by ARandomGuy

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I'd had enough. It was one hell of a long week at work. I work at a local grocery chain in town, and it had been busy as hell. Coming up on summer vacation for students at college, and grade school alike, had created a reason for everyone to stock up on groceries before leaving on road trips and other vacations away from town.

I was all but checked out by Friday night. The weekend was finally here, and I was going to try and enjoy it for once. I needed to decompress and forget work for a while. I decided to take a hike Saturday morning.

I woke up pretty early for me, at 7am, took care of morning necessities, ate, packed a Camelback, and was at the trail head by 8:15. I had packed a few odd knickknacks I'd collected over the years while Geo-caching, and fired up the app for another adventure somewhere that I hadn't played with it yet. I'd always play around town, or in visiting towns, but the hobby fell out of favor with me for a while. I figured I might as well see what I could find after so long without playing.

Yes, I geo-cache as a hobby. It's something to do, usually alone, as I'm also used to being. I was never popular growing up. School was rough for me, as I was always bullied, but couldn't understand why. Girls and guys alike would tease me, or push me around. I had a few fights in high school, but as I'd grown, so had my size. I wasn't a little toothpick, but wasn't built like the big football stars. I sat somewhere in the middle, with a toned stomach and wide shoulders, and arms that could hold their own in a fight.

Girlfriends were another story I grew up without for the most part. I'd only had a few girlfriends, and the few I had, only one had gone all the way with me. The others were mostly petting, or fingering. I spent a fair amount of time watching porn to satisfy my libido, by jacking off multiple times a day. I'd been without a girl for a few years now, but haven't really thought about finding one that would go out with me for a while now. I was out of options this late in the spring. There were a few cute girls at work, but not cute enough to bring work home with me, if you catch my meaning.

I wondered a bit about my life over the last few years though, as I was getting to the trailhead, and was generally satisfied with life so far. Only out of school for a few years so far, and out of relationships about as long. No real prospects on the horizon either.

Once I fired up the app, it told me there was a cache close by, so I headed down the trail until it crossed the creek, hopping from stone to stone crossing over the water, and in the thick grass and bushes, I came to a PVC tube with a screw on lid. Once I unscrewed the tight lid and pulled it away from the rest of the cache box, I was hit in the face by one of those spring filled snakes you find in novelty stores usually found in a fake labeled potato chip can. Some people have a weird sense of humor. I liked it!

As is normal, there are a few odd little trinkets, action figures, marbles, etc., so I took a horse head carved from wood, replaced it with my own 20 sided dice from when I played D&D, replaced the lid, and headed off up the trail to find the next one.

After two more caches, I came upon a cache that was down in the creek itself. It was a game crossing, so there was an easy trail down to the waters edge. I had to look around in the branches and grass growing in and around the creek when I found it. It was hiding in what could almost be described as a failed beaver dam. It was a patchwork of branches hanging over the creek, but didn't disturb the flow of the water at all. In the middle of this natural apparatus was an old rusty metal lunchbox that was red on the sides, with some rust, and from where I was viewing from, could guess at it being the Dukes of Hazard themed box. As I scrambled over a few rocks, and keeping an eye on the prize vs where I was trying to walk on stones, I found myself falling after stepping on the edge of a slick rock, and took a faceplant directly into a pool of water below said lunch box, hands to each side and in front of me, as if to protect myself from certain danger. They didn't stop anything.

Soaked from head to toe, I slowly got up, and dragging my hands through the creek bed, came up with a hand full of pebbles, a few sticks, what I thought was a vine which I started to pull out of my hand. At the end of what turned out to be lichen covered gold chain, with an amazing deep blue stone. I had just barely gotten back to my feet, and was looking at this necklace I found lost in the water, when I heard a sweet voice behind me.

“Are you ok?” the mysterious voice called to me. When I turned around, I saw a beautiful sight. She couldn't have been over 22, maybe a little shorter than my 5'8” size, golden hair in a ponytail, elfish face and a nicely toned body to turn heads. She was wearing earphones, but was pulling them out as I turned around, a nice lime green sports bra covering her ample chest, black spandex shorts, and a pair of sea blue Nikes.

I stared at her for a few moments, before I shook my head to shake off the water in my face, and still holding up the chain and stone partially.

I finally answered her query with a nod. “Everything but my pride” as I looked at her again with a smile on my face.

