Geocatched Part 5

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Max stumbles upon item that changes his world

Geocatched part 5

The rest of the week, I went to work, and then took the evenings to go on short hikes back to the spot where my life had changed. I wasn't sure what I was looking for at all, but the question always remained: how did I find this gem that has changed my life for the better? I realized that I may never find out the reason that necklace was there, or who dropped it before I fell on it.

Tonight is no different, but with the weekend coming up, I am on a hike to look for the unknown. Once again, I find nothing, and I find myself missing Krystal, so I turn around and head back home.

I start thinking about the week at work, and all the beauties I had seen walking through the store, but I never decided to enslave any of them. I still had the necklace on me, but never bothered to pull it out and show anyone. I must have realized that I had all the pussy that I needed and I have been well satisfied all week, so it wasn't a pressing issue. It kept me distracted enough that I never bothered to look for another conquest.

Speaking of which, when I pull up to my house, Krystal's car is out front, which is understandable because I gave her a key to my place a few days ago. However, the lights in the house are off. It had gotten dark on my walk back to the car, so I am curious about the lack of lights in the house.

After closing the door to the house behind me, I reach for the light switch. Suddenly, 2 hands grab at my pants, and start to unfasten them quickly. I forget about the lights and try to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I can see the shapes of the furniture, and looking down, I vaguely see a human shadow moving towards me as my pants are half way down my legs. Only my underwear blocks access to my rising cock, but that doesn't stop her.

She first kisses, and then nuzzles against my bulge, before pulling down the underwear, freeing my cock. It slaps her on the chin as it is finally releasing it from its confined space. It is almost immediately swallowed by a warm mouth.

I just stand there, enjoying the sensations of my cock getting buried in a mouth and throat. I reach down to find a ponytail to grab onto. I start pulling her on and off my dick, lightly fucking her face. She doesn't seem to mind. One hand is playing with my balls, while the other is on my thigh, digging her nails into it

"Yeah baby! Swallow that cock!" I say while continuing to pull her onto my rod as far as she could take.

"Mmmhmmm" is the only response from below, as it's hard to talk with such a large tool inside your mouth.

I am wound up from the day at work, and feeling energized from the hike afterwards so I want to blow up in her mouth, and then pound her sweet pussy. I start fucking her face a little more roughly, and get my balls interested in emptying their contents. It doesn't take too long for my cum to start pushing up into my shaft. Her grip on my balls grows stronger, but not so much as to cause me pain. You don't want to hurt those that feed you.

"Take my cum, slut! Here it comes." I grunt out just before I erupt into her throat, and as she pulls back, I hold her still to collect the rest in her mouth to swallow.

"That's a good little slut! Good girl!" I say. I want to see her and move her over to the couch for more fun, so I reach for the light switch, flip it on, and see not red ponytail in my hand, but a dark blonde one instead.

"What the fuck? Katie?" I look around the room and see Krystal, naked, and madly fingering herself on the far couch, watching me.

"Hi Max! Mmm Surprise!" Krystal says to me. I'm still catching my breath, and looking between both of the girls with wide eyes. Still holding onto Katie by the ponytail, I pull her up and direct her toward Krystal.

"Let's join her, shall we?" I follow behind and, once in front of Krystal's legs, I grab Katie by the hip, and bend her forward at the waist with my other hand on her back.

"Eat this slut out." I say as I direct Katie to put one leg up on the couch and leave the other standing on the floor. I stay behind her and watch her tentatively lean down to take a lick of Krystal's juicy pussy.

"How does she taste? Better than your sister?" I ask her.

"Mmmhmmm" Katie nods as she starts to get into licking and sucking on a new pussy. Her hands now on Krystal's inner thighs, spreading her out to get a better angle on her sloppy gash.

I jerk my cock a few times before placing it at Katie's entrance, and then bend over to grab her swinging tits as handholds before pulling myself into her by her tits. She immediately groans loudly, and sucks the pussy in front of her with more gusto.

"Sister? Mmmmm, you ate your ugh.. sister out? Ahhh kinky!" Krystal grabs Katie's head, mashes it into her slut hole, and gyrates her hips into Katie's face.

