Geocatched Part 12

by ARandomGuy

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Geocatched part 12

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I tried doing dates every night for a week, before the others couldn't make it work with their schedules as easily, so last week it was back to 3 date nights a week. Tonight, I get to take my first girls out. That is, once I get out of work today.

That's another thing! It's now summer! And the outfits walking through the store are hot and sexy as hell! It's hard to work with a hard on constantly, from all the 'scenery' I've had at work. As I'd like to say, thank God for aprons, or everyone would know. I've been trying to hold back from bringing anyone else in to my harem, honestly. I mean, a dozen girls ready to spread their legs any time I please seems to be enough.

Oh, yeah! I now have a hole to put my last butt plug in, soon. I got two texts from my scholarly girls, Dani, and Laura. I get texts from them off and on, sending me photos of their masturbation and such, but they wanted to tell me stuff too. They're staying at school for summer classes, trying to get extra credits toward their degrees. They, however, are coming to visit me this coming weekend, as it's a long weekend. The 4th of July weekend. I haven't seen them for a while now.

Well, as I said, I'm still at work, watching a few girls not wearing much handle multiple cucumbers. More so than most shoppers anyway. I'd guess they're looking for the right size for the right fit. I'd help them out with that, but one of my dates just walked in.

“Hurry up and get out of here! We're hungry.” Erin, my first redheaded slut says.

“I'm trying. Can't leave too early though.” I said as I turned back to the cucumber girls again.

Erin follows my gaze, and approves, but wants to leave now. When I look at the clock, I've only got 15 minutes. It's time enough to go. I tell my boss that I'd like to get out a few minutes early, and he sees why, so he lets me go.

I hit the time clock, and we walk out the door hand in hand. Apparently, they're driving tonight. I see the car with Melinda behind the wheel. When I get closer, I notice her hand between her legs with a navy blue sun dress on. I knock on the window, and she flinches, but rolls down the window a bit, to keep the air conditioning going.

“Starting a bit early, aren't we?” I asked as I reach in and grope her chest a bit.

“Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir.” she answered.

“No masturbating while you drive, ok?” I asked.

“Of course, Sir.” She responded.

“Good girl.” I told her.

“You know where we're going, right?” I ask while I'm climbing in the back seat.

“Yes, Sir.” She said. I indicate to Erin to get in the back seat with me.

Once we're all settled, Melinda gets us under way. I knew it would be a long drive as we're at the south end of town, and the place we have reservations at is a ways north of town. Plenty of time to play.

I have Erin face me, in her own white and flowery sun dress, lean back on the door, then slide her ass toward me so she's laying down, and I put her left leg behind my head, and the other between my knee and the front seat. When she slid forward, her dress rode up so her ass was on the leather, with the dress around her waist. Her white silk thong was already partially wet, almost see through, and plastered on her puffy pussy for me to see. Just down from that, I notice that she's wearing her butt plug as well.

“Melinda, are you also wearing your plug?” I inquired.

“Yes, Sir.” she whispered just loud enough to be heard.


I turned back to the panties soaking against a pretty pussy. Both of her hands are between her legs, one high up on each inner thigh, as if holding her legs back herself, while also framing her bald cunt for me. I start to just rub the wet spot with my thumb, and then rubbing up to her clit. Then I hooked my thumb under the gusset, and peeled the garment off of her pussy, and off to the side.

Now free of anything covering her up, I returned to running my thumb up and down her gash, from hole to clit, dipping a finger in to lube up, and back to the top. Then I'd pinch between thumb and index finger, her puffy lips surrounding her clit, and mimic jacking off with her lips, manipulating her clit between them.

“Mmmmmm.” was her vocal reaction, while wiggling her hips a bit.

With my other hand, I rubbed a few fingers along her lips, and then inserted them inside her. She moaned again when I did that, but when I curled the fingers up and started forcefully 'tapping' them against her outer wall, while shoving my fingers in and out, she started to really get into it, rotating her hips as best she could.

I kept looking up to see how close we were to the restaurant, and we finally got out of town, with a few more miles to go. I kept at it, with both hands, and she grabbed the one with fingers inside her, helping me to try and jam them inside her just a little more. My other hand jacking her clit started moving a bit faster as well.

I could tell she was getting real close, and I knew what I had to do. I saw the restaurant in the distance, and when I looked back down at her, I pulled my fingers out, and released her cunt lips, and then licking my fingers clean. She didn't seem to be too happy about that, but she had about 20 minutes of pleasure on the way there, so she'll have to wait now.

With a frustrated sigh, she got herself untangled from me, and into a sitting position, her ass cheeks squeaking on the leather seat as she turned. She got herself situated just in time to pull into the parking lot, and had to find parking at the far end of the lot.

It was a long walk for Erin, as she tried to walk in a way to stimulate her clit, but found relief just out of reach. We walked in the door, and immediately was helped by the tall hostess of the restaurant. We walked up to her with me in the middle, and a hand on each girls ass.

“Do you have a reservation?” the hostess asked.

“We do. It's under Max ______.” I said.

“Ahh yes, here we are. You picked a nice corner spot. Won't you follow me?” She said, picking up 3 menus and turning away from us.

I slapped Melinda's ass to get her moving, and then Erin. I followed behind just to watch their asses as they quickly followed our hostess. When we got to the table, I directed the girls to face the wall, and I took the seat facing the restaurant. At the time, we were the only ones within a few tables, so it was rather secluded at the moment. I thanked the hostess for seating us, and then watched her ass covered in black slacks walk away. The black pinstriped blouse didn't hide her form at all up close, but black hides things pretty well from a distance.

