Geocatched Part 19

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Geocatched part 19

It occurs to me, as I sit on my deck, surrounded by 8 of my girls, all getting our tan on, that I've all but forgotten the inner turmoil and anxiety in my head, that I've carried throughout school. After these last months, I've pushed it all aside, and lived my life to the fullest.

You see, I was bullied for anything. I wasn't the smallest kid in class, and was rather athletic, but just didn't look like the rich kids. I didn't dress like them, but had discount store clothes. I didn't have their stylish haircuts, since my mom was the one that cut my hair. She decided on how I looked. I didn't have that many friends at all, in school, and so as a loner most of the time, I was picked on.

Always a flick to my ear by the kid behind me. Whispering around me, as they looked my way, looking over my outfits or some other bullshit. I got de-pantsed a few times. One time was outside playing four square with half of the class, and someone came up behind me, and grabbed my pants, and yanked. I froze for a second, since I was now just in my underwear in front of a few of my secret crushes, and the other time, was in class, in front of the teacher.

That time, they were able to grab onto my underwear as well, and I was naked from the waist down, cock waving at the teacher in front of me, and my ass facing the whole class. The kid that did it that time was sent to the principal.

As I said, I was teased all through elementary, and jr high. High school was a bit different, but my tormentors also followed me to the high school, but found better things to do than to bother me. I was fully a loner then, and loss of a few more friends. I finished off the year with other new friends though, that were also loners, or stragglers in my class.

After school was out, and it was time to work, I now barely hear from friends. They've got other things going on, and we never seem to keep up with each other. I do miss a few of them, but I'm fine without, as I've been the loner most of my life.

I reminisce about all of this, as I'm tanning with the girls, and receiving a slow blow job from Nikki. Since finding this necklace, I've found friends, lovers, and fallen in love, albeit with the help of the necklace. It has changed my life in so many ways.

I've also found roommates. Yes, Nikki, Krystal, and Moe have moved in to my place. It's helped with paying the mortgage, and giving me more cash in pocket as well, since we all split the living expenses. Luckily, none of the other girls are jealous of them since they're always around me, and besides, I still have the room on my bed. The 3 girls mostly share the big bed in the other room, and I have my typical nightly guests mixed in with the roommates once a week, in my bed.

I'd say that I've far surpassed what my other classmates have received in their life, and they probably all would want to get a piece of my harem if they had a chance. I can't, and won't complain about where I've turned out in life.

I needed to get my mind back in the moment, since I was about to blow a load down Nikki's throat. I grabbed at her light brown hair, and helped guide her head as I erupted. I first shot off a few volleys directly down her throat, and then pulled her head back so just the tip was inside her mouth, and she could taste my load before swallowing it.

“Mmmmm” she moaned through a nice orgasm after swallowing.

As Nikki got up and off of my lounge chair, I looked around at the others out sun bathing with me. Dani was in the next chair, with her hand down her skimpy blue with white dotted bikini bottoms. A few of the college girls were there. Sam, Jaime, and Michelle across from me, and Vivian was on Dani's other side. Missy and Emily were on my left side between myself and Sam on the end. The whole deck was full of very sexy bodies.

I turned to Dani, and spoke, as my cock was feeling cold with all the spittle on it, with the slight breeze.

“Care to warm me up, and sit on my lap?” I asked.

The nympho all but jumped out of her chair, and was straddling me, with her hand still down her small bottoms. She used her hand to brush aside the gusset of her bottoms, and lowering herself down enough, grabbed my head, guiding it inside her warm depths.

“Now that I'm not starving, I'm going to make a late lunch for everyone. Who else wants sloppy Joe's?” Nikki asked, and all hands went up.

“OK then, I'll make a few extras for Sir, and whoever wants one.” She said, and walked inside to the kitchen.

I groaned as Dani still hadn't completely enveloped me inside her yet. She was taking her precious time, teasing me with her tight little cunt. Her hands were on my shoulders, and she kept creeping down at such a slow pace, I thought of thrusting up into her, but that would ruin her fun. She was probably just anticipating the orgasm coming up, just from taking me in all the way, and teasing herself as well.

I just latched onto her large breasts, and teased her nipples, pinching and pulling, between moments of just hefting the weight of each in my hands. Her breathing was already more erratic as she paused half way down my shaft. My teasing her only heightened her arousal. As she excruciatingly slowly lowered herself on me, movement caught my eye.

Emily stood up, and came up behind Dani, reaching down, and began to pull on Dani's butt plug. That shifted Dani enough, that she squatted down, in order to keep the plug inside her. This action she tried to hold off sent her into a shaking orgasm, after bottoming out on my cock. Her breasts wobbled beautifully in my hands, and her head fell back, mouth open, as if to scream to the heavens, but nothing came out.

Shaking in pleasure, Dani's limbs grew taught, and her hands on my shoulders started to press on me. When her fingers curled, her nails dug into my traps. Then she started to wiggle on me, as her orgasm subsided, rotating her hips side to side, forward to back, forcing my cock to hit every square inch of her insides, and my mushroom head rub across her cervix.

I leaned forward when her arms relaxed again, and took her left nipple into my mouth. I teased the nub with my tongue, and sucked on it, eliciting groans from her throat. I still manipulated both of her tits in my grasp, but squeezed the left tit, pressing it into my face, and trying to force feed more flesh into my mouth.

When I switched breasts to suck on, it was time for her to start riding me slowly at first, raising up to the tip of my cock, and then lowering herself down again. She quickly got into a rhythm, squeezing my shaft hard, milking me of any left over cum. She was, after all, the last of the 8 girls to take a load of my spunk in one orifice or another, yet I had a full load waiting for her.

“Mmmmyes!” she moaned, now cradling my head in both her hands, as I continued to suck on her titties.

Then she started changing things up. She'd slide up my shaft to the tip, then back down 3 or 4 times, and then rotate her hips, and wiggle on me, sliding my shaft around inside her, before starting over again. This also gave me the chance to keep dislodging her nipple still in my mouth, as she kept riding me.

When Dani began to speed up, and whimpering often, I knew she was on her way to bringing herself to her own natural orgasm. The other girls were all watching, and listening to us. Jaime, who was the mousy little girl, got up, came over to us, leaned down, and brought her hand to Nikki's button, where she began to rub in time with her movements.

This finally brought her over the edge, and she screamed out a “FUUUUUCKYESSSSS” for the whole neighborhood to hear around their supper time. Dani almost collapsed on me, but her breast did escape my mouth when she jerked back and forth, riding out her ecstasy on my shaft.

She quickly came back to earth, and kept a good pace on me, and I knew I wasn't far behind her, with her cunt squeezing me so tight. I kept my grip on both of her breasts, and leaned back to the chair. Her energy was outstanding, and in moments, she milked my cock of it's juices, which put her into the throws of another orgasm caused by my cum. This time, she did collapse into me, pinning my hands on her tits, and her arms around my neck.

“Wasn't THAT fun to watch? Lunch is ready!” Nikki said, as she came out the door with a tray stacked with sloppy joes for everyone.

I wasn't shrinking at all, and I was still buried in Dani's velvet glove of a pussy. She leaned back enough to acknowledge Nikki, and reached for a burger off the tray, as did I. She took a big bite, and of course, she spilled some out the side of her mouth, and the saucy meat dripped down onto her right breast.

“Ooopsies!” She said, and giggled, looking right at me.