I start out with long deep strokes into Katie, and she groans again while licking at Krystal's clit. Once in a while, I speed up and pound her pussy, flesh slapping on each stroke, and then stop all together, before starting over again. She doesn't last too long with me doing this, and suddenly explodes all over my cock, followed closely by Krystal cumming all over Katie's face.

I then direct Krystal to get on her knees on the edge of the couch next to Katie, hip to hip, without missing a beat of stroking into Katie with my big cock. Krystal jumps up and takes position and looks over her shoulder at me in a very seductive manner.

Instead of pulling out of Katie, I start to finger Krystal with my left hand at the rate I'm pounding Katie, and stroking Katie's back with my other hand. When my fingers are wet enough, I hook my index finger inside Krystals cunt, and press my thumb onto her starfish, slowly working it's way in. Once I've gotten up to the first knuckle of my thumb in her ass, I hook my fingers like carrying a 6-pack, and tug at about the same strength it would take to carry said 6-pack, over and over.

"Play with your pussy." I say, not directed at either of them. They both reach down and start rubbing on their clits like there's no tomorrow. I keep stroking into Katie at a faster pace, my pelvis slapping her in the ass on every stroke. The sound almost echoing in the empty house. My balls are starting to boil and I know I won't last that long, fucking this tight cunt.

I start stroking even faster and harder into Katie, forcing her face into the cushions of the couch as she plays with her clit. My fingers keeping pace inside Krystal to my left, as I feel my cum building and ready to vent. Suddenly, I explode inside Katie, shooting rope after rope of cum inside her, which sets her off into her second orgasm of the evening. Krystal is working hard on herself, and I add another 2 fingers inside her cunt, fingering harder, and she finally shrieks, signaling her orgasm shortly behind ours.

I slowly pull out of Katie, followed by a squelching sound, before falling out, still rigid as a rock, and pull back. I slide my fingers out of Krystal at the same time.

"OK, both of you turn around and get on your knees." I tell them. They both spin around quickly, and fall to their knees in front of my hard cock, staring at it with a bit of hunger. I place my hands on both of their heads, dark blonde on the right, and fiery red on the left, and guide them both to my shlong. They both put their tongues out, and start lapping my turgid member.

"So.. how did the both of you meet?" I ask of them.

"Well, I came over and knocked on your door because I couldn't get you off my mind today, and needed a little sugar to tide me over again." Katie responds first. She then takes the head of my cock in her mouth, and forces it into the back of her throat as Krystal answers.

"That's where I found her when I came home from work. I came up behind her and asked who she was." Krystal answered and started kissing my balls, and taking one into her mouth to suck on.

"I told her I was a close friend from across the street. When she let us both inside, she asked me how close?" Katie says once she takes my cock out of her mouth.

"When we got inside," Krystal said "I noticed a wet spot on her sun dress she was wearing. Looked like she was playing with herself while waiting for someone to answer the door."

"I was. I was so embarrassed." said Katie, relinquishing my cock for Krystal to take a turn sucking on it.

"We started talking, and decided to play with you." Krystal said after popping her lips off my cock. "Looks like it was a good surprise."

"It was! And now, I'll give you both a surprise!" I grabbed my cock, and beat it a few times, until I blew up, ejaculating over Katie's face, and then Krystal's. I basted them in cum, first over Katie's forehead and an eye, and then shot the next rope across Krystal's cheek and nose. The last few ropes partially landed in each of their mouths.

"Now, clean each other up." I say. Krystal is the first to make a move, and kisses Katie, passing my cum back and forth, before licking up my cum from her nose. The favor is returned when Katie slurps up my spend from Krystal's cheek and eye. They both take their time, glancing at me once in a while, eyes dropping to my still hard cock.

"Well, since you can't seem to get enough of my cock... why don't you sit back on the couch and spread your legs" I told Krystal, "and as for you" I turn to Katie, "why don't you sit down next to her."

"Good girls" I say as they both jump up and sit back on the couch.

Katie sits next to Krystal and immediately cups one of Krystal's breasts, playing with the nipple that's still rock hard. Krystal spreads her legs, and I get between them, putting a hand on each thigh, and lean in to slowly kiss each thigh just a few inches away from her dripping slit. I continue to tease her for a minute, kissing all around her lips, kissing her pubic mound, and then one strong lick from taint to clit to get her riled up a bit.

