Geocatched Part 13

by ARandomGuy

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Geocatched part 13

Saturday morning was the same as any other. Double BJ from two hotties, and the smell of food being cooked in the kitchen, while another girl takes a morning shower.

Once I unleashed my cum upon the 2 girls' mouths, I got up to see about joining in the shower, but I was just too late. Laura had just stepped out, and had a towel already around her. I did however grope her once, before starting up the shower for myself.

After I stepped out of the shower, and dried off, I threw on a pair of shorts for the day, and a t-shirt with that martian guy Marvin on it, before heading out for breakfast. Anne was being the cook today, and she only had an apron on. I squeezed her ass, and started to build a plate for myself. Once seated, the others sat down with their own plates around the table.

We all talked about the weekend, and all we're doing. I didn't have many plans other than on the 4th itself, but knew the girls would probably be doing things with their friends for much of it, or working. I wouldn't complain though. I still had great company no matter who was there.

“So, does everyone have clothes for a hike?” I asked.

Since they all began staying over basically every night, each girl would bring an overnight bag, sometimes just leaving it here for future use. Anne didn't bother to bring anything other than her bikini, as she just lives across the street. Dani and Laura had basically just got off a plane and came over, so they had some clothes. Emily would just wear her bikini top and some shorts. I think it might be hard to hike with a hard on, watching bikini tops bouncing around.

I texted the rest of the group with a simple text.

ME: Hike? 1 hr My place

It was just after 8 when I sent it, and within 45 minutes, I had all but Emma and Ashley at the house. The other 2 worked late last night I think, so I didn't expect them. Friday nights were one of their big tips nights at the bar. Within 15 minutes, we were all packed into 2 cars, and headed to the trail head about a mile away.

Once we got onto the trail, there were a few other people that got ahead of us pretty fast, as we were all just yapping away, and not walking too fast at all, and a few runners rushed by as well. It must be strange to have a large group of women walking up a trail, but I was the center of attention, so I paid no mind to any of the strange looks we received.

After a couple guys walked by, oogling the girls as they did, I heard a giggle behind me.

“Emma! How mean!” Dani said.

“Sir, Emma made a guy trip and fall on his ass.” Krystal said.

“Oh? And how did she do that?” I asked.

“She flashed him her big boobs, and he tripped.” Krystal said.

That actually made me giggle. I figure I'd trip and fall on my ass if I saw those tits for the first time out here. We all kind of laughed at that.

This time, we didn't stop at the creek like I always do, but kept together for a longer hike up into the hills. We went for a few hours before anyone had problems like they were tired, or how Emily stubbed her toe. We sat down in a field to rest for a bit and decide if we'd continue, or turn back.

Anne and Katie wanted to continue on, so I gave them my water bottle I barely used, and took their empties so they wouldn't have to haul them as well. It was all downhill for us, so much easier to carry a bit more.

It took close to 90 minutes at our speed, to reach the small trail down to the creek. I had almost missed it, as that was always my destination hiking up, and never looked for it on a downward trek prior to finding it. I told everyone to wait at the top, and alone, I went down the trail through the brush, and to the little clearing, which was occupied by a beautiful girl I would guess at 27. She was on her knees, digging at the creek's edge, under the geocaching treasure box.

“Well, hello!” I offered. She looked up briefly.

“Hi” she said rather curtly, and continued to dig.

“What are you digging for? Gold?” I asked.

“No! I lost something, so I'm looking for it.” she retorted.

“I'm sure I could help you. What is it?” I asked her.

“It's just a special necklace I loved.” She said sorrowfully.

“I'll help you look for it.” and started to half ass browsing around the clearing and brush surrounding us.

She stayed on her knees, with her back to me, and I looked at her from behind for a moment. She had on a white shirt with some random advertising on the back, red runners shorts, and white Nike running shoes. I noticed that she didn't have anything on under the shirt, from the little I could see hiding under her long blonde ponytail spread across her back. Her ass was very nice, stretching the fabric of the shorts, but I couldn't tell her chest size from the loose shirt hanging down.

I paused for a few moments, just thinking. Is this the one that lost the necklace? It must be.

“What does the necklace look like?” I inquired.

“It's just a chain necklace with a blue stone that looks like marble, fitted into a golden border.” She said almost distraught.

I took the necklace off my neck, and collected the chain but left the stone to dangle between my fingers, and turned back toward her.

“Does it look like this?” I asked.

Her response was instant. She was off her knees, and spinning to look my way, my hand catching her gaze as she finished her little spin.

“YES! Tha..” and that's all that came out of her mouth before she froze.

Now that she was standing in front of me, I took another moment to look at her. She had no make up on, which I liked, and high cheek bones, blue eyes that caught a sparkle from the sun through the trees above us. Her chest was small, but free of a bra, and her nipples were just little buds poking at the shirt front.

What did I want to do with her. She wants what she lost, and I have. I like her figure, and her beauty, so you could say that I want her, too. Should I? Did I really want to add another to my harem? Yes, I did, but should I?

I did. I had been thinking about my commands for the last few weeks, and had changed them up, and got rid of a few redundant ones. I was going to probably give all the other sluts the newer commands just to clear things up on a few, I thought. So, I gave her my updated list to her subconscious for her to live by.

I control your mind

I control your body

I control your soul

You are now obedient to me

It arouses you to be obedient to me
You are an obedient slut for me

You are very loyal to me

You are actually bisexual

Only one man arouses you sexually. Me.

You are attracted to me

You may have a girlfriend, but you belong to me.

Any time I'm around, or you think about me, you'll become wet and horny.

You must always be fully honest with me, and must do as I command.

When I've found other women to play with, you will not be jealous, but will want to join in

Mine is the only cock that you want. Mine is the only male cum you want. You love the taste

Sleep slut returns you to trance

You're going to start having very erotic dreams about me. Dreams where you submit to me.

Whenever you masturbate, I will be the one you fantasize about

The next time you masturbate, take, and send photos of yourself to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Any text you receive from that number will be the same as a command from me.

Once I finished the list in my head, I put the necklace back on my neck, hidden behind my shirt, and gave her one more command before I woke her up.

“You will consciously forget about the necklace, but remember everything about it in your subconscious. Now, wake up.

“What did you find?” she said excitedly.

“Oh, it wasn't what you described. Just an old rope necklace, so I tossed it away.” I lied.

“Oh, ok.” she looked dejected, but still smiled at me, probably already finding me attractive, and her arousal rising inside of her.

“What's you're name?” I asked.

“Cara” she said.

“Nice to meet you, Cara. I'm Max. All my sluts call me Sir though, strangely.” I told her, and she balked at the use of that word.

“Sl.. sluts?”

“Of course. They are sluts. My sluts, as you are now.” I said.

“I'm not your slut! That's not right!” She was getting huffy.

“OK, if you're not my slut, then stop me.” I said, and proceeded to walk up to her, and cupped her luscious small breasts, manipulating them, playing with them. Then I pinched each nipple, and twisted.

