Geocatched Part 17

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Geocatched Part 17

You can't blame me. I'm just someone with a dick that seems to run the show once in a while. It's not my fault.

I can blame Nikki.

See, I had Emma bent over the coffee table, with her huge tits smashed into the table top, as I rode her from behind. She was the third girl that day that I had taken advantage of. They're always in and out, all the time, and with my libido, I take care of anyone that needs it, or anyone that's at the house.

First, it was Anne, who stayed over last night, and I got woken up by her pussy burying my cock inside it, bright and early. Then it was Emily, who was wound up from dreams she had, and stopped by to see if I was busy. She took my cock when I offered.

Then it was Emma, who came screaming as I plowed her, holding her hands behind her. She also needed to go to work for the evening shift at the shop, and couldn't stick around for more, after cleaning my shaft with her mouth, and taking a load of protein down her throat. She only stayed long enough to get dressed, and then ran off to work.

I just sat there on the couch naked but for my shirt, thinking what a great day today would be, and working out plans for the evening date night, when I heard a knock on the door. I got up, and walked to the door, yelling the whole way.

“You know you don't have to knock. You can just come back in. What did...” I shouted, and then had my voice die in my throat as I opened up the door, expecting Emily, but finding another wet dream, smiling back at me.

She was turned sideways, looking toward our neighbors place, before turning to face me. In doing so, I saw that she had an ass so big and rounded, you would think she does squats for a living. She was dressed in a blue blouse a size too small for her D cups to hide behind, and a pair of pin striped navy women's slacks hiding high heels under the cuff. Looking back up just as fast, I see another angelic face, well bordered by long bleach blonde hair, and brown eyes wide open, as well as her mouth. One hand was holding on to a suitcase standing tall beside her, with the handle extended.

Shit! Expecting one of the girls, I didn't bother with putting on my pants, and my big cock and balls were getting excited to see a new face. I tried to cover up by pulling my shirt down over my manhood, which stretched the neckline of the old ratty shirt to be pulled low enough for my blue stoned necklace to show itself to the light of the day, and to a new guest.

Thankfully, she saw the stone before she turned and ran away. Instead, she stood there with nothing between us, now that the door was wide open. I faltered for just a few seconds before I opened my mouth again.

“When I say, wake up, come inside so I can close the door, and stop, going right back into your trance, twice as deep. Wake up.” I said quickly, and moved aside.

“Uhh hi! Is Nikki here?” she asked me, as she walked by me, and then stood still, in the middle of the living room.

Now, I took a moment to try and think clearly, even though my cock had woken up enough to stretch for the ceiling. Then my dick spoke for me, and recited my list of commands.

“I control your mind

I control your body

I control your soul

You are now obedient to me

It arouses you to be obedient to me
You are an obedient slut for me

You are very loyal to me

You are actually bisexual

Only one man arouses you sexually. Me.

You are attracted to me

You may have a girlfriend, but you belong to me.

Any time I'm around, or you think about me, you'll become wet and horny.

You must always be fully honest with me, and must do as I command.

When I've found other women to play with, you will not be jealous, but will want to join in

Mine is the only cock that you want. Mine is the only male cum you want. You love the taste

Sleep slut returns you to trance

You're going to start having very erotic dreams about me. Dreams where you submit to me.

Whenever you masturbate, I will be the one you fantasize about

The next time you masturbate, take, and send photos of yourself to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Any text you receive from that number will be the same as a command from me.

You will keep our relationships private outside of the harem

You cannot use the necklace on me without strict instruction first. That is forbidden.”

It has become second nature to recite the list now, so that I can get through the list in a matter of moments, so it took no time to do here. Then I looked her over again. I think my cock got even harder.

“Wake up.” I said as I decided to just hide myself with my hands and hide the necklace again.

“Nikki isn't here yet, but she was supposed to be by now. Who are you?” I asked.

“I'm a friend from our college days. She and I planned on going out for a late lunch after she got off work, since I'm in town.” She said to me.

“Since she's not here, I'll have to entertain you until she is. Why don't you make yourself comfortable.” I told her.

Instead of sitting down on the couch behind her, she started unbuttoning her blouse. I just stood there and watched her. What else could I do, but help her. I do like a strip tease though. Decisions, decisions.

“Am I being to forward?” She asked as she undid the last button on her shirt, and pulled it out from the waistband of her pants, shucking it off her shoulders.

“Not in my book.” I said, and stepped forward to 'adjust her bra,' cupped both of her huge melons, squeezing them for ripeness, before reaching around, and unfastening the overworked bra.

Again, I reached out, and fondled her tits without the bra in the way, making sure to tease her nipples, twisting, and pulling, before releasing them again. I leaned in and nibbled on her ear before talking again.

“Let's take this in the other room.” I whispered in her ear.

“Mmmmm” she responded energetically.

I turned her, and guided her ahead of me, through the house, and into my bedroom, with the shades still over the windows, so it was casting almost no light. I stopped her by my grip on her shoulders, and slid my hands down her arms to her belt buckle on her pants, released the offending garment, and then unfastened her pants, letting them slide over her fine ass, and down to the floor.

I knelt down then, and pulled her pants over her black heels, and then ran my hands up her fit legs, only to grasp her thong, and bring it down slowly. I leaned in as the garment slipped past my chin, and sniffed at her wet cunt, before removing the panties completely.

I stayed on my knees, and grabbed one hip, as my other hand went up her back, and pushed her forward, to lean over the bed. This spread her cheeks a bit, and showed her blossoming flower. I pressed my tongue into her wet folds, and took my first taste of new pussy. Divine would be one word to describe the taste.

