Geocatched Part 11

by ARandomGuy

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Geocatched part 11

The next few weeks flew by, but also was not super eventful. Yes, it was full of passion from most of my girls, but was otherwise quiet when not at work. Now, with Ashley being the last slut out the door, and the trio of sluts taking care of my desires last night and this morning, I again contemplated my new life after finding the necklace.

It was time for a shower, and getting ready to head to work for the day. Another long day. Thursdays are the slowest day of the week for whatever reason. Not many people shop on that day, so it makes for a long shift. There were plenty of nice looking women, but none that really turned me on. While standing around more often than not, I had a chance to think about that. Why do I seek blowjobs while at work, from women that aren't part of my harem? Other things I've thought about lately have kind of changed my mind on that subject.

When I got home at almost 6, it was as usual, quiet. Time to lay down on the couch and put the TV on for background noise, while just resting my eyes and body. This is the only day I can rest, so I do what I can. Sometimes, I sit up and pull my phone out, selecting the app that controls the remote eggs. I'll select a random girl, and start up the toy. I usually get through most of the girls before I suddenly get a 'Thank you, Sir' text.

This time, I just relax. And inevitably start thinking of everything.

The girls have a new schedule they came up with for keeping me satisfied every night. Usually 2 or 3 girls would spend the evening after work, with me, and leave the next morning. The only day I have to myself is Thursday. It's not so bad either. With all of their work schedules, they all work or learn at school on Thursday, so I have morning time with them before they leave.

At night on Thursday, when a few girls get off work late, working at diners, other waitress jobs, or maybe bartender shifts, they sneak into the house after I've gone to bed. Sometimes, they'll wake me up to get some D, but other times, I'll wake up to a blowjob to start the mornings antics. Generally, that day of the week gives me more time to think on everything.

Then there are the dates we have, 3 days a week, so everyone gets to go on dates (except for Laura, of course). We usually do a date night on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These dates are usually just dinner and wandering around town, walking the outdoor malls, or maybe a movie if we have enough time.

These dates have really affected myself, and how I treat the girls. At first, they were just holes to fill with spunk, but I've gotten to know them all, and I'm glad that I have. I think we would have all gotten along in some way, if I didn't have the necklace, but with how shy I originally was, and anxiety to the max, I wouldn't have had a chance with any of them. They were all out of my league in some way.

Another thing to add to all of this is my feelings toward each of them. I've had most of the girls for over a month or two, and a few I've known prior to all of this. After all this time, and the dates, and the constant orgies, I'm not too shocked to say that I love them all in some way, I think. How could I not? We have some moments otherwise, but I treat them all as women should be treated. Honesty, trust, loyalty, and such are a good part of it. I'm honest with them all. On the other side, I don't really know their feelings toward me. I guess I could say it's the same with them, but with why I collected each of them, and them being made into nympho sluts, you never know.

I don't think I've done too much wrong with them, ya know besides changing their worlds, and new cravings, etc. I want to think I haven't done anything really bad to any of them. That's why I haven't found a new larger place we could all move into, or control their lives in almost any way. It helps to keep the conscience clear, to a point. I know I'm using them, but with feelings developing between us, at least with me, it changes how they're treated and allows the honesty and trust to develop. Still.. have I really hurt them in any way?

Also, I haven't asked for answers to questions like how they feel about more girls just showing up and taking time from their cock rides, or if they care at all. I would guess that they don't care, as my body has adapted to my position at the head of a harem. This necklace has changed me, too. My balls have grown to twice the size, and I can stay hard as long as I need to, not to mention how I've become stronger.

This is what Thursdays are used for usually. Hanging around the house after work, just enjoying the quiet around me, while also trying to unscramble all the noise in my head.

Most of that noise, at the moment, is about the necklace. I keep coming up with new questions about it.

Where it came from?

Who had it before me?

What are they like?

What did they do with the necklace?

How does the necklace work? I have a few theories right now.

Was it fate, or accident that I came across it?

Suddenly, the door opened, and in walked Kim, still in her diner outfit, walking over to me on the couch. Once she sat down, she rested her head on my shoulder.

“How was work?” She inquired.

