Geocatched Part 4

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Max stumbles upon an item that changes his world.

Geocatched part 4


“BEEP! BEEP!” goes the alarm, and I flail around with my right hand to try to bang the clock to stop the irritating beeping, though I end up knocking it off the nightstand instead. I roll over, being kind to my morning wood as I did so, to lean over the side of the bed to clumsily reach for the radio to shut it off. I still didn't want to open my eyes so it took some time to do this.

I was having the most intense dream! I had been dreaming that one of my crushes growing up was swallowing my cock whole. When I woke up, I realized that Anne wasn't between my legs at all. I'd let the girls have the night to themselves, with school and work the next day.

This is where I ponder about other stories I've read where taking control of someone completely ruins their outside life, and focuses on their captivity. I'd rather them continue to live their lives, but be available to me whenever I could use a good fucking. Why ruin their lives so I can have pussy when I want, when having a harem of sorts, with women all over town, could almost surly have someone available to me at any hour of the day.

Harem. That's a word I hadn't thought about until waking up today. I really didn't think about the fact that I'd be collecting women as I have over this last weekend. I knew I'd be collecting more as time passes. How could I not, with the work I'm in?

I did mention that I work at a grocery store, right? I work in the produce department, and have for a few years. Before that, I worked on the front end in the check out lanes. At that point, with a few coworkers, I would joke about “Thank God for aprons!” as I was constantly inundated with beautiful young ladies going through my line, and hiding my constant erection was necessity.

Working at a store just a mile from the major university in my town, I am pretty lucky. Other stores like mine in town are much farther away from campus, so all the kids come shopping at my store for convenience. That being said, it's always a beautiful day at work. Everyone needs to eat, and I'm the closest store to accommodate that need.

Now, another great thing about working there is that when it's nice out, women wear less clothing, and more revealing clothing more often. Mostly to dissipate the heat, but they do look damn sexy in their attempt at cooling off. Many sundresses, short skirts, tight shirts, cleavage revealing shirts, yoga pants and the like, as well as the lack of underwear keeps the mind going places that can be very enjoyable.

Ahhhh. I love working where I may keep getting older, but all the ladies stay the same age every year. Always young and beautiful.

I think about all this, as I'm getting out of bed, taking my shower, and preparing for another grueling day at work. Work is usually just a boring job getting anything sell-able to the displays and people watching. I do like doing that more, so I keep the job as good entertainment. For instance, watching women picking out cucumbers. They do tend to fondle them a bit, and the size matters, with what they want it for. Sometimes, I fantasize about what they're using them for, and wishing I could help them use it.

My town tends to be quite liberal, and accepting, including how the women dress. The 'Free the nipple' initiative, 'burn the bras' feelings, and such help out the scenery. When I'm pulling up in the parking lot, I have to stop to allow a girl to cross the intersection, wearing next to nothing as she heads to her car with a small bag of goodies. Short black skirt and flats, black fishnet vest of a sort, and a black bra, leaving the majority of her torso exposed. Damn, it's a fine day to go to work here.

Except it wasn't. For most of the day, it was just families and a few stray students about. The rest must be out enjoying the weather, hiking in the hills bordering our town, laying out to get their tan on, or studying under a tree at a park.

And then she walked into the department. Shoulders back, standing tall (might be 5'5”), and proud, walking right by me. I was kind of stunned, and then realized what I had seen. She wore a pair of sandles, short jean shorts and a white top with a faded logo on the front. The thing with this shirt though, was that it was one that looks like it's been washed a billion times so you can about see everything inside the shirt. She had a pair of breasts, for their size, that would stop a bus. Maybe a large B cup or small C cup, conical in shape, with puffy aureole, and firm nipples. Her great natural red hair shading her face and reached just a little past the shoulder.

She smelled great too. Strawberries, I believe.

I had to do something. I also had a crowd of people in the department. That would be awkward if others came up to me, asking me for something, while I'm essentially 'training' this young lady. Then again, it wouldn't be easy wherever I do it. I take the necklace off. Here I go...

“Excuse me, Miss! I think you dropped this.” I hold the necklace out just a bit as she turns around. Immediately, I look around. We're by the apples, and no one else is near for the moment. When I turn back, her face is a neutral stare looking in my direction. I wasn't going to be able to last as long as normal keeping her like this. Time for the edited version, for now.

“What is your name?” I asked first off.

“Krystal” she says.

“Well, Krystal, you are under my complete control. Anything I tell you to do, you will do. Remember this number: ***-***-****. Text that number any and all erotic photos you have. Take a few more, including in this outfit you have on. Any command that comes from that number is as though it is a command from me. Come back here in” I look at my watch real quick “about an hour and meet me at the entrance to the store.”

I really hope she didn't have any real plans tonight. That could pose a problem. I couldn't think about that now though. It was only Monday. Hopefully there won't be any plans tonight. I'd worry more if it was close to the weekend.

“You'll wake up in 3... 2... 1, and wake.” I say, and put the necklace back on and grab my house keys, holding them up quickly. She looks down at what I have in my hand.

