Geocatched Part 18

by ARandomGuy

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Geocatched part 18

I could tell, besides the date, that it was the college's move in week. It felt like the whole school was going shopping today at work. I was very busy, and slightly aroused all day, as groups of girls kept wandering through the department. Seeing as it is the middle of August, the heat kept most of their clothes to a minimum.

They'd almost parade themselves through the department, many without bras, and so many of them gorgeous. Some were closer to my age, and I'd guess at being seniors or graduate students, but others looked fresh out of high school. How could I not be aroused with move in week?

I knew I was going to get laid that night, so I didn't really think too much on the subject, since I had available pussy at the house, waiting on me to get off work. I wasn't even half way through the shift yet, and had a growing erection from all the stimulation today, so far. My neck was also getting a fair workout, as it was constantly whipping my head around at all the eye candy.

As is always the case, people run into neighbors, or friends at the grocery store, and block the isles talking to each other. The same is done in produce. They'll stop and block a section of walkway to different products. This happened close to me, as I was filling the banana display. A few girls together came over to grab bananas, and another group came up, and started talking about what all they needed to get.

This all happened behind me, and I turned around to oogle them, as I sometimes do with other groups. Somehow, I get away with it, and am not considered a horny pervert, or some other name women come up with when guys stare at their beautiful forms. As I turned to look, I reached up, and unclipped my necklace, securing it in my hand, before bending over near the girls, within about a foot of one of their asses that I paused to look at briefly, and then stood back up with the necklace in my hand.

“Excuse me, girls. I think one of you dropped this.” I said, holding the blue stone up into the middle of the group.

All eyes glanced at me, and then fell on the stone in the necklace, and went blank. I glanced at them all briefly, and made up my mind.

Once the necklace was of no use, I replaced it around my neck, wasted no time in giving them commands, as we were in the middle of the produce department, and people were all around us.

“You're all my sluts.
You're always aroused around me.

You crave my cock.
You'll obey me always.
Your bodies are mine.

You are now bisexual.

You will not be jealous of who I fuck.

You will be loyal to me.

No cock will feel as good as mine does.

I turn you on.

You're attracted to me.

You must always be honest with me.

'Sleep slut' will put you back into this trance, twice as deep.

When you masturbate, you will fantasize about me, and/or each other.

Any instruction by text from me, is also to be obeyed as though I spoke to you.

You may not touch, or use my necklace for any reason without my permission.”

I think I covered enough bases for now. Then I gave them a few instructions.

“Right now, you feel the urgent need to masturbate. When you do, you cannot cum. You may not cum until I help you, or tell you to cum. The most you may do is edge yourself. Take pictures of yourself while masturbating, and then text them all to me at with your names. While you're doing this, you'll remove your underwear and when finished, bring them to me.”

I pulled them all out of trance, and smiled at them. One girl smiled back at me.

“You're kind of cute” she told me.

“I agree” said another.

The others just nodded their heads.

“You all look sexy as hell!” I told them. “Are any of you horny right now?”

All 5 of them nodded, and a few whispered a yes. Now, I was getting much more turned on, and they noticed this.

“Why don't you show me how horny you are right now. Head to the restroom, and remove your underwear for me, and come back. I'll be waiting. Except for you.” I said this, and gestured to the girl across from me in the circle that obviously didn't have any underwear on. “You can stay with me for a moment.”

She just nodded, and came to me. The other girls all filed off toward the restroom.

“What's your name?” I asked her.

“Michelle” she told me.

“Are all of you friends?” I asked.

“Not yet. I'm their guide around campus, and where to shop. They're all freshmen in my sorority. I'm a senior.” she told me.

“Freshmen, eh? I like the sound of sorority sisters. Tell me.. how wet are you right now?” I asked.

“Oh GOD!” she blushes a deep red, looks around at the crowds in the department, and responds. “Very wet.”

“I can tell. Your yoga pants are already showing a damp spot.” Her sea green yoga pants had a much darker spot around her developing camel toe, for all to see.

I teased her a bit more about her arousal. Her deep blue sports bra was tented with her hard nipples, begging to be sucked on. Her brown hair was almost long enough to hide the tiny nubs. Her hands were fidgeting, as were her feet, as though she was holding back from just jumping me right then.

Finally, one of the other girls came out, red lace in a manicured hand. Just a head shorter than me, and had on a light red shirt with a competing college emblem on it, form fitting, and showing how aroused she was, as her nipples wanted to cut their way through the shirt. Her jean shorts weren't too long, and ended on her upper thighs.

When she got to me, she held out her hand with the removed garments for me, which I took, and held up in front of me, sniffing the panties.

“Did you play with yourself? These are soaking wet.” I asked, enjoying her fragrance.

“Y-yes, sir.” she said. “I also took a photo of me... down there.”

“Down where? Your pussy?” I asked.

“Yes, sir.” she all but whispered.

The other girls were all coming out at the same time just then, frilly clothing in their hands. They each came up to me, and offered their undergarments to me one by one. I placed each set in my pockets, as I was lucky enough today to be wearing my cargo pants, and turned to them all.

“Did all of you take photos while you were in there?” I asked.

They all nodded at that. Blushes all around. I already knew this, as my phone was buzzing over and over in my pocket.

“OK, now.. how did you all get here?” I asked.

“We took the bus together.” the sandy blonde said.

“Well, do your shopping, and head back to your home. I'll get a hold of you later. I'm going to take Michelle here, and her very needy pussy to my lunch hour with me.” I told them.

As they walked farther into the store, with a little more sway in their asses, I turn to Michelle, and start walking with her toward my car. Half way there, I pulled out the key fob, and unlocked the doors, and then once there, I opened the rear door of the car.

“Hop in here. I want to see what all you're hiding in that outfit.” I told her, motioning for her to get into the back seat.

Once she got in, I scooted in beside her, and closed the door on us. When I turned toward her, I saw that she had one hand between her legs, her right leg bent and up on the seat with her foot hanging off the edge. The other one spread out with her foot on the floor. Her eyes were half closed, and staring at me.

I reached over with my right hand, and pressed her hand into her crotch, and rubbed her gently at first. She just mewled at our combined touch. I scooted closer to her, pushing her knee out of my way, and then moved my hand up to her waist, and inserted my hand under her tight yoga pants. I first encountered short cropped fuzz as my hand moved down, stretching her yoga pants a bit as I moved down.

I moved over until our hips touched, and then put my left hand over her shoulders, and let my hand rest on her covered left breast, teasing the nipple with the palm of the hand. The other hand continued down into the depths of her stretchy leggings, until I found her heated core. She pressed her hand over mine through the cloth when I found her very moist lips, swollen with need.

With 3 fingers, I pressed my way farther down. One finger on the outside of her lips on either side, and my middle finger right down the center of her wetness. I then pressed them together a bit, squeezing her lips around my intruding digit, as I slid over her clit, up and down, spreading her wetness over her love button. Then I pushed my hand down until my middle finger slipped inside of her hot channel.

