Geocatched Part 2

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism #humiliation #impregnation #pov:top

Geocached Part 2:


Waking up between 2 beautiful naked women is something I suggest making happen to anyone! Golden hair on my chest hid Melinda's face from my angle, one of her hands draped across my chest, both breasts pressing into my side, and her left leg over my left with her knee resting just below my nuts. On the other side, I have fire red hair spread on my shoulder, and from my viewpoint, her nose pointed at my neck her body pressed into me, the right breast pressing Melinda's hand into my side. Her right hand possessively gripping my morning wood. All of us still somehow under a top sheet and blanket.

I just lay there to see who would wake up first. I did not have to wait so long. Erin stirred first, squeezing my cock as her head shifted just a little closer to my neck. I felt a kiss at my collarbone, and a few pumps of her fist down below. Her head jerks up quickly, and she looks up at my face searching for something. What she thought of as just a dream comes back to her, and she starts to tug on my cock more. I can't help but groan at her hand playing with me.

Erin rises to her elbow and watches my face as she continues to tug on me. Whatever she sees must have pleased her, as she slowly slides down the bed, taking the covers with her. My right hand follows her down, brushing the hair out of her face, until she's eye to eye with my shlong. She takes a large breath and then slowly exhales on the head of my cock, and it twitches in her grip once, before she gives a soft kiss to the mushroom head. My hand slides from her hair, down her shoulder, and latches onto her large swinging breast, and start playing with it, sliding my palm over her rapidly rising nipple, and squeezing her mammoth mammary.

It is her turn to moan as I fondle her chest, and she slowly starts to take me into her mouth, taking her time in an attempt at swallowing me whole. It doesn't work well for her as my head attempts to breach her neck. She coughs once, and tries again, opening up her throat, and takes me down her gullet. She doesn't stop until her nose is pressed into my short and curlies and holds there for a moment, just swallowing over and over, before coming back up for air.

It is then that Melinda starts to awaken, since Erin's hair is tickling her knee as she bobs up and down on me. She almost sits up before seeing Erin down below, and then falls back to an elbow grumbling, “damn” under her breath. She was hoping for a warm breakfast, I suppose. Instead, she decides to get up and go to the restroom. When she returns, naked, breasts swaying, with a damn sexy smile, I lose it, and explode into Erin's mouth. Once she gulps down all I have to give, she climbs out of bed, and heads for her turn in the restroom.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” I say to Melinda.

“I'm sure it is, for you, Max! I didn't have anyone sucking on my clit to wake me up” she responds a little grumpily. Then she turns and heads out to the kitchen.

I start to get out of bed when Erin returns to the room. I get out of bed and grab her by the waist, and draw her in for a kiss and hug, my cock already at half mast, pressing into her belly.

“Good morning to you, too!” I say. “That was rather unexpected, but certainly a delight to wake up to.”

“Well, I've never given a blowjob to a real cock before. I had to try it out. You taste good,” Erin says to me.

“I think Melinda was feeling left out. I'll have to make it up to her.” I say as I follow Erin out to the kitchen area.

She heads right for the coffee machine to grab a cup, and I see Melinda, wearing my t-shirt, which almost covers her ass completely. She does look sexy like that.

I have grown to full mast as I look at both girls, one naked, the other making breakfast almost naked, in front of me. How did I get so lucky? I'm not going to waste the time I have! I come up behind Melinda, holding my rock hard pole facing down until I'm right behind her, and let it come up and slap her between the legs, as I grab her around the waist in a hug from behind. She jumps at first contact between my cock and her labia, letting out a little squeal.

“Now grab the counter, be a good slut and stick that gorgeous ass out” I whisper in her ear.

I back up a bit to give her room, my cock never losing contact with her. I grab my cock, and rub it up and down her now dripping slit, drawing a moan from her, before my cock pops inside her warm passage. Taking small strokes, I slowly edge myself farther and farther inside her. I tighten my grip on the shorter girl, and with one hand, I start to run up her belly, to her chest, mauling one large breast, and hard nipple atop of it. Her feet have almost left the floor as I straighten my legs, and start to forcefully thrust inside her.

Erin, I notice, has stopped making a coffee for us all, and is watching the hard fucking going on, pulling on her naked nipples. She's leaning back against the counter, with her eyes big and round, watching her lover and I, as I beat the hell out of her cunt from behind.