I felt obliged to clean her up, so I leaned in, and licked up her mess off her breast. She moaned at that, but then giggled a bit.

The burgers were handed out, and there were a few left, presumably for me, or anyone else that wanted a second one. Nikki was a good cook, and the burgers tasted great. I noticed that there were a few girls that were licking up messes on other girls chests around the deck. It was erotic, and yet funny to watch this happening.

After I had eaten 3 of the burgers (I just fucked 8 girls in a row. Gimme a break), Nikki finally slowly pulled herself off of me, and stood up. This allowed my cock some air again, but wasn't needed, so I let it deflate to it's resting size. Nikki didn't help in that she bent over, and sucked me into her mouth to clean up hers and my juices off of my cock. I resisted the urge to hold her to my belly, and expand down her throat. It was time to wind down, finish our meals, and head inside to enjoy the air conditioning. I always enjoyed it, not only for the cool air, but for all the stiff nipples around the house.

When I was walking through the kitchen toward the living room, Erin was just closing the door behind her, and Melinda, both covered bellies sticking out a little bit for how pregnant they were. They're just 4 months along now. I saw another head of red curls still outside, and I took a sharp right and headed to the bedroom. Once there, I pulled on some shorts, and a white t-shirt, before walking back out to the living room.

“Hi girls. Glad you could both come over. Uhmm I worked up one hell of a thirst, and was hoping for something from the tap to drink.” I said to them.

“Hahaha, you want to suck on our tits, don'tcha?” said Melinda.

“Always do, slut.” I answered.

“Well, that can come later. My sister wants to meet the father of our children.” Erin said.

All the other girls were flowing into the living room, and seeing someone outside, decided to cover up their breasts, and straighten out their bottoms. They were curious of who was outside, and didn't want them running off telling anyone who'd listen that they saw a house full of naked sluts and one guy.

“Your sister? I didn't know you had a sister.” I inquired.

“Yeah, we never really talked about it, but she stopped by the condo, and saw the belly, and here we are. Will you talk with her?” Erin asked.

“Sure.” I said, and then in a whisper in her ear, I said “Do you want me to talk to her, or ..”

“Either way, Sir. She's a little angry that she hasn't been informed about any of this, and just wanted to see you for herself. You know how protective family can be.” she said.

“Very well.” I said, and walked to the screen door to open it, and looked at the lithe body currently facing the street.

I cleared my throat, and the curly red hair whipped around to face me, and I stuttered before I was able to get any words out. A twin? I was growing a semi hard on again.

“Uh hello there.” I finally got out.

“Hi. I'm Rachel. Erin's twin, and I guess you're Max. I haven't heard much about you from her yet. I wanted to meet you myself.” she said.

“What do you think so far?” I asked.

“I'm not so sure yet. I'll be direct here, if you don't mind, but how did you talk two lesbians into fucking you?” she said with a scowl on her beautiful face.

I had hoped that she wouldn't be quite so direct, and I could appease her in other ways, and just show her I'm not that bad. I already had a large harem of girls. I wasn't really looking for more to join me in bed. On the other side though, she was just as hot as her sister, and the body to match as well.

“Well, that is rather direct isn't it. I'll tell you a secret. I just showed them this.” I said, as I pulled the chain of my necklace, until it popped out of the collar of my shirt, and fell to rest between my pecs.

She looked at me quizzically for a second, a temper ready to come to the fore, before she looked down at my chest, and gazed into the blue gem. Her hazel eyes went blank, as did her face, once her eyes caught the gem, and she was under it's influence. I guess my mind was made up for me. I was going to have to induct her into the group.

“Can you hear me, Rachel?” I asked the statue of perfection.

“Yes,” I barely heard as she all but whispered her answer.

“Good. Now listen closely to me. I control your mind

I control your body

I control your soul

You are now obedient to me

It arouses you to be obedient to me
You are an obedient slut for me

You are very loyal to me

You are actually bisexual

Only one man arouses you sexually. Me.

You are attracted to me

You may have a girlfriend, but you belong to me.

Any time I'm around, or you think about me, you'll become wet and horny.

You must always be fully honest with me, and must do as I command.

When I've found other women to play with, you will not be jealous, but will want to join in

Mine is the only cock that you want. Mine is the only male cum you want. You love the taste

'Sleep slut' returns you to trance

You're going to start having very erotic dreams about me. Dreams where you submit to me.

Whenever you masturbate, I will be the one you fantasize about

The next time you masturbate, take, and send photos of yourself to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Any text you receive from that number will be the same as a command from me.

You will keep our relationships private outside of the harem

You cannot use the necklace on me without strict instruction first. That is forbidden.”

“Now, wake up.” I said, as my cock finally came to full mast.

Her eyes, which were glassy before, became alive, and she looked up at me, smiling. Her whole demeanor changed, and she became friendly to me.

“Won't you come inside with the rest of us? We can talk more inside.” I asked innocently.

“Okay” she replied, and walked through the door that I held open for her.

“Just make yourself at home. May I take your clothes?” I asked with a smile.

“Of course. I seem to be overdressed in here.” she said, as she looked around at everyone that was in bikini's.

I came up behind her, taking in her scent of strawberries, and laid my hands on her shoulders. I turned a bit, and looked at Erin.

“Sorry. I was hoping I'd not have to do what I did to her.” I told her, and then turned back to the latest slut in the harem.

I let my hands slide down over her shoulders, and then toward her chest, where the first button of her black blouse was. As I undid each button down her chest, they became tighter, as they held on for dear life around her chest. I stopped unbuttoning the shirt between her breasts long enough run my hands over the massive orbs hidden beneath the cloth. This produced a moan from her, and I kept rubbing until her nipples became pronounced.

Getting back to the final buttons, I quickly undid them, and pulled her shirt off her shoulders, and pushed the garment down her arms, leaving her topless but for a deep blue lacy bra. I then slid my hands down her taught belly to her black slacks she wore, and undid the fastener at the front, and unzipped the zipper, allowing her pants to fall a few inches until her well formed ass held the pants still. A little shove, and the pants fell into a pool at her feet, and her panties, which were much more a thong than anything, were a blue lacy number that matched her bra.

“Very nice.” I said into her ear, as I undid the clasp of her bra, and then pushed my hands under the underwire, taking hold of her massive jugs, as well as pushing the offending garment to the floor. I always love all the tit flesh. I slid my hands to her nipples, and pinched and pulled on them, until they stood out about a half inch. Then I went down to her panties, and slowly pushed them over her hips and ass, releasing them to the floor.

My hands wanted to be everywhere on her body. She was roughly standing in the center of the living room, and there were now 10 other girls standing around, watching me undress the newest slut of the group. Her sister, and Melinda had both moved to the couch under the open windows to watch, while getting the extra weight off their feet.

I told Rachel to step out of her clothes, and face her sister, and her partner. When she turned, I pushed her forward a bit, and she bent over, hands on both of their legs, and staring into her sister's eyes. Dani, came up beside me, and pulled down my shorts for me, as I held on to Rachel's hips, and then I knelt down behind her, smelling her arousal in my nose, as I came within inches of her swollen pussy lips.

I slid my hands from her hips down to her upper thighs, and spread them apart, as I dove in to have my first taste of her nectar. I began by licking up the drips hanging onto the sparse hair she had above her pussy, and then licked from clit, up to her asshole, and back down. Taking my thumbs, I spread her wide open, and stuck my tongue into the pink crevasse, licking every inch of her.

