Geocatched Part 14

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Geocatched part 14

Sunday morning, I woke up to my morning wood buried in someone's throat. Until I moved her hair out of the way, I wouldn't have guessed at Nikki sucking my cock after it'd been buried in her ass. Cara still had a hand on my chest, as she slept on my left arm, but the others had woken up early. I reached down, and cupped her left hanging breast, testing it's weight, and toying with her nipple.

In response, she hummed around my thick cock as she swallowed it whole. She was really making me feel good, and I was close to cumming. She definitely knew her way around a cock, as it was one of the better blowjobs I've received lately. Vacuums don't have as much suction as her mouth does on me, not that I've tried a vacuum at all.

I don't know how long she's been at this, but my balls started to tighten up, or maybe get sucked up through my cock and into her mouth, and I gave no warning of the inevitable. I gripped her head, and held my cock down her throat for the first few jets of cum to shoot out, but let her up to taste the seed I've spent elsewhere inside of her.

When she finally released my cock, her mouth was still full of my cum, and she tried to show it to me, but when her mouth opened, a fair amount of it dribbled onto her tits and stomach. She did end up swallowing the rest, and began to scoop up the globs around her body, but I stopped her. Instead, I woke up Cara.

As she woke up and saw what was going on, I gave her a little more incentive. I told her of some protein for her, and directed her towards an also naked Nikki. It didn't take her long to find her way over to her, and start licking up the globs of my seed across both breasts and belly. Of course, she didn't quit after she was cleaned up. Just like me, she went for her breasts, and a nipple to nurse on for a few moments.

I began thinking about just that, and how I'd have the chance to breast feed in a few months time, with Melinda and Erin. I really looked forward to that. Then I started to think about seeing if any of my girls would want to pump for a while, to train her own breasts to lactate for my sexual desire. I'm sure a few would be willing, but who knows?

I decided to just get up, instead of spending the morning in bed with these two, so I could eat, and get on with the day. Cara kept at sucking on Nikki's nipples and she added a few fingers into Nikki's cunt as well. I got dressed in some baggy shorts, and changed shirts to one with a quote saying 'We don't lick people.. Lies we tell kids.' Then I was off to the kitchen to find something to eat.

When I got to the kitchen, I found Dani and Megan making out near the island. I cleared my throat, and Dani just pointed to a third mug of coffee, and continued the kiss, also feeling up her make out partner. That did give me a little rise, as only Dani had any clothes on, but just a pair of panties doesn't make one dressed much.

I walked around the island and found where the rest of the clothes were, all over the floor. I put my mug down by the fridge, and joined the girls for a little 3 way kiss, with both my hands roaming over their back sides. Then I went to the fridge to find something to eat. Sadly, there wasn't much to eat now. I hadn't been shopping yet this week, so coffee was about all we had to fill our bellies today.

I still wanted something to eat. I walked back over to the girls and interrupted their kissing for a moment.

“There's nothing to eat here, except for you two. Megan, sit down at the end of the table.” I said to them with a grin.

The two separated, and Megan stepped over to the dining room table, and sat down in my chair.

“Megan, sit on the table at the end.” I said.

“Oh... oooooh ok!” She responded.

“That's a good girl.” I told her as she plopped herself down at my spot on the table.

I sat down in my chair, spreading Megan's knees wide, and looked at my prize. Her lips were swollen, and already leaking her juices down to her ass. I put my hands on her inner thighs to hold her legs out, but then slid them inward, using my thumbs to play with her labia, pressing them together with my digits, and squeezing out even more juices.

Rubbing her lower lips together, and teasing her clit, between them, I leaned in and took one long lick from her taint up to her clit. Then I pressed my tongue between her lips, and stuck my tongue in her hole. I then added a finger, while tongue fucking her, which added it's own spice to treating her this way.

Dani came over, and took one of Megan's nipples into her mouth, and began sucking and tugging on it. Her other hand dipped inside the waistband of her almost nonexistent panties. Megan's breathing increased in speed, and she squirmed around, as I continued to tongue fuck her tight slit. To heighten her arousal even more, I slowly inserted a finger inside her, twisting it around a bit before adding a second finger.

Her hips started gyrating and thrusting up into my face, as I focused on her clit, while finger fucking her. I didn't want to slow down, and my other hand flowed up her body, and found her other mound of tit flesh. I pinched her nipple only once before I noticed Cara had come over to the other side of the table to accept Megan's other nipple into her mouth, so I just squeezed her breast to feed her.

I continued to lick her lips around my fingers, and then attack her clit over and over, building her up to a fantastic orgasm. Her hips were getting erratic in their gyrations, and she helped fuck herself on my fingers, while I pumped them into her in an upward motion.

The moaning got much louder from Megan, and soon, her body arching on the table, her clit between my teeth, she cried out at the top of her lungs.

“Gah! FUUUUCKYESFUCK!” she screamed out.

I would have been shaken off of her clit, but her legs had tightened around my head, and her ankles pressing on my back, forcing me into her harder, kept me in just the right place to drown in her squirting orgasm.

Once her shaking body calmed down, and her legs released my head, I stood up, and dropped my shorts, exposing my raging cock, which I took no time at all in inserting it fully inside her juicy cunt, prolonging her orgasm momentarily. Her cock sleeve milked my cock as she came down, which I enjoyed greatly. I started to piston in and out of her almost immediately, keeping her close to the edge, and satisfying my own desire.

I couldn't slow down. I wanted to stop and feel the flutter of her inner walls caress me. To massage my cock. I wanted to bask in the wet warmth of her tight channel. I couldn't do it. I was enjoying the friction of my cock against her moist inner walls.

Suddenly, there was a hand reaching around me, and then it was rubbing the clit of the slut I was using for my pleasure. Nikki finally came out from the bedroom. I had all my girls with me now, and with everyone naked, except for Dani and I, it did offer great assistance to my growing arousal, watching breasts hanging as their mouths were full of tit, or wobbling back and forth with the effort of forcing another orgasm out of Megan.