With a little giggle, she asked “what did you find?” She started to climb down the trail to where I was and hadn't kept watching me as it was a steep slope.

She spoke up again, saying “I was running by, and overheard your little scream and looked down here and saw you faceplant into th....” I hadn't realized that I'd swung the necklace up in front of me until she had gotten down to the edge of the water, and looked up at me again. Or at least I thought she was looking at me. The eyes were empty spheres and were just off center of looking at me and her mouth was just a little open. I turned to look and my hand holding the necklace was up near my face on my left, at eye level.

I was confused. She looked totally out of it, and stopped talking mid sentence.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“I am okay” she monotones in response.

I was only about 5 feet away from her, so I put the necklace in my pocket to clean up later, and stepped closer to her, where I waved my hand in front of her face, and got no response at all. “Helloooooo. Wake uuuup!” I say.

She immediately asks me again, “what did you find?”

That is totally weird! Did she just space out for some reason? I was wracking my brain trying to figure this out. She was looking at the necklace when I looked up to her spaced out. I wonder..

“It was just a shiny stone in the water. Here.. I'll show you” I say as I reach into my pocket to pull it out again.

As I did this, she came even closer to me, to look closer at it. She just brushed her left arm and breast against my right arm when she came up close, as I pulled the chain out of my pocket. when I brought it up to eye level again, I heard a faint gasp from her, and she was once again in a zoned out state. What the fuck?

I looked at the stone, and then back to her. I waved my hand in her face again with no response. I then chose to poke her shoulder with my finger. Nothing. No response. I poked a bit harder and pushed her shoulder back a bit. She returned to her previous stance. Her eyes still looking at a spot to my left where I had brought up the necklace again, before replacing it in my pocket when she went catatonic on me.

Now, being just 23, and single for quite a while, I had turned into a pervert more and more from when I was younger. I had been reading Literotica dot com for a while now, and my mind started racing. Could this really be happening to me? I've never had much luck with women.I wasn't in bad shape at all. I just wasn't looking for someone for a few years.

Why was the necklace there? What happened to the owner? Are they also geocachers as well? Perhaps, the same fate befell them, as I encountered, while reaching for the lunch box? I didn't think too long on this, as I was within a foot of a gorgeous woman, interested in what I had found.

Anyway, I next poked her again, but on her side boob. I was sure to get a reaction from that! Again, nothing. I poked again in the same spot, but didn't pull back at all, watching her chest give in to the pressure of my finger. She hasn't moved a muscle at all! I decided to go for it, and reached out and cupped her breast through the bra. My cock was growing rather rapidly at this point. I started to squeeze her breast again and again, and the only response was her nipples starting to poke out at me, as to wave and say hi! This must truly be happening! I still couldn't believe it, but I'm not going to let the chance go to waste.

“Ar... are you turned on?” I asked bashfully, wondering why I'm scared in asking, as I am molesting her beautiful breast.

She responds in monotone as before “Mmm. I am turned on.”

I can't believe I am even doing this! A beautiful girl I don't know just came up to me, and within seconds, I'm molesting her through her minimal clothing. What a strange day so far. I don't even know her name!

“What is your name?” It's the least I can do putting the perv in me in check for a moment.

“Melinda” she tells me, but no reaction to my hand on her chest.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I have to ask. I don't want some big buff dude hunting me down if she remembers any of the fondling I'm doing to her.

“Girlfriend.” is her response.

“You're a lesbian?” I can't believe this. Groping anyone but groping a lesbian and her not saying a word about it? I try to figure what's going on while I start to play with one very hard nipple between my thumb and index finger, twisting and pulling it.

“Mmmm.. yesss” she answers.

“You're getting very wet with me playing with you, aren't you?” I pinch her nipple again.

She just groans in response. She's just standing there letting me grope her, and she's getting turned on by it.

“I think you are actually bisexual, although you will only get turned on by one guy. Me. Max (did I forget to introduce myself to you all? Oops. I'm Max). You get horny around me.” It's a chance I had to take. She answers questions, and doesn't react to my hand on her. I had to test a new theory in that she'll take suggestions or commands.

“Only you..” she says.

“I'm the only guy that you want.” I command.

I start to move my hand away from her chest, and let it slide down her very toned stomach to her spandex shorts. I continue over the cloth down to her pubic bone and beyond. Melinda doesn't even budge an inch as I start to rub her swollen slit through her slowly dampening shorts. Taking a plunge after a minute, I bring my hand back up, and slide it beneath the waistband, and push south, back to her wet treasure pot. The little hair she had there felt like a thin landing strip, and could not stop my questing fingers.