“Those aren't mine. Thank you for checking.” she says to me.

“Oh, ok. Have a good evening.” I break off and return to my work as she walks away. Man, she's gorgeous, and just a few inches shorter than I am. I can't wait to see her in an hour. This will be fun.

The next hour takes as long as a day in a rock quarry, breaking rock into gravel, by hand. I had an hour to think about what I wanted to do with her when she returned. After about 40 minutes, I started getting photos thru text. First, it was a photo in the shirt she had on, and then the naked shots followed. I barely scrolled through them at the moment, but I had signed out a few minutes early for the night, and stood at the entrance going through at a more leisurely pace. Fantastic images to jack off to. Not that I really have to do that myself anymore.

Just as I was staring at her juicy cunt, spread open and one finger inside her, she decided to walk up to me. She happened to look down at my phone before I acknowledged her there, and before I was able to put the phone away.

“Mmmm. That was fun!” she says. “Hi. I'm Krystal” as she holds out her hand to shake. She's still wearing the same outfit as before, and I look her up and down as I shake her hand, noticing how her breasts shake just a bit. This time, I could make out her tan lines on her torso. Her smile is contagious and I take in her face at the end. Her bright green eyes, little button nose curved up, high cheek bones, lots of freckles, and her hair this time held out of the way by a few strands tucked behind the ear.

“Max” I say as I fumble for the necklace again. I pull it out of my shirt and turn to face her directly. She notices the movement and looks down and freezes. I'm glad I was standing a little ways away from the entrance, so barely anyone would walk by as I talked to her subconscious mind.

I started off telling her that she was a slut for me, and expanded on everything else that I had explained to the other girls in my growing group of girls under my control. A harem if you will. I did, however, ask her if she had a significant other I should worry about.

“I have a boyfriend, but it's casual. More of a fuck buddy” she informs me.

“My cock is the only cock you crave or want. You're going to need to call it off with your boyfriend. I'm your boyfriend now. You're mine.” I don't know really why I threw that out there, but there was just something about this girl. I wanted her as another toy to fuck, but something inside me told me to make her my girlfriend.

“You will not be jealous of the other girls I fuck, but will feel inclined to join in when confronted by other girls fucking me.” I tell her. I think I have all the bases covered, and wake her up again.

“Why don't we go to my car and get better acquainted?” I offer, and turn toward the far end of the lot where the employees tend to park. I like taking the spots farthest away under the trees for shade in the heat.

As we're walking, I squeeze her ass and finger her asshole through her jean shorts. She doesn't seem to mind, as she snuggles closer to me as we continue on. When we get to the car, I unlock it with the key fob, and direct her into the back seat.

“Why don't you just crawl in there, and turn around” I say as I open the door. She bends over as she enters the back seat, crawling onto the bench seat. I once again fondle her ass, and rub farther down until I'm cupping her pussy through her jeans, and rub a few times before allowing her to continue. She turns around, and crawls back to the door where I'm standing just outside of, with my cock out and waiting. She takes the queue and licks the tip of my cock, and then a long lick from balls to tip.

I reach in and rub the back of her head a bit before getting a handful of hair, still allowing her to do the work she's there to do. Of course, my head is above the roof of the car, so I'm watching for anybody coming close, while I start to guide my girlfriend on my rod.

She takes it all like a champ as I pull her in, shoving my cock down her throat. She's at the perfect angle to fuck her throat, as she's on all fours swinging forwards and backwards and her neck at full extension, it's easy to smash her nose into my short & curlies. It really doesn't take long for me to get ready to blow a load down her throat though, and I don't hold back. I pull her head back so the tip stays in her mouth and let loose.

“Mine is the only male cum you want. You love the taste” I say while shooting rope after rope of cum into her mouth. “Be a good slut and swallow it all” I tell her as her mouth is probably full. I can't tell from my point of view. I do hear her swallow a few times, so I'm sure she got most of it. I look down, and there's just a little bit dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

“Are you expected home?” I ask as I fasten the fly on my pants. She sits down on the bench seat in the back of the car, wiping her mouth and licking her hand clean.

“No, I live alone, but Seth will be expecting me to call in a few hours.” she informs me.

“Is Seth your fuck buddy?”

“Yes. We just get together a few times a week.” she tells me.

I'm glad that it'll be pretty easy to end her time with him. I can certainly get jealous of other guys that are boning my girls. I can't let them have sexual relationships with anyone other than myself and the other harem girls. Keep it within the 'family' as some would say.

“Did you drive here?” I ask her. There are so many rental units for students and others around the store, it's a valid option to walk instead of drive.

“No. I'm in a condo across the street” she informs me.

“Perfect. Lets get in front. I'm going to take you home tonight.” She turns around, and instead of getting out of the car to climb in the passenger side door, she sticks her legs through in between the seats, and slides forward until she's sitting on the console and then plops down in her seat. I close the rear door, and climb into the driver seat.

“Give me your panties” I say when I get in the car.

“It's not that easy. I don't have a skirt on.” She tries to play coy.

