Geocatched Part 16

by ARandomGuy

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Geocatched Part 16

The feeling that I couldn't breathe woke me up from some random erotic dream, where I was locked in a crowded gym, with hundreds of beautiful naked women.

Something was in my mouth, blocking my airway, and it was soft, yet firm. I opened my eyes, and found myself sucking on a breast pressed into my mouth, also covering my nose. Looking up, I saw Melinda looking down on me with a smile. The next thing I noticed, once I could regain my breath, was that my cock was hard and very warm.

I couldn't very well see what was happening below, while my face was covered by a hanging tit. I actively started sucking on her nipple, since it was already stuck in my mouth. When she lifted off of me to switch to her other breast, did I see dark red curls over my cock. Krystal was swallowing me whole.

I thrust up into her mouth a few times, and I think I surprised her when I busted a nut, flooding her throat, and then mouth, as she pulled back some to catch my cum. Some of it leaked out of her mouth, and still more exited through her nose as she coughed while gagging on my cock.

“Good morning, Love.” Melinda said, still smothering me with her tits.

“Mmmhmmhmm” I responded.

She giggled then, at my current predicament, but then she finally relented, and I was able to clearly breathe, as the breast I was sucking withdrew from my mouth with a pop.

Now, I could start to smell breakfast being made, and it smelled glorious. I got to sit up in bed, as Melinda was kneeling next to me, and she helped me up. Krystal was climbing out of bed to head into the bathroom to clean up.

“You know, sometime soon, I'll be able to have breakfast in bed if you keep doing that.” I grin as I look at Melinda.

“You know, I might let you milk me for breakfast.” She replied with a big grin.

“Oh yeah? You'll let me?” I laughed.

“Mmmhmmm” she smirked.

I reached around her side and tickled her until she couldn't breathe. After which, we got out of bed, and headed to the kitchen for sustenance. I found Erin at the stove, cooking bacon in an apron, and that's all, with her wavy red hair tied back.

I refrained from just bending her over, and having my way with her. We had a busy day today, and wanted to conserve a little energy. Instead, I came up behind her, and squeezed her ass and grabbed a plate already built for me. The other two came out completely naked as well, grabbed their plates, and headed for the back door.

So we ended up having naked breakfast on the back deck, watching the cars go by, and just enjoying each other's company. Of course, there was some teasing, as Erin would reach over and squeeze my cock, and stroke it for a minute, or when I'd reach out and pinch a nipple, but nothing came of it.

We talked about the day ahead, and what we needed to get. I was, after all, going to be hosting 17 sluts at once, and then coordinating later adventures. It'll be good for everyone to meet everyone else, in my little harem, but wow, will it be interesting getting everyone together in this not so large house.

As we finished breakfast, all of us behaved, mostly, as there may have been a grope or two, but we sadly got dressed, and headed different ways. I had a house to clean, with everyone coming over. The lesbians said they'd take care of shopping for lunch and dinner for all of us. Krystal went home to get a change of clothes, and a few extra changes in her overnight bag.


Fast forward a few hours, and everything is pretty much set. The girls will all be arriving soon. The neighborhood kids are getting ahead of the game, and shooting of their fireworks up the street. I was preparing the grill for when we sat down to lunch, when Erin and Melinda walked in the door.

“Good to see my first girls show up before everyone else.” I yelled from the back deck.

“You're a little early. The servers and hostess aren't even here yet.” I told Melinda when she walked outside to see what I was doing.

“We couldn't wait, and we're just up the street, so...” she responded.

“Well, the girls from last night, and another waitress will be here shortly.” I said.

Just then, the doorbell chimes sounded off.

“I'll get it!” Erin yelled.

“Speaking of which.. they're here.” I said to Melinda.

A few moments later, Clair, and Stephanie walked through the kitchen and out onto the deck.

“Good morning, sluts. Are you ready for an exciting day?” I asked.

Clair was wearing a tight white t-shirt, spandex shorts, and white running shoes, with her long hair up in a ponytail that still fell to the middle of her back. Stephanie was decked out in a black blouse, black short form fitting skirt, almost as though she was going to work, and a pair of Docs on her feet.

“Yes, Sir!” Clair said. “I'm ready for just about anything you have planned.”

“That's good to hear. How about you?” I turned toward Stephanie.

“I am too, Sir.” Stephanie said.

“Well, how about a quick tour of the place?” I asked, and came up to Stephanie turning around to walk inside, and grabbed her ass for a nice squeeze.

As they were looking around the kitchen/dining area, the door chimes went off again, and I walked over toward the door. Erin was sitting on the couch, a hand up her yellow sun dress, massaging her little bud, so I answered the door, to a smiling Vivian. She was in a sun dress herself, baby blue in color, and tennis shoes on her feet. I opened the door to let her in, admiring her figure as she passed, taking note that she didn't have a bra on.

Vivian was stopped in the doorway, half way in when she stopped. I took that moment to look over her shoulder, and noticed that her perky tits were standing out on their own. No bra to be seen. She was looking at Erin, shocked at her display. I grabbed her by her ass, and invited her in again, and she shuffled forward, still looking over at Erin.

“Don't mind Erin there. She's just worked up with the coming party.” I said. “Hey, slut! Meet Vivian. Vivian, that is Erin. And over here are Clair, and Stephanie in the kitchen. We were just doing a tour of my place real quick.”

I took her to the back door, so she could check out the back yard and deck, before showing her the kitchen and dining area. Then we walked through the living room, and down the hall.

“The bathroom is on the right, and the bedroom is to the left here, and walked in, closely followed by the 3 girls, all of which stopped just inside the door, stunned. It turned out that we picked the perfect moment to walk in. Melinda was in her green tube top, and spandex leggings, bent over with her ass facing the door, her lime green leggings half way down her legs, and was in the middle of inserting her butt plug when we walked in.