My fingers slid easily through her wet folds, and I pushed my middle and ring fingers inside her. Pressing my palm onto her clit, I started sliding my fingers in and out of her. I could hear the squelches from my fingers' work inside her over the creek trickling by.

“Don't make any noise” I told her. We were fairly covered by bushes and trees where we were, but she did hear me scream as she was running by with earphones in, and came to investigate. I wouldn't want other hikers to stop by and wonder what's going on.

I only kept at her juicy pussy for a few minutes, and then pulled my hand free so as to taste the juices on my hand. She tasted divine. I'm going to have to sample her soon! Speaking of which, I've probably kept her for too long already. Shit! She's gonna figure out just how horny she is suddenly, and question me about it! I didn't let her climax, so she'll be pretty worked up! I better curb that quickly!

“Melinda, you are going to not notice how wet you are, except for the fact that you find your attraction to me. It will be gradual that you realize this. You'll find that you wish to invite me over for dinner at your home, with your girlfriend.

“You may have a girlfriend, but you belong to me. Your body and mind are mine. You must always be fully honest with me, and must do as I command. In my presence you will become horny. When I've found other women to play with, you will not be jealous, but will want to join in,” I continued.

Now that I've realized, and seen that this is really happening, I decide to go for broke. “Until at least our shared dinner, you may not cum without my help or permission. You are my personal slut. You may play all you want, edge all you want, but you cannot cum without me.” That should entice her to invite me over within a short time. I am after all, rather curious as to how hot her girlfriend is.

“Any time you see the stone, you will think it's the first time seeing it. Right now, you will remember that I showed you some random rock before tossing it back into the creek.” Then, after a moment's thought, “when I wake you up, we will walk together back to the trailhead, and you'll give me your phone number.

“I'm going to count down from 5, and when I hit 1, you'll wake up. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Wake up.”

Melinda immediately blinked her vacant stare away, and looked at me and said “that was a pretty cool rock. All those colors swirling around.”

“Yeah. Hey, I didn't catch your name..? I'm Max.”

“Oh, my name is Melinda. Nice to meet you” she says behind heavy eyelids. I could tell that the arousal she's feeling is starting to get the best of her. When she looks at me, it's only for a moment, before her eyes are cast down, maybe looking at the large bulge in my soaking wet shorts.

“Well, I should get going. My girlfriend will probably be wondering where I've been.” She seems just a little disappointed.

I offer that I'll walk with her back to the trailhead, and we can get to know each other a bit more, before we say our goodbyes. She's happy to accompany me down the mountain, and give her a chance to stretch her legs after her run was cut short to check up on me. We chatted more, and I stopped at one point, to trance her again with the stone, so I could give her more instructions I thought up while chatting with her.

Once down the hill, we get to the area where cars are parked belonging to other hikers, and are about to part ways, when Melinda turns back, pulls her phone out of her arm band, and asks for my phone number. I pull my phone out, and wait for a text from her, to give me her phone number.

We end up parting ways, going to our respective homes, and on with our day. The whole walk for me is spent counting my blessings, wondering how that stone and necklace made it's way to the creek, and brainstorming how to use it on Melinda's girlfriend.

I never did get to see what was in the cache I was after originally. I think I discovered something much better.


It only took Melinda a few hours before she texted me, and invited me over to her place in a few more hours, for dinner, and we'll see what transpires. I thought it would take her a few days to text me, but maybe I left her wet enough that she didn't want to wait.

A few hours later, I'm walking up to their condo door, when it swings open and Melinda is in the doorway, wearing a black lycra pair of shorts, and a tank top that is a size or two too small, and hides nothing at all. Her breasts are a sight to see now that they're free of the confining sports bra. She's easily a C cup or more, now that I get a look at her braless.

“Hey Max! Glad you could make it” she says with a big smile.

“You didn't think I would miss this, did you?” I know. So suave.

“I hoped not. Erin is inside starting an early dinner.” She jumps down the 2 stairs and embraces me in a nice firm hug, crushing her breasts into my chest. I respond in kind, and pull her into my growing cock. A small moan escapes her lips. “Lets go in, and I'll introduce you to her.”

