Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Choice 12

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #InteractiveStories

C – Myra forfeits her choice and asks Josh to choose for her.

My hand went up and down his shaft and I mused about my options. I craved to be back in my sweet wakeful trance again, but my submissive side was also eager to explore the new side I was seeing in Josh. He liked bondage… Control… I always found bondage exciting, but I liked hypnosis even more. Both choices sounded so erotic… 
I wanted both. I wanted it all…
But then again… I had just submitted to him. Offering him my will do to with as he pleased. In a way, I had given up the right to choose. God that thought made me wet. You know in movies or cartoons, you some times see an angel and a devil on a persons shoulders? Guiding them in their moral choices? Well I felt I had something a little different. I had 2 little devils. One was whispering erotic thoughts about hypnosis and mind control. While the other was whispering delicious thoughts about submission. Both seemed really excited that I actually gave myself to Josh.
And I completely agreed with both. I smiled.
"I feel like this is just the beginning." I said. "And I like it…"
I gently kissed his cock head while I looked in his eyes. He twitched.
"Let's start things properly…" I said as I took a slow lick, watching his reaction.
"I forfeit my choice…" I whispered as my lips caressed his cock. "I'm your reward after all…"
His cock twitched hard in my hand. I licked him as slowly as I could, making sure he could feel the softness of my lips as well as the warmth of my tongue. He looked at me and for a moment, I thought I had been wrong. He was in charge and he asked me to choose. Maybe I erred in forfeiting my choice… But somehow, I felt like he was just confirming things for himself. 
If this was his first time indulging his dominant side, he may still be afraid to impose on me. No… Not afraid… That was not the emotion I was getting from him. He was still looking for consent. His choices made it clear he understood I really wanted this, but part of him was still holding back. Making sure he was leading me somewhere I wished to explore. I smiled as I sucked him tenderly. It turned me on that he respected me like that. He will learn…
Just as I will learn.
He smiled as he extended his hand and placed it on my head.
"My reward…" he whispered. "I guess you are right…"
He looked at me and his smile disappeared.
"I will let this slide for tonight…" he said sternly. "But next time I ask you a question, you will answer. Promptly and truthfully. Understood?"
"Hhmmm… Yes…" I said as I felt his voice tickle the strings in my heart.
"Yes Sir." he corrected.
Oh god…
"Yes Sir." I said as my lips caressed his cock.
"Good girl..." he said as he petted my head.
If I saw doubt before, I didn't see it anymore. His smile was predatory. Lustful… Confident… He understood what my choice meant. Even if he was stern, I could see he saw that I wasn't trying to disobey by not answering. I was simply giving him permission. Giving him the reigns.
"Change of plans then…" he said. "Stand up."
I kissed his cock one last time and I got up. 
"Drop your pants…" he said as he stroked himself slowly.
I started to pull them down, but his stern eyes told me I was going too fast. I slowed down and he smiled. I bent down low and came face to face with his cock. I couldn't resist and gave it another kiss. He twitched at my attention. I got my pants off my ankles and stood back up.
"Beautiful…" he commented. I blushed. 
I stood there as he stroked himself. His eyes went over every inch of my body and I felt hot shivers as I imagined I could feel his eyes on my skin, caressing their way down…
"Light the candle and place it on the coffee table in directly behind you." he said.
Oh god… He was going to make me edge… I was so excited! I picked up the matchbox and lit the candle. The aroma filled the living room once more and I turned to look at him. 
"Turn and look at the candle… As you do… Remove your panties…"
My eyes lingered at his erect cock and I followed his hand as he slowly stroked. I felt I could have gone under just by looking at his slow motion. I bit my lip and turned around slowly. I was between him and the candle. I looked at the flame and I immediately felt it capture my mind. That flame was so… Relaxing… Yet… Full of incredible power…
My hands slowly grabbed the sides of my panties and pulled them down. I was slow… Deliberate… I could feel my panties stick to my pussy. They had soaked up all my arousal. They were so damp… They fell to the floor and I moved my feet to get them free. 
"Excellent…" I heard him say. "Now bend forward and show me how much pleasure you are feeling…"
I swallowed. My eyes never looked away from the flame as I bent forward. My hand went between my legs and I immediately felt how wet I was. I rubbed my outer lips before my fingers spread them, covering my fingers with my juices.
I didn't move. I just stared and kept my lips apart. I felt embarrassed. Aroused… Shameful… A while mix of emotions where cascading in my head as I tried not to move. He was probably examining my ass… My pussy… I couldn't help but wonder if he liked what he saw.
"This is what is going to happen…" he said as I felt one of his hands caress my ass. "You will start to pleasure yourself… Imagining you are sending all that pleasure to the flame in front of you… Like before… You will stop yourself before you cum and say 'out'… Do you understand?"