I do not take my time on her. I keep pounding her cunt hard, receiving a grunt on every stroke in. “Oh GOD, MAX! TAKE ME! FUCK ME HARD!” she almost screams toward the front kitchen window.

If there were pedestrians outside, I'm sure they would have heard her pleas bright and early in the day. I've taken to grabbing both of her hips, and pulling her into me as much as I'm pumping into her, lifting her off the floor.

She peaks fairly fast, as I roughly take her from behind. “OH FUCK YES!! YES! YES! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Her hips start shaking and I almost lose my grip, her climax is so strong.

I don't let up at all, fucking her hard, wanting only to baste her insides with my cum. She doesn't have long to wait, as I finally start to lose my rhythm as I pump her full of cum. Once I'm done, I pull out of her with a loud slurping sound, and turn on Erin.

“I saved you some more breakfast, but it'll take more work to get it” I say, nodding toward her lover.

Melinda groans again, and turns toward us both. Erin was quick to her knees, not even releasing her nipples from being pinched, as she bends down, and rubs her nose on Melinda's clit, before licking her from one end to the other and back.

It didn't take much for Melinda to rise to the top, and orgasm again, with Erin's ministrations with tongue and fingers, trying to dig out my recent spend. They both settled down shortly after, and things went back to relatively normal, if you can call 2 mostly naked women and a naked man having breakfast at the breakfast table.

After breakfast, it was time to depart. I had some things to do today, and wanted to get a start early. I said my goodbyes, but before then, I put them both in trance, checked a couple commands I had placed in their heads, and told Erin to text me naked photos of her so I know the number, told Melinda to send me some photos too, and started the walk home.

I was still in a daze, thinking over the fact that I hadn't gotten laid in a long while, and now I'm walking home after spending the night, fucking 2 lesbians, when I run into one of my neighbor across the street. It was at that moment that my phone started to blow up with texts. I , somehow, had to ignore the texts for now.

Anne was walking around her block when she came up behind me with a cheerful “Hello.”

“Hiya Anne! How are you doing? Enjoying the heatwave of May?” This spring has been warmer than most. Not that global warming exists (insert obligatory eye roll).

“Yeah. Trying to, at least. I haven't gotten outside as much as I'd like. What about you? Where are you coming home from?”

What the hell was I supposed to say to her? Well, I'm heading home after fucking 2 hot lesbians for the last 15 hrs or so? Nah.

“Just wandering around, geocaching a bit” I say. I took a moment to look her up and down. She looked great in her white t-shirt, two sizes too small, and some old running shorts.

Now, I should mention that I've lusted after this woman for a very long time. We've lived across the street from each other for most of my life. She, and her sister recently took over the mortgage on the house they grew up in, while their parents decided to retire to Florida. Anyway, Anne was gorgeous! A few years older than myself, a few inches shorter at about 5'5”, shiny dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and a cute nose. She also had a very large chest. I'd guess at a DD. I've watched her and her sister, Laura, grow up, and how they've grown!

I couldn't tell you how many times I've spent in my room, jacking off to both of them over the years. Let alone, all of their friends stopping by. Plenty of spank bank material at that house! I'd spent plenty of time over at their house as well. See, I was friends with their little brother since they moved in, and up until a few years ago, when he wanted to keep close to his parents, and take care of them. He ended moving with them to Florida. The girls and I were, and are, always pleasant with each other.

“Oh? Still doing that, huh? Find anything interesting today?” I ignored her little dig, but then pulled out my newly found necklace to show her. I'm glad that we'd stopped in front of her house, or else she could have fallen forward by freezing mid walk.

At this point, I filled her mind with all the commands I gave to Erin and Melinda, and added more to it. “You're going to start having very erotic dreams about me. Dreams where you submit to me. Any time I'm around, or you think about me, you'll become wet and horny. Whenever you masturbate, I will be the one you fantasize about, but you cannot cum without my permission. You can only edge for me. The next time you masturbate, take, and send photos of yourself to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Any text you receive from that number will be the same as a command from me. Mine is the only cock that you want.

“Now I'm going to wake you up on the count of 3, and you'll feel refreshed after your walk, and getting horny as well.” I put the necklace away, and pull out an odd trinket that I found yesterday. “OK, one. Becoming aware again. Two. Starting to wake up. And one! Awake.

“Yeah, I found this in one spot.” I say, falling back into the conversation we were having, as I hold up a little glass elephant for her to look at.

