Geocatched Part 8

by ARandomGuy

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Geocatched part 8

Well THAT was a fun date. I think I'll just have to buy the Blu Ray when it comes out. I barely remember what happened. Let's just say that Krystal, and Katie kept me satisfied on our date.

Now, I'm outside at home, both girls are in the house, and I'm texting all the other sluts to come over to meet each other. There is a new girl to the group too, so I'll need to introduce her as well. She's a little worked up at the moment, and probably barely knows where she is right now, but we're about to go inside my place, and wait for everyone to come over.

I take her hand in mine, and slowly walk toward the front door. The girls kindly left it open for us. Kim seems to barely be able to walk. When we get to the door and step inside, I see a box that must have been delivered while I was on the date, sitting on the end table of the living room. The girls probably brought it in. I leave the package for now, and pull Kim over to the couch.

“Why don't you sit here, and edge yourself until I stop you? No cumming” I said, and helped her onto the far corner cushion on the couch.

She immediately sat back, turned so her right leg was on the cushion close to her ass, facing the front door, and the other leg spread out. Since her skirt was already tucked into the waistband, it was easy access to her swollen pussy, and she started right up rubbing her clit back and forth with one hand. The other grasped at her left breast to squeeze softly, quickly finding her nipple to toy with.

I checked my texts, and already got 4 replies. I had sent my earlier text in a group chat with all my sluts, so that's how they all answered.

ME: Hello sluts. I am inviting you all to my place tonight so everyone can meet each other.

ANNE: I'll be there as soon as possible. Can I bring a +1?

MEGAN: Ooh! This sounds fun! Count me in.

EMMA: Count me in. I'll be there ASAP

MELINDA: Should we bring anything? We also have a surprise.

ME: No need to bring anything. Looks like I have presents too.

ME: +1? Who?

ANNE: Laura just arrived and is staying for a few days.

ME: Yes, please!

I hadn't expected to see Laura so soon. I'm not complaining at all though. It was bound to happen at some point. I just won't be able to play with her too much, as she's just visiting. Maybe she'll want to visit more once she becomes one of my sluts. I'll have to catch her at the door since Kim will be giving us a show for a little while.

I still haven't found Krystal and Katie. I'm sure they've gotten the texts as well, so I'm surprised they haven't come out to talk to me about the get-together. I started roaming my home, checking the kitchen, dining room, and 2 of the spare bedrooms. I end up finding clothes all over the floor in my master bedroom, and a shower running.

I walk in the open door to the bathroom, and see two silhouettes behind the glass of the large shower stall. Opening the door, I see Krystal out of the water, scrubbing Katie's tits from behind, cleaning off my seed. I slide my hand into the shower, and onto Krystal's ass and squeeze.

That seemed to shock her, and in turn, Katie.

“Cleaning up for company?” I inquired

“Yes, Sir.” Katie said. “We'll be done soon.”

“Good girls.”

I go back out to the kitchen to see what wine I have for this impromptu party. It looks like I'll have enough for everyone to have 2 glasses or more! Awesome! Now, snacks! Not so much here. Oh well. I'll supply a snack for some of them another way.

It wasn't but a few more minutes before Anne and Laura were crossing the street. I happened to catch a glimpse of them through the window as I glanced over to Kim still rubbing her wet pussy, so I decided to meet them before they got to the here. I went out the front door, and got down a few steps before they were upon me.

“Max! It's good to see you!” Laura said as she came up to hug me. She wore a nice blue and purple flowered sundress, and sandles, showing off purple toenail polish. Her chest definitely filled out the top of the strapless dress.

After the hug, I looked at Anne, who was dressed in a pair of jeans, a pair of Nike's, and an old local band tour shirt.

“It's great to see you, too, Laura.” I responded. “Hey, you'll never guess what I found the other day, Laura!” With that said, I reached into my shirt, and pulled out my prized blue stone necklace. I hid it from her for a second, waiting to see what she'd guess, but she just shook her head and waited.

I took my hand off the stone, and just dangled it off the chain still around my neck. She looked down, and immediately fell under it's power. I put Anne down as well, with a quick “Sleep slut” before going through my now familiar list of commands to Laura. When I woke them both up, I stepped aside, and gestured toward the front door, allowing them to go ahead of me.

When I walked in, I saw Anne in the middle of the room, but found Laura near the front door with her jaw on the ground, and eyes wide, looking down the long couch, at Kim. I came up behind her, grabbed her shoulder, and whispered in her ear.

“Don't mind Kim. She's just a slut that can't get enough. You'll get used to it.” I said.

To the small crowd now in the room, I introduced Kim with a wave her way. “Everyone, the slut on the couch, edging, is Kim. She's still uninitiated but still member of our group. Kim, this is part of our group, but the rest will be here soon. Why doesn't everyone go over and introduce yourselves to Kim?”

I was about to turn back to Laura, but there was a quick knock at the door. When I opened the screen door, I was blessed with Melinda and Erin's faces. Erin was in her comfy overfilled half shirt I met her in, and spandex, while Melinda, my first to become part of the harem, was in her own colorful sundress with tiny straps alone on her shoulders, indicating she probably wasn't wearing a bra.

I ushered both of them in, and kissed each one with passion, before introducing them both to the growing group. Then I was able to turn my attention back to a still shocked Laura. I came up behind her, grabbed her by her hips, and whispered in her ear again.

“You'll get used to everyone here, soon, now that you're a part of this little harem of mine. I've dreamed of this for a long time, Laura.” She started to relax a bit as my programming started to flow in her head.

My hands began to roam from her hips, running over her stomach, down to her pelvic bone, and up and over her breasts. Her hands caught both of mine, but didn't restrain me from feeling her body all over. I end up cupping her large breast in on hand as I move the other hand up and over, in search of her nipple. It was already protruding from her soft globe, and making a small tent in her dress, making it so easy to latch on to pinch and pull.

“Mmmm” she moaned in response. Her hands do try to stop me a bit, but not much resistance.

“Do you like what I'm doing to you?” I asked

“Mmhmmm” is her only response, barely heard over the other girls all talking, and Kim moaning on the couch.

“Are you uncomfortable getting felt up in a crowd?” I asked her in a whisper.

“Yes.” Barely a whisper.

“Ok.” I breathe into her ear, and pull back a bit.

“Alright everyone that's here, lets make it a bit more comfortable for our newer guests.” I speak out to the group.

Almost as one, the girls all start to undress, starting with shirts which end up tossed all over the floor. Melinda and Erin pause for a few seconds, shocked at how bold everyone is being, seeing as how they're new to the whole group, but start to undress as well.

Just as I start to whisper into Laura's ear again, there's a knock on the door right behind me.

“Don't move. I'm not done with you.” I said in her ear before I turn around and open the door.