“Oooooh! Oh God!” She cried out.

“My pants! They're going to get soaked” she told me between groans.

“Well, we can't have that. Let's just take them off for now.” I said, as I pulled my hand out of her pants slowly, dragging a finger across her clit before pulling it out.

Her hands both went to her hips, and quickly hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the pants, and in seconds, she was bare down to her knees, and dripping onto my back seat. I took a moment, and squeezed her left tit, as if taking possession of it, which I clearly was. I then reached just a bit lower, grabbing the bottom hem of the sports bra, and pulling it up over her one breast, releasing it to fall to it's natural state.

I gripped the exposed breast, squeezing it, and presenting it to my mouth, as I leaned over, and licked the nipple once. As I did this, I replaced my right hand on her thigh, pressing between her legs, and sliding up toward her heated center. Her right hand grabbed mine, and pulled it into it's target, where I began to wiggle my finger across her lips. I pressed on her thigh to open up her legs more, but the leggings around her knees hindered much movement.

I twisted my hand to flat on her pelvis, and pushed down between her folds again. She mewled again, as my finger found her hole, and sunk into her to the second knuckle. Her hips wiggled, and she slid down in the seat until her knees hit the front seat. This gave me a bit better access to her lower lips, and I began to finger fuck her with one digit at first. Her hands were now both gripping my wrist, keeping it where it was, my palm pressed up against her clit, as I fingered her.

I was a little distracted in pleasing her with my hand, as I was now sucking on her breast as though she would begin to lactate for me, like my lesbian sluts were at the moment. It wasn't to be, but she did taste divine in any capacity. I released her nipple, and sat up, looking at her face with her eyes closed and mouth wide open.

“When was the last time you came with a partner?” I quizzed her.

“Mmmmmm.. never!” she moaned out.

“What a shame. You'll always cum with me.” I told her.

I pressed my right hand deeper into the cleft of her upper thighs, and inserted my ring finger inside, now curling up both fingers inside her meaty lips. Then I began to curl my fingers against her pelvic wall, and shifting my hand up and down, fucking her with my hand. Her head fell back with her mouth open and she began to grunt with every pull of my hand, pressing my fingers inside her.

I sat up, and she started to fall to her left, into the opposite door as I released her breast from my hand. Her body slouched and it pinched my wrist at an odd angle, so I pulled my hand away from her pussy, tasting the fingers freshly extricated from her depths. She did taste great, and I wanted more.

Her legs were still trapped closed by her pants at her knees, but that didn't stop me from pulling her hips a bit closer to me, and then I scooted back so I could lean over, and devour her. I first inserted my two fingers back inside her, and then let my tongue flick across her clit. This alone sent her over the edge, because she sprayed my face with a quick squirt of vaginal fluids, as I fucked her with my fingers, and nursed on her clit until she came down from her overwhelming orgasm.

“OHGODYESFUCK!” she screamed into her arm she was biting down on to keep herself quiet.

With my fingers coated in her juices, I pressed a finger against her tight starfish, and pushed inside her bowels. This set her off again, or at least extended her orgasm from before. I didn't let her come down for a few moments.

I now fucked her asshole with my finger, and used my thumb inside her cunt, and she moaned loudly again.

“I hope you're ready for more, slut.” I commented.

“Oh no! I've never cum so hard. I'm wiped out.” She told me.

“I think you can take more, and you will.” I told her, pulling my hand from her holes, and undoing my belt and pants button.

Once the zipper was down, I pushed my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Before she could say anything, I pressed on her knees, forcing them down to the side, and with her puffy pussy lips guiding the way, I pressed my helmet into her lips, moving it around, spreading her juices. When I found her entrance, I pressed in a few inches and stopped, as I leaned over her, kissing her on her lips with my wet face.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked her.

“Noooooooo!” she cried.

Her hands were both massaging her tits, which were both on display now, as she pulled her bra up over the swell of those soft globes. I kissed her again, allowing a few drops of her own wetness drip onto her face, and pressed myself half way inside her. I let her get used to my size for a moment, and then slammed myself home, balls deep inside her tight little college cunt.

She immediately came again as my helmet bumped into her cervix, deep inside her. This wasn't as powerful as her first one, but none the less, her cunt squeezed my rod powerfully over and over as her muscles contracted around me.

I had noticed this in the last few months, and it's more common now, but whenever I go balls deep inside any hole for the first time in a session, it gives the receiver an orgasm. It must be yet another bonus of having the necklace. I cannot complain, as all of my girls go crazy now, knowing that just fucking me at all guarantees even more orgasms.

I welcomed Michelle's shaking body, and leaned down to take her other nipple into my mouth as I sat there, letting her experience the full orgasm. When she calmed down some, I pulled out almost completely, and pressed in again. I started to fuck her hard. I didn't want to be nice, letting her build up to a nice orgasm on my cock. I was going for broke, as my lunch break was bound to be close to over, if I only looked at a clock to see.

I pounded my newly claimed pussy with abandon eliciting a grunt from her throat on every thrust into her. My thick cock spreading her lips wide, as it forced its way inside, and massaging every centimeter of her insides with it's soft stiffness.

I knew I needed to get back to work soon, so I relaxed and let nature take it's course, allowing my arousal peak. When I released the first few bursts of cum deep into her belly, her cunt squeezed my cock like a vise, milking the rest of what I had to offer her, and she came on my rod, shaking, and completely animated in her movements. I just reached over and squeezed her right tit in my hand as I unloaded inside of her.

I release so much that it's squirting out around my cock, as I continue to pump inside her warm embrace, and I pull out enough to fill her more, before I squirt the last few globs all over the lips of her cunt. I then lean down, and nibble her nipple while pinching her other one.

“Ahhhhh! OHFUCK!” she cries out.

Her hand squeezes through between her thighs, and cups her whole pussy as she continues to spasm with aftershocks of her orgasm.

I start to pull my underwear and pants up, securing them with the belt again, as I look her over.

“You can stay in here as long as you'd like, but I need to get back to work. Try not to stain my interior with our juices. Eat up as much as you leak. If you leave, come back before 6 when I get off work, and I'll take you home for more fun.” I told her, and stepped out of the car, closing the door behind me.

As I make my way back to the store, and clock in, I let my mind wander. Tonight after work is going to be a fun evening.

A few minutes after I get back to work, I get a text. When I open it, I see a dripping wet cunt with my cum still bubbling out of it. Some of it is smeared down to a finger that's half buried in an asshole.

The rest of the day goes by slowly, and I'm still a bit turned on by all the visible flesh walking around my department through the afternoon. I'm sure it would go much quicker if I wasn't thinking about how busy I'll be tonight. I did get a few odd looks from a group of hotties, but I paid it no mind. I had mine for the night. I only was caught staring while imagining the group I got today.

On my last break, a few hrs before I was off, I texted the remaining girls I met today to prepare for the evening.

ME: OK sluts. You should all be back at the store by 6 and wait for me.

