Geocatched Part 15

by ARandomGuy

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Geocatched Part 15

My morning started out as it usually did. I woke when I felt someone licking my balls, and then realized that my cock was down their throat, as well. Dani's light brown hair covered her work on me, and then I burst. I shot two jets of my cum down her throat directly to her stomach. She pulled back enough to hold the remaining 4 jets in her mouth before swallowing.

Nikki was still beside me, claiming me, it seemed, as her arm was across to my right shoulder, and her left leg also was across my belly, with the heel of her foot at my thigh. I had only a view of a thigh, and then just beyond it, the light brown hair slowly bobbing up and down, milking me of every drop.

“Good morning, slut!” I said to Dani, as I successfully disentangled myself from Nikki's hold, so I could stand and stretch at bedside.

“Happy morning to you, Sir.” She replied, smiling, as she rolled over, on the bed, and stretched herself. Arms above her head making her breasts rise as much as they flattened out, as she lay on her back.

Then I got curious as to where my 3rd slut was. I didn't smell any breakfast cooking yet, but then I heard the shower turn off in the bathroom. I quickly tweaked one of Dani's nipples before I walked out the door.

I found the bathroom door partially ajar, pushed it open and had a beautiful sight in front of me. One of the shortest girls of my little harem, and one of the bigger busts, with a towel over her shoulders, leaning on the counter, as she applied some lip gloss in the mirror.

I walked in, sliding in behind her, dropped the towel she had to the floor, and reached around her, right hand on her belly, the other gripping her right breast, gently fondling it. I pulled her as much as I leaned in toward her, allowing my cock to be crushed into the top of her ass crack. As I leaned down to kiss her shoulder, I whispered in her ear.

“Good morning, my slut. How are you feeling?” I asked, as I nibbled her ear.

“Mmmmm, Sir. I feel so horny. I wanted to make myself more presentable to you, after last night.” She moaned as she leaned her head back against my shoulder, dropping the makeup on the counter.

My right hand made little circles across her torso, and slid farther south as it did. Eventually, my fingers found themselves circling a hardened little nub above a wet valley. I slid two fingers between her lips, and moistened them before toying with her clit, or pinching her lips together around her clit. The manipulations only increased her arousal, and I wasn't going to stop any time soon.

“Remember back when you joined this little group of hotties?” I asked as I pinched and pulled on her nipple.

“Yesss” She replied, her legs wanting to give out.

“You wore that slutty little form fitting dress, showing off your body.” I said.

“Yes, Sir! Mmmmm” She replied.

“You didn't want my finger up your ass, while I fucked your tight little kitty, did you?” I asked.

I cupped her whole cunt in my hand, allowing my middle finger to dip into her pussy, as I rubbed my hand up and down, pressing the heel of my hand on her clit.

“No, Sir! I was new to that feeling. I felt so dirty.” she said.

“And how do you feel about it now?” I asked the worked up slut, as she wiggled around in my grasp, trying to climb over the precipice and into immense pleasure.

“Oh, GOD... I love it! Mmmm.” She moaned into my ear.

“Good girl.” I said, as I released her cunt, pulled back, squatting down a bit, and positioned my cock between her legs, to stroke into her wetness.

I held myself down near her height as I stroked back and forth, replacing my hand on her juicy cunt, pressing my cock between her folds. I quickly became rather slick as my cock was covered in her juices. I pressed my head inside her tight folds for a second, and then directed my tip toward her even tighter asshole.

I slowly pressed against the barrier of her brown star with the head of my cock, forcing it to spread her open. She didn't allow me to enter her rear very easily. She still kept her back door tight, and once in a while, would relax again. As she played with me, I just pressed harder.

“Don't you close your eyes. I want you to watch yourself get fucked in the ass.” I whispered in her ear.

Her hands were firmly planted on the edge of the sink as I continually pressed myself up into her back door. Once I popped into her hole, I rested for a moment, to let her get used to the size again. As I was squatting down to enter her, my legs were burning a bit, so I began to just stand up, which forced my cock deeper into her 5'3” frame.

The deeper I went, the closer to standing I was. By the time I was standing straight again, I was balls deep inside her, and she was almost dangling from my cock, as her toes barely touched the ground. The look in her eyes spoke only of pleasure, and her gaping mouth, in shock, of having my cock buried inside her, and her being lifted off the floor.

I gripped her around the waist with one hand, and kept the other holding her massive tit flesh, as I began to saw in and out of her tight ass. This also lifted her off the ground on each thrust. Her grunts coming with each thrust. I'd put her down on her feet, and then forcefully push up into her, all but launching her up into the air, save her toes.

By now, the other girls had come to the bathroom entrance, and was watching as I sodomized their sister slut. A quick look at them showed lust in their eyes, and a hand between their legs. Emma could just see them in the mirror too, but kept looking at herself being pumped full of man meat.

Her constant grip of my cock was tight enough to almost keep her from launching off of my cock with each up thrust. It felt so good, and I knew I was going to blow a huge load up her ass. That silky feeling when I'm inside her is too much. Our fucking was powerful for both of us, I think. Her groans were coming more often already, and her grip on me tightened even more. In moments, she was probably going to cum hard.

It was just a few thrusts later, that she succumbed to the pleasure, and she cried out her release.

“Ahhhhh! Fuckfuckfuck! YES!” she cried.

She held on for dear life on the sink, as I moved my hands to her hips, before picking up the pace, and strength of each thrust. I was on a mission to destroy that ass, and fill it up with my seed. As I pounded her, I looked around the sink area, and saw one of my special butt plugs.

Did she have that in last night and I didn't notice? Had she gotten it out of her bag in the living room? I guess it doesn't matter now. She can keep all my cum deep inside her for the day now.

I started to lift her off my cock as I pulled mostly out of her each time, and then forcefully drop her onto my it again. She gave up on trying to stand up during this lengthy fuck, and bent both legs so they gripped my thighs, her feet hooked around behind me, as I fucked her raw.

My balls tightened up a few minutes later, as I slammed her down on my cock over and over again. I was set to blast off inside her ass. A few strokes more, and I pushed myself as deep as I could, before I shot the first of many globs of cum up into her bowels, which set her off again in her own orgasm.

