Geocatched Part 3

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Max stumbles upon item that changes his world.

Geocatched Part 3


Once I heard Katie's door close, I looked back at Anne and smiled. “That was pretty close. I think that pretty pussy needs more though.”

Anne just looked at me, shocked that I just made her cum by only telling her to. Her eyes were wide open, and her lips parted as if to say something, but nothing came out. I looked at our meals, and we had been near finished when she had her orgasm, so I wasn't disappointed in much lost food, or desire for more. I stood up, and offered my hand for her to take, and stand herself.

As she was getting up, she was still a little shaky on her feet, so I let go of her hand, and wrapped it around her waist to steady her.

“Are you feeling better now?” I whispered in her ear before nibbling her lobe. She just moaned and leaned on me a bit.

“I think you're ready for more. What do you think?” I whisper in her ear again.

I reach my right hand not holding her, down her belly between us, to the waistband of her shorts, to push under the elastic toward her warm juncture. Her left hand reaches for my wrist, not sure if she wants to stop me, or push my hand down her shorts. I keep moving my hand down until I've gone down to her little clit that was hard and poking out from between her lips. There, I paused and wiggled my hand over the little nub, eliciting a harder grip on my wrist.

I released her clit from my gentle abuse, which I received a groan, and started to guide her toward the living room and the couch. Once there, I turned her so her back was to the couch, and used both hands, and beginning at her hips, slowly pulled down her shorts. Her hands were on mine in a millisecond to maybe attempt at keeping her shorts on, but I was not restrained from lowering the garment to the floor. Then I laid her down with her head on the pillow at one couch arm, and her legs stretched toward the other end of the furniture.

She started to play with a nipple right after laying down, so I reach over and grab her other nipple through the shirt, between my thumb and forefinger, pinch lightly, and twisted a bit. Another groan escaped her lips. I used my other hand to gently trace a line down to her juicy pussy, where I began to follow the lines of each lip with the tip of my finger, down one side, and back up the other, only to end at her clit again, where I pinched lightly. Her hips thrust up at me in reaction. I released her after she settled down a bit, and took two fingers to separate her lower lips, and feel how drenched she was. One finger finally found it's way inside her, only to be pulled out immediately.

“I've wanted to do this for many years now. Watching you and your sister growing up, and unable to do anything about it, since I was good friends with your brother. Now he's gone, and I have my chance now that we're all older. It's been many a wet dream of mine to have you. To claim you as my little slut. My fuck toy to play with. You're mine now” I say and then cup her whole pussy in my hand. My other hand releases her nipple, and grabs a breast. “This is my pussy now. You can, and will play with it, but it's mine.”

Anne mewls as I continue to play with her body. Massaging her breast with my left hand, and trailing my right, over her tank top down to her lower belly and visible flesh. I trace a line down outside of her cunt and onto her inner thigh. I then grab her leg and lift it as I get down on my knees and move in toward her pussy with my head. I can smell her arousal clearly from just a few inches away.

“Do you want this? Do you want to be my slut? My little fuck toy?” I ask her quietly while rubbing my index finger through her folds, collecting her gratuitous moisture before sucking the finger clean. “Mmm.”

“Yessssssssss” she hisses.

I blow on her drenched pussy, and her hips flinch and try to rise to my mouth. I decide to meet her half way, and attach my mouth over her whole cunt, licking at her hole, forcing my tongue in and out. “Gahhh! Mmhmmm fuck me!” her quiet pleas get ignored and I continue to lick up and down her lips, sucking one into my mouth before flicking my tongue through her center to her other lip to do the same.

I insert one finger into her pussy and tease with another finger at her brown star. Her hips buck at me, but I stay attached and lick up to her clit to suck on while I thrust my fingers in and out, finger fucking her tight hole.

Suddenly, her body freezes, all muscles tense up, and she cums hard on my mouth, and her taste is heavenly. I lick all over her pussy and suck on her clit once again, as she starts to come down, which almost gets her going again. Finally, her hips hit the couch again, and I've been disconnected from her by mouth.