Melinda walks me in the door, closes it, and passes me in the entrance hall, and off to the left, with me following slowly. As soon as I get to the opening on the left, I notice a nice kitchen done in a black stain on the cabinets, with a white marble counter top. Walking my way, with a dish towel in her hand, is a vision that forces my cock to turn to steel. Red hair to Melinda's golden blonde, down to just past her shoulders and very curly. An angels face full of freckles that cover down to behind the belly shirt, or at least what is, on her, a belly shirt, tight in all the right places, and shows a lack of bra behind it. Her bust protrudes out enough for a deep shadow below where the shirt ends, and allows me to notice two pierced nipples on her nice firm D cups, with the shapes of nipple rings molded into the tight shirt. The shorts she wears above her own white trainers and short pale legs is a shorter skirt in a faded black color.

“Max, this is Erin. Erin, this is Max. The guy I told you about on my morning run” gesturing toward me with her arm, and pats me on the shoulder. I quickly pull the necklace out of my left pocket, and hold it right in front of my face, as I reach out with my right to shake Erin's hand.

Within a second or two, all eyes are locked onto the deep blue stone, and bodies relax, as the eyes lose a bit of seeing the here and now, staring blankly towards where the stone was before I replace it in my pocket. Erin just a few feet in front of me, and Melinda to my direct right. In this moment, I am so thankful for this necklace I found.

Now that I have their undivided attention in trance, I tell Melinda “until I touch you on the shoulder, you will not hear my voice at all.” I then repeat all that I can remember telling her upon our fortuitous meeting this morning towards Erin. Once done, I tap Melinda on her shoulder, and begin to add to the program already laid out within their minds.

“If I, and only I, say sleepy slut, you will return to this trance, going twice as deep as you are now.” I receive a “yesss” from both ladies. “Sleeeeepy.”

“I now control your body.”

“You control my body” both women repeat my words back to me.

“I control your soul”

“You control my soul.”

“I control your mind.”

“You control my mind.”

“You are now obedient to me.”

“I am obedient to you.”

“You like to be obedient to me.”

“I like to be obedient to you.”

“You enjoy being obedient to me.”

“I enjoy being obedient to you.”

“It arouses you to be obedient to me.”

“It arouses me to be obedient to you. Mmmm.”
“You are an obedient slut for me.”

“I am an obedient slut for you.”

“ I arouse you sexually”

“You arouse me sexually.”

“My presence arouses you.”

“Your presence arouses me.”

I continue with commands for them both for another few minutes until my mind is empty of commands I've thought of. I can always go back and add more. Just in case something in the kitchen needs work with the early dinner, I finish up before something starts to burn.

“You will both now wake up when I count down to 1 from 5. You will not remember consciously, that I showed you my necklace just now, and will not bring it up. Now it's time to wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Wake up.”

I immediately put my right hand out to shake Erin's hand that is starting to reach for mine. We shake hands for just a few seconds as she looks me in the eye. I tell her it's great to meet her, and watch as her breast stop wobbling and settle from shaking my hand.

“You're a little bit early,” Erin says. “I haven't changed for company yet.”

“I think you're perfect as you are. No reason to change clothes just for me.” I tell her. Why would I allow her to change clothes when she's dressed to be a tease as is?

“Are you flirting with a lesbian?” Erin asks me, shaking her head. She glances down at my steel rod in my pants as she turns around to check on whatever meal she's making for us.

“Why yes, I am. Can you blame me? Two gorgeous women dressed as you are, inviting me over for a meal?” I watch her walk away, back over to the oven and bend over a little bit to check on the food. As she does, I can just make out a bit of her underboob from my angle. So delicious looking. I can't wait to play with them, squeeze them, and taste them.

“Well now, I guess it's ok. Speaking of which, it looks like dinner is ready. Why don't we all sit down and eat?” Erin replies with a wink as she looks back at me. Melinda turns and grabs 3 plates and silverware to place at the table. She sets one plate at the end of the table, and the other two next to each other on the long side of the table. She then goes back in for wine glasses. I offer to get the wine that's already open and breathing on the counter top, and follow her back to the table.

When she places all 3 glasses on the table behind each plate, I come up behind her, and rub my still hard cock against her ass as I lean over to her left, right hand on her hip, and whisper “I'll give you the head” in her ear. I feel a deep shiver from her whole body. As I pour wine into the glass at the corner of the table, I tell her “I'll sit here, between you both.”

