Geocatched Part 6

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Max stumbles upon something that changes his world.

Geocatching part 6

I don't know if I was the first one up, but I was the last one to wake up. Katie was missing from my left side, I had a pale pair of gorgeous tits jiggling above my face, and my morning wood was making a squelching sound while buried in a warm, wet cock sleeve, being violently shifted around inside with hips that were going at 78rpm. Krystal, her mouth open and breathing heavily, was looking down on me, with a hand on either side of my head.

I'm not sure how long Krystal had been riding me, but my balls were tensing up, ready to explode as soon as I opened my eyes and saw her. Her burnt red hair was draped around her face, with her eyes on mine, while I stared at her breasts swinging in my face. My hands slid up her sides, and took over the manipulation of the mounds of flesh, squeezing them, and pinching or pulling on her nipples.

It didn't take long for me to build up enough cum to baste her insides, and her fight to cum came as I exploded inside her. After she started coming down, her arms gave out, and she came down on my torso, quickly moving her head to the side saving us from a head on collision. She then rolled back over to my right, forcing me to give up my handholds unfortunately.

We laid there for a few minutes while we caught our breath, neither of us saying anything. I got up first, threw on some sweat pants, my cock still half hard pointing the way thru the sweats, and went out to the kitchen.

That's when I saw Katie for the first time in her blue sun dress. She was making breakfast for us all, it looked like. The counters were full of everything. Eggs, milk, butter, pancake mix, ham, bacon, and coffee brewing.

“Good morning” I said as I came up behind her, pressing my still half hard cock into her ass, and gave her a hug from behind. One hand on her opposite breast.

“Mmmmm morning, lover.” she responded.

“Cooking for an army, are we?” I said.

“Well, you DO need your protein and carbs, if you're going to be satisfying all your sluts. I'm just trying to help out. You can save the rest for tomorrow.”

“I don't seem to be having a problem there, but I'll take the help.” I said.

“His cock is a machine! A flesh dildo for use anytime.” Krystal said as she walks into the kitchen naked. I guess she's become comfortable in the house, seeing as how the drapes still won't close.

“Breakfast is served” Katie says, and starts to bring everything to the table.

We all sit down and dig in, not really saying much at first. The meal was extra tasty, and I was starving after all the work I've done last night and this morning.

“So what are you both doing today?” I inquired.

“Well, I'm going to study for class on Monday, but I'll take a break sometime. My friends and I are going to go out and tease the boys at the bar.” Katie says.

“What about you?” I point my fork at Krystal as I speak to her.

“Probably only some shopping.” she says.

“Sounds like fun for both of you. I'm just going to relax for a lot of the day, and recover from last night.” I contribute.

“Ahahaha” Krystal laughed in response to me. “You're an animal!”

“Animals need rest, too.” I say, winking at her.

We finish breakfast, and clean everything up, before the girls leave for the day of personal adventures. I end up cleaning the rest of the house of our exploits the night before, and general tidying up, and then just sit back and relax for a bit, which gets my mind going again.

First off, how thankful I am that I 'fell' into ownership of this necklace. It's a dream come true, after having almost no contact with women prior to it's discovery. Yes, I had gotten laid before, but I'm just socially awkward, and women didn't really fall with my lack of charms, so I had added to my spank bank, mind control, so as to bypass any failed attempt at picking up some chick at a bar or elsewhere. I could now gain company by just walking up to them and showing them my necklace. A dream did come true, however haphazardly.

Second, now that I've gained a good start on a harem, what could I do to show that they're mine, without taking over their lives? I want them to enjoy their time with me, whenever we can, but still want them to have a life of their own. I've collected now, 5 girls that would ride my pole at a moments notice. There will be more, I'm sure.

A few things come to mind. I guess I need to browse the web for what I want. Time to do a little shopping myself. After which, I laid down on the couch and took a short nap.

It was a few hours later, after the nap, that I randomly looked out my front window, and saw that Anne was sitting out front on the porch. I decided to go over for a visit. The road we share is not a little side road of most neighborhoods. Ours is a main artery for the neighborhoods around us. Mid afternoon, there's a fair amount of traffic I had to wait for, and Anne saw me before I could cross over, and waved at me.

Once the last car passed me, I jogged across the road before another car came up on me. After I got onto her property, I stopped the jog, and walked up to Anne, who was just leaning back on her hands. She was wearing flip flops, yoga spandex shorts, and a sleeveless sweatshirt with an off the shoulder collar, that still didn't hide her assets very well as she was leaning back.

“Hey there! What are you up to?” I asked.

“Not much. Just enjoying the afternoon sun.” She replied.

“Sounds about like my day so far. Just relaxing. I even took a nap!”

“From what I heard from Katie, you probably needed it.” She responded with a grin.

“Jealous that she enjoyed my cock, and you didn't?” I moved up behind her, squatted down, and started to rub her shoulders.

“Not really. I know I'll get mine sometime. Oooh don't stop doing that. It feels good.”

“Is Katie here right now?” I inquire.

“No. Still out shopping.” Anne responds.

She sat in silence as I massaged her shoulders and neck a little bit, letting her head fall toward her chest, and an occasional groan from her lips. She did, however, tense up when I slipped my hand on her bare shoulder, down into the sweatshirt, and cupping her large breast in my hand, feeling it's weight and squeezing just a little bit.

“What are you doing? People can see us!” Anne's head shot up, her muscles taught, and one hand starting toward where my hand was down her shirt before replacing it behind her.

“Does that make you wet, slut? You're already blushing.” I whisper in her ear, and give her tit a good squeeze again.

All she could do was squirm a bit, and mewl at my handling of her in public like this.

“Look at all the cars going by. Anyone could look over and see my hand down your shirt. Someone could walk by at any moment, and watch me handling your tit. How does that make you feel?” I smiled.

“OMG! It's so embarrassing, but I'm also getting hotter.” she answered. Her legs rub together as she talks.

“It turns you on that I can just lift your shirt up, and flash everyone your tits, doesn't it.” I said it more as fact than a question.

“Yes.” She responds quietly.

“Maybe I'll flash this car coming up?” I threaten, and pinch her nipple roughly.

“Please..” she begs.

“Oooh! They're slowing down for the view of you.” I say.

The car in question slows down to a stop in the center turn lane right in front of the house. It's occupants not really paying attention to their left, but focused on the oncoming traffic, waiting for a chance to turn into the driveway. It looks like there's 3 people in the car.

The last car passes, and their car turns into the driveway. As they're getting closer, I see that the car is full of women. Are these the friends Katie is talking about going out with? This should be good.