JAIME: Yes, Sir.

TIA: I can't wait.

SAM: Of course


ME: If you have a vibrator, turn it to your favorite setting, and insert it before getting dressed to meet me.

TIA: Oooooh!



SAM: Yes, Sir.

ME: One other thing. You may not cum.

I put the phone away before any responses came in, and got back to work. I did notice that Michelle didn't answer the texts. Was she still in the car passed out? I knew I was being cruel, but I wanted them all ready to pop when they showed up.

It was 5:41 when Tia came into the store to find me. She was the smallest of the girls, at just 5'2” and tiny frame. Her tits couldn't be more than a B cup, and her black hair hung down enough to just cover them up.

“Excuse me, Sir.” I heard behind me.

I turn around and I see Tia, and she's absolutely shaking. She was still wearing the red shirt, and a pair of skin tight jean shorts with white sandals on her feet.

“Hello there, slut.” I said to her, and her eyes close for a second.

“Mmm hi, Sir. We're all ready to go, and waiting on you.” She said to me.

“You're all a bit early. You're going to have to wait.” I told her.

“But, Sir! We..” she tried to get out before I cut her off.

“No buts. At least not yet. You get to wait. I'll see you soon.” I told her, and got back to work.

She stood there for a moment before heading back outside. When I finally got out of the store, I noticed they parked close to the entrance so I'd see them. I walked over to the driver door where Christine was sitting. She rolled down the window and gave me a big smile.

“Are you all ready to come with me?” I asked them.

“Yes, Sir!”

“Wait, did you say we could cum?”

“No. You may not cum yet. When I pull those toys out of you, you may cum.” I told them.

There were a few groans, but that was the end of it. I told them to follow me out to my car, and then to the house. When I got to the car, Michelle was indeed still in the back seat, but was awake, and massaging her tits. Her pants still around her knees.


When we pulled up to my house, Nikki's car was in the driveway, and behind her car was Dani's car. My car barely fit in the driveway behind them, but I managed it. The other girls had to park across the street. I got out of the car, and opened the rear door for Michelle, and she managed to pull her pants up, and exited the car.

Watching the other girls walk from their car to the house was entertaining. A few of them were walking very stiff legged, with their thighs tightly held together as they were wearing skirts, and the others were walking semi-normal since they had pants on. Once we got to the door, it opened, and a fully naked Nikki was standing there.

“Well, I guess we're not getting any of that cock tonight!?” she commented.

“You will. I have plenty to go around, and you know it.” I scolded her.

“We've been sunning on the deck out back. Come on in.” She said, and stood aside as the 6 of us walked in the door.

All the girls stood around, hands clenched into fists in their restraint, and looked on me as though they were ready to pounce. I ignored them for a second, and gave Nikki a deep kiss, and felt up one of her mammoth tits. Only then did I turn to the other girls.

“This is Nikki here, and Dani is out on the deck. I had a wild hair, and wanted something different today, so I picked up these girls for tonight.” I turned to Nikki at the last to explain their presence.

I turned back to the girls, and decided on a course of action.

“Christine, come here.” I said, and a girl almost as tall as I am walked up to me, with her brown hair in a ponytail, her medium sized tits proudly displayed behind a gray tank top a few sizes too small, and a floral skirt that didn't really cover too much of her legs.

I reached out, and immediately began to pull her shirt up and off of her fit frame. Her tits bounced free, and then settled. I leaned down and took on of her protruding nipples in my mouth, teasing it with my tongue, as I slid my hands down to the front button on her denim skirt, unfastening it, and the zipper, before letting the garment fall to the floor.

She wasn't wearing anything under the skirt, which I liked, and when she stepped out of the skirt, I darted my hand between her thighs, and cupped her cunt. I teased her opening, and could feel a good quick vibration deeper inside her, so I knelt down, and as one finger found it's way inside her, I leaned in, and captured her clit in my mouth. She quickly began to release her pussy muscles, and pushed her green vibrator part way out of her, and into my hand.

I looked up to her eyes as I flicked her clit with my tongue, and slowly pulled the vibrator out of her opening. When it fully exited her hole, her hips jerked, her hands went to my head, and she partially collapsed on my face, as she exploded in orgasm. She barely held herself up by her legs as she shook in pleasure.

When she calmed down enough to stand on her own, I stood up, and looked around for my next contestant. I held my hand out for Sam, and she came to me quickly. Her tits wobbled as she walked quickly to me, pressing her blue shirt to it's limit. Her jean pants were painted on. I leaned in, and brushed her dark blonde hair away from her ear.

“Are you ready to cum?” I whispered in her ear.

She could only nod her head. I grabbed at the bottom of her shirt, and slowly lifted it up, and over her bust which almost rivaled Nikki's tits, before pulling it over her head. Then I knelt down again, and unfastened her jeans one button at a time, and with her help, I wiggled the waistband of the jeans over her hips, and down her legs. She also wasn't wearing panties, and her lips were small, and her labia was hanging out between her folds. I leaned in, and sucked her labia into my mouth, stretching them until they popped out of my mouth. Then I went for her clit.

As she was stepping out of her pant leg, I sucked her clit into my mouth, and fingered her with 2 fingers, trying to find the vibrator inside her. She figured it out, and started to push it into my grasp. I stood up, and held her to me with one hand, while the other was playing with her vibrator, sliding it in and out of her. When I let the toy drop, her legs gave out on her, and I had to hold her firm against me as she came.

The next to be called forward was Jaime. Her sandy blonde hair obscured the view of her medium sized conical breasts under her loose white t-shirt with a comic mouse on the front. Her nipples poking out in the middle of each of the mouse's ears. She was shaking like crazy as I pulled her shirt up and over her head. When I reached down to release her white pleated skirt, she mewled at me. I quickly dropped the garment, and got to my knees. I wanted to taste her as well.

I leaned in, and licked her puffy little pussy from hole to clit, before reaching up to take her toy from her grasp. She was losing the battle with holding the toy in, so it was just in time that I sucked in her clit in my mouth, that the toy all but fell out into my hand. At that moment, her pussy was pushed into my face as she partially collapsed onto me in her throws of passion. She all but sat on my face with her full weight, and I was obliged to consume her excretions.

When she was finally secure in standing on her own, I stood up and beckoned to Tia to come to me. She was the tiniest of the girls today, and I thought I'd save her for last. She barely reached 5'2” and was a tiny girl. I pulled the offending red shirt over her head and tossed it aside, before kneeling down to take off those short shorts. Once I released them, and they fell to the floor, I leaned in, and nudged her clit with my nose before licking her sloppy wet cunt.

I then stood up again, grabbing her by one hand on her ass between her cheeks, one finger pressing on her asshole, and the other on her back to hold her to me. I held her at just the right height that I could dry hump her with my large cock through my pants. I did so, lifting her up and dropping her a bit, and her arms flew around my neck to hold herself up. I then reached down between us, and cupped her pussy.

“Let it out” I whispered in her ear.

