Geocatched Part 7

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Max continues to enjoy life after recent find.

Geocatched part 7

The following morning, I was awoken by my cock buried in someone's mouth. All I remember is that I shot off into their mouth, and passed out again. When I woke up again, a hand was stroking me. Once I opened my eyes, I saw that Emma wasn't beside me, but down between Krystal's legs, licking and fingering her. Krystal's hand was the one pumping my still hard cock.

“Ung! Uh! Uh!” I heard from next to me, as Krystal was grunting to every thrust from Emma's fingers, and pumping me at the same rate, as well.

“Mmmmmm” I heard from below, as Emma devoured Krystal's juicy cunt.

What a way to get woken up. First, a blow job, and then your partner being eaten out. Emma was going for a 2 course meal, at least. I decided that I would fill another hole of hers on this fine morning.

I got up and extracted myself from Krystal's grip, and moved down to the foot of the bed, behind Emma, and slipped between her feet, preparing to skewer her with my big cock. I teased her entrance with the head of the shaft, and then rubbed it up and down the length of her slit, letting it rub back and forth over her clit, before coming back to her damp entrance.

I took it slow, as I pushed inside of Krystal. Inch after inch took minutes, as I pumped in just a bit, and pulled out, to go back in just a tiny bit farther. After about half way in, I leaned down and slid my hands down her sides, and onto the massive swell of her hanging breasts. Then I pinched both stiff nipples as I continued to slowly push inside her.

I kept playing the game of sliding just a bit farther in until I bottomed out, pressing the head of my cock into her cervix. Then I just wiggled my hips around a little, before pulling out almost all the way, and pumped hard once, balls deep, slapping her ass with my pelvis, and then took some slow strokes again.

“Ugh!” I'd receive a grunt on every hard stroke, and a quiet humming on the others.

“Mmmhmmm!” Krystal would hum on every hard stroke, as Emma would suck on her clit, and lick the rest of her pussy on the easy strokes.

“Oh yeah!” I had to agree with both of them. This was feeling incredible to wake up to, and enjoy bright and early in the morning.

A slow and easy fuck was perfect for this morning. There was plenty of aggressive pounding last night.

“Ohhyeah!” Emma groaned into Krystal's pussy. “So good!”

I kept up a slow pace for around 5 minutes, but I'd slap her ass a few times. I always got a muffled grunt from Emma. I remembered her introduction to my cock yesterday, and how good she felt to me. I know it helped her get off as well, so I started playing with her asshole that was winking at me as I slowly drilled her from behind.

Emma's hips started rotating and shaking a bit when I began using my thumb on her asshole, so I knew I was on the right course to get her off. She didn't like it last night, but it helped her cum hard when I played with her dirty hole, so I started to push into her hole slowly. At first, her hips were just wiggling around a bit, but once my finger popped inside her back door, she went wild, pushing back into me on every stroke to meet me half way.

I decided to go for broke, and introduced my other thumb to her asshole. It wasn't as easy to press inside her, but after telling her to relax a few times, it became a bit easier, until she had two fingers up her backside. Then I gently started to pry the thumbs apart, spreading her asshole out just a bit. I'd wiggle them inside her a bit while doing this.

She was taking in big breaths, and blowing them out really fast now, and I knew I would have her over the edge and into her first orgasm of the day in just minutes. I pressed both thumbs into her farther, and once again pried them apart, shifting their positions from side to side, to top and bottom. When I moved back to side to side, I bent both thumbs, and pulled a bit, while stroking inside her a bit harder when she blew up.

“Aaiii!” She screamed into Krystal's juicy cunt, and latched onto her clit to suck on.

Her hips went nuts, and my cock ended up feeling like a pinwheel inside of her pussy, slapping around inside her in every way, thanks to her hips gyrating in circles and pressing back into me as hard as she could. My cock head was rubbing back and forth over her cervix again and again. Her movements were starting to get me building toward my own climax, and it was short in coming.

“Here it comes, slut!” I said just prior to exploding inside her, rope after rope of cum spraying her cervix over and over.

This set her off again, with my cum splashing her insides, and she almost bucked off of me, as the powerful climax hit her on top of the other one calming down. The only reason she didn't lose connection with my big cock was that her face was pressed into Krystal's cunt, and held there by her hand wrapped in her hair, holding her in place.

The vibrations from Emma's groans and moans ended up setting off Krystal as well, and she started to stiffen up, and shake a bit, as the orgasm hit her like a freight train.

“Oh fuck! Oh shit! I..I'mmmcommmmingaAAAH!” Her scream could probably wake the neighbors this early in the morning.

As I pulled out of Emma, she whimpered a little. I agree with her. She was so nice and warm to be embedded inside of, but the day must go on. We started to collect ourselves, and began to get dressed. I helped Emma get dressed by supporting her tits from behind, while she pulled her dress over her head, and began to pull it down. I had to let go of her though, so I pinched her nipples hard and let go. She really does look smoking hot in that dress!

Once we were all dressed, and took care of our morning duties in the bathroom, we all gathered in the kitchen to make breakfast after our rigorous morning adventures. I only had eggs and bacon, so we made the best of it, and made a ton of both to consume. That would fill us up for the start of the day.

I brought up the idea of a hike with the girls, and Krystal was up for it. Emma didn't have the clothes for it, but I offered to take her home and change. We ended up all getting in the car to go over to Emma's place.

“I'm gonna take a shower, too. We got all sweaty this morning.” Emma said, as we walked in the door. She pointed out where the living room was around the corner, and started to head off to her bedroom.