We chat for a few more minutes about her day, and I can see that she's a little bit fidgety. “Is everything alright? You seem uncomfortable.” Her nipples were starting to show. I knew where this was going to go.

“Yes, I'm ok. Just feeling a little hot. Maybe I should get out of the sun for a while” she says to me. “You have a great day. I'm going to step inside and cool off.”

“I hope you feel better soon! Maybe I'll stop by later and see how you're feeling? I'll bring dinner as well. Maybe your sister will be around to join us for dinner. Catch up a bit.” I try to sound nonchalant about inviting myself over to their house, but hoping she'll say yes to me. I wonder how much she's affected by me already.

“That's very kind of you. I'll take you up on that! We haven't kept up much since Mike left with our parents. It'll be nice having you over” she says. I start to smile much more. “Katie should be home in a few hours. She's out shopping now.”

“Sounds like a plan! I'll see you later.” We both almost go in for a hug, but I think she was getting a little frayed at the edges, and the familiarity of our friendship might further ignite her lust. There will be time for more later.


It was nice to bump into Max on my walk. I hadn't seen him for a while. Maybe a month or two. He was working on his car in the driveway at the time. He was just the neighborhood kid that was always at our house with my brother, growing up. I always knew that he liked me to some degree. I'd catch him checking me out at random times when we'd cross paths in the house. He did the same with Katie as well.

Now she's a knockout, and could understand why he'd check her out. I don't feel so hot compared to her. Yeah, I can turn heads with the best of them, but Katie seems to be on a different plain. Her tits are about as big as mine at a double D, and she's got a nice elvin face with a short pointy nose. Her figure is off the charts. I've mentioned her breasts, but her butt is to die for. It's like she's been doing constant squats for the last 5 years or so. Mine could use a little extra workout time. It is kind of strange that we do look so similar overall, as I was adopted into the family as a small child.

Back to Max though. He's a cute kid. Only 2 years my junior, but maybe I haven't quite looked at him the same way as I always have. He was always so shy around everyone in the house, except my brother. He'd stumble over his words when I talked to him when he was younger. He's improved a lot in the last few years. Probably a few girlfriends helped him improve his self confidence some. Now, I notice that he's kind of cute. In another life, I'd even probably date someone like him.

I look him up and down now, and I do like what I see. His time playing basketball with Mike has kept him in shape for sure. Why am I looking at him like this? He's my brothers friend. The neighbor kid. Now he's more muscular, sinewy in a way. He's really grown up in the last few years. He looks good enough to.. What was I about to say! He's showing me a trinket, and I'm thinking of him in a different way than ever. What's come over me?

I also notice that I'm becoming aroused. Not too much, but it's starting to distract me. I'm sure he can see my nipples! How embarrassing! And my pussy. The kitty is getting wet, and swelling up some. Lets see.. if I just shift a bit, I can squeeze my legs together and.. yeah, just flex my thighs together, I can feel my heartbeat through my pussy, and tease it some. Ooops! He's talking again.

“Is everything alright? You seem uncomfortable.” Oh God! He noticed me playing with myself with my legs. Does he know? Shit!

“Yes, I'm ok” I tell him. “Just feeling a little hot. Maybe I should get out of the sun for a while” I glance behind me to my house indicating where I'll go. “You have a great day. I'm going to step inside and cool off.”

“I hope you feel better soon! Maybe I'll stop by later and see how you're feeling? I'll bring dinner as well. Maybe your sister will be around to join us for dinner. Catch up a bit.” What a nice man he's become! He's right, too. We haven't talked or hung out like we use to. What could I say?

“That's very kind of you. I'll take you up on that! We haven't kept up much since Mike left with our parents. It'll be nice having you over” I tell him. “Katie should be home in a few hours. She's out shopping now.” Did his smile just grow? Why am I feeling so horny all of a sudden?

“Sounds like a plan! I'll see you later.”

Was he trying to go in for a hug? I flinched as well, as though I was going to hug him back but held my ground and started to turn around to go inside.. We haven't hugged for a long time. A really long time. Not this time, sweetheart. Now I've got to get inside and work out what started once I saw him earlier. God, I'm horny! Fingers are going to get a workout here shortly!

Once I get inside, I head to my room immediately, and pull off my shorts first, and then my shirt and bra. Before the bra hit the floor, I had a few fingers already massaging my lower lips. Gliding in the wetness, spreading it around. My other hand was starting to cup my right breast, and lifting it up for me to be able to lick my turgid nipple crying for a touch. I suck it into my mouth, and suck hard on the nipple, and the flesh surrounding it.