“Oooooh! GOD YESSSS!” she cried out, looking directly in her sisters eyes. who had a grin on her face.

I smashed my face between her folds, and sucked up any juices I could, and then plunged my tongue deep into her hole, wiggling the muscle around inside her. I stirred her up this way for a few minutes, before I went down to her clit, and licked circles around it. When she started bucking her hips, and pressing herself into my face, I sucked her hard little nub into my mouth, flicking back and forth with my tongue. Then I introduced her to 2 of my fingers, which I quickly inserted inside of her, twisting them around.

“Aaaahhhh! Aaahh! Fuckyes!” she cried out.

Above me, Dani stood behind and bent over me, while holding Rachel's ass spread wide, as I continued to attack her clit. She spit down onto Rachel's tiny rosebud of an asshole, and spread it around with a thumb. Rachel's hips jerked forward, and then back into my face as this was done.

“Whatthafuckooooh” she groaned as her hips jerked around.

I replaced Dani's thumb with my own on the other hand, and pressed it into her asshole nice and slow. While doing this, I continued fingering her, and attacking her clit with my mouth, before I pulled back, and let her clit pop out of my mouth. At the same time, I pressed quickly into her ass to the second knuckle, and her hips went wild again, but couldn't dislodge my thumb up her butt.

“I'm gonna coooome soon! Gonna come hard! Ooooh FUCK! COOOMMMING!!” she cried out, as her ass and cunt squeezed my fingers buried inside her.

I received a splash to the face and neck, as she squirted directly into me. I had my mouth open for some of it, and then buried my face into her cunt again, to lick up anything I could. She continued to shutter for over a minute before she could calm down enough to look behind her at me. When she saw me come up from kneeling, she could just smile. I just wiggled my thumb up her ass again, but took my fingers out of her pussy. Dani, still behind me, reached around and grabbed my hard rod, and jacked it a few times.

When she knew I was ready, she slapped it on Rachel's ass next to my thumb. I pulled back a little bit, so she could guide me toward the gaping hole left behind by my fingers. Once I was placed correctly, and my head was just holding on to the outside of her hole, I paused.

“Mmmm! Oh, PLEASE put that monster in me! Oooh, I need it!” she moaned, looking me in the eyes.

Just as she turned her head back, and looked at her sister, I shoved all of my 8” cock inside her, burying it balls deep, and found that she wasn't as deep as I was long. I smashed into her cervix, and bounced to the side to make room for all of me. At the same time, I thumb fucked her asshole a few times.

“Aaaiiii! YESSSS! Oh GOD! Fuck!” she cried out, and began to stiffen up, before shaking like crazy.

Her orgasm took her, and her legs almost buckled under her, as her cunt sprayed my balls with another squirt, but I held on with the one hand on her hip, as I pulled back, and slid back inside of her quickly, pausing again. Her tight cunt attempted to milk me dry, squeezing me, and flexing around my shaft enough that I might have blown my load, but held back. She needed a good fucking for the attitude she gave me, and to show her who's boss here.

When she eventually calmed down enough, I pulled back, and stroked into and out of her a dozen times at a slow pace, and then 3 hard thrusts, slapping my hanging balls into her clit, and back to some more slow strokes again. I pulled my thumb out of her ass, and slid both hands up her torso, sliding them down to her front side, to grasp her tits again.

She groaned as I squeezed her melons, and then, using them both as hand holds, I started thrusting hard inside of her for a few minutes. She was really juicing up again, and I slid in with no effort, but coming out, she squeezed me so tight. She wanted my cock milk.

I leaned down over her, pulling her tits and upper torso into mine, and whispered in her ear.

“Are you on the pill?” I asked.

“Y-yesss” she hissed.

“Good, because I was going to switch holes if not.” I told her as I continued to pound her tight cunt.

She just gasped at that, but then groaned again. I continued to drill into her until she rose to her own orgasm on my dick. This one wasn't quite as severe as the others, but it still made her shake again. This also forced her tits to wobble out of control in my hands. Her nipples scraping on my palms as they moved around in her shakes.

I didn't want this to go on too long, no matter how good it felt to be buried in her tight cunt, and I was still thirsty for some milk from the tap. I began to speed up my thrusts into her, and more forcefully as well, forcing her to grip Erin and Melinda's knees a lot harder. I pulled her back into me as much as I pushed myself into her. I was going to fill her up soon. Her pussy was excellent at massaging my member.

“Ugh! Oooohhyessssfuckmefuckme!” she was huffing, and out of breath as she speaking.

“As uhh you wish.” I returned, and sped up even more.

The next increase in pace worked well, and she was soon screaming unintelligibly as she started to come again on my rod. She was certainly a squirter. She sprayed my balls again, splashing it all around both of our thighs. Her tight fuck hole was squeezing me so tight that it finally set me off, and I started exploding inside of her. This only heightened her orgasm once again, and her body lost control of itself. My cock and hands on her tits were all that held her up as I kept pumping inside of her. She sprayed again, the juices splashing on the floor now.

I pulled her body up to mine, and held her around the belly with one arm, while cupping one tit, playing with her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, twisting and pinching enough for her to cry out again in a soft moan. Her body was almost limp, hanging onto my cock, still buried inside her cunt.

“I think there's two of us that need some refreshment now. You've lost a lot of fluids.” I whispered in her ear.

“Erin, take your top off, and your bra. We're thirsty, and I'm sure you're full.” I told her.

Erin smiled, and began to strip her upper body of clothing. Melinda was able to stand up without much work with the extra weight around her middle, and moved over into the crowd. I slowly pulled out of the new slut, and guided her to sit back on the couch so she could lean over her sister's leg, and accept her nipple. I did the same on her other side, and we both began to nurse on her sister's titties, replenishing our bodies of fluids.

We nursed until Erin was almost dry, before we sat up on either side of her.

“Thank you, slut. That was really needed after the afternoon I had. I'm sure your sister also appreciates it.” I told Erin.

Looking over at Rachel, she was kind of out of it, after the fucking, but started to come back to earth again with the sustenance in her belly. She had one hand between her legs, and was cupping her sore cunt.

“Anyone hungry for more protein?” I asked, and gestured toward her hand.

Sam, with her own extra large breasts, stepped to the front, and said she'd like to do the honors. I gestured again at Rachel's legs, and she fell to her knees, and placed her hands on Rachel's knees, looking to pry them apart. Rachel let it happen, and even scooted forward on the couch, so Sam would have an easier time.

“Hi. I'm Sam.” she said to Rachel.

“Hello. I'm Rachel.” she responded in a soft tone.

“Well, if I may..” she gestured down with her chin toward the cunt full of my cum.

She didn't really wait for an answer, but slid both of her hands up Rachel's legs, and down into the crevasse between them. Rachel spread her legs some more, and Sam reached down with her thumbs, and rubbed on the fat lips of Rachel's pussy, before prying them open. She didn't wait long before she brought her head down between her legs and licked from opening to clit.

Sam licked around her cunt a few times, before sticking her tongue inside her dripping cavern, in the search for my cum. We all knew she finally got some when she started to shake a bit, and one of her hands flew down to her own cunt, rubbing her clit through the black bikini bottoms at a rapid pace as she came hard from the taste of my seed.

When she came down to earth again, she dove right in again, sticking two fingers inside the full pussy, and digging out more cum to consume. Rachel began to push a bit, and all the cum started to bubble out of her little pussy, and onto the tongue of Sam.