“Here is Melinda. Melinda, meet Vivian.” I said.

Melinda finished pushing her plug in, and then slowly stood up to meet Vivian, taking her time in pulling up her leggings.

As we walked back out to the living room, I heard the door close, and Megan was walking in with a bag over her shoulder. She was in a local band t-shirt, and black runners shorts and tennis shoes. I introduced the sluts to her, but she recognized Vivian from our date out, and came over and put a hand on her ass, as she kissed her full on the mouth. After about 30 seconds, she came up for air.

“I wanted to do that on our date, as soon as I saw you.” she said to Vivian.

Vivian was taken aback, but with all she'd seen so far today, it was strangely becoming normal for her. The other sluts were close behind her when introduced.

“Wow!” Clair said.

“Well now.. Why don't we just start the festivities now, and eat afterwards?” I asked the group.

“What about th” Megan started to ask before I cut her off.

“I think this is the perfect time to start. What I'll need is Clair, Stephanie, and Vivian to strip, or I can help.” I said.

“Wait.. whAT?” Clair said, shocked to even think of hearing my request.

“Either you strip now, or I'll help you.” I responded.

Stephanie began taking off her blouse, and dropping it to the floor, showing off her bare breasts to the small group. Then she reached down to slither out of her skirt. Clair, still shocked at the fact she'd need to be naked in front of so many people, hesitatingly pulled her tight fitting shirt over her head. She was turning bright red from her nipples to the top of her head.

Vivian was still fidgeting with the strings of her dress, but not really doing anything. She just kept whipping her head around at all the attention she was getting from the other girls.

“Melinda, could you move the coffee table out of the way?” I requested.

As she moved the table farther from the couch, I came up behind Vivian, put my hands on her shoulders, which made her jump, and then whispered in her ear.

“You will enjoy this, and so will I.” I told her.

With that said, I began to brush her little spaghetti straps off her shoulders, and down her arms. She tried to cover up her tits, but I moved her arms back to her sides, and let the garment drop to the floor. I then came around and took her shoes off, followed by her socks.

When I stood up, and took in her whole body, naked before me, but for a pair of thin lace black panties, her arms fidgeted again but stayed where they were. I came in close, and leaned in, giving her a deep kiss, our tongues wrestling inside our mouths. While kissing her, I reached down, using my thumbs, and hooked her panties, pushing them down over her ass, and down her legs.

When I got back to my feet, I saw that the other two were standing not far from me, staring at us. I directed them toward the long couch in front of the window, distracting them from the fact that my curtains were broken and can't be closed, I'd squeeze each ass, or slap one. Then I held Stephanie's hip, and pushed on her shoulders, to lean down and place her hands on the back of the couch. When I moved to Vivian next to her, I almost did the same thing, but she took the hint, and bent down as was intended. Clair did the same thing, maybe to get out of the view in the window.

“Now. We are going to play a little game of pin the tail on the sluts.” I said.

The few girls around us started clapping and hollering.

“I'm kidding.. Actually.. I'm just going to fuck all three of you. No moving from your positions.” I commanded.

I looked up at the clock on the wall and smiled. This was going to work out perfectly. I walked back and forth behind the girls, trailing a hand across their lower ass, being sure to slide across their wet pussies, and stopped at Stephanie. I dipped my finger inside her puffy pussy, and wiggled it around. She responded by wiggling her ass.

Then I knelt down behind her, twisting my finger inside her as I licked from clit to finger, through her folds. I then took hold of both upper thighs, and pressed my face into her sex, licking up the moisture she was excreting. I licked again at her clit, making her jump a bit, and wiggled my tongue back and forth as I dipped it between her folds all the way to her opening and back. She was already wound up, and leaking pretty well.

It didn't take much effort to set her off, and sucking her clit into my mouth, made her cum on my tongue. She was shaking and mewling in my hands. I took that moment to stand up, looked out the window, and smiled, and lined up behind her.

Just then, Laura, Anne, Katie, and Dani started walking in the door. It was that moment that I shoved myself into Stephanie in one powerful thrust, and began an aggressive in and out, thrusting hard and quick. In her shocked state that there were newcomers, her cunt clamped down like a vise, which made my aggressive thrusts harder, and more pleasurable.

The other two looked up, and flinched, as if wanting to cover up but still ended up following my command. I continued to pound into Stephanie, continually dipping deep into her snatch. Then I reached for her hair, and pulled her head back enough that she could see out the window, and she saw 3 more girls walking up to the door.

Ashley, Emma, and Krystal shortly walked in the door, and Vivian's head reared up, and swung towards the door, wide eyed, at all the newcomers. Clair was just shaking from all the sudden attention from what seemed like a crowd before, now growing.

Stephanie, on the other hand, in her nervousness, exploded around my cock.

Aaaaiiii! FUCK!” She cried out.

Her sudden orgasm sent me over the edge, and her cunt tightening on my rod, milked my balls of her fair share of cum gushing into her. I pulled back, and my cock slowly slid out of her dripping cunt with a wet slurp.

“Who wants my cum?” I asked the growing crowd.

Dani was closest, and she jumped down to her knees, and as soon as I stepped out of the way, cock swinging, she dove into the sloppy cunt I just exited, cleaning up my deposit. Within a minute, she was humping the air as she continued to lick at the juicy snatch, while coming from licking up my cum.

“Who's next?” I asked of the 2 girls left.

Vivian mewled, but Clair groaned her plea to be next. I think I'd wait on Vivian, as I should fuck the newest girl that I haven't had yet, until last, when everyone was here. I passed her, and stood behind Clair for a moment, and then knelt down to have another taste of her wetness.

She was already leaking down both of her thighs, and I could almost see a river of fluids dripping from her snatch. I took a long lick from her clit to ass and back, and then began to tongue fuck her hole. My right hand wandered away, and found Vivian's calf, where it slowly slid up toward her unknown by me pussy, and rubbed at her lips and clit.