“I didn't ask. Take off the shorts.” I respond. I kept my voice light, but firm.

She started to unbutton her shorts as she was bid, and almost made it look erotically teasing, but also kept moving her head about as if looking out for strangers looking for a chance to see her pussy. She lifted her butt and slowly slid her shorts down her legs until they were pooled at her feet, and then reached back up to her waist to grab her tiny red g-string she wore, and paused.

She paused for too long, so I reached over, and felt her left breast for the first time ever. So soft and firm, yet pliable. After a few seconds of groping, I pinched her rock hard nipple between thumb and forefinger, and twisted a bit.

“Now take off your panties” I said softly to her.

She mewled in response and looked around her once again, but acquiesced, and slowly slid the panties off. Once they were down, she pulled both feet out from them, and handed them to me. Then she sat back in the chair and attempted to cover her privates.

I released her nipple, and reached down to her hand covering a tiny landing strip of brown hair cut short, and pulled her hand away, and to her side. I then reached down to her knee, doing the same thing. I slowly spread her leg wide enough for her knee to touch my seat, and looked up at her gorgeous face. Her eyes were pleading with me, and her jaw was clamped shut.

Resting her left foot on my right thigh, I slid my hand down to her center, and ran a finger up and down her folds a few times, getting it sticky wet with her arousal. When I brought the finger up to my mouth, her eyes went wider, if that was possible. I moved my hand back down and reclaimed my territory by flicking my thumb over her clit for about 20 seconds.

“Play with yourself while I take us to my home” I told her. “No covering up!”

She again moved her left hand over her lower lips, and gently started to run her fingers up and down, and spreading herself open for me to see her pink insides. At this point, I started the car and backed out of the spot. I decided to go the slower way, and drove through the whole parking lot with all those stop signs at pedestrian crossings to add to the thrill, and maybe humiliation of my copilot currently rubbing herself for my amusement.

“Please, Sir!” she pleaded with me, as I wouldn't let her move her left leg down and cover herself.

I ignored her pleas and we made it through the parking lot without someone looking into the car to see what she was doing. She let out a breath I didn't know she was holding, as soon as we got onto the cross street, and headed toward home.

It wasn't a long drive, and soon we were parked in the driveway. I turn toward Krystal and watch again for a few moments.

“Are you going to come soon?” I asked her.

“I'm getting kind of close.” she responded to me.

“Stop playing, put on your shorts, and come with me.”

She groaned, but did as requested, getting dressed and opening the car door. Once she was out, she came around the other side of the car to wait for me to get out, as I had my phone in my hand. I texted Anne across the street.

“If you're home, come on over and come in. Door is unlocked. I have someone for you to meet.” I texted her.

I kissed Krystal lightly, and slapped her ass as I got out, and locked the car. We made our way up to the front door where I pulled out my keys, and unlocked the front door. I held the door open and let her pass me until I could close the door behind her.

The place was sparsely furnished with 2 couches, one directly to the right of the door, under the front window, and the other against the wall on the right. On the left was a coat closet on a wall that leads you toward the kitchen, and hallway to the left toward the bedrooms.

As soon as the door is closed I reach for Krystal, grabbing her waist and pulling her back to me as she looked around the room. Immediately, I run my hands across her stomach under her shirt, and slowly pull the shirt up to her breasts, where I spent a few long moments groping her perfect breasts. Then I pull the shirt up and over her head, as she lifted her arms to allow me to. Tossing her shirt onto the couch, I run my hands back down her torso to her shorts, and the buttons at her front.

Unfastening the first one, and then a second, the buttons gave way and loosened the shorts enough that I was able to push them down over the swell of her bubbly ass, and let them drop to the floor. She knew what he wanted and stepped out of the discarded shorts, spreading her feet to shoulder width apart. My hands roamed again, the right going back up and groped her left tit. The left hand traveling down to her puffy red lips, and dipped one finger between her lips.

“Who are you?” I asked her.

“I'm Krystal” she gasps.

“Who are you?” I ask again, pressing my finger into her pussy.

“I'm your slut?” She questions softly.

“That's right. And who's pussy is this?” I ask.

“Yours.” she responds.

“Good.” I say as I start to pull on her nipple out from her body. “Bend over the couch.”

She bent forward, steadied herself with both arms on the cushion, and laid her head on the pillow decorating the couch. I took that moment to pull back and observe her ass, and it was a fine ass. I slapped her right cheek quickly followed by her left cheek. I heard a muffled “Eeeek” after each one. I then knelt down, and spread her cheeks wide, taking in the view of her swollen, leaky pussy, and her brown star.

On my first lick from clit to hole, she squirmed a bit from the surprise of it all. She started pushing back into my face as I nibbled on her puffy lips, and tongued her slit from bottom to top. When I took her clit between my lips and sucked, followed by flicking my tongue back and forth across the tip, she wiggled herself, pushing again back into my face. I threw her for a loop next, and kept licking from clit to hole, but continued up to her anal entrance while inserting a finger in her pussy. She almost shook herself out of my grip on her thigh, and I lost contact with my tongue for a moment, before she calmed herself a bit, shuttering as she came down from her first orgasm given from me.

