached down under her, as she was leaning over, cupped her heavy chest, and manipulated the mass of it in my hand.

Then I moved beyond her hanging tit, and found the clip to the offensive bra. It took a few seconds to get my hand right, but the bra was no match for someone whom has been getting a lot of practice undoing bras. The garment sprang out of my hand, and both breasts dropped out of the cups how hanging by their side. As her tits swung free, she reached up and took over where I left off, playing with Emily's right breast as she continued the kiss.

Now that we could keep her a bit quieter, I began to turn up the heat in my rhythm of pounding her tight pussy. She was clamping down so hard on me, I knew she was ready to pop again, and without fail, my pubic hair was sprayed as her cunt reacted to the abuse, and tightened up even more in her release.

While the intention was to keep her quiet with the kiss, her reaction to coming was flailing arms, which inadvertently made contact with her plate on the table. This ended up flipping the plate off the table, and to shatter on the decking below.

Her orgasm, of course, had my pleasure climbing quickly, and within a few seconds after she peaked, I too exploded, sending jet after jet of cum, basting her insides a creamy white color. After 7 or 8 spurts of cum, it started to leak out around my girth, and down into her ass crack hanging off the chair.

I continued to pound into her tight little pussy, as I wasn't about to stop with all the sexy around me. I put my left hand back on Anne's back, and slid the opposite way, down her back to her pantie line. There, I pressed my hand under the material, and searched out her own cunt. This inadvertently also pulled the garment down some as it hung on my wrist. I used a few fingers to dip into her hot hole, and pulled her closer to me, as I finally exited Emily's sloppy cunt.

When I was free, I pulled Anne in between Emily's legs, panties around mid thigh, still using my fingers to position her, and quickly replaced my fingers with my soaking wet cock, plowing into her drenched channel. Her reaction was instant, as her slut sister before her.

“Mmmhmmm!” she cried out into Emily's mouth.

Now, both of her hands were on Emily, one twisting the nipple of her right tit, while the other crept down to scoop out some of my seed. As her hand shook from my pumping, she brought her hand back up, and smeared my cum all over her left tit. When she broke the kiss to lean down more and lick up my spend, I pressed into her harder, forcing her face to smash into the appetizing breast.

I released her hips, and slowly slid my hands up her torso, and around to grasp her heavy chest. Pulling on Anne's nipples elicited soft groans I barely heard as her mouth was currently nursing on Emily's tit. She did, however, show her appreciation by clamping down on my cock as it slid in and out of her, attempting to milk my cock dry of cum.

Krystal, the quiet one so far, had a hand down her shorts, when I looked her way. The other hand was gripping her nipple between fingertip and palm of her hand, pulling out forcefully. Her head was thrown back, staring at the stars twinkling above us.

I was now going for broke, allowing all the ecstasy to consume me. The tight lips wrapped around my cock gripping me so nicely, as I pounded away inside Anne. My thoughts going back to years ago, and even up to last year, how I had always wanted to do what I currently was. Bend Anne over, and pound her until she forgot her name.

I doubted I'd take her that far, but all the jerking off had helped originally with my staying power, and now, I almost feel like a God of sorts, able to satisfy multiple women, one after another, until we're all exhausted, and still going on. I know that I'm no God, but I'm so thankful that I've had the pleasure of finding that mysterious necklace that has changed my life so much. I can't help but take advantage here, fucking one of many sluts I've dreamed of for years.

As my balls continued to fill up quickly, and miraculously, with more cum to share, I continued to let Anne have it, abusing her pussy, and pressing my cock head against her cervix on every thrust. I had almost unending energy as I punished this cunt. I couldn't stop to rest. I needed to baste this slut with more of my cum, and then move on to the next hole to fuck. I needed cum dumpsters tonight, and I had the access right here.

I let my lust consume me, empowering me, and allowing me to fuck and fuck. I loved the feel of the silky channel I was buried in at the moment, but also, I didn't want to wait for my balls to fill up again. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. I held nothing back in my slapping of our bodies together, and within minutes, I felt ready to burst. I gripped Anne's whole breasts, the flesh bubbling around my spread fingers, unable to hold even a portion of her tits, and pulled into her one final time before my hips jerked a few times.

