Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Choice 2

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #InteractiveStories

A – Myra asks about the other reason behind his move and if it is linked to the text he just received.

"Earth to Josh…" I said with a smile.
He turned to me and smiled, but I still saw a little pain in his eyes.
"Sorry about that…" he said.
"It's ok…" I said. "You were saying you had other reasons for moving, other than to get a fresh start. What was the other reason?"
He looked at me and I wasn't sure if I didn't make a mistake. His face was UN-readable for a moment.
"Like I said… It's not important…" he said as he looked at his cup. "But since you asked… I started to practice hypnosis on Cindy. You know… To get a feel for how it was actually done. I was a miserable failure at first, but Cindy was a good sport and supported me until I actually managed to make her go under."
"That's great of her!" I said.
I was trying to keep a straight face, but my mind couldn't help but imagine the tall brunette fall over in a trance. I could just picture her blank stare… Why was I torturing myself? I moved my legs a little and I instantly felt how aroused I was getting. 
"It was…" he said looking back at his cup. "And we were doing so great! Every few days I would spend a few hours with Cindy to hone my skills and explore her psyche. We even managed to dispel some of her deep rooted fears. I felt I was making real progress."
"So why the long face?"
"Because you don't know about Charlene…"
"Who's Charlene?"
"A friend I made over there… Anyway… She always had a huge crush on me and kept flirting, even though I was clear that I was not going to indulge anything with her."
"Damn…" I said. As much at myself for hoping I had some sort of chance with him and for the situation he was in.
"You don't know the half of it… Anyway… When she wasn't flirting, she was a lot of fun to be around. Cindy and her got along great. They became such close friends that they started to go out just the 2 of them. To blow off steam far from the male gender."
"Male gender?" I asked almost laughing.
"Charlene's words mind you…" he said with a smile of his own. "So of course, she learned that I was hypnotizing Cindy. And that's when she did it."
"Did what?"
"Injected doubt."
"Doubt? About what?"
"About Cindy…" he said with the same pained look.
"Do I dare ask?" I said.
"You may…" he said looking out the window again and took a deep breath. "Charlene started to insinuate that maybe Cindy wasn't all that faithful."
"Cindy? REALLY?" I asked surprised.
Cindy was not a person I would figure for a cheater. She was so sweet and innocent!
"Really…" he said. "I was sure Charlene was mistaken, but every so often, she would let odd things slip into our conversations. Like places I thought Cindy was when she actually wasn't. I knew she was just trying to mess with my head and possibly make me confront Cindy. You know… Have a big fight… Leave all pissed… Maybe she hoped I would go knocking on her door…"
"Well she was certainly obsessed with you! But you are above all that. You wouldn't let someone like her manipulate you right?"
He looked back to his cup and played with the rim of it. He wasn't telling me the whole story.
"Don't tell me you confronted her and fought!"
"In a way…" he said. "I asked her if she had any big secrets she kept from me."
"Which lead to a fight?"
"Not exactly…" he said as he looked up at me. "I asked her while she was under a trance. So she couldn't lie to me."
"Oh god…" I said as I saw his eyes. He looked so sad. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."
"No it's fine…" he said with a wave of the hand. "She said yes… At first I hoped it was only something minor… Like a hidden kink or that she killed her gold fish… I couldn't believe that my Cindy would ever be unfaithful... But she admitted that she had slept around…"
"Fuck…" I said, truly sad for him.
"I was so mad… I made her tell me everything. She wasn't fucking around anymore, but she had done so in college. A few times… She told me it was all to explore and get it out of her system. So that she could be all mine once we left campus life. And that's exactly what she did. She stopped sleeping around after we moved to the city."
"That's… Awful…" I whispered. 
"I was so mad… Sad… Furious…  I just had to know everything… So I sat there as she told me about every guy… There was a few… 7 in total… She told me all about her romps… I was devastated."
"I can imagine! Why would you put yourself through that?"
"Because I needed to know! Anyway… I couldn't bring myself to see her in the same way. Like she had changed. Classic really…"
"Geez Josh… I'm so mad she did that to you…"
"Everything would have been fine if I hadn't asked. She has been faithful ever since the move and did exactly like she planned… And in truth… I was almost ready to forgive her… But then I thought about Charlene…"
"Why her?"
He looked up and me with a sad smile.
"How did she even know?" he said. "She wasn't part of our lives back in college. I realized they had talked. About her other guys… Girl to girl… I figure it was probably some manipulation on Charlene's part, but Cindy opened up and told her."
"And Charlene saw it as the perfect opportunity… What a bitch!" I said.
"She had a clear goal and had the means to do it. It was Cindy that betrayed me… Twice!"
"I'm really sorry about it all… I really am…" I said.
I did feel sorry. But in the back of my mine… I was almost grateful… I felt bad for being happy about his misfortune, but if he wasn't with Cindy anymore…
"Don't be. I've sort of grown from it." he said as he smiled. "Well… After a few gallons of bourbon of course." he said as he chuckled.
"So you are moving out of town… I get it… You are trying to distance yourself from Cindy. Right?"
"And Charlene..." he said. "She keeps asking for another date, but I'm done with her."