I felt as though my balls were growing in anticipation of my next orgasm. They felt swollen as ever. Maybe they WERE still growing.

The squelching sounds brought me out of my head, and back to Megan, again having a monstrous orgasm on my cock, and her cunt squeezing my thick rod, sent me over the edge as well. We came together, and our pleasure extended from the others' manipulations, and the milking of my cock.

I was shooting jet after jet of cum deep inside of her, preparing for someone's next meal full of protein. Megan wasn't done yet being the morning meal.

Even before I shot off my last few jets of cum, Dani snuck her hand down Megan's belly, and now rubbed on her pussy lips surrounding my cock. Once I pulled out, after emptying my balls, her hand took over stimulating Megan's pussy, while her other hand was still busy inside her own panties.

Dani released Megan's nipple with a pop, and moved down to my end of the table, easily extending her body around Megan's leg without releasing either pussy from busy fingers, and pushed me backwards, along with my chair. She stayed bent over, and was licking her fingers while they were still buried in Megan's pussy.

She started wiggling her ass at me, and I took the cue by reaching for her waistband of her very thin panties, and pulled them down to her thighs, exposing a finger digging deep inside herself. With barely a pause, I lined up my cock with her finger, and pushed into her hole. Her finger didn't escape it's tight confines, and stayed as I began to stroke in and out of her cunt, made all the tighter with an extra finger.

She was already worked up from playing with herself for a while, and all her mewling told me she was close to the edge, so I picked up my pace, with her finger still helping stimulate her fuck hole. I knew it wouldn't be long before she crashed like an ocean wave upon a rocky beach. I reached down and found her dangling globes of tit flesh bouncing, and slapping together, with every thrust of my cock.

Dani was moaning into Megan's dripping pussy, as she cleaned up our combined juices, while I fucked her from behind. Pinching her nipples brought on another quick orgasm for her, and I plowed through it, to keep her up on the edge. Her cunt continually squeezing my cock inside of her, fluttering along it's flesh, rippling like the tide, as she leaked more juices.

I sped up even more, our bodies slapping together with more squelching as an accompaniment to our joining. I didn't want to last much longer, and she was about to pop again. I slowed down, but started pushing harder into her on each stroke. Squeezing her breasts as handholds to help pull her body into mine was churning my balls.

Her moans grew, and sucking on her clit, Dani made Megan squeal as she went over the edge into orgasm. I just kept forcing my cock as deep as I could inside Dani, before my balls drew up, and I released a torrent of cum inside her. My coming set her off, and we enjoyed a mutual orgasm, her pussy milking every drop it could out of me.

I pulled out of her sloppy gash, and helped her pull up her panties before our mixed juices escaped.

“Now, I need to get some real food, before I starve. Who wants to go shopping with me?” I asked.

I think that everyone wanted to stay naked, as the only person that spoke up with a few bounces of her tits, was Dani.

“I'll go with you! I need some things as well.” she said.

“Great. Let's get dressed and go. I'm starving.” I said.


After an hour shopping, and getting everything anyone could want to eat, we got home, and put it all away. I spent a good amount of money for all of this. It got me thinking.

“Cara?” I called out, even though she was just in the living room a dozen feet from me.

“Yes, Sir?” She answered.

“Let's take a walk to the park down the street. We need to chat a little bit.” I said.

She jumped off the couch where she was laying down, her head on Nikki's lap, watching some morning programming I didn't recognize. I grabbed a couple sodas, and I let the others all put the food away, while I took Cara's hand, and left the house.

It didn't take long to get to the park, and it was not very crowded yet, so I found a good tree to sit under, and directed her to sit opposite of me, cross legged, Indian style. Her shorts opened at the thigh, and the lack of panties, allowed me the perfect view of one labia if I moved my head just right. She sat with her hands on her inner thighs, tucked under each side.

This was a good spot. Kind of out of the way, and also out of the house, where my other sluts could intrude while she was under.

“OK, let's start with this.. Sleep slut.” I told her, and she was out like a light, her head barely lowered at all, which was good since there were others sunbathing kind of close by. I wanted to keep up the illusion that we were chatting, instead of her sleeping.

“We are going to talk a little more about the necklace I found. You'll answer fully, and honestly to all questions I ask.” I told her.

“Yes, Sir.”

“So, you've told me your mom picked it up in Sfax, Tunisia. Did the vendor tell your mom anything about where it was from?” I asked her.

“Not much. Found in Egypt near pyramids.” she responded.

“Near the pyramids? How near?” I questioned her.

“Close. Group of archaeologists exited pyramid. Dropped treasure. Missed picking up.” she said. “Vendor found. Didn't know use. Just part of hoard of jewelry.”

Now that was interesting. I sat there and just pondered that for a moment. Could that be the secret of the slaves? Did a female pharaoh own this necklace? I'm beginning to think so. After all, a male would only be able to trance females, and they aren't heavy lifters, and the like in that time. A female though. She could enslave many strong slaves to build her pyramid, and paddle on their boat up and down the Nile. This must have been the way to keep loyalty among the slaves as well.

“How many men have you enslaved?” I asked after many minutes.


“How many for getting money?” I asked.


“Do you need to have the necklace to get money from them, or can you just order them?”

“Need necklace. Didn't think to trigger.”

Well, that doesn't work out so well. Yes, I could command her to only use it on those certain people and hand it back to me, covered up, so I don't get tranced. But then again, I'd be handing it over to someone who already has knowledge of, and has used the necklace for her gain. Of course, I have made her forget all knowledge consciously, so maybe I'd be safe? I'll have to think hard on this.

After that last exchange, I woke her up, and we just chatted on what was essentially an impromptu date. We slowly walked back to the house, taking a slightly longer route, and holding hands as we went. A few neighbors were out, and we both waved our greetings their way, as we passed.