“You know that you're going to get sweaty again on the hike, right?” I said.

“That's ok. I just want to feel clean around you, and smell nice, too.” said Emma.

“OK. I need to talk to Krystal for a few minutes anyway.” I said. Krystal looked at me as though there was something wrong I wanted to talk about.

“Don't worry, baby.” I told her.

Once we sat down to wait on Emma's shower, I turned to Krystal.

“Sleep slut.” I figure I'd get most of the talk this way.

“I decided the other day when I saw you, that you would be my girlfriend. I know I have multiple girls, and will enjoy them all, but just for the public, friends, and family, I want you to be my girlfriend. You'll be the one that I'll refer to this way. You'll agree to everything when I ask you. You'll be my loving partner around others we don't know, and friends.” I told her while she was in her trance. I just wanted to make it official. I know I'd mentioned it to her in her original induction to my harem, but just to clarify in her tranced out brain.

“Remember now, when I ask you, you'll say yes to playing the part of my girlfriend around everyone outside of the harem, publicly. Wake up.” I said.

I listened to the shower going, and figured we only had a few more minutes to wait. I was right on the nose, as just a few minutes later, Emma came out in some yoga shorts hugging her every curve, and a gray shirt with a black sports bra underneath. Lime green running shoes topped off the outfit.

“So, what did you have to talk to her about?” Emma said as she walked into the room to join us.

“Oh, well.. I never really did talk with her. I just couldn't find the words. I guess just blurting it out, and explaining it later would be ok.” I spoke to both of them.

“Basically, what I wanted to do is ask you” turning toward Krystal as I spoke, “is.. will you be my girlfriend? You know I have others in the harem that are part of our lives, but you'll be my public girlfriend.”

She didn't answer verbally, but she did jump from her spot on the couch, to my lap, and gave me a nice deep french kiss, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I take that as a yes? You'll be my girl?” I asked to confirm.

“Of course I will! Any of the girls would die for this chance, right Emma?” Krystal said in a high voice.

“You bet we would.” Emma confirmed.

“Understand, both of you, that this is just for public consumption. I'm not playing favorites in the harem.” I told them.

“We know. She's just the lucky one to be able to say it out loud to everyone.” Emma said.

“Well, are we ready to go? Let's get a move on!” I say standing up, and slapping both girls on the ass as we shuffled out the front door.

The drive to the trail head was quiet, and I was really starting to feel all the protein we had that morning. I was raring to go on the hike. The girls seemed to be into it as well. Once we parked on the curb of the street, we got out, and quickly got on the trail, looking up into the hills that we'd soon be climbing.

I pulled out my phone and opened up the geocaching app, so as to do a little hunting as we went. I didn't really have anything of significance in my pockets to trade out, but wanted to see what was available, should I want to go hiking again soon.

We found the first few placements, one being an old '80's Star Wars lunchbox from episode 5, which didn't have anything of interest inside it, so I placed it back in it's hiding spot. The next one, hidden at creek side was a PVC tube with just a few items in it, but again, nothing to note at all. I did look around the area of the second cache, and found a few interesting pebbles that might work as replacement pieces for other caches.

The fourth one we came across was 30 or so minutes into our hike, and one I knew well. It was, of course my favorite, as it was the one that changed my life, and the lives of others. This was where I met Melinda. My first member of the harem. It also got me thinking about her, and her girlfriend again. I need to see them again, and introduce them to the rest of the harem that's grown.

I sat down at the edge of the water that I'd stumbled into that fateful day, and the girls sat to either side of me. I told them of meeting Melinda and her girlfriend, and in a vague way, how we met. They both wanted to meet them. I guess a meeting is needed soon. Then I put both of them under, and told them about the necklace.

I wanted them to know of it generally, but have no knowledge of it to share with others at all, let alone outside of the group of us. It just gives them a better understanding on how we came to be attached, and how I've collected the other girls. How they organize it in their own minds, and explain away how we met, and such will be on them. They'll just think that I'm some sort of gigolo that can talk my way into any woman's panties, or something along that line.

I planned then, that I would do the same for everyone else in the group, so they could use their imagination into how we met, and how we became lovers. I didn't really want them to question how they came to be one of the harem, and emphasize that there are no favorites in the group, and no jealousy in any abundance.

Just then, a group of kids on a hike with someone's father passed us on the service road, without knowing there were a few people down by the creek. The kids ran ahead, and the father called after them. He wanted to stick together, from what I gathered, because they weren't that old, and because of their size, the wildlife around the area may take a liking to them if they aren't in a group together.

I waited until they were out of ear shot to speak again. I then woke up the girls, and pointed out the Dukes of Hazard themed lunchbox to them. I told them that trying to get to it was the reason I met Melinda in the first place, by way of her concern after she heard me scream as I fell in the water. Then I went across a few stones, pulled a branch out of the way, and retrieved the box to see what was inside.

There were a few trinkets, a small map of the area, a guitar pick, and a key chain with a purple rabbits foot attached to it. There was nothing in there that I felt that I wanted. I had already secured something from the area to remind me of this location for the rest of my life. It was almost sacred to me. My life changed for the better by being here that fateful day. How it can change my future is yet to be known.

I put the box back where I found it, luckily without doing another face plant in the water, and returned to the girls.

“Alright ladies.. no more bras. Take them off.” Both girls looked at me in shock at first, and then grinned.