“Oh fuck! Yessssss” she cried out.

I stuck my tongue out, and dipped it deep inside Clair's pussy, wiggling it around, before swiping it up and down her lips, spreading her delectable nectar all over her already soaked cunt. She responded by pushing her ass back into me, pressing her pussy into my face. I took the moment to latch on to her clit, and suck at it, licking the tip back and forth. When that didn't set her off, but knowing she was close, I shook my head back and forth, working my nose in her hole, and still lapping at her clit. This attention did send her over the edge though, and I opened my mouth, and consumed as much of her as I could.

When I was sure she was done gushing her flavored juices around my face, I pulled back and stood up, letting my cock brush between her legs. When I placed my purple cock head at her entrance, I felt her cunt still spasming from her orgasm. I pushed myself in her pulsing cunt slowly, until I buried the entirety of my cock inside her, it's tip tickling her cervix.

When I was pulling out just as slow, she groaned as though she would lose the feeling of my cock. I pulled out to just my tip at her opening, and slowly pushed back in. I pulled out again, and paused for a moment, and grabbed her hips, and slammed home inside her swollen pussy, this time pounding into her cervix.

I bent over her back, grabbing at her hanging tits, and whispered in her ear.

“Do you like this?” I asked.

“YES!! Fuck me!” she cried.

“Tell the others what you like.” I commanded.

“Ohshit! I LOVE his big cock so deep in me!” she moaned out, as her cunt squeezed my rod hard.

I heard a lot of muttering from the growing crowd behind me, a few girls telling others who these sluts are, and where I found them.

I resumed my hard thrusts inside her, and she started grunting with each thrust. I kept a hold on her breasts as handholds, playing with the tit flesh, and teasing the nipples at times. When I sped up, with the few cheers behind me, she let out a long groan. One of her hands delved between her legs, and manipulated her clit. I could feel her fingertips on my shaft, giving me extra stimulation.

“Who wants their dose of protein when I'm done with her?” I asked the crowd.

Katie came up beside me, and slapped Clair's ass once, and responded to me.

“I want it!” she said.

“Get ready.” I said, and slid in and out even faster than previously, adding to the stimulation, as Clair came, gripping my cock with her pussy with extra force, and milking me. I wasn't going to last like this, and after a few more strokes, I blasted her insides with my cum, over and over, until it leaked out around my shaft. This just added to her already big orgasm.

I barely pulled out when Katie all but pushed me aside to get her mouth on Clair's pussy. She began to lick up my spend, and immediately went into her own convulsions as a powerful climax consumed her. She initially fell back on her ass, but climbed to her knees again, to finish her job cleaning out Clair's used pussy.

As she consumed Clair's spices, the door opened and my final 3 girls came in the door. Nikki, Cara, and Kim saw the crowd, and looked over at what everyone was watching. I had placed my hand on Vivian's ass when I moved over for Katie, and then ran my hand around on her ass cheeks. The last girls to arrive were being told who the sluts were, and I looked over everyone.

“Unlike all of you, I have yet to enjoy this slut. I wanted to share the moment with all of you. These other two, I have had the pleasure in their parking lot, prior to inviting them over today.” I said as I slid my hand down to massage her pussy lips.

“Ooooh” came the reply from a few of the girls.

“Mmmmmm” was Vivian's response to my light petting of her pussy.

I took that sound as the beginning of her pleasure, and got down on my knees again, and spread her ass cheeks, spreading her pussy lips with my thumbs. Then I leaned in for the initial taste of her juices. She ended up rather tasty, and I licked my way around her cunt, ignoring her clit. Her fat lips loved getting sucked into my mouth to be snapped back.

She had so much time just waiting there as I fucked the other two, that she was pretty well edging, and once I finally wiggled my tongue over her clit, her hips jerked once, and she became a soaking mess. She didn't squirt, but she was wet enough to have. I licked all of her juices that I could, and continued to tease her clit.

When I stood up again, my cock dragged up her thigh, and pressed itself up against her pussy, where I just sawed back and forth a few times. Grabbing my dick, I pressed it up to her cunt, spreading her juices, as well as Clair's still dripping from me. When her hips jerked again with the presence of my cock, I stuck my cock head into her entrance and waited.

I reached out with both hands, while waiting, and found the asses of both girls on either side of me. I slid my hands down their crack, and into the folds of each pussy. I wet my fingers between their lips, and then delved into each entrance, inserting my middle two fingers in each hole, and began rubbing my thumb over their puckered asshole.

I didn't wait long before Vivian wanted more. She started pushing backwards, and seating herself deeper onto my thick cock, spreading her entrance wide open. I just stood there, and let her fuck me on her terms. It took a few tries to get me balls deep inside her, but it felt so good sliding in and out of her tight channel.

“That's a good girl!” I said to Vivian, riding me.

“Mmmm” she responded, while she tightened her grip on my rod.

I let her go at her own pace, and thrust inside of her once in a while, as I continued to finger the other two girls. I could concentrate more on fingering 2 girls, and allow the third to do the work. I jammed my fingers in both girls' pussies, alternating in and out, knuckles deep, fucking all three pussies at once. I kept teasing their puckered assholes as I fingered them.

Nikki came through the group, to kneel down behind Clair, and traced her finger around her clit, and lips. Then she leaned in, and licked her juicy cunt, occasionally licking my fingers in her quest. She also gave me a nice view of her massive tits through her baby blue see-thru blouse, with a lack of a bra to hide her excitement.

Dani had moved out of the way, and and found Laura coming forward on her knees, taking her place behind Stephanie's little cunt. Her white t-shirt showed her nipples on top of her big tits, poking out, and tenting the shirt. She leaned in to lick Stephanie's clit, and also reached between her legs, to massage one of her tits hanging down.