I finally fall back on the bed, naked as the day I was born, grab the phone out of the shorts I dropped beside where I lay, and take many photos of me playing with myself. Sucking on a nipple. Fingers spreading my lower lips apart. A finger inserted inside my pussy, and two mounds of flesh as background sagging to each side slightly.

I slide the finger inside me up to my clit, which is on fire, and roughly run circles around it, before pinching my clit. Not enough to hurt much, but enough to imagine someone's lips trapping it, as they nibble on the little nub. Looking down at myself in the fantasy, I see a familiar face burying themselves into my little cunny. It's Max! WTF? He certainly is cute. And slightly buff. And friendly. Did I mention cute? Well, he is. I toss my head back onto the bed and plunge 3 fingers into my tight little hole, trying to climax.

My other hand has started pulling at my nipple, stretching my teardrop shape breast into a long pointed tit, before I pinch, and then let go, allowing it to flow back to it's natural form sagging to the side a bit from the weight of itself. My groans get louder as I pump my fingers inside myself, in their attempt to fuck me to conclusion. That face of his, still in my minds eye. I can only see his eyes looking into my eyes as he licks his way to my treasure inside.

Almost there! ALMOST! Gah! I can't get over that peak! I need to come! I NEED to come badly! I frig myself harder, and drop my other hand to rapidly play over my abused clit in an attempt at pushing me over. I've dropped the phone and it lands face up with my cunt in full view staring at me. It is such a pretty little thing. I pull my fingers out of my hole, and begin to suck on them. I do taste nice.

I'm getting sore from the workout, and from abusing my pussy, so I look at the clock at the head of my bed, and start at the time. I've been playing with myself for over an hour. I still haven't come yet, but it just wasn't meant to be. Oh well. I'll be a little wound up when Max comes over in a while.

Before I clean up, I make sure to text all my photos to a random phone number, with my name. I'm sure whoever gets it, doesn't mind. After that, I seem to forget that I sent them.


I had sat around for a while, just to waste time, and enjoy the photos from Melinda and Erin. Boy do they look great in each photo, showing off each of their own lovely features. Some of the photos taken were by each other, so as to give better angles and so the model can use both hands in the shot. I refused to act when I developed a boner. I've got to save my energy for tonight.

It also gave me plenty of time to plan around Anne, potentially her slightly older sister, Katie, and her younger sister Danielle, whenever we bump into each other.

Another thought comes to me, about the necklace again. How much it's given me in the last 24 hours already, and how much potential it has in the future. I still can't believe that I found it, let alone what it could do. I wonder though if all it can do is put someone into a deep trance as I've found so far. I decide to keep it around my neck, instead of my pocket. It'll be easier to show it off that way.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. Pulling it out, I received multiple texts from an unknown number. Many more photos were revealed as I scrolled down the texts. It was impossible to not become hard as steel seeing these photos coming to me live. The next to show up is the same angle from below her leg, and now the vibrator is buried inside her.

I started fantasizing about what I could do to that tight little pussy, and when I'd get the chance, with others coming and going in the house, that I hadn't seen since I received the necklace. This could get a bit tricky possibly.

I was brought out of my reverie by the thought that I still needed to make something to eat for us. I decided on some simple pasta and meaty sauce. So easy to make, and quick too. I found that I had day dreamed for a long while, and it was soon coming up when I'd need to head over to Anne's house for dinner and who knows what else.

I jumped into the shower to clean off the day's sweat from this morning. Just thinking about this morning got me thinking about all that had happened, and what was to come. Grabbing some jeans and a polo shirt, as well as underwear and socks, I head into the bathroom, and turn on the water straight away. By the time the water heated up enough, I had stripped off and stepped into the heavy stream from the shower head. I refused to take care of myself while showering, though it was hard, as I was turgid with thoughts of what could happen tonight.

Once I was clean, I stepped out of the shower to shave off my day's growth, carefully keeping the lines of my goatee squared on my face. I did trim that down to a manageable length with the clippers. Then it was cologne for the face, and a quick touch down below, to spice up the whole of my readiness. Getting dressed was quick, and I cleaned up my old clothes, and grabbed my tennis shoes. Now, to get to the meal for 2 or more people.