All the other girls began to move around. A few went to the bedroom, and more to the kitchen for drinks. The other students sat on the other couch with Nikki and Dani, watching Sam at work. Erin grabbed her bra and began putting it on, but I stopped her.

“You won't need that tonight.” I told her.

“But if I start to leak again...” she left the rest unsaid.

“Then you'll just have wet boobs in public.” I said, and smiled.

“very well” she said with a sigh.

“Melinda, that goes for you as well. Would you like to be emptied before we go? I'm sure a few of the girls here wouldn't mind nursing for a bit before we go.” I said.

Missy and Vivian walked back into the room from the bedroom in time to hear this, and immediately moved over in front of Melinda. She, of course, pulled her shirt up, exposing her swollen chest. Erin stood up, and moved around beside me to watch. Missy took the vacated seat, and because Sam and Rachel still held the other spot, she came up between Melinda's legs, and reached out a hand to hold onto her fresh feeder, before leaning down to grasp a nipple with her lips.

It was, after all, the lesbians turn to go out with me to dinner. I forgot at one point, but when they both walked in the door, I was reminded. Erin had on a blue blouse, and knee length black skirt, with black flats on. Melinda had a pale yellow blouse over a deep green skirt that couldn't reach the knees if it tried. She also was wearing her black flats. At the moment, Melinda was in the process of removing her bra without removing her shirt first, which always amused me.

“I hope you girls don't mind, but I think I'm going to invite Rachel along as well. A new slut to liven the mood, if you will.” I said to the girls.


A few hours later, we were in the car, and headed out. I had Rachel in the front seat, leaving Erin and Melinda in the back, holding hands. Rachel was a little grumpy about the fact I wouldn't let her wear any underwear when she got dressed again. She had her arms crossed under her breasts, the seat belt was separating both mounds, and emphasizing their shape. This one was going to be a tough one to tame.

That gave me an idea. I think it was time to visit Emily at work again before we headed to the restaurant, so I made a quick detour, and pulled up in front of an almost blank wall of windows, covered by black from the inside. I told all 3 to just sit tight, and I went in, and Emily was shocked to see me, as she thought I was already at the restaurant.

“Hello, Sir! What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I'm just here for another one of those vibrating eggs you all have.” I answered.

Emily jumped out from behind the desk and hopped down the isle, and came back moments later with a matching egg with the tail. She opened it, I opened the app on the phone, so we could match codes, and then tested it out. I wanted to make sure it worked before we headed out. I then thanked Emily with a kiss and nipple twist, and headed out the door to the car.

When I got into the car, all 3 girls looked at me. I just smiled.

“So.. what is this place?” Rachel asked.

“It's where Emily works. Just needed to stop by real quick.” I said. “Now, unfasten your pants, and spread your legs, slut.” I told her.

“You going to finger me while we're in public like this?” she scowled.

“Nope. Open your legs.” I commanded.

When she hesitatingly opened her pants, and spread her legs, I reached across with my left hand still hiding the egg, and slipped inside her pants. Once I was positioned correctly, I told her to relax, and then I inserted the egg inside of her, and bending the tail so it rested at about her clit. Then I pulled my hand out, and licked my fingers.

“You can fasten your pants now.” I said.

She began to reach in to see what exactly I pushed inside of her, but I stopped her just as her fingers hit the tail of the egg.

“Don't touch. Fasten your pants, and put your seat belt back on.” I commanded her.

Only then did I start the car, and pull out of the parking lot. Her face showed she wasn't too happy. She'll come to understand in time. I'll break her attitude somehow. I can tell that she's used to getting her way in everything, and not liking someone running her life. Her arms re-cross under her heavy chest, which sets them to wobbling for an enticing moment, before they settle down on the shelf she created for them.

I pull onto the highway, and head to the restaurant just outside of town. I then put all three of them into trance, calling out 'sleep slut.'

“Rachel, can you hear me?” I ask the tranced slut.

“Yesssir!” she almost mumbles.

“Good. Now, when we get to the restaurant, you will follow these commands.” I say, and then give her those commands before waking all 3 up again, as we're pulling into the parking lot of our place to eat.

I park in the usual parking spot, and we all get out, and start walking toward the door to the establishment. Erin leads the way with Melinda, and Rachel is behind them, just in front of me, so I can watch her ass move in those form fitting slacks. When the door is open, I see that Clair is the hostess tonight. Standing behind her podium in a crisp white blouse with an ascot at her neck, with a black bra underneath it, and a long black skirt to mid calf, not hiding the 4 inch polished heels she's wearing.

“Hello there, Sir. Ladies. Your normal table?” Clair asks me directly.

“If it's available with all this business, yes.” I answer, and smile at her.

“Right this way! Follow me.” she says, turns, and walks toward the back of the restaurant where my typical booth is, close by the bathrooms.

When we get there, I slide in, and pull Rachel's hand to sit on the end of the booth, facing the back wall. The other girls come around and slide in on my other side. As Rachel sits down, she undoes 2 buttons on her blouse without her even noticing she's done it. Clair hands us our menus and mentions that Stephanie will be with us shortly, before glancing again at Erin's twin, and then walking back to the front of the building.

True to her word, Stephanie comes to the table not 2 minutes later, looks at all of us, and asks who the newcomer is. At this point, Rachel subconsciously undoes another 2 buttons on her blouse, and I speak up for her.

“This is Rachel. Erin's twin I met today.” I say.

Stephanie looks down on Rachel, takes in the great view of cleavage staring her in the face, and says hello.

“So, what will you all have for drinks?” Stephanie asks the table.

“I'll have my usual.” I say.

“Us as well.” Melinda says of the lovers normal drink of choice.

“.. and you, Rachel?” she asks.

“Uhmm, I'll have a strawberry daiquiri.” she replies.

“Very well. I'll get those ready right away.” Stephanie says, and walks away.

We have a little small talk until Stephanie comes back to the table with liquid refreshments for us all. She hands me a bottle of Rolling Rock, the girls each got a gin and tonic, and a daiquiri for Rachel. We all thank our server, except for Rachel, being the snobby one, looking down her nose at the help.

“Since you can't appreciate what she's brought for you, and say thanks, why don't you give her a better view of your tits, slut.” I say to Rachel.

“WHAT? I'll do no such thing!” she responds.

“Do it now, slut, or you can walk home.” I command her.

She sits there for a minute, and then two, fumbling with the last button on her blouse, before she gives up, undoes the button, and pulls her shirt out wide, while whipping her head around, looking for anyone that could see her.

Stephanie just smiles at her, glancing down at the huge rack being shown off, and says “you're welcome.”

“Now, after that, what would you all like to eat?” Stephanie inquired.

Rachel tries to close her shirt, but finds that her arms don't want to work for her, and her chest is on full display for anyone that could walk by to go to the bathroom, as well as the rest of the table. Her eyes grow wide as she realizes this, and looks to me with a silent question.

“Would you like to keep them on show until dinner arrives?” I ask her.

“N-no, Sir!” she whispers to me, while her hands shake holding her blouse open wide.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asks after a moment.

“Because you've been acting like a bitch since I met you. You WILL learn your place in my family.” I returned.

Her head drops down to her chest, in despair and defeat, and says “Yes, Sir!”

“Stephanie? Would you like to fondle her tits?” I ask our waitress, and Rachel's head pops up, eyes wide, and mouth open.