“SHITfuckfuckmefuckme! YESSS!” she screamed out in the cramped acoustics of the bathroom.

My swollen head let loose another volley of cum, and then more. I was going to remember this fuck for a long time. It felt glorious when I finished shooting off inside of her, and her body clamping onto my cock, holding me inside, and milking me for all I was worth.

I pulled out of her, and all but dropped her to the floor, her feet quickly getting under her. We were both breathing heavily, as I reached over to the polished metal of the butt plug I saw, and helped firmly inserted it up her ass. Then I gave her a deep kiss when she turned around to hug me.

Now, it's my turn to get a morning shower in, so I release her from my arms, and slid over to the shower stall, turning on the water. Once I stepped in, I dipped my head under the water, spraying my face, waking me up even more, and then started scrubbing my body all over. As I did, I felt a hand grab my still inflated cock, and stroke it a few times. I cleared my eyes just in time to see Emma kiss the head of my cock.

Seconds later, my cock has another hand on it, and I am looking into the smiling eyes of Nikki, in the shower, blocking the water stream from hitting me, while stroking me. She was the odd one out today, so I understood her need. I reached up and tweaked both of her engorged nipples, and then took one into my mouth to suck on.

She continued to stroke me off, while holding my head in place, so I could suck on her nipple. I didn't mind being held to her breast, and I started teasing her nipple by flicking my tongue across the tip. I received a soft moan from that, as I reached up and began fondling her other mammoth mammary.

Her strokes on me were getting insistent, and she stepped closer to me, while also pressing my cock down so it slid between her legs, rubbing on her pussy. This only improved the feeling for me, but she wasn't done. She soon stood on her toes, improving her 5'9” frame a few more inches, to the point that she could direct me into her deep channel.

When she slid down my length, it was my turn to groan in response to such a great feeling. She kept me buried inside her for a few moments, just enjoying my size stretching her open, before rotating her hips to stimulate us both. I released her nipple from my mouth, and whispered in her ear.

“You feel great.” I said. From the side, you would just see us pressing our sexes together, but not know I was inside her.

“Mmmmm” was her response, as she continued to rotate her hips, allowing my cock to touch every spot inside her velvety sheath.

I knew she was in a race to receive an orgasm for the morning, and I didn't want to hinder that for her. Breakfast was probably going to be soon, too, so I thrust up into her a few times. In response, she kept at wiggling on my pole. She grabbed me around the neck, and rode me. Being an inch taller than me made it easy for both of us to be on our feet while she was riding me.

I wasn't holding back anything as we fucked standing up. I wasn't going to make our joining last as long as with Emma, by a long shot. I was fucking to cum. My thrusts grew in strength, and length. I'd pull out almost all the way by squatting down slightly, and stand up quickly, thrusting my hip as I went.

Her massive chest jiggled and bounced in my face as I thrust into her. I grabbed both of those flesh bags, played with them, and thumbing both nipples, as I couldn't contain their total mass in my hands. She kept her head on my left shoulder as she wiggled her hips in time with my thrusts.

“Mmmm yesss.. gimme uh that cum uh, Sir! Fuck meeee!” she moaned into my ear.

It was getting hard to fuck standing up. My legs were starting to burn a bit from the squats required to thrust up into her with any real effort.

“Fuck yourself on my cock! Milk me with your cunt.” I said to her.

Her gyrations grew in strength immediately, and her grip on my shaft was very noticeable. She easily rubbed her clit on my pelvic bone as she gyrated on me. The water would flow down her chest once in a while, if she backed up enough, but I was completely out of the water but for what made it over her shoulders. This water also made our union slapping sounds very pronounced, spraying water to both sides of us.

I knew she'd hit her orgasm before I would, but that just made my cock harder, knowing that her pussy would end up milking me, tightly clinching me as she rode my rod. I hoped she'd get there first so she could set me off. I had a good pace set, and my balls were beginning to boil.

Just then, Emma came back into the bathroom, wearing just unbuttoned shirt of mine, and came right to us both. She but one hand on my butt, and the other on Nikki's, and kissed me quickly, before informing us that breakfast was ready. As she told us to hurry up, she snuck a finger down both of our asses, and poked them up into our assholes.

What a sly little slut she was. That little maneuver sent me over the edge first, but Nikki wasn't far behind. Once I started cumming inside her, her gyrations changed haphazardly, as she went over the edge. Emma still had a finger in both of us as she watched us cum in front of her.

As we both came down from our highs, I felt as though I wouldn't be able to escape the pussy holding my cock hostage, it was so tightly being held within her. I did end up extracting myself enough to back up, once Emma removed her fingers.

Before she could get away though, I grabbed Emma's arm, and whispered in her ear.

“You get to clean her up.” I told her, and then I reached around to turn off the water.

I wanted to watch them get cleaned up, but I was more hungry, so I quietly left them alone, and went out to find Dani scrambling many eggs, while dishing out the bacon, also in large quantities. She was also only dressed in an unbuttoned dress shirt, and an apron over the top, so as to not get any grease burns.

I stood there just looking at her ass that was covered completely by the shirt tail, and thanking my lucky stars. Not only do I have one of my wet dreams making me breakfast, but I had multiple other wet dreams of mine, at my beck and call. I really had it all now. Pussy any time I wanted to get my dick wet, any time of day or night. They were all mine! Willingly, after a fashion.

That brought up the morality of what I'd done to all of these girls. Did I fuck up their lives by taking control of them? Would have there been a chance at a relationship with any of them, if I had just asked, instead of commanding them?

The old me, who was bullied to the ends of the earth and back, would question everything I am now, but have the answer of, yes, I had ruined their lives in some way. I wouldn't have deserved any of them anyway, and I should just feel lucky to know a few of them at all, let alone have them in my life in such a way. I'd probably be the laughing stock if I tried asking any of them out without the necklace.

I was shaken back to reality when I heard a scream from the bathroom. I shook my head, and came up behind Dani, reaching around to grab her breasts, and leaned in to her ear.

“Thank you.” I told her.

“You're welcome, Sir!” she replied.