She pushed her toy out of her cunt enough for me to grab it, and I let it drop. She, just like Sam, exploded in orgasm, dry humping my cock, rubbing her clit on my denim, and I gripped her tighter with my left hand on her ass, surprisingly with that grip popping my middle finger right up to the second knuckle in her asshole. This set her off again, and she squealed in my ear.

Nikki watched all this, while fingering herself, and then reached over, and pinched Tia's nipple in the throws of orgasm. Then she wandered off back to the back deck, and I'm sure to masturbate while tanning.

All the girls were on the couches except for Tia now, and Michelle's leggings were back around her knees. I carried Tia over to Michelle, and let her down, not withdrawing my finger in her ass. I pressed it farther in, and fucked it in and out a few times.

“Michelle here has something to feed you, I'm sure. Be a good little slut sister, and feed on her pussy.” I whispered in Tia's ear, as I lifted Michelle's legs up by gripping the cloth between her legs and lifting up, exposing her still very puffy lips.

She knelt down, and quickly leaned in, taking as much of her sister's cunt into her mouth at first, licking up and down. I turned toward the other girls, and looked over at Sam, who was happily shoving 2 fingers in and out of her hot box. Since she was at the end of the couch, it worked perfectly. I knelt down in front of her, and pulled her fingers out of her cunt, and licked them clean, before replacing them with my tongue, licking her tight pussy.

I didn't stay there for very long though, enjoying the ambrosia of her honey pot, and I got up on my knees, and undid the belt and button on my pants. When I pushed them and my underwear down, and my cock popped out, hard and angry, I heard a gasp from farther down the couch. I ignored that, and leaned in, and pressed my raging hard cock against her cunt, rubbing my helmet all over her, to slicken it up.

Pressing the tip inside her, I didn't stop pushing until I was all the way inside her, and she opened her eyes wide, and a keening “Eeeeeeiii” came out of her mouth. Her muscles began to pinch my cock inside her, and I rode the wave as her hips started jerking up and down. I pulled out all the way, and her pussy leaked down onto her asshole, and the couch. I rubbed my cock on her lips again, and pushed in most of the way, and backed out. Then I began to fuck her slowly.

“Ooooohyeah!” She cried out.

My hands found their way to both of her mammoth breasts, and squeezed as I pushed inside her, and pulled on her tits, and backed out before doing it over and over again. When I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth while pounding her cunt, she squealed again, and came on my cock. I bit down on her nipple, and teased it with my tongue, while pushing harder on each stroke inside her tight channel.

One of her hands found it's way to her clit, and she was rubbing it at high speed, extending her orgasm. Her legs kept helping me pump inside of her by contracting on my hips behind me, forcing me into her. I wasn't holding back, and kept pounding her 18 year old pussy. Tight as it was, I easily slipped in and out of her sloppy hole, and in time, I felt my balls pull up a bit, and then I was done. I started shooting off globs of cum inside of her.

I blasted at least 7 times inside her, before I pulled out, splattering her cunt with another volley, and one on her hand, before I was done with her. My rod still standing tall leaked a bit. She, on the other hand, began to vibrate and shake uncontrollably, as she rubbed my cum into her belly, her orgasm took her, and she passed out.

I hadn't heard anything from Tia the whole time I was buried in Sam, so I'd guess that Michelle had already cleaned herself up in the car earlier, and there was nothing left to lick out of her. I called to Tia, and told her to clean up Sam, and she jumped at the chance. She had barely gotten to her knees in front of me, and leaned down before she convulsed in orgasm at the initial tasting of my seed leaking from Sam.

The only moans were from Christine and Jaime, who were both actively playing with their pussies. Michelle was just slowly rubbing her clit, keeping her arousal up, but not trying to climb to an orgasm. Coming up with an idea, I had both Christine and Jaime get up from the couch, while I maneuvered the coffee table into the right position.

I told Christine, who was a little taller than Jaime, to lay down on the coffee table with her head hanging off the end. Once she was in position, I pushed the table forward a bit, so that her head hanging off the far side would be shoved into Tia's tight little cunt. Then I pulled Jaime over, and like a jigsaw puzzle, laid her down on top of Christine.

Christine's knees were pushed up to either side of her, and Jaime's legs held them there, in the crook of her knees, as she squatted above her. Roughly speaking, Christine looked like a frog on it's back, and Jaime on top, so both of their pussies were touching at their clits. This position also put Jaime's face into the crack of Tia's ass, just above Christine's face. They both held on to each other, and accepted their positions.

Now that they were both in position, I took mine. I got on my knees behind them, and licked from Christine's asshole, through her folds, and traveled on up into Jaime's cunt. I sat on my heels and ate them both out until they had both cum, sucking up what I could of their juices flowing out of them.

“How many cocks have been in these tight little pussies?” I asked them as I fingered them both.

“Just one, Sir!” Jaime lifted her head up out of Tia's ass to speak.

“Mmmmmm” Christine tried to talk, but she was so shoved up into Tia's cunt that she couldn't. She shook her head instead, which I barely caught.

“You're a virgin, Slut?” I clarified.

“Mmmmhmmm” she nodded her head between Tia's thighs.

Fresh untouched18 yr old pussy. I loved it. Just my luck! I fingered her a little more, and noticed that she didn't have her maidenhead, so I'm guessing she lost it to a hair brush handle or something. I stood up, and moved forward, squatting down behind them both, and rubbed my cock between both cunts, pushing my shaft across both clits, and back out.

Who should get my cock first, I thought. After a moment I decided that Jaime will, so I rubbed my helmet along her pussy, and then inserted it into her slowly. It was a tight fit, but I kept pushing, and got all the way in. Suddenly, her cunt began to spasm around me, trying to milk me, and she squealed into Tia's asshole she was currently rimming. I held her strong at the hips, and let her calm down after her quick orgasm.

Once she settled down, I slowly began to stroke in and out of her tight little hole, looking down, and watching as her lips stretched around my thick cock. I spread her ass cheeks to get a better view of her asshole and pussy as I pushed in a little harder. Wetting my thumb in my mouth, I pressed it on her asshole, rubbing it around the forbidden hole, pressing here and there. My strokes into her cunt were picking up in speed and force, and finally, I forced my thumb inside her dark passage to the second knuckle.

“Gaaah!” I heard, as her head popped out of Tia's ass momentarily.

Her hips bucked as I fingered her dark hole, and pounded into her snatch. She felt so good, I knew I wouldn't last too long, which was fine. I had plenty of holes yet to fill tonight. I would make sure she was a little sore before I was done with her. I leaned forward, and squeezed my hands between both of their tits pressed together, and got a firm grip on Jaime's mounds. Her nipples trying to cut holes in my palms.

I used both handholds, and plowed her pussy like it was the last on earth. This forced her head into Tia's ass firmly over and over again. I was in my own world though, enjoying a very nice 19 yr old cunt for my pleasure, and hers. Her pussy was leaking like a sieve, dripping down onto Christine's own slit, not that she needed lubed at all. Their clits still grinding against each other.