I continue to lean my hips into Melinda as she slowly slides to my right, and sits down at the head of the table, and looks at me with her blue eyes wide open, as if in shock. I just smile, and pour her a good full glass of wine, before turning and pouring the same amount into Erin's glass. By this time, Erin has come up to the table with a pan of lasagna for us to feast on. I sit down and look at her as she puts the pan on the table in front of us. She sure looks goo.... I mean it sure looks good enough to eat.

Once Erin sits down, we all serve ourselves, and begin to eat. As I look over at Melinda, I notice that she's already downed half of the wine in her glass. She does look a bit frazzled. I look over at Erin, and she's barely touched hers yet. I start up a bit of a conversation with them, asking about them, and the condo.

Part way through the meal, I place my left hand on Erin's right thigh, close to her knee. She looks up immediately at me, and I just smile, taking a long drag of the wine in my glass. She calms down a little bit until I start moving my hand up her leg more, and drawing circles with my fingers on her inner thigh. She starts looking between me and Melinda in shock, as Melinda continues with a story about how they met. Then Erin grabs her glass and takes a long pull of wine, and just before she puts the glass back down, I slide my hand a bit higher on her thigh, pulling her legs apart a little, continuing the circles with my fingers, and she brings the glass right back to her lips and downs another third of her glass in a large gulp.

Melinda can't see what's happening below the deep brown stained oak table, so she continues her story, which I'm barely paying attention to, as my hand continues to slide up the sexy thigh next to me. Once we're done with the meal, Melinda gets up and starts to clear the table, as Erin and I converse about her side of the story of meeting each other. I pull apart her legs just a little bit more and slide my hand up more, until my hand pushes her skirt up, and my pinky finger rubs against a bare pair of lips. Nice. She's not wearing panties! I start wiggling my finger between her folds, and she grabs the bottle of wine and pours herself another gulp or two, and quickly downs the whole glass.

I start to move my whole hand in a twist to rest against her lips when her right hand quickly slides between my hand and her mons, and she finally puts her glass down slowly. I don't stop moving my hand, and cup her hand that is trying to create a barrier to her secret place. I grab her hand and start to move it in circles, and pressing a finger between her folds, forcing her hand to masturbate herself. Her legs spread a bit wider, and I press her hand down a bit more, and lean over towards her ear.

As I lean over, I force her hand farther down her lips, and press both of our middle fingers inside herself. Then I whisper “I think it's time for dessert” and lick her ear. Suddenly, I feel my fingers flooded, and dripping, and look at Erin's face in the middle of a huge quiet sigh as she stares at me. Melinda had just finished clearing the table, and was doing the dishes before they were forgotten, and I look back at Erin, and tell her to get on the table.

She stands up and away from our hands so fast, her chair slides back, and she turns, and throws her left leg over my lap to straddle me. Then leans back onto the table, lust in her eyes. I slide my chair back some, and as she lays down on the table I grab both legs at the knees and pull them up and over my head. Sliding my hands down to her hips, I pull her towards me, so her ass is partially hanging off the edge of the table, as I turn my head, and lick down half of her inner thigh until right before I feel the searing heat at their juncture. I can taste the drips down her thigh, and so I switch thighs and do the same.

She's barely made a sound since her orgasm, but she starts whimpering, so I continue licking down her leg until my tongue glides to the cleft between leg and swollen outer lip. I start licking from the bottom to the top of her juicy pussy, never digging deep, and staying outside of her lips, cleaning up her recent mess. She does taste divine.

At this point, while I am about to attack her pussy with all I have, I look up between her legs, across her soft belly, and mountains hidden under her shirt, to Melinda just finishing the dishes, and turns around to see what's keeping us occupied. She stops what she's doing, drops the rag in her hand, and starts rubbing her palm over her shorts, eyes half lidded.

I take the time to grab at Erin's wrists, which were grabbing at the tables edge, and pull her toward me slightly, as I dive into her dripping cunt spread out before me. Her heels drop down behind my head, and pull me into her, as I stick my tongue out, and lick at her core, fucking her with it for a second, before dragging my tongue up between her lips, stopping just before her clit, and head back down for another trip. I didn't tease too long, and attacked her clit with all I had. Sucking it into my mouth, and flicking my tongue over its tip as fast as I could. Her groans growing louder and louder, driving me on.