I took one last lick of her gash before standing up again, dropping my pants to pile at my feet, and was lining up my cock with her fuck hole when the door opened up right next to me.

“I'm here. Who did you want me to meet?” Anne was turning around from closing the screen door, and suddenly came to a stop with a gasp. At that moment, I shoved my large erection in to the hilt in Krystals dripping pussy.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!! FUCK! FUCK! Oh SHIT!” I heard from the pillow below us, and my cock was suddenly gripped in a vise, squeezed tightly in rapid pulses, as Krystal came again on my cock. I heard another whimper as I just sat there, buried to the hilt in her cunt, letting her come down from her second orgasm.

I turn and look at Anne with a shocked look on her face, and smiled.

“Perfect timing.” I say. “Close the door and come here.”

I reach over and take Anne's left hand and place it on Krystals left ass cheek, placing my hand over hers, weaving my fingers between hers, before sliding it down her ass crack, and pressing her thumb around Krystal's asshole. After a moment of teasing, I pressed harder, and forced Anne's thumb into Krystal's ass.

“Krystal, this is my slut, Anne. Anne, the slut you're finger fucking is Krystal.” I push more of Anne's thumb into her forbidden hole, emphasizing the fingering.

“Oh GOD! Hiiieee! Ugh!” Krystal replies as she pumps her hips a few times.

I look over at Anne, and she's blushing deep down into her blue tube top, emphasizing her magnificent bust, and short shorts topped off by a pair of faded blue Chucks.

“Uhm,, Hi!” Anne says in response. She, tries to wiggle her hand away, but I hold it tightly, and push her thumb in and out of Krystal's asshole. Then I pull my cock almost all the way out, before sliding it back in her super tight channel. Then I start rocking back and forth into her at the same tempo as Anne's thumb buggering her.

After a few strokes into Krystal, I begin pulling her up, forcing Anne's thumb from her ass, and slide my hands up to her tits, mauling them.

“Krystal, why don't you thank Anne for fingering you?” I turn Krystal toward Anne, and she takes the reigns, pulling Anne into a hug and kissing her deeply. I keep pumping into Krystal causing another groan mixed into their kiss.

When they broke off the hot kiss, they kept a heated eye contact. I noticed that Anne's nipples had become hard, and now became beacons behind the thin cloth of her boob tube. I turned Krystal back toward the couch and bent her over it again, before upping my pace and starting to pound her pretty pussy with measured strokes. Our bodies slapped at every contact as I bottomed out inside her. I turned to Anne and pulled her in for a kiss of my own, and groped her perfect breast before pulling her tube top down over the abused tit.

As I kept plowing into Krystal, I directed Anne over to the couch, and Krystal's head. Anne's tube top had now been pushed down to her stomach, and out of the way.

“Why don't you take those shorts off, and make yourself comfortable for this slut to suck on your clit. I'll be along to take over soon enough.” I told Anne.

“Mmmmm” was her only reply as she unfastened her shorts, and dropped them right at the door before almost bouncing over to the couch, placing her pussy right in the face of Krystal, who didn't take long in getting her first lick in.

I felt like I was getting close to exploding in my new girlfriend and slut. She was so tight and slippery, I didn't think I'd be able to hold it back. When she started to convulse and squeeze my cock inside her like a vise, I gave up pretending I could hold it, and let loose a torrent of cum in 5 long bursts shooting inside her.

I did keep pounding her after ejaculating inside of her. I wasn't quite done with her for now. I'd noticed yesterday that I wasn't going soft after one good cum, and stayed rock hard for more pleasure. I also seemed to have a good sized well of cum to share among my ladies.

I also noticed that I wasn't tiring as easily as well. Now that I'm thinking about it, was the necklace the thing that improved my stamina? I was not able to perform nearly this long, or have multiple orgasms with my last one night stand I had picked up at a local bar a month ago, or was it two. Either way, I wasn't about to start complaining that I had a hard on that couldn't be diminished by just one or two ejaculations, or that I can come like a fire hose multiple times. After all, I'm apparently collecting women to enjoy the company of, and performance is a key player in that. I'll have to test it all, but how long can I go before I'm beyond recovery in the moment? How long can I go?

I'm not going to complain about my improvements. Not at all. I can tell you that I probably will never let this necklace out of my sight from now on, if this is the extra benefits of having it. Being able to control women, as well as improving my performance all around, how could I?

Getting my mind back on the task of getting my girlfriend to scream into Anne's pussy, and I think I was getting there. I heard her trying to talk while consuming Anne's juicy snatch. She might have even called my name but I wasn't concentrating on her at the moment. Now that I was, I picked up the pace some more, which made our continued union slap loudly in the confines of the room.

I was going to come into her sloppy pussy again. My cum was already dripping out around my cock as it was. Filling her up again would only double the supply to leak out of her. I slapped her ass again on one cheek. After a few more pumps, I slapped her other cheek.