I continued to just stand there, letting Vivian fuck me. She was still going slow, enjoying every inch of my manhood inside her tight little cunt. Sometimes she'd pause at the tip, or at my base, and wiggle her hips around, making sure my cock touches every surface inside her. I just stood there, and played with the other two's dripping pussies.

I didn't stand idle for long. I freed my hands from two wet pussies, leaned forward, pushing my whole length inside her, and grabbed at Vivian's breasts.

“Now you have 2 different flavored tits.” I told her.

With that said, I used both of her breasts as handholds, and pulled her back onto me. She moaned at our contact, and I really started fucking her. While her riding me was enjoyable, I wanted more stimulation, so I pressed into her hard on each stroke. I kept riding her doggy style for a bit, and then pulled her body up to mine, and nibbled on her neck while continuing to pound into her from behind.

Her eyes must have been closed, because she didn't immediately react to the fact that she was naked, and being fucked, in front of wide open windows, mid day. When she did notice, I didn't let her duck back to where she was prior. I held her breasts firmly, and held her to me as I whispered in her ear.

“Are you afraid of someone seeing you like this?” I asked.

“Mmmhmm” she responded, her hands feeling helpless, as she reached up and cupped my hands over her tits.

“Does that turn you on? Tell me the truth.” I ordered her.

“No... I mean, yes, it does.” She said quietly as she bowed her head down some. Her chest was glowing red.

“You also realize that you have a large audience behind you, don't you?”

As if pulled from a dream, she looked over our shoulders, and almost screamed. Her wide open mouth let out a deep breath silently, and then she groaned before I took her mouth with mine, for a deep kiss.

Many of the girls behind us had started to strip, and were down to not much at all. Many pairs of breasts were facing us, or each other, as they locked lips with their neighbors.

Krystal, being one of the ones that had already had me, was in the kitchen, opening packages, and placing their contents onto trays. Then she walked out onto the deck, and lit the grill. The table soon was full of food, and condiments.

Everyone else was getting rather horny, and helped strip each other, tossing any clothing anywhere in the room. I watched some of them get stripped down to nothing, and then I began thrusting into Vivian again, slowly fucking her standing up. My hands cupped her tits, and my thumbs and forefingers twisted her nipples, as I enjoyed the sensation of her cunt gripping my cock.

I slowly spun her around to face the aroused crowd, and all eyes turned to her, looking her up and down, as she squirmed on my cock, in embarrassment. I held her firmly by her chest.

Ashley suddenly came forward, leaned in to kiss Vivian as a personal introduction, and then knelt down at our feet, only to french kiss her swollen slit, occasionally, licking my shaft as I continued to pump in and out of her. Vivian's moans grew in frequency, as well as in volume.

“Do you want to cum, my little slut?” I asked.

“YESSSSSS!” she hissed.

“Then you'd better beg.” I said.

“Oh, PLEASE, Sir! Let me cum on your big cock!” she began begging.

“Cum for me, slut.” I whispered in her ear.

Her hips started gyrating on my rod, as I continued to pound into her from behind. Her tight cunt squeezing my tight, making the feeling of her wet velvet tunnel more satisfying. Her shaking hands reached down, and grabbed Ashley's head, holding her tightly against her pussy, and grinding herself on Ashley.

That's all it took for me to cum deep inside of her. Spurt after spurt of cum shot into her, and shortly started leaking out around my cock, adding more flavor for Ashley, who then suddenly fell back in an orgasm of her own. Vivian's orgasm ramped up some with my cum spraying her insides.

When I was done ejaculating, I stepped back, releasing my cock from Vivian's tight hole, and stepped over towards the bar. Krystal was coming back in with the first load of burgers and hot dogs for everyone. Once she placed the tray down, she made a hot dog for me, and handed it over on a plate.

As I started to chew my first bite, a naked Anne came over to me, bent over, and swallowed my dripping cock whole. It was weird at first, to be getting sucked off while eating, but got used to it quickly. Laura came up to us, and as she passed by on her way to the table, she slowly ran her hand up her sister's pussy, and then sliding a few fingers inside her, only to pump them in and out for a moment, before walking away, to go eat.

I had been working up an appetite earlier, and wanted some more BBQ, but Anne wasn't done cleaning my cock of Vivian's juices, or sucking out my next load. She was serious about receiving my gift to her, and holding my hips with both hands, was fucking her throat on my cock. After I was done with the hot dog, I reached down to hold onto her massive breasts, and keep them from swinging so much.

I looked over at all the girls, mostly undressed and pleasuring each other, and saw one of them playing with her tits, rubbing her thighs together.

“Nikki. Come here.” I said over all the moans and groans throughout the room.

She quickly got up and all but bounced over to me, allowing her large tits to shake excitedly the whole way, until she stood just to the side of Anne's shoulder.

“Yes, Sir?” She asked.

“Uhng! I love these.. ooooh.. hot dogs as they are, damn.. but I'd like to try something different. Go grab a few more hot dogs off the table for me.” I requested. Anne was going to town on my cock, trying everything to get my seed into her mouth.

When Nikki came back to my side, with a 3 hot dogs in hand, I took them from her one by one.

“I want to try something with more flavor for the hot dogs” I said, and then slid the meaty tube down Anne's back, and leaning over her a bit, found her flower, and pressed the entire hot dog into her pussy.

I then took another one from Nikki, first reaching down, and rubbing at her pussy with my hand, until she was groaning, and then I placed the hot dog at her entrance, and pushed up and into her the whole way.

“I think that a hot dog that's been marinating in pussy for a bit, will taste better. Just a theory I have.” I said, as I lick my hand of pussy juice.

“Uhh, yes, Sir!” Nikki said. “But what about this one, Sir?” she says while holding up the last tube of meat.

“Go give it.. mmmmm.. to Kim to keep warm for me.” I respond.