They both stripped off their semi-tight shirts, and removed their bras. Emma's bra held her tits very tightly, and when she unzipped the front of the bra, they sprang out, gaining my full attention for a moment at the view. Krystal's bra was also a front clasp, and with ease, was taken off to showcase her own large breasts.

I came up to Emma as she was about to put her shirt back on, and took a hold of both mounds of flesh, weighing them in my hands, and then pinching her nipples until they stood out against the rest of her tits. Only then did I allow her shirt to come down to cover, and easily make out the shape and size of her chest with how tight the shirt was.

I turned to Krystal, and wasn't fast enough, because her shirt was already covering her torso. I still reached over, and played with her tits through the shirt. After a few minutes, her nipples, and puffy aureole stood prominently to anyone. My job was done. Any further walking would force their nipples to rub on the shirts, keeping them rock hard, and their programmed constant arousal around me simmering a bit.

It'll also be a good show for any male that passes us on the trail. Both girls are wet dreams. It'll be fun to tease others with them with no bras and sweaty shirts.

I hold out my hands to both girls, and they hand me their bras. I tuck the wired one into the waistband at my back, and fold up the other, and put it in my back pocket for safe keeping.

“Shall we?” I ask as I motion to them both to head back to the trail.

“Let's.” says Krystal.

We take a left and head higher into the hills, the road we're on taking some steep inclines, and then leveling out, where it's nice to walk and recover from the steep sections. After another 5 caches and about 45 minutes, we come to the end of the service road, and to what's left of an old fire watch tower. It's about 40ft tall, but no ladder to the top. It must have been decommissioned years ago.

The view is still great, looking over the city from above. I can pinpoint my house, and Anne's across the street, and only see the areas where Krystal and Emma live. We all sit down on one of the large boulders and just take in the peace of the moment, and the area around us.

It seems that the trail to where we were sitting was a popular destination on this beautiful day, so many groups came up to the end of trail, and seeing us, turned around. I figure it was about time we left, before even more people come up on us. It wasn't a very private place to do much, with too much foot traffic to do much at all.

The walk down the service road was eventful as we passed many groups of people. Many couples, or groups of boys, and a few families together. When it was just the boys passing, watching 2 sets of beautiful breasts bouncing around with every step they took, I dared the girls to turn around, whistle, and flash the groups of guys.

Once we got back to the car, I knew both women would have sore breasts from bouncing around free for so long, and I planned on massaging both of them, which I told them. They expected me to be naked, as they would also strip down to get tit massages.

When we got back to Emma's place, it was probably about 11am. She unlocked the door, and I followed both of them in. Before I could even close the door, Emma was naked, and Krystal wasn't far behind. I guess it's massage time.

“How do you want your massage?” I ask Emma, as she's the host.

“From the front.” She responds.

“Get on the couch then. Both of you.” I command them.

They both turn around, head over to the couch and sit down close to each other. I walk into the room, unfastening my pants. I pull both bras out, tossing them on the couch next to Emma, and drop my shorts and underwear in one go. Then I get on my knees in front of Emma. She's sitting normally in her spot, so I grab her hips, and pull her out so her ass is all but hanging off the edge of the couch and her head bent forward from the back cushion.

I spread her legs a little bit, and use my thumb on her clit for a moment to relax her. Then I lift both of her legs up with both of them bent and locked in the crook of my elbow. I move forward enough that my cock lays on top of her pussy, and start to saw it back and forth, teasing her a little bit.

“Put it in.” I say to her.

She rushes to do as told, lightly holding the head of my cock and pressing it down through her folds, and into her dripping snatch, before releasing it, and grabbing the couch on both sides of her. I slide my rod inside her in one long stroke before pulling out most of the way, and starting again. As I'm starting to fuck her tight hole, I reach forward with her legs pinched between my arms, and take big handfuls of tit flesh.

I don't start slow at all, and begin mauling her breasts, squeezing, twisting, and pressing into her chest. I feel both of her nipples in the palms of my hands as I squeeze, forcing all of her flesh to bubble out between each of my fingers. Her tight little pussy has started to get tighter, and she begins trying to milk my cock of it's creamy goodness, as I take my liberties with her mass of tit flesh, claiming them as mine.

“Oooohyeah! Fuck! YES!!” She starts a litany of curses, as I play with her chest, while boning her cunt.

“Fuckmefuckmefuckme! Shit yeah!” She continues on, her eyes closed as my thighs slap against her ass cheeks.

I knew it wouldn't take her long to peak, as all the flashing all the guys, and nipples rubbing on her shirt during the hike. I wasn't going to keep her waiting, and pressed on. Suddenly, her cunt clung to me like a vise, doing it's best to suck me right back inside of her, and keep me there. Then she screamed.

“Aaaiiii! Fuckfuckfuckyeah! Aaahhh!” she screamed almost in my ear. I'm sure the neighbors on the other side of her apartment wall heard that well enough. We'll see if I keep my hearing when we're done.

She was squeezing my cock so hard that my balls gave up the fight to keep my cum, and I started to shoot off inside of her. I felt like I hadn't come in a week, each blast was so strong. I started to slow down some, and looking down, watched as some of my spunk squirted out around my thick cock.

“Mmmmm!” Krystal moans beside us, watching us with eyes wide open, while playing with her clit with one hand. The other squeezing a nipple.

I started to pull out so I could give Krystal her massage, but Emma wasn't done with my cock. Her hips started rotating violently, and stirring my cock around inside of her. She hadn't yet come down from the last orgasm, and wanted more. I started to pump into her again, but changed tactics on her breasts. I released her flesh, except her nipples, and started to twist and pull, only to release the little nubs, forcing her breasts to wobble back to their natural form.