When we got back to the house, Cara walked in first, and I heard a groan coming from the couch under the window. As I got to the door, I saw Dani's light brown hair swaying back and forth, and her hands holding the arm of the couch. When I finally walked in, I saw her on her knees on the couch, and another ass facing me, and lining up with her own ass.

Megan was at the other end of the couch, and joining the two girls together was the double dong I got for such occasions. Both of their asses kept slapping together and on the out stroke, I saw the toy buried in each wet cunt. I took my eyes off of the pair fucking each other, and found Nikki on the love seat, legs spread open, with just a camisole bunched up under her breasts, and openly masturbating while watching the other 2.

I was getting revved up, and already half hard, when I put my hand on Cara's shoulder, and pulled her around to face me. Then I pushed down on her shoulder, and she got the hint, kneeling down, and opening my pants in record time. Reaching into my open pants, she grabbed my shaft, squeezing it, before stroking it through my boxers.

I quickly came to full mast, my mushroom head and a bit of shaft stuck out of the boxers waistband. She expertly dropped both the pants and boxers in seconds, and almost getting hit in the face by my length, she kissed the head gently, as she stroked the rest of me. This being the first time she got to have a taste of me since she joined the harem, she lovingly kissed and licked around the head and upper shaft.

“Mmmmm. What a good little slut.” I said to Cara, as I put my hand on her head. My other hand slid down her back as I bent over slightly, took hold of her shirt, to pull up and eventually off. Her right arm slipped out of the shirt, and then she switched hands on my shaft, and repeated the process, so the shirt pooled over her shoulders, around her neck. Yet, she wouldn't allow my cock to leave her lips.

Instead, she took a few more inches into her mouth, running her tongue back and forth over the length. Pulling back away, and then pushing in again, to take me deeper into her mouth, almost choking on the head. She kept me there, licking me, and swallowing, stimulating my mushroom head at the back of her mouth. She repeated the process over and over again, taking her time in taking me deeper.

All the while, I stand, facing the front window, and two sluts fucking each other on the couch, and another slut masturbating to it. Megan began to wiggle her hips, as well as pushing back with her hands on the other couch arm, trying to get more stimulation. The moans coming from that couch were intoxicating to me, and I grew even harder in Cara's mouth.

I began to lightly pull Cara's head toward me, burying myself deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was taking it like a champ, and thrust her head in faster than I pulled her into me, thus causing my cock head to bend down, into her throat. As I pulled her to me on one occasion, I saw one of my neighbors walking by the front of the house, and lost track of time holding Cara's nose in my pubes. She tapped my leg, and I released her so she could cough a bit, and get some air into her lungs.

Once she started breathing normally, she went right back to sucking on me, and with her idle hand, reached down and under her shorts, to rub at her little pearl. I held her head on me, and reached for her left breast, caressing it's smaller size, and the hard nipple poking my hand. When I moved to pinch her nipple, I spoke to her.

“Stand up and get rid of your shorts.” I told her.

She first tried to get up, and off of my shaft, but I held firm, and then she figured it out. She got up off her knees, bent over at the waist, still holding my cock in her mouth, and reached back to drop her shorts to her ankles. This also gave me a straight shot down her throat, which I took advantage of. I began to thrust in and pull out of her throat, fucking her face. She didn't fall back to her knees, so she felt this was easier for her to take my shaft, and kept in her pose, bent over. I'd stop fucking her after 10 or so long strokes down her throat, to give her time to catch her breath, and then start again, thrusting my thick cock down her throat.

On one stroke in, I held it too long, and she fell back to her knees, and unable to breathe, she tapped me with one hand, while the other dove into her dripping gash, rubbing furiously. I pulled out enough that she could breathe through her nose, but kept a good hold on her head, denying her from pulling off of me completely.

Both of the girls with a double dong buried in their cunts were beginning to make more noise, and as I looked up, their pace had increased exponentially, in their frantic pace to cum. I was determined to not cum before everyone else had, but it was a hard endeavor. Cara wasn't making it any easier to hold off. Her tongue was working magic on my glands, and the suction from her mouth was strong.

I let her set the pace now, bobbing up and down on my rod. I reached down with both hands, once again grabbing hold of her small chest, and manipulating her nipples. She was so warm in my hands. I stood there, groping one girl and looked over at another masturbating herself, her large tear drop tits and upturned nipples, wobbling with the frantic movement of her arm, as her hand teased at her clit.

Suddenly, I whipped my head around to watch as Megan began coming on the fake cock, and mewling as she peaked. Dani wasn't far behind, as one of her hands was between her legs, rapidly rubbing her own clit until she squirted onto both of Megan's legs, and the couch. They both collapsed in opposite ways, onto the arms of the couch. The hard rubber toy falling from both of their pussies, to flop onto the couch.

When I looked back at Nikki, she had one hand still stimulating her clit, but her other hand had begun fingering her hole as well. 3 digits were pumping in and out of her at a rapid pace. I just stared at her while my balls were suddenly being sucked into another mouth. Her tits were both jiggling around now, taunting me in their own way.

Cara didn't stay long with my nuts, but now held them softly as she pulled down on their sack, while kissing the head of my cock again. When she'd lavished enough kisses on me, she started bobbing on my knob, taking me about halfway down. Her suction was incredible, and I knew I wouldn't last long. I could feel my seed coming to a boil in my nuts, and knew it wouldn't be long now.

“Nikki... hey Nikki!” she finally acknowledged that I was talking to her in her race to completion, and looked up at me. “Cum for me.” I said.

Her core suddenly clinched up, she leaned forward as her hips were also jerking as she came hard, staring into my eyes, with her mouth wide open, whimpering.

“Good girl” I said, and then looked down at Cara, just as I began to gush jet after jet into her mouth. When my cum entered her mouth, she, too, started convulsing as she came from my seed, and her own ministrations between her legs.

“Ung!” I groaned as I came over and over again in her mouth.

After a few moments, I took Cara's hand, still wrapped around my cock, and stroking me, to pull her up to standing. I then gave her as nice of a hug as one could while cupping both of her butt cheeks. She had both of her arms around my neck as I squeezed her ass, and spreading her ass apart.