Soon after, a waitress came to the table. Dressed to kill, also in all black, long skirt, and blouse, but a wide white belt and ascot. She was very good looking with dark brown hair, and I think I saw a glimmer of green in the eyes.

“Hi, folks! How's everyone doing?” she asked.

“I think we're all doing well tonight, right girls?” I asked, and each of them nodded.

“Great! My name is Stephanie and I'll be your waitress tonight. Now, let me know what you'd all like to drink, and I'll run and get it for ya.” She inquired.

“I think we'd do well with a bottle of the house red, if you would, please?” I said, as I smiled up to her.

As she sauntered off, we opened our menus and started browsing for the feast ahead. Of course, I started out in the steaks. Gotta have the protein! The girls talked and decided on a salad and soup of some sort.

Stephanie was rather quick to come back to the table with a bottle of wine, and 3 glasses for her guests. As she was almost there, I said to the girls, “Sleep, sluts” and waited for the waitress seconds later.

“Thank you! I asked the girls, but I'd like to ask you.” I said while pulling the stone out of the dress shirt I was wearing. “Have you seen something like this?”

Stephanie froze while placing the last wine glass down on the table in front of me. I'd really like to have her as another girl 'under my belt' sucking my cock at my whim, but decided against it. Instead, I just gave her a few commands.

First, she'd look after our table whenever she could. She would become attracted to, and aroused by the 3 of us. She was now my slut tonight only. Any command I give, she would follow. She would think that anything that happened at this table was at least almost normal. And finally, if I, and only I say 'sleep slut' to her, she would return to this trance. Then I woke her and the other girls up.

“We're here to celebrate. Both of my sluts are pregnant! Isn't that great?” I asked an almost bewildered Stephanie.

“Congratulations to you bo....” she finally caught was I said. “Your.. ss...sluts, Sir?” she asked, looking between me and the girls.

“Of course! I satisfy these two, and another 10 personal sluts. Don't I, girls?” I said.

“Uhh yeah.” Melinda said quietly, while looking up at Stephanie as though she had committed a crime, and admitting it to an officer.

“Erin... Cum for me, slut.” I told her.

Stephanie's eyes went wide in shock, her hand flew up to her mouth, and eyes clamped shut, when out of the mouth of my slut came a soft muted mewl while her body started to shake. The other hand went down to her crotch, and her mouth still covered. Once she came down from the orgasm, she smiled up at me, and then Stephanie.

“Th.. thank you, Sir!” she said.

I looked up at Stephanie, and then down to the menu.

“I think we're ready to order. The girls mentioned a salad and soup each, and I'd like the rump roast medium rare.” I emphasized 'rump' almost a little too much, and caught our waitress in a little daydream.

Stephanie, caught off guard, quickly grabbed her notepad and wrote down the order. Then, as she was just turning around, I talked to her.

“Stephanie, if you're so inclined, I think you should take a break once we're finished with our meal, and meet us at the car for a bit of fun. Don't answer me now, but if you will, slut, when you bring our meals, place your wet panties on top of our wine bottle.”

She didn't look back, but slightly nodded, and walked away. I then noticed that a few more tables closer to us were filling up.

While we waited for the meal to show up, we talked about the harem, and how they enjoy it so far, and what I plan to do tonight. Then I told them quietly, so no one else around could hear, to take their tiny shoulder strap off one side, and pull the dress below their breast. Erin, being on the inside lowered her right breast, and Melinda on the outside edge of the booth, dropped her left side.

I did that for a few reasons. First, I love watching breasts move about. Then to also keep their arousal peaked and their nervousness wound up as well. Now that they'd followed my command, I turned a bit softer in voice.

“Now, girls. I know that you're all part of a bigger group of sluts, but you're my first 2 sluts. Over the last few months, I went from just a horny kid, and grew up some. Now I'm just a horny man. I feel as though I've learned to treat everyone a bit better, and that's because of my feelings for everyone in the harem. Do you see where I'm going with this? What I'm saying is that I've grown to love all of you. Not only for all the sex, but just generally. I love you both.” I told them softly.

I didn't really know what to expect in response from these two, but I sat there silently, and waited. It wasn't too long of a wait.

“Wow! I wasn't sure where you were going with that, but now that I think about it, I think I love you, too. Yeah, I do.” Erin said.

“I think there was already the possibility of love early on. Maybe as early as our walk back from your fall in the creek. I know I'm your first slut, but I may be the first to love you, too. Well, besides the other girls you've known most of your life anyway. Yes, I also love you.” Melinda closed her mouth, and smiled.

Just then, our meals came out to the table. Stephanie seemed a little shaken, but playing it cool. She placed the soups in front of the girls first, just to get them off the barely balancing tray, and then the salads, before sliding my plate of steak in front of me.

I think it was then that she noticed two tits fully out, with thick hard nubs pointing my way. She looked at them, and then to me, and back to them quickly, and I just smiled.

“Makes you just want to lean over and suck one of those tits into your mouth, doesn't it?” I asked Stephanie.

“Uh.. uhh yeah.” she kind of shivered again. “Well, enjoy your meals.” she said, but paused as she turned, shaking her head back and forth in indecision for a few seconds, and then pulled out a pair of red lacy panties from her apron, and almost threw them onto the top of the wine bottle, before quickly walking away.

“Why did she just put her panties on the wine?” Melinda asked.