I get up and turn around, lifting her left leg up, and drop my shorts and underwear in one movement, before sitting down just next to her ass. My large cock bouncing back to slap my lower stomach. “Your turn. Get up and ride me” I say. She starts to stand up, turning toward me to get on, but I stop her, and turn her back around in a reverse cow girl, keeping my legs together, hers straddle mine, and she leans back reaching for the couch behind me. I grab her hips, and guide her into position before grabbing my cock and directing it to her hole.

As she slowly accepts my meat inside her, my hands leave her hips and slide up under her shirt, dragging it with my hands, up and over the swell of her large tits. One nipple catching the cloth as it climbs, before snapping up and over the mound of flesh. Slowly, she slides down my length, swallowing it up, and expanding around its girth until she's sitting fully on me.

“Ooooooooh!” Her breath escapes her lips in a not so silent whoosh, feeling how full she has just gotten. It must be the biggest cock she's taken in, and one she won't recover fully from.

I finish moving her shirt over her breasts and into her arm pits and grab her bountiful flesh, squeezing each as I start to guide her physically to begin riding me. I start to spread my legs, causing her legs to stretch wider until her legs are pinned between my legs and the couch on both sides. She rides my cock slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed, and grunting on every down stroke.

I release one of her mounds of tit flesh, and reach down to start flicking her clit back and forth with my fingers, and her hips start to wiggle a little more on each up and down stroke, trying to bury me deeper inside of her.

“Aaaahaaaa Gah! YES!! So GOOD!” She says at a normal volume, seeming to forget there are other people in the house. I just grin, my head pinned between her arms over my shoulders, and her shoulder blades in my face, I just kiss her hot skin on her shoulder.


With how I was feeling, and everything being done to me, I couldn't say anything else, but “yesssssss” when Max asked me if I wanted this. I didn't know if he was just talking about what he was doing with his hands, what we were doing in general, or being his slut. I'm not really a slut. I shy away from dressing as such. Sure, I have my cleavage show off and on, but mostly just t-shirts and shorts that aren't too tight, hiding my body from the looks of other men, and women, if I may be so bold. I know I'm attractive to both sexes with the body I have.

I do tend to get embarrassed when showing attraction when I'm out people watching, and when others show their affection physically at all while in public. I do get a bit wet when affection is shown a lot of the time. My embarrassment tends to turn on the guy I'm with as well. I always just cuddle up into their shoulder and hide my face in their neck when they grab my ass and fondle me there. I do get turned on by it though. Am I a freak because of this? I don't really know. I do like it when affection is shown to me, in public, but I also get scared for no reason. I don't want people to see my reaction to what's happening to me. I turn red and start leaking down below. I guess I'm just a very shy girl who gets turned on when others see me as more than just a person, and getting my ass, or other body part, groped in public.

With how Max was making me feel, I all but forgot that Katie was in the house, and just down the hall in her room studying. I've got to be quiet or she'll hear us out here, but damn that mouth. I'm going crazy with what he's doing to me.

“Gahhh! Mmhmmm fuck me!” I couldn't take it anymore.

He's fucking me with his tongue, and when he gets to my clit, I feel ready to explode like I had before. Damn! Just thinking about how I had orgasmed at the dining room table blows my mind. Yes, he was groping me, and I'm shocked that I let him, but I was already turned on to some degree. He's rather cute, and I really started to notice, as growing up, I never thought about him in that way since he was my brothers friend. Now though, he's quite handsome, and something about him got me revved up today.

How the hell did he make me come by telling me to though? His voice was so commanding when he said it, and I know I was wound up pretty well, but cumming on command? Holy shit! That's hot as hell! Of course I was embarrassed when I was coming down, and almost couldn't take his hand when he stood up. I was so shaky. Then he grabs me and pulls me close, only to dive into my shorts and finger me. Fuck that was hot, and damn embarrassing, knowing that my sister was in the house. I couldn't stop him then, if I tried. I was putty in his hands, but also hiding my face in his shoulder as he walked us toward the living room.