“Sleep slut” I said in her ear, and her grip on me relaxed just a bit, as she fell down into her trance.

“Did any of your lovers fuck your ass?” I asked her in a whisper.

“No, but tried.” she said in her monotone voice.

“Why didn't you let them?” I asked.

“Too big. Would hurt.” she said.

“You will grow to love anal sex with me, or with the girls.” I commanded her sub-conscience.

“Wake up now.” I said and her grip tightened again around my neck.

I felt that no better time than the present, and walked my fingers between her ass cheeks, and played with her asshole, rubbing the little star in circles. She responded only with a moan in my ear, so I began to press my finger into her virgin ass. When it popped in up to the first knuckle, there was a quick intake of breath and she held it as I fingered her hole, in and out a few times, before pressing in to the second knuckle.

She was not making it very easy. She would tighten up whenever I pressed into her. When I pressed a second finger inside her, she tried tightening up more, clinching her ass around my digits. Then I let one finger out, but brought my other hand closer, and pressed a finger into her hole again. Now, with two fingers inside her ass, I gently pulled both directions, stretching her open a bit.

“Ahhhh! Ungh!” she groaned into my ear as her ass was being pulled apart.

“Relax your ass.” I said. It took a few moments, but eventually she did relax a little, though she tightened up again when I inserted a third finger inside her.

“Nikki? Be a good girl, and go find me some lube, would ya?” I asked of her.

Nikki got up on wobbly feet, and went off to look for one of the bottles I had around the house, not bothering to cover herself at all.

While she was gone, I released myself from Cara's hold on my neck, and directed her to the couch just vacated, telling her to kneel on the cushions with her ass in the air. Then I quickly lined up and buried myself in her cunt. I stroked in and out a dozen times or so, and pulled out, moving my cock up about an inch, and pressed it into her slightly stretched asshole.

I began to push my head inside her with my thumb, and it was slow going, as she wasn't relaxing at all. I pulled back, and stuck both thumbs into her and spread her ass out some, and then tried again with my cock head. Once it popped in, she gasped, and started breathing like she was blowing out birthday candles.

Just then, Nikki came out of the bedroom with a bottle in her hand.

“Get some on your hand, and rub it into my cock for me.” I told her.

She got a large dollop into the palm of her hand, and reached down to my cock, to begin stroking up and down my shaft, both tickling my balls with her long fingernails, and pressing into Cara's ass as she did. After she lubed me up, she kept stroking as though she didn't want to let go of my pleasure stick. She finally relented, and I was able to begin stroking with small motions inside Cara's ass.

The going is slow, but so pleasurable. Pushing into an ass that tightens up on you is phenomenal, and squeezes your cock just right. I keep pushing inside her slowly, before pulling almost all the way out, and then pushing back in a bit farther. Cara has been moaning almost the whole time, still breathing as before, but the moans add more pleasure for me. Knowing I'm giving this pleasure is good for her, and in return, I am pleasured.

Once I've pressed myself all the way inside her, I reach up and around to her hanging tits, and twisting her turgid nipples as I start pumping in and out of her in longer strokes, and with more force. Each impact causes a small grunt, and I pick up the pace a bit. Her ass is still so tight it makes for hard work, and when she tries to squeeze me, it's excruciatingly lovely to feel. I release one nipple, and grab a fist full of blonde hair, pulling her head back, as I lean down over her back.

“Who's ass is this?” I ask.

“Ugh.. ugh.. yours, Sir.” she groans out.

“Who owns this body?” I ask, as I continue to thrust hard with each long stroke.

“You ugh.. you do, Sir!” her voice this time is an octave higher this time.

“Good girl.” I tell her.

She cums suddenly, after hearing that she's a good girl. Her ass tightens more than before, and milks my cock on every stroke. It takes some extra effort each time I push inside of her, and her ass always tries to keep me buried deep.

It did, however, accomplish it's goal, in that I quickly came to the edge, and one more stroke deep inside her tossed me over the edge. I came like a fire hose, shooting jet after jet of cum into her bowels. That set her off again, and her asshole clamped down on me with force, rippling along my length.

I stayed inside her, even as she collapsed into the back of the couch.

“You're mine.” I told her in a whisper.

When I looked up, I saw that Nikki was sitting on the couch arm, one leg at the back cushions, the other spread wide on the floor, and 3 fingers deep in her cunt again.

“That was so hot!” She moaned.

I then looked over at the other two, and Megan was watching closely with one hand between her legs, while Dani was squeezing her nipples, and pulling them hard. I guess I put on a good show for everyone.

Now that we finished, what popped into my brain was that once I pull out of her, I don't have an extra butt plug to staunch the flow of my cum out of her ass. I'm going to need to get more.

“Nikki. Care to give your slut sister a rim job?” I asked.

“Uhh.. sure, Sir.” She hesitated only because she was so close to orgasm. She didn't move from her position until she'd had her cum, and then she stirred.

The slut got off the arm of the couch, and bent over behind Cara, and planted her face in Cara's ass. Cara started moaning again at the new feelings happening around her brown star, now stretched to allow my thick cock.

As she was cleaning up my spend, I grabbed my shorts and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. I was surprised that no one followed me in to shower with me, so I ended up taking a short shower to refresh myself a little.

When I was walking out to the living room, more girls were coming in the front door. Of course, with the states of dress the others were in, I looked at the group coming in, hoping that they didn't bring anyone new to what looked like a small party. Laura and Anne were the first in the door, with short shorts, and a few older t-shirts. The way their tits moved told me they didn't have bras on.

Emma, Kim and Krystal walked in behind them. Krystal chose the shirt I'd met her in, which gave lift to my cock, and a different short skirt. Emma had on a sundress in pastel colors, while Kim wore a full length strapless burgundy dress which went down to mid calf. They also all had their backpacks with them, so there were obviously a change of clothes, among whatever else they decided to pack.