“It was another boring day. You're here early tonight.” I said.

“Yeah, it was too slow at work to keep me there until normal time.” she said.

“Good. I want to see something. Sit up and look at me.” I told her.

“Sleep slut” I said as soon as she sat up and turned her head.

She was out, in her mind. Her eyes were still open, but looked as though she was looking through me, at something else. I pulled out my necklace, and grabbed her hand, raising it up in front of me. Then, I hooked the necklace around her hand, and I held the stone for the moment.

“You are going to hold this necklace up for me to look at. You will watch me closely. If I zone out, or end up in the same trance state that you are in, you will only be able to say 'Wake up, Max' to wake me up, and then hand me the necklace back. OK, here it goes. I lean back, close my eyes for a second, and let go of the necklace. When I open my eyes, I look down at the stone, then I'm looking at a zoned out Kim, and the necklace is back in my hand.

That proves a theory I had. It's certainly good to know. I'll have to be more careful about keeping it away from anyone that might touch it. The theory was that it might work on a male, if a female had control of the necklace. I have yet to test to see if it will work on a male with me holding it. I immediately put the necklace back around my neck, and hid it behind my yellow polo work shirt.

“Kim, if you ever see me with a necklace in my hand, or holding it up, you will IGNORE it. You will look away from where it is, as though there is nothing to see.” I commanded her.

Hopefully, that will be enough to keep it safe from prying eyes and hands, as well as safety for myself. I can also walk around without a shirt on, as before, the girls would see the stone and go into trance, so I always kept a shirt on. I'm going to have to command the other girls the same way when I get the chance.

“Wake up, slut!” I said to her.

“What did you want to see, Sir?” she asked, as she stared into my eyes.

“Nothing really. Just wanted to look into your soft brown eyes for a second. And to do this.” I said, and leaned in to kiss her.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned into the kiss, with our tongues dueling.

While the kiss was going on, I reached up, and cupped her breast as though finalizing a second date, massaging gently.

She, on the other hand, immediately reached down to my thigh and slid up until she found my bulge, which she started stroking feverishly. As she groped and stroked me, she had moved her other hand to my belt, and was in the process of quickly stripping me. I just squeezed her tit more, then moved to the other one, massaging it for a moment.

“Mmmm” She broke the kiss. “I've been waiting for this all day” she said as she squeezed me.

After that exclamation, I reached down to her waist and attempted to untuck her shirt from the skirt she wore, then slid my hand right back up under the shirt, feeling the warm skin up, and over her bra. I reached the other hand to her other hip, pulled the shirt up, and with her help by releasing my belt, putting her hands up, I removed the shirt quickly.

Her hands went right back to work once they were released. Gripping my length through the pants with one, while the other was making quick work of the pants button and zipper, opening my pants to extract her prize.

Her bra was the next to go, releasing her nice C cups for my, and her, pleasure. I leaned down and latched on to her left nipple, and began to suck as though nursing on her, while cupping her right tit, flicking the nipple with one finger.

I had to release her from my mouth, and lift my ass up, so she could take my pants off of me, exposing my large cock. She only got the pants down to my knees before she grabbed at my stiff rod, and started stroking. I placed my hand on her upper thigh and slid it up under her skirt, pushing the fabric back as I went. When I got to the top of her thigh, I was surprised to notice that I didn't feel any panties on her. Being somewhat timid prior to meeting me, that would never have happened. I slid my hand between her now spread legs, to find her dripping wet folds.

As I pressed a finger between her folds, and stroked her, she all but hopped on the couch, spun around facing me, and straddled me in seconds, without letting go of my cock. It took her all of another 2 seconds to line me up, and then what felt like 10 minutes to drop down, enveloping my cock all the way, in her velvety grip.

Her hands were around my neck, and her tits on display, showing off her serious tan lines. Her milky white breasts in the large triangle shape that covered the whole of each breast, and the deep golden shine of her skin surrounding them. I leaned in and attached myself to her nipple again. One of her hands pressed my face into her breast, as she again slowly ascended my rod, only to descend once again just as slow.