Does all that has happened so far today make me a slut? Some whore that just does what she's told? Would I just allow random people to finger me, or grab my tit unless I was a slut? I don't really know. I haven't ever had this happen to me before, and getting off by just a few words, or getting in my pants so quickly, without even a first kiss. God, I must be a slut. It scares me, but it feels so fucking good!

What he's doing with his fingers, and his mouth right now, how am I thinking about anything but his actions at the moment? I've all but screamed out that I was his slut, but did agree to the point. Oh God! Here comes another orgasm! Gah! Oooh! Mmmm! That was a good one. He wasn't taking the bait so much. He backed away when I tried to force his face into my dripping cunt. What a tease, but it's turning me on even more!

Ack! He stopped all together! He's getting up! Did I do something wrong? Why is he.. oooh, he's stripping. Now that he's sitting next to me, at the edge of the couch. I think I know what he wants.

“Your turn. Get up and ride me”

He grabs my side, and tries to pull my leg over him, but I try to stand so I can face him, and get a chance to kiss his face as a thank you for two amazing orgasms. He won't have it. Max grabs my hips and turns me away from him, and then pull me back onto his lap. Then he guides his little monster to my opening, and I start to drop onto him. He's so big, I'm really stretching open. I continue to take it slowly, until I'm resting on his lap, overly full of real cock.

“Ooooooooh!” So full!

I lean back and find places for my arms behind me, grabbing the back of the couch on either side of Max. Then I wrap my legs around each of his, tying us together. Only then do I start to move up and down. He's helping out by holding onto my now exposed tits and pulling up and releasing to let me down. Once we get a tempo going, my legs suddenly start to spread greatly. I'm almost in the splits I'm so open wide. Pussy out on display, before he reaches down with one hand and plays with my clitty, keeping my legs far out of the way.

My hips start humping at their own direction, spasm after spasm, gyrating on his giant cock, getting the most of how deep he is in me. His tip is stroking my cervix.

“Aaaahaaaa Gah! YES!! So GOOD!” I keep trying to drive him deeper inside me as I ride him, slamming myself down time and again. I'm getting close. This will be a massive cum! Please! Let me fall over the ledge into orgasm!


Walking in the door, the house was quiet, and I wondered if anyone was home. Anne's car was out front, so maybe she's on a walk as is typical. I've got too many bags in my hands, but finally get the door closed by bumping my butt to the door and pushing. Then I hear a chair scrape on the floor briefly.

“Anne? I'm going to go try and study for a while. What a fun time shopping I had!”

I needed to get all these bags out of my hands before I lost feeling in my fingers. I'll go through them later, but I do need to study for tests coming up. I turn down the hall toward the bedrooms, and to mine, which is on the front side of the house, left from the hall. Then to the right is Anne's room, and across from my door is the restroom.

“Ok, have fun!” I hear from the kitchen area, before I get my door closed.

Ahhh! Time to relax after shopping for hours, people watching, and wandering around the mall. I've changed into so many different clothes today that I just don't feel like wearing anything anymore, so I strip out of my blouse and black skirt, kicking my flats off at the same time. Maybe I'll wear something later to show Anne what I got today.

Now is the time to study and relax some. I grab my laptop from the desk, and toss it toward the head of the bed, grab a pillow and place it just in front of the computer, and all but bounce into position with my pillow just under my breasts for support. I wiggle my toes which seemed to be too cramped in those darn flats. I wonder if I need to pick up another pair a bit bigger.

“Hmm..” I sigh.

Saturday night, and I'm at home studying. Oh what a fun life I lead. One day, once I'm out of school, I'll be able to enjoy more weekends instead of having my nose stuck in a book, or writing another report on the computer.

Not even 10 minutes into my work, I hear what I think is an “Ooooooh” outside of my room, but I let it slide. Maybe Anne's watching tv now or something. Every once in a while, she forgets that I'm home and has the volume up a little bit high, or she'll be messing with her laptop on the couch, watching porn. She doesn't know I know, but I've opened my door and just listened for a while, and then walk out, and her hand will jump from inside her shorts to the computer to stop the video she's currently masturbating to. She plays innocent, but I know. I do it too, but usually have my headphones in so I'm not bothering anyone else with any porn noises.