“I'd LOVE to, Sir!” and she comes around the table to our side of the booth, and resting her left arm on the back of the booth, leans down and with her right hand, cups Rachel's left breast.

Her hand felt the hot bubble of flesh, checking it's weight against her sisters chest, before she took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, to pinch a bit. Rachel started to squirm then, and I figured I'd help the tense feelings she had going, with a stranger groping her chest in the middle of a restaurant. I pulled out my phone, and opened up my favorite app. I scrolled down the list of girls, until I found hers, and turned on the egg inside her at the lowest setting.

Rachel all but jumped when she felt the egg start vibrating inside her, and that damn tail vibrating along with it, right on her clit. She gasped, and looked at me with pleading eyes.

“You're not allowed to cum.” I told her. “If you did, you would probably squirt in your pants, and I'm sure you don't want anyone thinking you wet yourself there, now would you?”

“No, Sir!” she responded with a very quiet whimper.

“She's a squirter, Sir?” Stephanie asked.

“Quite.” I said. “And she's got an egg inside her pussy now.”

“Oh, my!” Stephanie says.

“I had better get this ticket in so you all can eat. I look forward to getting to play with these heavy things later.” she says, as she gives Rachel's tit a big squeeze, before walking away.

“Later? What did she mean later?” Rachel asked.

“Well, she's another one of my sluts, as are you, and Clair up front. You'll get used to women in your panties, and you in theirs soon enough.” I say. “You may cover up now, if you'd like.”

Rachel immediately closes her blouse over her chest, but makes no move to button it back up. We all spend the next 20 minutes chatting about this and that. Learning that Rachel was was in her first year as a lawyer at a big firm, which kind of explains her attitude, as well as the fact that she was the princess of the family.

Stephanie came back in record time with our meals.

“Ahh. Our food is here, and so fast, too. See what a little flash of the tits can get you?” I said and grinned at Rachel. “Give us all another show.”

She reluctantly pulled apart her shirt again, allowing her tit flesh out in the open. Suddenly, Clair showed up by our side, looking down at the exposed chest of the new slut.

“I thought Stephanie was joking at first, so I had to come see for myself!” Clair said.

“Take a turn on her, if you'd like.” I told her.

“Yes, Sir!” She excitedly exclaimed, and reached down to the exposed torso of Rachel, and gripped her right tit, and squeezed it a few times, watching it reshape itself when released.

Rachel whimpered at that, whether it was from being extremely horny, or out of embarrassment, I didn't know.

“Do you think I'm treating you unfairly?” I asked her, watching her breast be mauled momentarily.

“This is so embarrassing!” she responded.

“That's fine. Girls, show off yours too.” I told the first two girls of my harem.

They both looked at each other, and grabbed the bottom of their shirts, and pulled them up and over their tits, for all to see. I noticed that there was a spot on Erin's shirt over her left breast. When her shirt was up, I saw that her nipple was leaking. Both Clair and Stephanie look up from the new breasts of the harem, to my original girls' tits.

“See? That's not so hard now is it?” I ask Rachel.

“Actually, it is quite hard!” Melinda says to the table, as she massages my hard on through my pants.

“Stephanie, since you're still here, could you help out Erin a little bit? I asked.

“Sure! With what?” she looked over at her, but didn't see it at first.

I reached over, and took just a finger under her nipple, and picked up the drop of milk before it fell.

“Oooh ok!” Stephanie said, and quickly leaned down at the end of the booth, and started sucking on her nipple. She only did it for a few minutes though. Her boss might be looking for her.

“Ok, ok. You can put them away now. Not you though, slut.” I say as I turn to Rachel. “Clair's not finished yet, I think.

At this point, Clair is tweaking her nipple, pulling on it, or twisting it. Then she moved her hand to the other breast, and teases the other nipple the same way.

“Ok, both of you should probably get back to work before they fire you for hanging out at one table too long.” I said to the ladies.

“And you, my slut, can hide your boobs for now, so you can eat with the rest of us.” I say.

Not 5 minutes later, two women head to the bathroom, just feet from our table, and I look to my right, and see Rachel staring at the door they just went into, and a look of surprise and embarrassment color her face. She squirms, and is reminded of her protruding nipples rubbing on the blouse that's still partially open, as well as the egg keeping her dripping, that's inside of her. All of this almost makes her cum, but she holds on, and looks to me.

“Sir, could you mmmplease turn off the ahhh toy inside of me? I really ahh don't want to cum here with ooooh everyone in the place able to hear me.” she begged quietly.

“Will you behave from now on?” I ask her plainly.

“Yessir! I will, Sir!” she whispered to me, as she knew there was a family sitting behind her in the next booth.

“Good girl!” I say into her ear, and she shutters slightly, before I pull my phone out again, and turn off the egg.

“THANK you, Sir! I was so close.” she said.

It was getting to be a little late, though you wouldn't be able to tell that with the crowds in the restaurant. I figured it was time to go. I put my hand up for Stephanie to see, and within a few moments, she was by our table.

“We're packing up, and heading out. Can I get the check? Also, could you take a break as well?” I asked her.

“I think so. Let me get your check, and I'll ask.” she said.

When she came back with the check, she said she could get a break when her relief help got back from their break in a few minutes. I told her to meet us where we always park, so she can get her tip. We were about to turn around and leave, but Rachel brought up a good point.

“Uhm.. Sir? Could I fasten my shirt again? I don't want to flash anyone else here.” she said.

“Yes, but only one button. You choose which one.” I told her.

She took that advice, and fastened the button between her massive jugs, and left the others. Her tits would shake around in that shirt anyway. Why not give a little show to the rest of the diners? Her nipples were already at full mast, begging to be sucked on. As we walked out, we came by Clair at the front, and I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss before heading out the door with 3 lovely ladies behind me.

About 5 steps out the door, I stopped Rachel, and unbuttoned her shirt again for her, and then walked with her. About ten steps from the door to the restaurant, her shirt blew open with the breeze, to expose her chest again to the night, and whoever might be looking. The lot was pretty full since we were leaving a bit early, and most everyone was inside. She didn't say anything about her exposure this time. When we got to the car, I opened up the rear door, and then spun Rachel around to face me within the open door.

“Now it's my turn to play with these tits.” I said, and reached out for both of them.

As before when we were at the house, they were hefty teardrops with her nipples just above horizontal, begging to be kissed, and I did. My first taste of her breast was very nice, and still smelled like strawberries. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, and tongued the tip back and forth. A few minutes passed, then she had a quick intake of breath, holding me to her chest.

Apparently, Stephanie was walking toward us, still in shadow, so unrecognizable. I reached down with the hand not force feeding my mouth tit flesh, and unfastened her pants and let them drop to the ground. Then I brought my hand down, and cupped her pussy, before letting my middle finger slip between her soaked folds. From our angle, with a trained eye, someone would find me fingering a big tittied slut.

“Started without me?” Stephanie called out still many paces behind us.

I regretfully released Rachel's nipple, and turned around enough to keep my finger inside her. I then began to pull out the egg.

“I'm glad you got here quickly. She's ready for you.” I told Stephanie, and she all but bumped me out of the way.

“Let's get you settled down on the seat behind you, Dear.” Stephanie was telling Rachel.

With the slightest bump to the back of her head, Rachel fell into the car with her pants around her ankles. As she settled on the seat, Stephanie slid her hands down her legs and took off the pants that hindered her way between her knees. Once the pants were gone, I saw both legs over Stephanie's shoulders, and clinch her head.