I figure she was thinking I just thanked her for breakfast, instead of being one of my sluts. I decided that I would somehow thank all of my girls, whether they understood why or not, didn't matter. Maybe I already had been saying it silently with my tri-weekly dates with them all. Taking them out, treating them to dinner and whatnot, and bringing out the slut in them in public was just added torture for them, besides being stuck with me.

Somehow, I promised myself that I would show my appreciation to them, despite being forced into my harem.

I released her chest, and backed up, looking around to find a plate piled high with protein and heavenly flavors and tastes. I noticed that the other plates had the same food, but a little bit less. I grabbed at my plate, sticking one piece of bacon in my mouth, as I saw the other girls coming into the kitchen. I sat at the head of the table, and the others soon joined me.

It wasn't a super happy conversation, as both Emma and Nikki had to work. No rest for the wicked. Even though it was a long weekend for the 4th, it would probably be a busy evening of diners at the bar & grill they worked at. Everyone else enjoying the time off, at the expense of those few that needed to work. At least they should get some good tips tonight.

Dani, of course, had to do some studying as well. She had the long weekend, but summer school won't wait, and she needed a good grade.

I'm not sure what most of the other girls were doing today, but we would all hopefully be together tomorrow, for the 4th. We'll all be able to watch the fireworks that the city puts on at the campus stadium.

All I knew for sure, was that it was date night. I'd have the evening alone with Erin, Melinda, and Krystal. Until then, I was going to take it rather easy today, sit back, and watch a few movies with whoever was around.

I set myself up for movie day before anyone left, and they all wanted to spend a bit more time with me, before running off to live their lives for the day. My first movie I chose was The Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, which Dani wasn't into at all, and Emma and Nikki were just mildly interested. After all, I was expecting to be alone for a while, and wanted to watch it again.

Dani, being the one to sit by me, shuffled around until she was on her knees on the couch, and then leaned over, trying to take my shorts off. She finally did get my bottoms off since she wasn't giving up and I relented eventually.

I hardened in her mouth, and she hummed happily, as she licked every inch, before she sucked me into her mouth again. The other girls were on the couches, watching Dani work on me, rather than the movie, before Nikki got down on her knees, and came over between my legs, bending down, and taking one of my balls into her mouth.

They both worked on me, but not quickly. They wanted to prolong these oral attentions as long as they could. I had my left hand in Nikki's hair, and my right in Dani's, not forcing them at all. Just guiding them once in a while.

They held me on the edge for more than half the movie, before upping the tempo of stroking, licking, and occasional sucking. My balls ached from holding off for so long, but I had them sucked on for a while, so it made it a little easier to cope.

When I did finally lose control, and started cumming, Dani caught a few ropes in her mouth, and then one on her chin as she pulled back, and then she directed the rest down at Nikki's face. It felt as though my balls had run dry, though I know I'd have more cum rather quickly, if history has taught me anything. Clean up was a breeze as I got to watch as both girls began licking my cum off of each other's faces. Having their own orgasms was a bonus for them servicing me for so long.

Nikki got up, and gave me a wet kiss before trying to collect Emma from her masturbation session as she watched us, while sprawled out on the couch facing away from the tv. They were pulling doubles at work and needed to get going.

“Don't forget your vibrators tonight.” I told them once Emma bent over and gave me a long kiss.

“Oooh! OK.” Emma said with a wink. “Planning on making me cum while serving a table tonight?”

“Maybe I am.” I responded.

“You're so mean!” Emma said, with a smirk on her face.

“Yup. I'm evil.” I said, and laughed like an evil movie character. “MuahahaHAHAHA!”

“You need to work on that a little more, Sir.” Nikki said, giggling.

“And you need to go to work!” I said, as I slapped her on her ass, on her way out the door.

I was able to finish the first movie, and most of Hunt for Red October before Emily showed up at the house to keep me company, and a late lunch, before she had to go into work herself. Not much was said, but I still felt that I had good company. She laid back against me on the couch as we watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

At the end of the movie, I sent her away to head into her work for the evening, and jumped into the shower to get ready for date night. I expected the girls to start showing up at almost any time. They all seemed to be excited for tonight. I didn't really have a plan for the evening, other than where to go to eat.

I was sculpting my facial hair I'd let grow for a few days, and cleaned it up some, when Krystal walked into the hallway where I could see her. She wore a knee length dress that was backless, other than a thin string tied up, pulling the cloth around her bust rather tight, and showed off every curve. A shining navy blue in color set off her equally shiny green eyes. Her red hair was back in a messy bun, and just a touch of make up around her eyes, and lips. There were no undergarment lines anywhere.

I was sprung, as I looked at her doing a slow spin to show off her figure in the tight fitting dress. The blue heels made her 5'5” frame end up standing eye to eye with me, as she reached out and stroked my exposed cock.

“Like what you see?” She said and squeezed gently a few times.

“I do, but if you continue playing with me, your look could be ruined quickly. We don't want that do we?” I asked her.

“I suppose you're right.” She winked at me, and gave one last stroke of my rod.

“Why don't you go out to the couch, pull up that skirt, and play with yourself until the girls show up?” I suggested to her.

Once finished in the bathroom, I headed into the bedroom to finish preparing for the evening. Dressing in charcoal slacks, and a pair of shiny black shoes with a slight heel. Then I put on a blue polo shirt, and tucked it into the pants. Back to the bathroom for a bit of cologne, brushing of the teeth, and combing my hair.

Just then, I heard the door open, and then close. I heard nothing other than a small gasp, so I went out to the living room to see Erin and Melinda watching Krystal play with her little pussy. Glancing out the window, I didn't see a car.

“You walked down here in that?” I asked, surprised. They live about a half mile away.

“Yes. Do you like?” Erin struck a pose.

She was in a black strapless dress, with excess cleavage from her D cups, and I could easily see her pierced nipples through the dress. It was pulled tight at the waist by an inch thick white belt, setting off the black of the gown, and tightly hugging her hips and ass, to end just a bit down her thighs. Her heels were about 2 inch spikes.

Melinda was similarly dressed in a maroon gown that ended at mid thigh, strapless, but with frills over the upper arms attached. It hugged her petite chest nicely, as the rest was form fitting. She also had a pair of fuck me heels a bit taller than Erin's. The blonde hair set off nicely with the dress color.