Emma is standing at the door, one hand sliding over an engorged nipple hidden behind her white blouse, and the other just hanging by her tailored black slacks and black one inch pumps.

“Well, are you gonna let me in?” She says laughing, as she's leaning over toward the window, looking in at all the breast flesh and more, clearly seen through the glass.

When I'm done staring at her, I move aside so she can brush past me, purposefully rubbing her hard nipple across my chest, before walking into the other side of the room. As I look to close the door, I see that Megan and Ashley have finally made it, together, and I leave the door open for them. I cross the few steps back to Laura, now face to face with Krystal, who is running her hands up and down Laura's arms and bare shoulders, while introducing herself.

“Why don't we get a bit more comfortable?” I ask Laura, as I place my hands on Krystal's hands, and start directing them over Laura's full chest.

Once Megan and Ashley come in and close the door, I squeeze Krystal's hands on Laura's breasts.

“Everyone! I want to introduce the members of the harem that you probably don't know. First off, Over in the corner is Kim. I invited her in today, and hasn't been initiated as of yet. Over here to my right ate Melinda and Erin. They are the first inductees to this group. Please welcome them warmly, as I know you all can.” I said to the now crowded room.

As they were the closest to them, Ashley, and then Megan introduced themselves to Melinda and Erin, who were now topless, by playing with their nipples, and pulling them by said nipples, into a kiss meant for lovers. They both responded in kind, though still holding each other's hands. Once they stopped kissing, both Ashley and Megan began to undress in front of the lovers.

I watched this for a moment, before continuing to caress Laura's tits through Krystal's hands. I released her hands, moved up just a bit, and started pulling the sundress down over Laura's breasts, exposing both orbs to the group. Laura was bright red with embarrassment at first, but with everyone else close to naked, she began to settle down, and join in the festivities.

“Just relax and enjoy Krystal's company for a little bit. I'm going to inject your next snack into that slut on the couch.” I told Laura, and then walked around her and the coffee table, and knelt down in front of Kim.

“You've edged yourself for a good 25 minutes. Would you like to cum?” I ask Kim as I run my hands up both thighs.

“YES! Ugh! I need it! Please, may I cum?” She asked feverishly, while stroking her little bud.

“Not yet, my dear, but you may stop masturbating.” I told her before sliding my hands under her thighs and pulling her toward the edge of the couch, so her ass was partially hanging off the edge.

Although she was relieved to stop masturbating, she was embarrassed and timidly covered her mound with one hand, before I moved it back behind her thigh. Then I placed my hands back on the back of her thighs, and started kissing my way up her right leg to just below her cleft, and then started from the knee on her left leg, back toward her very moist cunt. Her moans were becoming more frequent, just in that short span of time.

She wanted, and tried, to put her hands on my head to either push me away, or pull me in, but Katie, sitting on her right, and Anne sitting on the corner of the other couch, had a hold of both of Kim's arms, and were running their other hands all over her body. She wasn't fighting very hard to get free, but her legs tried to squeeze my head before I could get to her little cunt.

I pulled her thighs apart again, and gained myself a perfect view of her naughty little cunt, dripping fluids down to her ass and onto the couch. I wasted no time in moving my head forward, tongue out, to get my first taste of her fine nectar. One long lick from her ass up to her little clitty was enough to make her shake and squirm a bit, but I was not to be denied my treat.

I pulled back, and then again, followed my tongue's original path up through her slit, to her clit, and sucked on it forcefully. When my tongue started wiggling at the tip of her little button, her response was instantaneous as she squealed, and bounced on the couch as she all but sprayed my face with her girl cum. I didn't let up through her orgasm, to prolong it as long as I could.

Kim's squeal attracted the attention of Emma, who came up behind me, running her hands all over my shoulders and arms over my shirt. I resumed pressing my face into her bald pussy, flicking my tongue around between her lips. Emma then began to unfasten my shorts, unzipped me, forced them down over my ass and to my knees on the floor. She took special care in protecting my raging hard on as she did this.

After a quick breather, I dove back into my oral ministrations, and then added my middle and ring fingers at her secret passage again, opening her up a bit in her tight hole. Her hips jerked in my face, but I pressed on, inserting my fingers deeper, and twisted them around inside her. She had no control over her body at this point. Both her arms, and legs were being held spread eagle by Anne and Katie.

I played her like a fiddle, through 2 more orgasms before I pulled back from her engorged lips, and licked my lips of her essence. I retracted my fingers from her tight passage, and pressed down on her taint as my fingers searched out her tightest hole. My middle finger found it's mark and pressed in and around her asshole as she still came down from her last orgasm before jerking back slightly. As her body relaxed after the pressure issued to her back door, trying to return to the spot she sat in, her tight ass ended up allowing the tip of my finger inside of her.

“Iieeeee!” she squealed again, but I persisted.

I continually rotated my finger inside her, delving deeper and deeper until the whole of my finger was inside her ass. Then I pulled out most of the way and introduced my ring finger as well. To make her relax, and distract her, I leaned in and licked across her clit again and again, and her back door opened up to allow a second finger to pass through the opening. I pressed on, and wiggling my fingers back and forth, I was able to extend the depth in which they were buried inside her.

Suddenly, there were lips wrapped around the head of my cock, and a wild tongue slathering me with saliva, going deeper with every lick. I look down, and Emma was hard at work on me, in an odd position pinched between me and Anne's legs at the couch. She was on her side, leaning on one elbow, as she took me deeply, preparing me.

When Emma pulled back for air again, I returned my attention to Kim, replacing my hands at her knees, pulling them up so her legs sat over my shoulders, and then slid back down to her upper thighs. I stepped forward on my knees, allowing my shorts to gather on my calves, as Emma helped guide my cock toward Kim's dripping opening. After rubbing my head all over Kim's lips, she pressed my head into her hole, and I paused.

Instead of leaning forward, and pressing myself into her pretty pussy, I suddenly pulled hard on her thighs, forcing her body to swallow my cock swiftly, and her torso to slide down the couch even more.

“Aaiiii! Ahh! Ahh! Ooooohh!” came the scream and grunts as I filled her passage with my thick rod, forcing yet another orgasm to pass through her slim body.

I held her tightly against my pelvis, allowing her to adjust to my wide girth, as her tight snatch rippled with aftershocks and massaging my cock, wiggling my hips around, teasing deep inside her as I bottomed out. As I paused in her initial dicking, I let my hands wander under her turquoise work polo, sliding up her sides, and to her nice mounds of flesh hidden within. I manipulated her flesh roughly, and then found her extremely excited nipples to pinch and twist.

“Unngh! Oooh!” she grunted at me.

When I had my fill of handling her breasts, I continued to slide my hands up under her shirt, and guided her arms over her head, removing the cover from her chest, exposing a pair of fine tits, and finally over her head. Katie took the garment, and tossed it into the growing pile of clothes in the middle of the floor behind me. Then I resumed cupping both breasts, observing how they move, and how they spring back when pulling on her nipples.