Some of the other girls gave up on playing with each other, I think, when their stomachs told them to eat, and were lining up around the kitchen table. Within a few minutes, there were many fewer hamburger patties, and a few more missing hot dogs, from the table. Enough dogs left for me to eat.

I started thrusting inside of Anne's throat, and kept one hand covering her pretty pussy, keeping my dog inside her. She had me on the edge, and it was time.

“Anne, Cum for me.” I said as I began to shoot a load down her throat. I immediately felt the hot dog attempt to escape the warm confines of her tight oven, but I held onto her pussy to keep it there for a few moments. Her orgasm shook her to the core, and there were attempts at screaming around my cock, but ended up as silent choking, before I pulled her off my rod. Before she could come down from her orgasm, I picked her up by her ass, and placed her on the bar behind me, sitting her just at the edge of the counter.

She looked down at me, and was still smiling from ear to ear, as I spread her legs with my body, and pushed her back onto her hands. I played with her nipples again, as I leaned over, and kissed her pubic bone, before going just a bit more. My tongue on her clit made her jump a bit, and I spread her legs wider, and squatting in front of her, I licked up and down her very juicy slit. I licked around her entrance, and she took the hint, pushing the intruder out some.

I took my first bite of a quickly pussy-marinated hot dog, keeping my lips on hers, as I chewed. Once swallowed, I opened my mouth for the next bite, but instead of just taking the bite, I held it between my teeth, and moving my head back and forth, I fucked her with the much thinner hot dog than what she usually got buried inside her tight twat.

When I continued to consume the hot dog from her cunt, it was much juicier than a normal hot dog. Her pussy did taste divine anyway, so the meat stick inside her was tastier. I suddenly looked forward to eating many hot dogs this way today.

I stood up, looking around me at all the girls. Most were naked, but a few holdouts with a shirt or panties on. Looking back toward the table, I saw my next meal, leaning over the table with her back to me. I move from between Anne's legs, and step behind Kim, and immediately cup her cunt with one hand, and keep her bent over the table with the other.

“You are certainly wet, Slut.” I mention, as I finger her, and lean over her back.

“Of course I am, Sir. I've been waiting on you.” Kim said to me in a husky voice.

“Yeah? Have you cooked my meat some more?” I asked, while fingering the hot dog end just inside of her pussy.

“Yes. I'm always hot and wet for you.” She said.

“Good girl” I told her.

I feel her pussy react to the praise, and she just sighs, holding her head up over the tray of hamburgers.

Erin and Melinda are at the other side of the table, admiring the slight girl bent over, showing off her hanging tits, while they build their own burgers to consume. Nikki is behind them, leaning on the glass door to the back yard, with her legs tightly closed, and watching. I feel many eyes on my ass from behind, as a good half of the group is still in the living room behind me. The rest are outside, snarfing down their food, and gossiping.

I kissed my way down her back, giving her the chills a bit, and my hand left her wetness, to grab a thigh. I kissed her ass on both cheeks as I lowered down until I could see my prize at eye level. I took a tentative lick from clit to taint and back, causing her dripping pussy to react to me, and a shutter go through her body.

My other hand I placed on her pubic mound, and began to rub my thumb back and forth across her clit.

“Feed me” I said to her, and sped up my thumb's movements.

I could feel her pussy move with my tongue, and suddenly, I felt the hot dog tip on my tongue. There was a different taste to it, than with Anne, but that was to be expected. This one, however, was dripping juices a bit more, and I licked up all I could around the hot dog, before I took my first bite of it.

After each bite, I would lick up and down her slit, and tease her pearl, before taking another bite, never allowing my lips to leave hers while I chewed. Between a few bites, I licked down to her clit, and sucked it into my mouth, teasing it again with my tongue, and nibbling on it. Kim, of course, didn't object to any of this, and even pushed herself back into my face at every opportunity, begging for more from me.

“Please..” I heard Kim pleading.

I had finished the last bite of the hot dog that had previously been kept warm inside of her, and was now licking up the remnants of the BBQ treat around her hole. I then focused on licking up her vulva to her clit, only to flick my tongue on it quickly, and back down through her folds.

Kim pushed back into me again, wiggling her hips as she did.

“Please.” She moaned again.

Not one to disappoint, I let my tongue rapidly wiggle between her folds, slowly moving toward her clit, to again tease it. When I paused, she wiggled again, and I sucked her little pearl into my mouth, and flicked my tongue around it. It took all but a minute, and she was gushing onto my face.

“Aaaaaiii!” She cried out, vocalizing her orgasm.

The other girls around the table giggled, as they applauded her finishing on my face. I just kept licking up all of her juices still dripping off of her lips.

As I stood up, I rubbed my hands from her thighs, over her ass, up her back, and around to cup her soft tit flesh, to pull her into standing against me. I massaged her chest, as she came down from her orgasm.

“Good girl.” I said in her ear, and she moaned.

“Who else wants a hot dog?” I asked everyone inside, and I headed out the back door, grabbing Nikki's wrist as I went. I found a lounge chair, extending it back to laying down, and motioned for Nikki to turn around, and sit on my long hard cock. She squatted down enough to touch the head of my cock, and rubbed it on her pussy lips, but I grabbed my shaft, and directed it to her back door.

She groaned out loud as she cupped her pussy, to keep the hot dog inside, and sat down, slowly enveloping my cock in her ass. Then she leaned back on her arms at my sides, allowing her chest to push out in front of her. I took that moment to reach up, and begin fondling her massive breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples.

As I toyed with her, Dani walked up in front of us, and knelt down between our legs. I couldn't see what she was doing, but saw her arm moving around in front of her, and Nikki moaning a bit, while gyrating on my pole. Then I felt a hand cradle my balls, and Dani leaned down, and suddenly, there was a tongue and lips on my balls.