“Mmmmmmm” she let out a long moan, and looked into my eyes with her half lidded ones.

“Looks like you're my slut after all.” I grinned.

“Hey, sluts! Come down here.” I said, as I continued to play with her cute nipples now at full hardness.

We were soon surrounded by 8 wet, sweaty sluts. Standing in the direct sun up on the trail with no shade, got them more sweaty than walking the distance to this spot. Cara just watched as all of them came into view down the small trail, and surround the two of us.

“Sluts, this is slut Cara. Cara.. my sluts.” I introduced them as a whole.

Dani and Emily both came around to each side of Cara, and began to pet her, playing with her hair, and rubbing her arm. Emily was bold enough to take one of her nipples from my hand, and played with it herself.

“Welcome to the club, slut.” Emily whispered in Cara's ear. Cara responded with a whimper.

“Is she ready to join the club, Sir? Shouldn't she be welcomed the right way?” Dani asked.

I just nodded once, and Dani's hand found it's way down Cara's shorts to see if she was ready to join us. Cara just groaned as a wet finger found it's way inside her.

Emily started off by lifting her t-shirt, forcing Cara to lift her arms to remove the offending cloth while Dani started pulling her shorts down over her hips.

“I think she's ready, Sir.” Dani said.

I step closer, kiss her once on the mouth, and spun her around. Then I push on her shoulder, while holding her hip with the other hand. As she bends over, I go down to my knees, and sit face to slit with her wet pussy blossoming just for me. I lifted a finger and probed her slit before leaning in to take an initial taste of her. Finding her tasty enough, I dove in, licking around her pussy, and then through it, before flicking her clit with my tongue.

Cara's hips jerked when I did that, and she moaned again. I didn't let up at all, but doubled down instead. I opened wide, and took as much of her cunt into my mouth as possible, while licking between her folds. She became more wet with each stroke of my tongue, so I leaned back, and stood up. I put my hand on her back, and on her hip while Emma reached around me and undid my shorts, dropping them to the dirt.

I shuffled forward as Emma grabbed, and then guided my cock to Cara's little pussy, only to tease her a little. Emma rubbed me up and down her slit, before pushing me into her hole.

Dani had been whispering sweet nothings into her ear the whole time, and then a little louder she spoke to Cara again.

“Are you ready to accept the biggest cock ever?” she said.

I didn't wait for an answer, and started pushing inside of her. I didn't stop until my balls smacked into her clit. The girls surrounding me, and hiding our coupling from the trail above us. When I started to pull out, she whimpered again, and not too quietly. I pushed myself into her again, and she sighed. I stroked in and out of her time and again, a little faster each time. A little more forcefully. I didn't hear a complaint at all.

The girls all came around and touched her, or rubbed on her asshole before I could, and held her large B cup tits in their hands. Always keeping us covered from prying eyes from the trail. Krystal played the lookout.

“Thank you” was heard from many of my girls toward Cara. What was that for? Thankful that she joined the group? Thankful to her for dropping the necklace for me to find, only to capture each of them? Who knew? I just knew that I was enjoying new pussy in the hills, surrounded by sluts.

She started to clamp on my length, making it a bit harder to push into her, or to pull out. She wanted me deep inside her, and I was giving it. I pushed harder on each stroke, slamming into her ass, and nailing her clit with my balls. Grunts began to follow each thrust in. Another hand belonging to Erin, reached under her torso, and began to play with her clit, flicking it back and forth faster than my balls could slap it.

“Are you going to come on your master's cock?” I inquired of Cara.

All she could do was nod, shaking her ponytail around.

“Let's be sure to make that happen.” I said, leaning over her body, and whispered into her ear. “Cum for me, slut.” She did, and I'm glad that Dani was paying attention.

Dani quickly slapped a hand over her mouth to keep any noise from traveling farther than our little group.

“MMMMMM! Ungh!” she grunted behind the hand holding her mouth.

“That's a good girl.” I said, and pulled her up to my chest, massaging her breasts with my hands.

“You're mine now.” I whispered in her ear, before I let my softening cock slide out of her pussy.

“What do you say we call it, and go back home?” I asked the group.

No one had any objections, and helped get Cara dressed again. It didn't stop them from copping a feel, or a quick fingering as clothes were put back on. It looked like the group has already accepted her.

As a group, we left the spot, hidden by overgrowth, and headed down the trail. Cara's hand in my left, and Dani on my right. We made relatively good time on the hike down the hill, and found that Cara had driven there, so all the other girls took the 2 cars, and I rode with Cara in hers, so she could have her car at my place, too.

The drive was quick, and uneventful, other than cupping her breast once, while she was driving.

By the time we pulled up to the house, everyone else had already gone in. We came in to chaos in the main room. Everyone had their bags between their legs, digging through them for different clothes. Dani and Kim were missing, but found them a few minutes later, sharing a shower.

Erin and Melinda were headed to the door when we walked in. I gave them each a deep kiss, and let them head home. Emily, Megan and Krystal were mostly naked, as they changed into an alternate outfit. Laura was just sitting on the other couch watching everyone else undress, or redress as she'd already changed into her bikini.

I mentioned, after taking in the chaos of the living room, that I was going to speak to Cara alone in the bedroom, and wasn't to be disturbed. Everyone seemed to understand, so I took Cara's hand and guided her back to my bedroom to have a little sit down with her.

I hope to find out about this necklace, how she's used it, where she got it, and where it's from, if she knows. I rub my hands all over her, before sitting her down on the corner of the bed. Then I remove her shirt, being gentle as I lean over and kiss and lick at her nipples. I then have her lay back on the bed, and I slowly pull her shorts off again. I untie her shoes just enough to pull them off to allow her shorts to come off.

Her hands attempt at playing modest with me, but I hold her hands to her side, and kiss down from her neck, again to her small breasts, and down her stomach. I get her breathing a bit harder as I lick and suck on her hard clit, and then I move back up, and onto my side next to her. While I just run my right hand over her body, I whisper to her “Sleep slut” and she's out. The only thing that changes is her eyes become a bit more glassy, and her arms rest at her sides.

“Cara, I'm going to ask you some questions, and I expect you to answer truthfully through all of it. I need you to be honest with me. Honesty will equal pleasure today.” I mention to her in her trance state.

“Mmmmm” she responds.

“OK, first off, where did you get the necklace? The blue stone?” I asked her.

“Gift. Mother gave to me.” she said. I was circling her right nipple with a finger, but not touching it.

“A gift from your mom? Where did she get it?” I asked.

“Tunisia. Long trip around Mediterranean Sea coastal cities.” she said to me. I moved to her left nipple, and repeated it's treatment.

“Tunisia? How did she get it?” I asked.

“Was in Sfax, Tunisia. Vendor had at booth.” she responded, and I pinched her nipple, giving a little twist, receiving a groan in return.

“Good girl.” I told her.

“How have you used the necklace?” I asked.