It didn't take long for her to peak again, and this time she stayed mostly quiet, or at least kept it down to a loud hiss as her body tensed up again. Her body shook intermittently as she experienced her pleasure this time around.

I was able to pull out of her sopping wet pussy this time. I think she's had her fill. I look over at Krystal, and move in her direction.

“And how would you like your massage?” I ask her with my cock dripping pussy juice, and pointing toward her love box.

“Oooh! Uhmm.. from behind, please.” She says.

“Yes, ma'am.” I respond with a grin. “Turn around, and get on your knees.”

She flipped over, and slid off the couch in no time, with her back against my chest, and my cock caught between our bodies. I slid my hands up from her hips to the swell of her breasts and squeezed, forcing her aureole to bubble out more than they do naturally, before pinching both nipples. Using them both as handles, I pull her nipples, guiding her to bend over the couch, so she can lean on the cushion.

I move my hips back a little bit, and move them around until I find my mark without help from anyone, and in a quick thrust, bury myself into her.

“AAAAhhhhh!” She screams into the cushion under her, as I start to pull out from the original thrust. I keep my hands on her tits, and slowly move my fingers around, massaging her mounds of flesh.

Her nipples and aureole are both pressing into my palms, and I shift one hand a little bit, pressing my finger against the tip of her nipple, pushing the hard nipple into her breast. The other nipple, I pulled. In response, she just hissed into the cushion.

“Is this the massage you wanted?” I asked as I began really pounding into her from behind, using her breasts as handles, and squeezing them tightly.

“Uh uh uh yessss!” She said, grunting with each impact of our bodies, wiggling her hips more.

I look over at Emma, fingering herself, digging out our combined liquids, and sucking them off of her fingers. My attention was pulled back to Krystal as her cunt started to sporadically grip my cock, attempting to milk my balls of all fluids.

I lifted her torso up by her tits so her back was against my fit chest, still pumping into her with less depth, but more direct contact around her g-spot. This didn't stop her pussy gripping me at all. In fact it just sped up each spasm upon my rod. Her hands grip mine covering her breasts, and she squeezes as hard as I was previously.

Krystal's hips start bumping hard and fast against my pelvic bone, and trying to take me deeper into her, while still tapping her g-spot. Suddenly her body stiffens up, my cock is caught in a vice, and I feel juices splat around my cock and balls. All of this drove me to erupt, spraying her insides with rope after rope of white cream.

I allowed myself to soften, and soon after, I fell out of her pussy. She sighed softly, but I held her, gripping her breasts. I stopped being so rough, and just played with her fatty flesh, giving more of a real massage than I had before.

“Mmmm.” she moaned through my gentle handling of her.

“You both should take a shower, and clean yourselves up a bit.” I told them both.

They looked at each other and smiled, before standing up and acknowledging my request. Krystal turned around right in my face, showing me that my cum was already dripping down her thighs, before she stepped to the side, and toward the bathroom, Emma close behind.

There was moaning, groaning, a few loud gasps, and all the giggles that I heard in the more than 25 minute shower. While they were showering, I got redressed. They came out of the bathroom with towels wrapped around their hair, and smiles on their faces.

“Now what?” Krystal asked, as she cupped her breasts.

“Now.. you and I will go back to my place, and I'm going to take care of a few things. You're going to go home and get ready for our date this afternoon.” I answered.

Krystal began to get dressed in her old clothes for the trip home, while I walked up to Emma, and pulled her in for a hug.

“It's always a pleasure.” I whispered in her ear, as I ran my hands up and down her naked back, before grabbing a nice handful of her ass and squeezing. She giggled.

With that, we were on our way back to my place where Krystal left her car. We said our goodbyes for now, and she left for home as I walked inside to take a shower and rest a bit.

I ended up doing laundry, and showering, before I sat down and texted Katie. I had to let her know in a few hours, we were going to be going on a date with Krystal. She was to be at my house by 1:30, as will Krystal.

Then I started to browse the book of faces for what seemed a few minutes, but ended up being an hour. I needed to get ready for the date! I dressed in my 501's, a nice black t-shirt, and white running shoes. Now, to wait for my dates.

Krystal showed up first, at ten after, dressed to entice in faded overalls shorts, and a white half shirt stretched over her firm conical breasts, no bra, her nipples strategically hidden behind the strap clips, and sandals.

I greeted her with a deep kiss that lasted a few minutes, while I ran my hands all over her body, and noticing that there were no panties involved in her outfit. Fitting for the slut she is.

“Now, we're just waiting on the other slut, Katie.” I said.

“I don't mind waiting. There's plenty we could do while we wait.” she responds, as she reaches for my cock hidden in my jeans.

“Not now, slut. We have all night.” I said, and she mock pouts.

It didn't take too long before Katie showed up at my door. Her dark blonde hair is unrestrained, and falls across her shoulders. The red and black flannel shirt she has on is only buttoned up to just under her expansive breasts held in a bra, showing a ton of cleavage. Her legs are covered in navy blue leggings, and she has a pair of black sneakers on.

After a warm welcome to her as well, I shuffle both women out the door, and to the car. The car ride was uneventful, and we made it to the theater with too much time before the show started. Since we'd have to wait anyway, we decided to go to the little diner across the outdoor mall from the theater.

When we walked in, there was only one family of 4 in a far booth from where we sat down, with me on the end, Katie in the middle of the booth, and Krystal on the other end, facing away from the door.