As my orgasm was building up, growing stronger, I pounded faster and faster inside her. This was going to be a breathtaking orgasm. I kept speeding up until my hips started jerking at odd intervals, signaling imminent explosion. I once again blew up onside of Krystal. My balls emptying at great speed, shooting streams of cum against her cervix again and again.

After what seemed forever, my orgasm died down, and I pulled out of Krystal. I heard her mewl a few times as I withdrew, but I stayed hard as is the new normal? I felt the need to continue fucking, and Krystal already had 3 loads in the last half hour or so. It was Anne's turn.

I bent over Krystal and whispered in her ear “it's time for you to feed Anne. Get up and straddle her face.”

I got down on my knees next to Anne, and pulled one of her legs as Krystal withdrew, and turned her pussy toward me, so I could dive in and taste her before I took her again. She giggled with me spinning her around. I didn't wait for Krystal, and immediately started licking from ass to clit and back. I wasn't going to let her come down from Krystal's work on her. I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue before letting it escape from my lips with a wet slurp from my mouth, and began licking her puffy folds again.

Krystal was already climbing up on the couch, and straddled Anne, using the back of the couch to support herself, and knelt down enough that Anne could consume her cum drippy pussy with ease. Did I mention that my drapes were part way open on the window behind the couch? Krystal didn't notice, as she was looking down at Anne to direct the flow of my cum into her mouth, but she looked up once contact was made, and screamed briefly before covering her breasts up. She, however, did not slow down her light grinding of pussy on tongue below her.

She did reach out with one hand to try and pull the shades over, but as usual, the left side got stuck and wouldn't give an inch on sliding into place to hide our debauchery.

“The drapes are broken. Flash anyone that you see walk by. They won't mind, I'm sure.” I said as I pulled back for a second to watch her flail about, and then give up.

“But they'll see EVERYTHING!” She worried aloud.

“Yes, they will. Is it any different than the shirt you wore today? Give them a good show, slut.”

I was done eating out Anne, and rose up on my knees and knee walked myself between her legs enough that I could rub my cock on her pink lips. I stroked my cock up and down across her swollen outer lips, and grabbed her inner thighs, pressing them open even more, before sliding the head of my shlong down to her opening, and thrusting in on one good push, bottoming out.

“Mmmummm” Anne tried to say while tongue fucking Krystal. She scrunched down just a bit in the hopes of getting her lungs full of air for a second, but Krystal was taking none of it. She squatted down even more and mashed her shaved cunt in Anne's face.

I began to pull out and Anne reached for me, but gave up when I slammed back in once. I did this a few more times before taking an easy pace fucking her tight channel. I reached down and played with her clit with my thumb, to get her off a little quicker. I was feeling in no hurry now that I'd come so many times in the last hour.

I reached up with my other hand and slapped Krystal on the ass once, and groped it some, spreading her cheek out to see her back door. As I groped her, I kept moving my thumb closer to her forbidden hole, before rubbing around it. Her hips started swinging back and forth harder and faster, maybe to get away from my thumb, or it was turning her on more. I didn't care. I began pushing on her tight back door until my thumb went in up to the knuckle.

Then I squeezed her ass, pulling my thumb as well, spreading her ass open a bit more, before pressing more of my finger inside of her. I gave up on wiggling my other thumb on Anne's clit, and pressed it against my other thumb, and pushed inside to spread my girlfriend's ass out. She tightened up quite a bit, and wiggled around on Anne's face, but only whimpered softly. What a good girl.

“Good girl, Krystal. Good girl!” I told her. “How do you like my fingers up your ass?”

“It.. it's ugh.. it's good, sir. It's jusssst ahh.. been a while since mmhmmm anyone has been in there.”

Anne was losing a little of what I had to give, as I was paying attention to the double globes directly in front of my face. I needed to get back to paying attention to both of the girls equally if I could. Anne's hands were both cupping her tits, and pulling on her nipples. I took her place on her right nipple, twisted and pulled over and over.

I began to really thrust into her hard, driving my big cock deep inside of her, bottoming out, smashing my cock head against her cervix. It was a great feeling being able to hit so deep inside her. My 8” dick was big enough for that.

Both of my girls were reaching a crescendo together, and I wanted to be a part of it, too. I started thrusting faster and faster, and I could start to feel my balls begin to tighten up, and then it happened. I exploded inside of Anne, over and over, and in turn, her cunt rhythmically started tightening on me as she came hard, forcing her chin and tongue up into Krystal's twat, which set her off as well. All three of us taking in wild breaths, and groaning from the massive release all of us felt in that moment.

I was exhausted. I could use a break from messing around with the girls. Maybe I'll feel up to it again in a while. I all but fell out of Anne as I started to shrink, and pull out of her with a squelch. Krystal stood up, but didn't move for a few moments, giving anyone walking by an even better view of her body through the window. Then she sort of spun off of Anne and collapsed down next to her, and rested her head on her shoulder, taking a needed breather.