I ended up making enough for 4 people, or seconds for a few. Wrapping up the big pot with Saran wrap, and a large bowl with the sauce as well, I was ready to head across the street. I collected everything into my arms, and barely was able to open the door, but almost tripped on my own foot going across the threshold. I recovered quickly, and collected myself, with a few deep breaths, and went down the stairs to the driveway.

I had no such problems walking across the street as I did at my door, thankfully. Once I got to the neighbors door, I juggled the pots a bit to reach over and ring the doorbell. I didn't have to wait long. Anne was opening the door before I had wrapped my hand around the pot of sauce that was slipping out of my grasp. It seemed as though she was just waiting near the door for me to ring the bell. When the door opened, I nearly dropped both pots as I looked at her outfit for the evening.

She looked like sex on two legs, and I started getting hard again. She wore a tight white tank top with a rainbow colored unicorn on the front, a bit of sweat around the collar and into her cleavage, and some red running shorts that Frank Shorter made popular years ago. Her hair was a little messed, and she looked a bit worn thin. I wanted her, and I wanted her soon!

She opened the door wide enough for me to come in. “Hello again. Glad you could make it! What is it that we're having for dinner?” I brushed past her, barely rubbing on her chest with my left arm as I tried to squeeze by her, and into the house.

“I made spaghetti for us. I hope that's ok?”

I looked back at her in the hopes that she wasn't disappointed with the choice in meals. She almost looked out of breath, and a hand was coming down from her chest, as though my brush by her teased her enough to cup one breast briefly.

“Sounds great to me” she said, collecting herself, and closing the door behind her.

I distinctly heard the deadbolt slide into place before she turned back around and brushed past me to guide me into the kitchen. I had been in this house so often over the years, but I let her guide me, so I could catch a glimpse of her ass. So round and inviting.

Once I got to place the pots on the counter, I turned to her and opened my arms for a hug that she quickly reacted to, and almost jumped into my arms. She held the hug for longer than I thought she would, with her large bust crushed into my chest. I could have sworn that she was trying to hump me while standing there in my arms.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her in a whisper to her ear. “Better than when I saw you last, I hope?

“I feel..” she paused for a few seconds here “I feel pretty good right now. Thank you for asking. I'm just hot.”

“Yes. Yes, you are” I blurt out as a joke, and she looks at me in a strange way. Contemplating.

“Well, should we sit down and eat? It looks great!”

“Yeah, lets dig in.”

When she reluctantly pulled back from our hug, she turned and got plates for our meal, and headed to the dining room. I grabbed the pots and followed along, placing both in the center of the table. She placed the plates catty-corner to each other, with one on the end of the table, and the other just to its left on the side. She then ushered me into the seat at the head of the table before taking her seat on my side. We were still pretty close to each other, and as she settled down, I felt her leg brush mine briefly before settling into place.

“Thanks for dinner” she said to me, as I got comfortable in my chair, slightly sliding it to the left. “I've built up a real appetite today.”

“That's good to hear. I brought enough for seconds. Beware though that the sauce is still a bit runny.” I tried to warn her, as I let her serve herself first, putting a fair amount of noodles on her plate, and then topping it off with multiple spoon fulls of sauce.

I slowly served myself, as I watched her take her first bite of the meal. She slurped it up into her mouth slowly, allowing the trail of noodles slowly spin as they were sucked into her mouth. Unbeknownst to her, the spinning of the noodles as they went into her mouth, let loose a few drops of sauce onto her shirt. I said nothing.

I have to say that I made a great meal for us, and enjoyed the conversation, as well as the view while eating. I also grew some balls as the meal continued. Her shirt was getting a bit more wet, and the red sauce had splatters across her chest. I decided to see how she'd react to me. I reached out, with my left hand, and started brushing at the sauce on her right breast, and then fondled it directly, rubbing my thumb over her very stiff nipple.

Her breath caught and I looked up to her eyes, and she was staring at me, wondering what I was doing, but not moving to hinder my groping at all. I was bold, and kept massaging her right tit, getting a feel for her massive chest.

“You've splattered sauce across your shirt. I was just brushing it off as well as I could.”

She reacted by actually pushing her chest into my hand a bit as she wiggled in her seat a bit. I think she liked the actions I took, and from her unfulfilled activity earlier, it didn't leave her mind.

I then pinched her nipple hard. “Come for me” I said.