“We're going to have company before we go home tonight.” I said, as I picked them up, and brought them to my nose. They were soaked enough to wet my nose. I stuffed them in my pocket, and then opened the bottle to serve the girls and myself.

The rest of the meal went quickly, and I think the girls were also looking forward to what would happen next. I didn't let them in on exactly what would happen though. We had a few laughs, and talked about what could happen tonight at home, but not about after the meal.

Throughout the meal, I'd keep looking up to see Stephanie looking at me, even when she'd be serving another table, she'd continuously look my way. I just took my time eating my steak, and the girls were almost done with their soups.

When I finally saw her watching me from behind the counter, I raised my hand for the check. She was at the table in less than 10 seconds, but she forgot to ring in the check, so she had to go back to the counter, print the check out, and come back to me. I gave her cash for the meal, and told her to keep the rest.

I allowed the girls to put their dresses on correctly, and we collected our things, and stood up. Stephanie was standing right by me, and whispered to me.

“I'll be out on break in just a minute” She said, and walked quickly away, before talking to another waitress.

The three of us walked out the door, and was most of the way to the car, before Stephanie left the building by a side door. We casually walked the rest of the way, as she was walking quickly to us. By the time she got to the car, both of the girls had gotten into the care already. Melinda decided to let Erin drive this time, and Melinda was in back adjusting her the top of her dress back down at my direction. When I stood up again from looking at the slut in back, Stephanie was right there by my side.

“Hike your skirt up all the way” I said to her. She immediately did as told as we were on the far side of the car away from the building.

I gave her a kiss as I reached down and let my fingers slide along her drenched slit. I cupped the whole of her pussy, and said 'sleep slut” to her. I then told her that if I return at any time, her body was mine again, and gave her deep subconscious my phone number for her photos as usual. Then I woke her up, releasing her cunt.

I licked my fingers just inches from her face, and she moaned. I spun her around, and bent her over, shoving her torso into the car, and I bent with her.

“Eat her pregnant pussy out while I fuck you. Make her scream.” I said as I looked at Melinda. Her pale breasts out for all to see.

I stood up, released my cock from my slacks, and rubbed the head all over her wet cunt. Sliding the helmet back to her hole, I gripped both of her hips, and slid into her impossibly tight depths slowly, allowing her to feel every inch of me inside her. When I hit her cervix, she groaned into Melinda's drenched pussy.

Stroking in and out of her tight cunt, I took my time at first, but I knew she'd have to get back to work soon, so I picked up the pace quickly, and I slid my hands up to her breasts to hold onto. I couldn't get all of them into my hands, they were so big, but not much bigger than Melinda's C's. She gripped me so tight that I was already on the cusp of busting a nut inside her.

She was apparently doing some good work inside the car, as I heard many moans, and groans from Melinda. She was definitely getting eaten, and maybe finger fucked hard. She didn't scream, but her breathing and loud pants told me she soiled Stephanie's face with her juices.

I could feel my balls clinching up for a big burst of cum. I hadn't played with any other girls at work today, so I was ready to give massive loads. My balls then released they're first stream, and I pumped haphazardly into Stephanie's pussy as the first few jets let loose. I did hear a muffled scream then, and her body shook before me. I held her to my stomach for all 8 jets of cum, before letting her tits go, and pulling out.

As soon as I pulled out of her, she backed up and whipped around, getting to a squat in an instant, to not wrinkle her skirt, before lavishing my cock with kisses. I held her to my cock when she kissed the tip, and before I knew it, her mouth was open and I was half way in her mouth. At that point, she took over, licking me under the helmet, bobbing her head, and she ended up grabbing me by the ass, and trying to bury her face into my pubes off and on. She was choking on my thick rod at first, but after a few tries, she got me past her gag reflex and down her throat where she started swallowing around my cock.

That was starting some fireworks through my loins, and I knew I would burst again soon at the going rate. She just doubled down on deep throating me, and sucking my balls through my cock.

The first jet of cum was as much a surprise for me, as it was for her. It hit her in the back of her mouth as she was coming up for air, and then the successive jets of cum went down her throat, before she backed off for the final 2 shots. She pulled off my cock completely, and showed me my spend on her tongue, before swallowing it all down.

When she stood up, I grabbed her skirt before it fell down past her knees, and slid it back to cover her cunt.

“Don't clean up after this. I want the dribble of my cum on your thighs to remind you all night about me.” I told her in her ear, then released her pussy, and the skirt fell down.

I didn't really wait for her to get back inside the restaurant, but did watch her walking away. It was a nice view with her ass swaying back and forth. Then I got into the back seat, and we drove our way home to my place.

Once we arrived, the girls were quick to head inside, and once I got to the door, I saw a blue dress on the floor, and Erin was heading down the hall with her floral dress over her head and then cast aside. There was a bit of giggling coming from my bedroom.

When I walked into the room, I found them both on their knees, facing each other on the bed near the pillows, and making out. There were also moans from both girls, as they each had one hand on the others pussy, pleasuring each other. I just stood there and watched for a few moments. Their boobs pressed nipple to nipple, and flattened as they held each other tightly.

I also notice that both bellies are starting to show, as they're almost touching as well. I smile, undress, and crawl up onto the bed, and put my arms on each of their asses, and let it creep down to their butt plugs. I grip Melinda's and pull and push it around inside her, teasing her tight back door. With my left hand, I grip Erin's plug, but don't toy with it. Instead, I slowly pry it out of her ass, and discard it on the night stand, before sliding up between her legs, and running my hands up and down her body, and Melinda's.