Then, when she had calmed down a bit, I slid my hands up to her shoulders, and from there to entwine my fingers of both hands behind her neck, with her legs still on my shoulders.

“Are you ready?” I asked her.

I didn't really give her time to answer, as I immediately pulled most of the way out of her, and then slammed my hips back into her, just as she opened her mouth to respond to my query. The sudden O face she made told me she was ready, and I pulled out once more, only to slam back in. I then stopped toying with her, tightened my grip behind her neck, and started slamming into her at a frantic pace, receiving grunts from her with every impact.

Kim was all but folded in half and my grip behind her neck forced her body forward as though she was doing crunches. I was abusing that still very tight cunt, enjoying how it's silky insides slid along my length, and with my cock head battering her cervix on every stroke. It didn't take long for her to rise to another shuttering orgasm from my pounding into her.

“Aaaahh! Ungh! Ungh!” she grunted with every stroke of my ridged pole into her tight channel.

I was grunting a little bit as well, but hers were louder, and attracted attention from some of the other girls not absorbed in some action of their own. Katie, to my left, was receiving a good licking from Megan, with her leaning back into the couch, and Kim in equal measure, with Kim's right arm over her shoulder and gripping her massive tit flesh.

Anne was just masturbating herself, with one hand on her generous chest, and the other hand 3 fingers deep inside her twat. Katie, Anne's sister, was also masturbating herself as she watched the group from beside her sister. Emma and Erin were now just standing in the center of the room, naked, and fingering each other as they necked, oblivious to the front windows wide open without cover. Melinda, watching her partner get fingered, was kneeling over Ashley's face, while Laura, now naked, was still standing where she had been, being eaten out by Krystal below, while watching me.

I wasn't going to be able to last long at this frantic pace, but I didn't want to either. I had balls perpetually full of cum, and nine other girls with multiple holes to fill. I was quickly coming to conclusion with Kim, as my balls started pulling close.

When I finally blasted into Kim, she immediately started to cum as well, her eyes wide as saucers, mouth open in a silent scream. Her body stiffened up for a few seconds, and then she started to shake uncontrollably. I released her neck, and held strong on her thighs, keeping myself completely buried inside her, while my cum seeped out around my rod.

I pulled out dripping with our shared juices, which was followed by a small cum river out of Kim. I backed up on my knees, catching my breath, and turned around.

“Laura. Hey, Laura!” I had to repeat her name, as she looked like she was in heaven.

When her eyes opened up, and found their way down to me, she smiled a bit. I motioned with a finger for her to come to me. Her grip on Krystal's hair grew as she pulled her head back, and away from her gash. Krystal sat back, licking her lips, and looked over to me, and then around the room. Laura made her way to me, I took her hand, and pulled her down to her knees next to me.

“Have you ever eaten someone out?” I asked.

She just slowly shook her head.

“Well, here's your first chance to try it. I left you a nice cream pie for extra flavor.” I said. “Just try to copy what Krystal was doing to you.”

With that, I pulled her down to hands and knees, ushering her toward a swollen, leaking gash between Kim's legs. She looked back at me before edging forward, and down to Kim's inner thigh, and licked up a bit of my cum and Kim's juices, where she paused, getting a taste for her prize, and then doing the same to her other thigh. Soon, she had licked her first pussy from hole to clit, and then she sucked one of her labia into her mouth and pulled back, releasing it with a pop.

I just ran my hand down her back, deep into her ass crack, and down to her pussy where I inserted 2 fingers. While fingering her briefly, I knee walked behind her, and split her legs apart before rubbing the length of my still hard cock back and forth over her clit. Her moans were all but silenced by her mouth on Kim's gash.

I leaned back a bit, and slid my cock up through her pussy, and to her hole where I just slowly pushed in. She was super tight, but I slowly forced my way inside her until my balls were pressed against her clit. There I sat for a few moments, to let her get used to me, before a slow retreat, and push back in. I pulled all the way out, and then pushed in again. Then I started at a slower pace than with Kim, but still high energy, pumping hard, but not as fast.

I released her hips, now that I had a steady pace, and slid my hands up her sides, and down to her hanging tits. They were, of course, massive, just like her sisters. What runs in the family is good for me! After just a few minutes of fucking her, I leaned down to her ear almost covered by Kim's thigh.

“Cum for me, slut.” I said, and pinched both of her nipples hard enough to make her squeal.

Just as I released her nipples, her tight pussy became very slippery, and she grunted loudly into Kim's cunt as her body responded to my command, and started shaking. As her body shook, I pressed my thumb onto her asshole, feeling it constrict and relax, and found the right time, and pressed hard into her ass. I slipped down the full length of my thumb within a few seconds. She immediately reared back, and twisted her body enough to look at me in shock.

In response to her reaction, I just wiggled my thumb inside her dark tunnel and smiled. I picked up where I left off, continuing to stroke in and out of her drenched pussy as if nothing was amiss. I pulled my thumb out of her ass at one point and resumed holding her hips to pump inside her.

I looked around the room, at all the naked flesh, and noticed that Erin and Emma had taken a break, and were just running their hands over each other. I motioned to Emma, who happened to look at me for a moment, to come over to me. She bent down beside my head.

“Since you're in between lovers, could you grab that box over there, and open it, then bring it here? I have presents for everyone.” I told her quietly.

Emma nods her head, and heads to the front door to retrieve the box, and goes to the kitchen for a pair of scissors, or other sharp utensil to open the box. When she comes back out, she hadn't opened it at all. Just cut the box open and came out. She places it on the coffee table next to me, and stands up to go back to Erin.

I keep stroking inside of Laura, and let myself build up to a fine conclusion. It didn't take long, and not a lot of effort with how tight she was pinching my cock inside her tight channel. I erupted, and she followed along shortly after me, with her own orgasm. Of course, I stayed hard inside her, and had yet to pull out.

I turn toward the box, and lift the lid a bit to look inside. I saw what I wanted. I pulled one out, and then addressed the group.

“Everyone!” I said and waited for a few seconds so I had everyone's attention. “Sleep sluts” I commanded, and everyone dropped into the mysterious trance all together.

“I have presents for each of you in my harem. These anal plugs will be used constantly, unless I say otherwise. You must leave them in unless you need to use the restroom, and then you'll clean them off and reinsert them, or if you're masturbating, and use that as a tool. They will be a constant reminder of your loyalty to me and your fellow sluts, and will accept them from me as the evening goes on.”

Before waking all the sluts up, I take a look at my gifts. They're your average butt plug, about medium in size, comparable to my cock's girth at it's widest point, and tapered to a blunt point. The flat end has a blue crystal in it, that resembles my blue stone in color. The rest is polished nickel in color.