"Yes…" I whispered, already feeling a little fuzzy as I imagined the flame was hypnotizing me.
"Yes Sir." he corrected.
"Yes Sir!" I quickly said.
"I know you are very excited right now… But I want you to do this… Over and over… Letting your mind go into the flame with each edge you reach… Do you understand?"
"Yes Sir." I whispered. 
"The goal is to get your aroused little body under control. And you will get it under control. Isn't that right?"
"Yes Sir." 
"At one point, you will know you have gained a hand over your pleasure. You will feel ready…. Once you do, you will take the candle in one hand before you back up and sit down on my cock…"
Oh god…
"Still looking deeply into the flame. You will fuck yourself on my cock while still pleasuring yourself with your free hand…"
Oh fuck…
"Only you will know when you are ready to do so. You will still send all that pleasure to the flame, helping it build the orgasm higher and higher. But you will stop yourself before you ever reach it. Again and again…"
"You will fuck me like that until I cum. Without cumming yourself… You must not cum." he said sternly.
Fuck fuck fuck…
"Begin." he simply said.
My hand trembled as it started to reach for my pussy. My fingers found my clit and gently rubbed it. He was really going to make me bloc my orgasm… I would lose it… He would control it… That thought made me so horny I had to stop myself as I felt the pleasure suddenly spike.
"Out…" I whispered as I imagined the flame sucking up all my pleasure, helping me get it under control.
"Seems I was right. Your little body is too aroused right now… But we will fix that. Again."
I waited for the wave to subside a little before my fingers started to play again. 
"Keep concentrating on the flame… Let it fill your mind… Let it calm you… You know it holds the power to make you relax… Make you travel to your special place… But we are not going there… Not now..."
I played with my inner lips and rubbed my hood, feeling the delicious pressure on my clit. 
"Feel the flame absorb your pleasure… Building on it… You can only see the flame…" he said in his soft voice.
His voice was almost enough to make me cum again. Such a hypnotic voice…
"Out…" I whispered as I felt my pleasure drain away towards the flame.
I climbed the pleasure again and again. Whispering my little release each time I felt I was about to cum. Every time I reached the edge. It was getting easier and easier. I felt like I could see my pleasure as a scale. Making it grow until I reached the absolute limit, then letting it fall down to almost zero. But with each time, I fell less and less. It took longer for me to reach the limit again. I felt I was getting in a pleasant haze as I saw my pleasure subside and build… Subside and build… I reached a point where I felt the pleasure build, but I wasn't feeling like I was going to cum at all… Like the flame was the only thing that held the possibility of an orgasm.
I felt I was ready.
I picked up the candle slowly. I felt slow… Relaxed… I moved back and I felt his hands gently push my legs apart. I moved back and felt his legs between mine. He was my guide. I trusted him completely…
He guided me down and his cock found my soaked entrance with ease. The moment it did, I felt a spike of pleasure that threatened to destroy the balance I had reached.
"Out…" I whispered. 
I stopped myself until I felt the flame soak up the sudden pleasure. His hands didn't try to push me down on himself and just helped me stay in place as the pleasure subsided. Once it had, I slowly let my body descend on his manhood. I stopped about half way as I felt him start to stretch me in the most delicious way. The pleasure spiked again and I almost lost hold of it.
I stared hard into the flame and almost begged it to take my pleasure away. I breathed hard as I slowly gained control over the sudden spike. Once I calmed down enough, I let myself sink all the way down his cock. As my ass settled on his hips, I heard him moan and the spike of pleasure that erupted inside me almost made me cum.
He felt so hard inside me. So deep… So perfect… My eager pussy was so hungry for him. I almost felt it quiver with anticipation. Like a run away train, I felt the pleasure climb as I felt his cock twitch with need inside me. The pleasure was having a mind of its own. Like a raging bull trying to break free of its cage. I couldn't stop it!
I had wanted to fuck him so much! Now he was so deep inside me… Making me submit to him… I couldn't hold back… A thought popped in my head…
The pleasure was about to overflow…
"Out.. Out… OUT!" I said as I blew out the flame in front of my eyes, begging it to take the orgasm away.
As the flame blew out, I felt a shiver run down my body and the pleasure drained way. My breath slowed down as I looked at the smoke dance in front of my eyes.
"Good girl…" he said. "Now light it again."
I swallowed hard as I felt the heat in my veins. I bent forward to grab the matchbox. My hands were trembling with the effort, but I managed to get a match lit and transferred the flame to the candle. I felt oddly calm… It had worked. I didn't cum.
"Stare at the flame and start to move." he said.