“Get laid. Get money. Other free stuff.” she said. I pinched her other nipple then, and twisted it back and forth.

“Mmmm” she moaned.

“How did you figure out it's power?” I asked, and slid my hand down between her legs, and idly played with her clit.

“Mmmmm.. lifted up to look at with mom. Nothing. Then showed boyfriend. Zoned out. Followed what I said. Tried on other people. Same reaction.” she said, and I dipped my finger into her sloppy wet cunt.

I inserted a second finger inside her, and scooped out a small load of our combined cum, and held it over her mouth.

“Open your mouth and taste my cum. You'll love the taste.” I told her, and then let it all drip into her mouth.

“Mmmm” she moaned when swallowing the salty white globs.

“Do you still have a boyfriend I should know about?” I asked.

“Not really. He's just male slut for me.” she said.

“You will break off all of your male sluts from your control, however you do it. You may not cum until you've freed your sluts and return to me.” I ordered her.

“Yes, Sir.” she responds.

“Wake up, slut.” I said.

As she slowly became aware again, I was undressing, tossing my shorts away. When she saw me walk in between her legs, and fall to my knees, she moaned. I then took the liberty of sucking on her clit for a few minutes, to rile her up some, and teased her with one finger inside her. Then I stood up, put her legs on my shoulders, and guided my cock inside her.

“Ungh” she groaned out as I slowly buried myself inside her. Inch by slow inch. Only once I was bottoming out against her cervix did I pull out and slam back in.

“Who's pussy is this?” I asked.

“Ungh.. yours, Sir!” She groaned while receiving a hard pounding. Squelching noises could be heard from our joining, proving how wet she was.

“Who can use this pussy?” I asked.

“Mmmm.. only you, and your sluts, Sir!” she replied. I thrust harder into her, and giving her all I could.

I fucked her hard for a long time, slowing down once in a while to conserve a bit of energy, but would start slamming hard on each thrust. I knew she was close to the edge, and smiled at the thought that she won't be coming for a few days, at least. Not until she fulfilled my wishes first.

When I came, it was a monstrous explosion, filling her to the rim with cum again. I pulled out and told her to scoop up all my cum and eat it, before joining the group in the house. I grabbed my shorts, and pulled them up, fastened them, and walked out the door, leaving her to clean up herself.

When I returned to the living room, I only saw Dani, Emily, Laura, and Krystal. Most of the girls were just chatting away, while Emily was reading a book. I looked at the cover upon request, and noticed it was The Princess Diaries by Anne Rice book 4. I then began to wonder what she's going to take from those stories.

I then went to the kitchen to grab a beer after a nice fuck, when I noticed 3 girls on the deck sunbathing on towels, all of their heads closer to me. I pulled out another Rolling Rock, and headed out to the deck to say hi to my other sluts. When I did, I only recognized 2 of them. This doesn't sound good at all.

“Hello girls!” I said.

“Hi!” Ashley said.

“Hiya!” Emma said.

“Hi” Said the stranger.

“”..and who is this?” I asked cautiously.

“This is Nikki. She works at the bar with us.” Emma said.

“Hi Nikki. Nice to meet you.” I returned.

I looked her up and down, and really wanted to send her on her way, no matter how gorgeous she was, and then admonish the girls for bringing her over here, but I couldn't do it. She had light brown hair down to her shoulders, and intense green eyes. Her chest stood out at probably a D cup, barely hiding behind 2 minuscule neon green triangles, and the bottoms were nothing more than a small gusset with strings to her hips.

I must have been lusting a bit over her because I realized that Emma was talking to me.

“... and so we invited her over here to sunbathe in peace. I hoped that it would be ok since you were out on a hike.” Emma continued.

“Huh? Oh ok, yeah. That's fine.” I said while fiddling with my shirt collar.

When I finally pulled out the necklace, all 3 pairs of eyes followed my hands until the necklace was in view. At seeing the blue stone, all three girls went under. I looked inside once they were down, and only saw Anne, Katie, who had just walked in, Dani, Emily and Laura sitting down, discussing something or other.

I had at least a few minutes, hopefully, to do what needed to be done. First, I took a long drink from my beer, and then faced the girls. My cock already rising to the occasion. While going through the list of commands to Nikki, I also added another couple commands to the 3 of them, which I'd have to add to everyone else.

“You will keep our relationships private outside of the harem” I said, and continued. “You cannot use the necklace on me without strict instruction first. That is forbidden.”

Having any of the girls talking about the harem and all could ruin everything. Who knows how someone else could exploit us, or use it against us somehow. I didn't want to take that chance. These girls are mine, and I don't want to lose any of them. Same with the use of the necklace. I don't want it used on me without specific instruction, as I had done once before. Without that command, any girl that saw the necklace could use it for their own selfish needs, or to free them, if they so chose.

“Ashley, what was your intention when bringing Nikki here?” I asked.

“We hoped you would want her.” Ashley said.

“Emma, why did you want to bring her here to me?” I asked

“We both have drooled over the chance to fuck her, Sir. Even before you came into our lives.” She answered. “You could make that happen.”

“I see.” I said.

“Wake up!” I commanded all 3.

“Nikki, what did they tell you about me?” I asked, and both of my girls hang their heads a bit.

“They said it would be great to hang out outside of work, suggested sunbathing, and told me about the guy who owns the house, and his friends. I thought they were bullshitting me. I still don't really believe it. You can fuck anyone here? I heard a lot of girls earlier.” she answered.

“Oh really.. They said all that to you?” I look at both of them, and their hung heads.

“Yeah, and said how hung you were, and how you can last in bed. THAT I couldn't believe.”

“They certainly know how to gossip.” I said.

If all of this was true, I could imagine how much of our lives may have been passed on to others who just happened to listen in. Damage control was needed, and these girls were the first to hear about it.

“OK, Ashley, and Emma? For telling of our secrets, I forbid you from cumming at all for 4 days. You can edge all you want, but you can't cum. Is that enough time for you both to understand the importance of our secrets?” I said.

“Yes, Sir.” Ashley said, forlorn.

“Yes, Sir.” Emma echoed.

“Good. It had better be.” I said.

I stood there, and looked her over again, almost as if she were a piece of meat. She was the perfect specimen for our little group of sluts. Big tits barely sagging to either side while on her back, the taught stomach, legs tanned and long, and what was under that little wet gusset? I wanted a taste of that!

I finally got down on my knees and pressed my legs between Nikki's legs, inching my way up. I lifted her legs to my shoulders, and grabbed at her suit bottom, only to pull them down to her knees. I had to back up some to get the right angle, but wrapped an arm around her thigh and up to the bikini bottom to grab, and pull, spreading her cunt wide open, which also offered her asshole to me.