She reacts by spreading her legs open more, and pulls them back with a hand on each calf, opening herself up to me, almost hitting Katie in the head with one leg. I dive in and start to tongue fuck her hole with the occasional lick up to her clit, to suck on it. She almost jumps the last time I do this, and starts wiggling her hips as much as she can while I tongue her clit quickly.

"Aaaaaiiiii! Uh uh uh!" Her scream as she reaches her peak and bursts down the other side of the hill.

When she goes over the top and convulse in orgasmic delight, she squirts into my mouth, and all over my face. Her abs flinch in what seems a researched ballet of muscle clinch and release up and down her stomach.

I then lean back and take a good look at all she's showing me, and grin. Her dripping pussy, below that, her taint, and then her chocolate starfish winking at me, now moist and glinting in the light, from her runny pussy, between her widely spread ass cheeks.

I stand tall on my knees and walk in toward her pretty pussy with my cock directing me, bobbing with each step. Once I reach her, my cock is all but lying down on her cunt lips, so I saw back and forth a bit, coating my cock in her honey.

"Katie, why don't you help me fuck this slut? Put my cock inside her." I tell Katie from the side, and she reaches down, gets a nice firm grip on the base of my cock, and rubs it between Krystal's pussy lips, and pressing down until my cock head hits her opening, and begins to pull me into her. I help out until I'm buried to the hilt, my balls resting on her ass, and then begin to ease my way out of her tight channel before slamming in once. I repeat this same strategy a few times, gaining a grunt from her each time.

I then pull out completely, and my honey covered cock glints in the overhead lights as it slaps her clit as it lands on top of her cunt again.

"Oops! I came out. Krystal, if you would do the honors again?" I looked at her toying with her own clit, and abusing her breast with the other hand.

She reaches over and grabs my cock again, pushing the tip to Krystal's tight cunt again, and I correct her.

"Wrong hole, slut." I tell her. She just grins and pushes my cock down just a little bit more until it's pressing on Krystal's other hole. Krystal starts to squirm a bit as I'm pressing my cock in to her asshole.

"I've wanted this ass since I saw it at the store. It will be mine tonight." I tell Krystal.

"You're too big though! I don't think it'll fit." she responds.

"I'll make sure it fits." I push just a bit harder before telling her to relax as much as she can.

"Ugh! Uh uh" she blows out a lung full of air, as my cock head finally pops into her anal cave. I let it just sit there for a minute to let her get used to the size. While I wait, I reach up and play with her breasts, lifting them, squeezing them, and admiring them. I began to play with her nipples and puffy aureole, pinching and twisting them. Then I started to pull on her nipples while simultaneously sliding a bit farther inside her.

"Oh oh uhg uh uh ooooh!" She is taking in quick breaths and letting them out slowly, while her asshole expands to accommodate my wide girth.

"That's a good girl." I praise her for taking so much cock where she wasn't used to . She was taking it like a champ. My slut girlfriend.

Aah! Ahh! Mmmmm!" she moans as my cock slides further and further inside of her tight channel. My fingers are still pinching and pulling on her nipples. Her chest is puffed out, arching her back toward me. I was about half way in and the rest was a bit easier for her to take as the thickest part was already inside her ass.

"What a good little slut you are! Taking my cock up your ass." She was still breathing as though giving birth, and I felt her relax just a bit more, and I slid in until my pelvis was pressing against her pussy. I praised her again, and released her nipples to again grope the whole of her breasts.

Katie, still sitting next to her, fingering herself with her right hand, reaches over with her left, and slides her hand under mine on Krystal's left breast, squeezing over and over again. Both of them moan. Rather than just give up on molesting a breast, I reached over with my right hand, and grabbed Katie's hand on her cunt, and slid both of our fingers inside her, deeply, pulling them out, and pressing back in, finger fucking her with 2 hands.

I pull almost all the way out of Krystal's ass, and slowly push back in, still letting her get used to my size and how it feels to be ass fucked. After a dozen strokes or so, I begin to push back in harder, slapping my balls against her ass cheeks, before pulling out slowly again.

I take her hand, currently gripping the couch cushion behind her, and place it over her cunt. I press a finger inside her to lube it up, and then manipulate her fingers and started playing with her clit. Her other hand begins to molest her own breast, pulling at her aureole and nipple, before releasing it to slap back into place atop her perfectly formed fuck handles.