I didn't want the feeling to end, being balls deep in Jaime, but I also wanted to stretch out an untainted pussy just inches from me. I stopped restraining myself, and soon I was building toward a nice orgasm, when Jaime blasted off first. She came and came, her cunt juices flowing freely around my cock shaft, and that put me over the edge.

I began blasting inside her, and her body all but jumped off my cock. She did momentarily lift off of Christine, but fell back down again, and screamed into Tia's asshole. I let a handful of shots fill her insides with my white paste, and then pulled out to shoot a few globs on her asshole. I took that moment to use the lube, and shoved my thumb back inside her ass.

“Michelle! Would you come over here, and feed my cock into one of your charges? You can be the one who forced my cock into a virgin cunt.” I said, and she got up quickly, and came to me.

“Grab hold of me, and press it down to her slit.” I told her, and she did. “Now pull me into her hole.”

She did as she was told, and she pulled my cock as best as she could, and I was beginning to stretch Christine's cunt lips with my girth.

“Mmmm! Toobig! Aaaah!” I heard from Tia's cunt.

“Ung! Mmmmmmm!” I hear, and see that Sam has woken up with Tia still buried in her snatch, licking out all of my cum.

I rested there, and let Michelle stroke the abundant shaft between my pelvis and Christine's lips for a few moments, letting Christine get used to my size. While waiting, I pulled Jaime up by her tits, and whispered in her ear.

“Get up, and go sit on Sam's face. She'll clean you up.” I said in hushed tones.

Jaime did stand up, and extricated herself from the confusing position they were in, and climbed up on the couch. Her cunt was already leaking my fluids, and hers, so even before she could squat down on Sam's mouth, my cum dripped into her mouth, and Sam began to gyrate her hips, and grabbed at her fat tits as she was thrown into a new orgasm.

She was mostly quiet, or at least muffled, as Jaime quickly found her seat, and pressed her position for pussy play.

Now that I could see Christine's body again, I leaned down, sliding my hands from hips up to her sizable breasts, and attacked her nipples briefly as I came down, and kissed her neck. Then I nibbled her ear lobe, and whispered into her ear.

“Do you want me to pull out of your dripping cunt, Slut?” I whispered.

“Uunngnoooo! Ohfuckmenoooo!” she moaned into Tia's slit.

“Good girl.” I said, and pressed my cock another few inches inside of her super tight little passage.

It was tight enough that I felt my shaft bend slightly as I pushed inside her. Her muscles were holding me in place, as I forced more of myself inside her. I rested again, so she could get used to me.

“Mmmmmdoit! Fuckmeeee!” She moaned into Tia's little pussy, and I did.

I leaned into her, and Michelle had to let go. I pushed in the last 4 inches, and she bucked on my cock in the throws of her first cock induced orgasm. Her groans and moans were partially muffled by Tia, but I knew she was having a big orgasm. Her exceptionally tight pussy was squeezing me even tighter. It felt as if she was trying to push me out. My balls rested on top of her asshole, in the position she was in with legs splayed out, and both holes almost horizontal, laid out for my use.

When she came down from her high, I began to pull out, and I heard a muffled “Nooooo” from between Tia's thighs. I kept pulling out, and then pressed back inside her. The feeling was exquisite, and I enjoyed it so much. I rested again, and then pulled out almost all the way. This time, I thrust a bit harder into her, scraping my balls across her asshole.

Each time I thrust, it becomes a bit harder. More forceful. More feeling. It feels exceptional that I'm the first to be in this place. This tight, flooded place. As I'm thinking this, she orgasms again, tightening herself on me, and gushing out around my rod. She's held in place by my hands on her knees, keeping her spread open wide, and held at the end of the table by Tia's snatch. Her hands are on me, attempting to grip me.

Michelle has switched from gripping my rod from the side, to rubbing on Christine's clit, breathing on it, or sucking on it when she can. She's been leaning over Christine's pelvis since Jaime left. This only inflates the orgasms that flow out of Christine, and turns me on even more, as she tightens around me, pulsing her muscles constantly.

I'm not going to last for long with all this stimulation, and knowing I own this pussy as her first cock invades it's depths. My balls continue to drag across her asshole, stimulating her in another way, as I begin pounding into her at a faster clip. My balls feel as though they're getting heavy, and beginning to boil.

Christine was just starting to come down from her latest crashing orgasm when suddenly, my cock squirts forth it's first volley of cum into her velvety depths. It continues to shoot more globs of cum until I pull out, once I'd filled her up, and administered a few globs across Michelle's face, and Christine's pussy lips.

I sat back for a second, and watched as Michelle sat up and cleaned off her face, and Christine's no longer virgin twat compressed and expanded, looking again for what had just stuffed her. Her hands both went to her cunt, trying to hold in the overflow of cum. She finally could relax her legs, and one almost kicked me in the leg as she stretched out. Which reminded me that she'd been probing Tia's depths for a long time, and her neck will probably be bothering her.

I got up on my knees and pulled the coffee table away from Tia, which gave Christine the chance to sit up, flexing her stomach muscles in the process, but keeping her hands on her little pussy. She then leaned into me, her head on my shoulder as she armlessly hugged me.

“Thank you! It was time I lost my V card.” she said to me.

“Oh, it was my pleasure. Yours too, I suppose.” I said.

“Is it my turn yet?” I heard from behind Christine, and when I looked, I saw Tia looking over her shoulder at me.

“I haven't forgotten about you, Slut. Come here.” I said as I stood up.

“YES, Sir!” she said excitedly, and got off her knees, and bounced over to me.

Tia was the shortest, and thinnest girl in the group, but not so thin as to be unhealthy. She had meat on her bones, but she was tiny at 5'2” and her smaller tits bounced with her as she came to me. She hugged me, and my cock was smashed between me, and her belly. I ended up picking her up off the ground, and shifting my hands to her ass to hold her up.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, legs around my waist, and leaned in to my ear.

“Fuck me into next week! I need it!” she said quietly.

I giggled, but lifted her a bit further, until my cock slid over her clit, and then between her pussy lips. When it found it's entrance, I lowered her just a bit so just my helmet was inside her. It was also a tight fit, as to be expected by such a tiny girl.

“Are you ready?” I asked her.

“Ohgodyes! Drop me on that monster!” she cried.

I almost just released her to do just that, but I instead lowered her slowly down my shaft, stretching her out. She was humming the entire ride down, and at the end, I shifted my arms so that they were under her legs, and grabbed her ass tight as I spread her cheeks with my hands, and inserted my finger into her ass again. It wasn't so easy doing while she was in the throws of an orgasm, but I managed. Only then did I lift her up and mostly off my cock, before lowering her down again. Now her legs were hanging off my forearms and I was slowly lifting and dropping her on my cock.