Anne and Laura were in the kitchen, starting to dish out something that smelled great. I walked over to the island, and browsed all the plates full of Chinese food.

“This looks great, girls! What's the occasion?” I asked.

“It's just a Sunday that everyone has off, so we thought we'd have a little get-together at your place.” Krystal said, coming up behind me.

“That sounds like a good idea. We don't all spend time with everyone else very often.” I said.

Just then, the door slammed shut, and the rest of the girls were here. Now, the only problem is that I can only seat 6 at my table, and 2 more at the bar. The other 7 were going to have to squeeze together, sitting on the couch or the floor.

We all started sitting down where we could. I invited the two pregnant girls to sit on each side of me at the table, Melinda on my right, and Erin on my left. The other 3 seats were taken up by Emma, Danielle, and Krystal at the other end facing me. The chatter among 14 girls was crazy, and I couldn't very well follow along with anyone other than those at my table.

Most of the chatter at the table ended up being about the mothers-to-be, and being the group we were, it was about breastfeeding. That got my ears perked up.

“Yeah.. women start lactating, naturally, late into the second trimester.” Erin said.

“Naturally? What about unnaturally? I mean, using pumps and things like that?” Emma wondered aloud.

“Oh, that can happen too. It can happen at any stage, and even without being pregnant.” Erin responded.

“Have you thought about that much? Lactating and all?” I questioned the lesbians.

“A little bit. I know what to expect, but wonder how big my boobs will get.” Melinda chimed in.

“Not that I stare at them at all, but haven't you already grown a little bit?” I said with a little laugh.

“I think so, but not too much.” Melinda said.

“Mine are already big enough. Noticing a little change in size won't be too easy.” Erin said.

My mind was whirring at high speed here, and being a little hopeful as well, since I haven't thought too much about this until today.

“What if you started pumping now? How soon could you start lactating?” I asked them.

“I'd guess at a couple of weeks, but don't know for sure.” Melinda answered.

“Well, what if I wanted you both to start pumping as soon as possible? Would you do that for me?” I asked them.

“Yes, we could do that for you. Why?” Erin asked.

“It's.. well, it's a little fetish of mine, or could be. Being able to nurse on your tits while I fuck you, or any time really.” I admitted to them. “I'd like you both to start, if you want, right away.”

“You just want another excuse to suck on our titties. I know you.” Melinda said giggling, and I grinned.

“That's it exactly.” I smiled. “And when I can't milk you, I think there's places accepting milk donations. I mean, just until the kids are here.”

“OK” They both said at once.

“Wow!” was all Krystal had to say.

Dani was fondling her breast as we chatted, and Emma had one hand between her legs, rubbing under her white skirt she wore. The lesbians just smiled.

“I wonder how big I'll get.” Melinda said, as she cupped both of her bra-less breasts.

“I, for one, can't wait to find out, my pregnant lesbian sluts.” I said with a wink, reaching over, and squeezing her breast myself.

“Mmmm” Melinda sighed.

Before I released her breast from my grip, I pinched her stiff nipple and pulled it.

“Don't forget, both of you” I looked at Erin and then back to Melinda, “about tomorrow night. Dress nice for our date.”

“Yes, Sir!” said Erin, followed closely by Melinda.

I started thinking about where I'd take them, and then an idea popped into my head. I quickly finished my dinner, and pulled out my phone. Looking through my contacts, I found the person I wanted, and texted her.

ME: Good evening, slut!

VIVIAN: Hi, Sir!

ME: Are you working tomorrow?

VIVIAN: Yes, Sir. 4 to close.

ME: Excellent! Are you working now?

VIVIAN: No, Sir. I'm at home, reading a book.

ME: Good. Cum for me!

After 3 or 4 minutes, I get another text.

VIVIAN: Thank you, Sir!

With that, I put my phone away. I wanted to go back out there, and visit the slut again, this time with different girls with me. My phone vibrated again, and pulling it out, it was another text from Vivian, but wasn't words. She had stripped of whatever she was wearing, and sent a photo of her spreading her labia for me.

Photos got me thinking, and I announced to the group that I wanted to get a photo of all of them together. They all liked that idea, and soon after everyone was done eating, we decided to take it in the living room.

I had 4 sit on the back of the couch in front of the window, and 3 more on the love seat back. Then I had 4 more sit close together on the couch, and 3 squeezed together on the love seat. I got to a point, almost in the dining room, to get the whole group in the shot, and took a few with them all smiling.

“OK, next one I want tits out.” I said, and suddenly, everyone was pulling their shirts up, and soon, the few bras as well. It was a rather beautiful view of 14 pairs of tits out for me.

“Good girls! Now one all topless. Take those tops off.” I told them.

I snapped a few while they undressed, and then a few actual posed shots of them. I should get a big landscape print of a few of these, and frame them.

Once I was done, the girls all started talking together, and a few giggles here and there. It was amusing to see. My cock thought it was a beautiful view as well, as it quickly grew down the leg of my shorts.

Krystal noticed the bulge in my shorts, and came over to see if she could be of some help. Her hand went for my rod before she looked in my eyes, where I gave an approval, and then she was on her knees, and my shorts were on the floor.

It took her no time at all to grab onto my cock, and stroke it a few times, before slapping her own face with it. This, in turn, made her firm C cup boobs to shake a little bit. I reached down and held one of her breasts, and then played with her nipple which was protruding from her puffy aureole, making it more pronounced.

Her groans were muffled once she put me in her mouth and started lathering it in her saliva, flicking her tongue around everywhere it could reach. Up and down her head went, trying to take more and more of me in her mouth.

Emma walked over, her chest puffed out, showing off her mammoth breasts, and without prompting, put a hand on the back of Krystal's head, and helped guide the pace, as well as pushed her onto my cock more. It wasn't long before she had me down her throat, and my pubes tickling her nose. Emma would hold her there, for 30 seconds, while Krystal would swallow around me multiple times.