I roll Anne's nipple once, and release her breast, with a deep exhale from her, of relief, and head over to the car to say hi. I notice that I've seen them around off and on over the years. They have all been in my spank bank at one time or another. I reach behind my head, and take off the necklace quickly as I walk over to the driver door.

Ashley, I think her name was, rolls down her window on the drivers side as I come near. I smile and wave as I come up to the car.

“Hi there! Coming to pick up Katie, I guess?” I question when I get to the window, and lean over so I can see inside the car at the other occupants. Ashley is dressed in deep red spandex leggings, and white v-neck shirt that plainly shows her lacy red bra and maximum cleavage with her D cup breasts. The right breast was adorned with a barbell nipple ring poking through her lacy bra. Her dirty blonde hair is up in a ponytail, allowing anyone to see her whole face, angelic as it is.

Megan, in the passenger seat, is in a black mini skirt, navy blue blouse, and no bra to conceal her C cup tits. Her dark brown hair is down, shadowing her face on the right, letting me see her oval face, 4 piercings in her left ear, with a little button nose, and full lips.

In the back seat is Emma, who's dark blonde hair is pulled back in a loose braid. Her soft features are a sight to behold. All she is wearing is a one piece white strapless sundress that's form fitting enough to show that she's not wearing a bra to hold her massive D cup breasts, that are holding up the dress, which ends high on her thigh.

“Yeah. Going out to see what's out there for guys in town.” Ashley says.

“Sounds like fun. Teasing the boys with what you're wearing.” I respond.

“We're not dressed too bad. Just enough to catch a few eyes.” That was Megan.

“I guess you're right. You all look great though.” I mention.

“Thanks!” Ashley says.

“Oh, hey.. Have you seen a stone like this? I can't place it.” I say, as I bring the necklace out from concealment, hanging it in the air near the rear view mirror so all 3 ladies can see it.

There was no response from any of the occupants of the vehicle. Perfect! I gave them my usual list of suggestions, and started talking with them, as much as you can converse with 3 zoned out women.

Once they were all comatose, I took the liberty of massaging Ashley's breasts one at a time as I looked them all over. Damn they were soft, and firm! Then I slid my hand down her stomach, and dug my way under her spandex tights, down to her pussy lips, and clit. I couldn't help but play with her clit some. Get her all nice and juicy for what was to come.

“You all look so fuckable. I'm going to enjoy all of you today. As I said before, you're all bi now, and are attracted to each other, more than you possibly were previously.” I told them. This was turning out to be a great day!

“When you wake up, you'll think I just walked up to the car to say hi, forgetting about the stone necklace.” I grudgingly remove my hand from Ashley's twat, and suck on my fingers momentarily, and then, “Wake up!”

“How are you, Max? I haven't seen you around for a while.” Megan said.

“I'm good. I haven't been over here for a little while since Mike has left. I just came over to say hi to Anne.” I responded. “You're all here to pick up Katie, aren't you?”

“Yeah.” Said Ashley.

“Well, I don't think she's here, and it isn't my place to offer, but why not come inside and wait for her in the air conditioning? I'm sure Anne wouldn't mind.” I told them.

“That sounds like a good plan! Let's go inside.” Ashley said.

Ashley's window slid up to closed position, and the car turned off. The back door opened first, but Ashley and Megan made it out of the car first, and came around to my side. I noticed why Emma was having such a hard time. Her skirt was riding up, and she kept pulling it down as she tried to get out of the car. Once she exited, she pulled it down again, and closed the door.

Ashley had already made it over to Anne and was conversing with her. Megan came over and gave me a side hug as we started walking to the door. Emma brought up the rear. She was a lot shorter than I was. Maybe 5'3”. Anne stood up and gave me a good look down her shirt collar at her unrestrained sweater puppies, before rising up and leading everyone inside. I slowed down and took up the rear position to enter last behind Emma.

Everyone had found their place on couches by the time I got in behind Emma, whom I was closest to entering the house. Once inside, I wanted to start this up quickly, as my hard on was hurting me, being held up in my tight jeans. I was raring to go!

I grabbed Emma from behind, on her hips, and came up behind her, rubbing my rod on her ass, letting her get the idea of what was to come.

“Ok everyone, why don't you all strip down and stay a while?” I said, smirking at the change in the common saying. I then turn back and whisper in Emma's ear as I slide my hands up to cup her massive chest, and massaging them through the one-piece.

“How flexible are you?” I inquired of Emma.

“I'm pretty mmmm.. flexible.” She responds.

“Why don't you bend over in that short skirt, and grab your ankles. Let's see what they boys were in for, with your teasing.” I instructed her.

I slide my hands back down over her sides to her hips, one staying, and the other going up her back to push her over, as she bends at the waist to grab her ankles. In doing this, her skirt rides up her ass, exposing her now dripping pussy, and almost enough between her spread ass cheeks, to show off her puckered asshole.

“No panties? What a slut you are!” I mention.

“Yes, sir.” Emma says.

At the same time, Megan and Ashley both balked at my joking order, before standing up, and following said order subconsciously. When they saw me cupping Emma's tits, they knew I wasn't joking. Anne was already half way stripped, standing between Ashley and Megan on the couches. Her shorts already part way down her thighs. The others looked at her with a hunger they hadn't shown prior to this moment.

I watched as shirts and pants were removed, while squeezing Emma's ass, moving my hand around to cup her wet cunt. Wiggling my middle finger over her clit causing another moan from down below as she was fully bent in half.

“It seems as though someone we all want to fuck is wet and ready. Are you ready Emma?” I ask as I insert 2 fingers into her tight passage and spread them out, wiggling them in the process inside her.

“Oh GOD! Yes, sir! Mmmmm.” Emma moans.

I pull my hand away from her cunt with a slight squelching sound, as I drop to my knees, and take a long lick of her juicy slit, grabbing her hips to pull her into my mouth. I begin to lick and suck on either of her cunt lips, and then kiss both sides of her ass, before tongue fucking her.

“Gah! Mmmm yes!! Tongue fuck me! So gooood.” Emma groans at me.

The other girls had finished undressing, and were now sitting back down, diddling their clits, and mauling their tits. Ashley twisting her pierced nipple with a little groan. Anne is finger fucking herself with 3 fingers, at a good strong pace. The other two are flitting their eyes back and forth from Anne and the other girl. Once in a while, they'll look over at me devouring their friend's sloppy slit.