She all but sucked them into her mouth together, tonguing them roughly inside her mouth, before releasing them with a pop, and then licking from my balls, up onto Nikki's little pussy. I started to feel Nikki's ass pinch me tight, and relax, then pushing on me. It felt weird, but I realized that she was pushing the hot dog out so Dani could have a bite.

I brought my right hand down from Nikki's breast, and helped split her lower lips, allowing the hot dog to appear between my fingers, along with her clit. Once in a while, I'd feel a tongue slide up my fingers to her clit, and back down so she could have another bite of the hot dog.

I'd also use my hand holding her pussy open, to essentially pick Nikki up, and sliding her up, and back down on my cock, while she's being eaten out. There were many moans from between her lips. Whether they were from my cock, or the tongue lashing she was receiving, I'll never know.

When the hot dog was gone, she started to raise up on my rod, and then descend to it's base, giving me even more pleasure. I took her breasts in my hands, and played with her nipples as she rode me. “Pulling” her up, and releasing her to go down again.

“Mmmmm” she moaned out as she slid down again and again.

Suddenly, there was a pair of legs stretching over the head of the chair, and a tasty looking bald cunt being lowered onto my face. All I could see was a large pair of tits obscuring their face. The hair laying across her shoulders, and arms told me that it was Emma descending onto my tongue.

I could see how turned on she was. Her lower lips were glistening, and a drop or two was visible, before one released it's hold, and fell to my cheek. When she squatted down enough, I lifted my head to meet her, and kissed her folds. I released Nikki's tits and placed my hands on either thigh under Emma's ass, with my thumbs placed to spread her pussy wide open for my consumption.

As I took my first few licks up the entire length of her pussy, she jumped slightly, showing me how excited she actually was to be smothering me in her juices. I began to lick her folds back and forth, and tongue fucking her. After a few moments, as I held my tongue inside her secret passage, I felt something odd. I couldn't pull back, but pushed her up a bit, and out came another hot dog tip for me to eat.


I had four more hot dogs to eat this way, and a few more leisurely fucks on the back deck that afternoon. The BBQ had ended in an orgy, where everyone had fun with each other.

By the late afternoon, fucking in this heat, even with my AC on in the house, almost everyone was a sweaty mess, and I only had the one shower. The girls all took a shower with a partner, but no real hankie panky at all, as each shower was rather short, so as to supply enough hot water for 18 people to shower.

While I was in the shower (which I went last so all the girls would get warm showers guaranteed, but I could put up with a colder one, if I ran out) the BBQ and everything was cleared, and cleaned up. Disappointingly, everyone was dressed again, but on the bright side, I don't think I saw any underwear being worn.

When the clock hit 6, I got everyone's attention, since we were just hanging out at the house, informed them that it was about time to head out, and find a spot to watch the fireworks.

“Aren't we leaving a little early? It doesn't even get dark for another 3 hours, at least.” Nikki mentions to me.

“Well, that is true, but the park, and open space we're going to, will fill up quickly with parking, and I'd rather park at the entrance to the park, rather than possibly walking a mile from the car to our spot on the hill.” I answered.

The girls understood, and we all got up, a few of them grabbed bags they brought with them, full of blankets to sit on once there, and we headed out.

It took us 4 vehicles to get everyone there, but we did find enough parking, surprisingly. Once everyone gathered together again, we took a little detour to a food truck parked close to the trail head. It took me going to the head of the line, and promising that I was going to pay for everyone in the group.

The girl that owned the truck would fit in with my girls any day of the week. Blond hair up in a tail that went down to mid back, medium sized frame, and at least a C cup. Her face was like a bright summer day to me. Her eyes showed the smile as much as her mouth, I had no clue how tall she was, but she had on a black t-shirt and an apron, both with flour spots all over, from working to deliver all the pizza she was dishing out. She had a little on her cheek too.

I spoke with her over the course of making and handing over 18 slices of pizza to our group. Her name was Sarah. I finally decided I wanted to have a little fun. I pulled out my necklace, and showed it to her. Once she saw it, her head bobbed slightly, but kept her eyes on the spot the necklace was, before I put it away.

“You're turned on by me and my sluts.” I said.

“When I say 'sleep slut' you will come back to this deep trance you're in now.”

“You'll fantasize about me until you're out of pizza to sell.”

“You want to join us this evening.”

“You'll be my slut tonight.”

“You will cum easily when with me, and when I cum inside you. It'll be the best orgasm you've had yet.”

“You will be my slut at any time we meet.” I continued with commands.

“Wake up.” I told her, and she became animated once again.

“We'll be up the trail a ways, if you're up to joining us.” I told her.

“That does sound like fun watching the fireworks from here on the hill.” she responded.

“I have one rule for you though. As you've probably noticed with the others, no underwear allowed tonight.” I said.

“Oooh, kinky! Maybe I'll join you.” she said.

“Great! So, how much for the 18 of us?” I asked.

We figured out a price with a small discount for how many we ordered, and said our goodbyes for now, and I regrouped with the girls. Most of them had consumed the pizza already, but a few were taking their time.

“Shall we head up and find a spot?” I asked as I put my arm over Kim's shoulder far enough that I reached down and covered her breast in my hand.

“Yeah” said another girl in the crowd of sluts.

“OK. Let's go.” I said, and we headed up the well worn established trail up the hillside.

I was about half way down the group of girls, and of course, enjoying the view ahead of me. Anne was leading the group, and stopped suddenly, and pointed off the trail by a rock outcropping, and the flat area just below it, about 30 ft off the trail. It looked like an ideal spot to set up and we collectively moved to the spot, and began to lay out blankets in a big block.

I found that I was the first to sit down somewhere in the middle, and off to the far side, before the rest of the girls found their spots clustered around me. I was mostly hidden from the trail with all the girls on that side. I was able to stretch out, unlike most of the others. They sat up with their knees up in front of them, and someone would be in front of them leaning on their legs to sit up. Of course, this exposed many of the girls, as they were mostly wearing short skirts, or sun dresses, so their crotches were all exposed to anyone looking closely.