I stared down at her pretty little pussy all puffed up and wanting, and I was going to give it to her. I leaned down, and kissed her right labia, then switching to her left, and up to her clit. With my free hand, I went all in, dipping my thumb into her tight wet hole, and immediately dragging it down to her asshole, and pressing inside of her. Her hips wiggled, but my position, and holding her legs back didn't allow for much movement, and I sunk my thumb 2 knuckles in, spreading her open, while also licking from my thumb up to her clit.

She tasted so divine. Kind of like a few of the other sluts, but so different. Very tangy, and sweet. I licked from her hole to her clit again, and then opened my mouth to consume her whole cunt, licking up and down her slit quickly, battering her labia on each sideways licking. I twisted my hand around, and keeping my thumb buried as far as it could go, stuck 2 fingers into her hole. Then I attacked her clit with my lips, sucking it into my mouth at full force, and tonguing it with firm pressure.

She was going mad with desire, wriggling around as much as she could, which was basically pushing her cunt up into my face and shifting her hips side to side. My grip on her bottoms was firm, holding her legs back and my hand just shy of touching between her mountains of flesh.

While she wiggled, I pinched my hand fingering her, until my thumb touched my fingers through the thin membrane inside her, and pulled out about as much as to carry a 6-pack. I was unleashing erotic sensations all around her groin. I'd push my fingers in as far as they could, and then pull again, finger fucking both of her holes at once, while sucking hard on her clit.

Her orgasm rocked her world. She flailed about, wiggling her cunt harder into my face, as her legs attempted to break free of my grip. Her hands found their way between her thighs and gripped my head like a vise, pulling my hair into her. I tried to suck down all she ended up squirting in my face, but it was too much. I was a dripping mess, and loved it.

I didn't let up on her at all. I kept sucking on her little nub, extending her orgasm some, and then I tried to get back to standing on my knees, which took a bit of time for her to let go of my hair. I moved back a bit.

“Hands and knees. Now!” I commanded. She spun her body onto her front in a half second. 3 seconds more, and she was ready for me, with her knees still held together by her bottoms.

I yanked down my shorts, and quickly lined up with my throbbing schlong, and jammed it inside her cunt with no warning. Her reaction was a renewed orgasm, with her super tight cunt stretching around my thick meat. She fucked herself on my cock through her orgasm, pulling away, and forcefully pushing back onto me, bottoming out each time.

As she did all the work for the moment, I let my hands slide up her back and around to her large tits, squeezing them hard through her dinky top. The strings tying the top on, between her breasts caught a finger, so I grabbed at it, and yanking the knot loose. Her tits were shaking around, and made it difficult to find my grip again. I began to use her tits as handholds to pull her cunt onto me.

Somehow, she had kept her moans and groans rather quiet, which I'm thankful for. The neighbors, and possible people walking by just on the other side of the fence would of course, be curious. She was basically keeping her fucking to ourselves, instead of doing it before a crowd.

I was quickly building up to orgasm, too, but didn't slow down at all. I pushed into her hard, and fast, until my hips started jerking haphazardly, and I began to gush into her tight channel, as a firehose would dowse a flame, but I kept pumping through it all. 6 jets of cum filled her cunt, and squeezed out around my size, more so, as I continued to fuck her hard.

Her next orgasm came as I was finishing mine, and when I latched on to her nipples to twist for my pleasure, and hers. The erratic movement from our joining made my twisting turn into pulling with how hard her tits were shaking about. That helped set her off on the next silent scream.

After a short time, I had one hand on her tit, and the other grabbing at her ponytail of soft brown hair, yanking her head back, forcing her to look inside the glass door to the house. The other girls had stopped talking, and just watched as I fucked our 14th slut. Without trying, and hesitant to do it, I've grown my harem again.

I yanked on her hair, and pulled on her tit, until her back was up against my torso, and I gripped her tightly around her belly, changing up the angle in which my cock pounded into her. It ended up nearly pounding into her g-spot on almost every stroke, and shortly after changing position, her body shook again, and she sprayed my nuts with another shower of our combined cum. Yet, I didn't let up.

“Is this what you came here for? To get fucked until you pass out?” I whispered in her ear.

“Ungh! Oh, GODYESSS!” She cried out a bit too loud. “Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuuuuuck!”

I did as she requested, and forcefully shoved my cock inside her, over and over again. Our bodies slapping with every contact. I slowed down how fast I fucked her, but intensified each thrust, shaking her and her titties as much as possible.

When I slid my hand down her belly, and onto her mons, before rapidly rubbing on her clit, she went off yet again. She was a firecracker for sure, but I was also all but hate fucking her, just because of the need to get my anger out. I didn't let up at all. I really didn't want my harem exposed to anyone else, without my consent. It could ruin everything. The girls taken away from me, potentially, and then deprogrammed by some shrink.

I'm doing no harm other than pounding pussy, and a lot of it, while also caring for each of them enough to take on dates, and let them live their lives as they were, with a side of dick to satisfy them. People just wouldn't understand. They'd say I've enslaved them, or brainwashed them, though I'd argue against brainwashing so much. Yes, I changed them just a little bit, but again, I let them have their lives.

Anyway, I was being rather aggressive, leaving paw prints on her tits from squeezing so hard, and abusing her pussy as best I could. When I came again, there wasn't enough room inside her for both my cock and all my cum. It came squirting out the sides of my rod, coating her towel below us. It seemed that she was barely holding on, as her head was flopping around a bit, and her hands just hung at her sides.

Her body ended up going limp, as I continued to fuck her pussy continuously, and I laid her down with the help of Ashley and Emma, so she wouldn't bang her head falling down. I pulled out of her, and there was a small gush of my cum flowing out of her. I let her rest, and wiped the sweat from my eyes, again admiring all the pussy I had at my beck and call inside the house, and surrounding me on the back deck.

I was one hell of a lucky son of a bitch to have all this. I should be happier than a pig in shit, but I was disturbed that any of the girls talking could jeopardize our group as a whole. I still don't know if Nikki had talked to anyone else about us, or if anyone else overheard their conversation. It kind of scared me to hear that I was talked about outside of the harem of slut sisters. I need to fix this and fast.

Nikki came to a few minutes later, and rolled over onto her back, and then sat up, with legs under her ass, and looked at me as though I was a God or something. So I have some stamina. It's better for all the girls since I do. I wasn't done with her yet. I let her sleep long enough. I stood up, and straddled her knees.

“Time to clean up after your fucking.” I told her, while stroking my cum soaked hard cock in her face.

She raised one hand to take over the stroking, and opened her mouth, but it wasn't fast enough. I put a hand on the back of her head, and pulled her in, forcing my cock deep into her mouth. She took the hint, and began bobbing her head quickly, choking on every thrust into her mouth. Sometimes she'd hold my cock deep in her mouth, sucking off her cum, and mine, before coughing again as she released my cock.

It took her a few minutes to get used to my girth, but I started to get swallowed into her throat, before she'd back off. She was getting better at taking me. The next time I hit the back of her throat, I pulled her head into me, until she was nose deep in my pubes, and I was expanding her throat enough to see. There, I held her for 20 seconds, and then let her come up for air.