Katie keeps getting more wound up with two of us fingering her, and her moans continue getting louder. I'm not sure how long she'll last before crashing over the peak into orgasm, but I continue to help her gain momentum towards that end. Her sloppy wet pussy squelch with each dip in and out with 4 fingers, 2 of mine and 2 of hers.

I'm in heaven! I've never had two beautiful girls like these, let alone both at the same time. Krystal is one of those girls that would have normally been WAY out of my league, but with the necklace, I can have her as much as I want. With Katie, I would have just been enjoying the view whenever I saw her. But now, I've got a cock in the ass of the one I dubbed my girlfriend, and fingers pumping away at the other's pussy. Plus, I have more girls in town that are hot for my cock, and that I can take whenever I want.

I really start pounding at Krystal's ass, giving it all I have, receiving a grunt on every impact I have with her ass. Her eyes are half lidded and watching me now. Katie is also watching what we are doing, and glancing at me at random moments, as I help her fuck herself. I have barely given so much pleasure to one woman before, and now I have 2 that I'm excelling at pleasuring simultaneously.

"Mmmmm! Gah! Uh uh!" Katie suddenly tenses up, and groans through her orgasm, her pussy tightens around our fingers spasmodically. I speed up my fingering with my middle and ring fingers, and push hers out of the way. I start to really fuck her with my fingers, curling them up and searching of her g-spot, almost lifting her ass off the couch with the force of my thrusting hand. She explodes into a second orgasm, or it enhances the first one. They blend together and she screams silently while her body freezes in place, toes curling, and mouth wide open, and her eyes staring at me.

Krystal isn't far behind, and my continuous pounding of her asshole brings on the first of her anal orgasms. This shocks her and pleases me to no end. I continue thrusting to prolong her pleasure. I didn't feel ready to cum. I feel plenty of pleasure, but my balls are happy enough slapping her ass in a hasty fashion.

I didn't want to slow down and miss my chance to cum like they had. I continue to flex my abs and pound her abused and stretched out ass until my balls begin to react. I feel my cum start to bubble up my shaft, preparing for a volcanic eruption inside her deep cavern. I become frantic. I think that she'll orgasm when I do and I need to blow.

When I finally cum, my motions become sporadic. I make ill-timed pumps of my hips, and suddenly, I start erupting with what felt like Mount St Helens blowing. My orgasm is intense. I feel as though I may pass out, but hold on to continue pumping rope after rope up Krystal's ass. I lean in over her body. I take a nipple into my mouth, sucking as though she might produce milk at any second. Sucking hard, I tease the nipple tip with my tongue.

As I hoped, when I begin to blow up inside her, Krystal throws back her head and screams for a second. She gasps for air, mouth hanging open, and eyes wide. Her pussy convulses, along with her whole body shaking in a tremendous orgasm. Her ass tightly clinches around my fat cock, milking me of every drop I have left in my balls.

I keep myself inside her until my cock shrinks down, kissing her hard on the lips. She allows my tongue to enter her mouth, and I tongue-fuck her mouth, wrestling with her tongue. Both girls become limp sacks of potatoes, completely lifeless and resting.

I hadn't eaten since lunchtime at work about 8 hrs earlier. I suddenly realize that, after all the vigorous energy spent on the hike and the activities at home, I'm starving. I tell my girls and we decide to all share a pizza. None of us wants to put any effort into cooking tonight. I call a local place and order for the three of us.

The girls all but crawl into the shower together, they are so worn out. They have a relatively short shower together, and return with towels around their waists. They look really sexy in nothing but a towel covering half their bodies. I'm tempted to take one of them again, but hold back. Instead, I collect all of our clothes while they showered and hid them. They ask where they are, but I'm tight lipped.

"You'll get your clothes back once I'm out of the shower. Neither of you can get dressed until then. When the pizza comes, no hiding your body. The view of you in the open door will be the tip." I tell both of them. "You two can decide who will answer the door. Here's the money for the pizza. I'm taking a shower." I hand the cash to Krystal, and then walk down the hall to the bathroom.