I was enjoying the slow glide in and out of her wet snatch, but this wouldn't fly if she continued like this for long. I thrust up into her and pulled her down by the hips once, and she just giggled in my ear, before continuing her slow up and down actions. She did however speed up slightly, and started grinding her clit into my pubes.

I pulled up her skirt from behind, and attempted to play with her asshole with a few fingers, but she had thought ahead, and wore her butt plug. I found a good grip around the base, and began moving it around inside her faster from behind as she continued to fuck me slowly. I'd pull it out of her ass, expanding her asshole greatly, and press it back in until her ass swallowed it whole. I fucked her like this for a few minutes.

“Oooooh yeah!” She moaned out loud.

I finally released her breast and latched on to her other breast to keep from any jealousy. Treating her tit as I had the other, sucking on the nipple, and flicking my tongue all around the nipple.

“Mmmm YES! Suck on my titty, Sir!” She said.

I moved my hands from her ass, and up to both breasts, squeezing each, and into each other, forcing the shape of them to balloon straight out, with nipples like a gum drop on an ice cream scoop. I licked around deep into the cleavage and just lightly licked each nipple on top. I also used my grip on her tits to force her up and down much faster. When she'd slow down, I'd pump up into her a few times.

I know that she anticipated in this union, and had probably been wet for half the day at work. She probably worked all day with the butt plug as well, just heightening her desire for this coupling. With that in mind, I thrust hard into her over and over, while mauling her breasts, still holding them like possessions.

This all made her giggle again, but I knew she was close. Her cunt was tighter around me, and she was definitely more wet now that we've been fucking. I decided to up the ante, used my grip on her tits, and leg strength, and flipped her over on the couch. No longer riding me, she no longer had control of our passionate moment in time.

I began to thrust in long strokes in and out of her, pushing her with my hips at each contact, trying to bury my cock in just a bit farther. It was forceful strokes to begin with, but it changed as I started feeling my balls tighten up a bit. I didn't lose control, but my hips started pounding into her at a much more ferocious pace, slapping her asshole with my balls on every stroke. Our hips slapping together on each stroke.

I wasn't going to last long as I was going hard, bringing out a few squeals from Kim, and her grunts at every impact. I was building up for a mass release inside her, and I wanted to make sure she was there with me, if not before.

“Cum for me, slut!” I said to her, and her body froze for a few moments.

“Gahh! AAAHHHHH!” Her grasping for a breath turned into a scream that rattled the windows, and her body began to shake uncontrollably, forcing my cock to grind inside her tight passage, slapping around on every surface within her. And then I erupted. I painted her insides with many shots of cum, and with my continued strokes, however erratic they were, the last few shots couldn't be contained in her cunt, forcing a dribble coming out around my thick rod.

As I pulled her off of me slowly, she was slumped on my shoulder until I was out of her completely. Then she came back to her senses next to me, as her cunt was spilling my seed freely onto my couch. Her legs refusing to close, so the sight was beautiful. I reached over to her cunt, and dug in for a couple fingers full of white stuff, and brought it to her mouth. She leaned forward and consumed it, moaning the whole time.

Then I put an arm around her shoulders, and latched on to her right tit, she leaned into me, and we just sat there, watching whatever was on the boob tube. We sat there for close to an hour before the door opened, and Megan walked in, looking kind of disheveled after her day at work.

I invited her over to kneel in front of Kim, and she did so gladly, as I'm sure getting off her heels was first on her mind. When I offered her my cum from Kim's cunt, she didn't pause at all. She leaned in, and without even thinking of licking or kissing a thigh, her tongue was deep into Kim's crevasse, licking up all she could.

With a little mewl from Kim, from letting go of her breast, I got down on my knees behind Megan, and with a little orchestration from both of us, I was able to pull the long red skirt out from under her knees, up and over her ass. She had a tiny red g-string on, with the gusset barely covering anything. I noticed, through the wet spot, that she also had an egg inside of her, with the tail sticking into her asshole.

I pulled the g-string down, and out from between her cheeks where it stuck for a moment, and then pulled out the egg, followed by a groan. Now I know that I could have gotten at least one person if I had played my game earlier. Maybe, it would have made her day better? Hmmm, I thought.