I was quickly feeling my balls tighten up, and I knew that I'd shoot in a few moments. They both knew it, and prepared for it. They both gripped my shaft, and pumped me at a good rate, before I released my first jet of cum into Krystal's mouth. She only took a few shots before Emma got on her knees, and swallowed her fair share of cum. When I was done, they both licked my cock clean, where they'd touch tongues, and end up kissing around my mushroom head.

All through this, the other girls were moving around, helping clean up all the plates, and bringing them to Kim in the kitchen. I followed Erin into the kitchen and came up behind Kim, reaching around, and grabbing both of her tits, massaging them in my hands.

“Hey.. stop. Mmmm.. I'm trying to put a load in the dishwasher.” She said to me.

“What a coincidence. So am I!” I said, and pulled her back into me, and pressing my rock hard cock into her skirt covered butt.

I released one of her boobs, and reached down for her skirt, pulling it up and out of the way of my cock. She wasn't wearing anything under it, and I quickly adjusted my thrusting, and rubbed my cock up and down her ass crack.

“Mmmmm sooo good” she said as she pressed her ass back into me.

When I changed angles, and slapped my rod between her legs, she spread her legs a bit, before leaning over the counter, planting her hands on the counter top. I took that as my invite, and quickly speared her tight pussy with my cock, going balls deep in a fast push inside her. I then gripped both of her tits, and sawed in and out of her hard, with slow outward strokes, only to slam back inside her.

She came on my cock quickly, and my pace held her in a state of bliss for a long time, extending her orgasm.

“Aaaahhhhhh! Ooooohyeah!” she moaned, as she looked back at me. I just twisted her little nipples, and kept pounding her juicy slit.

All the other girls were coming over to watch us as we copulated, cheering us on, and a few of them started playing with themselves in their lust. Fingers dove into waistbands, and others went to their own, or others' breasts.

Moans could be heard all over the kitchen area, most of them from Kim, whom I continued to pound into at a faster pace now. Her groans spurred me on, and watching the other girls play with themselves while watching had me more aroused. As I gripped Kim's large handfuls of tit flesh, playing with her nipples, I pressed into her harder and harder, I held on as she suddenly came on my cock.

There was no stopping me, and I continued teasing her nipples, pulling on them, and twisting them, bringing yet more moans from Kim. I was now building up toward my own release, and the other girls knew it as well. They were masturbating at the pace I had set, and working themselves into a frenzy.

Laura came over next to us, and knelt down so her head was level with my cock, and then reached around Kim's thigh, to play with her clit. It wasn't long before I exploded inside of Kim, shooting over and over, deep inside of her, and that set her off again, with the added stimulation. When I began to pull out of her, Laura was there to grip my dripping wet shaft, and redirect my cock into her own mouth, tasting Kim and my own juices, cleaning me up.

“Someone clean her up.” I said to the group, as I gestured toward Kim.

Emma stepped up, and first hugged Kim, and then brought one hand down to her pussy, and cupped it to keep my spend inside her, and walked her to the first chair she saw. Then she was on her knees, licking the juicy pussy in front of her.

My cock was constantly buried in Laura's throat, as she bobbed up and down on me. I held her head with a grip of her hair, and let her guide the pace. I'm glad she did, as I was getting worked up again, as I watched a dozen girls around me in all states of arousal, teasing each other, or themselves.

When I let loose with jet after jet of cum, the first few were straight down Laura's throat, and the rest was barely contained and swallowed by her. My ejaculate, in turn, forced an orgasm out of her, which I almost laughed off. The same thing happened with Kim before her, and a few others prior to that.

It was another new enhancement I must have received from the blue stone necklace. Could my cum seriously cause another person to cum? I like the idea, as I do love to give pleasure to my girls at any time. If they aren't enjoying me as much as I enjoy them, then I'm not doing it right. Being able to force an orgasm in another way, helps them receive more pleasure from me.

As my cock exited her mouth, Laura was still in the middle of her cum induced orgasm, but calmed down shortly after. Of course, I was still rock hard. Who wouldn't be with 14 pairs of tit flesh naked, and staring them in the face?

I didn't have long to ponder this, as I was surrounded by girls in the kitchen. Emily, Anne, Katie, and Erin surrounded me, pressing their breasts into my body from all angles. Emily, who was in front of me, was suddenly kissing and sucking on my neck, her nipples pressed into my chest, while a hand snuck down and was stroking my raging hard on.

With one hand on my dick, and being surrounded by a few girls, it was easy, but awkward, walking me toward the couches. The kitchen just wasn't spacious enough for what I'm sure the girls were planning on. Much less comfortable, too. I found myself on the big couch with Anne and Katie on either side of me, and Emily, now between my legs, stroking me, and slapping herself in the face with my length.

Ashley and Dani were both standing behind Emily, both hands playing with their lower lips, and teasing their clits, while topless in front of the big bay window. Emily looked behind her after a quick touch on the shoulder from Ashley, and no words were spoken, as Ashley stepped around her, and lifting a leg over my body, to sit down in my lap.

I reached down to where Emily was now tugging on my balls with care, and let my fingers slide into Ashley's gash, gliding up and down in her wetness. When I rub her clit between a few fingers, she bucks her hips up into me. I slide my fingers down farther, to enter her cunt, and then gently lift her up, while guiding my cock down her slit, where it became more slick from her juices. When she moved forward enough, I slipped into her steaming hot pussy.

Some of the other girls had found spots around the living room as I started being fucked by Ashley. Emma was still busy with Kim, and Nikki was there to help keep the arousal up for Kim, as she manipulated her breasts. I had an audience of 10 beautiful women, while I was ridden. I reached out to Ashley's tits, and held them firm while she bounced on me. I couldn't see the chest I held though, as Dani had her tits in my face, obscuring my view. I was able though, to latch onto one of her nipples, and nurse on her.