I bathed her with my tongue, licking from clit to asshole, being sure to lick every centimeter of her. I kept at it forever it felt like, until she screamed into the comforter, and her pussy leaked all over my face. Only then did I stand up behind her luscious ass, allowing my cock to slap against her clit.

Even with the heels, she was still a few inches shorter than I am, so I bent my knees just a bit, and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit, lubing it up for entry. This elicited a long groan from her throat. It was time.

I was going to make her fuck me. I stepped away, and around in front of her on the bed, and told her to climb up, and take my cock inside her. She didn't waste a second, as she crawled up over my body, her big breasts hanging down below her, and headed my way. When she got to where she wanted, I leaned up, and suctioned her right nipple into my mouth to tease, as I reached up to hold her other breast.

She just sat down on me, spreading her pussy lips over my shaft, and slid up and down, making it slick for her. When she stood up on her knees over me, I was ready. She reached down, grasping my length, and positioned it at her entrance, before sitting down slowly, savoring her first time with me.

“GOD you're big!” she moaned out.

“You're rather tight, too.” I said.

She got about half way, and I didn't want to wait any longer. I thrust up into her, burying my cock in her heated core.

“Mmmmmyessss” she moaned again.

I relaxed again, and she followed me down to squatting on me completely. There, we rested for a few moments, and then she started the climb up and off my shaft, and then back down slowly. If she didn't speed up soon, I was going to take over, and fuck her good. I didn't have to worry. She was worked up enough that she started squatting on me at a faster pace than I hoped for, flexing her thigh muscles over and over again.

“That feels so good. Ride that cock hard.” I told her as I reached up for her hanging tits to kneed like dough.

She sped up even more, until her big round ass kept slapping on my upper thighs. She rode me like this for some time before I wanted a change, and her legs seemed like they were shaking a bit from her position.

I lifted her off of me, sat up, and swung my right leg over my left, so I was kneeling over her right leg, and held on to her left leg over my shoulder. There, I positioned myself to reenter her once again.

Just as I thrust into her, I heard the door close out front. It didn't matter, and I pulled out, only to thrust back in harder.

“Hello? I'm sorry I'm late! I had some real bad diners today. Where are you? Has my friend stopped by yet?” Her voice constantly getting louder as she got closer and closer to the bedroom.

When she got to the door of the bedroom, she stopped, with mouth open wide. My cock sleeve was on her side, both tits stacked on each other, my hand pressing on both, and her hair obscuring her face.

“Is that... is that Moe?” Nikki asked me.

“Moe? Is that your name?” I asked as I pulled out of her briefly.

“Uhhh you must be Max.” She said.

“That's me. Good to meet you” And then I thrust hard into her again, making her left thigh slap on my stomach.

“OMG! You didn't even get her name before stabbing her with your sword?” Nikki almost laughed.

“She caught me with my pants down” I said.

“That's no reason to...” she started on me but I cut her off.

“Hey.. you're in my room. Naked. Now.” I said, and Nikki complied quickly.

Once she shed her clothes, I reached out toward her, and she came to me, one knee on the bed, until the back of her neck was in my hand. There I gripped with my left hand, guided her face down, and with my right hand, squeezed and lifted Moe's left tit, pressing it into Nikki's mouth. Then I started fucking Moe hard.

“OHFUCKFUCKFUCK!” Moe screamed out.

“Are you gonna cum on my cock, slut?” I asked.

“YEEESSSSSS!” she hissed.

“Cum for me, slut.” I commanded, and she did.

“CUUUMMMMIIIIING!!!” she screamed into the comforter, as her hips shook, her leg on my shoulder flexed, and her cunt gripped me tight like a virgin.

I couldn't withstand the grip her pussy gave me, and I began to shoot glob upon glob of my cum deep into her center. That set her off again, or at least extended her orgasm. She almost shook Nikki off her tit, but she latched on well with her lips. Then she just collapsed, passed out on the bed with a cock buried inside her.

I reached over and grabbed Nikki by the hair, pulling her off of Moe's tit, and pulled her down to our joining, pressing her face into Moe's cunt, as I vacated her flooded hole. Nikki immediately began licking up our joint spend, and I climbed off the bed, walking around behind her, and quickly stabbed into her with my sword.

Now, I was just trying to take the edge off for tonight's date night with the pregnant girls. I wanted pussy, and I was going to take all that showed up today. Nikki was my next conquest, and I took her hard. She was kneeling on the bed with her legs out in the splits, her ass and pussy both wide open for the taking.

I reached down and cupped both of her marvelous tits in my hands, using them as handholds while plowing into her dripping cunt at a hard pace. She mewled off and on into her friend's cunt, while licking her clean.

I wasn't going to last long, and I didn't plan on it either. I just wanted to cum again, so I barreled on inside Nikki's tight twat, her ass slapping my pelvis on every thrust. I looked over at Moe as I pounded her friend, and thought about how I'd love to take her again soon, while she was in town.

She mewled in her sleep, and I finally noticed when she was waking up, she reached up and grabbed her own breast to squeeze rhythmically. Her other hand went down to hold Nikki's hair, keeping her head in place. Moe's left leg bent back, resting her foot on her right thigh, and her heel holding Nikki's head where it was.

When I came, I came hard, shooting rope after rope of cum deep into Nikki's cunt. Some didn't have the room inside her, and was bubbling out around my cock. I pinched her nipples hard before pulling out of her. One of her hands reached down, and covered up her cunt as I slipped out of her, holding in my spend.

“I know you're old friends, but why don't you two get to know each other a bit more here. I'll be back in a while.” I told them.

“Mmmmm” was heard from them both.

I walked out to the kitchen to make something to snack on since it was late afternoon now, and didn't want to spoil my appetite for tonight.