The thought of her watching porn has gotten me slightly wet. Not really worth playing with myself, but the sounds do force a reaction from my body. I just try to ignore it, and keep writing with the random stray thought of what all I purchased today.

I wonder if I should model a few outfits later, or just randomly wear them. I think I'd look cute in the red bl..

“Aaaahaaaa Gah! YES!! So GOOD!” What was that?? Anne's got to be watching porn. I think I'm going to bust her this time.

I get up off the bed, look at my clothes and think “well, it's only us girls here. Why get dressed again?” and head for my bedroom door.

I slowly open it to hear some heavy breathing. Damn, she's got the volume up on whatever she's watching. I creep out into the hall, but still can't see her in the lounge chair she's normally in. I get to the end of the hallway, rounding the corner and start to address her.

“Why can't you turn down the volume on your porn I know you're watching?!” I ask in a loud voice before looking up to see the situation.

Once my eyes find where the noise is coming from, I freeze with my mouth open wide, and eyes even wider. I'm dumbstruck, and get more wet. I don't know what to do.

I see Anne basically spread eagle on the couch, obviously sitting on someone else, with their vainy thick cock spreading her open, with the other person's hand wiggling across her clit. Her pussy is noticeably dripping from her excitement. Another hand is squeezing her left breast, and pinching a nipple. Her eyes are wide open and staring at me, and her legs attempt to close in embarassment, but both of the ghost hands of who knows who, quickly reach down and grab her thighs, holding her legs wide open as though to show off the pretty cunt getting pulverized.

Suddenly, she orgasms hard. “AAAHHHHHHHH Ugh! UH UH Gah! Shitshitshitshit!” and she squirts out onto the carpet in front of me.

I see the cock swell and drive eratically into her as she's still trying to close her legs in a taste of modesty but she's held back. Legs held wide open by a mans legs and his powerful hands. It's a lost cause to hide herself now. I've seen her in all her glory and then some! I cover my mouth with a hand, and realize that it didn't have far to travel, as I was already cupping my large breast with it. This is such a turn on, seeing this, but I really shouldn't be watching my sister get plowed.

I'm turning around and about to run to my room to hide, but then I hear for the first time, the male say something. “STOP! Turn back around.”

I look up to see his face leaning around her side. Is that.. no! It couldn't be. Max? When did he get here? What the fuck is he doing? I try to cover myself up to contain what little modesty I have left, but he has more to say.

“Don't cover up. Hands at your sides. Look at your sister. Look at her cunt where we're joined. Isn't she pretty?”

I looked, and I couldn't look away. She was pretty like that. I mean, we've both seen each other naked growing up, and even kind of recently when I jumped out of the shower, and thinking she wasn't home, ran to my room, or tried to, before bumping into her trying to go to her room, and I without clothes or towel to cover me. It seems only fair that I get a good look at her as well.

“Come closer. In fact, get down on your knees just in front of us. Come on.”

It did seem like a reasonable request. I started to walk toward them slowly, and keeping my eyes on them both. He was still hard, after obviously filling Anne's cunt with a good load of cum. It looks like he didn't lose any of his firmness at all. He was still slowly pumping up into her at a relaxed rate, getting moans in response. Watching her pussy as I was told to do, I saw that some of his cum was squeezing out around his beautiful cock, and dripping down onto his balls. His large balls full of cum.

“Have you ever performed cunnilingus?” He asks me, and I was quick to answer.

“Yes. Last year, a few girl friends and I got drunk at a small party, and we explored each other.” I think I had been pretty good actually, and I did enjoy it.

This is a bit different. We're related. Even so, I still stare at their connection. They've stopped moving for the most part. Anne's pussy was still leaking cum as we talked.

“Good to hear. Here's another chance for you. Eat her out. Be sure to pay attention to my cock as well” he tells me. I lean in a bit at his direction, but I stop and look up at them.

“But it's my sister! That's just wrong.” I explained to him.