As I continue to lavish said pussy with my tongue, I grope with one hand for her breasts, finding one, and uncovering it. The search for a nipple while blinded by a stupendous pussy was not hard, as the nipple was standing at attention, waiting for my abuse. Once I had it between my fingers, I pinched it, and twisted it like a radio dial. At the same time, I tried to get my tongue as far inside her as possible, licking her insides.

Suddenly, the door opens, and in walks Katie, with a few shopping bags in one hand. Ashley and Megan attempt to cover up but I scold them for the attempt, and they let their arms drop again to their pussies. Anne just fucks herself a little harder. Emma tries to stand up, but I had a good grip on her nipple, and pulled her back down.

“Hands. Ankles. Keep them there.” I said sternly as I pulled her cunt back into my face for a quick lick.

“Hi Katie. Strip off and warm up Ashley for me.” I direct her before diving back into Emma's cunt.

I begin to attack her clit, while sticking my nose in her hole, and nose fucking her. I flick my tongue across her little nub over and over, and within a minute or so, she creams herself and my face, while shouting out in pleasure.

As Katie strips her clothes off and strolls over to Ashley, I stand up and watch as I undo my pants and let them drop to the floor, letting my cock out of confinement, slapping the half naked girl in front of me in the ass. I begin to rub my cock up and down her ass crack, pressing in so the head of my cock ends up pushing the skirt up just a little more, exposing her tight back door. Then I press the head down into her pussy to lube the head, gaining another groan from below.

While I'm setting myself up, I watch Katie drop to her knees in front of Ashley, and slowly knee walk closer, putting her hands on Ashley's knees, and sliding them up her thighs, pressing her torso between her legs. When her hands meet up again at Ashley's center, they press her thighs apart more so, while staring her in the eye, and rubs a thumb over her clit.

I then turn to Anne, and suggest to her that she should warm up Megan as well, and as they're both on the same couch, she slides over, and runs her hand up and down one thigh, while leaning in and kissing Megan with a lot of passion. When Megan opens her mouth to allow Anne's tongue to enter her mouth, Anne also inserts a finger into Megan's damp pussy, fucking her mouth and her wet hole to the same tempo.

At this point, I'm loving the love shared in the room, and return my attention to the tight little cunt of the short girl bent over in front of me. I press my cock head into her hole, and let it sit there for a second, and then slide my left thumb up against her back door. When I start to press in with my cock, I press in with my thumb, before relaxing, and doing it again.

“No! Not my ass!” She says as she flinches a bit trying to get away from the invading digit.

“Do you want my cock?” I inquire.

“YESSS! Please fuck me!” Emma says.

“Well, my thumb works with my cock. You get cock, and you get your ass fingered. Unless you'd rather I go fuck one of your friends now?” I say as I push my cock in again, and press my thumb a little harder against her tight back door.

“Ugh!! Just fuck me, please! I need it!” she mewled.

I decide to test that, and press my cock into her tight channel a bit more, and force my thumb up her asshole to the first knuckle. She immediately bucks twice, and cums all around my rod still slowly filling her up. I press the rest of the way in, and press my thumb as far in as possible, grabbing her hip with the other hand, and pulling her into me, over and over.

I fuck her hard, and finger fuck her simultaneously, as she continues to cum on my cock. I don't let up once, and forcefully ram my cock up her cunt. My thumb still presses into her ass, pressing past the second knuckle, attempting to stretch her open more. I pound that pretty pussy like it was the last cunt on earth, our bodies slapping together, and her cunt squelching around my cock with all her juices dripping toward my balls which are smacking against her clit repeatedly.

“I've always wanted to fuck you, and your tight little pussy!” I grunt at Emma, as I continue to smack her pussy with my pelvis and balls. “Now, this cunt is mine!”

She could only respond in grunts.

My balls were starting to boil up, my cock becoming more stiff, and my pounding became a bit more erratic. I was going to blow soon, and I was going to baste the insides of this little pussy with everything I had.

I looked up and saw that Anne had started to finger Megan over to my right, under the window with the shades closed, and in front of me, Katie was now nose deep in Ashley's pretty shaved pussy. All of these girls were mine! Can you believe it? I'm still in awe! I was going to enjoy my new recruits, and then some, today.

It felt like my shaft had expanded a little, Emma was so tight, and before I knew it, I shot my first rope of spunk into her cunny. That set her off, and she began milking my cock with her cunt, and shuttering through a massive orgasm, as she accepted rope after rope from me, until there was nothing left. I stayed inside her for a moment, and wiggled my thumb some more, to tease a bit more out of her orgasm. I reached down to her torso and pulled her up to my chest and my cock slipped out under force, and slapped her again in the clit as it sprang up again.

I almost had to hold her up after I grabbed her tits, as she still was shaking. Her knees were weak for sure.

Mauling her breasts, I leaned in and whispered into her ear, “cum again for me, slut!” and she shouted into the room as her knees buckled, and it was my hands gripping her massive chest that was holding her up. I lowered her down onto the carpet, and kept going until she was in a fetal position, curled up and shaking.

“Thank ugh you mmmm.” she spoke out between shutters.

“Good girl.” I said.

I looked up and enjoyed the sight. Which slut should I take first? Well, I'll follow my cock, I guess. I was facing more toward Megan, and so was my cock at the moment. I walked over to Megan who was being fingered by Anne, and held my cock out for her. It was still dripping with Emma's and my cum.

“Clean me up, slut.” I ordered.

She leaned forward, not allowing the fingers now trapped in her cunt from escaping, and took most of my 8” cock in her first try. It took a few more tries, and she swallowed all 8” down her throat. She started bobbing up and down the full length of my rod, covering every square inch. She'd pull me out and lick up and down both sides of my shaft before taking it back between her lips to start over again.

“How does Emma taste on my cock, slut? To your liking?” I inquired.

“Mmmhmmm” she said with my cock in her mouth.

“I take it you like it.” She started giving it her all, while mewling over the fact she was still being fingered by Anne. I reached out and took one breast of Anne's and one of Megan's in my hands, manipulating their nipples all the while. I'd pull on Megan's and she'd take me all the way to the root, and pull back only when I released her nipple.

I couldn't last too long with my cock being massaged by someone's throat this much, and my balls were telling me that it was almost over! I was trying to hold back a bit, but I knew it wouldn't last. I felt my cum bubbling up my shaft, and it exploded in rope after rope directly down her throat. I pulled out most of the way, and let her taste the last few shots, before she swallowed the remainder.

When I pulled out of her mouth, I dropped to my knees, and got my hands under her ass, pulling her forward on the couch until her ass was almost off the edge, Anne's fingers lost their spot playing with her clit, before I dove in, and started tongue fucking her.