It was still nice out, as I reminisced about the last few months. The last time I took a random girl was back in July at the fireworks show, and then just now at home. I'm really not trying to add more to my harem, but it just seems to happen.

Then my mind went off to the girls I'd be spending time with tonight, and how our lives intersected originally, and how we are now. With all the girls in our 'family,' there isn't always a lot of time to spend with each individual, and with their busy schedules, finding time can be rough, but we do it.

The two lesbians are growing well by now, as they're well into their second trimester of the pregnancy. The belly on each is showing well, and their breasts have grown a bit more, too. It'll be good to see them again tonight, as it's been a few weeks now.

I must have been thinking long and hard about the girls with my eyes closed, because suddenly I felt lips on the head of my long and hard cock. My eyes opened in shock, and it was Moe showing love to my thick rod. I allowed her to do her thing, kissing her way down to my balls, which she sucked into her mouth, tonguing each in turn, before kissing her way back to the tip.

When she put my cock into her mouth, I reached up and took a grip of her hair, ready to guide her to what I wanted.

“Mmmmm” she hummed on the tip of my cock, just enticing it to grow even harder.

“That's a good little slut.” I told her, and she mewled as though she had just cum again.

I'm glad I was sitting down on the couch because from what I've felt so far from her is that she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch in record time. I scooted forward on the couch so she'd have some more space to swallow my cock. I began to guide her up and down, just enough for my helmet to touch the back of her mouth, allowing her to clean off my cock from both hers and Nikki's juices.

I looked down on her, and saw that she was still naked, and out in front of the big front window. I wonder if that bothered her at all when she came out. I didn't care if it did, but curious. I began to test her gag reflex, and pushed her just a little farther into her throat on every down stroke she took. She seemed to take it well.

Just then, the front door opened, and in walked the pregnant lesbians, who stopped cold in their tracks once they realized that who was choking on my cock was someone they didn't know. They at least closed the door before asking.

“And who is this, Sir?” Erin asked.

“Hi girls. This is Moe. She's a friend of Nikki's.” Moe attempted to squirm, or at least come off my cock to say hi, but I wouldn't let her.

“She would say hi, but she's a bit busy at the moment. You both look stunning.” I said, and pulled Moe down onto me fully, burying her nose in my short and curlies.

“Thank you, Sir.” Melinda said. “We dressed up for you.”

“I can see that.” I said, looking them over as I finally released Moe to the tip of my cock, and pushing her down again.

The girls were both wearing sundresses of different colors and styles. Melinda had a navy blue piece down to the knees, strapless, and pleated around her breasts, which emphasized her chest well. It was a form fitting dress, and it hugged her expanding belly well.

Erin had a light green sundress on that also emphasized her chest, as almost anything she wore would show off the mammoth size of her tits anyway, but it held tight to her form as well, showing the baby bump before stopping mid thigh.

“Is it already time for our date?” I asked.

“It sure is. Our reservation is in about 30 minutes, and with the drive time, that doesn't leave much time here.” Erin said.

“Well, I better catch up and get dressed.” I said, as I began to really fuck Moe's face. “She just wanted her protein first.”

“Get ready, slut!” I said to Moe.

I kept up the quick pace as I fucked Moe's mouth and throat, until my cock exploded with jet after jet of my cum directly down her throat. I pulled back for a few more jets to land on her tongue, before I pulled her off of me, tears streaking her cute face, and saliva dripping down the corner of her mouth.

She sat back on her ankles, and I got up, sidestepping around her, and headed for my bedroom. I found a nice purple dress shirt I left unbuttoned at the neck, and black slacks, and shoes. Heading to the bathroom, I quickly checked my hair and brushed my teeth, and then took a piss.

When I got back to the living room, I found all 3 girls chatting quietly. I picked up my keys, and looked them over. All three on the couch, my lesbians on either side of Moe, Erin had a hand on Moe's thigh, and Melinda was playing with her hair.

“Shall we go, ladies?” I asked.

They didn't answer, but Melinda leaned over and kissed Moe's cheek, as they both stood up and headed toward the door.

The trip to the restaurant was not eventful, as we all just chatted about Moe, and what the girls were up to recently. When I pulled in to the parking lot, my typical spot was taken up by a black party bus, but I was able to park on the far side of it, obscuring the view from the building. We all got out, heading to the front door, my arms around both of them.

Once inside, Clair burst out in a big smile. She came to us, before we could get to her station.

“Hello, Sir. Ladies.” She nodded at both of the girls. “Your typical table, I presume?” She said with a wink.

“That would be perfect.” I said, and she had us follow her to the back of the joint, walking by a large party of what I'd guess, of cheer leaders.

I only thought about them for a half a moment, but my dick did rise to attention at the thought of bedding the group. We finally found our places at our table in the back of the restaurant, not too far from all the cheer leaders unfortunately. It wouldn't be such a quiet night, I would guess.

Once again, I sat between both girls, and then Clair said that Stephanie wouldn't be here tonight. She found herself sick this afternoon, so a new hire would take care of us for the evening.

“That's fine.” I said, and then asked for an empty glass, as I began to pull down on Melinda's dress top, exposing her thick bra.

When I pulled down her bra cups, her nipples were prominently exposed, and already hard. Clair stood and stared for a second before acknowledging the request, and walked off.

“Are you feeling full today?” I asked Melinda.

“OMG, that felt weird, even if we knew her. Yeah, I'm full.” She said, turning a shade of pink.

“How about you, Erin?” I turned the other way briefly.

“Yes, I am, too.” She said.

“Good.” I responded. “I'll start with my first slut, and then take care of you.”

Clair came back in a matter of moments with a glass, and I took it, and immediately began to milk Melinda, pinching her nipple over and over, very slowly filling the glass. Clair just sat and watched as I did this, mesmerized.