I take my time to make sure I'm not around when the pizza arrives. I shave my 5 o'clock shadow and give myself a deep clean in the shower. My cock decides to get hard as I remember the fun I just had. I stroke my shaft for a few minutes but decide to let it go down. Once it does, I get out of the shower, dry off, and go to my room to put shorts and a t-shirt on.

When I come back out, both girls are eating a slice of pizza naked.

"How'd it go?" I ask.

"OMG! It was so scary, but funny too!" Krystal says. "It ended up being me that answered the door. The delivery guy was kinda cute and was shocked to see me naked.  He dropped the pizza. While he was picking it up, he couldn't take his eyes off of me. Before I closed the door, I saw that he had a boner goin' on."

"I think he liked the tip." Katie adds. "He almost forgot to take the cash for the pizza. She had to offer it to him before he finally took it."

I look over and see that half of the pizza is curled over on itself from where it hit the ground. I chuckle a little at that. It still looks edible though so no worries.

"OK girls. Your clothes are under your seat cushions, if you want them."

"That's ok for now." Krystal says. "I don't mind being naked here. Maybe you should join us in being naked." As she says this, she cups a breast and hefts it before letting it drop for me to see.

I giggle at that, and move to sit between them on the couch. I'm famished and need to eat. Katie moves out of my way just a bit as I sit, but immediately scoots back so our hips are touching. She crosses her legs again.

As soon as I sit down, Krystal leans into me, and feeds me some of her slice of pizza. I take a good bite, chew, and swallow the meaty slice.

"I could get used to this real fast." I enjoy getting fed by the girls. I'm awarded with the pizza slice appearing back in front of me for another bite. I oblige and take the next bite. I just sit back and let both of them feed me, and themselves, until the pizza is gone.

Once the pizza is finished, Krystal clears the box off the coffee table and returns to sitting on my left side. She leans into me with her head on my shoulder.

"What's the plan now, Sir?" Krystal asks.

Sir? I kind of like that. I may have to add that into my list of commands for my girls. Master seems too formal and not really how I would run a harem. But to each their own. I'm not trying to run their lives as much as others with this sort of power would. I'm not going to remove them from their own lives and force them to live a life dreamed up by some new master. I want them to have their lives but be available at times for me.  I want them think of me when they have some down time from friends and work.

"What do you say we just stay here and watch a movie or something?"

"Well, the new Avatar is out." Krystal says. "What if we watch the first one to get it fresh in our minds? Then we can see the new one in the next few days."

"That sounds good to me." I nod.

"I never saw it. Is it good?" Katie asks.

"What? Now we HAVE to watch it!" Krystal says. She jumps up and quickly walks back to my room, coming back out with my king sized bed comforter to cover us all up.

After Krystal draps it over Katie and I, she shakes her tits at me. They wobble for a few seconds before becoming stationary again. She turns back towards the movie selection I have on multiple shelves and finds the desired blu-ray. After popping it into the player, she sits up close to me, covering herself up.

Krystal grabs the remote and starts the movie. After tossing the remote next to her, she cuddles with me. I waste no time before placing my hand half way up her thigh, which was crossed over the other. When I pull a bit, she uncrosses her thighs and spreads her leg up and over mine. I start to draw little circles on her inner thigh, moving up and down. I get close enough to feel the heat from her engorged pussy before tracing my way down to her knee.

I do the same to Katie on my right, pulling her leg over mine and toying with her thigh up and down. I get both of them worked up a fair amount before touching their wet cunts. After about 45 minutes, with them thinking that that's all I am going to do, I finish the trail up their thighs, and push a finger between their lower lips, spreading them wide open.

I hear a gasp in stereo from both girls as I introduce a second finger to each pussy massage. Once in a while, I dip a finger in to the first knuckle for more lube. By now, both girls have their arms holding mine in place, cuddling me, placing kisses on my shoulders, and kissing me when I look over at either of them. I play with their clits plenty, but never allow them to go over the peak into orgasm.

Their groans just entice me to keep playing my game of dipping a finger inside them, fingering them for a minute, rubbing their pussy for a while, and pinching their clit. I only allow them to the edge. Katie tries to add her hand over mine, to guide and maneuver my hand where she wants it, but that just makes me pull both of our hands away. This is my game, and I'll play it alone.

She groans in protest, but leaves well enough alone. I begin to play with her cunt again, with her just holding on to my arm for dear life. I continually bring her to the edge and then let her down.