“Oh GOD, just fuck me! I need that monster cock in me!” said Megan. I stopped my assault on her cunt after a second, and pulled back.

“Not a chance. I always enjoy some cunnilingus before I fuck a slut. Pussy tastes better to me before I soil it with cum. It's also my favorite way to make a girl cum. I know my cock will do it, but with my tongue is more challenging.”

“Ugh! You are good at it too.” She responded.

I didn't respond other than to dive back in, licking her from asshole to clit, where I sucked it into my mouth, and flicked it with my tongue. I continued the assault on her cunt up and down, and side to side for a few minutes, and then added one finger. That got her going even more. She was already revved up with Anne's help, so it didn't take long for her to cum on my tongue, which I licked up all I could, other than on my face.

When I pulled back, I grabbed her hips under her legs, and pulled her onto my thighs where I released her momentarily to adjust where my cock was pointing, and pulled her into, and onto my cock, while still leaning back so her head was resting on the couch.

“Aaaah! Fuck! So good!” I heard her say once she was impaled upon my sword. Her small landing strip trimmed closely rubbed against my own recently trimmed bush.

Her hips started moving, and at this angle, I was sure I was hitting her g-spot on each thrust in, before bottoming out, and smashing my cock head into her cervix. She lasted even less time than Emma did, and shook uncontrollably for a moment, while wiggling her hips on me, as she worked her way through her orgasm.

“God, I love your cock!” she mentions to me as she continues to ride me, still leaning back on the couch.

I reach out and catch her breasts in my hands, her legs in the crook of my arms, and maul them both to her thrusting beat. Her nipples little stiff pebbles on her smaller chest, an overflowing handful, but still tasty looking. I lean down and take one into my mouth to suck on, and nibble a bit. This set her off as well. Not quite to orgasm, but she definitely upped her tempo, and continued to buck on my thick rod, while her legs were sticking straight up in the air.

I started to buck into her as well. Her ass getting a good beating from my balls swinging into her, and my cock buried into her at a quickening pace. I decided to slow it down just a little bit, and released her legs so she could put them on the floor, and then pulled out of her suddenly. I got off of my knees, and laid down on my back, flattening out my legs, and pulled her by her hands toward me.

It didn't take but a second for her to figure out what I was doing, and she literally jumped at the chance to get my cock back into that warm, wet sleeve. She straddled me and dropped down, grabbing my cock, and lining it up with her cunt in under 4 seconds, and she was impaled again.

Once she got her pace going, I looked over at Katie and Ashley, and crooked a finger at Ashley, who was still being devoured by Katie. It took a few moments for her to disentangle herself from Katie's mouth and arms around her legs, but found herself free enough to come over to me.

“Sit down on my face, facing Megan.” I said.

She immediately straddled my face, and knelt down over my nose. Slowly, she lowered herself until she felt my face on her thighs, and I pressed my face up into her sex, and began licking with all I had. I was a little distracted by Megan polishing my pole with her cunt, but I started getting moans shortly after she sat down.

I reached out to Megan, and finding her body, trailed my hands up to her tits, found her rock hard nipples, and pinched. I ended up feeling that pinch on my cock, from her pussy tightening up on me suddenly. I began to pull her forward toward Ashley, until I felt arms come up and start cupping Megan's tits, and heard a little kissing as they both rode me.

Ashley was beginning to ride my face a little harder, so I upped my game and caught her clit with my lips, and sucked. Hard. She was already going pretty well with Katie, but I wasn't going to let her down without an orgasm or 3. She pressed her pussy into my face more so, and I knew I was about to drown. When I flicked my tongue across and around her clit, suddenly I was just as juicy as the cunt above me. I licked for all I was worth, and kept her at as close to a peak as possible.

I was so distracted by the lips riding my nose that I almost forgot how close I was to blowing a load into another tight pussy riding my cock at the moment. My balls were tightening up, and then they let loose a volley of cum shots splattering Megan's insides. This set her off as well, and like a rocket, she bounced off of my cock, and landed along the length of it on my belly, shaking a bit.

After she landed, Megan sort of fell over as much as climbed off of me, barely catching herself with an arm on the couch cushion. Ashley took that change in scenery as an ok to 69 with me, and all but launched herself at my cock. She fell to her elbows on either side of me, and gripped the base of my pole, aiming it toward her lips, and took about half of it in at once, then licked around the head, and down one side before taking a bit more into her mouth.

Meanwhile, I was in heaven, with a mouth on my cock, and my tongue fucking a very wet pussy. I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled myself up into her cunt, licking up and down, and all over and between her lips. She would wiggle her hips up and down, rubbing her clit on my 5 o'clock shadow for more friction and contour on my chin, and I'd catch it in between my lips on her next time rubbing.

Every time that I caught her clit in my mouth, she would deep throat me. I'd suck on her little nub, and she'd choke on my knob while playing with my balls, trying to coax another load out of me.

Strange time to think of this, but I have gained much stamina, and virility over the last few weeks. My staying power is phenomenal, and my balls! They are working overtime, it seems. Always a mouth or cunt full of my cum. Is it just the workouts I've gotten with these women, or some sort of magic with the necklace? I'm beginning to think it's the necklace, and magic. How could I not, when just showing a girl the stone trances her?

I haven't really thought too much about it other than that I've gotten some fine pussy just by using the stone.

“AAAH!” Damn daydreaming! Gusher has commenced. I began filling Ashley's mouth with a huge load of spunk. Some dribbled out at the corner of her mouth, but once she was done swallowing all she could, she took me out of her mouth, and began licking around my base to get all that had escaped her mouth.

While I blew a load into her mouth, she was going wild on my face, wiggling back and forth, and then circles, riding my nose and tongue as she came on my mouth. I lapped up all I could, and tried to get her clit back into my mouth to suck on, but she was too wild, bucking on me as it was.

Then, suddenly, I could breathe again. She was off of my face, and awkwardly walking/sliding down my torso until she was on her knees, hovering over my cock, facing away from me. She reached down and got it just about placed perfectly for her to sit down on it, but I didn't give her the satisfaction of sliding slowly down my shaft.

“How can you stay hard after all you've DOOONE!!”

I decided not to wait on her, and I jerked my hips up hard, and slammed my cock deep into her dripping cunt balls deep. I didn't stop there. I flexed my stomach muscles and pounded her unceasingly for a minute or two, and she exploded in orgasm at least once, as I felt like my cock was gripped by multiple hands while sliding into a much more lubricated tube.