I repeated this again and again, building up toward my next orgasm. I was going to unleash a big load, and some of it was going straight to her stomach. I pulled her in for a 20 count again, released her to coughing, and then back in I went. Forcefully flexing my cock as it slid down her gullet. A few more times like that, and I felt my balls begin to boil. I gave her time enough to catch her breath this time, and then I pushed in again.

This time, my balls boiled over, and a couple of jets of my cum shot straight down her throat, and then I pulled out to just her lips surrounding my helmet, and shooting another 4 jets into her mouth. She coughed again at so much in her mouth and throat, some cum came out her nose, and some down her chin, to drip onto her tits.

Initiation complete.

I backed up enough to look at her again, admiring her upturned breasts, pale skin around rock hard nipples, and pointing my way. Her cunt was still leaking, creating a large puddle under her spread thighs. Also, can't forget about the cum leaking from her mouth. How could I go soft looking at her?

Now, I really need to get in the shower. The hike this morning wasn't the easiest in the heat, and add to that, a severe fucking under the sun as well. Time to wash the sweat and dirt away. It's date night after all.

The only people I saw in the living room when I walked inside was Dani, Laura, and Cara, and they were just watching me. I just shrugged, and went down the hall to the bedroom. I grabbed some nice comfortable clothes, and headed across the hall to the bathroom.

The shower was just what I needed to feel refreshed, and it didn't get interrupted by any of the girls. I was able to actually take a shower. Dani however, did come in and offer to dry me off with the towel.

“Shouldn't you get home and change for our date tonight?” I asked her as I pulled on some navy slacks.

“Yeah. I do have a little time though.” she said.

“Well, I'm going to go run an errand before we go.” I said, pulling the blue Polo shirt over my head.

“OK, I'll leave when you do.” she told me.

“Thanks for the drying.” I said as I cupped her right breast, and gave her a deep kiss.

I left a few minutes later, after checking on my new sluts. Cara was on the couch with Laura, talking, and checking outside, I found Nikki on her back, legs spread, and tits out. Everything was cleaned up though. Nothing dripping out of her, or on the towel beneath her either. I may have caught Emma licking her lips. Nikki just looked up at me with awe.

I walked across the house, and out the front door to run my errand. I just needed to pick up a few things. I took a lazy drive down to the shop Emily runs, and walked in. She was at the counter, reading until I walked in and her head came up to acknowledge whoever walked in the door. Her eyes lit up when she saw me.

“Hello again, slut.” I said.

“Hi, Sir. How can I be of help?” she asked.

“How about you strip naked, and bend over for me?” I asked with a smile.

“OK.” She starts to pull her shirt over her head before I could stop her.

“I'm just kidding you randy slut!” I said with a laugh. “I'm just here to pick up a few things. I need 2 more of those remote eggs, a few pairs of nipple and clit clamps with chains, and 2 pair of glass Ben Wa balls. I think that's it.” I said.

She gave me a little side eye, but came out from behind the counter, after flipping her book over to save her page, and headed down the correct isle. I knew where the eggs were, but she helped me with the clamps. What we didn't see on the shelves were the glass balls.

“We keep those in the back room so they don't get dropped out here. Let me go get them.” she said.

I let her go a few feet ahead, and I put everything on her counter, and followed her behind the bead string curtain to the back room. There, I found her digging through a large box on the floor. Of course, she wasn't bending at the knee, so she gave me a full view of her uncovered pussy under a very short skirt. I couldn't help it, and reached out, and rubbed a finger up and down her slit, before pushing it inside her.

“Mmmm” she moaned before standing up with a few small boxes.

“Want me to put a pair in to test them?” She asked.

“Nah. I'll be testing them out on a few of your slut sisters tonight for date night.” I told her.

“Sounds like my kind of date!” she said.

We went back out to the counter, her pushing aside her book, and rang up my order. She probably was getting a few ideas in her head about the toys, but I didn't ask. Once I paid, she leaned over the counter, and I gave her a deep kiss, and left to go home again.

When I got home, I saw that Megan was here for the date, and only a short while later did Dani show back up. Both looked gorgeous as always. Dani was more casual in a soft white blouse and a pair of skin tight Levi's and black flats on, while Megan had a nice black and white strapless sundress on, and short pumps.

“Well, ladies. We're going to change it up a bit tonight. Dani, take your pants down, and bend over. Megan, come here.” I commanded.

I had put the toys away, except for the Ben Wa balls, and I pulled a pair out of my pocket when Megan walked up to me. I reached down to her knees to the hem of her dress, and pulled it up enough that I could see what I was doing. Seeing that she didn't have panties on made it easier. I stuck one ball up into her, followed by the other, and she shifted around, getting a feel for them.

Dani had dropped her pants and black panties to her ankles, and watched what was going on. I came over to her, grabbed the other pair of balls, and split her lips with the glass balls. She then pulled up her clothes, fastened them and looked at me.

“Those balls must stay inside you until I remove them. If you cum without my help or say so, you don't get dick tonight.” I told them.

Both girls' jaws dropped when they looked at me. I just grinned.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

“I think so?” Dani said.

I walked them both to the car, and they were walking a bit funny, getting used to the added stimulation. This was definitely going to be a challenge for them. I knew just where to take them. The outdoor walking mall in downtown.

The drive there was interesting as they kept trying to describe what they were feeling, but it all just kept coming back around to feeling pressure on the g-spot or around it. Walking will be tough for them.

Once we got downtown, I picked the parking garage at the end of the mall, knowing we'd have to go to the other end to get to the restaurant. Hopefully for them, the parking would be light, as it wasn't during the school year, adding around 50,000 cars per year. Sadly, when we got there, I couldn't find a spot until half way up the second layer.

When we got out of the car, I didn't know which would be worse. Walking down the ramp to ground level, or going down the stairs. They decided on the stairs, and they almost turned back with the downward force of the balls inside them on every step down. They were relieved once we hit the ground floor, and after a brief stop, made it across the street to the beginning of the mall.

They started to get used to the feel of the balls rubbing around inside them about half way down the first block. Until then, they kept walking as though they were just riding a horse, or as though they were walking a tight rope. It was entertaining for me though. They weren't laughing too hard.

We made it down another block of red brick paving before Dani wanted a break for a moment to calm down. She wasn't far off from coming, and needed the respite. I kept getting kisses from both girls as we walked. For a while, they walked alone, and then we got to holding hands for the next block. The following 3 blocks were holding each other hip to hip. Dani's knees almost buckled at one point, but we stopped so she could rest. Megan wasn't having a much better time.

We kept passing restaurants all the way down the mall, and they'd hope we'd stop, or they'd try and drag me to the next nearest place to eat. I somehow kept them in line, and down to the other end of the mall, to a nice Italian place I chose for tonight.