As usual lately, I'm hard as stone because of the gift received from the necklace, allowing me constant arousal for as long as needed. I press my cock between the redhead's legs and let it slap Melinda's hand as she continues to finger her lover. I saw it back and forth a few times, before pulling back enough that I could guide it to it's chosen hole, which is still slightly open. Then I press the head up, and into her asshole. My cock still working hard to press inside of her tight hole, as the plug isn't quite the same girth as I am.

Once I've pressed up and in all the way, I feel a few fingers toying with my cock, and see Melinda smiling at me. I then slide my hands over both bodies, and hold onto the shorter girl around the ribs, and pull us all tight together, before beginning to pump my thick rod inside Erin's ass.

“How do you lesbians like my flesh dildo fucking your holes, and filling you with man cum?” I whisper to them both, as I thrust hard up into Erin's asshole.

“Mmmmm.. it's way better than a strap on!” Melinda groans.

“Yes! Sooo good.” said Erin. I start thrusting a bit harder.

“And tasty, too.” Melinda added.

I reach up between them, and brush across both of their breasts, and then force my hand between them, and cup both of the girls breasts in my one hand. If you haven't held 2 different breasts in one of your hands at the same time, you ain't doin' it right. It was a weird feeling, as one was larger, and firmer, and the other soft, yet firm while being crushed against the larger breast.

All of my pumping up into Erin's ass has got me worked up quite a bit, and I think she's feeling it too, as she's mewling and groaning into Melinda's mouth more and more. I keep upping my pace, and feeling her tighten up on me so it's hard to pull out. Melinda's hand also contributes to her heightened arousal, playing her pussy like a fiddle.

It didn't take long for my balls to pull up, and release it's first load deep into Erin's ass, but it felt like each burst lasted a minute. I filled her ass up so much that it started leaking around my cock once I was done shooting off inside her. I slowly pulled out, and quickly grabbed her plug, reinserting it up her ass, so as to potentially stop the flow by plugging her up.

Once I stopped the flow, I moved around to hug them both again, and kissed each of their cheeks before they opened up enough for us all to share a little tongue wrestling between all 3 of us. The kiss didn't last too long because I pulled back, and guided Erin to lay down with her head on the pillows, and for Melinda to straddle her, letting them get back into their own groove.

Then I pulled the plug out of Melinda, and replaced it immediately with my fleshy dildo up to the hilt. She groaned in surprise at the speed with which I stuffed her full of cock.

“You're my first slut. How does it feel to be claimed by a straight man and impregnated?” I bent down and whispered into Melinda's ear.

“Mmm.. it's weird because mmmm.. it's against uh.. everything I used to uh.. stand for, but so good! I get a babyyyyyy, and enjoy your uh..cock so much.” She said.

I shifted inside her, and then pulled out almost all the way, and slammed back in, which made her tits swing, brushing her taught nipples to brush against Erin's bigger bust. I reached down and claimed her by the tits, and forcefully fucked her ass, causing her ass to slap on my pelvis.

“Ooh yeah!” I said.

I was loving this. Fucking my first girl, and her lover makes my day so much better. The memory of it all, and how it started. With those memories in my head, as such a punk kid with sex on the brain, got my arousal ramped up to max. I was soon close to the edge, and wasn't about to stop. I continued to fuck her hard, and she took it like a champ. When the first jet hit her insides, she collapsed on her lover, stiff as a board, ass tightening around my cock, and then her body shivered as if cold. My hands were trapped between 2 sets of tits, as I continued to pump more cum up her deep channel.

As her orgasm calmed, and mine ended as well, our breathing matched in an attempt at calm between us. It took a few minutes to get to that point, but she roused herself before I did, trying to lift me up with her, and get off of Erin, so she could breathe as well. I got up, and slowly pulled myself free from her ass, before replacing her plug.

Now that everyone had their fill, we could now pull the covers over us, and sleep before work on Friday morning. I'm certainly looking forward to the weekend. We all get situated, with Melinda in front of me, and Erin behind, spooning me. I took my claim of a nice soft breast in front of me, and closed my eyes.


The next morning, I was the first up, so I made the breakfast for everyone. I was so happy it was Friday, and had the 4 day weekend ahead of me, I ended up making enough food for 4 people instead of 3. I guess we'll feast this morning.

After hearing a flush in the bathroom, both girls came out to the kitchen naked as their clothes from last night were in the living room, but they didn't stop to pick them up yet.

They sat down at the table facing each other, and started talking about how good the food smelled. I loaded up all the plates, and carried 2 over for them to dig in first, and went back for mine, before returning to my chair at the head of the table. Erin got up and filled up 3 glasses of OJ for us because I was too distracted by their sexy bodies to remember to do it myself.

Because of the strenuous workouts last night, we all snarfed down the full plates of food, barely saying a word. Once we were done, dishes placed in the sink, and the girls getting dressed to go home, we started talking about plans for the weekend. I had a few ideas for my plans, but nothing concrete as of yet, and I told them as much.

They both came up with the idea of all 12 girls, and I, going up to a field at the edge of town that used to be a small ski area, and watch the fireworks going off from the local college stadium. I really liked that idea. I'll have to bring that up with the rest of the gang.

I looked at the time, and then went for my shower before an earlier shift than normal, and the girls made like they were going to leave right away. I took off what little I had on, and hopped in the shower. Within a minute, I felt a hand slowly wrap itself around my shriveled cock, and start playing with it. Of course, it grew quickly and the hand stroked it well, with a strong grip, and quick pumps. I still couldn't see which slut it was as they were behind me, but I didn't care at the moment. The feelings were too good to give up.