As I said, it's just an old fashion diner, and the waitresses are on roller skates. Not roller blades. Roller skates. Tough to skate around a diner that's for sure. Anyway, the waitress came over, and slid to a stop on my end of the booth on my right, seeming to be out of control, but played it off as she bumped the side of the seats with her hips.

“Hiya folks. Here's the menus for each of you. I could get you started with a drink, if you like?” she said to us as her gaze swept over all 3 of us.

Both girls looked at me, and then at the waitress.

“We're just waiting on the next movie. All we really have time for is milkshakes.” I mention to her. I look up at her and then her name tag hanging by a pin over her swollen breast. She is a cutie for sure! “Unless you're on the menu, Kim?”

She turns red immediately, and then answers.

“No. I'm sorry. I'm not.”

I look her over, drinking in the sight. She's got rich dark brown hair down past her shoulders, a turquoise collared shirt with the diner name on the breast above her name tag, hiding probably a large C cup chest, and a matching colored skirt about half way down her tan thigh.

Then I turn to the girls, and raise my eyebrows a bit. Both of them nod at me. With that, I reach under my shirt for my necklace, bringing it out, taking it off, and showing it to Kim. The girls also see the stone and fall silent, their minds totally open to me, along with Kim next to me.

She stops moving altogether. Once I know they're down, I quickly go through my whole list of commands with the waitress, continually looking over at the other family to see if anyone was looking our way. I wouldn't want to deal with a complaint about her not taking care of other diners. Once I'm done, I wake up all 3 of them.

“Well, I think you are, in fact, on the menu.” I say as I take my left hand, touching her thigh, and begin to slide my hand up under her skirt.

She flinches a bit as my thumb touches her panties that are beginning to become wet, but stays still, as though it would offend me if she moved.

“Sir? What are you.. Mmmm” Her brown eyes close for a long moment, and I hear a faint groan from her as I roll my thumb around, pressing the gusset of her panties into her swelling gash.

Just as I find her clit, I take my hand away quickly, as the family starts to stand up in order to leave the diner. Kim's eyes open quickly, and look around her, in case anyone saw her enjoying my hand up her skirt. I also casually look at the family, and then toward the kitchen in case someone back there possibly saw something. No one was within view though.

“What would you like, girls?” I ask both sluts.

“Chocolate milkshake” says Krystal.

“Strawberry milkshake for me.” says Katie.

“I'll have a strawberry shake, too, as well as your panties on the table now.” I answer.

Kim turns bright red again, and looks around at the kitchen area, where the family once was, and then through the windows to the people outside. She then hitches up her skirt on both sides, and grabs the waistband of her panties, dropping them quickly to her ankles, before wrestling with them to take them off with roller skates on.

When she comes back up from being hunched over, she tries to hand them to me, but I point at the table in front of all of us. The girls are smiling at her, and I'm just watching her reaction.

“Oh GOD! I can't believe I'm doing this!” she says as she takes the small ball of panties she has in her fist, and drops it down on the outer edge of the table.

They're bright red in color and rather lacy. Very easily seen from across the diner. And they do seem to be a bit damp now.

“Good girl” I say to her, and she groans again.

“I um.. I'm going to go get your shakes.” she says, and quickly rolls off toward the counter. Skirt flying in the wind.

When she was coming back, I picked up the panties with both hands, spreading them out to look at them. Very small g-string. She got back to the table, and bright red because of her panties on display for the girls and I, and anyone looking in the window. They did have a little wet spot on the little bit of fabric covering her cunt.

“Here you are, Sir.” she says, as she sets the drink down in front of me, and then placing the other drinks in front of the girls. I finally drop the panties back where she put them.

“Will there be anything else, Sir?” she inquired meekly.

“Yes. When do you get off?” I asked plainly.

“As soon as you get me off, Sir. As for when I leave for the night, I'm off at 6.” Kim responds.

“Smart girl!” Krystal said.

“Nice. That's perfect.” I said. It was just after 2 now, and the movie is 3 hours long. We'll be out just in time.

The three of us start to suck down our drinks, as we were running out of time before the movie starts, because of my long induction time.

About 5 minutes later, we're out the door, with a wave from Kim, and headed across the path to the theater, smiling as I felt the panties in my pocket. I walk up to the window out front and request 3 seats for the new Avatar movie. Some seconds later, we're on our way through the doors, tickets taken, and pointed out where we wanted to go.

Finding our seats was rather easy. I picked this matinee show because there would be so few people in the theater with us. I wanted a bit of privacy, but not complete privacy. There were only a few groups in our theater, and most of them were somewhere in the center. I always tend to take the back seats at center when I can, and they were available this time. Though there were a few girls at the far corner in back. Still, we had a dozen seats between us.

I follow the girls to the center of the back row, and they split up to allow me to sit between them. Krystal on my left, and Katie to my right. We put up the chair arms between us so we can scoot closer together, and I put my arms around my girls shoulders.

The previews are almost over. We made it just in time for the lights to go down and start the feature film.

I couldn't tell you anything that happened in the movie at all. From the opening scenes, I was pondering my luck again, and those that are under my control. How many more would I get to fall under the spell of the necklace? How many more do I really need in the harem?

I mean, I already have enough women that would spread their legs for me at any time I even thought about getting my cock wet. Do I need more? No. Would I welcome more? Probably. Like with Kim tonight. It was a spur of the moment decision to add her into the mix. I think the girls liked her anyway. I certainly do.