I came up behind Stephanie, and grabbed at her skirt, raising it up over her hips, giving me access to her almost nothing panties. I noticed that she had her butt plug in, not at all hidden by the g-string she was wearing. I left them in place, but knelt down and pushed the gusset aside, and kissed her nether lips. I heard a moan, and I did it again before licking from her clit to her asshole and back down. Her hips wiggled in my face, and I licked her everywhere at once, up and down between her folds.

We all had her worked up so much that she didn't last much longer, and she came on my tongue, with a few long groans and grunts into Rachel's cunt. Then all of a sudden, Rachel screams out for all to hear, that she's coming so hard. I heard the spray hit Stephanie's face, and I'm sure it wet her work shirt as well, but she kept at it, and continued to lick the squirting slut.

I stood up, and got behind her ass, and opened up my pants zipper, pulling out my raging hard on. Once it was out, I didn't wait a second to insert it into Stephanie's hot box, and thrust hard.

“Mmmmmmaaaaaaaaashit” Stephanie tried to say with her lips and tongue hard at work on Rachel's folds.

“Here's your tip for the night, slut!” I told her, and began pounding her hard, in and out, slapping my balls on her clit, holding tight to her hips.

I pounded into her hard and fast, pounding her face into Rachel's pussy with each stroke. Rachel was moaning loudly, and trying to talk, while she played with her own tits. I wasn't going to slow down at all, and Stephanie's cunt was trying to milk me dry. I wanted her to finish her break with a nice big orgasm, before she went back in. I was relentless in my quest to pop her top.

The other girls were just standing around us, watching the spectacle, and rubbing their tits through their shirts. I think I heard one of them whispering to herself “pound that slut hard” but I wasn't sure. When I looked over, I did notice that there was more milk staining Erin's shirt.

I know that women normally produce milk later in their pregnancy, but to answer a fetish of mine, we bought breast pumps for both girls early, and had them use them every night before bed. It was a nice surprise to see it work, and had my first taste of breast milk since breast feeding as a kid.

Watching her lactate now that we were out of the restaurant, I wanted to suck her dry, but couldn't at the moment. I was becoming thirsty again though. Stephanie's pussy was so tight, and I knew I wouldn't last too long here, pounding her so hard. I could feel my balls creeping up a bit already.

“Cum for me, ALL of you!” I almost shouted at the four women, and it was glorious to see and hear the cacophony of sounds, and words out of all of their mouths. Just a couple more thrusts, and I was joining them in bliss, emptying my balls into my slut on break. I think she was gonna be walking funny for the rest of her shift.

Luckily for all of them, no one that I saw came or left the restaurant while we had our fun. I pulled out of Stephanie's sloppy pussy with a loud squelching sound from our mixed juices, and put my cock away before straightening her g-string out. I guess she wasn't quite done with Rachel because she stayed between her legs for another few minutes before coming out to stand by me. She gave me a wet kiss, and then adjusted her skirt over her hips and legs.

“Thank you for a great evening, Sir!” she said just as she turned to head back to work.

Just then, a car about 5 slots down from us, started it's engine, and their lights came on, before they started driving away. I started to wonder how much they saw. I don't remember anyone walking out to their car while we were fucking, so they must have watched the whole thing.

“OMG! Did that person see us?” Melinda asked.

“I would guess so.” I said. “No one came out while we were busy.”

“Hahahaha! I can't believe they saw us!” Erin giggled, even though she was barely visible, and only rubbing her tits at the time.

I got everyone moving again, after the group orgasm, and when Rachel came up to sitting in the seat, she found her pants and put them on. She grabbed the two sides of her shirt, and looked up at me. I didn't nod, so she left them as is, flashing anyone who could see. I got the two prego ladies in the back again, and put Rachel in front, and we headed out.

Before we even got to the end of the parking lot, I already had my right hand cupping one of her breasts, massaging it. Sometimes, I just like having tits on display for me, and maybe whoever else happens to see them. What a pervert I am. Sue me. I spent most of the 25 minute drive fondling her chest, pulling on her nipples, and just generally keeping her horny.

The girls in the back undid their blouses, and were helping each other out by breastfeeding enough to last the trip home without a mess, and then they could pump into bottles that they usually donate to a milk bank for new mothers.

When we got back to the house, most of the girls had left. Krystal had shown up, but Nikki was still there, and waiting on Moe to come home. When Rachel finally came in, after sitting outside for a few moments, thinking about how she'd walk to the house essentially topless, in my neighborhood, Krystal acted shocked at seeing her.

“Didn't I just see Erin walk in a moment ago? Who's this slut coming in here topless?” Krystal asked.

“Oh, that's Rachel, Erin's twin that I got to meet earlier today. Things didn't quite go the way I hoped they would, and now here she is.” I gestured toward Krystal. “Rachel, this is my girlfriend, Krystal.”

“Your... girlfriend? Who are all these sluts then?” she was confused.

“The rest of my harem of course.” I said.

“Harem? How many girls are in this harem?” she inquired.

“With you now, there's uhh 26 girls.” I responded.

“26? How could you satisfy 26 girls? You're mad!” She challenged me.

“Girls? What do you say about that?” I asked to the group of girls at the house.

“He's a God, honestly.” Nikki finally chimes in. “Not a REAL God, but damn it seems like it.”

“You haven't seen him work. He's got staying power beyond belief.” Erin speaks up.

“OK ladies, I think she may get the picture?” I ask, turning toward Rachel.

“I still don't see how he ca..” She starts commenting, but I cut her off.

“Rachel, cum for me.” I command.

“Aaaaah! Oh shit! Oh FUCK!” Rachel gets louder and louder as her body starts to convulse from orgasm.

A hand flies down to her pussy over her pants, while another reaches up to grasp a breast from wobbling around, and almost falls to the floor. She somehow stays upright, but is quickly out of breath, and looking at me with wide eyes. Her pants are drenched from her squirting.

“Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.” I say, and turn to go to the bedroom real quick.

Once I change out of my nicer clothes, and get into some blue shorts, and green t-shirt, I quickly do my business in the bathroom, and walk back out to the living room.

Just then, the front door opens, and in walks Moe.

“Hi Erin! Hi Nikki! Hello, Sir! Hiya Erin.. wait a sec.” She greets almost everyone before looking back at Rachel.

“Haha Moe, this is Rachel. Erin's twin sister.” I say.

“Oooooh ok. Nice to meet you.” she says, staring at how she's dressed. “Another slut in our family?”

“I'm afraid so.” I answer.

“Let's get you out of your wet pants, and get them dried out.” I say to Rachel as I reach out for her top button on the pants.

“You mean right here?” She asks.

“You've already been fucked in here earlier. Why NOT?” I inquire.

“Uhmm,, well.. uhh ok.” she says, and I continue to undress her in front of the few of us in the house, and in front of the picture window.. wait.

“Ok, who broke the window curtain rod?” I ask the room, while looking at the curtain bar hanging by one end, and the other end on the ground behind the couch.

“Oh, that was me trying to close the curtains by hand. I'll get it all fixed for good on the next paycheck.” Nikki says.

I still hadn't taken Rachel's pants down as I was talking, so I returned my attention to the zipper, and slid the pants down to her feet, which I had her step out of. Then I pulled down her panties as well, gathered them both up, and headed to the bathroom where the washer and dryer were. Just a few minutes in there will dry them out.