My pants, now clumped at my feet didn't take long to remove, and I knee walked up behind Megan, between her legs, and pressed my once again rigid cock against her crack. She pushed back against me when I pushed my helmet up against her asshole. I first pushed farther down and entered her cunt with some force, and stroked in and out of her a few times to lube myself, and then brought my cock back up to her asshole.

I began to press the mushroom head into her ass. It didn't go in easily, but it felt as if there was no resistance either, as her ass was so tight. Now, it was spread wide open with my thick cock stretching her wide. I took my time pushing into her, as I knew she was still filling her belly with my cum, and still was face deep in Kim's pussy.

I reached up and grabbed one of her shoulders, and the other hand reached around to undo her little bowtie on her work shirt, and released it, and then pulled on her shoulder roughly, embedding myself inside her tight ass.

“MMMMMmm” she cried out, yet muffled by slick labia.

I pulled out, and began to stroke in and out of her at a slow pace. I reached around her, somehow finding an angle around her large bust, and started undoing her black dress shirt. Once it was unbuttoned, I grabbed both of her arms behind her back, and as I slid the shirt down her arms, I balled it up into a snug knot of sorts, that she would find hard to escape. Then I used her arms, and began thrusting hard on each stroke, pulling out slowly, and thrust hard again. When I quickened my pace again, she drowning in pussy juice, and my cum, as Kim went over the crest of the hill, coming hard on Megan's mouth.

That, in turn, helped Megan cum from my brutal fucking of her tight ass. I still had a ways to go, and didn't even slow down as her ass tightened on me, pulsing through her orgasm. That helped suck the cum out of my balls, and shoot it up and out of my cock. I filled that fine ass with a nice coating of white goo.

Only then did I release her arms, and unwind her shirt, pulling it off, and discarding it on the floor by my side. All that was left was her red lacy bra, and her panties half way down her legs. The bra was the next thing for me to remove, releasing her generous chest to hang below her, as she still feasted on Kim.

I stood up, removing my pants, and then pulling her panties down her legs to her high heels. Pulling all 3 articles off of her at once, I dropped them on the floor.

It was starting to get late, and time to get ready for bed. We were almost all naked already, so it wouldn't take much. I decided to take a quick shower to clean up from my long day, and made my way into the bedroom, where I found Megan already under the covers on the left side of the bed, and Kim standing there, waiting for me.

She did a quick spin to show me what needed done. Her skirt flared out, and came back to rest against her thighs. I pulled her close, kissed her once, and reached for the zipper on the back of the skirt. That was the last article to lose, and she climbed into bed on the right, where she would inevitably be the one to spoon me.

I climbed into bed, between the two girls, finding comfort on my right side, with a pair of breasts pressing into my back as a hand finds it's way toward my cock to hold onto. In front of me, Megan has not laid down so close to me, so I think there's yet another person staying with us. I reach out, and caress her left nipple, and then pinch it once, before releasing her and allowing all of us to close our eyes to sleep.

I woke up, I think, a few times that night. The bed was shifting, and felt a hand on my arm. The next time I woke up, I felt a hand on my cock, pumping it, and the head in a warm hole, as their hips slowly pushed back on me.


In the morning, I found my left hand had found a large soft mound to grip. I lifted my head to see that Emma was the straggler last night. Her hair was glowing with the sun coming in through the window.

My cock gained rigidity within a few moments, and I knew how I was going to use it. I released her tit and grabbed at her whole torso under her breasts, and re-positioned my right hand under us, so I could lift her from her hips, hopefully without tickling her. She moved a little bit, but stayed asleep, so I twisted my body to lay flat on my back, while also lifting her body up and onto me. Being such a slight girl, it wasn't too hard to do.

Once she was laying on me on her back, I moved my right hand down to her mons, and cupped her pussy. My cock had found it's place between her legs, and was rubbing on the back of my hand. I pulled it back just a little, and pressing the helmet inside her tight hole, I pushed forward again, enveloping most of my cock up her ass. There wasn't much resistance, as she was still mostly asleep and relaxed.

I then gripped both of her breasts in my hands, and held her on top of me. She let out a long moan, her head laying back on my shoulder. I think she was awake since she started moving her arms up to hold onto my hands, pinning mine in place. As I was about to slide into her more, and pull right back out to the end of my cock, Kim walked into the room.