“Wake up” I said to the group, and began to insert the first gift into Laura's tight hole.

I pulled out of her, and pushed the anal plug into her cunt to lube it up, and then tried again, to place it inside her ass. She started to grunt into Kim's pussy, muffling the sound a bit. It stretched her wider than my thumb without much resistance, and suddenly, it popped in, and all that showed between her fleshy butt cheeks was a blue crystal reflecting light.

I stood up, and grabbed 2 more plugs, before walking through the orgy, to Erin and Emma, and running a hand along Erin's waist while circling to stand behind Emma. I placed the plugs on the floor, and stood back up, positioning my cock between Emma's legs, and released it, forcing it to slap into her wet pussy, and Erin's fingers. Then I moved my hands up and cupped one breast of Emma's tits, and the other jumped to Erin's breast. I played with both fantastic orbs of flesh for a few moments, sawing my cock back and forth as well. Erin stopped her fingering, and held the head of my long cock, letting it saw back and forth, until I moved back, and she pressed it up into Emma's cunt.

The reaction was instantaneous. Emma groaned and wiggled her hips as my thick cock stretched her out. She didn't want to slow down at all, and fucked herself on my cock, as Erin still rubbed her clit. I just stood there, mauling both of their breasts, as my cock slid in and out of Emma's tight box. After a few minutes, I found Erin's nipple, and pinched and pulled it toward us, and then pulled it toward the floor, guiding Erin to her knees in front of Emma.

It took a few moments before I felt the tongue switching from me to Emma's slit, but it was licking with wild abandon, helping Emma climb to a great climax. I moved my other hand back up to her other tit, and began stroking both breasts, rubbing her nipples in the palm of my hand, exciting them even more.

“Ungh! Uhhooooh!” she groaned between my treatment of her tits, and probably a little licking frenzy from Erin below.

“Who are you?” I queried Emma. “What are you?”

“Ungh! I'm yours oooo! I.. I'm your mmmm slut” Emma responded, and suddenly, her cunt gripped my cock in a vise grip, and her hips shook, while she came hard at her admission.

“Good girl” I said, and she shook a bit more.

I kept pounding her, enjoying how her fuck hole gripped me, sporadically squeezing me, as I continued to fuck her from behind. I pulled on her breasts a bit to guide her to lean down some, so I could delve deeper inside her cock sleeve. I lean down with her, and whispered into her ear.

“I've missed this lesbian pussy!” I said quietly.

Her response was gripping my cock harder in it's tight confines. That just got my balls to tighten up, and soon I was unloading inside of her.

“Mel.. Mmmm.. Melinda and I need to talk with you sometime soon. Mmm.” Erin said.

“About what, slut?” I asked as I slid my cock out of her.

“Later, Sir. You have a bunch of pussy to satisfy now.” I couldn't argue with that!

“I have a gift for you.” I said, and squatted down to retrieve one of the butt plugs, and only found one of them.

Curious. I ducked down more, and looked between Erin's legs where our combined juices were starting to drip down her thighs, at Emma, finding her masturbating squatting on her feet, one arm behind to lean on, while the other was behind her, but apparently playing with her ass. It was then that I saw a twinkle of blue. With that, I stood up with a smile.

I took the plug, and rubbed it all around Erin's cunt to get it lubed up enough for it's placement, and then dragged it backwards across her taint, and to her back door. Remembering the evening that I took her back there brought back memories of that fine day. I pressed the tip of the toy against her asshole, and started pushing it in, bobbing it out and back in farther, until her ass suddenly swallowed it up, and the blue jewel stopped it from traveling further.

“Mmmm Thank you, Sir.” She said, wiggling her ass.

I decided to 'rest' a little bit at this point. I've satisfied a few of the girls now, so it's time to sit down. I walked over to Anne and Katie, both still masturbating, watching all the happenings around them. I leaned over and picked a few more plugs out of the box, and then confronted the girls.

“You both have been watching for a while. Now it's your turns. Katie, stand up.” I said as I took her place on a wet couch seat.

“Now, Anne. I want you to ride me facing the room. Katie, you'll stand here” I indicated a spot on both sides of me, “and I'm going to eat your cunt out.” I told them both.

I slid forward on the couch so I was sitting more or less right in the wet spot from Katie, and spread my legs. Anne stood up, and came between them, bending over, grabbing my still hard cock, to guide it into her deep channel, and then she unceremoniously sat down, burying me inside her. After she sat down on me, I pushed her forward, and grabbed one of the toys, indicating to Katie to lube it up with her mouth, and then began to press it in Anne's tight back door.

“Get up here, slut. Time for me to taste you.” I told Katie.

As I continued to push in and out with the toy in Anne's ass, Katie stepped up and placed her right foot next to my left side, and holding the wall behind us, spread her left leg out to be placed on my right side. I leaned in some, and took a quick flat tongue lick up her twat, and then kissed her clit.

“Mmmm! That's it, Sir! Eat me!” she moaned as she leaned up against the wall with her bountiful chest, turning her head to look down.

I finally popped the anal toy into Anne's ass with a quiet pop, and then she started to ride me. I then reached up with both hands, and grabbed an ass cheek in either hand, and forced Katie onto my mouth more directly. I squeezed her cheeks, spreading open her asshole slightly, and then released it. My tongue never stopped on her cunt, licking up from hole to clit, and then sucking on said clit, flicking my tongue over it as I held it in my mouth.

It didn't take long for either of the girls to cum on me, as they were both worked up. Anne was first as she was getting stimulation deep inside her, with her thighs slapping against my thighs on every downward stroke of her vicious pounding. Her hard riding brought me to knees, figuratively, and I blew another load, deep inside her.

“Uhh! Uhh! Yessssss!” Anne exclaimed as her body shook with both receiving my cream and her orgasm.

Katie gushed onto my face just a minute later. She hadn't hit her peek until I pressed one finger on her asshole. Once her orgasm hit, the dark passage tightened, relaxed, tightened, and relaxed. Each time it relaxed, I'd press another knuckle into her rear end. Her cum dripping down my chin, neck, only to be soaked into my shirt.

“Fuck, that's good! Uhh! Oooh yeah, Sir!” Katie said in a loud voice, with her cheek and tits pressed against the wall.

Anne started to get up, tightening her twat around my cock as she withdrew, milking my cock of any of my cum that hadn't already shot inside her. My cream immediately started dripping out of her, as she stood on shaky legs, to move back to my side, and sat down on the couch where she was prior.

I pulled Katie off my face, and instructed her to squat down on my cock, which was pointing toward the sky, dripping from so many pussies already.