“Not by blood. Any other situation, and you would have dived in. Nothing to stop you now.”

He's still holding her thighs rather tight. She's not trying as hard to close her legs anymore, but I know there's a little fight left in her.

“Okay.” I say.

I gave up on the argument since I knew I would lose the battle. What else could I do? I started to lean in to their connection, and had my first taste of both his and her cum. I licked from his balls, up his shaft, and onto my sister's pussy, ending at her clit. The taste was flavorful, and I really did enjoy it, so I licked again from balls to clit on a different angle, to capture more cum.

Doing this now reminded me of my time at the party with my friends and all we did. I was hesitant originally, and even playing Spin the Bottle got me to the point that I would be willing to do things with other women. Over the course of the evening playing, we'd gotten each other drunk with dares for another shot, and of course there were dares to take off shirts, or pants/skirts, and others to lick someone's nipple, to finally licking your friend's pussy.

Most of us were near naked at this point. We'd fondled, licked, sucked, and kissed everywhere else. It was just a matter of time before our pussy was put up for a dare. Sara was dared to lick my pussy after a few other dares for the same thing for most of us lesbian virgins. I ended up as the last to be dared to lick a pussy, and it was Amelia's pussy I was to taste. She was the resident lesbian who made the dare.

She had stripped off her g-string, stood up, walked across the circle of the 7 of us, barely missing stepping on the bottle as she did, and all but squatted over my face. I tilted my head back, and tentatively stuck out my tongue. She fucked my tongue sticking out, more than I licked her pussy. It didn't detract from my first taste of pussy. I kind of liked the approach, and certainly liked the taste, as I often tasted myself when masturbating.

Now, I find myself on my knees, licking balls as well as a dripping wet cunt, and one hand which found it's way down my white panties, recalling my first experience rather fondly. “Mmmmm.”

When he heard my humming while licking, he pulled Anne off his cock while I was concentrating on his loaded balls, and his cock ended up slapping me across my face on my right side over my eye. His cock was free now, and looked tasty with his cum as well as Anne's cum all over it. I raised my head a bit, and took his head in my mouth.

He manhandled my sister by lifting one thigh over my head, and swung her around so she landed on the couch. She just cupped her pussy to hold all that was left from their joining inside.

My unoccupied hand found it's way to the base of his big cock and started pumping at the same speed I was pistoning 2 fingers inside myself. Working my mouth down as far as I could from this angle and back out to lick around the tip. I could normally deep throat a cock, but his size and the angle wouldn't allow it so easily. I still tried to do what I could to please him though. I guess it wasn't enough because he put his hand on the back of my head and gripped my hair before pushing me down his cock. I had to move my hand to allow him to push me harder onto his thick rod.

He didn't push so hard on my head, so I humored him, and kept trying to take him deep on my own. Meanwhile, he bent forward a bit and unhooked my bra, and brushed the straps off my shoulder. My excessive mounds of flesh swung freely now and swayed with my back and forth movement. He didn't stop there. After reaching around to squeeze my tits a bit, he slid his hand down toward my panties on my butt, slid under them, and found his fingers sharing space inside my dripping twat.

Max only finger fucked me for a few minutes, and then slid his sloppy wet fingers up to my asshole, and pressed in. I held him back, and tried to say something about him and my virgin hole, but it just came out as a moan that he interpreted as I had liked what he did. His finger pressed harder, and found it's way inside my asshole to wiggle around a bit, and tease me. I started to pull back from his cock, but he wouldn't have it. He hooked a finger in my ass and pulled me into him.


I knew she was trying. I really wanted her to take me all the way down her throat, and was coaxing her along for a few minutes, guiding her head, but I gave up on that. Instead, I gave her a breather and took off her bra and fondled her for a few minutes, and then I zeroed in on her ass. I slid my hand under her panties on her butt, and reached far enough to tease and finger her along side her own fingers. After getting my finger nice and lubed up with her juices, I dragged the finger up to her asshole, and teased her there before forcing my way in. I think she finally let me in, as it did become a bit easier, but it wasn't easy. Her moan was short but sweet with my cock in her mouth.