My eyes grew wide. Date?
"Don't tell me her plan worked!"
"In a way…" he said with a weird smile. "Things got a little… Heated… When I went to confront her about Cindy's sleeping around. I was pissed. I wasn't thinking very clearly at the time. We ended up fucking like mad rabbits. I guess I'm human after all."
"I'm kinda pissed that bitch got what she wanted in the end! All at your expense!"
"Oh she got what was coming to her…" he said cryptically.
"How so?"
"I kind of hypnotized her the next morning…"
"WHAT??!?!?!" I said, a little too loudly.
"Yeah… I lied and told her it was part of my sexual kink. Something I did with Cindy… So she went for it. Once I had a foot hold in her mind… I hypnotized her again and again over the next few days… Let's just say we discovered a hidden part of herself that she just feels compelled to explore…"
"My god Josh… What did you make her do?" I said, but my heart was racing.
"Nothing she wasn't ready to try on her own… I just… Moved things along… Anyway… That bitch had it coming for planting such doubt in my head."
Oh god… What did he discover? What was he making her do? Just thinking about him manipulating her mind to get even like that… I tried to keep calm and move the conversation along.
"So… the text was her?"
"No… It was Cindy… She is trying to apologize and find a way to get me to come back to her."
"So she knows that… Huh… You know?"
"Yes! Can you believe that she was pissed I used her trust in me to question her? Like I was the one to betray our trust."
"That's messed up…" I said as I sipped my cold coffee.
So he was able to use hypnosis other than in a clinical way… That was the only thing my mind remembered from Charlene's side of the story. My horny mind grabbed on to that information and ran with it. Josh was certainly open to using hypnosis in other ways… And was my inner horny self dreaming? Or did I see a satisfied smile when he told me about Charlene's fate? He almost looked… Happy!
"Isn't it?" he said as he looked at his mug. "I can never go back to her… I just can't! Maybe if she had truly kept it a secret… From everyone… But it was like she was bragging to Charlene about it… That hurt too much for me to ever forgive her. That said… I don't wish her harm or anything… So when she texts me like that… It just messes with my head and makes me pissed. You know?"
"I know…" I said. "So… Was she a good fuck at least? Charlene I mean…"
"hahahha… She was… But I didn't really enjoy it as much as I would have… You know… Considering the circumstances. It was angry… Brutal… She was all for it… She WANTED me to take it out on her. I tell you, she is one messed up girl! But in the end… It worked out for the best."
"How so?"
"I'm free now…" he said as he lifted his hand in the air in and open gesture. "Free to explore all the beauties of this world!!!" he said with a kid like flourish in his speech.
He made a sort of epic face that almost made me spit out my drink! My god he could be so corny when he wanted to! 
"So what? You are going to fuck your way to recovery?" I asked laughing.
"Hahahha!" he laughed. "Nothing so dramatic! But I've decided to keep things simple now. I'm steering clear of heavy relationships for a while."
"You’re a handsome guy, I'm sure the ladies will be throwing themselves at you!" I said, secretly hoping I would get my turn.
"You think so? HA! Time will tell…" he said as he drained his cup.
He excused himself to go the the bathroom. I watched him go and I clearly saw a skip in his step. As bad as it all was for him, he looked better for it. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to try my luck…
I bit my lip as I tried to control my excitement. Was I really going to ask him to hypnotize me? I went through a sort of list of why I shouldn't. I usually find a million reasons to refrain from indulging, but as I thought about it, I couldn't seem to find anything wrong with asking him to practice on me.
The only thing I did tell myself was to take things slow. Unless he wanted to go faster… I shook my head to dispel my naughty thoughts. I didn't even know if he was planning on moving to this particular city. Not for sure anyway… I watched him come back to the table and almost pouted when I saw he hadn't gotten a refill.
"Are you leaving?" I asked sweetly.
"Well… It's been great catching up, but I need to go shopping for a place to start my practice. There are a few good offices nearby and I was hoping to catch a deal on one of them."
"You…" I said, suddenly stunned. "You are moving to THIS town?"
"Hoping to… Or the next town over… They seem to have the least hypnotherapists and present the best opportunities for my new practice."
Oh god… This would make things so much easier… Or dangerous… If you asked my good and proper self, it would be bad to have such temptation close by. But if you asked my inner… Darker self… 
He was here… Planning to move close to where I lived… Single… Handsome… 
I felt the cage inside my mind break open and I experienced a rush that ended with a warm tingle in my pussy. I had always been so careful about my little secret. Never letting myself show any signs I was aroused by it. I could always get a grip on my inner demon and push it down. But this opportunity was just too good to pass up.
Or so my horny devil kept telling me…
Ok then Myra. You can do it. Just ask him…

Choice 2 
A – She asks him if he wants company on his errand. Hoping to use the extended time to gather her courage and ask him to practice hypnosis on her.
B – She asks him if he plans to stay in town for the night, hoping to get drinks with him later on in the evening and see where that will lead.
C – She gathers up her courage immediately and asks him if he has other people to practice his hypnosis on. Or if Cindy and Charlene were the only ones.

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