Now, I know that it's unheard of, for someone to cum this much, and stay rock hard this long without medications, and I wasn't going to waste it. My endurance has also improved immensely. I can't think of how else that this could happen if it wasn't for my precious stone I found. Given, with this much pussy surrounding someone, how could they not want to stay hard, but it would be futile without drugs to accomplish. I know I'm special now. Besides the fact that I have 10 girls always wet for me, and very loyal. I'm living a dream. I don't want to ever wake up.

I started thinking of all this again, as Katie's cunt swallowed my cock whole. I'm so lucky to be able to satisfy all of these women. And I get all the pussy a guy could dream about.

“Emma! Come over here.” I called out. She was still squatting on the floor, playing with her plug up her ass.

She got up and came to me, and stopped behind Katie, only to put her hands on Katie's shoulders, as if she would help her fuck me.

“It's your turn to get licked. Come up here.” I said, showing her how I wanted her. I haven't really been able to play with her for a week or two.

Once she got into position, she leaned forward so her forehead was leaning on the wall, so she could watch me from above. I ran my hands up her legs, and to her ass before pulling her onto my tongue. That all but forced her to press her chest against the wall so as to not fall backwards. I began by immediately tongue fucking her hole, and then licking up to her clit, before going back to her hole. Her hips started wiggling on my face as I did this, essentially fucking herself on my tongue.

Katie also helped keep Emma on my face as well. Once she got her own rhythm going on my cock, she reached up and held on to Emma's ass, pushing and pulling her. Then she grabbed the blue jewel protruding from her ass to fuck her from behind as I ate her out. That only made her hips move more frantically, and I just let my tongue stay sticking out, and I ended up licking about every millimeter of her juicy cunt without moving.

That also brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Her tangy juices were flowing, and I felt that I was going to drown again soon. Luckily, she didn't squirt as others have, so I was able to survive her unending orgasm, if only barely so.

“Ieeee! Oh GOD! Yes!” she screamed. I would think that the rest of the girls stopped and turned to look, but I couldn't see anything but a small strip of short pubic hair when looking down my nose.

It took a few minutes more, before Katie suddenly froze up, and grunted in orgasm herself, squeezing my cock in a tubular vice, forcefully sucking my balls contents straight up my rod, and firing into her cervix. I groaned into Emma's pussy which pushed the remaining shakes from her orgasm to extend a bit.

Katie just sat there, with my cock balls deep inside her, and caught her breath. I reached up, and started fondling her heavy chest, toying with her nipples. She let out a tired sigh in response. Once she tried to stand up, it was a struggle, but my cock sprang out of her juicy gash, slapping me in the stomach, and she covered her mound to hold all my cum inside her. Then she went over to the middle of the floor and laid down. It didn't take long for Krystal to find her way over there, and spun around to 69 with Katie.

Emma slowly pulled herself back from covering my mouth with her puffy pussy, until her tits and head weren't leaning on the wall anymore. Supported by her hands on the wall, I guided her down into my lap, and my cock into her channel. She slowly slid down my length until her thighs were stopped by mine. Adjusting her feet created movement within her silky pussy, and once she got herself ready, she just rolled her hips, keeping me deep inside her, rubbing my cock head around her cervix. She wasn't as deep as a few of the other girls. I liked that. The bottomed out feeling inside her cunt.

“ungh! Mmmm.” Her moans started prior to her sitting in my lap, and didn't really stop while swinging her hips back and forth, and all around.

“That's a good girl” I said to her, as I moved my hands from her hips, up to her firm chest, where I started teasing both nipples.

Suddenly, the teasing took on a different turn as she started bouncing, and I just left my hands in place, which rubbed her nipples on each up and down stroke. I took a firmer grip on her melons, and leaned forward to have a taste of her left nipple. It was hard to keep her in my mouth, but I would succeed!

Her bouncing created slaps with her ass on my thighs. I was loving the feeling of her bouncing on me. She put her arms around my neck, and with her feet on the edge of the couch, she ramped up her bouncing up and down my long rod, coating it with her juices. Enough that it started dripping down my ball sack. I just watched in awe at our union, as my thick cock disappeared inside her, and on every up stroke, it pulled her lips out a bit as I stretched her tight cunt.

I wanted to try something. I want to see if I can make her cum just by command from me. I'll try another way with someone else. I want to see how much actual control I have over my sluts. Can I force a climax by a few words?

“Cum for me, baby” I commanded her.

“Oooh uhh uhh.. I will, Sir. Give me a minute.” She responded.

Emma picked up her pace, and working hard at climbing to that peak, and she did it spectacularly, her pussy acting as though a Hoover, and sucking my cum out of my balls to paint her insides white.

“Aaaah! Aaah! Oooh!” she exclaimed when she came hard. Her body shook hard, which made her breasts create little waves in the flesh, which I found thrilling on it's own. She was shaking and moving about so much that I fell out of her, and my cock slapped my belly, leaving an imprint of cock with her fluids.

From that little test, it seems I don't have the control over their bodies. Further testing is needed.

As Emma stood up from my lap, after recovering from her monstrous orgasm, she worked her way around to the other couch where Kim was the only other person on it, and laid down, legs wide open facing Kim. I got up off the couch, and approached Kim then, and told her that she should try some pussy, now that she was part of the harem of so many women.

Kim moved her leg on the couch, and rolled over toward Emma, and as she was positioning herself, missed the couch with her left hand just as she put weight on it, and fell face first into Kim's dripping cunt. That was her introduction to pussy. She did however, recover, laying a few licks on Kim's thigh, before trying to lick her first wet slit.

Of course, her cunt was dripping massive amounts of my cum, so there was a mixture of flavors, she went all in, and smeared her face around her lips, and tongue fucked Emma for many minutes. I watched momentarily, and then grabbed another toy, and turned back to Kim. I rolled the butt plug down her back, and between her ass cheeks, to her slit, and began coating it in her pussy juice.

Once it was liberally coated, I brought it up to her asshole, and began to push it inside. There was much resistance, but I kept bobbing it in and out of her ass, and then I forced it fully into her, and it popped right in, as her ass wiggled a bit.

I'm really going to have to take her virgin ass sometime soon. It looked so nice with that blue jewel in between her cheeks.

I looked around the room, at all the girls playing with each other, fingers or faces buried in someone else's cunt, or playing with the toy sticking out of their ass. I noticed that Krystal and Melinda were getting to know each other, laying on their sides in the middle of the floor, face to face. Their urgent kisses showed how close they were to bringing the other off.

I dug back into the box, under the dozen slots for butt plugs, and pulled out a green double ended dildo, which I brought over and began firmly pressing it into both of their pussies. Krystal learned quickly, and grabbed a hold, and started pistoning it in and out of Melinda, while also filling her own hole with it.