What was I going to do? I am so worked up, and masturbating for an hour or more got me nowhere! I couldn't get over the cliff, and come, no matter how much I tried. I felt as though I was just edging the whole time. I was trying to finish off with a good cum, by thinking of the guy in my world history class at the university I had a mild crush on. That didn't help at all, and I started to actually come down from my high at the thought of him.

Suddenly, Max popped into my brain, and I juiced up nicely within a second or two. What does that mean? I know he's cute, but he's my brothers friend first, and the rest of the family second. I guess I could have a mild crush on him as well. We're close in age too.

When is he going to come over? It feels like forever since I've seen him, and I want him here now. It's good to catch up with friends that you haven't really conversed with in a while. My brother, after all, hasn't been around in a while, so there hasn't been any real reason for Max to stop by. I really wish he would though.

I also really worked up an appetite and I'm dying for some food. I wonder what he's bringing? Hopefully he'll be here soon. I'm starving. I moved into the living room, passing the front door, and sitting on the couch as close to the door as I could get comfortably. My hand had a mind of it's own, and reached up to cup one of my breasts, and tease the nipple just a bit, while waiting for Max.

I really shouldn't be doing this, using Max as the guy in my fantasies, but today, I had to try something new. It didn't help that I couldn't come though. It really wound me up, and I really wanted some release. I've known him for many years as my brothers friend, and never thought twice about it. I wonder why his face popped up in my head while masturbating? And thoughts of him helped to climb to a much higher peak than I have lately when playing with myself.

Ding dong! It took roughly a half second for me to bounce out of my erotic thoughts, and come to the door, and I paused for a few seconds before reaching out for the door knob to open it. When I did, it was Max juggling a few pots. One large, and one about half the size.

“Hello again. Glad you could make it! What is it that we're having for dinner?”

I notice as I'm asking that he was looking me up and down. That didn't help the feelings I was having just before he showed up. Was I going to make it through the meal, and with the company?

Oh, God! What if Katie comes home while he's here? I don't know how I'm going to make it through the meal, let alone just having him here. My nipples try to poke out of my top even more under his gaze. I'm dressed like a little slut, too. I'm sure she'll make a random comment and embarrass me.

I hold the door open for him, not giving him too much room, but enough to pass by. He does get through, but his arm brushes across one of my nipples. I mean, how could it miss with it sticking out so far, right? But seriously, that felt better than when I play with them. I catch my breath, and he happens to look behind him to see me again, with my sharp inhale, with a questionable look. Did he do that on purpose?

“I made spaghetti for us. I hope that's ok?” he asks.

I force my hand down, that had just grabbed at myself after he brushed by me. Did he see me groping myself? I don't think he did. Whew!

“Sounds great to me” I tell him, while closing the door, and locking it.

He's stopped close by and watching me. I move past him, and head for the smallish kitchen, and he follows a few steps back. I spin back around when I hear the pots hit the counter to see him open his arms. Does he want a hug? We haven't ever done that before. This could be awkward.

Why not, I think. Hell, I've used his face while I'm taking time for myself earlier. I move in, and crush my breasts into his chest. Damn that feels good. My hips start to move again unintentionally, robotic almost, and suddenly I'm embarrassed as I'm selfishly grinding against him, hoping for a feel of him. Does he notice? Does he care? Was that big lump his cock?

“How are you feeling?” His breath in my ear as he almost whispers the question to me makes me heat up a bit more, but I start to control my hips, and pull back just a bit. “Better than when I saw you last, I hope?”

“I feel..” What could I tell him? I'm in heat? I'm so horny? Fuck me before I explode with need? “I feel pretty good right now. Thank you for asking. I'm just hot.”

“Yes. Yes, you are” he says to me softly in my ear.

What is he implying here? Is he just being nice and noticing how hot it is in the house? Is he flirting with me? I don't know. We haven't had much to say for years, as he was always with my brother. No telling how he is.

“Well, should we sit down and eat? It looks great!” I say, to get out of this very comfortable, yet uncomfortable hug. Try to cool down and enjoy the meal some.

“Yeah, lets dig in.” He pulls back, and I allow him to turn to pick up the pans again, and lead him through to the dining room table after I grab some plates and the utensils. I place one plate at the head of the table, where the man should sit, and one just to the left on the side for me. He places the pots close to me, and sits down as I also pull up my chair and sit. I do brush his leg with mine. Just to see his reaction.