Many rest breaks later, they were still hopeful for me fucking them tonight, and they were doing a good job at keeping calm, mostly. We noticed that the outdoor seating wasn't very full yet, so we talked the server into sitting us outside to enjoy the warm evening. I couldn't help but notice the server's ass as she led us to our seats. She was also probably a rough C cup up top, and very pretty.

“I'll be back in a few minutes to get your drink orders. My name is Vivian and I'll be serving you tonight.” she said, and then walked off.

“Damn, she's cute.” Megan said.

“Yes, she is.” I responded.

“Oooh, I bet I know what he's thinking.” Dani said.

“Probably not, you little nympho.” I said to her. “I've already gained 2 more sluts today.”

“Awww, ok.” she said.

“Two more sluts?” Megan asked. “I only know of one..” she said, and I then had to give her the story of Nikki.

I did imagine bending Vivian over our table, and stuffing her full of my meat, but not adding to the harem. I knew that was what Dani was thinking. She's almost worse than me. One track mind. All thought is on getting laid in any way.

When Vivian came back, the ladies tried to order beers, but they didn't have their ID's on them as I was going to pay anyway. They ended up with sodas, and I ordered a beer for myself. Once the drinks came, it was time to order, but the girls were a little distracted. I had to direct them back to the menus a couple times before they could decide on their meals.

Dani decided on a ravioli meal, and Megan ordered a spaghetti dish, and I couldn't decide, so I ordered a mixed plate of different pastas. Conversation was good during the meal, and Vivian blessed my eyes with a few visits to see how we were doing. I was getting hard just by looking at her, but I don't think I could tell her that.

By the end of the meal, the girls had calmed down quite a bit, but were worried about the walk back to the car. Dani was a little frisky though. Her foot found it's way slowly up my calf and onto the seat between my thighs. She looked around on the patio, seeing if anyone was watching her, but the few others also on the patio were focused on their dates, as I was on mine.

Her foot progressed up my thigh, until her toes touched my hard on. Time stopped for a second while she stroked me through my pants with her toes, but I remained calm, and smiled at her. I could play that game, and win.

The next time Vivian came back to check on us, I looked over at Dani and smiled again.

“Cum for me, slut.” I commanded.

Her reaction was sudden shock, then fear, and then pleasure showed in her facial expression, as one of her hands dove down toward her very covered cunt, while the other came up to cup her breast in front of Vivian.

Vivian stood still, in shock, and kept switching between looking at me, and at Dani. At a loss for words, she could only stare as Dani slowly came back to earth, and remembered where she was.

“WOW! That was so hot! I only wish I could cum that easily.” Vivian mentioned in a low voice.

“You can though. I can make you come with one word.” I said as I pulled out my necklace, and all 3 girls caught a glimpse of it before becoming silent in their trances.

“Vivian, you get very turned on when around me. You're very horny now. You will do what you're told by me. When I tell you to cum, you will. Once you cum, you will want me, whether you have an significant other or not, you will want my cock. If I say 'sleep slut' you will return to this trance but twice as deep as you are now. Tonight, you will send your nudes and a liaison request to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Commands from that number will be followed as though I said them in person.” I commanded her subconscious.

“Wake up!” I said to all 3 of them as I put my necklace away.

“How can you do that?” Vivian questioned me.

“With these girls, it's easy since they're my sluts. They do what they're told by me.” I said.

“S..sluts?” She stuttered.

“I can do the same for you, if you'd like. To cum right here in front of us.” I responded.

“Oooh, uhmm somehow I believe you.” she said.

“Sleep slut.” I whispered at her.

“After you cum for our entertainment, you will go to the restroom and remove your wet panties, return here, and give them to me in the open. Wake up.” I told her.

“Do you want to feel that good with just a few words?” I asked Vivian.

“Y..yes.” she hesitated before confirming.

“Cum for me, slut.” I said loud enough for our table to hear, and then I watched.

Her nipples were already starting to poke through her black blouse since I turned her on, but now they were trying to cut through the shirt, they were so hard. Her black knee length frilly skirt started to shake, and her hands didn't know where to go, just rubbing up and down her front, cupping a tit for a second, before traveling down toward her wet pussy.

I just sat there and watched, as did Dani and Megan. It was really beautiful how she glowed as she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm in a public place, feet from other diners. She could barely stand up, but kept her feet under her as she shifted her weight between her feet. The sighs spoke to me. She was living a dream of sorts.

Vivian's soft brown eyes were wide open, as was her mouth, as she looked down at me in shock. She didn't know what to say, or do. She stood there for a moment before speaking.

“Holy cow! That was sooo good! Thank you for that.” She all but whispered to me.

“The pleasure was all mi... well it was yours, too.” I said.

“I'll uh.. I'll be back in a bit with the check.” she mentioned, and walked away carefully.

I looked over at Megan, whom to this point hadn't had the same pleasure as the other 2, checking out her strapless sundress, which at this point, was barely covering her chest. Only the elastic of the top was holding strong by using her stiff nipples as anchor points to keep it up. Poor slut.

“Megan, Cum” I commanded, and she did.

Her chest bounced, somehow staying decent for where she was, but both of her hands went down to her cunt through the dress, to rub frantically.

“Mmmmm” she groaned out a large breath.

While Megan was in mid orgasm, Vivian walked up to the table, placed the check in a padded folder, and then reached into her apron. She ended up pulling out a lacy black thong and handed it to me. The gusset was so wet it was still dripping. She really came hard. I held the garment out with both hands, and then brought the dripping gusset to my nose to sniff. Then I licked it in front of her and the rest of the patio, not to mention all the passers-by on the outdoor mall this evening.

I gave Vivian my credit card so she could run the bill, and we could get out of there and head home. She came back after a brief moment, and handed the card and a receipt to sign to me. I signed the slip and handed it to her.

“Thank you, Sir. For everything. I hope you have a wonderful night.” she said to me. She looked again at the sluts, and then turned around to talk with the table behind her.

We got up and left, via the gate to the patio, and began the torturous walk back to the car. The girls would stop me almost at every block so they could calm down again, saving themselves from just masturbating tonight.

At one such stop, I got a few texts from an unknown number. It was a photo of a bald wet cunt, and then another with the blouse buttons undone and spread wide, and a big smile on Vivian's face, as she sat in a bathroom stall. I saved the photos, and her number, then texted back “Good girl.”

We made it back to the car safely, without a single orgasm. I was hoping to watch one of them trying to walk while having a good orgasm. That would have been entertaining. The drive home was quick, and I was encouraged to go faster by Megan in the front seat reaching over to massage my cock through my pants.

I was nice at the end, when we pulled into the driveway, and didn't require them to do jumping jacks for the hell of it, though it did cross my mind. We got into the house, and the door closed before some clothes were shed, and 2 girls running for the bedroom. Others sat on the couch, watching all of the strip show, and then looking at me.

Before I followed them, I turned to Nikki, who was among the group on the couches, along with Ashley, Emma, Kim, Cara, and Krystal.

“You're spending the night tonight, as are you, Cara. We'll all share my bed.” I said, and then walked down the hall.

