Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Choice 3

by The Traveling Master

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C – She gathers up her courage immediately and asks him if he has other people to practice his hypnosis on. Or if Cindy and Charlene were the only ones.

"Speaking of opportunities…" I said as I looked down at my mug. "Since you won't be seeing Cindy or Charlene again…"
I paused, debating if I was really about to ask him to hypnotize me. But if I paused too long… It would look suspicious. My heart was pounding again as I thought about what I was about to ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess…
"Yes?" he said before I could continue.
"I was just wondering if you had any substitutes." I said, trying to hide my excitement.
"Substitutes?" he asked, clearly puzzled.
"I meant… You know… People you practice and hone your hypnosis skills on."
"OH!" he said. "Actually… No. I haven't. Didn't even think to replace them yet. Not since this all happened."
"Why not? Did you get THAT good THAT quickly?" I asked, smiling.
"Hahaha!" he laughed. "Well yes and no… I mean… I discovered I have a knack for it. I think I do anyway. I do admit I'm not confident enough to actually start taking patients." he said as he looked at me. Then he smiled. "Are you asking because you want to volunteer?"
"Maybe…" I said as I felt my cheeks burn up with embarrassment.
Oh god… PLEASE make it so he doesn't notice!
"Well… I do like the idea…" he said thoughtfully. "The whole reason I started with Cindy was to have someone I knew and trusted. You know… So they gave me real feedback on how it felt. How well it was working… If it felt strange at all… She always gave me loads of comments on our sessions."
"So it wouldn't all be fun and games then?" I said with a smile. He chuckled.
"No… I'm afraid not. Well, not entirely at any rate. I mean, I DO have to get better if I ever want to charge clients for it. Trying to hypnotize different people was my plan, eventually… Not every technique works for everyone. What worked for Cindy might not work for you. So I may have to try different things. Work things out… That part might get a little clinical."
"I understand… I could do that. I'm not sure what you'll need from me, but I'm game to if it means helping you."
"It really would…" he said as he looked at me. "But don't worry, it doesn't always have to be up tight and heavy, we can have a little fun to"
"Well… Whatever it takes right?" I said with the biggest smile.
Maybe he would try to make things interesting.
"You seem really happy to let me hypnotize you…" he commented.
Oh god… Did he already suspect? No… He couldn't… I mean… Who would jump to that conclusion? What other reason would be normal? Or did he just think I was flirting with him?
"I… hahaha…" I laughed. "You got me!" I said as I put my hands in the air, trying to hide my nervousness.
"Yeah… I always thought it would be cool to be hypnotized. It always intrigued me… But I'm such a good girl that I never had a reason to seek out that type of therapy."
"There are always those hypnotist shows… You could have tried then!"
"WHAT?!?! NO!!! I would never… I mean… Sure I thought about it… But I'm way too shy to let myself go on stage to do all sorts of funky stuff!"
It was true that I HAD thought of it. I even watched more than my share, but not for the entertainment quality of the show. It got me so hot to watch people fall in their trance. I was way too shy to let some stranger hypnotize me and play with me like that. What if I got too aroused during the show? No… I had to trust the hypnotist if I was to ever indulge. And I trusted Josh. 
"Like cluck like a chicken in front of everybody?" he said smiling.
"I hope that is not what you want to practice." I said as I saw him shrug. "Joshua Alexander Smith!" I said in my strong voice. "If by fun you were thinking about making me act like a damn chicken! You can forget it! If I'm going to help you, it better be for real and not just to make fun of me!"
He burst out laughing at my fake outrage. I was partly serious, I really didn't want him to take advantage of me. Not like that anyway… I smiled and laughed with him.
"Deal then! No chicken shit!" he said. "It shouldn't be a problem. It's not the kind of practice I was planning on having. I want to help people you know! Not to make fun of them."
"Right…" I said, still smiling. "Although… A little fun is ok…" I admitted.
He didn't say anything and just smiled. 
"Anyway… I should be back in town in a few days to check out more spaces. I'll text you the dates and just let me know when you would be free for a session."
"I guess that means we are going to do it at my place?" I asked.
"If that's ok. I don't have a space yet and to be honest, a comfortable and safe environment is required for the subject to feel relaxed enough for hypnosis to work."
"My place it is then!"
I got up and we hugged. I immediately noticed how firm his body was. Which didn't help the growing arousal I was feeling. I watched him go out of the shop and I couldn't help but imagine him taking control of me… Ravaging me in my living room… Would he want to? I guess he was open to a few dalliances if he fucked Charlene so soon after Cindy. I got out of the shop as I tried to picture what kind of lover he would be. COULD be I mentally corrected… 
I spent that evening diving deep into my fantasies. Imagining he had already hypnotized me while we talked in the coffee shop… With his smooth voice and confident demeanor… Lulling me into some wakeful trance… Implanting thoughts of us fucking… Making me want to masturbate as I got home… Thinking of him…
Which I did.
I knew it was only fantasy, like all the other times in my life, but what if he really could hypnotize me? The possibility sent me over the edge…