“Yes. I do. Wow!” I answered, just staring at them both.

I realized, after drooling, that I wasn't dressed up enough. I turned on my heel, and went back to the bedroom for a silk black button up top, and a black tie with flame designs in red. When I stepped back into the living room, Krystal had finished up her masturbation, and all 3 girls were standing around, chatting, and giggling.

Their chatter stopped when I walked into the room, and I received a wolf whistle from Krystal. I guess they liked me all dressed up like this. I went to each of them, gave a small hug, kiss on the cheek, and then ushered them out the door to my car.

Krystal took shotgun, and the pregnant girls took the back seat together. Once I was on the road, I placed my hand on Krystal's thigh, just under the hem of the skirt, and began drawing circles with my fingers. She spread her legs so I'd have easier access.

“Did you cum?” I asked her.

“No, Sir.” She responded.

“Good girl.” I praised her, letting my hand wander up her thigh, pushing the skirt along with it.

That's where I kept my hand for the whole drive. About an inch away from her honey pot. I felt how hot it was down there, but kept myself collected, and not teasing her more. The girls in the back seat were behaving themselves as well.

We arrived at the restaurant outside of town, in maybe 25 minutes, and it was torturous to Krystal. She would keep trying to move my hand up, or scrunch farther down in the seat so my hand would slide higher, but it didn't work as she wished.

We pulled into the establishment's parking area, and found a spot near where I parked last time. It created a long walk, but also kept the car in shadows. There weren't that many cars in the lot tonight. Everyone must be off camping, or just getting away for the long weekend.

Everyone was as tall, or taller than I am with those heels they're wearing. When I reached down to Erin and Melinda, who were on either side of me, and grabbed their asses, they jumped a bit, but kept walking. Krystal was up in front, walking a little ahead, and reached the door long before the 3 of us did.

She held the door open for the rest of us, and was met inside by a cute blonde in a short black skirt, black blouse hiding bountiful treasures, and black heels, with a string of pearls around her neck, hanging deep into her cleavage. Her hair was braided down to midway down her back.

“Hello, and good evening to you folks. I'm Clair, and I'll be your Hostess tonight. Table for four?” she asked, looking us over.

“Yes, and we'd like to be in that back corner in Stephanie's section, if possible.” I said.

“OK, well, it looks like it's open for you as there aren't many people here tonight.” she said.

Just as she said this, while looking around, Stephanie walked out of the kitchen area, and saw us standing there. She turned on her heels, and came right over to us to say hi. Just then, one of her tables called her away to complain about something stupid.

“If you'd please follow me..?” Clair gestured with a sweeping hand, and walked toward our favored corner, collecting 4 menus on her way.

She led us back to a booth next to the one I had the prior time, just a little farther away, and in a low lit corner of the restaurant. As she started placing the menus, we began to slide into the booth, with Krystal first, then myself, Erin, and Melinda on the end.

“I'll send Stephanie right over to take your drink orders. Is there anything else I can help you with?” Clair asked.

“Actually, yes, there is.” I said as I fish out the necklace from beneath my shirt, and hold it up to the light. “Could you look at this?”

The other eyes around me came up to see the gleam in the light, but Clair latched on with her eyes, and was gone deep into trance.

“Sleep sluts.” I said to the others around me, and they all drop into trance.

“Clair, you are now my slut, mind, body, and soul. You aim to please me in any way you can. Any command of mine, you will follow. You must be honest with me. I have the only cock you want, or need. You are bisexual now, in case you weren't. You'll get my number from Stephanie, and text me any and all photos of you that are erotic, or naked. You become very wet and horny when near me, or thinking of me. You'll also suck my cock before I leave tonight. When I say 'sleep slut', you will go back into the trance you find yourself in now.” I commanded my new slut.

“And.. wake up.” I say to the whole table, and Clair in front of me, as I again hide my necklace.

“Wha.. what was I saying? I think I just blanked there for a minute.” she said.

“No worries.” I said. “I was just admiring your lips.”

“ lips.., Sir?” she stuttered, inquiring.

“Yes. I was just thinking that I'd love to have them wrapped around my cock before the meal begins.

She looked at me with wide eyes, and then glanced around the table at the other girls, before looking at me again.

“Sir, you can't be suggesting that I” she started, before I interrupted her.

“Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting. Stephanie can cover for you while you're busy.” I said. “Before the meal is served, you'll crawl under the table and suck me off.”

“Uhm.. I, well, I'll see what I can do, Sir.” she said, looking at the other girls, who all looked up at her.

“You're so lucky.” Erin said to her. “He tastes great!”

“Oh, yes.. Clair, these are a few of my sluts. This is Erin, Melinda, and Krystal” I said, indicating each in turn.

“Yeah, uhm.. if you'll excuse me, I need to return to the front.” She said, turning bright red, as she turned around and headed to her station.

Stephanie showed up just moments later, and took our drink orders.

“Slut, after you take our food orders, you'll trade places with Clair, and send her our way, OK?” I said.

“Yes, Sir.” she replied, before walking off to fill our drinks at the bar.

While she's filling our drinks, we peruse the menu, and decide on our meals for the night. It didn't take long for her to return, and give us our drinks.

“Are you ready to order?” Stephanie asked.

“I think so.” I said, and directed her toward the girls to start first. When she was done taking the orders, she turned, took a step, and turned back to us.

“Should I allow Clair to come over now?” she inquired.

“Please.” I said.

Stephanie walked away, took our order to the kitchen, answered a few questions from other customers, before going up to Clair, and whispering in her ear. Clair whipped her head around to look back at our table, and then nodded to Stephanie. Within a few moments, Clair was again standing before our table.

“Hello again, slut. I believe you know what needs to be done?” I said to her.

“Yes, Sir.” she said, before looking at the rest of the restaurant, in case anyone was looking our way.

The coast must have been clear, as she suddenly, and quickly, fell to her knees, blushing deeply, and ducked under the table. I soon felt hands on my thighs, and I opened them wide so she could do her job. She reached for the zipper, and slid it down, before reaching inside the slacks, and taking my throbbing cock in hand. She gasped when she pulled it out of it's confinement.