I took this moment of rest, to take in both women. I had barely seen Krystal from the front today, and I'm still happy with choosing her. Her freckles cascaded down both cheeks and over the bridge of her nose, but they also were abundant on her shoulders, and down to the swell of her fine C cup breasts that had faded tan lines bordering each breast with a very pale triangle patch where her bikini covered the swell of her chest.

She had her legs spread a bit, and showed off her waxed and abused gash, still dripping her juices onto the couch. It was puffy and red, almost hidden between her toned thighs. She also looked to have the start of a 6-pack of abs showing, and disappearing, as she was breathing hard.

Anne, on the other hand, was just a bit softer around the middle, shadowed by her large chest with big puffy nipples that were rock hard and begging to be sucked on. She had her eyes on me, and I stared into her eyes long enough for her to blush, which traveled down to the tops of her breasts. I decided to take that moment to lean into her, and attach my mouth to one of her nipples to suck on for a moment. She wiggled a bit, and a shy giggle escaped her lips, as though I was tickling her.

It was that moment when Krystal's phone started to ring. She bounced up with more energy than I would have thought, ran around the couch to the door where she'd discarded her shorts, to answer the call.

It was Seth.

“Hello?” Krystal said as she answered the call on the fifth ring. Then she sat back down and listened for a few seconds.

“No, I can't tonight.” She somehow sounded disappointed. Maybe it was just for him.

I got out from between Anne's legs, and moved over between her legs, then leaned in to her other ear, as I supported myself on a hand I strategically placed at her pussy lips, where I rubbed just a little bit as I whispered in her ear.

“Get on your knees and clean Anne's cum off my cock.” I told her quietly, then moved back and stood up. I had started to grow hard again while I was observing both ladies earlier.

“I'm over at a friend's house tonight.” she answers a silent question as she slides off the couch to her knees on the floor in front of me, quickly taking me into her mouth.

“Mmmgmmm” she attempted to say around my cock. “Nope. I'll be here for the evening.” she said as she pops me out of her mouth just long enough to reply.

“Oh, my mouth was full. We're eating right now. We're having burritos.” She says before swallowing my burrito again. Her other hand is also pumping me, hoping for a quick payoff.

“I don't have to do anything you tell me to!” This was going the way I planned it, I think.

“We're not dating. We're fucking.” She gets back to sucking me down her throat until she needs to answer again.

“I don't think so. I think this thing is over with us.” Well, damn. It is working out.

“You don't control me. This is over. I'm getting back to my friends now. Goodbye.”

“Good slut.” I say, and she shivers a bit. I place a hand on her head and gently nudge her in the direction of swallowing my cock again. She obliged, and took half it's length into her mouth and started sucking on me.

I looked over at Anne, and she had one hand covering her juicy pussy, holding in my gift to her, and her other hand cupping her tit and flicking her nipple. She caught me looking, and grabbed her tit hard, and pulled it up to suck on her own nipple. That was a beautiful sight, and got me going a little more, and with the blowjob, I was ready to blow.

I grab a handful of hair and start to push Krystal down my cocks full length, forcing it into her throat where I momentarily blasted 4 long ropes of cum down her gullet. Only then did I allow her to pull off of me and gasp for breath, forcing my warm wet cock back out into the cool evening air of the house.

“Good girl” I told her, with a little pat upon her head.

“I think we've all developed an appetite after our play time. I would say burritos sound like the meal for the evening. Right, Krystal?” I wink down at her, and she nods slightly, while still gaining her breath.

Krystal looks over and up toward Anne, who's still sitting on the couch, holding her pussy so nothing escapes to stain the couch, and extends a hand out.

“It was nice to meet you, Anne.” Krystal says, a big smile across her face.

“You, too!” Anne returns the greeting.

“Ok ladies. Go take a shower together, get to know each other a bit, and get cleaned up. I'll start the cooking.” I say, turning away and grabbing my pants, putting them back on.

Both of the girls start looking around for their previous attire, and after looking down the hall, look back at me, a question on their faces.

“First door on the right.” I say. I had forgotten that Anne had never been in the house after all the time we've known each other. They both shuffle off in the direction I mentioned, and I'm left alone to start cooking.

I ended up making it a 'build your own' set up so everyone got what they wanted. The ground beef and beans were all I really needed to cook at all. It didn't take so much time, and I was left waiting for the girls to finish up in the bathroom.

After about 20 minutes, and a lot of oohs and aahs, I went down the hall to the restroom to find the door open, and both girls playing with each other behind the white shower curtain. I snuck up and pulled the curtain aside just in time for Anne to lean down and suck one of Krystal's nipples into her mouth. One hand venturing between Krystal's legs. It looked as though both girls were done with cleaning up, and now just enjoying each other under the hot water.

I let them play for now, and put on a different t-shirt, before going out to check on the food still warming on the stove. By the time I dished out all the meet to a serving plate, the girls were back out of the shower, and ready to eat.

“It's about time ladies. Did you have fun?” I inquired, once again staring at Krystal's outfit. Somehow, I was going to keep my cock from becoming a raging hard-on for a few minutes today.

“Ooh yes, we did!” Krystal said, shaking her chest at me, after noticing I was staring. Her breasts wobbling back and forth, and nipples rubbing across her shirt, hard as rocks. “Anne is really good with her mouth.”