I turned around, and saw the golden hair first, and then the smile as she looked up at me with a grin. Melinda then stroked me a few more times, before taking me in her mouth. She was out for cum, and at the pace she set, she was going to get it quickly. The shower all but forgotten, I grabbed her by the head and pulled her into me a bit more forcefully, trying to get more of me inside that hot mouth. Not yet face fucking her, but that might come.

Her mouth, tongue, and both hands were running on full, working to get me off, and spit some seed down her throat. I didn't try to hold back at all in giving it to her either. I've been down this throat before, and I will accomplish it again. I pulled her into me, forcing my helmet to get past her gag reflex and I was finally partially into her throat. I pulled a bit harder to get the last of my cock into her mouth. I released her head so she could get some air again, and then when she was ready, I did it again, forcing her to swallow my cock.

I changed tactics, and put one hand behind her head, and reached down to grab one breast and squeezed as I pulled her into me. She did get a bit farther, but I wasn't there yet. When she pulled back, she started coughing. Once she calmed down, we tried it again, pulling her into me, and her trying to force it down her esophagus. When we were on the precipice, I pinched her nipple hard, and she naturally tried to inhale, and ended up inhaling the rest of my cock. I held her in my pubes for 10 seconds before letting her up, only to let her set the pace of face fucking herself then.

My balls were boiling at this point, and wanted to release all they contained. She was hungry, and kept a fast pace, pumping my shaft with her hands, and teasing my tip with her tongue. Without fail, my cock swelled seconds before I blasted the first jet of cum into the back of her mouth. I held her at the end of my cock, and filled her mouth a twice over, as she tried to swallow it all, but failed. A little dribble came leaking out at the edge of her mouth.

As she stood up, I admired her body, partially wet and dripping, while blocking most of the spray from hitting her. I pulled her in for a hug, and kiss. At the end of this, I heard clapping, and looked to the side to see Erin clapping at the performance. I just smiled.

They let me finish my shower, and then I got dressed in a flash. They were half way out the door when I came out of the bedroom, and they turned to say goodbye for now. I could tell that Melinda didn't dry off before putting her dress on again, as the cloth was plastered to her body, and her tits were prominent, as were her nipples.

I made it to work with just a few minutes to spare, and so I clocked in early. Starting today, there were going to be added traffic in the store from tourists that come to town for the fireworks, and take over the town for the weekend. Sadly, that also means that I won't be seeing a few of the girls for most of the weekend because they work at restaurants, feeding all these tourists.

I do however, love the weekend, as it's really hot out there at this time of year. We either get rainstorms or boiling sun, with the rainstorms being hit or miss in town on the 4th. The part I love though, is not the weather, per se, but the effects of the weather on all the females visiting and locals alike. The summer wardrobe is phenomenal for those like myself that drool over a good portion of these girls, dressed as they are as they shop.

I was going to get whiplash from work today, I'm sure. I did play nice, and took no liberties with anyone today. It was going to be a busy evening, and weekend as well.


Time did fly by at work, but I was glad to have gotten off early too. There was plenty of day left and I wanted to see where the night took me.

I got home just a bit after 4:30 and apparently, some of the girls thought that it would be good to sunbathe on my back porch, instead of at their places. It was a better view than I had at work. My deck wasn't super big or anything, but I had Katie, Anne, Melinda, Erin, Emily, Emma, and Krystal somehow laid out, with another spot saved for me.

I'm kind of glad that my back fence was tall enough. Otherwise, I would have a bunch of men poking their heads over the top for the view I had. Wow! I actually was able to leave the view, and ran to my room to change into a pair of shorts, and then back out to join them, claiming the reclined chair left open for me.

I sat down, still mesmerized by all the colors and styles of bikini's, as well as what they hid, or didn't. Krystal, who was on my left, reached over and pinched my arm.

“Just wanted you to know that you're not dreaming.” She said with a wink.

“Holy shit! You sluts almost look better dressed like this, than you do, naked.” I said. “Don't misunderstand me though. I'd still love you all with whatever you wear.

“So... you love us now?” Krystal said with a grin.

I sighed. I knew somehow, that girls talk, and talk they did. I looked over at Melinda and Erin, both laying out on beach towels in front of Krystal and my chairs. I should have expected it. I kind of wanted to bring this up with a few girls at a time, maybe for some more intimacy, but instead, half of my harem was going to hear it at once.

“Well, not right now.” I joked. “Seriously though, I do feel a lot of love for all of you now. I started out just picking up the sexiest girls so I could use your bodies, but I've grown to love you all since. I'm sure you've noticed a change in how I treat you all, right? I've just grown up some.” I ended my tiny speech, and let them have the floor, so to speak.

“Awww.. well, I” Krystal started to talk but was interrupted by a squeal from behind us, from the back door.

“Ieeeee! You love us? Really?” The owner of the voice escaped me for a second.

Suddenly, Dani came around into view, and all but jumped on me, straddling my knees, and with a huge grin, leaned in and kissed me, while reaching for the top of my shorts hiding my long since resumed hard on.

I somehow was able to pull her back from the kiss, but not so much from my belt line of the shorts, and looked in her eyes. She was in a small black bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Little triangles not covering even half of her breasts, and such a skimpy bottom too.

“Where did you come from, little one?” I asked.