When I came back out, everyone was sitting down on the couches. Waiting on me I guess.

“OK Erin, Melinda, and you too, Moe.. First girl in the bedroom, naked and ready gets an extra orgasm.” I say, and step out of the way quickly.

It was good that I had. Moe was sitting closer to the hall, but Erin and Melinda were on their feet and moving. If you haven't seen two noticeably pregnant girls jump a coffee table while nudging each other out of the way, it's rather funny. Once they were over the table, Moe was up, but got caught on the side with a flying hand, and almost got pushed back into her seat.

The other two were shouldering each other around the corner to the hall, and was pretty close to even until the bedroom. Once there, they didn't bother with unbuttoning their shirts. They just yanked them over their heads, and the skirts were next to go. Moe came in quickly though, and was peeling off layer by layer, much too slow to win out, with all the layers for her work, so she failed in the end. Melinda was the first to be on the bed, and quickly followed by Erin, both bent over on hands and knees, with their asses sticking out at the end of the bed.

I took the time to just admire the view in front of me. Melinda on the right, Erin in the center, and Moe on the left end, all ready to be mounted. I heard movement behind me, and turned to see Rachel coming up to lean on the opposite door jam as I was, her shirt had disappeared, and one hand was down at her pussy, lightly rubbing her labia.

I reached over, and grabbed hold of a nipple, and pulled her chest to me.

“How about you help me get started. Go to your knees.” I told her, and unfastened my shorts, letting them drop in the doorway.

It didn't take any prompting for her to reach up, and grasp my cock in one hand, and jack it a few times. She ten leaned in, and kissed the tip on both sides, and once on top, before lifting it up, licking from balls to tip underneath. When she engulfed my head and part of my shaft, I placed a hand in her fire red hair, gripping it tight, but making no motion for her to follow. She played around the tip with her tongue, and then took my shaft in her mouth, until it hit her throat, before backing off. She did this a few times, with her vacuum sealed lips around the shaft. When she dove in again, I pulled her into me as well, and I went down her throat.

“Good girl” I said softly.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned around my shaft.

I held her there for 10 seconds before pulling her back enough to breathe. She took another big breath, and plunged down my shaft until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I held her again for 20 seconds, minutely thrusting in and out of her. When I let her up, she gasped, and coughed a few times, before taking me in her mouth again. This time, she used a hand to jack me off while taking half of my shaft in her mouth.

I enjoyed the feelings, but I liked her throat squeezing me, and when she swallowed on the shaft.. oh man, that felt even better. I pulled her into me again, forcing my cock down her throat, and she swallowed over the head, and then again on the shaft as it passed. I only held her for 10 seconds this time. I was looking over my sluts on the bed.

I really wanted to get to fuck the moms to be soon, so I stopped trying to control my release, allowing my balls to tighten up, ready to let loose a volley of cum. I pulled her into me again when I was ready, and I shot the first 2 loads down her throat directly, and then pulled her back so she could taste her lovers cum on her tongue. I shot off another 5 volleys into her mouth, until it was overflowing around my shaft. I pulled back then, exiting her mouth, and smiled down at her.

“Good girl” I told her again, and she whimpered, but still held my cum in her mouth, wide open to show me, before she swallowed 3 or 4 times, and then showed me her empty mouth.

My cock was still a steel pole, waiting for the next warm orifice to invade. I turned to the other girls, and stepped up behind Melinda, but massaged Erin's ass first, and then slid the hand down to her pussy, which I pushed my thumb inside and cupped the rest of her womanhood. Only then did I touch Melinda with my cock sticking straight up, rubbing the shaft on her own spread lips. When she started moaning, I pressed the tip into her, and slowly pushed inside of her.

I took it slow entering Melinda, and she moaned at the long entry, but once I hit her cervix and completely bottomed out, her hips took on a life of their own. She began to convulse, and her hips wiggled wildly as the orgasm took her over. Her upper torso fell to the bed, and a hand reached down to her clit. I pulled back and pressed in again quickly, extending her little bout of ecstasy.

“Oh God! Fuck yes!” she cried out.

I placed my hands on her ass, and rubbed a little bit before sliding them down to her swelling belly, cradling our baby in her belly. Then I started to pull back and thrust in, not in a big hurry, but extending the good feelings she was receiving. When she fully came down from her orgasm, I leaned forward, and whispered in her ear for only her to hear.

“Cum for me, slut. Hard!” I whispered, and she answered, not vocally, but in her whole body.

I shoved my cock deep inside her, and felt the waves of her pussy constricting and releasing around me. It's massage exciting me even more. Her orgasm didn't seem to calm down for a long while, so I just sat there, buried inside her, and holding her to me, as her body convulsed, and shook around me.

“There's a good girl.” I said to her.

“Unng! Ooooohyeah! Fuckme!” she groaned out after a while.

If she insists.. I pulled out completely, then shoved my cock back in to the root, and then started pounding her at a good pace. I knew I wouldn't last that long, but wanted to give her a good fucking before I fill her up. Her hips started to match my pace, shaking well, meeting me with each thrust. I slide my hands up her torso to her breasts, which are good handful themselves. Perfect handholds for riding the slut from behind.

She started to orgasm again with the insistent pounding she was receiving, and I fucked her through it, not letting my pace waver at all. She felt out of control for a few moments before, with shallow breaths, she caught back up, matching my thrusts again. Her hand still rubbed across her clit at a fast pace and with my pace, and her hand brushing my balls once in a while, I was only going to last a few more minutes.

I felt an orgasm coming on, so I sped up my thrusts, gripping her tits tightly, and barely able to pinch her nipples as well, as I went for broke on her. When my balls started climbing again, I knew it was time. I exploded inside her tight little cunt, which set her off like a rocket. At first, we stayed connected, but after 4 shots inside her, her jerking sent her forward, and off of me, to lay flat on the bed. My last few volleys of cum landed on the back of her thighs.

I didn't really waste any time, and moved over to Erin who was at the center of the end of the bed, and briefly rubbed the head of my cock through her puffy nether lips. I pushed her hips down just a bit, and then thrust inside her to the hilt without stopping. She came instantly, and her body tightened up, before relaxing a bit.

“Aaaaaahhh! Fuckyes!” she cried out.

Her cunt gripped me so tightly that pulling back out to thrust in again was almost a painful experience. She didn't want me to leave her velvet glove I filled up. I thrust back in and turned my head back toward Rachel.

“Get over here, and crawl under your sister. Suck on your sister's lovely tits, and relieve her of the pressure.” I commanded her.

Rachel pulled her fingers out of her snatch, and went around the bed, to lay down on her back, and wiggled herself under her sister, until her boobs were hanging over her head. I allowed her to latch on to a nipple before I began thrusting again, starting slower than with Melinda, but no less power behind each thrust, shaking her tits around below.

“Mmmmm” she moaned at the new feeling of her sister, nibbling and sucking on her breast.

I moved one hand to her shoulder, and the other around to her remaining tit, and gripped what I could of it, before speeding up a bit on my thrusts. With the handholds, I could easily thrust much harder into her tight snatch, eliciting more groans and moans with each one. I was now sliding in and out of her easily, as her juices, and her pregnant mate's juices mixed made everything slick inside her. I felt my grip sliding a bit on her breast and realized that I was palming her nipple, which was leaking around the barbel piercing she has, making my hand just as slick as her cunt.