This worked out for her, and she started moaning on almost every drop. I decided that instead of taking it easy, I started stroking up into her, and bouncing her off my rod, burying myself deep enough to smash into her cervix on every thrust, and out again to just my head inside her. I sped these motions up, and she ended up bouncing on my long cock.

“How are you still hard?” I heard from somewhere on the couch.

“It's a gift I have. I have to keep my harem happy.” I told whoever it was. I didn't know yet. I was watching Tia bouncing on me.

“Harem?” the voice asked.

“You bet!” I said.

Tia felt like she was riding a bronco, and was all but whooping as she rode me. That pussy felt so good sliding up and down my shaft. My finger still in her ass soon got it's neighbor to join it in that tight hole, and she groaned again.

While she rode me, I continually attempted to stretch her asshole. I was taking that next, whether she knew it or not. I was going to take her anal V card, as well as everyone elses. I shoved yet another finger inside her ass, and all but lifted her up by her asshole, and she just moaned into my ear. I went at her harder and harder, building up to blast into her tight cunt. I was going to flood her like the rest.

My balls were heavy again, building up all the cum needed to fill each cavity I chose to shove my dick into, and they were slapping my fingers in her ass on every stroke. They were ready to boil over, and I let them. She kept riding me, and I shot rope after rope of cum into her tight cavern until on every stroke in, the cum would squirt out around my shaft.

I lifted her off of me then, and set her on the floor standing up. Her legs were already bowed a bit from the position she was in fucking me. She turned to look at everyone else that had squared off with each other, sucking on pussy lips, and fingering each other. She then bent down to stretch her legs, and that's when I took advantage. Her asshole was stretched open from my fingering, and was ready for something a bit thicker.

I placed my hand just above her ass, and slapped my still dripping cock down her crack, pressing my helmet into her slick asshole. She almost moved away, but not before my helmet popped inside of her, and I thrust forward. There was a quick squeal from her loud enough to shatter windows, but that died down fast enough. She sat still, hunched over with a cock almost half inside her back door, breathing heavily at the intrusion.

Now that both hands were free, I slid them down her body to her breasts, which were just a handful each, and pulled her to me, before standing up fully. This took her off the floor, as her legs were just too short. Her body was held up only by my hands on her tits, and her ass hung on my cock, where it continued to slip inside her until it was buried all the way.

She wasn't ready for the orgasm, and she squirted across the coffee table, and splashed onto Sam's leg. That got Sam's attention, and she saw what was happening. I began thrusting into her back door after a few moments I gave for her to adjust to my thick intruder, and she began to enjoy it. She couldn't exactly put her feet down to step away from me, so I hoped she'd enjoy it enough.

I paused for a moment, and adjusted my hold on Tia, and to address the others.

“Since you've all noticed now that I've taken another virginity, just know that I will be taking your last virginity as well, before you can go back to your sorority. You'll all be mine. Completely.” I told them.

I saw that no one stopped masturbating when being told I was going to ass fuck everyone here, so there was hope it would be welcomed. If not, it could be a bit painful.

“Why don't you all help prepare for me, and finger your own ass, or someone elses.” I suggested, and started pumping into Tia at a faster pace, forcing her whole body to bounce in front of me.

“Oooh! Can I be a part of this too?” I heard behind me, and looked to see Dani walking inside from tanning completely naked.

She was a dream, with a nice deep tan, except her tits and her cunt. They were a very pale white in the large triangles of where her top rested, and the tiny one below her naval. The contrast was stunning. Milky white tits wobbling as she walked into the living/orgy room, and came to stand beside me.

I do so love the contrast on her tits, and that made my balls want to boil over. I started thrusting at a mad pace up inside of Tia's asshole, and didn't stop until I was blasting her bowels with white hot cream. Only then did I allow her to touch the floor with her feet, as I slowly pulled out of her, still blasting her insides.

I then turned to Dani, and groped at one of her massive milky white breasts, leaning down to suck on a nipple, before rising up again, to pinch the nipple hard. This made her juice up some, besides the fact that she'd been listening to us all have fun in the house.

“Dani. Be a good little slut, and go get a few bottles of lube from my room, for the girls to use.” I said as I pinched her nipple hard.

“Y-yes, Sir!” she stuttered, and then turned away, her nipple slipping from my grip.

Tia had climbed over the little table, and onto the couch, where she squatted over Sam, ready to feed her another dose of protein from her ass. Sam tilted her head back in readiness for the gift.

Dani came back out of the hallway with a bottle in each hand, and a grin on her face. She walked over to Michelle, and handed her a bottle, and then came back to my side. I looked around, and decided that one of the girls was more ready than the others.

“Jaime, come here, and get down on all fours for me.” I told her.

I know she was more open than the others, since I'd already fingered her puckered hole, so a little lube would finish getting her ready. Once she was down on all fours, Dani squeezed the bottle onto her fingers, and then pressing into Jaime's ass cheeks, started spreading the lube around her back door, and pressing inside with one finger, and then a second. She started to piston her fingers in and out of her, readying her for something a bit larger.

I got down on my knees, and reaching up to grip a heavily hanging breast of Dani, I readied myself for entering Jaime's ass. Dani, still bent over, enjoying my fondling, reached out, and took my cock in her hand to guide it's way into the asshole in front of me. She pumped it a few times, and with a grip just behind the head, pulled me, and pressed the helmet into the dark hole.

Dani then slid her hand down between myself and Jaime, grabbed my balls, and gently pulled me toward my conquest in front of me. Once I was buried most of the way, she stopped fondling my balls, and shifted herself, pulling that hand away, and moving her right hand to Jaime's belly, and then farther south, to play with her clit while I sodomized her.

“Mmmm ooooooohfuck!” Jaime moaned out below me.

I leaned forward, and grabbed at her soft mounds on her chest, and began thrusting gently at first, allowing her to acclimate to my girth. I pinched one of her nipples as I thrust balls deep for the first time, and she squealed, as her body stiffened up in the beginnings of an orgasm. Her breath taken away for a moment, came back with a loud groan, before dying off, and her arms collapsed. Her body didn't fall face first into the carpet, as I had a firm hold on her chest, and let her down to rest her head on the carpet.

Then her hips began to rotate and move back into me, enticing me to continue to fuck her dark passage. I shifted back, grabbed her hips, and started thrusting at a much stronger pace, slapping my pelvis against her well formed ass on every contact.

Just then, the front door opened, and among the shocked exclamations from the new sluts around the room, I hear Krystal as she walks in.

“What the hell? I saw that slut hugging the wall through the window, straddling another slut on the couch, and knew something was up! Who are all of these sluts?” She inquired.

“I was having guh.. kind of an off day, and uh.. they all just about fell in my lap at lunch.” I said, continuing to thrust harder and harder into Jaime's stretched asshole.

“Well, I didn't expect an orgy at all.” Krystal said.

“I'm just welcuming these sorority girls to our state, and the college. It's the least I could do.” I said.

“Does this mean us other sluts won't be getting any tonight?” Krystal asked.

“It uh doesn't need to uh.. be that way. You know I can last.” I said.