“I got out of class early, and went straight to the airport.. I just got here in time to listen to your speech.” Dani said.

She was still holding onto the waistband of my shorts, and was pulling back, exposing the top few inches of my cock. Her eyes left mine, and caught sight of my throbbing head, and tried hopping further up my legs, lifting each of her legs over the arm rests of the chair, and then pulling the gusset of her tiny bottoms to the side, and leaned over and kissed me again. She scooched up enough for her tight little cunt was just below my waistband.

She seemed rather frantic in her quest to sit on me. I wasn't opposed at all. Hell, I kept kissing her, and not really holding back. I just wanted to see how desperate she was. She has been gone for a month or two, so no big D to sit on.

She kept scooting up, and her lips spread over the length of my cock showing, finally giving her skin on skin, where she started gyrating, teasing me. I reached down, and snuck my hand between us, cupping her whole pussy, and let a finger slip in.

“Who's is this?” I asked.

“Uh.. uh.. yours!” She grunted.

“That's right. And, yes, I do love you. I've known you for a long time.” I said as I pulled her forward by the one finger inside her until she was over my cock, and released her, placing my hands on her hips.

“No hands. Put me in that wet pussy now.” I demanded.

Oooh, she was good. She slid up just enough that the 3 inches of cock visible were trapped below her lips, and she slid forward a bit more, wiggled her hips just right, found my cock at just the right angle, effortlessly slid back down, pushing my shorts farther down as she went, and enveloping my cock in her hot pussy. It took a bit of work with her on top of me, to get my shorts down, but Emma stepped in, and pulled them down by the legs.

She didn't have too much maneuverability with her legs up on the arm rests, but she leaned back and put her hands on my knees, giving me the beautiful sight of her shaved cunt stretched wide with my cock. From this position, she was easily able to lift off of me, and drop back down. I helped her out by putting my hands under her thighs and lifting her off of me as well. The sounds coming from our union felt like they drown out all the other noise in the back yard. The squelching was so loud.

Damn, her pussy was tight. After a few minutes lifting her again and again, I switched tactics, and reached out for her bikini top with one hand, and slid the triangles away so I could grab her lilly white flesh as it bounced with each drop of her body on my cock. The other hand went down her stomach to her mound, and I pinched her clit. I sure missed this little pussy.

She must have been pretty worked up, and needing my cock enough that she didn't last more than a dozen strokes on me before she slammed down and shook, her cunt squeezing me tight. Her orgasm flowed through her, from her head, right down to her toes which curled up when her legs extended straight out when she dropped on my rod. Her pussy, already overly slick, squirted a little bit under my hand, and I released her clit, and just massaged it with my thumb until she calmed down.

Emma, who was right there watching after pulling my shorts down, leaned down in between us, and started licking at her cunt, and my partially exposed cock, sucking up all the wetness. It was a sight to see.

When I started to feel movement on my cock, I looked back at Dani, and she was grinning. She wanted more, and I hadn't gotten off yet. Perfect! Erin stayed down at our union until she couldn't handle the speed that Dani was going at, pumping herself on my cock.

When she picked up the pace again, her pussy started to really milk my cock as best it could, and after a while, it worked well. The tingling began in my nuts, and then they were drawn up some, as my cock swelled in the already tight confines of her lovely pussy. I gripped both of her bouncing breasts, and awaited the inevitable. She started to shake again, and I knew I wasn't far behind.

The first jet hit her cervix dead on when my head smashed into it. The other 5 jets filled up her tight channel. My hips were jerking up and down throughout.

“YES!” I called out a bit too loud, and looked to the fence line for onlookers.

“Mmmm.. Oh yeah!” Dani sighed as she stopped moving, huge grin on her face, and her chest glowing.

“What a gift to come home to!” I said. “Speaking of which, Emma, could you go get it off the counter?”

“Sure thing, Sir!” She said as she walked through the door.

Dani was calm now, and came up from leaning back, and all but fell into my arms, and hugged me. It must have been uncomfortable for her, with her legs still over the arm rests, but she stayed that way. When Emma came back, I motioned for her to put it in, and I grabbed at Dani's ass, already spread pretty wide with how she was sitting.

Emma sucked on the toy for a moment, and then pressed the tip into Dani's ass. She flinched a bit, but stayed unmoving. Then, Emma started pressing in, and letting out, shortly getting the plug to fit snugly inside Dani's ass.

“That's a present for you, besides my cock.” I said with a laugh.

“I feel so full now!” she giggled as I flexed my cock inside of her.

“Someone help me up!” Dani cried out. “My legs are going to sleep!”

“Hahaha!” Krystal stands up and Emma comes over, both grabbing an arm in the arm pit, and lifts the poor girl off of my cock, and the chair's arms. As she's pulled off of me, her gaping hole drips a good blob of our mixed juices onto my balls.

Katie, on my right side, saw this, and was instantly on her feet. She was wearing an orange 2 piece, with an o-ring between her breasts, showing the swell of her massive breast flesh. She came over to us, got down on her knees, and leaned over, taking both of my swollen balls into her mouth. Her hand reached out and started stroking me, as she tongued my ball sack clean.

“That's a good slut. Cleaning me after a good fucking.” I said, patting her on the head. “Good girl.”

“That's why I do love all of you. You've all taken care of me, as I have grown, and started taking care of you. The way a good harem should be.” I said to the group.

“We do it because we love you, too.” Katie said, as she releases my balls for a second to speak.

“Mmhmm” said Anne, down the row to my left.