It took close to 90 minutes before Sarah found us in the fading light of the day. When she came over, she had to maneuver around and through most of my girls to get to me, but I had saved a spot for her on my other side. I quickly introduced her to everyone else, before noticing something.

“I thought I told you that there is no underwear allowed here?” I said.

“Well, if you don't want me wearing them, I suppose you should take them off.” she smirked as she informed me of her plan.

“I guess that's fair.” I said.

She had laid down facing me, as I was on one side, with an elbow planted to hold me up, and she had mirrored me, facing me. She had taken off her apron, and saw that she was wearing a pair of black shorts to go with her shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes.

It was still fairly light out, but the sun had set. I could still see her clearly. I reached out, and pulled her closer to me by her hip, so she scooted over so we were face to face, just inches apart. I leaned in to kiss her, and pulled her into me more by grabbing her ass as I did.

When we both pulled back for air, I moved my right hand to her front, undid the button holding her shorts at her waist, and moved my hand inside the waistband to start pushing the shorts off. She squirmed a bit, but allowed the shorts to slide off her hips, exposing her black lace panties, and be pushed down near her ankles. Then I moved my hand back up to the hem of her shirt, sliding my hand up her bare skin, pushing the shirt up by the wrist.

Once I got my hand up to her chest, I cupped, and squeezed her left breast, before bringing the shirt up and over her breasts, encased in a black lace bra. I had her pull her left arm through the sleeve of her shirt, and then helped her pull the shirt over her head, only to let it rest at her other elbow on the ground. Her bra was next, and I looked back behind me to see most of the girls watching, and to see what the view possibly was from the trail.

I reached behind her, and quickly undid the snap of her bra, and pulled it over and off of her left arm, to drop on her shirt, exposing a large pair of very cute tits. I leaned in, and sucked one nipple into my mouth to tease while I rubbed at her pubic mound with my hand.

Suddenly, she looked over my arm, and then she did a quick face plant to hide her exposure to me. I took that moment to reach over her, and pull both her bra and shirt off her right arm.

“I want to show off your body. Don't hide it.” I told her, and she mirrored my form once again.

“I thought I saw that group of people saw me. They were looking over here.” Sarah said.

“They'll just be jealous.” I told her.

Then I went back to petting her pussy through her panties, and she began to moan a bit. Not very loud though. I took my hand off her mound, and slid it under her panties, to massage her pussy directly, and force the panties part way down. I fingered her for just a moment before bringing my hand back to her breast, where I wiped my dripping gooey fingers on her nipple, and leaned in to suck on her hard nub again.

“Mmmmm” she moaned. “My boyfriend doesn't do that. He won't go down on me at all.”

“His loss tonight. You taste great.” I told her.

I reached back down, and pushed her panties over her hips, and down her legs. At this point, I needed to sit up, or have another girl help out. Luckily, Emma was down near our feet, and I requested that she remove the shoes and clothing for me. As she did this, I spread Sarah's legs slightly, and pressed my middle finger between her lower lips, and my index and ring finger outside of the puffy flesh, pinching them together as I rubbed.

She began to kiss me again, as I rubbed up and down her slit, rubbing my palm across her clit as I did. She mewled into my mouth, and her hips pushed her into my hand. I pushed her onto her back, and leaned down to kiss and suck on her right nipple while dipping a few fingers inside of her again.

The light was fading, so it was getting harder to see, but I didn't need to see. The semi darkness just helped her hide from passers by. I told her to roll over again, facing away from me, and pulled her into me. Then I reached down, undoing my fly, and pulling out my turgid shaft. I let it rest against Sarah's ass crack, and cupped her right breast, teasing it's nipple again.

I felt another hand on my shoulder, and then sliding down my side to my hip. I looked back, and Erin was then reaching for my manhood. She stroked it a few times, and I pulled my hips back enough for her to press it between Sarah's thighs. She then slid her hand down to my balls, and massaged them as I moved my hips back and forth, fucking Sarah's thighs, while rubbing up and down her slick pussy.

Sarah reached between her legs to feel the size of me, and to help guide my cock to her entrance. She mewled again as I pressed myself into her from behind, splitting her juicy pussy wide open.

“Yessssss! I needed this!” She hissed as I continued to press farther inside of her. I was at just about the right angle to hit her g-spot head on, and I worked on pounding the elusive pad of skin as much as possible.

“Are you going to cum for me?” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh GOD, yes!” she responded.

It was now dark, so within 10 minutes, the fireworks would start, but it wouldn't take as long for her fireworks to start. I pulled out most of the way, and slowly slid into her again. She bent her back so as to gain more length inside of her cunt, and yet allow me to keep a good hold of her chest.

“I want you to remember this for masturbating later.” I told her.

“Of course! Ugh.. I'll definitely remember. You're so big!” she moaned.

I moved my left arm over, and under her side laying on the ground, enough to grab a good hold on her other breast, and began to pump my cock harder inside her. She started to grunt on each stroke I took, hopefully pressing on her elusive button. Erin had also leaned over me, resting her massive tits on my side, so she could reach over and down to Sarah's clit.

Sarah came right then, and was wiggling her ass back into me, as I continued to pump into her. Her mewls of ecstasy coming in waves, as her cunt squeezed my cock over and over again. I didn't let her rest at all, and pushed through her orgasm, forcing my cock deep into her tight channel.

Her second orgasm came only a few minutes after the first, but she exploded on her second. Her juicy pussy spasmed, and gushed her juices onto my cock, pelvic bone, and even her own ass. Erin's manipulation of her clit only helped her cum reach the level it did.

“Have you ever taken a cock up your ass?” I whispered in her ear, and nibbled her ear lobe.