Katie, and Emma, who had regained consciousness, were at my shoulders, rubbing their hands on my chest and abs, just enjoying being around me while I'm plowing their friends pussy just a few feet away. Emma leaned down and kissed me full on the mouth, aggressively shoving her tongue in my mouth. My hand flailed until it found it's target. Her massive chest. I felt around and gripping her nipple tightly, I manipulated her. First pulling her off me, and then pulled her right back to her kissing me again, with my turn at being aggressive.

My other hand was conveniently pinned between Katie's knees, and I rubbed her thigh, as I followed it up to her waiting cunt, dripping with arousal. I ran my thumb through her folds a few times, and then went straight for her clit, pinching it before plunging 2 fingers deep into her tight channel. She started to hump my fingers so all I had to do was hold my hand in place for her to get off riding my digits.

In between kisses with Ashley, I could see that Anne had found her place, on her knees on the couch, apparently cleaning up my spend from Megan's pussy. I could hear both of them grunting as Megan rode Anne's face, holding her in place with one hand, while pinching her breast with the other. One of Anne's hands was between her legs manipulating her folds. Both of them seemed to be in their own world, and I was in mine, surrounded by beautiful bodies to enjoy.

Ashley was speeding up, sliding up and down my thick shaft from root to tip, gaining her pleasure on every long trip. Her moans were getting mixed in with Megan's noisy outbursts. A pleasurably erotic duet of a sort.

Ashley became quiet for a moment, before her pussy clamped on me like a vise, and wave after wave started rippling within her body massaging my shaft. Then there was the drawn out groan from her lips as she came harder than ever. I wiggled my arm out from between Katie's legs and grabbed Ashley's ass as she fell forward, resting her head on the edge of the couch where Megan and Anne were. I squeezed her once, and with her still gyrating on my rod in orgasm, I pressed my thumb on her asshole. Within a few of her muscle clinch and release phases, my thumb went in past the first knuckle.

“Aaaaiii! Oh fuck! Fuck!” Ashley squeaked out at my intrusion into her rear entrance, but she barely flinched on my cock. In fact, she seemed to ride me harder through her glorious orgasm, and extended it by many seconds.

“Yesssssssssss!” She said as she calmed down. Her hips finally slowed to a stop upon my cock.

“Hmmm.. It sounds like someone here is a butt slut!” I say, catching my breath.

“I never knew this! How did I not know?” Megan said from the couch.

“We never talked about it. The subject never came up.” Ashley, still out of breath, says.

“When was the last time you had anal sex?” I asked.

“Early last year. Just never found anyone who wanted to fuck my ass since then.” She responds.

“Well, I haven't cum yet.” I wiggle my thumb inside her. “How about we switch holes?”

“You're a lot bigger than the others that have fucked my ass. I don't know if it'll fit!”

“There's only one way to find out.” I start lifting her off my cock, one hand under her thigh, and the other still using her ass for leverage, until she's off of me, and I retract my thumb.

“Emma, why don't you hold my cock for her, so she can squat down on me.” I suggested to the girl that only accepted an ass fingering if she got to keep the cock inside her.

She looked at me, and moved down my torso, and gripped my soaking wet cock for Ashley to sit on. Emma lined it up as she squatted down, until the fat head was firmly nestled at her rear entrance. She watched closely, and held firm on my cock as Ashley's ass expanded around my girthy length, taking it inch by slow inch.

“Ooof! Ooooh!” Ashley was breathing heavy as she sat down on my pole, slowly letting her ass get used to being stretched so wide. After a few minutes, she was sat as far down as her bubble butt would allow, where she stayed for another minute to adjust.

“That's a good butt slut!” I say, ready to feel her tight ass stroking my cock up and down.

I give her left cheek a good hard slap, enticing her to start riding my cock. Ashley does start to rise up, dragging the time out as long as possible until just the head of my rod stays inside her, and then she starts down again just a little faster. I slap the other cheek, and she continues to go a bit faster, but still taking care, and enjoying the sensations of her ass being invaded by something so big.

“Oh yeah! Fuck!” she growled. Even as she adjusted to my size, she also adjusted her speed. She was going fast, and hard enough that her ass would slap my pelvis on every down stroke.

As she gained speed, I looked over at Emma and motioned her to me. I grabbed her around her belly and pulled her so her large chest was wobbling in my face. I then took one nipple into my mouth, nibbling on the rock hard bud, and flicking across it's tip with my tongue. I heard her gasp a few times, and knew I was doing something right.

It was about time I had a nipple in my mouth, after all we've done, and how many breasts were in the room. I held that one breast as though it was a delicate chalice in both hands, squeezing it like I would gain some milk from it.

“Fuck me! Harder!” I took my mouth off Emma's tit long enough to demand more. My cock was being squeezed so tight, I didn't know how long I'd last at this rate. It just felt so good.

“Oh God!” Ashley did start riding me a bit faster with shorter strokes, but wiggled her hips more.

Then I felt a hand cradling my nut sack, softly squeezing them. Coaxing them to blow. I looked up and saw both Anne and Megan had a hand down between Ashley's legs. One was on my balls. The other must be on her pussy. Her hands were only there to support her efforts resting on the backs of both girls.

“Yes! Harder!” I said to no one in particular. Anne must have taken that as her cue because suddenly more moans escaped the pressed lips of Ashley. I felt some slightly tighter gripping on my balls as well.

The urgency started to show itself in her continued abuse of her asshole on my cock too. She pounded me harder and faster, with little wiggles between, to entice me to shoot my load. I knew I wouldn't last too long under this abuse.

With my balls being fondled so expertly, and Ashley's overly tight asshole pumping up and down on my rod, I was going to blow any second. I stopped resisting, and let nature take it's course, and within a few seconds, my balls were tightening up, and began squirting up my shaft.

Here it comes! Cum, slut!” Her wail of immense orgasm rivaled a trumpet it seemed. She started to shake and her ass tightened on my cock. My cock blew like I've never felt before. Each shot inside her ass was as if from a cannon, and in such volume that I knew I would overflow her canal.

Without fail, as she kept riding me through my orgasm, my cum did start to squirt out around my shaft, dripping onto my balls, and someone's hand. I was getting lightheaded, but thankfully I was already laying on the floor in case I passed out, and pass out I did.

I came to a few moments later to Anne cleaning off my deflating cock with a rag, and Ashley covering her asshole with one hand, still on hands and knees in front of me. Anne apparently didn't want my cock to deflate. She removed the rag, but kept on stroking me, and leaned down to kiss the tip of my cock, reinvigorating it fully.