I felt her hot breath on the tip of my cock before I felt her lips brush the tip of it. She gave it a little kiss, and then did the same down the shaft. She'd stroke me before kissing me again. I reached down until I reached her left breast, and massaged it through her blouse and bra. When I found her nipple, I pulled it toward me a bit.

She took that as a signal, and started to put me inside her mouth. I continued to play with her tit as she took a few inches of my meat inside her hot mouth, and licking the underside of the crown.

“While you're down there, slut, take off your panties, and give them to me.” I said.

Her hands left my shaft, but she continued to suck on the tip of my cock, taking more and more each time. Her maneuvers under the table forced her mouth farther down, and into her throat at one point, and then she was back to just the tip, before a hand came up to table level with a fancy lace g-string. I took the damp garment from her, and placed it beside my drink.

Krystal laid her hand on Clair's head, and began to guide her on my shaft, forcing her down, and pulling her up. I just sat back, and enjoyed the sensations from her very skilled mouth. Erin, on the other side of me had an arm reaching down below the table top, and I'd guess that her hand had taken over playing with Clair's breast.

Clair was doing everything right, and a few new tricks, trying to get me off. It was definitely working, and Krystal's hand was still working on shoving her face into my pubes, and pulling her off of me all together so she could breathe. She would occasionally stroke my cock when it wasn't buried in her throat. The other hand must be elsewhere below her skirt, wiggling back and forth on her clit.

Above the table top, I continued to drink my wine, as did the others drinking their choice of liquid refreshment. Melinda finished off her margarita and sat back for a moment, and I had an idea.

“Melinda, clean off your glass, and put it down under Clair's pussy, to collect her juices.” I said, and she smiled.

I took the opportunity to grab my phone, and captured the moment with the camera, when Melinda scraped the top of her glass across Clair's pussy, placing it just below her dripping pussy. Her eyes were wide, and her lips were wide, as she continued to take my length down her throat while watching me.

I also took a moment, opened the remote app, and started up 2 remote eggs belonging to Emma and Nikki. I'm sure they need a little thrill at work. I only turned them on to the lowest settings, and let them buzz for a few minutes, and then switched them up to half way.

Stephanie, I noticed wasn't at the hostess stand when I looked around the restaurant, but smiled when I saw that she was bringing meals out to a table. It ended up that she was coming to our table with our food.

“Here is your meal for the night. I hope you enjoy it.” She commented. “By the way, have you seen Clair? I need to get back to tables.”

Just about then my balls began to boil, and I shot off into Clair's mouth. 7 big jets of cum shot down her throat, or into her mouth. This, of course, set Clair off on her own orgasm under the table, possibly filling the glass. Once Stephanie finished speaking, Clair was backing out from under the table on her knees, still shaking a bit, and grabbed the martini glass as she stood up.

“Here is your glass, Sir.” she quietly informed me, as she placed it before my plate. It was a little over half full.

“Thank you, slut. I'm sure I'll enjoy the drink.” I said and winked at her.

Stephanie looked back and forth between the two of us, and then the other girls, looking like she was rather jealous of Clair, and also shocked that I used her as a cum receptacle with these other ladies watching.

“I hope this won't cause any disruption or delays, but I have another thing for you both to do. You both will go to the bathroom, and Clair, you will remove Stephanie's panties and bring them to me, placing them on the edge of the table.” I commanded.

I heard a groan from both of them, as they both nodded at me. Clair walked off first toward the restroom, and Stephanie fidgeted a bit before following her coworker.

It took about 5 minutes, but finally Stephanie came out of the restroom with a smile on her face. Clair came out a few minutes later, with a piece of red cloth bunched in her hand, her face about as red as the cloth, embarrassed at her role for the moment. She came over to the table, and gently laid the proffered garment on the table for all to see, before hustling away to attend her station.

“Why did that take so long?” I asked.

“I took advantage of her head being so close to my pussy, and had her lick me.” Stephanie said.

“That sounds fun!” I said. “When does she get off work?”

“In just a little while. After 8, we don't really need a hostess, since the business slows down a lot.” She responded.

“Perfect! See that she stops by our table before she leaves.” I told her, while manipulating the remote app for a more enjoyable moment or two.

I get a text from Emma shortly after I turn the eggs down again.

EMMA: Holy shit, Sir! Thank you.

ME: Of course, slut.

EMMA: Nikki was at a table, and barely had time to put their food on the table before it hit. Somehow, she kept up appearances of being normal.

ME: Good. Glad I could help keep the night entertaining.

NIKKI: Oh FUCK! Sir! That was so HOT! Thank you!

ME: Good to know, slut. Enjoy your evening.

NIKKI: I will, Sir!

I was just sending my last text to Nikki when Clair showed up at the table, eyeing the scrap of cloth that still held it's place at the edge of the table.

“Oh, hi Clair. I hear you're getting off soon. Care to meet us when you leave?” I asked.

“Uhmm, sure. I mean, yes. I can.” She stuttered.

“Good.” I said, and explained where my car was and a few instructions, before sending her back to her station.

As we finished our meals, I kept an eye on Clair, and soon enough, I saw her walking out the door with a nervous glance back our way. We all stayed for another 20 minutes or so before finally getting up to leave. Stephanie came over with the bill, and I paid it, minus the tip, as I'd give her a tip later.

I finally picked up the panties on the table as we were walking out, and stuffed them into my pocket with the other panties. When we crossed paths, I told Stephanie to meet us at our car when she left, and then we walked out slowly, talking a bit about what happened in the restaurant.

We began hearing little noises. A sigh here, and a groan there, getting louder as we got closer to the car. I could just make out a head moving around a bit, in the shadows that claimed the area. We started to creep closer, until we were all upon the car, and I rounded the corner to see what I'd done.

Clair, hair down across her shoulders, naked as the day she was born, with a hand down in her sloppy wetness, and the other gripping a teardrop breast, and squeezing. It was an amazing sight to see, and I stood there as she continued to masturbate in front of me. When she opened her eyes for a second, and saw me, she convulsed, and fell into a surprise orgasm from her nerves, and embarrassment. That didn't stop her from continuing her masturbation though. She did, however, stop once I walked up to her, and reached down to cup her hand over her fat pussy lips.

