Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Choice 4

by The Traveling Master

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A – Myra decides to wear the yoga pants with a comfortable tank top. She puts on a nice matching set of underwear that is far from every day wear, but is not overly screaming that they are for a special occasion.

Better play things safe, but not too safe… I grabbed one of my better pairs of underwear, ones I usually wore on special dates, and decided to stay with my original idea on put on my yoga pants. I knew they gave me a killer ass, but they were still very comfortable. I grabbed a plain white tank top and went to look myself in the mirror. I smiled. 
I looked cute. Not overly sexy, but I was confident that if he had a slightly wandering eye, he would get intrigued by my figure. After all, he wasn't the only one working out! I looked a lot better than I did in college. Or I thought so anyway… I twirled around and couldn't help but feeling horny again.
Was it too much? Or not enough? 
I was wondering what he would think of me if he did decide to make me strip… I mean… Would he assume that I always wore such fancy underwear? Or would he think I put them on especially for him? Either way was fine with me. In both cases, he would be thinking of me in my underwear…
When I heard the buzzer, my heart skipped a beat. I went to the door to buzz him in and I turned to check my apartment one last time. Good. Everything was spotless. I heard a soft knock on my door and opened it to let Josh inside.
"HI!" I said as I hugged him. "Happy you could make it!"
"Me too!" he said as he took his shoes off. "Wow… Nice pad you got here."
"Thanks…" I said. "Did you find your space yet?" 
We moved to the living room as he answered.
"Not per say… A few good candidates, so to speak… But I'm still waiting to visit this really sweet spot I think would be incredible. The price is a little high… But I hope I can negotiate it down to what I can afford."
"That's great news! I'm sure you'll be able to sway them to your way of thinking…"
We talked a little about everything except hypnosis, taking the time to get comfortable in the living room. I opened a bottle of wine and poured us a glass. What better way to relax after a long day right?We talked and sipped away. All the while, my heart was beating hard in my chest. Should I push things along? Was I really ready? Would it even work? I was so nervous! I tried to relax, but it was hard. My eyes kept wandering down to his chest and broad shoulders. 
"Ok Myra! I guess it's time to get down to business. Are you still game to let me hypnotize you?"
I was still a little scared of actually going through with it, but I took a deep breath to calm myself. I would probably never get such a golden opportunity anyway.
"Definitely! So what should I do?"
"Great! OK!" he said all excited. "The main thing about hypnosis is to be relaxed and trust in the person that is aiming to hypnotize you. So tell me Myra, do you trust me?"
"Of course I do! I wouldn't have invited you otherwise."
"Very good… Now the other thing is for you to aim for a relaxed state. There are many things we can do to get you there. The first thing I'll do is dim the lights a little so you don't get too distracted. While I do that, I want you to choose something to concentrate on. So far, I've tried the classic pocket watch, but it can be almost anything. A candle… A Metronome… A pendent…"
"How corny can you get?" I said teasing him.
"Exactly my point!" he said as he got up. "Just think about something that won't make you laugh. Something relaxing to look at…"
I watched him go around the room and turn on the small lamps I had. A pocket watch? Hhhmmm… That sounded corny… I had watched so many videos and read so many erotic stories. They all excited me. Spirals… Jewels… Static on a television… I didn't really care which he used, as long as it worked.
"So? What is your pleasure?" he asked as he sat back down.
My inner lustful self wanted to shout: 'For you to hypnotize me and fuck my brains out!'. But I managed to reel her in and stay calm. On the outside anyway…
"I don't really care… But you may have a point about the pocket watch and all that… So why don't we try the candle? I think it will definitely make me more relaxed. Can it be scented? Or does it have to be just a plain old regular candle?"
"It can be either, what ever you find relaxing."
I nodded and went to my room. I had bought a few nice smelling candles the last time I went shopping. I chose one that smelled like lavender and other nice flowers. As I took in its aroma, I couldn't help but feel my heart start to race. This was it! He was going to hypnotize me! I took a few calming breaths before I went back in the living room and placed it on the coffee table. He was looking at a note book as I put the match box next to the candle.
"Is that so you can write down all my secrets?" I asked as I sat down.
"Something like that! They are my notes on my sessions so far. And yes, I will be taking notes on our sessions, if that's ok."
"Hey, I'm the one that offered to help you. What ever you need. They are private though right?"
"Of course! So before we begin, I just want to ask a few questions."
"Shoot!" I said.
"First off, were you telling the truth when you said that this will be your first experience with hypnosis?"