“Now, don't tell me you love me until you can say without a doubt that it's not based on a command or you feel compelled to say it.” I told them all.

“Not to change the subject at all, but who's up for a hike tomorrow? “ I asked the group of sluts.

Everyone seemed inclined to go, and that made me happy. One more thing, besides fucking each of them silly, that we can do together. A date, sort of, with 8 women.

“I want to go back up to where I found my necklace, and where all of your destinies were soon tied to me.” I told them.

“What are you hoping to find this time?” Katie asked between licks of my shaft.

“Anything at all, that would help figure out where it came from. It's important to someone, since there has been some clearing of the area that I found it. Someone has been looking for what they lost.” I said to her.

“Turn!” Emily said loudly, and all the flesh surrounding me started moving. Some asses disappeared, but more busts were showing, too. Yum!

“Anyway, I would love to know the origins of this thing. It's helped me out physically, and gave me all of you. I want to know more.” I continued.

We all sat, or laid there silently for a long while, contemplating whatever was on their minds, and I, wondering about the necklace. The only noise was from Katie swallowing my cock, choking on it more often than not, from her position on her knees. When I started to orgasm, she pulled almost all the way off of me, and sucked on the helmet, ready to receive her treat, instead of losing it down her throat.

I shot off 5 globs of white goo into her mouth, which she dutifully held to show me once she got off my cock. She opened wide, and it immediately started to drip down her chin, and into her generous cleavage, there was just so much in her mouth. She closed it and swallowed twice to get it all down, before showing me again that her mouth was empty.

With that, I got up, and went back into the house to get a drink from the fridge. While digging through the choices, I pulled out a Rolling Rock, and popped the lid, before taking a swig of the cold drink.

Just then, the door opened, and Laura walked in the door. She closed it, and made a b line for me in the kitchen. After a good long hug, where I'm sure she felt my boner, she knelt down, and pulled my shorts down, releasing my big cock. Without missing a beat, she had it in her mouth, and a hand on the shaft to stroke me off. To this point, we had no words to speak. She just came in and then dropped to her knees.

I just picked up my beer, and took another swig, while Laura was looking to get her own drink of protein. She was working pretty hard at it, too. I looked outside at the collection of flesh, and saw that Krystal was standing up, and making her way this way.

She made it to the door, and saw me just standing there, sipping on my brew.

“Why don't you come back out?” she asked.

I just motioned her over, while taking another swig. Once she got closer to the counter, she saw the head bouncing back and forth below, and understood.

“Ahh ok. When she's done with that magnificent cock, come share with others.” she said.

I reached down to my shorts at my knees, and took my phone out. I decided to text the rest of the harem to invite them on the hike in the morning.

ME: Sluts! I'm taking most of you up on a hike tomorrow morning. Can you cum too?

ASHLEY: Working too late tonite. I'm sleeping in.

MEGAN: Sorry! Gotta work the opener

KIM: We'll see. Might need to work early

ME: Ur lossss

MEGAN: Spelling errors? You? How?

I take a quick photo of black hair and part of my shaft and sent it.

ME: Image sent

ME: That's y!



I was beginning to build up to another hard orgasm, and just let it be. I held nothing back. Laura's hand was doing wonders on my shaft, as she stroked me with a twist of her wrist, and her mouth working together. She was going to get a big load as a welcome home present.

My hips suddenly jerked forward once. Twice. And then the first shot hit the back of her throat, and she swallowed that, clearing the way for more. I gave her another 5 bursts that she ended up swishing around her mouth, before swallowing it all.

Krystal clapped then, when Laura released my cock from her mouth.

“Welcome home, Laura! You were missed. How long will you stay?” Krystal commented.

“I have to be back sometime on the 4th. I have a exam early the next day.” she said and then kissed the tip of my cock again.

“Sounds like we have most of the weekend anyway.” said Krystal.

While Krystal was talking Laura up, I pulled her to her feet, turned her around, and bent her over. That made the yoga pants she was wearing, stretch over her ass, and became just a bit see-through. That was enough for me to grab the top edge of them, and yank her pants down, revealing a nice ass, and her wet cunt.

I took no time in positioning my cock at her entrance, and pushing forward and into her, while pulling back on her hips. I buried myself inside her, and tickled her cervix with the tip of my cock, I reached so far inside of her tight channel. I love fresh pussy that hasn't had any cock for a few months. Oh, so tight, and wet. I claimed this pussy again, and pounded into her, pulling on her hips hard on every in stroke, not really giving her a chance at balance as she was bent over.

Every slap of my pelvis on her ass was matched by a small grunt from her mouth. One of her hands went under her to her cunt, and she played with her clit as I pistoned inside her. With us both working, we would get her off quickly. She had waited a month or more to get this service on her cunt. This is half the reason she came home for the weekend.

Krystal was just standing by with one hand down her bikini bottoms, rubbing on her clit, working it as hard as Laura was on her own.

I slowed down some, and slid my hands up and under the young slut's tank top she wore, slowly dragging it higher, to pull it off of her. She was wise not to be wearing a bra. Once I got the shirt off, it was tossed on the counter next to my beer, and I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her breasts in both of my hands. Playing with her nipples gained me a few whimpers from her mouth. I began to speed up again, as I continued to pull on her nipples, twisting them, abusing them just a bit.

Her sisters were all outside, waiting on my return, but I had some pussy to destroy inside. I'll let one of her blood sisters lick my cum out of her, like the incestuous girls they are.