On my other side, Katie just rubbed her tits on my face and shoulder, her hands playing in my hair. The over-stimulation had affected me greatly, and my balls soon were boiling again. I wasn't holding out for anything, and let nature take it's course. Suddenly, my first ejaculate shot into Ashley, and 4 more were also shot up into her cunt. As her orgasm began though, she slid up my cock too high, and I fell out of her, and the 3 remaining jets sprayed her pussy lips and ass.

Emily, who had her hand at our union, got a few globs of cum on her hand, and as she licked them off her hand, she convulsed, her other hand shooting down to her own cunt, to rub furiously, as she came herself. As she fell back onto her ass, legs spread, she slowly came down from her mild orgasm, and she scooted back some.

Ashley climbed off of me, holding her own pussy to protect from cum loss, and sat herself down on the other couch. Erin took her place between her legs, and began cleaning her up. Not to waste a moment, Dani all but jumped onto my lap, and began rubbing my shaft with her engorged clit.

All the moaning continued around me, as the girls were all still fingering themselves, or others, while watching me split open each pussy that came my way.

Dani had enough foreplay, rubbing my cock with her cunt, and slid up to the tip of my rod, shook her hips a bit, and engulfed my length in her tight sheath.

“Mmmmmmm! So big!” Dani said while rotating her hips on my lap.

“Mmhmmm” I tried to speak with Katie's nipple between my lips.

I thrust up into her, and she took the hint, rising off my cock, and then burying it back into her pussy. Then she started to ride me, raising her own arousal up quickly, and milking my cock with her tightness. As her arousal grew, her pace sped up, and she was sweating like mad to get over that hill and into ecstasy. When she reached the pinnacle, I was ready for blastoff as well.

Her orgasm started first, and I held off for a moment, until she calmed a bit, and then I released jet after jet of cum deep inside of her. Of course, this set her off again. It was more explosive this time though. Her inner walls gripped me so tight, while she attempted to continue riding me. Her orgasm was strong, and she squirted on me, soaking the lower part of my shirt.

“Such a good little slut. Good girl.” I said, and felt her dripping pussy squeeze me a few times.

Before she could even rise up enough to get off of my still hard cock, Katie was gone from my side, and in front of me, already grabbing my cock from under Dani's ass. The moment I was free of the silky confines of Dani, Katie had dived down, and took half my length in her mouth. She fell to her knees, never allowing me to escape her lips, and face fucked herself at length, while Dani climbed off of me.

“Well now. Someone is hungry for dessert.” I said with a laugh.

“Mmmhmmmm” She responded as she gave me a little hummer.

It was getting a little uncomfortable to be standing up while fucking each girl. I needed to sit down or be on top. When I mentioned this to the others, they started to scatter, and head to the couches to play with each other, or masturbate, in the hopes that they'd be next.

Erin, Cara, and Melinda took the bigger couch, and each had their legs spread, crossing over their neighbor's leg, essentially holding each other wide open. Nikki was on the arm of the couch next to Erin, one hand on Erin's breast, while fingering herself. Megan was seated on the point of both couch arms in the corner, with one leg on each of the 2 couches, spreading like she was doing the splits. Krystal was next to Megan on the other couch, and Emily sat next to her, enjoying herself leisurely playing with her clit.

This view I had from the kitchen was mouth watering, and I didn't want to wait long to dive into licking each and every one of their cunts. It did take a little time though, before I was ready to burst into Katie's throat. She was working me up well, but having just cum a few minutes prior, it took time.

When it did happen, she got to swallow about 5 shots, before her mouth popped off of me, as she fell back on her ass, and the rest sprayed across her chest and belly. She barely noticed, as she was in the throws of her own orgasm, and making a puddle of her own on the kitchen floor.

Determined to give everyone at least one orgasm before the night was out, I made my way back into the living room, and headed right for Nikki. I knelt down in front of her, and grabbed her ass to pull her to the front edge of the couch arm, so I could more easily consume her, and her juices. I then grabbed her by both inner thighs to spread her legs more, as I leaned in and licked her from taint to clit and back.

“Ooooh” she groaned out.

I began licking her around her hole, and occasionally pressing my tongue between her puffy lips to feel her silky folds against my tongue. As she wiggled around, I pressed one finger in her cunt, and curled it down toward her asshole, to explore her insides, as I continued to lick and nibble on her engorged lips. With just the one finger inside her, she tried to gyrate her hips into making that finger touch more spots inside her, but she stopped when I inserted a second finger, and twisted my wrist back and forth.

As she used both hands to play with, and pinch her nipples, I continued my assault on her kitty. Little nips on her outer lips, and deep dives inside her with fingers, and my tongue both teasing her hole. When I finally licked up to, and sucked her clit into my mouth, did she jerk a bit, moaning as I teased it's tip with my fluttering tongue. I'd let it snap back out of my mouth, before capturing it again, to suck hard on.

She finally went over the edge when I stuck my pinky finger into her ass, with the other fingers still buried inside her pussy. Her gyrations were much more exaggerated as I didn't let up on her clit through her intense orgasm. She did mewl a bit when I removed my fingers, and kissed her inner thigh, before standing up in front of her. Before she came down very far from her orgasm, I lined up my thick cock at her entrance, and slowly pushed inside her.

Grabbing a hold of both of her large breasts, I began to saw in and out of her slit. She grabbed at Erin's tit again, while I gripped her own chest, squeezing the tit flesh out between my fingers, while gliding in and out of her dripping cunt. I kept her on the brink of another orgasm for a few minutes, slowing down when she was near her peak, and pounding into her as her breathing became more normal.

I leaned down, and fed myself one of her nipples into my mouth, and began sucking on it like she was going to feed me her breast milk. I continued to suck hard on her little nub while still pounding her, until finally, I let her cum again, squeezing, and rippling around my cock inside her. That brought me to the edge, and I began shooting off inside her. Jet after jet of my seed pouring into her tight channel as she convulsed around me.

As I cried out my orgasm, Megan got up off the couch arm, and came around and as I pulled out of Nikki, she quickly buried her face into Nikki's cunt, diving in for a taste of my spend. As I watched this, I moved over to the middle of the couch, and pulled Cara by the neck up and to my erect rod, which she welcomed into her mouth, teasing, and cleaning off Nikki's pussy juice, and traces of my cum.