Once I was fingering her rear entrance for a minute, I hooked my finger inside her and pulled her toward me and further onto my cock. Her eyes went wide, as did her mouth, back arched a bit more, but she ended up with her nose in my short and curlies, and her lips around the base of my shaft. She did it! I only held her there for like 10 seconds before letting her get a breath of semi fresh air around my cock. I didn't pull her in to do it again. I also didn't pull my finger out of her ass. Instead, I fingered the tight hole more, and inserted another knuckle, wiggling around inside her dark channel.

I was getting close to bursting, and I really wanted to fuck her pussy, so I released my hold on her by her ass, and pulled her off my cock before I came. It looked like she was happy to be able to breathe again, and not choke, though there was a bit of spittle connecting me to her lips. She brushed it away with her free hand.

“That was unfair!” she said to me, out of breath. “I was trying before you stuck a finger up my ass.” She hadn't stopped fingering her pussy while telling me this. I think it actually turned her on a little to have that hole used.

“I know. That's why I did it. You liked it though, didn't you, slut?” Would she react to being called a slut well, or not? I was about to find out.

“I don't know. That was the first time I've had anything shoved up my ass. Also I'm not a slut!” She slowly pulls her fingers out of her panties and reaches up to attempt at covering her boobs.

“I think you are though. You walk into the room in your underwear, follow my direction to lick your sister, and swallow my cock, barely knowing who it was to direct you. And now, I know you want to be fucked like your sister here.” I gesture to Anne by reaching over to my right and pulling on her left nipple. “I think you'll fuck anyone I tell you to. That makes you MY slut. Why hide your body from me? You're all but naked as is.”

In the middle of Max explaining to her that she's a slut, her hand had found it's way back to gripping my cock. By the end, she was pumping slowly, and swirling her hand around my shaft.

“Maybe I am a slut after all.” Katie said, and winked at me. “Maybe I just need a large cock to ride until I scream.”

“Maybe you need to finish cleaning out your sisters pussy of our cum while I take you from behind.” I said.

Katie moved quickly over to between her sisters' legs on all fours. I'm not sure if she was excited about getting to eat out her sister and swallowing my cum, or getting railed doggy style, but I wasn't going to keep on guessing. I stood up to walk up behind her, slapped her left ass cheek, and then her right, before kneeling down behind her fine ass. Pealing down her panties, I was privileged to seeing her ass and pussy in all their glory.

Her face was just inches from the juicy cunt in front of her, looking at the cum leaking out. I maneuvered myself between her legs, and placed my cock between her ass cheeks and rubbed it up and down a few times, before positioning it at her opening. I pushed in just until my tip was swallowed whole, and Katie sucked in a huge breath.

“Aahhhh! Slowly! You're so big!” she whined as I slowly pushed my way in, allowing for her to adjust to my size. Once I bottomed out, I continued to push forward with my hips until her face was smashed into Anne's twat.

Once she started licking in earnest, I began to pull out almost all the way, grab her hips, and then slam my pelvis into her hard once, before stroking in and out of her at a casual pace. Such a hot and tight pussy she had. I was looking forward to fucking her a lot, just like in my fantasies.

It didn't take long before Katie was moaning into Anne's pussy, making Anne moan periodically. Anne had her left hand cupping her massive right breast while her right was now playing with Katie's hair, grabbing a fist full and pulling her in for more pleasurable contact with Katie's mouth. Her pussy, on the other hand, was attempting to suck me dry in it's velvety grip.

“That's it! Suck my cum out of her pussy!” I say as I start speeding up my strokes into Katie's tight channel. My hips slapping against her ass on every stroke in.

“Mmhmmmmm” I hear from Katie with a mouth full of her sisters' slit.

Both of Anne's hands are on Katie's head now, guiding her. Grinding against her face. I'm surprised that she could still breathe.

I know I'm starting to get close to erupting, and it won't take long as Katie starts contracting around my member, tighter and tighter. Her muscles almost vibrating as she begins to orgasm on my cock.