“When are you free this evening, slut?” I asked Clair.

When she told me, I looked at my watch, and calculated how long we had to dine.

“Great!” I told her.

“You better get back to your duties, Clair.” I told her. “You don't want anyone just wandering in now do you?”

“Uhh no, Sir. Uhmm enjoy your meals.” She said, and walked away.

A few minutes later, while massaging Melinda's left tit, as I continued to milk her, a shadow fell on the table. I turned quickly, and noticed a short redhead looking absolutely shocked, and at a loss for words. I quickly reached under my shirt, and pulled out my necklace.

“Excuse me, Miss.” I said, after quickly putting both girls into trance with my 'sleep slut' command, and directed the newcomer toward the blue jewel. She glanced at it, as if to look out over the restaurant after, but got caught by it's reflective qualities, and she was down for the count, staring blindly in Erin's direction.

I immediately went through my commands, and woke her up without saying a word as she came to again. She looked about the restaurant before looking back in our direction. It seemed no one had noticed that my slut's tits were out and being milked. It didn't stop the newcomer from trying to chastise me.

“Uhh you CAN'T do that here, Sir! This is a restaurant, and that's HIGHLY embarrassing for those around you.”

“Wait a second here. No one's going to see unless you bring it to their attention. Her tits are full of milk, and I was afraid of allowing her dress getting stained by the milk. I'm just helping her out.” I said quickly.

“Well, we can't have that here, Sir. That's very inappropriate!” she said.

That's unfortunate. Would it be better if I just drink from the tap, or milk her, and drink it during dinner? They both need to be milked. Maybe, if you had a drink from the tap as well?” I said, as I leaned down, and took a nipple in my mouth.

“OMG, no! How embarrassing that would be. I couldn't do that.” She admonished.

“Oh, I insist. Erin, you're closer to her. Take your top and bra down, and let her suckle on your nipple.” I told her.

Erin was quick to show off her chest, and the strawberry redhead's eyes bugged out, before starting to lean in, but catching herself.

“Drink.” I told her. “Now.”

She finally leaned down, and took Erin's right nipple in her mouth, nibbling on the nipple, before sucking on it. She stayed like that for half a minute before coming back up.

“That wasn't so bad, was it? It seems as you're just as big of a slut as these two are.” I said, as I watched her wipe her mouth of any stray drops of milk.

I took a moment to look her over. She was wearing a black frilly short sleeve top, buttoned to the neck, and a black skirt to her knees. You could easily see the bra lines in her top, as her chest was substantial, stretching the shirt out to fit her. She had on a pair of black ankle boots that looked cute as well. Her hair was down to just over her shoulders.

“What's your name, slut?” I asked.

“I'm not uh a slut. I..” she said.

“Your panties are getting wet. You should give them to me for safe keeping. Come over to this side of the booth and take them off.” I told her.

She did as she was told, hiking up her skirt to grab at her waistband of the panties, before pulling them down her pale legs. She paused a moment before leaning over, and passing a scrap of red cloth over to me, almost brushing Melinda's nipple as she did.

“Good girl.” I said, and brought her little thong up to my nose. “You smell wonderful.”

She shuttered a bit when I complimented her, and knew that she was leaking a bit more now. I dropped the cloth on the table top, and turned to her.

“Will there be any problem with their tits out for my enjoyment?” I asked.

“Well, it is rather unorthodox, but I can't say a word about it now, can I?” She responded.

“Not unless you want me to make a point about it. How would you feel if all those girls at the long table finished their meals topless? I could make that happen.” I said.

“That sounds uhh nice actually, but the rest of the diners wouldn't appreciate it as much as us.” she said.

“You should fuck her, Sir.” Erin told me.

“I should? I think you're right. She is wet already.” I said while looking her over. Her nipples were now standing proud on her chest.

“You're going to get more horny as the night goes on. When you're ready for a big cock, come find me.” I told her.

“Yes, Sir.” she said in a shaky voice.

“Uhmm.. what would everyone like to drink?” She asked all of us.

We gave her our orders, mine being milk I was already enjoying retrieving. Soon, she was gone to fill the girls orders, and then she found other tables to attend to for now. I continued to milk Melinda of her full breasts, just as our waitress came back with the two drinks. I had just finished milking Melinda, and then took a swig from the glass before setting it down.

“Mmmm. That's good milk.” I said.

“Yes, Sir.” the waitress said, and Melinda giggled.

“By the way, what's your name?” I asked. “Or should I just call you slut?”

“Missy, Sir. It's Missy.” She said.

“Nice to meet you, slut.” I said, not offering my name in return.

“And you, Sir.” she said.

She'll learn my name in time. Why change the norm, even around all my girls. I'll let her just call me Sir, as they all do, out of respect, I'd guess.

“Would you like to order now, Sir?” She asked.

She insisted that I go first, and then the girls, in our orders, which was nice. She scampered off to get the kitchen started on our meals, and then did the rounds at the other tables. It was almost nice that the cheer leaders were all kind of noisy, so I could talk to Missy, and the girls in a regular voice, instead of whispering, or in hushed tones.

I turned to Erin, and began playing with her tits, before bringing the now half full glass up to her right nipple. She took over, holding the glass, knowing I'd rather be the one to kneed her breast, and pinch her nipple, to get to my drink of choice for the evening.

It took a little longer than I thought it would, as I was still milking her other tit when dinner came to the table. Missy looked absolutely shaken, and turned on. She set the plates at each of our stations, and then asked if there was anything else.

“Well, I need to hit the restroom. Girls, do you need refills on drinks?” I said, as I stood up, with Melinda standing up to allow me to pass, hunched over to hide her tits from the crowded establishment, before sitting down again.