“Thanks for dinner” I tell him. “I've built up a real appetite today.” Why did I tell him that? Will he figure it out? Shit! I said too much.

“That's good to hear. I brought enough for seconds. Beware though that the sauce is still a bit runny.” He points toward the sauce as he bumps his chair a bit.

I start to serve myself, and pile the noodles on my plate. Then I grab the spoon for the sauce, and dish out a fair amount in proportion to the noodles I have.

He serves himself with the same pile of noodles, and sauce on his plate, and starts to dig in, while watching me. I almost don't mean to do it, but I get a mouth full of pasta with a long tail, and slowly start sucking it in. Was that being a bit suggestive? Am I giving him ideas? Damn, I'm hot. Even eating food, I'm acting like I'm about to choke on his cock like a slut.

There really isn't much of a conversation happening while we're stuffing our faces. Then I see him move his left hand toward me, and start brushing down over my breast. I look at his face, and it's neutral, but he's deliberately brushing his hand on my tit. “You've splattered sauce across your shirt. I was just brushing it off as well as I could.”

Wait! Now he's openly groping me. Damn that feels good. His eyes smile a little, but the rest of his face remains placid. My body doesn't listen to me, and pushes my chest into his groping hand, bringing me closer to the point I was earlier. I squeeze my legs together so I can smash my swollen pussy together and get more feeling out of his actions.

Then he pinches my nipple hard. “Come for me” he says.

“Wait.. wha??”

My body explodes into a thousand pieces, as a star would explode in it's end of life, but I'm riding a high I haven't felt before. Stars are dancing in my now closed eyes. My body is shuttering, muscles clinching tightly everywhere. I'm barely able to stay upright and in my chair. My pussy is on fire, and squirts into now drenched shorts. My breath is held as my body shakes uncontrolably. One hand flies down to coax a little more out of my clit as the other just grabs the table edge to steady myself. All the while, he's smiling, and holding on to my nipple, and top of my breast, not letting go of either.

What the fuck just happened? We were having a nice meal, and suddenly, at his command, I'm coming like never before? “Oh my Gooooood! Soooo GOOOD!!” I slur out in a hiss, while I start to come down from the best orgasm I've ever had. And at the hands of our neighbor.

Then suddenly, his hand releases my nipple and he flinches back. Then I hear it too. There is a key being taken out of the lock on the front door. Now it's starting to open.

Max starts to say something, and the next thing I hear is Katie walking across the living room and calling out to me “Anne? I'm going to go try and study for a while. What a fun time shopping I had!”

“Ok, have fun” I holler back. I hear her door close, and I'm once again staring into Max's eyes.


That was amazing! Watching Anne orgasm like that. I was rock hard in seconds, not that I ever went down at all through the meal. As she started to catch her breath, I hear a key enter the lock on the front door, and I yank my hand away from a luscious breast quickly.

“Sleep slut!” I say quickly and Anne suddenly is quiet, as her head slowly droops to her chest.

I get up after the door starts to open, and walk quickly over toward the door. I see Katie walk in with multiple bags in both hands. Just as she closes the door and turns around, I pull out my necklace and hold it up to her face so she has to focus on it. As soon as her eyes adjust from the sun outside to the muted lighting inside, and catches the stone necklace, she pauses. And so do I.

I look her over from head to toe. Her dark blonde hair is back in a ponytail, still falling to about half way down her back. She's wearing a nice dark blue blouse and black knee length skirt with white flats on her feet. Her chest, much like Anne's is pressing well into the front of her blouse, and creating a tiny gap between the 3rd and 4th button where I can just see a bit of bra and flesh.

“Katie, can you hear me?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good to hear.” I then walked her through all the things I instilled in her sister. When that was done, I said “You don't know I'm here, and you haven't seen me today. You'll go to your room, change into just bra and panties, and then start to study. After a little while you'll hear something, and come to investigate. You'll listen and follow my instructions when you see us. Now, I'm going to have you wake up, but will not wake up until I'm out of sight and hear a chair slide in the dining room, and then you'll follow what I've told you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good” I say, and walk back toward the dining room, putting away my necklace under my shirt.

When I sit down and drag the chair back into position at the dinner table, I hear “Anne? I'm going to go try and study for a while. What a fun time shopping I had!”

“Ok, have fun” I respond.

Damn that was close. I wonder what she would have thought had she walked in when I was in the middle of orgasm? I'd be so embarrassed! I don't know what I would do!

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