What I walked into was rather sexy. Both girls were standing naked, with feet open wider than their shoulders width, and their hands behind their heads, lifting their soft tits up some. I walked up to them both, and pressed a finger on each hand in between their pussy lips, before kneeling down, and cupping their whole pussy, to accept the release of the Ben Wa balls.

Once I had all for balls, I set them aside on the dresser, and then fingered both girls and then told them both to get on the bed on their hands and knees next to each other. They moved very quickly into position, and looked over their shoulders at me, enticing me to climb upon them.

Before I was done stripping myself, there was a crowd gathering at the door. Cara, and Nikki were in front, and Krystal was behind them. I ushered them into the room, and along one wall so they could watch. Nikki still had her bikini on, as she didn't have other clothes to change into. Cara was dressed the same as this morning, in the white shirt, and running shorts.

“You all can play with yourselves, only if you're naked, so I can see everything.” I told them.

Cara was quick to pull her shirt over her head, exposing her small but firm breasts to the room. The shorts were quick to follow. Nikki took a bit more time, as she seemed bashful about undressing in front of the others that hadn't seen her naked yet. I walked over to her, slid aside one of the tiny triangles from her tit, and pinched her nipple.

“You really should strip down, slut.” I told her.

I released her nipple, and turned to my two girls on the bed. I climbed up and squatted down behind Megan, and rubbed my cock on her pussy before shoving it inside her. I sat there for a minute, and then pulled out, dragging the head up between her fuck holes, to her asshole, and slowly pushed in. It took almost 2 minutes for me to get all the way inside her, and stayed deep in her ass for a moment so she could acclimate to my size.

When I pulled out slowly, I think she expected a slow return. Instead, I pulled out to the head, and slammed back in on my first pump. Her groan was loud for the audience. Then I pulled out slowly, and returned just as slowly.

“Go ahead and masturbate, too.” I told her, as I reached to my right and pressed a finger into her sister slut's asshole.

Then I began to fuck Megan. Slow at first, but I would speed up at a constant pace until I couldn't pump any faster, and then slow down again, with forceful thrusts into her back door. The entire time, I'm wiggling my finger in Dani's ass at about the same speed.

Once in a while I'd glance over to see all 3 girls naked and fingering either themselves, or their neighbor. Cara and Nikki were in front, while Krystal was in between and behind the others. That was good, knowing people were getting along well with each other.

“Hey, Krystal. Why don't you finger their asses?” I requested, and she smiled.

“What? No, not myaaaaassssss” Nikki whined as her back door was invaded by a lone finger.

“I don't like something up my ass” Cara said before getting a strange look on her face, as her ass was penetrated.

I watched them wiggle their hips a bit in response to having a finger where it shouldn't be, and then began thrusting into Megan again. Her super tight ass milking my cock, trying to get me to cum quickly. I was holding out as long as I could, even with all the stimulation within the room, so I could stretch her out a bit. It made it a bit harder when I felt her fingers wiggling back and forth across her clit, brushing my nuts on each pass.

Then she suddenly exploded in orgasm. She launched herself forward, and off my cock, almost banging her head on the headboard. I just moved forward, got on my knees just below her ass, and inserted my cock back into her ass. She groaned loud enough to invite the rest of the sluts in the house in to see what was happening. I just continued to slam her into the bed from above.

My balls were starting to boil, and it was inevitable that within moments I was going to blow my first load up Megan's ass. I began thrusting at full speed, pressing her into the pillows where her other hand was grasping at anything to hold onto.

Here it comes! My hips started jerking awkwardly, and then the first jets of cum began shooting deep into her ass. 7 shots later, and I was pulling out of her, stroking my cock as I moved over, and squatted down behind Dani, removing my finger, and pressing my still rock hard cock inside her a bit quicker than with Megan.

I immediately pushed on her back so her ass was up in the air, and her face was pressed on it's side in between the pillows, and started hard, and working up from there. She groaned into a pillow, but didn't think of stopping me. Her ass was mine, and I would take it. We kind of grew up together, in a way, so she knew I would be persistent.

“Oh fuuuck! Fuckmefuckme!” she screamed into a pillow. “Fuckmyass!”

I did just that. Hard. She was grunting at almost every thrust of mine, and I was determined to Force another loud orgasm out of her, pounding her as I did Megan. I leaned over her and kept pumping in and out of her tight ass.

“Do you want more? I can go harder, slut.” I whispered in her ear.

“Gahh! Uh uh uh yessssir! She groaned. “Pound my asshole.”

And that, I did. I went no holds barred on her ass, stretching her hole wide, as she continued to tighten it up to milk me of my next load of cum. I was hammering away at her ass, and as I did, I noticed that we were sliding forward, so had to take a step forward to continue to mount her. She wasn't complaining at all, as one of her hands went above her head to stave off hitting her head as well.

I turned back to the other sluts, and they, of course, were fingers deep in the others' cunts, and rubbing their clit with the palm of their hands. Cara's eyes were closed, but Nikki kept watching us. Krystal was shaking from her constant thrusts of a finger into both of their asses.

All the stimulation around the room got me going, and my balls churned up the next load. They felt as though they expanded again. You could almost hear the thud of them slapping into the cunts they contacted as I fucked their asshole.

She was almost fully prone on the bed already when her orgasm hit, but was just as wild as Megan. She squirted a flood which pooled between her tight thighs held together. She just groaned through the pleasure. I wasn't far behind.

The first jet of cum came out of nowhere, but I buried myself as deep as possible in Dani's ass, letting loose a torrent of cum. I felt light headed, and tired, but nowhere near worn out after shooting off twice. Nikki knows it would take more than a few fucks to tire me out. Cara, on the other hand, hadn't seen much of anything after our little romp in the bedroom.

“OK sluts. Find your butt plugs, or eat each others' ass to clean each other up. I don't want a mess.” I told them.

They both slowly rolled over, and got out of bed, heading to the living room to retrieve their backpack of clothes and other essentials.

“Who's next?” I asked the remaining sluts while stroking my firm rod.

Neither girl said anything. Not until Krystal started wiggling a second finger into each of their asses. Then they jumped a little.

“Who's last cherry do I take next?” I asked again.

Cara was almost pushed forward with the 2 fingers in her ass, but she stepped forward anyway, maybe to remove Krystal's fingers.

“Get on up here, and sit on my cock.” I said, as I flipped over, and laid back onto the pillows.

“Y..yes, Sir.” she said, and crawled up onto the bed and along side of me. As she lifted her leg to straddle me, I stuck a few fingers inside of her to help lube up my cock.

“Just relax, and in effect, push out when I'm sliding inside of your ass. It'll make it easier.” I told her.

That didn't seem to relax her at all, but she slowly nodded as she positioned herself over my cock. She took one hand to grasp my cock, and the other on my chest to balance herself, as she guided me to her back door.