I sped up again, pulling her up to stand with her back pressed into my chest. I had to hold her up so her toes were barely scraping the floor, she was so short. One of my shortest sluts. I continued to pound into her, my cock head tapping at her g-spot on the front edge of her cunt. I was building up to a fine explosion, and I think she was right there, too.

She fell over the edge, and into a massive orgasm, squeezing my cock so hard, it became difficult to stroke into her. That sexy grip she had stroked my cock just right, and I followed her over the edge, pumping many shots of cum deep into her. Her body shook uncontrollably, and my grip was all that held her on my cock, and not falling to the floor. I kept thrusting into her until I was done shooting, and then slowly let her down, removing my cock from her, with a little squelching sound.

As she gained her feet again, she also brought her hand down to hold in all the cum, and went outside, with her leggings half way down her thighs, and into the light of the sun. The other girls turned to see her, and cheered that she was there. I followed her out and picked Dani to welcome her back.

She had found a spot on the floor of the deck, and was currently on her stomach, catching the rays, but I told her to turn over, and directed Laura undress completely, and to sit on her face, allowing all my seed to drain into her mouth. Dani, of course, feasted on her sister's incestuous lower lips, as she slowly consumed our cum.

I went back inside to my forgotten beer, and returned to my chair they saved for me. My cock was still hard, and dripping girl cum onto my stomach, and most of the group were eyeing the thick fuck stick with need.

“Emily..” I said, and that's all I was able to say before she was up and in front of me, bending down to stroke my rod.

“You're wearing too much.” I told her, and within seconds, her black and blue striped bikini was on the floor.

“Why don't you sit down right here” I held my cock vertical for her, and her left leg swung over my body, and her blue gem filled ass in my face slowly descended until she could direct her hips to the right position to bury me inside that pretty little pussy of hers. She was so excited to be the one called, her cunt dripped twice onto my head, before she could engulf it with her body.

When she made contact with her cunt, she took it real slow, descending on my pole, enjoying every bump of the veins, until I was balls deep inside her. She then took a moment to handle my balls, pulling them up to rub on her pussy lips and clit, and then released me. Her ascent took just as long, and once I almost fell out of her, she started down a bit quicker this time.

She really wanted to enjoy getting my cock all to herself, as she hadn't had it in her for too long apparently. As she sped up some, it still felt too slow, and I thrust up into randomly, and I think that made her wake up from her daydream, and began trying to get off on me, and get me off as well. I just sat back and let her fuck me, as I took another swig of my beer.

Emily was determined to get us both off, and her speed doing squats over me was great. I don't know how long she'll be able to last, but those legs are going to burn. I was feeling great, enveloped tight as a glove inside her, and the pleasure was building. Krystal leaned over from her chair, and began to play with Emily's clit, to help her out. Once in a while, she'd grab my balls, and warm them up.

She was really extending this for a while. We'd probably been fucking for 8 or 9 minutes, and I wasn't building up any more. I think her pleasure was keeping her at some level that felt great, but didn't give either of us a release. I finished my beer, and placing the bottle to the side, I grabbed her by her hips, and started pushing them down on me, driving her cunt to the base of my cock.

I decided that enough was enough. I sat up in the recliner chair, and grabbed her by her perfect tits, and pulled her physically back onto me, reclining again. Once positioned, I began to maul her breasts, and began to stroke into her at a high rate of speed, my stomach flexing hard. I was going hard enough that my ball sack would fly up and tap on her clit on every stroke.

“Krystal. Suck on her clit.” I said, and she did. She had to put a hand out to block my balls from slapping her in the face, but she licked and sucked on that clit hard.

I was going for broke, and Emily was off in her dream land, and pretty quiet through her pussy abuse I was dealing her. I pulled on her nipples, and tried to speed up a bit more. My balls were getting heavy with the next load to offer. I was about to blow.

“Cum for me, slut! Cum hard!” I commanded in her ear, and she did.

Her body shook and shook. I was barely holding onto her full tits as she squirmed about. She ended up spraying Krystal in the face with her orgasm, and my first jets inside her kept her going, and then nothing. She collapsed on me, as I continued to fill her pussy with seed.

“She's out, Sir.” Krystal said. “She passed out.”

“Can a few of you lift her off of me, and we'll put her back on the chair alone.” I asked.

Emma and Krystal each took a side, took an arm and a leg, and began lifting. Once my cock exited her cunt, I began to slide out from under her so they wouldn't have to hold her long.

“Emma, why don't you enjoy my spend inside her. She may wake up with the light stimulation.” I said.

“Yummy, Sir!” she responded, and almost bounced down between her legs to begin.

She placed her hands on either inner thigh, and leaned in, inhaling the pungent odor. Then she started licking, and suckling up and down between her lips, from hole to clit and back. Slowly cleaning her pussy of my cum that started dribbling out of her.

It took another 10 minutes to revive her, but she was all smiles when she opened her eyes, and stretched.

“I'm glad you're back. What do you say we all go in, and watch a movie while cuddling?” I asked the group.

9 sexy girls agreed with me, and everyone got up, picked up their towels and phones, and headed in to the couches. I decided to sit on the floor in front of the couch, partially so I could lean back on someone's legs, and so I had room to drag Emily down to the floor on her belly, and enjoy a long lazy BJ.

I don't even remember which movie we watched. I just remember an orgasm sometime around the middle of the movie. After that, I picked the girls that were staying the night. Emily, Dani, Laura, Anne, and I all somehow crammed ourselves on my king sized bed, and fell asleep.

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