At one point, she twisted her wrists in my grip and started clawing at my forearms, digging her nails in. I decided to release the arms, and slowly worked my hands up her soft body, until they found the bottom of her shirt. I had to feel those gorgeous mounds in my hands! My fingers found their way under the shirt, and my hands found some nice firm mounds of flesh. I immediately started groping these swollen tits and playing with her nipple rings, twisting the nipples back and forth which were very stiff. It was hard to concentrate on the feast of her hairless pussy when playing with her breasts. It didn't take long to get her to moan through another orgasm, worked up as she was, and I lapped it all up, with some juices dripping down my cheeks.

I looked up again at Melinda, and what a sight it was. One hand buried in her shorts wiggling every which way, tank top made to cover her tits were now separating them down the center through the arm holes, and she was molesting her right nipple. I couldn't resist any more.

“Lose the shorts, and get over here” I said, as I slapped the table next to Erin.

I started to stand up, and licking my way up Erin's body, bringing her legs up on my shoulders as I went. I let them fall to my elbows when I reached her shirt and pushed it up at her sides, forcing her to take it off over her head. As soon as they were within view, I released the shirt, and began to maul her breasts again, and sucking on one nipple, pulling the nipple ring into my mouth to flick back and forth with my tongue.

Melinda, meanwhile, dropped the shorts as fast as she could and almost bounced over to the table, and sat on the edge, hip to hip with Erin. I stood up, and slowly pushed her onto her back where both girls linked hands as I crossed Melinda's right leg over Erin's left to help keep them spread. Then I stepped between Melinda's legs to lean over, and maul her breasts as I had Erin's. It wasn't long before I craved tasting her young cunt as I had with her girlfriend. I kissed my way down her body, and her free hand helped guide my head with a handful of my hair.

My first taste of Melinda creek side was not enough for me, and I applied my tongue to her pussy with fervor. I was ravenous and felt as though I consumed her through her cunt. She almost immediately came on my face once I pinched her clit between my lips. I then licked at her hole before inserting my thumb, and getting it nice and wet before sliding it over her taint and to her starfish, where I played around it, rubbing it all over. She caught her breath, and started to say, “not in my...” before I pushed my thumb up into her asshole to the first knuckle. She came again, squirting in my face, and her body shook in convulsions.

“AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaHH!! Oh GOD!!”

“That's a good slut!” I said once she quit making a mess on my face, and she's calmed down just a bit. “Good girl.” I kept my right thumb inside her rear hole and massaged her dripping pussy with my left for a few moments as she came down from her orgasm.

Standing up, I looked them both over, Erin fingering her pussy and still holding onto Melinda's hand with the other. Their legs still twisted together and in the air, giving me a beautiful unobstructed view of their nether lips and assholes, one occupied by my digit. Finally pulling my thumb out of her ass, I reach for the belt on my shorts.

“I think it's about time that I introduce a little more meat into your diet” I say as I pull the belt loose and drop my shorts and boxers. My raging hard cock bouncing into place, pointing almost right where I mean to go in a moment. The table was at the perfect height. I stepped closer to Melinda, and rubbed the underside of my cock up and down her lips, collecting some of her moisture, and teasing her pussy some more. “Do you want it?” I ask her.

“YESSSSS!” Melinda almost screams at me. “Fuck ME!!” Her hips start moving, creating extra rubbing of my cock just laying upon her slit. I grab my shaft near the base, and press my length onto her lips, forcing the head to roughly separate her lips, until it pops it's way home to the entrance to her secret chamber.

I gently slide my head inside her tight tunnel, feeling pressure from all sides. Once I'm half way in, I pause for a moment, and inquire “who's pussy is this?” I receive a deep groan from Melinda, but nothing else, so I forcefully slam the rest of my length inside her, jabbing at her cervix with my head, and grunt “It's MY pussy!” She explodes into orgasm once I'm buried into her tight tunnel.

“Oh GOD, YESSS!! It's yours! Fuck your pussy!” Melinda stops screaming and gets into the moment of my hard thrusts, claiming her wet cunt as my own. “Uhh uhh uhh” is all she can say, as I pound her. I grab at her tits, and take one nipple into my mouth gently nibbling on it as I take each long stroke inside her, playing with the other nipple between thumb and index finger, driving her to new heights with the first and last cock she'll ever need or want. Suddenly she froze up, and her back arched painfully, and then her breath caught.. “GAAAAAHHHH!!” she screamed out in the ecstasy of her second orgasm. Heavy breathing followed in her attempt to get oxygen to her brain again.