Without further delay, I explode inside of her. My balls empty themselves again with a fresh coat of cum for another pussy to collect. Each forceful jet of cum causing me to shake in pleasure. Knowing whom I'm basting with cum just makes it even better. A fantasy coming true.

About the same time, Anne starts to convulse in front of us, mouth open in a silent scream, orgasming before our eyes, and Katie latched onto her clit with her lips, licking back and forth. After a few seconds she pushes Katie away, and you can see her cum dribbling out of her hole and onto the couch.

I pull Katie up against my chest, my cock still nestled inside her, and cup both of her glorious breasts, and bite her neck.

“Now, don't you think it's only fair that your sister licks my cum out from inside you?” I stage whisper in her ear. “Why don't you take a seat here, and let Anne have a turn licking pussy.”

She did as she was told, and sat down to Anne's left in the center of the couch. Spreading her legs, I could already see that my cum was dripping out of her. Anne saw this, and fell to her knees in position to lick up both of our spend. She reached out, using her thumbs, spread Katie's pussy wide open, and moved in to consume my cum.

I could hear her sloppy licking, and in turn, Katie's moans, as she ate out her sister. She seemed to have no qualms about the incestuous, taboo nature of what she was doing. She dove right in as though she were a lifetime lesbian, fucking Katie's hole with her tongue.

I move in, and sit next to them on the couch, reach one hand out to cup Anne's breast, and the other, to play with Katie's clit. Hefting the massive globe of flesh on Anne's chest felt like a large water balloon made of flesh. So soft, jiggly, and full in my hand. It oozed itself around and between my fingers as I played with it. It also apparently turned Anne on more. Not enough to orgasm, but the sounds she made while sucking on Katie's lips told me so.

Me, on the other hand, was coming down from the high of fucking a few of my fantasy girls, and mellowed out. My cock having nowhere to penetrate began to shrink. My mind began to clear after a lust filled evening with a few naked babes.

Katie was building toward another climax, and she wasn't going to let us quit on her. One hand hand dropped into Anne's hair, and the other gripped my arm at the wrist.

“Oooooh! Oh YEAH! Right THERE!” She's almost screaming at us, as her torso lifts off the couch at the height of orgasm. “YESSSSSSS!”

Anne continues to lick at a slower pace as Katie comes down from her high, giving little kisses around her slit. Once she calms down, Anne leans back and away from Katie, and catches her breath, as does Katie. We all sit up as our little session has concluded, and reality comes back to mind.

“You've worked up an appetite here. Would you like some cold spaghetti?” I ask Katie with a smile. “I brought along enough for you and us.”

“I think I'll heat it up first, but yes, I'll take some to eat while I get back to studying. This has been fun but school waits for no threesome.” Katie giggles in response.

The three of us get up and start getting dressed. Katie grabs her bra and panties, and heads to her room to change into a t-shirt and shorts, forgoing the underwear. When she comes back out, I end up admiring her figure partially hidden under the extra large t-shirt she chose, but she still looks sexy as all get out with her nipples pointed at me, and the swell of her large teardrop shaped tits stretching part of the shirt tight. I grab her ass as she walks by me toward the dining room.

We end up heating up our food again, so it's palatable, and sit down to enjoy the rest of the pasta with good company. None of us flirt at all during dinner since we're all a bit worn out and tired from playing.

When we're done, I get ready to leave, and grab my pots, before I get hugs from both girls. One on each side, wrapping one of my arms up between their tits, and rubbing up against my thigh. I say my goodbyes and head home again. Another incredible day for me. I still can't believe all of this is happening to me. I'm also not complaining.

Once I get through the door, I put the pots in the sink for cleaning later, and check my messages on my phone. As I'm doing this, another text is coming in. I open it to find it is some very erotic photos from another unknown number. When I check the whole text, I find it was from Katie. I don't think I'll ever tire of these texts.

I immediately text back “good girl, slut!”

After that, I find a text from my department head asking me to come in to work a little early the next day. That's fine with me. More time after work to hang out or whatever. Then it starts to cross my mind, all that is possible for me now.

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