It took her no time at all to swing her leg over my body, squat down, and grabbing my shaft to line it up with her fuck hole. She did, however, take her time to slide down the length of my cock, until she was sitting on my pelvis.

“Ooooh yesssss!” she hissed. “So full!”

She just sat there for a moment before wiggling around, forcing my cock to stir her insides a bit. Only then did she start the long trek of lifting herself almost off my cock before sliding down again. Anne took her time for a few minutes, exposing my now dripping wet cock to the elements, before enveloping it within her warm cavern.

While Anne was getting comfortable on my rod, the other girls all got comfortable on the couches, or the floor, and lightly played with themselves, or each other, while watching.

Anne was taking her time, and really enjoying her time riding me. It seemed to take forever for her to rise up, or to sit down on me fully again. I let her do her thing, and just held her ass, not directing, but just something to hold onto. When she'd drop down, I'd spread her ass cheeks, and play with her back door, but not pressing inside of her. Only watching her reaction, and the look of her pussy as it stretched around my thick rod.

Since she was facing away from me in reverse cowgirl, Anne leaned down and grabbed my shins, before she started riding me a little harder. This, in turn, afforded me a much better view of her asshole, and my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. I began to play with her ass some more, as she started to rapidly rise and drop on my cock.

“Oooooh!” She responded well with my fingering of her ass.

This only got her more energized, it seemed. Once I allowed my thumb to enter her ass, she was bouncing so hard on me, trying to force an orgasm to whisk her away for a few moments. I wasn't about to make her work much more for it either, as I was already getting close myself.

“Everybody! Cum for me!” I yelled out, and then everyone was groaning, and screaming.

Emma, who was on the floor, laying on her back with her legs facing me, let out a long moan, and then a grunt as her cunt exploded, and she sprayed out hitting her feet, and splashing on my shirt. Anne's cunt tightened up and rhythmically squeezed my shaft inside her, milking me of all I had left to give. I shot at least 4 good ropes of cum up against her cervix.

“Gah!!!” Ashley grunted from my other side as her hand went crazy manipulating her clit through a strong cum. Her body seizing up as all muscles flexed.

“Mmmhmmm! Oooh yeah!” Megan's hips bounced repeatedly on the couch in front of me, her muscles all flexing and releasing as she lay on the end of the couch, head on the arm. One hand on her tit, squeezing, the other between her legs.

“Aaaaiiiiii!” Katie was the loudest of them all, but more still than the others. Her hips gyrated a little bit as she fingered her cunt with 3 fingers.

As everyone started to come down from their orgasmic high, a few of them started to get dressed. Anne began to stand up, allowing my cock to slurp it's way out of her tight wet hole, and then she went to look for her clothes. Once we were all clothed again, Anne offered everyone a glass of red wine, which we all took her up on.

It was then that the door opened, and Danielle walked in with a backpack.

“Ahh. It's good to be ho... well hi there everyone!” She says, once she sees the crowded living room. She drops her pack against the end of the couch, and faces the group. Her blonde hair is fairly light, and in a loose ponytail, and her blue eyes shine as she looks around the room. She's in a white t-shirt, bra, and some denim shorts.

“Welcome home!” Katie says, before the rest of the group waves or adds in their own welcome.

Anne jumps up and heads to the kitchen for another glass. When she comes back, she offers it to her baby sister, who takes it, finds a bottle with some wine left in it, and pours a big glass full.

“I can really use this! Long drive from campus, and a toxic spill from an overturned truck made the drive much longer than normal. Add in no AC, and I'm toast!” Danielle says as she finds a spot on the couch I'm on, on the other side of Ashley, who's next to me.

“Wow! Sounds like a bad drive.” I say.

“Yeah, it was. How have you been? What have you been up to?” She asks me. Ashley leans back a little, inadvertently pushing her massive tits out, as I turn toward Danielle.

“Well, not too much. Meeting a few new people, but still geocaching a few days a month. Hey, I actually found something cool a few weeks ago. Check this out.” I reach into my shirt, and pull the necklace over my head before letting it drop in between Ashley and Emma.

Danielle's eyes catch onto the blue stone and she catches her breath. So does Ashley, and Megan, sitting at the corner of the other couch. The others are oblivious as they're talking among themselves.

“Sleep slut.” I say out loud for the rest of the group of girls to hear, and silence suddenly reigns in the living room. I put the necklace back around my neck, and hide it behind my shirt again.

I go through my typical list of suggestions I've made to all the other girls, and then add in a few more to Danielle.

“After such a long drive, with no AC, you really need to take a shower. In the shower, you'll spend some time washing, but you're also very horny so you'll also masturbate to images of me.” I tell her.

“OK everyone.. wake up!” I say to the group of girls, and the conversations start up again.

I see Danielle lift her glass and take a few big gulps of the wine, before setting it down, and standing up.

“I'm going to get settled, and then take a much needed shower. I'll see you all in a little bit.” She says to us all, before walking over to her backpack, pick it up and walk down the hall to the bedrooms.

“Well, she looks sexy dressed like that. I wonder how she looks naked?” I say, once she's in her room.

“Are you going to add her to the harem?” Emma asked.

“Wouldn't you like her added? You can suck my cum out of her cunt.” I respond.

“That sounds good to me!” Emma confirmed.

At that, I heard the bathroom door close. A few moments later, I hear the shower start up.

“She's been one of my wet dreams in recent years. Now that she's 19, I think it's fitting to enjoy her in real life.” I said, before taking a good pull out of the wine glass.

I was already hard just thinking about Danielle, or Dani, as we all called her. I figured I would give her a few minutes to get situated under the water before I went down the hall.

“I think I'm going to go take a shower as well. I assume you can amuse yourselves?” I say as I stand up, and place my glass on the coffee table next to Dani's. I then head down the hall toward the bathroom.

Once I get there, I strip off what little clothing I was wearing, and try the door. It's not locked. I quietly open the door, and step inside, closing the door behind me, and walk toward the shower. I see Dani's silhouette through the curtain, one hand I would assume, from the looks of it, playing with her pussy, and the other is cradling a breast under the water stream.

I step on her bra she dropped on the floor, and almost slip, but supported myself on the wall, before I slowly pull the curtain back, and start to step into the shower with a very sexy body in front of me. Her moans stop immediately.

She must have heard my stumble, or caught the movement of the curtain, because she spun around, and covered herself with one arm hiding her chest, and the other still down between her legs, no longer playing with herself.