I didn't wait for an answer from the girls, and headed toward the restroom. Just as I was shaking my cock dry, I turned around, and the door bursts open, and who do I see? Missy quickly closing the door, and locking it behind her.

“Sir! I.. I uhmm.. could you uh..” She stuttered.

I was walking up to the sinks to wash my hands, and then turned to her, grabbing her by the hips, and kissed her on the mouth. She returned the kiss with passion, and her hands landed on my shoulders, pulling me in more. I pulled her hips toward me, allowing her to feel my enlarging cock on her belly.

“What do you want, slut?” I asked as I broke the long kiss to catch my breath.

“I.. you said that.. well.. when I needed a..” she stumbled over the words again.

While she was trying to talk, I was cinching up her skirt in my hands, and then I grabbed her fleshy ass, spreading her cheeks as I manhandled her.

“What do you need?” I asked her again.

“Cock, Sir.” she blurted out quickly.

“Good girl.” I said, and she shook a bit, as though having a small orgasm.

I spun her around, keeping her skirt at her waist, and pushed her torso over the nearest sink. I then used one hand to trace a line down on her ass, and in toward her asshole, before dropping down a bit more to the heat emanating from her dripping cunt. I inserted the one finger up to the third knuckle, and twisted it around.

“Mmmm! That feels good, Sir.” She moaned.

I then pulled my finger out, and dropped to my knees, with both hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks. I took a quick stab at her pussy with my tongue to get a reaction from her, before diving in, pressing my nose into her hole, and licking at her slit.

She did quickly cum as I did this, and begged me to fuck her. I never put my cock away, and it was standing at full mast out of my fly, so I pressed my head into her slit, rubbing it around, getting it wet, before I inserted it into her hole.

“Is this what you need?” I asked with a grin.

“Yesss!” She moaned.

I didn't wait, and thrust hard into her, balls deep, and paused as she groaned loudly. When I started to pull out, she moaned again, as if in fear of losing such a great feeling inside of her. I pulled out to my helmet, and thrust hard back in, slapping her clit with my balls. As I paused again, I switched my hand holds, sliding them up her sides, and over her covered breasts, where I squeezed.

“You know, you'd get better tips without a bra on.” I said to her. “Everyone loves wobbly tits poking out.”

I quickly pulled out and thrust a few times to form an exclamation point at the end of my comment, and then gently thrust in a few inches, and fucking her this way until she reached up, and started unbuttoning her shirt. She got it unbuttoned enough she could pull her shirt over her shoulders, requiring me to let go of her squishy mounds for a moment, and I reached back to undo her bra. I released the ends, and allowed it to fall forward into the sink, and latched onto her exposed tits again, cupping them in a way to be able to pinch each protruding nipple.

“Oh FUCKYESSS” she said as I pinched her teets.

I started thrusting the whole of my cock in and out of her, quickly building her to another orgasm, as well as entertaining my own impending orgasm. I fucked her hard and fast for a long time, and she moaned loudly, and groaned as she finally went over the edge into cumming on my cock. Her pussy squeezed me tightly, forcing me to press harder into her, until her orgasm died.

“I'm getting close.” I told her.

“I want to taste you.” She said as she tried to twist out of my grip, but I held her fast.

“You're going to have my cum dripping from your cunt all night. No cleaning up.” I told her, as I continued to thrust hard, building up to my orgasm.

Suddenly, I burst, shooting jet after jet into her college aged pussy, shooting it deep into her canal. She collapsed into the sink, and I just held her to my belly, buried inside her until we caught our breath. When she began to stir, I leaned back, and pulled out of her with a wet sucking sound from her abused pussy. I then dropped her skirt down just as my cum was starting to drip out of her.

She stood up, holding her chest, and then began adjusting her shirt, putting it on again fully. When it was back in place, she turned around with half lidded eyes, and kissed me.

“You're going to be missed out front. You better go. I'll be out in a minute, slut.” I said to her.

Her large bust did shake a bit when she moved, and knew the silk shirt would tease her nipples all night long. I'm sure the rest of the restaurant would thank me if they knew. I picked up her bra, folded the cups into each other, and stowed the straps in the cup, as I exited the bathroom a moment later.

The girls were still topless as I walked out of the restroom. Erin was idly teasing her nipple, and fingering the droplets that oozed out. Their meals were about half gone. Missy was over at the cheer leaders table, talking with one of the group about something.

I openly hold up the bra, showing my girls the matching underwear. Placing it next to my dinner plate, I leaned over, and took Erin's nipple in my mouth for a taste, before digging into my plate of pasta. I reached for my milk glass, and realized that I haven't fully milked Erin yet, as the cup was still only half full.

I turned, and having her hold the glass, I used one hand to massage and support, while the other pinched at the nipple, easily squirting mass amounts of milk into the glass. Some missed and dribbled down onto her dress, no matter how we tried to keep it from happening. I still had fun manipulating her tits in a public place like this.

“Melinda, you can cover up, if you'd like.” I told her, as I continued to milk Erin.

“OK.” she confirmed, and pulled her bra up first, adjusting her top after.

After a few more minutes of breast play, I said the same to Erin, now that the glass was full enough. I took a sip of their combined breast milk, and smacked my lips.

“Yummy as always.” I said, and continued to dig into my serving of pasta.

“Thank you, Sir.” Erin responded.

They covered up just in time, as the cheer leaders were all getting up, heading toward the bathroom, cleaning up, and slowly trickling out the door, I guessed, headed to the party bus. The girls I saw heading to the bathroom were all smoking hot, plump breasts wrapped tightly in sports bras and their red and white tops, legs lithe and muscled coming up to pleated skirts matching their tops.