I let her suck on me for just a few moments, before I pulled back, knelt down, and lined up with her petite pussy. I rubbed my mushroom head up and down her slit, and even teased at her asshole, before pressing inside her tight pussy. She gasped at my quick intrusion to her divine cock sleeve. Then a long low moan escaped her lips, as I began to pull out, before slowly going balls deep into her.

As I teased her with my length, I reached to each side, and slid my hands down the inner thigh of both Erin and Melinda to either side of Cara, until I reached their honey pots, and rubbed my hand up and down a few times, making sure I pressed the palm of my hand on their clits. Erin grabbed my wrist, and essentially used my hand to masturbate herself. She would reach down and push one of my fingers inside of her, and then start jerking my wrist in circles to finger fuck herself.

Melinda just went with the flow, and was pinching her nipples, and pulling on them, while watching my face as I fucked her couch neighbor. The sultry look on her face was enough for me to enthusiastically play with her pussy, sticking 2 fingers inside of her, and yanking them curled up into her outer wall, following each thrust of my hips inside of my latest cock sleeve, Cara.

Megan suddenly groaned loudly on my left, as she leaned back some after eating out Nikki, and came all over the floor below her, after she consumed some of my cum. I watched her convulse on her heels as she came, and then looked back at the light blonde haired slut my dick was buried in, and pressed on, slapping my balls against her ass as I pounded her.

Apparently, I wasn't doing my other two sluts any justice, and my hands were not doing it for either of the girls, while fucking Cara. Melinda began playing with her clit, and all but brushing my hand out of the way, yet allowing my fingers to stay inside her. Erin kept a grip on my arm, and masturbated with my hand, forcing my hand to rub her clit at her pace.

Sliding in and out of Cara's tight velvety fuck hole was churning my balls and I knew I wouldn't last for long. She was twerking her hips, trying to get me to pound her faster, and I complied, as well as I could with my attention in 3 spots.

She started erratically shaking her hips, and fell over the edge into orgasm, and her cunt gripped me tight inside her. This sent me over the edge as well, and I filled her pussy with jet after jet of cum, to the point of it squirting out around my shaft. As I pulled out slowly, the dribble became a river. Melinda jumped up on the couch on her knees, and dove in between Cara's legs from the side, on the hunt for my cum to lick up.

Melinda's legs tried to straighten out in her convulsing stemming from her cum induced orgasm, and almost pushed herself over Cara's legs and onto the floor. She held on by gripping Cara's thigh as she tongued her hole, and I caught her shoulder with my right hand just in time.

My left hand continued to play with Erin's pussy, as she manipulated how it was used, by hanging onto my arm. I began to take back control, and shoved 3 fingers inside her, and wildly wiggling my arm, shaking the curled fingers inside her.

The squelching sound coming from Erin's pussy was loud in the room, and we worked at sending her over the edge together. Her pussy was dripping down to her ass as she worked her clit, and I rapidly fingered her hole. Nikki, to my left, continued to play with Erin's large breast, and nipple, squeezing and pulling on it.

She was the last of all of my girls that still hadn't cum yet, and I was determined to get her there. I moved over so I was between her legs, and removed my hand and fingers that were inside her, only to replace them with my thick cock. I didn't waste any time in shoving myself balls deep inside her channel, hammering her cervix.

“Ahhhhh!” She cried out, but only upped the tempo of her hips humping at me.

Her hand stayed attached to her clit, frantically rubbing it back and forth. I ran my hands up her torso, to just under her huge tits, and began to thrust into her hard and pull back slowly. I was truly enjoying the softness of her pussy, as it constricted on me time and again, trying to milk my cock of more cum. I was sure to give her some, but I'd have to work up to it.

The rest of the girls were either quietly masturbating lightly, not really going for another orgasm, but just staying slightly aroused, or they were helping clean up, or getting dressed. All of them were still paying attention to me, and Erin, as they did their thing.

I began to speed up my thrusts, and gripped both of Erin's breasts as best that I could as their size overflowed my hands greatly. Still, I played with them, and the hard little nubs on their tips. Pinching them, or rubbing them back and forth, was enough to illicit a groan from her lips. I then leaned down to take a nipple in my mouth, and started sucking on it. I knew it was too early to get anything out of her breast right now, but soon, I'd be able to breastfeed whenever I wanted. Doubly so with Melinda, who still was digging her tongue into Cara's sex.

“Ooooh! Yes! Ungh Suck uh my titties!” she breathed out in between my thrusts.

I wasn't going to let her down. I continued to suck on one nipple, and then to keep the other from being jealous, I'd switch over to it, and suck that much more. This was helping her climb to a grand ending, and I was feeling it too. As her pussy continued to milk my cock, I continued to thrust quickly, and fully into her until my balls boiled over.

It only took the first jet of my baby batter to set her off into her own big orgasm. I shot 7 jets of cum inside of her, I think, but was enough at any rate. Her hips gyrated enough to pop me out of her slick pussy, and I shot a few more globs up on her stomach.

“Everybody! Cum!” I commanded loudly for all of my girls to hear.

Everyone groaned, and moaned through another orgasm. I just wanted to send them on their way still dripping wet, but satisfied. After a few moments, I started getting kisses from everyone that was going to be leaving the house for the night.

Soon, I was alone with Emma, Dani, and Nikki for the night. It was getting to be pretty late in the evening. I went to the kitchen to have a glass of water, and then headed to the bedroom. The others hadn't bothered to get dressed, and followed me in the room to claim their place at my sides in bed. I laid down close to center, and then Emma climbed in on my right, and Dani behind her, and then, as she was climbing into bed, Nikki hovered over me, with her breasts hanging right above my mouth. I took a moment to suck on one breast, and then moved her over to my left side. Everyone climbed under the covers, and cuddled in with me.

I was out in minutes.

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