“Eeeek! What are you doing? How did you get in here?” She responds crazily to seeing me climbing into her shower. My cock, fully turgid, pointing where to go. She looks down and sees my rock hard member, and her jaw drops open, as though shocked at seeing it, or it's size.

“Continue to play with yourself.” I say, and pause until I see her fingers probing her hot spot between her legs again.

“I thought I'd help you shower. You did leave the door unlocked, so that's how. Now, turn around, and I'll help wash you.” She does follow my direction, but her eyes never left mine, now looking back over her shoulder.

I quickly step up right behind her, hand on my cock, squatting down just a bit as she's a little shorter than I am, pressing down so it goes between her legs, and release it, so it slaps up onto her pussy lips, as she's still diddling her clit.

My hands then slide up her sides, and find her perfect tits, which I cup and squeeze to my hearts content. Her hand covers mine, meant to stop me, or hold me there. I'll never know.

“So, what were you thinking about just now. Tell me honestly.” I ask.

“Uhmm.. Well, I was uhh” She stalled.

“Yes? Tell me.” I say. I start roughly handling her nice C cup tits, and pinched one nipple to get her attention.

“I was thinking mmmmm about you.” She remarks as I start sawing my cock back and forth between her legs. Her hand playing with her clit, now pressing my bulbous head deeper in between her lips.

I finally notice that they had installed a no slip pad in the shower, which would come in handy for me. I decided that I wasn't going to help clean her at all. I was ready for more. I think she was too.

“Turn around again” I say, while regretfully letting go of her breasts for her to do so.

I back up just a bit, releasing my cock from between her legs, as she does as she was told. I kept hold of her though, as to keep her body close to mine. I leaned down for a kiss, and pulled her back into me, my cock now trapped between her belly and mine.

I knelt down in front of her, keeping my hands on her hips, but used a knee to push her legs apart, before leaning in to take a lick of my neighbors clit. Her reaction was a sharp intake of breath, and a long slow exhale. I licked again, and received the same reaction again. At this point, I just pushed my face into her, licking her folds from opening to clit, and then nibbled on her inner lips, sucking them into my mouth.

“Ah ah ahhh!” her quick exhales were kind of cute, while her cunt is getting consumed.

I released one hip, sliding my hand between her legs, and inserted my thumb inside her pussy, pressing my hand between her ass cheeks. That wound her up a little, and I fingered her this way for a few minutes, before curling my index finger up toward her asshole, and rubbing it in time with my thrusts with my thumb. She ended up pushing into me a bit, tightening her ass cheeks as she did. That just drove me on. I pressed on her asshole a little harder, but she didn't want me in there.

I was driving her mad with my licking skills, and kept attacking her clit, sucking on it, and letting my tongue play over the tip continuously. That got her toward the brink.

And that's when I stopped eating her out.

Instead, I stood back up, hooking my left arm under her thigh, and bringing it up with me, to rest in the crook of my arm, opening up her pussy a little bit. My left hand bent enough that I could grab onto her right tit again. I used my right hand to grab her ass, middle finger pressing in on her asshole. She wiggled a little but let me play with her hole. This time, I wasn't taking no for an answer. I used my right hand to help lift her up, off of the shower base, sliding my cock along her clit, until the head popped in between her lips, and notched itself against her opening.

I pressed my finger into her asshole as I slowly lowered her onto my thick rod, painfully slowly spreading her cunt open for my size, but also pressing on her rear entrance to let me in. I made the pressure even more substantial as I relaxed my other fingers enough that more of her weight pressed on the invading digit, as I slowly lowered her onto me. My finger suddenly popped into her previously virgin hole.

“AAHHHH!” She screamed in my ear, as my finger found it's place, and hooked itself inside her asshole.

“I bet that the other girls heard you from the living room.” I say as I wiggle my finger in her ass.

Her orgasm came swiftly as I started lowering her onto my cock.

“Oh GOD!” she groans in my ear.

Her pussy flexed tightly around me over and over as she was lowered down on me. The feelings were incredible when she tightened up around me.

I still slowly lowered her onto my cock until it was fully enveloped inside her dripping snatch. Since she is shorter than I am, her toes just barely touched the tub we were in, so she was in no position to do anything but squirm, and breathe heavily in my ear. This is where I held her, letting her get used to my size, as well as the invading digit in her ass. Her arms around my neck getting a little tighter as well.

At this point, I start to hump my hips into her, pulling back, and burying myself inside her pussy. I take it easy at first, but then I pick up the pace and strength by lifting her up and dropping her on my cock as I pump my staff into her.

“Mmmhmm” She moans again, as I really start battering her cunt, and lifting her partially by a finger I her asshole.

My other hand starts to pull on her rock hard nipple while I'm fucking her. Her hips grinding into me as she drops is giving me a great feeling as well as it is for her. It's forcing my cock to swish around inside her, hitting every nook and crevasse inside her tight little cunt.

Her body is all but being held up by my cock, and I use that to my advantage as I pound into her while dropping her onto me. Her mouth has attached itself to my collarbone and biting me as she's brought up toward another climax.

All this rigorous fucking has also got me climbing to a great crescendo too, and I don't hold back as I climb closer and closer. I can feel the start of my orgasm as my cum fires off a volley inside of Dani. The remaining ropes of cum follow, and also sets her off again, moaning into my ear as her pussy clinches and holds me tighter than a vice. I finally relinquish control of her leg, and it drops to as close to the tub as possible, and I lower myself, and her down enough that I can pull out of her.

“Now, grab a towel, and go out and ask someone to lick my cum out of your pussy.” I say.

“WHAT? I can't do that! They'll think I'm a slut!” She responds, turning bright red. She seems planted in the middle of the tub, and going nowhere.

“They've already heard you scream riding my cock in here. They already think you're a slut. You're MY slut. Get going. Someone might be hungry.” I say as I reach out to the towel rack, and grab a towel for her.

She took the towel, but didn't dry herself off. She paused for a moment and contemplated going out front to ask something so embarrassing of her friends and family. The fear gripped her, as she thought about it, and she shivered, but not from the cold.

She looked at me as though I was insane, but dropped her shoulders, sighed, and wrapped the towel around her torso, covering her stiff nipples. She paused again at the bathroom door, before opening it, and turning to go out to the living room. I stayed behind to pick up our clothes in the bathroom and get dressed.

“Hey! How does it feel being home from ________ campus?” I heard, but no clue who asked. I barely heard a “good” in answer. I listened more, but nothing was said, so I headed out there, after dropping Dani's clothes off in her room.

“I uhm,,” she nervously started to talk, but stalled out.