Her partner, Erin, was watching me closely, as she continued to finger her own little slit, mouth open, tongue buried in a cheek. I reach over with my left hand, and squeeze her left breast, while still plunging my length into Melinda. Pulling on her nipple ring, I twist a bit and ask “Are you in need of more meat in your diet? Hmmm??” I release her ring and reach for her other nipple, and twist. “Do you want me to fuck that cunt, slut?” Her eyes go wide, and all she can do is just nod at me, over and over.

I've always been proud of my cock. I know it's larger than average. I was bored one day while jacking off to some girl, when I decided to measure. Just shy of 8” in length, and almost 7” around. The girth has satisfied a few girls, and it made the sweet pussy I was pounding now so fucking tight! I knew I'd be blowing my load here shortly, if I kept at this pace. I wasn't planning on slowing down at all, as I wanted to mark both of these girls cunts with my seed. Claim their lesbian pussies as my own.

The first of which I knew was coming soon! My balls were clenching up, ready to shoot the first load out into Melinda's wet slit. I kept pounding into her over and over again, expecting a nice big explosion in a moment. There was no turning back, and I wouldn't want to waste any by pulling out and shooting onto her belly. No, this first shot would be deep inside her cunt.

It felt like an explosion when I finally came. I filled her tunnel with 6 big shots of cum before my cock decided it'd had enough, and started to soften inside of her, at which point, I pulled out, and grabbed Melinda by her arm, and pulled her up to sitting, before telling her to get on her knees.

“Suck our juices off my cock, and get me hard again. I'm not done yet!” She fell to her knees and dove on my cock, almost choking on it on her first attempt. I had to grab her head and stop her once and remind her that she's got to watch her teeth! That didn't feel good. She wrapped her lips around her teeth and went nuts, aggressively bobbing her head on my cock, hoping it wouldn't deflate any more.

It didn't take long to get back up to full hardness, since I'm barely into my twenties. The refresh rate is quick. How else am I jacking off at least 3 times a day? I had Melinda get up and offered a hand to Erin to get off the table, and into my arms right after removing her skirt for her. One hand lands on her ass which I squeeze, and the other, around her back, forcing her breasts to crush into my chest, and in turn, force my cock to press into her stomach.

“Erin, I'm going to take your real cock cherry with you bent over the couch,” I whisper in her ear, before releasing her, all but for my hand on her bubble ass, and walk her toward her coming fate. We both walk quickly into the living room just a few steps from the dining area, with the blue velvet couch backed up against the dining room, facing the far wall where a large TV was hung over the fireplace, so you could watch it from anywhere in the area.

Melinda took a seat sideways on the couch, leaning back against the arm rest, her eyes directed to her left over the back of the couch as Erin walks up and leans over a little bit. She starts to rub her clit again, and then rubs her finger around her opening, spreading my deposited cum around her lips, while staring into Erin's eyes.

Keeping hold of her ass, I use my other hand and place it between Erin's shoulder blades, and push down. Getting the hint, she leans down and places her hands between Melinda's legs to support her. I begin to slide my cock under her body, rubbing her juices on the top of my turgid cock, but also teasing her clit, and then pull back enough that it slaps at my stomach. Then I start to saw it in the crack of her ass with a few fingers pushing on the base of my head. Of course, her ass is spread as she's bent in half, and my cock slides with pressure down her crack, and I press firmly, and slowly, over her rear entrance, teasing her, before letting it slide down until it pops into the outer edge of her dripping channel.

I start to press myself into her, inch by slow inch, but also take my left thumb and press at her brown starfish rubbing firmly around her entrance. At about half way into her juicy pussy, I press into her ass with my thumb, and follow the progression of my cock with my thumb, until I'm buried in her cunt, as well as two knuckles deep into her ass. Suddenly, her tight channel starts compacting on my cock as I start to pull out again, and her body is twitching, matching her uh uh uh of her voice, in her throws of ecstasy.

Melinda meanwhile has started to finger her sloppy cunt, and slowly digging out some of my cum to lick off her fingers, as her other hand plays with Erin's right breast, twisting and pulling on her nipple. Her muted cries are harder to hear, while she's sucking my release off her fingers below us.

I start to pay attention to the stuffed orifices in front of me, and start to slowly saw in and out of Erin, my cock sliding in and out of her invaded pussy, as my thumb follows along, in and out, in and out of her tight back door following the same motion as my cock. My other hand takes over for Melinda on her right breast, as I continually speed up in my pounding motion into one tasty cunt as it clinches, and attempts to pull me back in on every stroke.