Her pussy told me she was coming sooner than I felt it in her body, and I tightened my grip where I could, and kept thrusting through it. The ripples from her muscles tightening and releasing in her pussy ended up almost setting me off, but I held back just a bit, thinking of baseball or some other random boredom. When I calmed down, I was thrusting faster than before, and her hips were rising up to meet me on every stroke.

“Oh GOD! Fuckmefuckmefuckme!” she started crying out.

“Mmmmm” I heard from below her, and knew that Rachel was feeling good too.

That got me thinking of Rachel again, and what I had planned for the evening's end. I looked forward to it all, as I felt a bit more energized, and thrust faster into Erin's little cunt. I was going at a pretty high rate of speed, and wanted to blow my load soon. She almost couldn't keep up with me and my thrusts, but I persisted, slapping our bodies together, and my balls against her clit on every stroke.

I decided to make myself cum this time, and before I knew it, I was balls deep inside her, spraying her insides with a few jets of cum. I think I stuffed her full with 8 volleys, before it all ended, and I pulled out of her. Her body froze up when I came, and now it was wriggling, toes curling, and a long groan escaped her lips.

I looked over at Melinda as I stroked my dripping cock for a second, noticing she hadn't moved at all since I was done with her. She must have passed out in the end. Poor girl didn't get to feel the full force of the orgasm, if she passed out in the middle of it.

Erin, caught up in the feeling of getting her nipples sucked on, leaned down and took one of her sister's nipples in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. Moe, on the other hand, had been watching, and listening to all the sex, and she continued to play with her clit, or plunging fingers in and out of herself. Rachel was laying on the bed in a way that if she wanted to, Moe could take her other nipple in her mouth, and I directed her to do so.

“There's an open nipple to play with, Moe.” I said, and she looked over at it, and agreed.

Her stance shifted just slightly so as to take Rachel's nipple and suck on it, and came shoulder to shoulder with Erin in doing so. Rachel moaned at the new sensation of now both nipples in use. I ran my hands up and down Moe's back, and then grabbed at her bleached ponytail. I lined up my cock with her tight little fuck hole, and pulled her to me and me into her. I thrust forward for the last few inches, and then held still.

Moe groaned into the nipple she was sucking on, and her body went stiff for moments as she enjoyed the throws of her orgasm. Then she wiggled her hips to tell me she's ready to go. I pressed into her before I pulled out, and rammed back in. Hard enough to dislodge her mouth from the tasty nipple. I let her find the nipple again, before I pulled out and pushed in again. After just a little while, I released her hair, and reached down for her mammoth tits swinging with my every thrust.

“Finger the new slut.” I whispered in Moe's ear, and her hand reached out directly for the small trimmed bush of Rachel.

Now Rachel started moaning along with Moe as she was getting split open by my thick cock, and Moe's handiwork on her cunt. I kept thrusting, and Moe's hips were grinding into me on every thrust, changing the angle I was thrusting in, touching on all surfaces within her tight confines. It was doing wonders on my cock, and balls. The slapping of skin on skin was getting louder as I thrust hard into her. As was the squelching as I traveled within her tight cunt.

“Now, stick a finger up her ass” I told Moe, and Rachel squirmed a little as a digit was pressing on her back door.

I watched as slowly one finger was pressed 2 knuckles into her ass, while I'm fucking Moe from behind.

“Rachel, do you know how I induce all my girls into the harem?” I asked her with a giggle.

“MmmMmm” she was keeping her lips sealed around her sister's nipple.

“It's pretty straight forward. I claim all 3 holes as mine to use.” I told her.

“MmmMmmmm” she said into the tit she was attached to, shaking her head.

“Moe, put another finger in her ass.” I told her.

I kept thrusting hard into the small girl, as I gave instruction for my pleasure. She groaned as I continued to speed up. I felt an urgent need to paint her cunt white from the inside, and nothing was going to stop me. I wasn't holding back on her, and pounded her cunt hard. She was so wet, her juices were splashing with our bodies colliding.

I should have known ahead of time that she was about to orgasm, but we haven't spent much time together recently, so it was a shock when she almost pulled off my cock in the throws of her orgasm. I kept going, feeling her tighten and then loosen on me, repeatedly, as she succumbed to my abuse of her pussy. Everything was going perfect, and I was really enjoying her. I let nature take it's course, and my balls quickly started to get pulled up, in the build up to ecstasy.

When I released my first jet of cum, I almost collapsed onto her back, but held strong with the exquisite feeling, and I basted her pussy with jet after jet of cum. Enough was spent from my balls, that before I was even done, our combined juices squirted out around my cock on all sides. I really filled her up. Pulling out, I heard a loud squelching and admired as my cock exited her tight hole.

I slapped her on the ass once, and then backed up a bit.

“Ok, I think it's feeling like it's time to crash for the night, or close. Let's make the bed, and get Melinda under the covers with the rest of us. Erin, you're behind me with your Love, and then Rachel, and lastly, Moe at the end.” I said, and everyone detached from each other, and started moving around.

By the time Erin was being cuddled by a still passed out Melinda, Rachel had been looking around for her shirt to put back on.

“Where do you think you're going?” I asked.

“You think I'm going to spend the night with you and the other girls? You're wrong.” she answered.

The others looked at her, and then at me, in shock.

“Actually, you're going to drop that shirt and get into bed for a nightcap. Now.” I told her.

I climbed into bed in front of Erin, and let her spoon me, and I opened my arms for Rachel to join me. It took a little enticing, but she finally let up with a scowl, and then Moe sandwiched her in on the end.

“Your attitude REALLY needs to change. You're mine now, and you will accept it. Quit being the entitled cunt you've been, and take what's given to you. Now just relax, and give me your ass.” I commanded.

I didn't wait for an answer, but I still had my raging hard on, and so I grabbed it, and pressed it up between her ass cheeks, rubbing it around, until I found her anus. Then I grasped her hip tightly, and started pushing. I was relentless, and wasn't going to back down to a slut with an attitude.

“Relax!” I said in her ear. “This WILL happen when you let it, or when I want it, so relax now.” I said softly in her ear.

I reached around her body with my right arm, and grasped her left tit in my hand. If I raised it up much, I could be choking her. I think she realized this a bit, as her sphincter relaxed a bit. Just enough that the force of my pushing in, let my head inside her ass. She flinched a bit, but groaned as well, at the sudden entry. I started playing with her huge breast, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger, and pushed a little more inside her impossibly tight ass.

She kicked her legs some, but still ended up being the little spoon for me and my thick cock invading her tight hole. I pushed more. She moaned more, out of pain or pleasure, I didn't know or care. I was going to humble her tonight. I kept pushing in.

“OK, I'll let you in. You're half way into my guts already. Just be gentle.” she begged.

In response, I just pushed more, sliding my girth up her tight hole. I didn't stop pushing, and even used leverage with my right arm to force her down onto my cock. Moe tried to do her part in making it at least a bit more pleasurable, and reached behind her succulent ass, and began to finger Rachel's clit back and forth. Another moan escaped her mouth. Another inch deeper inside her. I was close. She was grasping my left hand gripping her hip, but it wouldn't do any good. I was almost there, and I thrust into her hard, for the last inch.

And there I left it. My cock buried inside her dark tunnel. I moved my other hand from her hip up to her other breast, and hugged and squeezed both possessively, and whispered good night.


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