“I was wondering if.. uhh” She tries again as I come up next to her and see that she's glowing red from embarrassment.

“I think what she's trying to say is, would any of you like to lick my cum out of her pretty little pussy? Isn't that right, Dani?” I fill in for her asking, and grab hold of her ass under the towel. She just stiffens up, and looks up at me.

“I call dibs!” Emma says, though she's not the only one with her hand in the air.

Dani's face is showing pure shock. At my being straight forward, at how calm the group was hearing the question, or at the number of hands were up in the air, who knew? I turn toward Dani and lean down to whisper in her ear.

“She did confirm earlier, that she wanted the chance to lick your wet cunt.” I say. I guide Dani over to the arm of the couch closest to Emma, and positioned her on it, grabbing her left leg, and spreading it wide so it's behind Emma. The towel still covers her nether region.

Emma wastes no time in lifting the towel to see what a mess her pussy is. I doubt that Dani's blush would ever go away.

“Let's see what we have here.” Emma says as she lifts the towel up enough to look down at Dani's shaved pussy, leaking a little of my cum, and more on her thigh.

Dani was fidgeting, not knowing what to do with her hands. She had one hand on the fold holding the towel in place, and the other was flailing around, but ending up being placed on the other couch arm so she could support herself leaning back a bit.

“You really filled her up, didn't you?” Emma asked me, as she took a finger to scoop a little cum straight off of Dani's cunt, before bringing it to her tongue. Dani just groaned at the display of our combined cum being licked off Emma's finger.

After shifting herself back a little bit, Emma leaned in to lick our combined juices off of Dani's inner thigh, where it had leaked out of her. It took a few licks before Emma found her pussy to lick. It didn't take long for Emma to attach her mouth to Dani's whole pussy, and playing her tongue around her opening, digging for more cum.

This, of course, got Dani moaning even more, before she caught herself, and opened her eyes, and looked around, seeing every pair of eyes on her. This only made her blush more, but she couldn't hold back another groan as she was eaten.

“Mmmmmm” came from Emma, as she consumed our mixings, before leaning back for a second.

“You both taste great all mixed up!” she said, before diving back in, and licking the whole length from asshole to clit, making Dani jump just a bit, but settled down soon after.

Emma leaned back again, licking her lips.

“Did you finger her, like you did me?” She asks me.

“You bet I did.” I say.

“Oooh!” She says, and moves in again, this time with a finger to push into Dani's cunt before twisting it back and forth inside her.

Once it was fully covered in our mixed sauce, she pulled it out, and brought it down to her asshole, and pushed in a bit. Dani fought it at first, but Emma was not to be denied, and pushed harder, until her finger went in 2 knuckles deep.

“Ahhh!” Dani exclaimed at the intrusion.

Then Emma twisted her finger around so she could press her thumb back into her cunt, and pinched her fingers together inside Dani. Then she pulled at her, with her fingers touching between thin membranes inside of her, while leaning in and sucking on her clit. This set off Dani.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Fuck!” She exclaimed, and came hard on Emma's face and hand. Dani's left hand leaving the tucked in towel, and grabbing Emma's hair tightly. Her asshole claming tightly on Emma's finger, and her pussy tightened around her thumb, flexing in waves as the orgasm crashed through her.

Emma continued to finger both Dani's cunt and asshole through her orgasm, despite being pulled into her cunt, and sucking on her clit. The orgasm was long in calming down, and Dani was in ecstasy for a long time.

Meanwhile, Anne, who was sitting in the corner of the other couch, reached up, and pulled the towel apart, and spreading it to either side. Dani tried to catch it in her arm pits, but it dropped too fast for her, and her chest was exposed to the group. Anne then reached over, and started pinching a nipple, while hefting the weight of her breast, eliciting another squeal from Dani.

“Such pretty little nipples you have.” Anne says, while rolling the little nub between her fingers.

Dani was shocked that her sister was the one groping at her chest, and whipped her head around to look at her in shock, who was smiling a little bit. She twisted her nipple hard, forcing Dani to lay her head back and groan in pleasure.

Emma continued to lick at her hole to get any, if not all of our combined cum, and occasionally trapping her clit in her mouth to tongue. This only brought on another orgasm for Dani.

“Oh shit! Aaaah!” Dani cries out, her hips jerking in concert with the muscle spasms, as she was still getting fingered and licked.

I step back over to Dani, after enjoying the show she put on, and started running my hand around her tummy and chest, cupping her right breast, partially obscured by the towel. She looks up at me and smiles, sleepily, as she's so tired from a long drive and extra activities once home.

“How does it feel to be home once again?” I ask as I pinch a nipple.

“Mmmm Not the welcome home I was expecting!” she replies.

“I'm glad we could all be here to welcome you home.” I pinch her nipple again.

“Also, welcome to my little harem.” I spread my arms out to point collectively to all the girls in the house. “There are a few girls that aren't here though. You'll meet them soon enough.”

“You have more girls? Besides Krystal?” Katie asks.

“Just two others, besides Krystal, and all of you.” I respond. “They were the first two to become members of the harem.”

“When will we meet them?” Anne inquires.

“Maybe I'll have a little meet and greet at my place soon.” I say.

Dani, at this point, has made it into the seat I vacated earlier, though she is the only one naked in the group. Apparently, she feels comfortable within the new group of sluts, as she just folded the towel and placed it on her lap.

“I'm now starving. Who's up for lasagna?” Anne asks the group, as she stands up and heads to the kitchen.

I think that after our full on orgy, everyone was famished, because everyone put their hands up, or called out a confirmation.

There wasn't too much conversation waiting for, or during dinner, as people were more focused on filling empty bellies. At the end of the late dinner, I felt like I should probably get back to my place for the night. I'm sure that if I stayed, we would end up starting up again, and go late into the evening. I felt that I'd rather have just a smaller group, or none, so as to conserve what energy I had left.

With almost everyone busy for the next day, I ended up going home with only Emma on my arm. Krystal was there to open the door before we got there, and let us in. We all actually talked for a while, explaining to Krystal all that we had been up to, and how many times we each came. She wasn't jealous, but would have loved to be a part of it, if she wasn't busy during our orgy. She'll certainly have more chances to enjoy more of the harem at a later time.

When it was time for bed, I helped Emma get undressed for the first time that day, and then undressed Krystal slowly, kissing her all the while. Once we got in bed, Emma spooned against my back, and I spooned Krystal, pressing my once again hard cock up into her cunt. We didn't fuck though. We all fell asleep with my cock buried in Krystal's pussy for the night.

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