The power still fills me with adrenaline when I think about it. I can have anyone I want, whenever I want. I've had a lack of women in my life, and after a few years of nothing, I come across the stone, and my life has truly been lucky since then.

I ruminate on all of this, and where things should go from here, though that part is still fuzzy. I'm still in the early stages of wedded bliss, so to speak. Before I know it, I look at my watch and see that we're already through a good hour of the show, and I have no clue what's going on.

I notice that both girls have sunk down in their seats a little bit, and their heads both rest in the crook of my elbows. Looking to my left, I notice that Krystal has one arm hidden inside her overalls. I move my left hand down just a bit, and grab hold of a perky tit, and follow suit with my right hand as well. I feel the warmth of Krystal's body through her shirt, but not Katie.

I lean over toward Katie and whisper in her ear.

“Open your shirt.” I tell her.

She pulls her shirt out, and tucks it under her massive chest, instead of undoing the rest of the buttons. My hand finds it's place again on her breast, and find her erect nipple, and pull a bit on it.

“I said open your shirt. All the way.” I whisper again.

This time, she follows the command to a T, undoes all the buttons, and spreads her shirt out, around her breasts so they're both exposed. That's more like it. I continue to play with her thick nipple, and roll it around between my fingers. I can hear her moans during the quiet moments of the movie. Her left hand between us makes it's way over her thigh, and under her skirt. Her right hand crosses her body, pinning my hand on her tit, and starts to caress my growing erection in my pants.

Groping Krystal as well got her arm moving a bit more. I squeezed harder, bunching up her shirt in the process, and flicking her nipple with my thumb. She was keeping quiet, but I heard a groan, and her hidden hand moved faster.

I began to grope her breast again from below, and slowly hooked my finger under her shirt before sliding my hand up and over her breast, exposing her lilly white and freckled tit to the theater. Then I grabbed onto the cold metal buckle of her overalls, which happened to be resting right on top of her nipple, and popped the strap loose. Now anyone could see her mound of flesh so white, she almost glows in the darkness.

“Does this embarrass you? Showing your tits to whomever wants to see them? Maybe those girls down there on the end might look over at you, and know you're a slut.” I whispered into Krystal's ear as I pulled on her exposed nipple. “Does it turn you on?”

“Yes” She responded so quietly, I barely heard it over a sudden yell from the movie.

“What was that, slut?” I asked again.

“Mmmm yes.” This time, it was a bit louder. I moved my hand from her breast and over to the other buckle on her overalls, unfastening it as well, to let the pocketed front flap fold down to her lap. Now she was much more exposed, with one tit hanging out of her shirt bottom, the other still covered. Now I could see where her hand was much easier.

I looked over at the girls sitting in our row, and they were overly engrossed in the movie. Oh well.

I turned back to Katie, who was still continually rubbing my cock through my jeans, and now playing with herself more openly, as her skirt was pulled up to her waist, 2 fingers sliding in and out of her slippery cunt.

“Take my cock out and suck it.” I told her in a stage whisper.

It took her less than a second to slip out of my grasp on her tit, and start to use both hands on the buttons of my jeans. They were so tight that I leaned over to Krystal again and whispered in her ear as well.

“Help Katie.” I told her.

She looked over at what was happening, and stopped masturbating herself, reaching out for my crotch with dripping fingers, before grabbing at the waist, and front flap of my jeans. Katie was doing the same, so I lifted my rear off the seat, and they both yanked down on the pants and boxers, exposing my cock to the air.

Katie quickly switched to laying on her side, and leaned over me, before taking the head of my rod in her mouth. Krystal gripped the base of it, and made short strokes below Katie's lips. She had to release me when Katie took me down, deep into her throat.

I let my slut go at her own pace sucking on me, and let my right hand wander up and down her side, and then underneath her, where her tits were hanging, begging for attention. I pulled on one nipple between my fingers, twisting it, and releasing it, before repeating again. In return, I felt more than heard a long groan as she came up for air, bobbing her mouth over the top few inches of my cock.

Krystal meanwhile, had gone back to masturbating while watching her sister slut swallow my rod. I groped at her exposed breast again, and then pulled the half shirt up over her other breast. I think I heard a whimper when I tweaked her right nipple.

“Oh, yeah! That's good!” I said, louder than expected, and looked around the theater. No one else must have heard me.

Katie was now bouncing her head up and down on my cock, hitting the back of her throat with every stroke, and running her tongue along the underside of it. Every once in a while, she would swallow all of my cock. Her right hand was busy massaging my balls. At this rate, I wasn't going to last too long. She'll get her treat for sure.

She knew it too. She was fucking her own face on my cock, faster and harder now. My cock was getting harder, my balls ready for blast off. Just a little more. That's it.

I came. I let her suck down 3 ropes of my cum, but pulled her head off my cock, and aimed it at her chest for the other 4 ropes I shot. What's left was dripping off the side of my still engorged cock. I wanted more.

Katie started to sit up again, and tried to lick up my cum from her fingers, but I wouldn't allow it.

“No. Stop it. Let the rest stay there until we see Kim again.” I told her. She stopped trying to scoop up the dollops of cum across her chest.

“Awww, ok” she remarked. She left the rest to drip down her breasts and cleavage.

“Good girl” I told her.

As I was admonishing Katie, Krystal had taken it upon herself to slide her hand across my lap, and grip my still rock hard boner, and start pulsing her grip from light to hard as she pumped me up and down. I couldn't hold back a groan as she did this.