“If you're up, we have so..oooh my!” Kim said, walking in, still naked, and turning toward us, freezing in place to watch.

I looked up at her, staring down at our coupling, and I couldn't resist.

“Why don't you pleasure both of us?! Eat her out, but don't forget my balls.” I told her.

Kim snapped out of her thoughts, accepted my request, and moved forward, climbing up on the bed between our legs, to start licking Emma's cunt. I stroked into her a few times, but went slow as to not dislodge Kim's tongue at all. Kim sat on her ankles, knees together, and with both hands free, one went straight to my balls to lightly squeeze and pull, and the other pierced Emma's cunt with an unknown number of fingers. I just know that I felt the fingers through the thin membrane between cunt and ass.

I started to pump myself into her ass as Kim licked her cunt. Emma immediately started moaning in response to so much stimulation all over her body. Her ass did feel so nice and tight, I began to stroke into her faster and faster, with Kim holding my ball sack, effectively stretching it out a bit with my strokes.

With so much stimulation, Emma already wasn't that far off from the edge, and as my pumping in and out of her became more frantic, in the hopes I'd cum with her, I kept up at a blistering pace. Kim lost control of my balls, concentrating on Emma's slit, and began having her chin slapped with my ball sack, on each of my strokes in.

The pleasure was mounting by the second as my cock stretched out her asshole. I knew I'd be blowing a good load inside her bowels any time now. I just kept pumping in and out as fast as I could. Emma was moaning more and more, even Megan came in, also still naked, and tits swaying, to see why no one was going out to eat. All she could see was Kim's ass and dripping cunt, and her head and arm moving around.

I was definitely getting close, so I started pinching Emma's nipples hard, and twisting them about, and that was the final straw for her. She cried out and came on Kim's face and hand, her ass seizing up on me, as her body did the same, which sent me over the edge. I blasted her bowels with my seed, and I squeezed her breasts like they'd be taken away.

“Aaahhhhhhh! Ohfuckfuckfuck!” Emma cried out.

Her asshole pulsed around me, milking my cock of any extra juice it could produce.

“Good girl!” I whispered in her ear, and her contractions started up again for a brief moment.

Kim pulled back, and slid off the bed to her feet, sucking on her fingers. Megan helped, and they ended up kissing, and sharing Emma's cum with each other. While they were busy with that, I slid my hands down and behind Emma, to her shoulder blades, and helped push her to sit up, which in turn forced my cock deeper into her asshole than while we fucked.

“Mmmmm.. that was so good!” She mumbled.

“No better way to wake up, I think.” I said.

“Orgasms first thing in the morning are almost better than coffee for waking up.” said Emma.

She wiggled around on my cock as she maneuvered her legs to a point she could get off of my pole, which teased me a little bit. Once she climbed off of me, she got off the bed.

“Tell me you have your plug with you?” I asked.

“Of course I do. Do you want to plug me up?” Emma asked me.

“I don't want my cum wasted by dripping out, and more stains to clean up. Yes, I'll plug your ass.” I said.

She brought one hand back to hold her asshole and ran out to the living room where she had apparently dumped her waitressing outfit, and retrieved her plug, bringing it back for me.

I kind of zoned out there, as she walked back in, just fascinated at how her tits would just jiggle about as she walked, but came back to myself as she handed me the plug. I held it up to her lips to kiss, and then I stood up in front of her, pulled her to me, and traced her spine with the plug's thin point, down into her ass crack, finding it's way to her brown star.

I pressed on her hole just a little bit, and she gave resistance playing with me, but I spread her cheeks wide, and pushed harder, and shortly, the toy spread her ass just enough to pop into it's worn position. She just giggled a bit.

After putting the toy up her ass, I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, and clean up a bit, before I went out to the kitchen, where I saw Megan in just an apron, serving the cooked food to plates. I came up behind her, and grabbed her hips, and pushing my half hard cock into her ass crack, and then sliding a hand down to her slit. I just lightly rubbed around her clit for a few minutes. She stopped what she was doing, and closing her eyes, leaned back into me, and enjoyed my ministrations.