Neither of the girls is actually watching the movie due to my hands treating them to an arousing time under the blanket. I think that their whole beings are focused on the few square inches hidden between their legs for 3 frustrating hours of arousal.

"Cum for me." I say out loud for both girls when a key moment happens right before the credits. I pinch both of their clits.

"Aaaaiiiiiiii!" Katie immediately screams, and her body falls sideways as she curls up in a ball, her muscles jerking all over her body. I feel her hands both go toward where my hand is, but my hand gets left out of the action when she rolls over.

Krystal, on the other hand, opens her mouth and silently screams while holding her breath. Her body goes stiff, and her legs clamp my hand between her thighs. The blanket falls down enough for me to see her perfectly formed, pale tits shake slightly.

"Gaaah!" When her body finally releases her frozen form, she blows out her held breath, and sucks in air to fill her empty lungs. Her cunt floods around my hand held fast between her toned thighs.

"Oh GOD!" Krystal says into my ear just a little too loudly. My arm is still trapped between both of hers, and my hand hadn't moved between her thighs in a few moments. I can feel her pussy spasm just slightly over and over again.

"Oh fuck, I need you in me! Fuck me!" she says once she calms down a bit more.

"When you can stand, go put the blanket back on the bed. I'll be there in a minute." I say, ignoring her pleading for a moment. When she grabs at the blanket and pulls it all into a ball, I get up, and check on Katie. It appears that she passed out from her orgasm, so I pick her up, and follow Krystal into the room, laying her down on the replaced comforter on one side of the bed.

I couldn't escape Krystal any longer. She saddles up next to me while I look down at the sleeping Katie. I put my arm around Krystal. Before she can do the same, I move back, and push her in front of me. I grab her hip with one hand and push her over with the other. Now she that is bent over Katie's naked body, I drop my shorts. Grabbing my raging cock, I slap her in the clit with it, before rubbing from her clit to her entrance and slamming home.

"Fuck! Fuck! YES!" She isn't quiet as she cums. I pound her hard from behind.  Amazingly, Katie hasn't woken up yet. Krystal is flailing her arms about trying to find a way to brace herself for my solid thrusting. She ends up with one hand on Katie's ribs just below her right tit and the other between her splayed legs, inches from her cunt.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming again!" Krystal is wildly shaking her ass at me, whipping my cock around inside her tight channel with every stroke I make. My cock get soaked with how much she secretes around me. I just keep pounding, holding her up at the top of the cliff, dangling off. I want her to cum again quickly. I don't know how long I'll last, and she deserves a good fucking from me.

I grip her fuck handles with both hands and begin pounding harder, pushing hard enough that her feet slid out from under her. Krystal's hips land cross ways on Katie's hips. I slip out of her.

I straddle Krystal's legs sticking out from the bed and place my cock back between her tightly held thighs, just below her butt. I press in and down. I spread her cheeks a bit and press harder to get back inside her warm sleeve quickly. I'm not done with her yet.

Instead of thrusting into her, once I have my cock where I want it, I pull her by her hips back onto me, spearing her fuck hole on my pole. Now that she is in a better position, I start to really fuck her hard, feeling my balls expand in advance of blowing another load up her tight cunt.

"Aaaaaah!" She hollers but keeps shaking her ass, trying to wiggle more of me into her. I never give up on spearing her cunt hole, and feel my balls begin the flood of cum into her cave.

"Fuck yes!" I say as I explode inside her. When she feels my cum hit her cervix, she begins to cum on my cock again.

"Yes, I'm cumming again! I love you! Fuck!" She all but screams into the blanket on Katie's right side. I reached over and began to fondle Katie's right tit as I unload a copious amount of cum into my girlfriend. Katie starts to respond to my squeezing of her tit, and wakes up to the end of Krystal professing her love for me.

When I finally pull out, Krystal mewls at me, but allows me to exit her channel. It's getting late, or early as the case may be, and we are all done for the night in more ways than one.

I crawl over her and pull back the blanket so I can slide under it and roll over to cuddle with Katie, grabbing one of her tits, as though I'm claiming it as my own. I guess it is mine anyway. Krystal climbs over us both, and spoons behind me, grabbing onto my torso, as she falls into a deep sleep. I'm not far behind.

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