I turn to her, my arm still over her shoulder, massaging her left breast, as that was the one within easy reach, and move my arm toward my lap, forcing her to lean over. I release her breast as she leans down, and automatically takes my cock into her mouth. I move my left arm closer to my body, and shove it down under her torso, once again finding her left globe of flesh.

Acquiring her nipple again, I begin to twist it lightly, and then pinch harder as I pull it away from her body. She reacts by taking my length deeper into her mouth. Once I release the nipple, she rose back up to keeping my head within her lips, and lick around it. Again, I grab her nipple, and pull it downward, and she follows suite on my steel hard pole.

I twist her nipple again and then release it, and just massage her giant breast with my hand, allowing her to take over on how she'd like to blow me. It didn't take her long to take me fully into her mouth, and down her throat. She held it there, and kept swallowing as a way to massage my rod. Then she'd pull back and take in a few deep breaths before continuing to bob up and down on me, using her tongue on the underside of my penis.

She did this so slowly. Really taking her time in her treatment of my cock. It felt like forever on each of her going down on me, and then again on her rise to the top, followed by a few strokes with her right hand. I missed a fair amount of the movie, as I just sat back, head on the back rest, eyes closed, just enjoying the feelings below my waist.

I'm not sure when she introduced her left hand to my heavy balls, but she massaged them, pulled them, and then massaged them again, while taking delicate care in sucking my cock. She kind of reacted to the movie's soundtrack while swallowing my rod. As the music kicked up, she'd deepthroat me, or jack me quickly, only to slow down when the music slowed again. What I think is the final moments of the movie, the music of course picked up again, and she took a deep breath, and forced her head down into my pelvis, and held there for a good portion of the finale, swallowing around my cock every few seconds.

On one of her trips to the bottom of my pole, the music stopped suddenly, and then a new song played loudly, so I look up and the credits are rolling. I had been all but tortured for maybe half of the show, with an excruciatingly slow blowjob. I was so distracted that I barely noticed the passage of time. I only hope she took rests for her jaw muscles to relax.

I was building up quickly for an explosion of cum, and I think she wanted to finish me quickly at this point. I I found her nipple again, and pinched hard before pulling down again, guiding her to deepthroat me, and then pushed her pinched nipple up into her fleshy globe to guide her into pulling back again. I began to do this faster and faster, and she followed along faithfully, as my cock expanded in her mouth, and I released her nipple.

She pulled back so only her lips covered my bulging head, and flicked her tongue around the underside of the head, and digging deep into the urethra opening. Faster and faster she moved that tongue, while jacking the rest of my length below her lips, while toying with my balls. I couldn't last any more, and I exploded, quickly filling her mouth to overflowing, while she attempted to swallow what she could.

I opened my eyes, midway through cumming, and noticed that the lights had gone up in the theater. I quickly looked around, and saw that one of the two girls down on the left end of my row had noticed what was going on. Her mouth was wide open, as well as her eyes, and her hand was blindly feeling around behind her to tap her friend to direct their gaze at us as well.

At the point that her friend looked over at us, Krystal had sat up again, but her half shirt was still bunched up above her swollen chest. Her overalls didn't help at all there, with a side boob view for the girls at the end of the row.

Krystal started to pull her shirt down again, covering up, and I allowed Katie to close her shirt up to her tits, so as to allow plenty of cum stained cleavage to show, as I also put my still achingly rock hard boner back into my pants. I wanted more, but it would have to wait for now. I had someone else to initiate into the harem still to collect.

We all got up and started for the exit, which was luckily on our right side, and away from the girls in our row. I didn't want to have to show them my blue stone, or in general, be distracted other than by the ass that was walking in front of me.

By the time we got outside of the theater complex, my raging boner finally calmed down for the moment, and we had only gotten a few looks, mostly because of Katie's coating of my cum across her face and chest. We all just walked hand in hand in hand back over to the diner. We saw through the full glass front that there's no one in the diner, but there were a few groups headed that way, as we were.

We enter the establishment and find our booth again, thankfully away from the other groups that seemed to gather on the other side of the diner. Only a couple sat a few booths down from us, right inside the door on the right.

We had about an hour to waste until Kim got off work, and suddenly she was at our side, deciding to come to us before seeing to the other tables, even if they all sat down first. Good girl. She seemed startled as she looked around at the three of us. Once she saw the shape that Katie was in, she inquired about it.

“What happened to you?” She blushed after saying that. Apparently she caught on just after blurting out the question.

“We saved a treat for you. Use your finger and have a taste” I said.

She tentatively rolled herself over to the other side of the booth, where Katie was sitting facing me, and reached down to scoop up a dollup of cum from midway up Katie's left breast, before quickly looking around the diner as she brought my seed up to her mouth. She quickly shoved her finger in her mouth, and pulled it out just as fast, minus the white cream.


“I'm glad you like. There's more where that came from” I said.

Kim just blushed again, but nodded her head in response.

We all decided to eat while we wait for Kim to punch out. I ordered a loaded burger, and Krystal followed my lead when asked, requesting a bacon burger, and Katie chose to get a grilled cheese sandwich. For drinks, we chose our flavors of shakes once again, and then she was off, rolling back to the register, and to the kitchen counter, before rolling back out to the couple seated closest to us.

It didn't take her long to get everyone else's orders, and then returned to the kitchen counter to order all the food from the cook. Our meals came out pretty quickly, as the cook worked our order before everyone else's.

We took our time eating, and were just consuming the last few fries when Kim walked over to us in a pair of lime green Chucks which clashed with her turquoise outfit a bit. She actually bounced to a stop beside me, her skirt becoming motionless after her all but skipping over to me, forcing the skirt to bounce up and down. The grin on her face was endearing, and yet also contagious, which got me to smile up at her before looking her over again. She was such a cutie.