I watched them for a moment, before turning around to another couple in a 69. Ashley and Megan were deep into pleasing each other, with Ashley on the bottom, so I walked around, straddling Ashley's head, squatted down, and pressed my cock between her tongue and Megan's cunt. After a few generous licks from Ashley, I pressed my cock head into Megan's twat. Within a few strokes, I was balls deep, and Ashley started licking Megan's clit, as well as my balls. Before I could back stroke to slam back in, Ashley took one of my balls in her mouth, sucking on it.

I slowly pulled out, keeping my balls within Ashley's reach, and gently stroked back into Megan. It felt like a glove, just holding still inside of her, and the added sucking of my balls just added to it. I started to stroke in and out at a slow pace so Ashley could keep in contact as long as she wanted. It didn't take long for Megan to ask for more, in between her licks between her partners legs.

“Faster! I ungh.. need more! Please!” Megan pleaded with me.

I pulled out once more, so Ashley could lick along the bottom of my cock, while I grab Megan's ponytail and pull back enough for her to stop her licking. Then I leaned down to her ear.

“Do you want faster? I think I can do that, slut!” releasing her hair, reaching down to fix my hands upon her large breasts, then I jammed myself into her, and began to pump in and out at a high rate of speed. The action forced her to slide her knees together to gain height over Ashley's head, so as to not abuse her face with my balls slapping Megan's clit. I went at her as long as I could, and was fruitful.

“Eieeee! Ahh! YESSSS!” She moaned out in orgasm, as I continued to pound into her cunt at a fast pace.

Ashley became just a spectator at this point. Megan was no longer burying her face in Ashley's hot box, but moaning much more. Ashley just ran her hands all over Megan's back and arms. I repeatedly pounded into Megan from behind, forcefully bumping her forward with each contact of my pelvis to her rear end. I did start to feel a little tired of all the fucking I have endured today, but I kept at it, sweating and panting as I went.

Ashley found a way to wiggle her way out from between us, and knelt by my side, watching me fuck her friend. I reached over and grabbed her hand, and placed it in Megan's butt crack, and then I spread her cheeks, not giving up on pounding her. Ashley figured out what I was wanting, and began to toy with Megan's little rosebud, and then she forced her way in with one finger. After a minute of finger fucking her, she pressed a second finger in her ass.

“Uhh! Uhh! Mmmm!” Megan grunted along with my thrusts and fingers up her bum.

“I think she's ready. Go to the box and get another toy out and come back.” I whispered to Ashley.

She immediately got up, and returned quickly with another butt plug to show me, before tracing a line down Megan's back, down to her butt crack, and pressed it up against her rosebud forcefully. It started to give, and was pressed inside her more and more. Her hand at this point was being hit by my pelvis, providing extra force in each of her attempts at inserting the plug up Megan's ass. At long last, a few grunts from Megan, the widest part of the plug was forced into her asshole, and it popped inside her.

Now feeling the plug with my shaft buried in her asshole, providing extra stimulation, I sped up my grueling speed pounding Megan's juicy cunt, and she cried out in pleasure.

“Ooooh! Ugh! Yesss! Fuck yes!” Megan cried out, and her pussy rippling around my cock, and massaging it even more than before, forced me into shooting my cum deep into her.

I reached out, grabbed her by the tits, and pulled her back up and into me, turning her slightly so we could kiss as we both came down from our mutual orgasms. When I released her heavy breasts, she all but fell back down to her hands and knees, breathing heavy, and ended up falling forward, allowing my cock to expose itself to the evening air.

When I looked up, all the girls that I could see were paired off, except for Ashley and Kim. Then I came up with a little plan. It had to be done, as I won't be the only one that can satisfy the girls all the time.

I stood up, and Invited a worn out Megan to follow me. I guided her to the couch next to Kim, who was teasingly playing with her own pussy. I had her lie down, her cunt facing Kim, and spread her legs wide, with one leg over the back of the couch, and the other foot flat on the floor. Then I reached down, and started rubbing her dripping cunt with my left hand, and spreading her swollen lips wide open, exposing the hot pink color of her insides.

I looked up at Kim, and told her to stop touching herself for now.

“Have you ever eaten another girls cunt?” I asked her.

“No. I'm not a lesbian.” She responded.

“Why don't you lean down here, and lick and suck all my cum out of this juicy pussy? It'll be good for you.” I told Kim.

Kim looks at me, and then back down to the puffy lips, crying out for attention, and then back at me. With a look of disgust, she shifted around onto her hands and knees, and tentatively leaned down to take a quick lick of Megan's sloppy gash. And then she took another, and another.

I knew my programming would get her going in the right direction. It was just a matter of forcing it to begin. She began to lick with gusto, rubbing her face all around the hot pink slit, licking my cum out of her, and then licking up to the clit to tease with her tongue.

“Good girl!” I said to Kim as I stroked down her back, and to her cunt where I slipped one finger inside. “Don't stop until Megan cums on your face.”

At this point, it was starting to get late. The sun had recently gone down, so I was guessing that it was about 8:45 or so. I noted that we hadn't turned on any lights yet, so it was getting dimmer in the house. Better that than to have lookie-loos from outside, looking in.

Then I noticed the smell. It even overtook the smell of all the satisfied pussy in the house. I looked back at the kitchen, and then got up to walk into the kitchen. I found Krystal, naked, and bent over, looking in the oven window. Melinda was close by, lazily fingering one of her nipples.

“What are you doing?” I said to her as I cupped her pussy she had facing the entrance to the kitchen, and then fingered her hole.

“I'm warming up something to eat.” She responded, and I pressed 2 fingers inside of her.

“And what are YOU doing?” She jokingly asked of me.

“Well, I'm warming up something to eat, as well.” I said.

Her reaction was to stand up, all but forcing my fingers out of her slit, and smearing her juices onto her ass cheek. She turned around to face me, and I placed my other hand onto her ass, lifted her up, and placed her on the counter top, facing Melinda behind me. She automatically leaned back on both arms, scattering a few cracker boxes around and off the back side of the counter.

I pulled her legs apart with ease, pulled her to the edge of the counter, before I leaned over, and opening wide, taking her whole cunt into my mouth. Then I started licking her pink slit from hole to clit, and back, while pressing my head into her, spreading her juice all over my face. I nibbled her lips when I could, and licked through her silky folds over and over again.

I reached up with both hands, and began to fondle her big handful of titflesh, rubbing my palms over her nipples as I ate her out. Her hips wiggled in ecstasy as I continued to lick her up and down. When I stopped at her clit, sucking it into my mouth, and licking back and forth across it's tip, was the moment her legs trapped my head between them, and my chin was suddenly soaking wet with her orgasm. Before she could come down from the exhilaration of a good cum, I moved a hand down below my head, and started fingering her cunt, and wiggling another finger at her back door. As soon as I popped into her ass, she came again.