“Ahhhhhhh! Yes!” I cried out to the stars, enjoying a wish I'd had for a while, and emptied my balls inside of Anne.

My cum splashing inside of her, sent Anne over the edge as well, and her hips went wild, riding her Master's cock. She shook so much that her legs tried to give out on her, but I grabbed her hips quickly, to hold her to me, keeping me sheathed inside her. When she found her footing again, I slowly pulled out of her, turning to Krystal.

“Slut, get on your knees and clean my cock up.” I commanded Krystal.

Her hand left her shorts for just a few seconds, and she was on her knees, with her other hand reaching out for my cock. As she played with her pussy below, she all but swallowed my length. It took her a few tries before it finally pushed into her throat. She'd pull up and almost off of me, licking me under the crown, and sliding her tongue up and down the whole cock, before licking my balls, and back to sucking me off.

I didn't allow her to swallow my cum. I wanted her juicy slit. I pulled her up to standing in front of me, yanked down her shorts, and grabbed her thigh. Once I hooked her leg over my arm, I kissed her hard, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Then with a swift hop from her, Krystal was in my arms, my hands on her ass holding her up, with my cock held tightly between us.

When I gained a good grip on her rear end, I maneuvered her up a bit, until my cock slid down past her clit, and between her lips. Once it slid home at her entrance, I all but dropped her on my thick rod, eliciting a loud grunt from her in my ear. I didn't stop there though. I lifted her almost off of me, and dropped her again. Then she started to help, flexing her legs on my arms, pulling up on my neck with her arms, dropping herself down, and pulling herself up and almost off of me.

There I stood, in the middle of the back deck with my cock balls deep in one slut, while two others entertained each other just feet from me, sharing my cum between them, with their own spice mixed in for extra flavor.

I just stood there, lifting and dropping her, her gyrations would rub her clit on my pelvic bone on every drop, grinding up against me. She went even harder riding me once I moved my hand to be able to play with her little rosebud. It took almost no time to insert a finger, and then a second into her ass when she convulsed in a small orgasm.

“Yeah, slut. Cum for me!” I said, and she came again, much harder this time. I kept pumping into her each time I let her drop for five minutes or so, and then let her settle on my cock, and walked her inside, through the kitchen and into the bedroom. There, I dropped her on the corner of the bed, and re-entered her quickly, followed by a brutal fucking, our bodies slapping together time and again.

The other girls followed me in, and locked up, putting things away, and came to the room. They each came to my side or the other, and bent down, leaning on the bed, and attempted to grab Krystal's nipples in their mouths while her breasts were bouncing everywhere with my punishing intercourse. She was much more vocal once inside, and groaned loudly.

“Guhhh! So good! Keep fucking me, Sir! Fuckmefuckmefuckme!” she cried.

I don't know how long we extended our fuck session, but I made her cum twice more. Once naturally, and another time commanding her to come for me. Both times, she became insatiable and grasped at anything at all. One hand found the bed sheets, and the other was the upper arm of Anne as she nursed on her boob.

She never did let up on her grip with either hand. I kept at her, sliding in and out at high speed, to keep her up on the edge, and attempt to get myself off. I did finally bring her over the edge and she stiffened up, then shook for a while, and then she completely relaxed. I shot off a minute later, and she didn't even stir. She'd passed out from fucking.

I pulled out of her slowly, and stood up to stretch my back after carrying her around. Then I told both of the other sluts to clean me off. They both dropped to the carpet in front of me, one licking my nuts, and the other up and down my shaft. While they gave love to my cock and balls, I watched as my cum dripped out of Krystal, and onto the sheets.

Within minutes, I was clean, and they continued to love on me, but I stopped them. We instead pulled Krystal up the bed until she was on a pillow on the end, and covered her with the blanket. Then we all got into bed with her. Me with my back to Krystal, while spooning Emily, who's lovely breast was my hands' only place to rest and my cock half hard tucked into her ass crack, and Anne on the other end, getting spooned by Emily.

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