“Thank you.” I said to her.

“Mmmm for what?” She asked

“For making breakfast, and for being a good slut for me.” I said.

I slid my other hand up under her breasts, and cupped one, and moved my other hand down and into her gash, dipping two fingers inside of her.

“Cum for me, slut.” I said.

If it wasn't for my grip around her torso, and a few fingers deep in her cunt, I think she would have collapsed. Her legs partially gave out, while the rest of her froze up for a second. Then she gasped, sucking in lungs full of air, and groaned really loud.

“Gah! Ahhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned out loud.

“Good girl.” I said in her ear, and she shivered.

Once she got her legs under her again, I released her body, and after rubbing her lips with her cum on my fingers, I grabbed a plate she prepared for me, with lots of bacon, 4 eggs, 3 sausages, and hash-browns. It seems she wanted me full of protein.

We were all in our own heads during breakfast, and barely a word was spoken. Everyone was thinking about the day ahead. Work, or relaxing as it was Friday. The end of the week only for some of us. Retail and waitressing don't often afford weekends. I know this, as I earned my weekends after 7 years working in retail. There was so much turnover that it was easy to get seniority.

I know I had many things on my mind. The least of which was work today. Looking around the table at the girls, their breasts wobbling with every filling of their forks, and that got me going again. I glanced at the clock briefly, and then at the girls.

“OK, who's working, and when?” I inquired of my naked guests.

“I work, but not until noon.” Kim answered, as she was the only one without a mouth full of food.

“I need to leave soon, actually. I'm doing a mid shift.” Megan announces.

“I'm working the dinner rush, so I have until early afternoon.” Emma said.

“Since it's only a bit after 8am, we have some time,” I indicate Emma and Kim by pointing my fork at them “once you're finished eating, go kneel on the couch facing the window next to each other, knees apart.” I said.

“Did you bring your bag with you this time, Megan?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir.” She answered me. “Right over there.” She points to the navy blue couch against the wall.

“Good girl.” I said. “You can shower, and get ready here, instead of racing home first. Did you also bring your toys?”

“Uh huh” she said.

“Good. When you're out of the shower, bring me your egg, before you get dressed.” I'll be sure to give her some pleasure today while at work.

Megan seems to have finished first, and starts cleaning up, grabbing Kim's plate, as she just took her last bite, and places them in the sink to wash later. Then she comes to me, gives me a deep kiss with our tongues dueling, before grabbing her bag, and heads off to the master bathroom.

Since Kim had her plate taken from her, she got up, brushed past me, putting a hand on my shoulder as she did, and went over to the couch as told, kneeling on the cushions so her feet were hanging off the edge, her ass sticking out, and her head between her arms, supporting her on the back of the couch.

Emma took more time to eat, but was soon done. After she got up with her plate, she motioned to my plate, which was now empty, and after approval, she grabbed it as well, to put in the sink. Then she was off to the couch to mimic Kim at her side.

I walked over to the couch, and both naked ladies showing off both assholes and pussies. Both were very wet. Kim was already dripping down her thighs. I came up behind them, and placed a hand on both of their backs, and rubbed them down, and to the outside cheek of their asses. Kim, on the left, wiggled her butt just a bit, and I spanked her once lightly. Emma stayed still, but leaned into my hand.

I ran my hands around their fine asses, and down to mid thigh, then rubbed up between their legs, stopping just before touching them where they wanted. The heat was incredible just above my hands. Their cunts were on fire. I wanted them to get hotter. My hands jumped to the other thigh, and rubbed up and down a bit, just barely missing touching their labia protruding from their bodies.

“Mmmmm” Kim moaned out.

When I didn't respond to her moan in any way, she turned her head to look up at me standing between both asses, and waving to someone out the window. When she realized what I was doing, she groaned quietly. What she didn't see, because she was hush hush telling Emma what I was doing, was that I saw Anne heading out her door, waved, and then waved her over to the window.

“Sorry sluts. I just saw a neighbor walking by and looked in the window.” I told them.