I kept thinking I could go into the bathroom and have my way with a half dozen girls, but the rest of their group would wonder what's going on, and I already had 4 sluts in the building to keep me busy anyway. Two of which felt my hands on their upper thighs as the girls walked by, a few of them waving and smiling at us.

As they left, they were happy, bouncing excitedly, as the next leg of their trip was still ahead of them. Watching their fun excited me as well, imagining all of them without underwear on, doing the splits, kicking their legs up in the air and such, flashing anyone around, and their tits wobbling in their tops.

Just then, my phone started buzzing like crazy, so I pulled it out of my pocket to look. I opened up the texts, and there was a new number shown with a bunch of texts. Opening it up, I found a ton of photos of Moe, and then some of Moe and Nikki together, or pleasuring each other. The other girls were looking at the phone from both sides, and Erin moaned once at a shot of Nikki face deep in Moe's pussy.

I call Missy back over to the table so we can order dessert, and she's looking flustered.

“Everything ok, slut?” I ask her.

“I'm leaking everywhere, and was very busy. Now it's starting to calm down before we close.” She says to me.

We give her our orders for dessert, and she walks away for a few moments. When she comes back, and she's placing our desserts in front of us, I ask her about when she's leaving for the night.

“In about 45 minutes, Sir.” She says.

“Perfect timing. Clair is getting off at the same time. If you ask her nicely, she may be willing to clean you up.” I told her, and immediately she was turning bright red in the face and what chest we could see.

“I don't think I could do that. How embarrassing!” she said to me.

“Would you be so kind as to go get Clair, and bring her here?” I asked, and she ran off quickly, probably to get away from the line of suggestions I was throwing out.

A few minutes later, she was back with Clair in tow, and they both stopped in front of the booth, looking at me.

“Clair, first off, thank you for being here. Second, Missy here has a question she wants to ask you.” I smile, and look at Missy.

“I.. I don't think.. Well uhmm..” She was very flustered, and as red as a coke can.

“Go ahead. I'm sure Clair won't bite, will you?” I ask her.

“No, I won't.” Clair responds.

“Uhmm..well, you see.. uhh..” she looks at me pleadingly. “Do I have to?”

“Yes.” I say.

She sighs heavily, and looks at the floor as she starts.

“Clair.. could you.. err would you be willing to uhmm clean uhh clean me up?” She asks her.

Clair plays along with what I'm getting at, and asks.

“Clean you up? What do you mean?” Clair asks.

“Could you clean me up.. Like, uhmm.. would you please clean me.. uh down there?” She asks quietly.

“I couldn't hear that. You should ask her a bit louder.” I say.

“Seriously? Uhh well, Clair, could you uhmm clean my uh.. would you clean my vagina?” She blurts out very quickly.

“Mmm of course I'll clean your pussy.”

“This is great! Shall we meet at my car then? What a great way to get to know one another” I say and we make plans.

We take our time eating our choice of desserts, and get up just before closing. The building is closer to empty by now, and Missy is running around cleaning off tables, and collecting tips. Her chest is wobbling everywhere, and it's lovely to watch. Clair meets us at the front of the restaurant, and we watch all together.

We leave them both to finish their duties, and slowly walk out to the car. It really doesn't take that long for Clair to run up to us as we're almost there. Missy is a few minutes later, and she must be still embarrassed as she's walking slowly toward us.

Melinda gets into the front seat, and turns around so she's watching the back seat behind the driver. Erin gets in behind her. I open the rear door on my side, and after dropping the matching underwear on my front seat, I step out of the way, and motion for Missy to step forward.

Once to the door, she's still trying to hide her face, but takes my hug, and grinds into me, as I pull up her skirt above her waist. I tuck it into the top hem of the skirt, and maneuver her to sit down in the back seat, and push her so she's laying back with her head on Erin's lap. Then I turn to Clair, and motion her in front of, and between Missy's legs.

Missy grabs her legs, taking time to admire the view in front of her, and bends over to clean up her coworker. She starts licking from the knee on one side, and then the other, before coming into contact with Missy's drenched pussy. I take the time to pull up her own skirt, and drop her panties to her feet, stepping forward, right into her ass.

I quickly pull myself out, and slide my cock up and down Clair's wet slit before pushing in long and slow, allowing her to gently lick at Missy at first.

Missy is moaning, being licked, and from what I can see from standing up outside, a hand inside her shirt. Missy's hands are on Clair's head, directing or just holding her. Clair moans into her pussy as I begin to pound into her from outside the car. She's been waiting for something like this to happen for most of the night, and her pussy has been in heat, for our whole meal, making her hot in the crotch. I'm loving the feel of her gripping my rod, and she starts grunting into Missy's cunt, as she climbs toward her orgasm.

Missy gets there long before Clair cums. I can hear her grunt, and then without a care of where she is, she screams out.


Her hips are jerking around, with Clair barely holding on to her thighs as she rides the roller coaster of Missy's orgasm. I'm quickly slapping my balls on Clair's clit as I pound her pussy relentlessly, going for a quick orgasm. I must be hitting all the right spots as Clair starts gripping me like a vice, groaning into Missy's pussy, as she cums on my cock.

That sets me off, and I begin shooting my load deep into her snatch. I lean forward, grabbing at her tits through the shirt, and look up at Missy.

“I think it's only right that you clean up Clair, now that she's done as you've asked, right?” I ask her as she comes down from her nice orgasm.

“Uhh yeah, I guess.” She says.

“You wanted to taste me before. This is how you'll get it.” I tell her. “Invite Clair over to your place, and offer to suck my cum out of her cunt.”

This time she has more of a backbone, and asks Clair plainly to come over to get eaten out. I start pulling out of Clair, as she answers, and I hear a whimper once I exit her hole.