I leaned down and kissed her then, and slid both of our hands farther down, pressing one of her fingers with mine, deep into her wet channel. The kiss was hot, and her tongue was wild in it's search for, and wrestle with mine. When she released my mouth to catch some needed air, I dropped to my knees, and kissed her wrist, and then moved her hand out of the way, to feast my eyes on what lay before me.

She had not one hair down below, and I was pleased. Her puffy lips stood proud, and open for me. Both thighs, and her lips were glistening in the moonlight, showing me just how much she was into this coupling. I leaned in and kissed right above her clit, and her right leg lifted off the ground, and planted itself on my left shoulder. The next kiss was on her lips, before I stuck my tongue into her folds, to lick it's way back up to her clit, where I paused to suck on it, and tease it with my tongue.

The other girls at the time, came up on both sides of us, holding onto Clair's arms, and cupping her generous chest, keeping herself balanced on her one leg. I gripped her thigh on my shoulder, and with the other hand, I teased her lips closer to her opening, while continuing to suck on her clit. I suddenly released her little nub with a pop from my mouth, and licked up her entire gash, from my fingers stuffed inside her, up to her clit again.

“Uhnnn! Gah! Oh fuck!” She moaned as quietly as she could while being manipulated as she was.

I removed one finger from her cunt, and slid it backwards a bit, to play with her asshole. Her hips jerk out, forcing her cunt into my mouth, as the new sensation of anal play occurs, and she moans again. She's getting stimulation from everywhere, and can't do anything about it. Her arms are held by Erin and Krystal, as they play with her breasts, and nipples, as Melinda watches nearby, and I have her one movable leg pinned to my shoulder.

“AAAHHHH! Shitohshit!” Her orgasm comes out of nowhere, and floods around my tongue and face.

I take that moment to press my playing finger straight up into her asshole, and begin finger fucking both her pussy and ass, rapidly. This only sets her off again, and she all but rides my face, extending her explosion as long as possible. My face now covered in her expelled juices, dripping down my chin, as I stand up, still holding onto her right leg in the crook of my arm.

With my right hand, I unfasten my pants, and yank down on both pants and underwear, freeing my large cock to the steamy air around her tasty pussy. I lean in and rub the length up against her clit, and pressing my balls against her spread open lips. When I dip down enough for my cock head to split her fat lips, she catches her breath and wiggles her hips, trying to get me to fit inside her.

“What do you want, slut?” I asked as I pressed my mushroom head between her lips, and flicked it up and down, hitting her clit over and over.

“AAHH Fuckmeplease! I need your BIG COCK! Fuck me!” She cried out, as I looked around the lot, and saw a couple walking to their car, but looking our way.

“There are people watching us.” I smirked.

“Nooofuck.. whocaresfuckme!” She was embarrassed but needed my cock.

I slipped my cock down to her entrance, and pushed up until I was balls deep inside her in one quick stroke, and she lost it.

“YESSSSSSSSSS! Sooogooood!” She cried out.

I pulled out all the way, and she cried for my cock again. I allowed her the pleasure, and jammed my cock inside her again, and began stroking in and out of her at a slow, but strong pace, forcing her tits to almost jump and jiggle out of my girls' grasps with the power of the strokes. She felt so nice inside her tight little velvety cock sleeve, gripping me so tight. She milked at my cock, and grunted at every one of my thrusts.

I looked up, and again, saw the couple slowly walking to their car, but very much still watching and listening to us. Out of the corner of my eye, I also saw Stephanie quickly walking our way from the restaurant. I guess it was her break time, or her shift was over. Either way, she was quickly getting closer to us. I started thrusting harder into my newest little slut as I watched Stephanie's tits bounce in her blouse in her rush to come to me.

When she finally got to us, Clair was just a blubbering mess, grunting and groaning on every thrust, and saying things unintelligibly. I pressed my body against hers, and brushed Krystal's hand away, as I gripped one of her firm tits in my hand. I shut her up with a deep kiss, she turned very aggressive, until she needed air. When Stephanie got to us, she pressed her hand between us, and tried to stroke Clair's clit to get her off quicker.

All of this was making my balls expand in preperation, and I knew the volcano would blow soon. I sped up my strokes, and leaned back slightly, allowing Stephanie's hand more room. Clair cried out again, as she felt my cock swell up, ready to blow, and lost herself in another orgasm. Her slippery cunt rhythmically gripping my pole set me off, and I began firing off shots of cum deep inside her, filling her completely enough that my cum was already dribbling out of her cunt as I kept stroking inside her.

This, of course, set her off again for a powerful orgasm, or was it the same one, just strengthened? I didn't care. I thrusted hard into her a few more times, until I was milked dry, and pulled out quickly. Then I grabbed at Stephanie's arm, pulling her into where I was standing, and pressed her down onto her knees.

“Clean her up, slut.” I said, and stepped back to watch.

Stephanie dove in and began licking up our combined mess quickly, and hummed at the taste. As she consumed some of my cum, her hips started jerking and she gripped Clair around her thighs hard, holding her still, face in sloppy cunt, and yet orgasming as she did.

I looked over, and saw that the peeping couple had finally found their car, and started the engine. What I didn't expect, was when they instead of turning and driving away, they turned toward us, and shone their lights on us, plundering their hostess. As if just verifying what they were hearing, and barely seeing in the shadows, they slowly crept up toward us, shining their headlights on us for a few moments, and then turned around and left, probably to go home and fuck each other.

More people were beginning to exit the establishment now, and few looked our way, now that the girls were mostly silent, other than their hostess, who continued to moan as her cunt was still being eaten out, cleaning our combined juices.

When she was done, Stephanie stood up, with white cream all over her face and neck, threatening to stain her blouse. Melinda stepped up, and licked at her face, to clean her up so she could finish her shift, licking at my cum and Clair's. She moaned a bit as she had a mild orgasm, herself, from consuming my cum drops.

The other girls released her finally, and she was able to act embarrassed by covering herself, before I told her not to. Her hands went to her sides, but she was looking for her clothes. I picked them up from the hood of the car, and handed her just her blouse, and skirt.

“I'll return this tomorrow” indicating her bra, “when we all get together.” I said.