“Y.. yes. Just ugh once. It hurt.”

“When I'm finished with your pussy, I'm going to make your ass mine.” I told her.

I began to push into her at a higher rate of speed, pounding my cock against her g-spot. I wanted to cum inside her soon, and her to cum hard again, before I fucked her ass.

BOOM! The first fireworks exploded above us, from the campus stadium just down the hill. That just startled Sarah, as well as got her heart pumping more, and she came again on my shaft. Her tight passage squeezed me so tight that I ended up releasing my first load inside of her sloppy wet cunt.

This, of course, set her off again, as well, and I had to move my hand from her tit to her mouth to keep her quiet with the crowds that were scattered around us. Her whole body shook, and she squirted again, just a little bit, and then she relaxed her whole body.

BOOM! Another explosion over our heads, Lighting up the sky around us.

I pulled myself out of her, and then pressed my cock head in between her ass cheeks, in search of her asshole.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked.

“You're too big!” she answered.

“We'll see. Relax your ass.”

I found her asshole, and pressed into it slowly but surely. If she was too tight, I would split her anyway. I wanted to take all of her holes tonight. I continued to press into her, and suddenly, my cock head popped into her dark channel. I rested there, letting her get used to my size, and let her asshole relax more to allow me passage inside her.

“Ooooh!” she cried through my fingers I replaced on her mouth.

“Your ass is mine.” I told her. As if to emphasize this, another boom and sparkling lights exploded over our head.

“Yes, Sir.” she said.

I thrust slowly into her, pressing more of my cock that much deeper. She just groaned and groaned into my hand, while I forcefully pressed forward. I stopped about half way in, and let her get used to the feeling again. I kissed her shoulder, and squeezed her left tit, pinching her nipple, while still muffling her cries with my other hand. After another minute of rest, I pressed in the other half of my cock, until I was balls deep inside her ass. Then I pulled out and pressed in again, feeling her tight ass squeeze me so well.

I don't know if the other girls were cheering me on in conquering this slut, or if they were cheering for the fireworks, but they were pretty loud in doing so. The fireworks were going off a lot more, as I continued to fuck Sarah's ass. Her mewls calmed down, and I was finally able to take her other tit into my hand again, using both as handholds to pull her body into mine, burying my cock just that much deeper inside her.

Erin was still reaching over me, manipulating Sarah's clit, and pussy lips, offering her more pleasure, and a bit less pain in her ass fucking going on. I wasn't evil, and not wanting to hurt her, but I was also taking what's mine for now, no matter what. I wasn't thrusting that hard inside her. I took it slowly, and hoped that she'd relax enough that it would be much more pleasurable than painful. Time will tell.

Her grip loosened up on me slightly, and I began to thrust into her, taking long strokes in and out. She didn't seem to mind so much anymore, and actually started to press back into me again. I took that as my queue to work her ass harder, so I thrust into her with more force.

Thankfully the other girls were cheering because Sarah was still being noisy, but less groaning and more grunting as I pounded her back door. Erin kept up her attack on Sarah's clit, keeping the pleasure at a maximum, allowing me to get my pleasure from her tight ass. I didn't want to prolong her fucking for much longer. I didn't know how much longer the fireworks would be going off, and wanted to be done well before that.

“How does it feel to be ass fucked in public?” I asked her.

“Oh fuck! Ugh! Soo good, ugh yet embarrassing.” she said.

I didn't last long and I only saved her embarrassment by putting my hand over her mouth again, when I was climbing my own peak, ready to release my seed deep in her dark channel. I felt my balls tighten up again, and knew it would be soon, so I plowed on, and pushed into her harder now.

When my cock finally erupted, it sent her into micro convulsions with a renewed orgasm of her own. She was much quieter this time, partly because my hand masked her mouth, and the explosions above our heads was more frequent. I pulled out of her then, whispering in her ear that my cock needed cleaning.

She flipped over, and grabbing my cock at the base, immediately licked the tip of my cock, for any remaining cum. Then she licked from my balls all the way to the tip in multiple directions. I put my hand on her head, and grabbed her ponytail, to help guide her up and down as she went. Once her mouth was covering my head, I pressed her down until my cock hit her throat.

I then fucked her mouth, each time trying to push past her throat and her gag reflex. It didn't work at first, and it seemed she was choking plenty, but I pressed her head down on me, and thrust up into her at the same time, and this time my cock got lodged in her throat. I held her there for a few seconds, and then let her up to breathe. I didn't wait long before I did the same thing again to her, and thrust into her throat.

I fucked her face this way for an uncounted time, and knew my balls would boil over and shoot into her mouth soon. I made my deepthroat times more frequent, and then it happened. I began to cum straight down her throat, but let up on her head so she could taste my cum on her tongue. She convulsed again in orgasm with the start of me shooting into her throat.

When I let her up, she looked a mess. I could see by the light of the finale of the fireworks display, that her make up was running down her face, and there were tears in her eyes from the throat fucking. She took many deep breaths when she was released, and even attempted to smile for me, before coughing.

When she was done coughing, she looked at the other 17 girls all watching her, and looking out at the other groups of people that could potentially see her sitting there, naked and tits bouncing with the coughs. She gathered up her clothes and began to get dressed, but she couldn't find her bra or panties anywhere.

Once she put her shirt on, I reached out and cupped her tit in my hand again.

“This was a great night for fireworks, don't you think?” I asked her.

“Yes, it was. I saw plenty of them.” she responded.

“Maybe, I'll get the chance to taste you again.” I said, and pinched her nipple hard.

She squealed, and pulled back from me, allowing her stretched breast bounce back, so she could then slip her shorts, and then shoes on.

“Maybe you will!” she said, and stood up.

“It was good to meet all of you. Have a great night.” she said as she slowly made her way through the crowd of sluts, and then blend into the crowds on the trail, heading down to their own cars after the show.

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