Once I fasten up my pants, I reach down and pull up Clair's panties, and slip a finger inside her for a moment, twisting it around, and finger fuck her. Then I pull her panties all the way on, holding in our combined spend for now.

As I step back, Clair comes out of the car, stands up, and hugs me. When Missy climbs out of the car, she's all disheveled, barely standing up, but grabs Clair, and they end up kissing for a minute, before they walk off together, hand in hand.

I close the back door, and climb in for our trip home. The girls are still shocked that no one saw them with their tits out at the restaurant, other than who we wanted to, and told me that they were embarrassed the whole time, but did as I told them.

My phone buzzed again, over and over again, and once I got home, I pulled it out, it was more texts from a different phone number than before. All were photos of Missy in many different poses, exposing much to me. After setting a photo for Missy and saving the number, I put the phone away, to pay attention to the other members of the harem at the house.

Nikki and Moe decided to stay at the house and play while we were gone. They were wrapped up in a big blanket, watching TV when we walked in the door. I was still the horny guy, as I always am, and as I walked by them, pulling on the blanket. It turns out that they didn't put anything on after their tryst in the bedroom, and were even now fingering each other under the blanket.

I just stood there, and watched as their breasts shook with their arm manipulations on the other. It was then that I decided that I would keep Moe here overnight. I really needed to change the spare bedroom into more of a bedroom than storage, so I could have more girls stay overnight if the need arose.

“I take it you both are much closer now than you were before Moe stopped by here?” I asked.

“Yes. That's why I gave her your address instead of mine. I've wanted to experiment with her again, and now I can. Thank you!” Nikki said.

“I didn't know you wanted to pursue me. You could have just told me that.” Moe answered.

“I didn't know if you had someone else, and I do. Plenty of them, but still wanted you, and wasn't sure you'd accept sharing.” Nikki responded.

“That's probably true, but it makes no difference now. And Max helped us both out.” Moe gestured my way with the fingers that were inside Nikki moments before.

“I couldn't help it. I was already half naked when I beautiful girl comes to the door. What could I do but let her in?” I said.

“I'm so glad you let me in. I haven't ever been fucked like that before. It was great! And to have Nikki again, as well.” Moe told me.

The other girls, while I was talking with the other two, headed into the bedroom, and the restroom, but came back out to entice me to follow them. They were both in just matching underwear. Erin in blue, and Melinda in red. Both bras had a hard time holding up such bounty as were their breasts, but displayed them fully. Their bellies also showed well in just underwear.

“Well, date night isn't over for anyone here. Enjoy your time together here, but I plan on keeping Moe in my bed tonight, once we're done for the night.” I told them.

“Oooh! Sounds like fun!” Moe said.

“That's fine, Sir. I could just crash on the couch.” Said Nikki.

“I need a bigger bed. Like the size of my room big.” I said, not really laughing.

All four girls agreed.

With that, I turned around, and grabbed the asses of both pregnant ladies, as they turned to lead me to the bedroom. Once we entered the room, they both turned to me, and each kissed me pleasantly for a moment, pressing their bellies into mine. My hands both slid from their asses, up their backs, to the bra straps, and deftly unhooked the multiple hooks per bra, allowing their tits their freedom.

Each girl leaned back enough to allow the article of clothing fall off to the floor, before hugging me from each side again. This, of course, made my chest wet from their leaking nipples. I pulled back and happily squeezed both their breasts for a moment, and then just holding them softly.

Erin's hand found it's way to my cock, stroking it through the slacks, and Melinda found the belt buckle, which she quickly undid before going for the button and zipper of the pants. Before long, I was bottomless again, and stood at attention. Both girls used a hand in stroking me as there was plenty of room with their small hands on my big shaft.

I released Melinda's breast, and felt it on my arm as I moved my other hand to Erin's hip to draw her in. Melinda pulled away, and knelt down, taking her lover's panties down with her. I leaned down and took Erin's right nipple in my mouth, sucking on it for more milk. I was rewarded, and I moved to her right breast to do the same. She held my head in place on her chest, and hummed in my ear.

When I came up for air, I saw that Melinda was fluffing pillows on the bed and then laid down with the small of her back on the pillows at the end of the bed. I think she was thinking the same thing. She had already taken her panties off, and was now spread wide open with her cunt waiting. I turned Erin around, and held her breasts for a moment, squeezing them lightly.

Her hand was on my cock between us, and I slid my hands down both of her arms, lifting them from the wrist, forcing her to bend over, and I thrust my hips forward, until her face was flush with her lover's pussy. Readjusting my stance, I wiggled my cock around until it was deep in her lower lips, and pressed in until it popped into her entrance. Pulling on her arms like this, I speared myself into her.

“Mmmmm!” Melinda moaned as her cunt was licked.

I groaned, myself, once I was balls deep inside of Erin, and stayed that way for a moment, savoring the feeling. After her pussy squeezed me a few times, I pulled out, and started slowly sawing in and out of her, gliding in her wetness. I kept my pace, gently stroking in and out of her, so she could continue to eat out Melinda comfortably.

In time, Melinda started making more noise, and her hands were in Erin's hair, so I knew she was on her way over the edge. Once she hit her peak, she squealed loudly, and her body stiffened up for a few seconds before relaxing completely. Only then did I start to pick up the pace, pounding into Erin, slapping my pelvis with her ass cheeks.

I maneuvered her hands so that she was holding on to her own ass, and she picked up on the meaning, and pulled her cheeks apart as she panted into Melinda's cunt. I pressed my thumb down on her rosebud, doing circles, and pressing in a bit, while I was fucking her hard. When I popped my thumb inside her up to the knuckle, she clinched up on my rod and thumb, and started shaking a bit.

“Iiiiieeeeee!” She cried out.