Without giving her time to come down, I grabbed both ass cheeks again, pulling her off the counter, and straight onto my raging rod, letting her slide down it's length until I hit her cervix. Then leaning her against the counter, I started to stroke in and out, while still holding her up, with her help from arms wrapped around my neck, and legs wrapped tightly around my waist.

I was still surprised that I had the stamina still going strong, after so many orgasms so far today. This is all becoming real, the amount of cum I produce each time I explode, as well as my staying power. I kept thinking about this as I bounced Krystal up and down on my cock, churning up her juices, and driving her toward yet another orgasm.

It didn't take too long to push her to the next peak of pleasure, as I was thrusting quickly, her tits bouncing in my face, daring me to catch a nipple. When I shot off my load deep inside her, she began to relax, almost placing her toes onto the hardwood floor of the kitchen. I had to stoop down just a bit to release my shaft from it's pleasurable confines, and stepping back.

Melinda, not having partaken of my cum (as far as I know anyway) as of yet today, slid to her knees, and bumped me out of the way, so she could lick all of my cream out of Krystal's stretched out cunt.

I needed some energy for this to all continue. I still had a few girls to satisfy, and something to talk to Melinda and Erin about. What about is still unclear. I needed to give them some of my time, as I haven't really spoken to them since my life changed, with their help, mind you, after I found my necklace.

I was brought out of my mind's contemplation by the oven's buzzer going off. I looked inside and found 2 pizzas just about done. Perfect timing! I began to pull the pizza's out, placing them both on hot pads on the island and pulled out a slicer, which just happened to be in the drawer right behind Krystal. It was initially difficult to get to the drawer, but finally, with a big step, keeping Melinda attached to her sloppy cunt, I got it.

A few people started trickling into the kitchen and grabbing a slice or two of pizza. We've all had our workouts for the day. They were nice enough to leave half a pie for me, since I probably needed the most energy. Fucking and sucking 10 girls to multiple orgasms is exhausting. Not that I'm complaining AT ALL. I just needed some pick-me-up to finish the evening right.

When everyone was finished eating, they all started to sit back and relax. Megan gave Kim some more helpful instruction in how to eat out a girl. Erin and Laura teamed up again, but the rest of the group sat back, and diddled their clits at a leisurely pace.

Ashley was the next slut to grab my attention. She did this by grabbing my cock and stroking it slowly, while nibbling on my ear. I decided to sit down at the dining room table in one of the armless chairs. This gave Ashley room to kneel down and take my cock into her mouth. She didn't last long sucking on me before standing up. She then spread her legs and straddled me on the chair, hovering over my love muscle.

She was so ready, she was already dripping onto the head of my cock as she sat down, slowly taking my length inside herself with a loud sigh. Then without a pause, she started to ride me. I could tell she loved riding me like this by the look on her face, but I knew her legs were going to die soon. I grabbed both hips, stopping her bouncing, and pulled her off of me, indicating that she should turn around, and ride me that way. Much easier to twerk on my stiffy than to ride me the other way.

With hands on her knees, she looked back at me, as I guided my rod toward her entrance, as she squatted down. Wiggling her hips, forcing my cock to touch every surface within her, she looked at me as though she was in control here. I let her entertain that thought, and grabbed her hips, ready for her to start bouncing on me.

She grabbed at my hands, and brought them both up to her chest, where I began to maul her bountiful breasts, as she leaned back on me for a moment. Then she picked herself up, and almost completely off my rod, before dropping hard into my lap. She did this a few more times, before I pinched her nipples hard, and she began to ride me quickly, in the hopes that she'll get off soon.

She wasn't messing around at all. She was riding me like her life depended on my cum, and she was withdrawing. Maybe it was true. Something else to consider with all the other crazy happenings since acquiring the necklace. Addiction to my cum.

She was so worked up at this point that within a few minutes, I had risen to the same heights as her, and exploded inside her tight sheath. When I came, she was over the peak within a few seconds, and her cunt squeezed down on me like a vice, rippling around me as she came hard, and splashed her juices over my nuts, as well as my pelvis. She cried out in pleasure for achieving such heights. I continued to hold onto her chest as she fell back against me, giving her time to recover from her exertions.

I just sat there holding her, contemplating how things have worked so well for me, and still being thankful for finding such an artifact that could change my life so much, that I barely noticed when Ashley got off of me, and Melinda was on her knees, between my legs, cleaning off my cock. When I noticed, she pulled off of me, kissed me on the head of my swollen rod before talking to me.

“Sir. We need to talk with you. Erin and I.” She said. She took me back in her mouth and took me all the way into her throat where she paused, swallowing around my girth.

“Yes. I've wanted to talk all night. I saved you until last, to give you my undivided attention. There was a lot of pussy to please first though.” I said.

“I understand, sir. It has been an excellent evening so far.” she said while still stroking me.

“Does this talk need to be private?” I asked.

“Not necessarily.” she responded.

Seeing as I was already at the head of the table, I turned around and called Erin over, who happened to be fingering Kim as she continued to satisfy Megan. She got up and came into the dining room.

“Have a seat, Erin.” I said. She took the chair at my right, trying to get comfortable with a butt plug in her ass, while Melinda stayed on her knees between my legs, stroking me.

“Ok, who wants to start?” I asked.

“I can, since Mel is busy.” Erin said.

I looked up to her, and raised my eyebrow. Melinda kept on stroking me, not leisurely at all, but trying to pump the next orgasm out of me by pure will.

“Well, Sir. Mel and I have talked a lot about this, and is what we want.” she said. Melinda, showing her agreement, swallowed my cock again, while her lover talked.

“Sigh. OK, over the last few years, we have concluded that both of us always wanted a child. We knew that we were lesbians, and didn't like cock until you came around, so we expected that the only way to have a child would be by adoption, or artificial insemination.” she continued. “We also don't take birth control so insemination was on the table.”

I think I was following along well enough, but Melinda would distract me once or twice, swallowing my rod again and again. When Erin stopped talking, she pulled back, and resumed stroking me.

“Both of those options were going to be expensive. We've been saving for a little while to afford one or the other. The money isn't the issue though.” Melinda said.

“Well, what is?” I queried.

“Two parts here. One is that I'm pregnant.” Erin quietly answers me. I'm shocked at first, but calm down a bit.

“That's good.. right? Forgive me for the distracted brain here.” I said while turning to look at Melinda with a smile.

“Yes it is. We were happy to find out the news last week. We wouldn't need to spend all the money we saved to get pregnant, or adopt. It is yours, of course. You're the only cock we've had, or will have.” Erin says.

“OK, what's the second part?” I ask timidly, as the first part was a big thing.

“The second part is that we've talked a lot since, and Melinda would also like to bring a child into the world.” she said.

“Yeah. The thing is that we didn't know if you wanted either one or both, or none.” Melinda looked down at her knees as she spoke.