"Yes." I lied. 
All those online hypnotic-dates certainly didn't count. Besides… How was I to tell him I had tried to indulge in my hypnosis fetish online? No… He wanted to know if I had seen a real life hypnotist and I never did.
"Ok…" he said as he took a note. "If this is successful and I do manage to hypnotize you, what would be an issue you would like me to work on?"
"An issue?" I asked.
I didn't really have issues… I was accepting to be hypnotized. Not psycho-analyzed. I only wanted to feel the fall… The lost of control… I wanted to feel controlled and horny all over… I wanted him to make me do things… Anything… Espacially sexual things…
"I'm not really sure… I mean… I do great at work… I don't smoke and only drink socially… I don't think I'm an anxious person… My stress level is pretty low… Why would you need to work on something? Can't you just practice the induction without all that heavy stuff?"
"I could… But I think I'm getting good at that. What I would like to practice is how to navigate the subconscious. Really root around in someone's mind to find the core problems that make their lives so stressful and hard. You know… So I can help them make it better."
"I see… Well I'm perfectly happy with my life as it is!" I lied.
I wanted to experience more. Indulge my kinks and experience new things. But I couldn't very well say that to him!
"Really…" he said thinking. "Ok then… Maybe I could practice something similar… Yeah… Post hypnotic suggestions can be a powerful tool to help curb certain desires or bad habits like smoking. If you agree, I could practice that."
I had a million different erotic things pass through my brain as I imagined him implanting delicious triggers in my docile mind…
"I'm game to try that." I said before lifting up my finger. "BUT! No chicken nonsense!"
"Hahahaha!" he laughed. "No! I promise!"
As I watched him laugh, I had a sudden urge to flirt with him. Just a little… Josh was way to much of a gentleman to really take advantage of this situation. Even if I did hope beyond hope that he would. Not with me anyway… He had messed around with that Charlene chick… What the hell? Maybe I could give him an opening… Just to see how he reacts…
"All depending if you can actually pull it off and hypnotize me off course." I teased.
"Of course… But I'm pretty confident." he said.
"Right." I said as I smiled. "Why not make things interesting then?"
"How do you mean?"
"Well… Since you want to practice implanting post hypnotic stuff… Why don't we make a game out of it?"
"A game?" he asked puzzled. "What type of game?"
"Well… Let's say you manage to hypnotize me…"
"Don't worry so much… It will work."
"Let's hope so…" I said to myself, but I realized I had said it way to loud! "For your sake of course!" I added with a smile.
"What did you have in mind?"
"Well the first step would be to see if you actually COULD implant a trigger and make me forget about it. That would be a good test for you right?"
"Since I hopefully won't remember what it is, why don't I try to figure out what the trigger is before our next session?"
"I see… Yeah… That could make things less boring for you. It would certainly be good practice for me… To find ways of implant things so they work seamlessly with your every day life… I like it."
"It's hardly a game though…" he said with a smile.
"Oh? I thought it would be fun…" I said.
"It will… I really like your idea. But what if we play this like a bet. You get something if you manage to figure out the trigger and its effects, and I get something if you can't."
"Wow… That would certainly make things interesting…" I said. "Did you have something in mind?"
"Maybe…" he said cryptically. "But I'm curious to know what you would want as a reward for figuring out the trigger."
"Really?" I said smiling. "This is getting exciting!"
"Not too exciting now…" he said as he took the box of matches. "You need to relax first if the game is to be played at all. You need to be completely relaxed if I'm to hypnotize you!"
He took out a match and struck it. I watched it explode to life as he gently lowered the flame to the candle. My mind was racing… This was a perfect opportunity! I was so glad he took the hint and liked my game idea! I felt myself getting wet at the prospect. I could imagine his dirty little mind thinking up kinky triggers for me… 
Calm down Myra… One step at a time…
So what DID I want as a reward? This could get naughty pretty fast if he was into me. I bit my lip as I thought…
Choice 4
A – Myra wants to be able to ask a serious and intimate question to Josh. Something he can't refuse or lie about. She wanted to be able to ask him about anything. If he was going to swim around in her head, she wanted to be able to do the same. It was only fair.
B – Myra thinks that she can ask for an additional trigger to help her out in her day to day life. Like a sort of memory aid for her job. She thinks about starting things slow and asking for more erotic ones as they do more and more sessions.
C -  Myra reverses the tables and looks Josh in the eyes. Instead of offering an idea to reward her, she offers him a reward if he can manage to trick her. She offers him to implant what ever he wants as a reward. Making sure her smoldering eyes convey the erotic intention behind her offer.

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