I was gripped with anxious anticipation for the next few days. Even worried… What if he changed his mind? What if I didn't want to go through with it? After all… I was about to indulge something I was dreaming of for years. What if he discovered I was aroused by it? Would he find that weird and stop it? Or would he like it?
All those doubts and questions affected my job performance a little and my boss told me I seemed distracted. I told him I was just nursing a bad cold but I was on top of it and promised to make it up to him. When I saw his weird smile, I realized how it sounded and I just smiled with my cheeks burning red. It may have been just my over active imagination, but it seems that I was always making erotic connections. Saying things that could be taken as sexual. I never considered myself a tease, but ever since our meeting, I found that I had sex on the brain.
I guess it showed through in my daily actions.
It took 3 whole days before Josh finally texted me. I was eager and scared all the same time. I replied that the following Friday would be a perfect time for me and we made it a date. Of sorts…
I was so excited! I still had 2 full days to work before Friday came around. I made a point to try and stay concentrated on my work, but I kept thinking about what could happen on Friday night. What would happen? I wondered… Was I even a good subject for hypnosis? I had read plenty over the years and I knew that not everyone could be hypnotized. Some are more prone than others. I wondered which I would be. What if I couldn't be hypnotized? That somehow, my eagerness to be in a trance would prevent me from reaching it.
I was so scared he wouldn't be able to hypnotize me…
When I went to work on Friday morning, I had butterflies in my stomach. One minute I was getting incredibly turned on, then the next I was freaking out. Like I was about to jump out of a plane with a parachute while thinking : 'Will it open?'. Yet being so excited to feel the rush of the fall…
I noticed my boss' stern frown as I finally left at the end of the day. My mind wasn't on my job and it showed in my performance. I told myself I could always put in extra hours to get everything done. If my boss wanted me too of course. I didn't mind the extra work.
Josh said he would arrive some time after supper, which left me plenty of time to tidy up my place and eat. I had offered him to dine with me, but he said he had a meeting around 6 O'clock and he didn't want to make me starve while I waited for him. I didn't push the issue. Maybe he will accept my offer for the next session…
Everything was done and clean. I was happy with my place and now the only thing that was left was to take care of me. I went and took a long shower to try and relax my nervous tension. The warm water worked wonders and my mind drifted to a relaxed place. I couldn't help it. Just thinking that tonight I would finally experience the fall… Hopefully… My hands had a mind of their own as I imagined I had some sort of post hypnotic trigger that turned me on whenever I was in a shower… Making me want to touch myself… Like I was helpless to do it… Compelled…
I briefly wondered if I would get comfortable enough with Josh to ask him to implant such things… God that would be hot… Would I dare? Maybe after a few sessions… My body went wild as the orgasm hit me. I had trouble staying on my trembling legs, but I finally caught my breath and calmed down. Or tried to…
I was still so horny…
I wrapped a towel around my body and went to my room. I opened up my closet and looked at my clothes. What should I wear? He said I should feel comfortable. I looked at my yoga pants and thought they would make a good choice. Comfortable, yet tightly fitting to show off my legs. But then again… Maybe a simple pair of shorts would also work.
What about my underwear? Did I dare hope he would take control and make me strip? No… Josh wasn't like that. Was he? He did anger fuck Charlene… Which was way more impulsive of him than I ever knew him to be. Did he change?
I smiled… I could certainly help heal his sorrow by making sure he was fully distracted… He DID say he wasn't looking for anything serious. I wasn't either. I couldn’t see myself settling down with anyone right now. After my last boyfriend, I decided it was time to have some fun of my own. I've had a few fuck friends in the last months and I had to admit, I enjoyed it a lot. 
Part of me hoped Josh would be open to the idea. I could certainly convince him if he let me…
I shook my head. Thinking about hypnosis and Josh's muscular body wasn't helping my current dilemma. Should I wear an outfit to excite and tease him? Would that be too obvious? Or should I stay conservative?
Decisions… Decisions…
Choice 3 
A – Myra decides to wear the yoga pants with a comfortable tank top. She puts on a nice matching set of underwear that is far from everyday wear, but is not overly screaming that they are for a special occasion.
B – Myra decides to wear baggy shorts, the kind she wears when she cuddles up on a Sunday morning in bed. She puts on a t-shirt that is very comfortable and slightly tight fitting. Her matching underwear is clean, but nothing fancy. She doesn't believe things will escalate during the session.
C- Myra decides to wear a skirt which always helps to show off her ass. The skirt goes with a matching blouse that tightly fits her torso. She wears this outfit to go out in clubs and has had a lot of luck with the guys in it. She feels sexy and confident. She smiles as she grabs her sexiest bra and the matching thong as she thinks : 'At least he'll get a nice eye full if he decides to be naughty…'

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