“Is that so?” I asked, rather interested. “Have you had much practice with other girls, Anne?”

“Not too much” she said while putting some beef on her tortilla, and moving over to the refried beans. “Just a little practice with a couple of girls last year at a party in the girls dorms.”

“How about you, Krystal? Have you had much experience pleasuring other girls?” I asked her. We all collected our stuffings for our burritos and sat down at the table. Anne on my left, and Krystal on my right.

“Not until today.” She said. “I wasn't into girls at all until a few hours ago for some reason. The idea just popped into my head that I'd like it, so I had to try it out. I'm glad Anne came by so I could.” She took another bite of her burrito, and smiled at me.

“How about anal? Have you tried it, Anne?” I inquired.

“No. I've never tried it. I think it would hurt too much. I have thought about it once or twice with old boyfriends though. They didn't scare me as much as you do. Your cock is huge! I doubt it would fit!” she responded in a soft voice, before taking another bite of dinner.

“And you, Krystal? You've had anal, but was he big like me?” She was probably in the same boat as Anne in the size department.

“I've only done it once with my last boyfriend, and once with Seth. Both times hurt because neither really had much lube to help push in. They weren't as big as you either.”

“Have you ever fingered yourself in your ass when masturbating?” I asked them both.

“I have, after my last time, hoping it would feel better than with a guy. It was more pleasurable, but just wasn't the same.” Krystal said.

“I never have. Not even with one finger. I am curious now though after you've fingered me.” Anne said. “That did feel ok. Not bad, but different.”

We continued to chat about sexual history, and what they've liked in the past. It was eye opening with some of the history. Things I may have to try with them, and others.

It was getting pretty late though, and so Anne went home as she had work the next day. Anne stuck around since she was off tomorrow. I had wanted to keep her with me as well, just because I wanted a warm body to snuggle with. I missed that feeling until the other night with Melinda and Erin.

Krystal and I shared many steamy kisses after doing the dishes, and relaxing on the couch for a bit. My hands did tend to roam all over her body, over her clothes, dialing up her heat and need. She in turn massaged my hard-on through my pants for now.

“Do a little strip tease for me” I told her between sloppy wet kisses.

She almost didn't get up since she was loving the kissing and groping going on, but somehow extracted herself from my grip, and stood up on the other side of the coffee table. I just stared at her before she started her dance, silently as there was no music playing other than in her head.

“What are you staring at?” she questioned me when she started to dance.

“Just admiring natures beauty.” I said with a grin. Instead of saying anything in return, she reached up and cupped her fantastic conical tits in her hands over her shirt, and massaged her nipples for my pleasure, and hers.

She slid her hands down, after releasing her breasts, to her hips, where she started moving them back up, taking the shirt with them. As the shirt was opaque, what she revealed to me was nothing unseen before, but watching her undress from the front, instead of me undressing her from behind, was incredible. She was rather fit, and had hints of a set of abs with just a little bit of fat covering them up.

The shirt continued up, and over her breasts, where she squeezed them again, pressing them both inwards, creating mass cleavage, before pulling the shirt upward again, crossing her arms to grab the bottom of the shirt, pulling it over her head, and shaking her hair loose, before tossing the garment at me.

She started to fluff her hair, looking at me with seductive eyes, before returning to disrobing. Her hands slid down to her hips again, as she shook them for me, spun around, and started to unfasten them, and grabbing the waistband, began to slide them over her hips, wiggling a bit to entice me, before letting them slide to the floor by gravity. She stayed bent over, revealing a red g-string, shaking her butt, and squeezing each cheek, showing me her asshole with the string from her underwear through the middle.

When she began to take down her panties, she only did it so far, before turning side on, to drop them to the floor and step out of the leg holes. When she stood up again, she turned toward me, and covered her pussy with her left hand, and swung her hips back and forth in her silent dance routine. Her other hand clumsily covering only one nipple topping her breasts.

“Come here” I said, after she'd danced like this for a few moments.

She came quickly to stand before me, still covering herself up. I motioned for her to straddle me, and her hands reached out to my shoulders for stability, as she fell to her knees on either side of my hips.

“Now, play with yourself for me.” I told her.

Instead of reaching down her front, and playing with her clit, or spreading her lips wide to show me, she arched her back, pushing her tits into my face, as she reached behind her, and started to finger herself from behind. I took the bait and attached my lips around her right nipple, nibbling on the bud, and flicking my tongue back and forth across the tip. My hands found their way up to squeeze both breasts, and then down her sides to her hips, where they traversed to her ass and squeezed, pulling her into me more.

“Ung!” she grunted as her fingers played inside her pussy, and my fingers, grabbing her ass were only an inch from her asshole, teasing her back door.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Mmmm.. Your cock!”

“And what do you need?” I asked her.

“Your cock inside me. Stretching me out. Filling me up.” she answered in a very husky tone.

“You're just a slut, aren't you?”

“I'm your slut. Only for you!” she hissed between grunts caused by her fingering.