With that, I sped up again, pounding into Jaime harder with each thrust. I was getting more horny as the evening went on, and maybe more invigorated with all the pussy I had around me tonight. Suddenly, my balls began to feel tight, and pull up, and then I suddenly started coming, filling up Jaime's bowels with spurt after spurt of my cum, until I was all but forced out of her by a lack of space.

I looked around the room at the others. I found Michelle on the end of the couch to my left, with her legs up on either side of her hips, spread wide, a hand playing with her clit, and the other hand coming up from behind, massaging gel into her anus.

“Michelle, are you all expected back tonight, at all?” I asked her.

“Mmmm there's a new members dinner at the house they should be at.” she told me.

“I think you should call them, and tell them that all of you will be missing dinner with the rest.” I told her.

She got up briefly, to grab her phone, and dialed their number. As she did this, I knee walked over to her, and spread her legs, then grabbed her hips to pull her to the edge of the couch. When she put the phone to her ear, I pressed my cock between her cheeks, and nudged forward against her asshole. Suddenly, I popped into her, and she cooed into the phone.

“Hi Cindy, it's Michelle. Oooh uhm, well I just wanted to tell you that my group won't be at the dinner at home tonight.” she spoke into the phone and waited.

“No, we'll be fine. We're mostly stuffed already. I certainly amMmm.” she all but moaned.

“I think we won't be home tonight. We found a chill party, and we're going to stay here.” she said, looking at me, and I nodded at her, while pushing forward more into her bowels.

“OK, have a good night, and I'll see you tomorrow for their initiation.” she said, and hung up, just in time for me to push the last inch inside her, balls deep.

“Oooooooohfuuuuuck!” she cried out.

She dropped her phone as she wailed to the room, while her orgasm took her. I just sat there, waiting for her to calm down, while enjoying her bowels which were spasming around me. I reached up, and grabbed both of her nipples, pinched, and then pulled on them until she sat up straight as she could, chest out.

Once I released her nipples, she fell back on the couch, and I began to pull out of her, only to thrust back in, while grabbing at her breasts. She groaned when I squeezed her breasts while thrusting inside her ass. My speed was already picking up, and I continued to enjoy how tight her ass was, squeezing me with every movement I made.

I wanted to explode inside her, and soon. I had more holes to stuff, and wanted to get to it. I wasn't long in waiting, as I wasn't trying to hold myself back. Maybe later. I leaned in and bit her neck as my cock started squirting blast after blast inside her, pulling her into yet another orgasm.

She sighed as I extricated myself from her tight hole, while still filling her up. When I was free, she immediately started dripping out of her expanded back door, and onto the floor.

Christine, sitting next to Michelle, was watching me, and also using some lube on her asshole, but she'd only stuck the one finger in so far. She looked at me kind of afraid that I'd hurt her with my size. I grabbed the bottle of lube, and squeezed some out onto my fingers, and pressed them onto her asshole around her finger.

“Move your hand. There's enough there to expand without much discomfort.” I told her, as I stuck one finger in, and then quickly twisted a second finger inside her.

She still didn't make any real noise when I jammed a third finger up her tight asshole, and I knew she'd be just fine with me fucking her. I moved over to her other side, and sat on the couch beside her, stroking my cock.

“Since you seem timid about getting ass fucked, my little fuck toy, so I'll let you fuck yourself in the ass. Climb up on me, and ride my cock.” I told her.

She got up on the couch on her knees, and turned around to face me, before lifting her right leg over my body, to place it next to my hip, and sitting on my lap. Then she adjusted so she was squatting on her feet, instead of her knees, and reached down for my long cock, and guided it to her back door. She lowered herself so slowly, I didn't think I'd ever get to fuck her. When I was finally pressed against her asshole, I had to encourage her to relax, and let me in.

“Just relax. Yes. Now push. As though you have a large shit. Push.” I told her, and suddenly I was inside her, and sliding deeper and deeper.

I know she was shocked when she finally got to sit down on my lap with my cock buried all the way inside her. She convulsed a few times, and one of her feet kicked out and into the back of the couch in the middle of her pleasure received. Her pussy was leaking greatly, and pooled between her legs. When she finally came back to earth, she started to stand up, and then slid down the whole length of my pole.

She was really enjoying the slow ride, but I was getting almost bored, if you could be bored while someone rides your cock among a bunch of naked sluts. I wanted her to go faster. I pumped up into her when she was almost topped out on me, and then again when she was half way down again.

I released her hips and slid my hands up to her 18 yr old firm tits, and squeezed them, and played with them. I even slapped them a few times, just to see how much they'd jiggle. Her nipples were standing proud at the upper peak of each mound, and I took one in my mouth while she gently rode my cock.

I began to wonder if there was anyone else outside that would be able to see in, seeing as my drapes were still broken and open. It would sure be a sight to see. I'm surprised I didn't have a peeping tom around with all the other girls and I have fun in this room all the time. I let my mind wander as I continued to play with her titties, and her nipples.

As she rode me, she sped up some, but not too much. I figured it was time that I helped her out. I grabbed onto her hips, and began pumping up into her on her every down stroke. She was really enjoying that, and she sped up more. Then I reached down between us and played with her pussy, enticing another orgasm out of her. The squeezing her ass did to my cock was exquisite, and I began to fire off globs of cum up her rectum. Blast after blast until it was squirting out around my shaft.

She got off me quickly, and fell back to her spot on the couch, only to continue the play on her cunt, as her ass started leaking.

My cock was also dripping from coming so much, but I knew what to do. I looked over at Sam, and saw that her face was slimy and coated in cum as well. Multiple people sat on her face after all. It was time both of us took a shower.

“Sam. Is your ass ready?” I asked as I saw that she was working some of the gel in the area of her ass.

“Yes, Sir.” she said to me.

“Let's go shower, and clean up some, and I'll take care of you there.” I told her.

We both got up, and headed toward the shower. I went in and turned it on to a nice warm temp before offering a hand to help Sam step in under the water. Once she was getting her hair and face wet, I grabbed one hip, and pushed on her upper back so she'd lean forward.

I grabbed my cock, and slapped it up against her clit, and then dragged it through her folds, before sliding up between her ass cheeks to find her dark channel. I placed my cock, grabbed her hips, and pulled her onto my cock more than my pushing into her. Her hands never left the shower wall, and she was getting a face full of water, which was perfect, as I sodomized her.

When I pulled on her hips enough, and then pulled out, only to press back in rather forcefully, and I was fully inside her, my balls resting against her pussy lips. She cam on me right then. She almost lost her handholds on the wall she braced against, and I had to support her for her time in the throws of orgasm.

I reached out and grabbed hold of her mammoth mammaries, only holding them at first, but then keeping them from swinging so much as I pounded her from behind. Her nipples were digging into my palms, so I grabbed hold of them and pinched, to her delight. Her ass contracted on me multiple times as she came again. This was so amazing to feel around my cock.