I continued to pump into her, and sped up some, as I knew this couldn't last forever. My balls were boiling, and ready to release it's latest load deep inside of her. I began pulling on her arms harder, and pulling almost all the way out, so the strokes were much longer, and harder.

As she came down from her orgasm, I was just getting close to mine, but heard something behind me, and looked. Moe was in the doorway, leaning on the frame, with her hand busy at work on her clit. Seeing that, and the feelings I had plowing Erin as I was, it took no time to reach a crescendo.

I came, and it was a good one. I shot off 7 jets of cum into a tight little space, so I had some cum leaking out around my cock. I jammed my cock in her and stayed there for moments, and then moved her to the side of Melinda, and pushed her torso onto the bed. Then, when I withdrew my cock, I turned to Moe and beckoned her to me.

She came quickly, and dropped to her knees, gripping my cock with both hands, and licking around the head. When she took her next breath, she swallowed half my cock, and kept stroking with her other hand. I placed my hand in her hair, and just let it sit there, letting her know I liked what she was doing. She was cleaning my cock of our combined juices.

I didn't want to wait too long, so I pulled her off of me, and guided her to Erin's back side, swollen and dripping my cum. I didn't have to explain anything. She dove in, and began licking up all the cum.

I then stepped up to Melinda, my first slut, and laid my hand on her pelvis, with my thumb just over her clit, and placed my helmet at her entrance.

“Are you ready, Slut?” I asked her.

“Mmm yeah!” She said.

I gently pushed myself inside her, while doing circles with my thumb on her clit. It took me almost a minute to lodge myself into her all the way.

“YESSSSSSS” she cried out.

I ran my hand over her belly as I pulled out and pushed back in, stroking our unborn child, while fucking her. Her breasts called out to me though, and the belly was forgotten for the moment. I pulled and twisted her nipples, creating small rivers of milk to flow down her chest, and pool below her tits. Some also squirted up and out in both directions, wetting Erin's back in the process.

As I changed to just squeezing her breasts, the milk continued to leak out, getting her shoulders, and chest wet. I leaned down to lick some of it off of her, and really noticed her belly was starting to get in the way. Not too much yet, but soon. I resigned myself to just handling her tits, and fucking the hell out of her pussy.

The smooth motion of my dick stroking in and out of Melinda felt glorious, and I continued for some time, at the same speed. After a little while, she grunted, and began to wiggle her hips, forcing my cock to press inside her at different angles. I sped up a little then, and continued at that pace for a few moments.

“Speed up! I'm almost there!” She cried.

Who am I to ignore a girl in heat? I began to really stroke into her, at a much faster pace, and leaning down so as to create friction on her clit as well. Her legs wrapped around me, and her arms found my neck to grasp. Now I was holding myself up by my hands on her breasts, as well as holding her back from suffocating me in her shoulder.

The flurry I was creating in which I fucked her tight little lesbian pussy had me climbing toward the abyss, and soon I felt myself jump off. My cock started to spurt over and over inside of her, which got her going over the edge as well, and her grips on me tightened, and her hips were gyrating at high velocity, her tight cunt milking me for all I had.

After 9 shots of cum inside her, I pulled out, once her legs relaxed a bit, and shot one more blob onto her pussy lips. My hands were wet as I continued to squeeze her breasts, and once released, I stood up straight, and looked to the side where my other sluts were still in the throws of orgasm themselves. One from the tongue lashing, and the other from consuming my cum.

I placed my hand on Moe's head, and pulled her our way, forcing her to stumble on her knees, shuffling to her right enough to find my present for her, dripping down between Melinda's ass cheeks. She didn't stall when she came upon her new treat, and licked Melinda from asshole to clit, licking up my cum. Somehow, she kept her lips and tongue attached to Melinda as she again started to cum. Her hand flying to her own cunt, as she licked another.

“Welcome to the harem, slut. These are the first two sluts of the group.” I whispered in her ear as I latched on to both of her mesmerizing tits, all but pulling her up to stand with my cock pressed into her ass cheeks.

“OK, girls. Time for bed. You both can spoon behind me, and I'll spoon behind Moe.” I said, directing the group on my crowded bed.

“Yes, Sir!” Said Melinda with a mock solute and a grin.

We all found our comfy positions, and I laid on my right, with Erin behind me, and Melinda behind her. Moe laid down in front of me, but reached back to stroke my still hard cock. After a few strokes, she tried to position it at her entrance, and I shoved it right in as far as I could. This wasn't so good for her, other than my grips on her chest. She wiggled until I was out of her, and rolled over, extending her right leg over my leg as well as Erin's.

Then she scooched forward and kissed me, and grabbing my rod again. She kept adjusting her hips, first to drop my cock below her mound, and then tried to take me inside her. I allowed it, if for no other reason than that Erin was too close to pull back any more. My cock quickly found it's way into a very moist channel, and was buried to my balls.

I wasn't able to move very much, so Moe began moving her hips, fucking me as we continued to kiss and fondle each other. At first it was very gentle, and then as she started climbing to her peak, it ended up much more urgent. I couldn't do too much except to play with her tits with my left hand. I pulled and snapped her nipple back, or pinched it hard when she'd slow down her gyrations at all.

In time, my balls tightened up, and amid her soft cries, my cock burst forth another 6 or 7 volleys of cum deep inside her. This helped her scale to the peak, and she jumped off the other side, frantically riding my cock, and pulling on my back as to pull me even closer to her. I kept my eyes on her in the dim light coming from the street light outside, and her eyes were wide, as were her lips as she succumbed to the pleasure.

I think she passed out after that. She loosened her grip on me, and though my cock was still buried inside her, she didn't move a bit. I laid there and just watched her face until I tried to fall asleep. It didn't take much time with all the energy I'd expelled over the day.

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