I knew I'd have some staying power, after expending one big load into Melinda earlier, so I was in no real rush in finishing with Erin any time soon. Her juicy cunt was trying to get my load very hard. Squeezing me so tightly, I thought she'd rip my dick off if it wasn't attached. Wet sounds accompanied every slap of my hips to her firm ass, squelching out how needy she was for my cock. I'm not one to disappoint a needy slut on my cock, so I started picking up the pace a little bit. Slowly working toward a great finish. Her grunts grew and grew until she froze up in orgasmic delight, a vice grip helped contain my hard pumping into her pussy, and locked my thumb in her ass.

I'm not ready to cum yet, so I keep driving on, slamming Erin into the couch, and moving the whole thing a little at a time. Hard wood floors help in the movement.

“Save some of that for this slut,” I say to Melinda, as she continues to dig out more of my spend from her pussy. She stops digging and continues to rub on her clit.

“I know. Why don't you scoot down to the middle of the couch, and slut Erin can sixtynine with you, and I'll fuck her on top, and then you'll have a meal as well.” Melinda does start scooting down the couch until I have enough space above her head to kneel comfortably, and I start to pull out of both holes of Erin, much to her dissatisfaction. She moves around the couch, and quickly kneels over Melinda's head, and drops her pussy onto her hungry mouth, before starting to lick her way to the center of Melinda's cock sleeve.

I rounded the couch, and enjoyed the view of Melinda's face buried in Erin's dripping cunt. I was in need of more stimulation. I got up on the couch behind Erin, letting my balls hang over Melinda's nose, and rubbed my cock between her cheeks again, before slowly plunging into her tasty pussy. After a couple of strokes, balls slapping Melinda in the face, I pulled out, and pressed my cock downward toward Melinda, forcing her off the pussy she devoured, and forcing my cock into her mouth. I only made a few strokes to the back of her mouth, just bumping into her throat, before retreating. Then I dipped back into Erin's pussy for a few minutes of even strokes.

When I thought I was juiced up enough, I pulled out again, and moved up just a little bit. I then helped push my cock head up against her asshole, and pushed a little bit. It didn't take as much effort as my thumb, to get my cock head to pop into her ass. I sat there then, and let her get used to having my meat inside her bowels. When her muted grunts disappeared, I started to feel her ass relax just a little bit, and started pushing in an inch at a time. It didn't take long to get all 8 inches inside her, and again, I let her rest with my cock buried inside her dark passage.

Once I started moving again, her groans started up, and her ass tightened up considerably. I was loving getting my cock squeezed from her ass. She was trying to milk my balls dry through my shaft, and it was working. I was getting close pretty quickly. I started pumping into her over and over, slapping my balls against Melinda's face on every thrust.

I was hearing moans constantly now from both women, and I knew that they seemed to be close as well. When I finally erupted inside of Erin's dark channel, it felt like my balls got sucked through as well, I was so drained. At least 5 or 6 good squirts of cum was inserted anally into the slut. I was on empty, and almost collapsed on top of the both of them. Somehow, I let go of my handholds being breasts, and sat back onto the arm rest of the couch, catching my breath as both sluts went over the edge into each others face.

They both laid there for a few moments, and then Erin got up and off of Melinda, and both sat at either end of the couch, so I got up and sat down between them both, putting my arms around each of their shoulders, drawing them in to me. We were all exhausted.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up to find my hands both full of breasts, Erin on my right, leaning on my chest, passed out, and Melinda laying with her head on my thigh, also in dream world. I started to think back on my day today.

It all started off with a nature hike, and ended up enslaving a few beautiful young women a few blocks from my house because of a necklace. How could I have been so lucky, and what was I to do now, with these girls, and going forward, what to do?

I began to massage each of their breasts, and pulling on their nipples, until they stirred, pulling them from deep sleep. I wanted to find a better place to crash out than their couch. I ended up being led by one, and dragging along the other, to the bedroom, and a king sized bed. We all piled into bed. Me at the center, and both women cuddling up to me, and wrapping their legs around mine. Both of them with their head on my shoulder and my hands fondling their breasts, claiming them as mine, as I claimed both of the girls this evening.

We didn't move a muscle almost all night, and slept in pretty late.

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