When she started to calm down and her legs stopped shaking, I leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Cum for me again, you big tittied slut! Cum for me.” And she did.

I had to pull her to my chest, using her massive tits, and bury myself inside of her, to hold her up as she squeezed my cock, and her legs and body shook in my arms.

“Aaaaaayyyy!! Ohfuckmefuckmefuck!” She cried out.

Her constant muscle ripples around my rod had me ready to blow inside her, and I started to release jet after jet of cum up into her bowels, which set her off on another orgasm I was prepared for. Soon, she calmed down slightly, and pulled off of me, fell to her knees, and grabbed my cock. With just a few strokes, she deemed it clean enough, and engulfed half of it in her mouth.

It didn't take long for her to force the rest of my cock into her mouth, and down her throat. With my balls resting on her chin, she acted as though she was choking, and her body convulsed a few times, and then I realized that she was coming with my cock down her throat.

I fell back against the cool gray tile of the shower, with the intense feeling I had bending down her throat. She followed me back to the wall without losing an inch of me in her mouth, and held me there for a few moments, swallowing around me.

This was definitely not her first time with a cock in her mouth, and I thank whoever it was before for giving her the skills she had, in her 18 yrs of existence. I groaned loudly, and then she came up for air, and to jack me off with a hand, while swirling her tongue around my head and shaft. Then she dove in, and I was deep inside her once again. She was fucking her throat with my cock. I put a hand on her head, not to guide her, but just to let her know how good she was doing, and I bent down, taking a tit into my other hand to fondle.

With her administering a wonderful blowjob, I didn't want to hold back on feeding her some protein. I didn't want to hold back at all, so I let nature take it's course, slowly building up to a nice orgasm. I happened to be down her throat, and her nose in my pubic hair when I first shot a glob of cum down her throat. The next volley was in her mouth, and each after that was swallowed, but the amount per shot was too much for her. She choked a bit, and some came out her nose, which was quickly washed away by the shower.

When I was done coming, I released her head, and she came off of me for a big breath of air. After she coughed and clung to the air she could get, she looked up at me and smiled.

“Thank you, Sir! I needed that!” she said to me from the floor of the shower.

“That's good, because I think I've had enough tonight. Time to dry off, and find places for everyone to sleep.” I told her, and allowed my long shaft a chance at rest.

We slowly got out of the shower, and Sam grabbed the first towel, and started to dry me off from the legs, and then my cock, which she took time with, and then my torso. I then took the towel, and did the same for her, starting on her legs, and ending with rubbing the towel around her breasts for too long.

I then walked out to the living room to find everyone had cleaned up at least a little bit, and were all sitting on the couches, playing on their phones, or playing with themselves.

“OK girls. It's time to head to bed. All the freshmen will sleep with me in my bed. Michelle, you'll get to sleep with my other sluts in their bed.” I told them.

Over the course of the summer, I decided that a second bed was needed, as I had a house full of sluts staying overnight just about every night now, so I cleaned out the second bedroom and put another California king bed in there, for the overflow of guests. It had worked out well so far, and would be handy now, as I can't fit more than 4 others in my bed, all cuddling together.

When I laid down in the center of the bed, I had Tia to my left, with Sam right behind her, and to my right, I had Jaime, and then Christine behind her, all cuddled facing me. Tia put her head on my shoulder, and moved her hand down to my crotch, but I wasn't going to allow for any more play time tonight, so I didn't rise to the occasion of a little cock play.


The next morning I woke up partially, not realizing I was awake, and not still dreaming, of a mouth on my cock, and 2 hands on the shaft. I lay there enjoying the feeling, and then it stopped.

I awoke later, and there was a mouth on my helmet, 2 hands on my cock, and one playing with my balls, which were ready to burst. I looked up to find Tia, the smallest of the girls, between my legs with my cock in her mouth. To her right was Christine, with a hand stroking me, and to Tia's left was Jaime, also stroking me. The sight of 3 faces near my cock, and 6 hanging tits below them revved my engine a bit.

I started to sit up where I was, and put my hands on the outside of the girls on either side, pressing their faces together, with Tia still nursing on me. My balls contracted with the hand playing with them, and I told them all to share, and swallow, my load.

Tia was the one to get the first three globs of cum, and she came off my cock like she couldn't breathe. The top hand on my cock pulled the shaft over to Christine's mouth, which gobbled up the next few shots without trouble. When her mouth was full, my cock was forcefully pulled in the opposite direction, and ended up in Jaime's mouth for another few shots of cream. When she came up for air, my cock stood straight up, and shot a few more globs out, hitting Tia in the forehead, and cheek.

When my cum stopped filling their mouths, the hands started disappearing from my cock, and the girls all got up, and headed out the door. Sam was mostly still asleep next to me, but got up with all the commotion on the bed.

While I was getting woken up, I had smelled breakfast being cooked in the kitchen, so once we were all up, we headed out to see what was made. Dani, and Krystal were slaving over the stove, and Nikki, and the other girls were all around the table, eating their breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. No one had anything on, other than Dani and Krystal, who both had aprons on, to save them from the bacon grease splattering on them.

I sat down at the head of the table just when Michelle finished her meal. A few of the others were close to finished, and they had just gotten out there! They must have been extra hungry after taking a few shots of a protein shake in the bedroom. Krystal came over to me with a plate full of food, and I began to dig in. I was too engrossed in eating that I didn't realize someone had left the table. I did notice though when a hand gripped me by the shaft of my cock, and began stroking, quickly bringing me back to hardness.

I looked about the table, and everyone had sat down. Krystal, with her apron still on, hiding her breasts, and Dani, with hers on as well, but did nothing to hide her modesty, if she had any to begin with. Her chest was bulging out both sides, with nipples pointing straight at me. All the seats were full, as I only had enough room for 8 around the table, but I had 8 other people here with me.

I looked around the table, and figured out that it was Michelle that was stroking me, only once her mouth covered my helmet under the table. I groaned, and many of the girls giggled, knowing what was going on. I just closed my eyes, leaned back in my chair, and enjoyed my second morning blowjob.

Michelle took her time, and was sure to lick every square inch of my rod, and balls, paying attention to my helmet, and underneath it. Meticulous would be one word for it. I was in heaven again. Before the other girls had gotten dressed completely, I had ended up exploding down Michelle's throat at least 3 times, and into her mouth another 4 times. She let up after that, and licked around my head to clean up any stray cum dripping down.

She came out from under the table, wiping at her chin, and a grin on her face.

“Thank you, Sir! You're delicious for breakfast!” she laughed.

“The pleasure was certainly mine.” I said with a smile.

“Don't you girls have something going on this morning?” I said to the whole group getting dressed, sans the underwear still in my pants pockets.

“Yes, we do, and we need to leave soon to make it.” Michelle said, looking over her charges.

They were soon starting to head out the door to Christine's car, but each stopped by to give me a deep loving kiss, and I groped each in turn through their clothes, before letting them go. It was a great pleasure with some barely legal girls.


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