Once she was as dressed as she could be, I hugged her, and whispered in her ear.

“Sleep slut” and she slumped a bit in my arms, before I continued. “You will text me all your sexy photos you have, to ***-***-****. Any command through text will also be a command from me personally. Free up your day tomorrow of any obligations. Now, wake up” I said before releasing her.

Then I turned to Stephanie, and asked her if she had anything planned for tomorrow.

“No, Sir. We're closed so no one is working. I planned on my usual workout, cleaning, and reading a book all day.” she said.

“Good. You'll come to my house mid day, and spend your time with all your slut sisters. I'll text you the address.” I told her.

“Thank you, Sir!” She said.

Once she was dressed again, she said goodbye for now, and headed back inside to finish her shift. Stephanie stuck around, and we found out she had finished her shift already. No one else was coming in, and only a few stragglers at tables inside.

I still wanted to finish my date with the three I came here with, so I kindly sent Stephanie away, with the promise to text her tonight. We all got into the car, me in the passenger seat, and I let Krystal drive us home. Now, I have the time to text everyone.

GROUP TEXT – ME: Good evening, sluts. Tomorrow is a free day for all of us. I want you all at my house by noon. No underwear. Bring a folding chair if you have one.

I heard a few dings in the car, notifying the girls with me, that they had texts. Then, I looked at the photos that already started popping up in my text, from Clair. Damn, she's fine. I added her to a small group chat between Stephanie, Clair, Vivian, and myself.

GROUP TEXT – ME: Hello, sluts. I'm having a get together at my house, and then an adventure to watch the fireworks. I want you to be at 2590 Emerson st. at 11:30.

CLAIR: OK, Sir. See you then.

VIVIAN: It'll be great to see you again, Sir.

STEPHANIE: Yes, Sir! Can't wait.

I sat back in the seat, and closed my eyes for a few moments. The next thing I knew, I was being woken up by Krystal, and we were at the house. Once we got in the house, I looked at my phone and saw 11 of 14 return texts unread. When I asked in my tired state, I got 3 confirmations from the girls with me tonight.

Once I really woke up from my little power nap, I grabbed Erin from behind, hefting her massive chest in my hands, and whispered in her ear.

“I can't wait until these tits produce milk.” I told her.

She just answered, by reaching behind her, and stroking my hard cock through my slacks.

I felt that I needed flesh in my hands, so I reached up and pulled down the elastic of the strapless dress, and stretched it over her tits, allowing me better access to her tit flesh. Then I turned her around, gave her a deep kiss, while I pinched her pierced nipple, twisting it to and fro. When I leaned down to take the nipple in my mouth, she held me to her chest, allowing my nursing of her breast.

My hands continued to undress my slut, sliding the dress down her torso, where it stuck with her belt on, and once removed, it clattered to the floor, followed closely, by her discarded black dress. Once she stepped out of the dress, I had her step up onto the couch, and sat down with her heels holding her legs at the edge of the couch, and her pussy spread wide open between them.

I got down on my knees in front of her, and didn't waste any time diving in to lick at her pregnant pussy, licking up and down from entrance to clit. My arms split her legs apart as wide as her legs could go, and rubbed at her belly that was incubating my child, with one hand, with the other reaching up to her breast.

Melinda sat down to Erin's right, with her maroon dress already hiked up above her waist, and a finger playing with her clit, as she watched me devour her lover. Krystal spent no more time than necessary in her blue dress, and tossed it off to the other couch, as she sat to Erin's left.

Krystal began playing with Erin's piercing on her left tit, while I twisted her left nipple piercing around, as I kissed and licked at her pussy. Erin's hands couldn't stay idle as the left hand grabbed at my hair, pulling me into her, and her right went to Melinda's clit. Her moans were loud enough to wake someone up in the house.

As the moaning got louder, her hips started gyrating at a higher speed, so I knew she was going to cum soon. I picked up the pace of licking her pussy, and pinching her clit between her folds, and rubbing back and forth. This excited her even more, and when I stuck my tongue inside of her, she came with a vengeance. She leaked a pretty sizable amount, but didn't squirt. It just flowed from her sex and into my mouth, as she groaned.

I wasted no time in getting up on my knees and slapping her little clit with my cock. I slid it up and down her slit, bumping her clit each time, before finding her entrance, and pushing in slowly. Once I bottomed out, I pulled out, and rammed it home again, slapping her ass with my hanging balls. The sounds of flesh hitting flesh was loud, and the tempo picked up as I wanted to baste her insides, and soon.

It was getting easier for me to control my orgasms. Over the last few months, I've been able to cum when I want to more so than previously. This helped me out as I was sticking it to Erin. I let myself get caught up in the moment, and enjoying her tight slit hugging me so well.

My balls were churning a bit, for a while, so I just let the feelings take over. Her velvety cock sleeve gripped me all over, and helped push me over the edge, which in turn would send her over into a nice orgasm. I'm glad of that, as I try to keep it all mutual, and not often take advantage of my sluts.

Just as my cock began to spew it's first shot, I told everyone to cum with me, and we all got to enjoy the moment together. Melinda all but jumped out of her seat, as her legs came together to pin Erin's hand in place over her cunt. Krystal fumbled a bit as her left leg was over the arm of the couch, and she ended up spraying out onto the carpet.

Erin bucked against me, grunting with each of my shots of cum, and continued to ride me through her orgasm. I continued to play with her breasts, pulling on her nipple rings, with a little twist before releasing each. I stayed inside her through her pleasure, getting to experience her cunt squeeze and release on my whole cock still buried inside her.

Upon my pulling out, she had a little white river flowing down to her asshole, and the couch. She soon cupped her snatch so it wouldn't leak onto the couch much. I shuffled over to Krystal, and Erin pulled her lover off the couch and guided her between her own thighs, to clean up the mess. Melinda dove right in, and came again once she'd swallowed some of my cum mixed in with her juices.

I slapped my raging hard on onto Krystal's lower lips, and then leaned in to kiss her, before kissing her jaw, neck, and collarbone. As I moved lower, my cock slid deeply between her folds as it moved with me. When I hunched over to tease her nipples with my tongue, my cock fell into position, and I shoved myself into her cunt, as I nibbled on her puffy right nipple.