I was feeling so delicious. I had never managed to prevent such a powerful orgasm before. It left me feeling… Hot… Calm… Needy… Yet… Docile… Happy… I had edged before and had reached a few exquisite denials, but this was much more powerful… My free hand went to my clit and lightly rubbed it. It was so sensitive…
I moved up slowly and I felt every inch of his cock. Then down… Then up… I went slowly… Deliberately… I didn't want to blow out the candle again. Instead of trying to feel the pleasure, I decided to try and really send it all to the flame. 
Like the flame was preventing me from building on my pleasure. It worked at first… I felt mild pleasure as I imagined how the flame was helping me. Making me feel numb… If only a little… Like it was grabbing up any excess pleasure that would lead to an orgasm. I could manage that…
I moved a little faster, but not by much. 
The mild pleasure grew a little, but I still had a handle on it. My fingers pressed a little harder on my clit as my hips started to gyrate a little, making his cock find new angles inside my love tunnel.
His hands started to caress my sides and it sent thrills of pleasure that made me waver. His hands reached my tits and he gently massaged them as I moved on his cock. Such a wonderful cock… I chased away the thought as I concentrated on the flame. Which was getting harder and harder…
His fingers found my erect nipples and played with them a little, sending more pleasure in my veins. 
"Out…" I whispered as I stopped moving. 
He took the cue and didn't move is hands until I started to move again. As soon as I did, he pinched my left nipple pretty hard. I was expecting it to hurt, which it did, but my body was overflowing with delicious endorphins. I also felt a small spike of pleasure. A pleasure I knew well… I didn't do it often, but I liked to pinch my nipples when I masturbated. Not always, but sometimes…
He pinched my other nipple and I moaned as I felt my pussy clench down on his cock. It rarely happened, but I could sometimes feel my inner muscle work to make myself tighter. It made me feel his cock a lot more. I had to stop myself again…
"Out…" I breathed as I looked in the flame.
My mind was reaching a place where I could almost see my pleasure leave my body to enter the flame. Once it was under control, I moved again and his hands finally released my nipples. They caressed my back and ended on my hips, helping me move along his shaft.
Again and again I moved and stopped. Moved and stopped… 
Somewhere deep within, I was happy I wasn't reaching a place where I had to blow out the candle again. That changed when I felt his hands grasp my hips hard as he pulled me down on his cock. I was fully impaled as I felt him spasm hard.
He was cumming…
That realization sent a whole new wave of pleasure crashing inside my veins. I was already feeling so hot and tingly that I knew I wouldn't be able to hold the pleasure back. As I felt his seed fill me up so very deep inside, I screamed out a moan.
"OUT!" I said as I blew the candle out and bit my lip.
I felt the wave of pleasure, like a tidal wave, gather strength and momentum and I was in tears as I begged the flame to make it go away. Part of me was fighting this. Fighting to feel the sweet release. Inviting the wave to crash through me and destroy my mind with pleasure.
But I didn't want to! I had to resist! I fought against it and for a split second, I felt like I was swimming against the current. His cock… The fuck… The edging… The trance… Everything was working against me! But as I saw the flame go out, something in my mind flipped and I felt the wave subside. Draining away… 
All that was left was the pleasure… Not the release… Just the pleasure… My mind was a wreck as I tried to catch my breath. 
"That was amazing…" he commented. 
I looked back over my shoulder and smiled weakly.
"I'm very proud of you for being able to obey and prevent yourself from cumming. Good girl."
I felt all warm and tingly again, but it was almost like a post orgasmic euphoria. I had never felt this before. To be so close to the edge… Without crossing over… It didn't feel like I expected… My whole body was pushing me to cum. Almost forcing me to experience the release. But I fought it off… Thanks to the candle… Thanks to him…
He looked at me and something about his eyes was different. They were shining somehow. He really was proud… It made me feel so good… So happy… This had probably been one of the most intense experiences of my life and I was glad it was just the beginning. I watched him put his head back on the sofa as his fingers idly caressed my ass. He was enjoying the bliss I had just denied myself. 
He had taken his pleasure from me… 
I suddenly realized it was our first fuck. I somehow thought it would have been a little less intense. No… Not less intense… Heated… Sweaty… Indulging our lust… But this… This was so much better…
I watched him relax and wondered what I should do. I still felt incredibly horny. Was he the type to cool down and stop after he came? Or was he up for more? I certainly was… What would he expect me to do now?
Choice 12
A – Myra decides to help him relax and moves off him. She kneels between his legs and starts to tenderly clean his manhood with her tongue and mouth.
B – Myra moves her hips a little, feeling his deflating cock slowly move out of her pussy. She stands up and cups her hand between her legs. She slowly dips her finger in her opening, making sure to get some of their juices, and lifts her finger to her lips. "What now… Master…" she says as she sucked her finger dry.
C – She stays where she is as she feels him slowly deflate. Not sure if she should move. He didn't really specify if she should stop once he came… So she decides to light the candle again and starts to masturbate while he recovers.

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