I was in shock again! One of my sluts is pregnant, and another wants to be. I thought for a moment, and figured that I didn't mind.

“Well, I'm shocked, but happy. I guess that means I have to inseminate you the normal way then, eh?” I wink down at Melinda.

“Oh thank you, Sir! We were afraid you'd turn us away! Or deny us your cock.” Melinda said. “I guess all we can do is keep trying for another baby. Over, and over, and over again!” She then winked back at me before taking me all the way into her throat again.

I was overwhelmed enough that her taking me back down her throat set me off, after all the stroking, and I burst inside her throat before she pulled back, continuing to take my ejaculate into her mouth before swallowing.

When I had recovered from this latest orgasm, I pulled Melinda into standing up, and then moved her between me and the table, where I pushed her shoulders back, until she laid upon the table, with her legs spread wide. I stood up, leaning over one leg to whisper to Erin, and then leaned over Melinda to take her nipple in my mouth, gently teasing the tip with my tongue. My hand finds the other breast and mauls it before pulling on her nipple over and over again.

Once I release her nipple, I lean up to her ear, I hear Erin coming back, and whisper into Melinda's ear.

“It seems only right that I eat you, as you're the only thing on the table to eat.” I tell her.

I sit back down, and look over to Erin, who hands me a butt plug. I place it on the table next to Melinda's thigh, and start to rub her pussy all over, right in front of my face.

“Why don't you spread your lips for me? I want to see all the pink.” I say.

Melinda starts to reach down, but Erin closes her hand over Melinda's, and a knowing look later, Erin is prying Melinda's pussy wide open for me to see. I look at her hard nub, and finger it once before sliding the finger down to her hole, and insert 2 middle fingers inside her, and push them in slowly, to full extension.

When I curl my fingers up, Melinda wiggles her hips a bit. Apparently, I stroked the right spot. I do so again with my fingers, and start pushing in, pulling out, and pushing in, pressing on the same soft spot inside her little cunt. This only raises Melinda's breathing more, and the same reaction from her hips. Knowing the spot I'm hitting, I just press in hard with both fingers and wiggle them against her front wall, and lean in to take a first lick from opening to clit, sucking her clit into my mouth and toying with it, with my tongue.

“UNGH!! Uh! Oooohyeah!!!” she cries out, as her hips gyrate in response to my ministrations.

“I'm uhh... I'm gonna CUM!! YES! I'm CUMMING! Ahhhh!” She explodes, and my hand is quickly drenched, as is my mouth and chin.

“Yes! Good girl.” I tell her.

I don't let her come down from this orgasm, as I continue to suck on her clit and fingering her hard. Then I lick up and down all of her pink insides where Erin is still spreading her fat lips for me. I reach over and grab the toy, and then insert it into her tight cunt to lube it up. Then I pull it out slowly, and slide it over her taint, and twist it on her brown star.

When I begin to push on it, at first there is resistance, but then Melinda starts to relax and I'm able to push more and more of it into her ass. It takes a few minutes playing with the toy in her ass, but eventually it spreads to it's widest point, and pops inside of her. I then tug on it a few times.

I take a few long licks from jewel up to her clit, and then stand up. Moving forward, I press my cock down and onto her cunt, and then saw back and forth over her clit. When her hips started working with me on giving her more friction and contact, I pulled back, only to slide my cock head down her lips to her opening.

I gripped both of her inner thighs and pressed down, forcing her to do the splits, and began to push my cock inside her dripping pussy. I was easily gliding into her when she tightened her grip on my tool. I still went in effortlessly, but the friction was feeling great for both of us.

“Oooh! So full!” Melinda said.

“You're not full yet, slut.” I said, and then slammed the rest of the way inside her tight tunnel.

Still gripping her thighs, I pulled out, and slammed back with force, pulling on her legs to grind into her fully. I was bottoming out inside her, and my head was smashing up against her cervix.

“Ooooh! Ugh! I forgot.. ugh.. how big you are!” She mentioned.

“Yeah, he's bigger than our double dildo.” Erin said, before leaning over to take Melinda's left nipple into her mouth, which also got her breathing a bit harder.

As the last person of the night to receive my cock, I wanted to take a little time in treating her like a slut, and fucking her as long as I could. I pulled her legs up to either side of my head, and wrapped my arms around her thighs tightly, before slowly grinding while pulling out and pushing in, forcing more friction, and feeling out of each stroke.

Her tight cunt felt so divine. I slowed my strokes a bit, and watched as Erin switched breasts with her mouth, but held onto her initial left breast, teasing the nipple. I reached out toward Erin, cupping her hanging tit, feeling it's weight, before pinching her nipple, and pulling lightly.

Now, I had both of them moaning. So sexy to hear lovers moan and groan as you're pleasuring both at once. I twisted Erin's nipple as I pulled, and her chest puffed out, arching her back more, enjoying my ministrations upon her breast, and offering me more.

“Both of you are good girls!” I said to them. Each of them moaned louder in response.

“How does it feel being my first slut in the harem?” I asked Melinda, as I started upping my pace digging deep into her slippery cave.

“Mmmm.. it's.... oooooh! It's.. OrgASMIC! Ahhhh!” She cried out in orgasm from my continued assault on her pussy.

I stopped, fully engulfed inside her, and held still through her orgasm. Her pussy rippled around me so deliciously. Once she calmed down some, I resumed pumping into her at a more frantic pace. I wanted to baste her insides with my cum. I wanted to impregnate her.

“Ohhhh! Oh YES! Fuck a baby into me!” she cried out, loud enough for the whole house to hear.

I don't know how many girls registered what she was begging of me, but Krystal, Anne, and Kim came over, and watched as I pounded into Melinda's hot box at a fast pace.

“Fucking a pregnant girl while sucking on her udders sounds hot!” Kim says right behind my ear.

I hadn't thought of it like that as of yet, but the thought was damn sexy! My body responded, and my cock expanded in preparation to blast my cum into her by the gallon! Once I started to cum, that triggered her into cumming as well, and we both were grunting as we crested our own peaks with each other.

I removed her legs from my shoulders, laid a hand on Erin's shoulder, and motioned her to lean back, and I leaned in to Melinda's ear, crushing her breasts against my torso.

“You both will spend the night here. I will fuck a baby into that sloppy little slutty cunt of yours.” I said quietly.

In response, her pussy squeezed my throbbing cock even harder, attempting to milk me of more baby making cum, as I slowly pulled out of her. Melinda's hand came down to cover her mound, as I exited, to hold all my cum inside her.

“Erin, would you do the honors?” I asked, and she immediately came around to the head of the table, dropped to her knees, and engulfed my cock in her slutty mouth, cleaning her lover's cunt off of it. After a few minutes of sucking me off, and licking around every inch of me, she turned around, and began to clean Melinda up of both of our juices.

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