With a lot of heavy breathing from her, and slowly pressing my girthy cock against her anal ring, my head finally popped inside of her. When I looked from our union, up to her face, a single tear fell down her cheek.

“Does it hurt? You can rest and get used to my size back there.” I said.

Cara just nodded again, but stayed where she was. It took a few minutes, but she felt it was time to fuck herself on my cock, and she began to put more of her weight down around me. I slowly slid inside her, inch by slow inch until I was buried to the hilt. Once she sat down fully, I reached up and grasped her smallish tits, and her stiff nipples.

She leaned forward and all but begged for a kiss, so I leaned up and gave her what she wanted. I wasn't evil after all. Just taking what's mine now. When she pulled back to sit on me completely, I sat up, and took a nipple into my mouth, teasing the tip with my tongue as I sucked her whole tit into my mouth. She grasped my head, and held me there, accepting her roll, as well as the love I'd give.

She started to move before I released her tit, only to latch onto her other jealous twin. My hands grabbed at her hip, and one slid around and down to her pussy, to play with her, giving yet more pleasure to her as she rolled her hips on my rod.

I looked over at the other two girls, Krystal now holding Nikki across the chest playing with a nipple, the other hand still hidden, fingers buried in Nikki's ass. She was at least smiling a little bit, with her eyes closed, feeling out these new sensations.

I adjusted my attention back to Cara, who was now moving around a bit more, with my cock in her ass, and 2 fingers now inserted in her cunt. She seemed to be getting into it somewhat more. Eventually, she stopped wiggling, and began lifting herself off of my rod, only to sit down once again. Still at a slow pace, but speeding up a bit. Enough to dislodge my mouth from her chest.

The pain, it seemed, had stopped, and only pleasure was now created with each movement of my cock deep in her ass. She eventually readjusted to get her feet under her, and squatting over my cock, and leaning over my chest, her hands on my shoulders. I pumped into her a few times to get her moving a bit faster. I was looking forward to unloading in her very tight ass for the first time.

She caught on pretty quickly, and while I found one of her nipples again, pinched between my fingers, pulling gently, she sped up to a good speed, stroking me in and out completely. My other hand, 2 fingers deep with my palm exposed, curling the fingers back all I could, for that elusive g-spot. I was determined to make her scream in orgasm while her ass stretched over my cock.

Her pace picked up a lot, and I must have nailed her g-spot a time or two, as she was dropping on my cock and hand at a fast pace, forcing my hand deeper into her little cunny. She was becoming frantic in her fucking, looking for the inevitable conclusion evading her, and I was getting close again. I began to feel a bit for her, on her losing her cherry and all, so I thought I'd help.

“Cum for me, slut.” I commanded her, just before my cock released it's first jet of cum deep into her ass.

She, however, did go overboard, bouncing at a high rate of speed, milking my cock of everything it had to give, and then fell back between my legs, my cock still embedded in her ass, and fingers still attacking her cunt, when a guttural scream so primal left her throat hoarse. She had a real audience for her final scene of her play, as Dani and Megan watched on from inside the door, Laura, Anne, and Ashley watched on from behind them.

At length, she slid back a bit more, forcing my cock out of her ass, which swung up and slapped me in the belly. I giggled at that, and then looked down at her gaping holes that I claimed. I sent her off to the restroom to clean up, and looked at everyone watching.

“It's getting late enough that I'm going to turn in. Cara, Nikki, Dani and Megan can stay in bed with me, but the rest of you may leave, or sleep on the couches, if you'd like.” I told the small crowd.

Everyone else decided to leave, and I slid up, and got under the covers. Cara came back into the room, and I guided her to spoon behind me, and Megan behind her. Then I invited Nikki into my bed for me to spoon, and then Dani on the other end of the group, but she faced our way. She wasted no time in reaching a hand down and began fingering Nikki under the sheets.

My arm under Nikki's head moved up, and grasped her left breast, claiming it as my own. My other hand reached down to my cock, which I pushed between Nikki's thighs, and sawed in and out, rubbing Dani's knuckles on each stroke. When Nikki spread her legs a bit, laying one back on my leg, Dani reached beyond Nikki's pussy, and grasped my cock, pressing it into Nikki's ass crack.

I started moving my hips back and forth, with her holding my rod, pressing on it until we found Nikki's asshole, where I was pushed inside by a still randy Dani. I moved my left hand up to Nikki's face, and turned her enough for me to give her a deep kiss, as I began to stroke slightly into her stretched asshole.

“Fuck yourself on my cock.” I told her, and she slid down just slightly more, allowing for more of my cock to bury itself in her ass.

She then began swinging her hips back into me, without much sound at all, and taking a bit more of me inside of her. I squeezed her left breast, and kissed at her neck as she was trying to get more of me inside. Dani went back to fingering Nikki's slick cunt, as we all moved together to satisfy my craving of busting a nut in yet another virgin ass.

She was moaning once I was buried inside her, and she kept pressing her ass into my cock and pulling away, only to return to me. I reached down with my free hand, and played with her clit, as she kept up her motions. A little overstimulated, she moved faster and faster, riding my cock from the side.

“You're all mine now.” I said to Nikki, and then looked back at Cara as best I could, “You both are.”

Cara moaned into my ear, and Nikki wiggled her hips as she stroked me in and out of her dark tight channel. Nikki, for, I think, her first time, slid her hand up Dani's body, and hesitatingly cupped her large tit in her hand, massaging it as she continued riding me. Dani, in response, leaned in and kissed Nikki, long and deep, until they came up for air, forcing a separation.

“Good girls.” I said to them.

I began to stroke easily against Nikki's hip motion, doubling the speed of our union, and tightening my grip over her shoulder, pressed her yet farther down my cock. Once I was finally as deep as I could go, I whispered in her ear.

“Cum for me, slut.” I whispered.

She did, calmly, and quietly, in our almost gentle fucking. Her hips swung a bit harder for a bit, and her ass tightened on my cock enough, I thought she'd take it with her, milking me, attempting to drain my balls. She whimpered at the end of her orgasm, and continued to ride me. This gentle fucking was quite different to our introductory brutal pounding I gave her.

Her pinned hand found it's way down to her nether lips, and covered my hand, playing her clit like a fiddle, while Dani had 3 fingers inside her, and a cock up her ass. This was pleasure central, and she was getting it all.

We continued this for what seemed like forever before either of us were close to orgasm, but we got there again, with her wiggling her hips, her body arching away from me, stiffening up, before relaxing back into my torso, and her ass rippling around my rod for a long time. She turned back to me for another kiss and I obliged.

I extended the kiss until my balls gave up their treasure, and I slowly filled Nikki's asshole with 7 shots of my unending cum. She sighed into my mouth, as I finished emptying my balls inside her.

Without pulling out of her, leaving a stiff cock buried in her ass full of cum, I whispered to her.

“Goodnight, slut. Goodnight to all of you sluts.” I said.

“Goodnight, Sir.” Was all of their responses in unison.

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