This set her off, as she was holding on, and edging since she came at my command earlier. She bucked under me, riding my cock hard, and her spread cheeks allowed my ball sack to rub on her asshole. When I pulled out, she began to whimper, but knew I'd be back, and thrust in, I did, to bottom out inside her again.

“Uhh” she grunted when I bottomed out.

Her hands were now pinching her own nipples between her fingers, and the palm of her hands, as she smiled up at me, sliding in and out of her at a leisurely pace, holding her thighs for leverage.

By now, Melinda had probably finished cleaning up my first mess of the evening, but was still between her partners legs, consuming her juices as released from the ministrations of her tongue. One of her hands was rubbing Erin's clit, while the other was probably buried in her own pussy, keeping the feelings strong for herself.

“Aahhh! Aahhh!” Erin caught her breath a few times as Melinda found a special spot to tease with her tongue.

“Mmmhmmhmm” I heard from Erin's groin, as Melinda gave her a little hummer, vibrating those tasty lips.

I slid my left hand up to Krystal's knee, and then to Melinda's back, to rub a bit, while I continued pumping my cock into Krystal. She bit her lip as she started wiggling her hips at me, trying to get me to speed up some. I obliged, slapping our sexes together enough to create a constant wet slapping noise. Those squelches drove me on, pushing harder on the strokes in, and building the friction between us.

I leaned in and kissed her again, more passionately this time, as I used one of her breasts as a handhold, squeezing it gently. Both her hands went up and held me to her by the neck, and she deepened the kiss, searching my mouth for tonsils. My cock continued to pound on her slick fuck hole at a rapid pace I felt I could hold onto for a while, even if I was tired after the long day.

I still wanted to split open Melinda with her favorite cock as well. That wasn't the driving force for my speeding up my assault on Krystal's tight cunny, but helped solidify my resolve to finish strong in her. The pace I set was working, and I felt my balls tighten up for their next explosion.

I wasn't about to turn down the feelings I was having, or that Krystal felt either, and kept battering her pussy with all my might, making her nice firm conical tits bounce as much as they could. I also knew I wouldn't last too long at this pace. My cock was feeling a little extra tight inside her, as my balls churned, ready to release a flood.

When it came, I kept pumping, though not rhythmically, as I fired each shot deep into her abused cunt. I continued to fuck her through her own orgasm, caused by my special cum.

“AAAAAAHHH!” She cried out, once she let my mouth free of our kiss.

Her body jerking over and over, her stomach muscles clinching and releasing rapidly, as she came. Her vice like grip on my cock kept milking me of every drop of cum meant for her. She held me to herself, my head in the crook of her neck, as I rode through both of our pleasure.

“Unggg” I groaned after releasing my seed completely.

Krystal put her hand down around my cock as I pulled out, and then moved to cover her cunt, so as to hold back the creampie. I stood up for a second, and just watched the girls to my left continue their love making. I looked down on Melinda, with her ass in the air, her face pressed in at the juncture of her lover's legs. I looked at her as though she was prey. I wanted her.

“Mind if I borrow Melinda?” I asked Erin. “She needs to take some dicktation.”

“Grrrr! OK, Sir!” she responded.

I grabbed Melinda by her hips and pulled her up so she was bent over her lover, and she placed one hand behind Erin's head on the back of the couch. The other one went down to Erin's cunt. I teased her legs farther apart, and nuzzled my cock between her folds, smearing Krystal's dripping juices into her cunt, before I plunged into her tight entrance in a long slow pace.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” I heard from the two mouths that were crushed together in front of me.

“YES! You were my first slut, so I saved you for last tonight.” I told her, and then thrust hard into her.

She felt so good as I slid into her, and she helped by squeezing me tightly, until I was buried inside her on the next few thrusts. I began to think back on my first meeting of her, and then her lover at their place. How I had taken each of them for myself, and took their cock virgin cunts.

I'm still so happy to have found the necklace, and happier still, that I've found some incredible, gorgeous women to fill my harem. About every boy's dream, and I'm living it.

Her tight little pussy was stimulating me greatly, and I was already close to blowing after just a few minutes. I would make this last a bit longer, I told myself, but she felt so good. Her breasts in my hands, pulling her back into me as I thrust her way. Her nipples were poking my palms as her chest jiggled in my hands.

“Aaahhhhh” Erin sighed from Melinda's manipulation of her pussy.

I was truly enjoying this tonight, and wanted it to last. I held back for a fair amount of time. Through 2 of Melinda's orgasms, and building toward a third when I decided to end this for the night. I held onto her tightly by my handholds, and began slamming into her vice of a pussy until my balls felt abused, slapping into her clit on every hard thrust. When they churned enough, I allowed the torrent of cum to be released, and I flooded her pussy enough for it to seep out around my cock.

I leaned down while coming, and kissed her shoulder.

“Thank you, slut.” I whispered in her ear.

“OK, you three. Help clean each other up, and come to bed. I'll see you soon.” I told them as I withdrew from her tight cunt. Krystal jumped up, and leaned over, and dove on my dripping cock, cleaning it for bedtime.

I slowly walked to the bedroom, and looked back at the girls, arranging themselves in a little daisy chain to clean each other up. I left them to it, and headed right for the bed. I was worn out after a long day, and fun evening.

It was a little while later, and a few less screams from the living room that the girls came to bed. I called on Melinda to be my little spoon, and Krystal behind me, with Erin in front of Melinda to round out the sleeping situation. When Melinda laid down on my right arm, I reached around, and took her left breast in my hand, and took her right tit flesh in my left hand, as though I owned them. Well, I actually do. She in turn pulled her lover back into her, pinning my hands for the night in their places. My cock came back to life while everyone got situated and didn't know what to do.

“Put my cock back inside of you, slut.” I told Melinda with a whisper.

I soon felt a hand between her thighs, reaching for my rod, and sliding it up into her pussy again. I thrust a few times, and then just left it there. She'll fall asleep if she can, with a cock spreading her lips wide.

Not to be left out, Krystal pulled herself close against me, and reached her left arm out across my body, and rested her hand on Melinda's side.

It wasn't long before we were all unconscious.

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