“Hiya! I just got off!... Well, I mean I just clocked out..” Kim said, and continued to mumble the rest of her greeting, in embarrassment at her phrasing.

I just grinned and looked up at her, catching her eye before she blushed and looked away, directly back into Katie's cleavage, and then over to Krystal's smiling face beside me. I gestured for her to sit down beside Katie, forcing the cum covered slut to slide over, allowing for Kim to sit on the end of the booth.

“Since you're there, don't hold back from having some more of my frosting Katie has for you.” I said, and she looks toward Katie, as her hand moves up gingerly, to scoop another glob up from her breast, choosing her right breast this time.

“Oh! By the way, this is Katie” I gesture toward her bench neighbor, and then toward my neighbor on the bench. “This is Krystal. My girlfriend, and I am Max.” Kim took an offered hand with each introduction, and I held her hand a little longer.

“Shall we?” I said, while I stand up, still holding Kim's hand, pulling it up to my chest, as she stands up, and moves out of the way for Katie. Krystal hops up to stand on my left. Placing my left hand on her ass, I shove her forward slightly, and keep holding Kim's hand, as we walk out the door. Katie kindly holds the door for all of us.

The walk to the car was quiet, and not that far away, but that changed once we got to the car. I press the button on my keyfob to open the doors, and guide Kim to the front passenger door.

“One thing before you get in. There is a 'no underwear' rule in my car.” I say and smile wide. I'll have to keep this rule now that I've made it up.

Kim looks at me, and then down at her chest briefly, before looking at me again. She kind of shrugs, and does what all women seem to be able to do. She reaches behind her, and through her shirt, unfastens her bra, then reaches in to each opposing sleeve to grab the shoulder strap, and pull her arm out of it, and on the second arm, she pulls the strap, and bra out through the sleeve.

I, of course, was a little distracted, as I watched her do this, because my eyes were held on her chest. Her tits barely moved, or even changed shape with the removal of her bra. I can't wait to get her home, and introduce her to the rest of the girls.

I open the door to the car, and gesture for her to sit, taking her bra from her, before closing it behind her. The other girls are already in the back seat, and I hand the bra to Krystal sitting behind me. Once I climb into the drivers seat, I turn back to Kim.

“Ok, now that we're alone, why don't you sit back, leaning on the door” I say before clicking the door lock button on the console so as to keep the door closed. “and put your left leg up here.” I once again point toward the right edge of my seat.

She does as instructed, and places her foot on the center console against my chair, and her other foot on the floor, but with both knees touching, and her hands holding her skirt down between her legs. I can't have that, so I gently instruct her with my hand, pulling her left leg back until it's leaning on her seat back, and then push her other knee toward the dash, opening her legs up as far as possible in the car. Her hands still positioned between her legs, holding the skirt down, covering up her mound.

I reach over, landing my hand on her left thigh, and sliding it up to her hands, before grabbing a few fingers of her left hand, and moving it to hide behind her thigh, and then do the same with her right hand. Once her hands are out of the way, I grab the bottom of her skirt and slowly lift it up. She softly mewls in response to my actions.

Soon, her swollen mound comes into view. I tuck her skirt into the waistband, and gently place my hand back on her left thigh, sliding it up toward her juicy cleft. I reach out my thumb, and rub it along her puffed up lips, in so doing, pulling one lip away, and showing pink to the air. I begin rubbing up and down between her lower lips, up and down, pressing in more and more.

Her moans are getting louder, when she's not holding her breath between each moan. I look up into her eyes, which have been heavily lidded, only half open, staring at me. I slide my thumb up and rub her clit with a firm stroke, and her body reacts. Arms stiff and fists clenched, her torso and hips push forward as her shoulders pull back against the door.

“How do you feel, pet?” I ask.

“Mmmmm! Sooooo gooood.” Kim moans in response.

I take a moment, releasing my pressure on her clit, to start the car, and reverse out of our parking spot. Once I shift into drive, I return my hand to her aching cunt, sliding my middle and ring fingers down over her clit, and between her pussy lips, before curling the fingertips into her to the first knuckle.

She immediately reaches her right hand out to grab my wrist, but doesn't move beyond that. I continue to push into her, my pointer finger and pinkie fingers curling up, I keep pressing the middle fingers deep into her wet, hot oven, until I can't go more.

At this point, I know I need to start moving before cars line up behind me, so I curl my fingers hard inside her, and pull her pussy closer to me, for an easier reach, as I transfer my foot from the brake over to the gas, and start driving circles through the parking structure, toward the exit. Her body responds, and she lifts her ass off the seat to allow me to pull her forward. Once she settles into the seat again, I begin to rub her deep inside along her front wall.

I continue to finger fuck her tight channel, pressing along her front wall as much as possible, and hitting paydirt multiple times, but yet, I don't allow her to cum. I keep her on edge for the whole drive home, parking the car in the driveway, shutting it off, and quickly get out of the car, unlocking the other doors as I do.

Going around to the passenger side, I slowly open the door, and reach in to hold Kim back from falling backward out of the door. I then reach both hands under her arm pits, and forward, grabbing a nice soft hand hold on both of her tits, before easily lifting her smaller body out of the car, and place her on her feet.

Once she's able to stand on her own, the other girls make their way inside the house. I pull out my phone, and start texting all the sluts, inviting them over so they can all meet each other.

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