I then replaced my hand on each ass, and slid it down toward their juicy cunts. I'm standing in front of the window, naked, with two naked sluts with their heads partially visible from outside. Add to that, Anne crossed the road, and was half way up the lawn to the window. I cupped both girls' pussy, and wiggled my middle fingers purposefully placed over their clits. Kim moaned out loud, raising her head some, and I guess looked up enough to see the torso of someone in the window.

“Eeeeek!” Kim squeaked as her head flew down out of sight of the window.

Emma looked to her side to see what happened, but Kim kept her head low.

“It seems,” I said, “that the neighbor was intrigued enough to come look in the window. They were curious as to what I was doing.”

Kim groaned out loud. Her pussy gushed into my hand, having a small orgasm from her embarrassment. Emma's pussy got wetter as well, being so embarrassed by having a neighbor see them like this. Neither knew that it was Anne, but I wasn't going to tell them. They both hid their faces as best they could.

While they both shook a bit, I rubbed up Kim's cunt, and inserted 2 fingers into her tight channel. Then I moved over behind Emma where I removed my hand, grabbed my long, thick cock, lined up, and shoved the whole of it into Emma's drenched pussy.

“Aaahhhhhhhh!” she cried out, her head started to come up, but then remembered that the 'neighbor' was in the window, and thought better of it.

Her surprise at having my cock spread her out and go so deep without warning, made her orgasm, and it was not the smallest one. Her love channel gripped me with everything it had, and her body was shaking, and she squirted all over my nuts that slapped her clit on my thrust.

“How do you like being watched by a stranger?” I asked the both of them.

“Ugh! I don't like it. It's so embarrassing!” Kim said.

I'd say that she's the one in the group that's not used to all the attention, and is still the shy, introverted one of the group. That being said, I think she gets more turned on in her embarrassment, shown by her recent orgasm. I wonder if I can get another one out of her with almost no work.

Emma just groaned a bit in her arousal. Her cunt extra sloppy wrapped around my rod.

For now, I started stroking in and out of Emma, keeping her at a constant level of arousal. When I pulled all the way out, she groaned at the loss, but I had another pussy to pound. I did, however, replace my cock with a few fingers, so not a complete loss. Kim was sort of ready for my thrust into her, so the reaction was more subdued.

Just then, Megan comes out of the hallway, and I turn and shush her with a finger over my lips. She sneaks the rest of the way over, and stands next to me, buried in Kim.

I turn in her direction as best I can without pulling out, and hold my hand out for the egg. As she places it in my hand, my other hand pinches her nipple, and then I reach down her body with the egg, indicating to her that she should spread her legs some, and rub the egg all over her wet cunt, before pushing it in, and adjusting the tail.

Once it's placed where I want it, I lick my fingers that placed the toy, and wink at Megan. I then shoo her away to get dressed, and get back to fucking Kim, ready to embarrass the hell out of her.

I moved both hands to Kim's ass, and started stroking in and out for a minute, and then moved my hands up her body, and down to her hanging breasts, where I took a nice firm grip of each.

“Why don't we just see who the neighbor is?” I inquire, as I suddenly start pulling Kim up by her tits. Unable to back up, as my cock is buried inside her, she wiggles again as I pull her to my body.

She shakes a bit, suddenly in a fight or flight situation. Her arms flail about before she ducks her face down, covers my hand with one arm, and puts her hand on her cunt to hide it from the neighbor. I thrust once more inside her, and she groans again as her cunt tightens up on me, in an obvious orgasm, rippling along my length, and her shaking her head so her hair hides her face.

“Aren't you going to look to see who it is that's watching me fuck your pussy?” I ask.

“Please, NO! Oh GOD!” she said.

“Open your eyes, slut.” I told her.

She was still in mid orgasm, as I commanded her, and she slowly opened her eyes, but unable to see with her hair over her face. She just barely saw the frame of someone in the window. I pulled one hand from her tit, and brushed the hair out of her face. She instantly went limp, her cunt gushing again around my cock in orgasm, and her body slumps to the couch in relief as I release her other tit.

“What about you, slut? Do you want to show yourself to our neighbor?” I ask Emma. “Show off those magnificent tits of yours?”

“NO!” She all but screams into the couch cushion.

“Sit up, slut, and say hi to our neighbor.” I command.

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