“Good girl. Come for me” I commanded.

“Oh GOD! Fuck! Fuck! Yesssssssss” she shook in my arms, grunting and swinging her hips, barely staying within my grasp as she convulsed in orgasm.

Upon her return to earth, she jumped from my lap, leaving a big wet spot on the crotch of my pants, grabbed my hand, and all but pulled me into the bedroom.

“Fuck me, Max! I need your cock so bad!” she begged as she crawled up onto the bed on all fours, swinging her ass at the edge of the bed, and her head down in the sheets, looking back at me.

Who was I to refuse wanton pussy? I walked up behind her, and quickly dropped my pants and underwear, freeing my engorged cock, which I let rub down her ass crack for a moment. I began to press my cock head into her crack, and drag it down over her asshole, until it popped into her pussy hole. I let it stay there, just at the entrance to warm up, but she had other ideas.

As soon as I placed my cock at her entrance, she slammed herself backwards, burying my swollen dick to the hilt inside her, and then she started riding me like my cum gave her life. Her hips wiggled the whole time she slammed into my pelvis with her ass that it took a half dozen strokes before I was able to latch onto her hips with my hands, and try to slow her down a bit. It took a dozen more strokes for me to get her to calm down the slightest bit.

“Ugh! I need that cock! Mmmm!” she all but screamed into the sheets. “FuckmeFuckme! Fuck Meeeeeeeeeee!” and she launched into another orgasm. Her pussy walls clamped down on me like a vice while her hips slammed into me, and wiggled up and down, slapping my cock inside her everywhere it could reach. My cock head rubbing over and over across her cervix, all of which got me going to the point of boiling over. My balls felt overfilled, and I exploded inside of her, shooting rope after rope deep in her channel.

Krystal was so revved up that she popped off my cock after she was sure she got everything that I shot inside her, and spun around so fast, swallowing my cock, sucking any remaining cum from my balls, and cleaning her cum from around the shaft. This wasn't a slow licking and sucking. She throat fucked herself on my cock while fingering herself.

Holy shit! Insatiable barely begins to explain it. She was going crazy on my rod. I wasn't going to last that long if she kept on at this pace. Knowing I was stretching her throat with every lunge she took against me, and not knowing if I could pull her off of me if I wanted to. I just let the feeling of my balls bubbling up again to feed the crazed slut on my cock grow until I blew up again.

In the end, I was about to blow, and so I reached down and grabbed her tits in my hands, squeezed tightly, and started pulling her into me, and holding on for dear life as I exploded down her throat, while she kept swallowing around my shaft. Once I was done, I pulled her off of me the same way. By her tits. Then I slid my hands up to her shoulders and pushed her onto her back. Her hair splayed out wildly around her head.

Even I wanted more, but I was going to be the one in control this time. She was mine, and I would claim her. I climbed up on top of her, knees on either side of her ass, and grabbed her flailing arms, pulling them up and over her head. Switching to a grip of both wrists with one hand, I reached down and easily slid into her dripping snatch again.

I started with long deep strokes from head to base, almost falling out of her, before pushing back inside her overheated tunnel. Every stroke seeming to force out a dribble of my cum from earlier, making squelching sounds on every thrust.

Then even I was ready for a more forceful fucking, and we matched our hip thrusts, as I plowed into her from above. She was staring at me as I continued in riding her, and I leaned down, still holding her wrists above her head, and kissed her as deeply as we had on the couch. I was letting her know, by my actions, that I was claiming her once again. She could only grunt in acceptance of this.

We went on like this for what seemed like an hour, but was only another 15 or so minutes before I was starting to feel my balls ready to empty, as they continually slapped against her ass on every thrust. I was starting to lose strength in my arms, holding myself above her. This had to end soon or I'd end up crushing her with my body.

It didn't take too much longer before I was ready to come again, and I let nature take it's course this time, not holding back at all. It felt to me, as I started to ejaculate inside her, that it was a lazy orgasm. We had slowed down to rest ourselves a bit, and each uncoordinated stroke at the end produced another rope of cum from my balls.

She had another 3 orgasms in that time, and each one wasn't an over the top, screaming orgasm, but strong but quiet grunts, and body stiffening up, toe curling orgasms. We were both toast after I finished shooting inside her, and I fell to her side, finally releasing her trapped arms. Both of us breathing heavy and ready for some sleep.

We didn't even pull the sheets over our bodies. She adjusted and fell into the crook of my arm, and a leg over my thigh, and her breasts pressing into my side as she fell asleep in seconds.

For me, it still took a little while, as my brain was still spinning at high speed. Thinking about the weekend, the people I met. How I met them. How I came to basically own their bodies and minds. How was I so lucky as to find this necklace? Where did it come from? Who had it before me? I wonder if they're looking for it.

Letting my mind wander, I had more thoughts about whom I may meet in the coming weeks. How I've basically started my own harem, and hopefully everyone will accept that fact, and enjoy each other, as they do me.

It took another half hour before I fell asleep, and it was a dreamless sleep. Exhaustion claiming me.

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