Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Choice 11

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #InteractiveStories

C – Myra can't believe he is offering her to fulfill all her wildest fantasies. She admires the respect he has shown and truly trusts him. She can't think of a better type of man to take control of her. She smiles and says: "I submit to Joshua Alexander Smith."

I smiled as I felt the weight of what he was asking me to do. For a brief moment, I felt my eyes sting, threatening to betray me and spoil this perfect moment. I marshaled my will and pushed the feelings down. It wouldn't do to get all teary while he offered me such a wonderful gift. 
"Well…" I whispered. "You aren't greedy at all are you? I mean… You are basically claiming all of me as a reward… Not just a silly old trigger…"
"I am." he said confidently.
"What is a girl to do?" I said smiling as I stroked his cock. "What would you think of me if I were to go back on my word? I did say anything after all…"
I felt my heart race as I trailed off. 
"You did." he said, still looking at me with those intense eyes. 
I felt like clay in his powerful hands. He barely touched my chin, but I felt those two fingers could lift me up. Make me soar… I took a deep breath and felt my mind calm down. I wanted this. He knew it. I knew it. All that was left was to say the words…
"I submit to Joshua Alexander Smith." I whispered.
I didn't know what to expect. Was I going to feel a rush of mindless obedience? Was I going to bow my head and start reciting mantras of servitude? Was my vision of him about to change in a way that I would look to him as if he was a god among men?
Nothing of that happened. I smiled as I realized it didn't have to. I knew I would do what ever he asked of me. All my life I felt off… Adrift in the world… Like I didn't have a direction… A goal… But I had one now. I had finally found a foothold. A solid foundation I could stand on. I felt calm. Grounded.
And excited.
I watched his eyes and I could tell he was pleased. Happy. He nodded once and released my chin. I didn't move and just looked at him. My hand went up and down his shaft with care. Tenderly… I knew he wasn't in any hurry. 
"You need to know that you are not yet triggered by your collar…" he said. "So everything you are feeling now is still very much you…"
Oh god… He was right. I had to simply say the 2 words if I wanted to trigger it. Somehow, I thought that since they were included in my submission… I thought I would be triggered.
"So first choice… We continue like this and I will ask you to strip for me. You keep your collar on and I will ask you to masturbate for me again. I want you to fixate your pleasure on the flame. I will play with your body as you do… Helping you keep the orgasm at bay… If we want to be able to trigger your bloc properly, we need to train you…"
Oh god…
"And…" I said as I licked my lips. "The second choice?"
"You trigger your collar… I take it off so you realize what you will feel every moment of every day… Like an affirmation of your submission to me. You'll then fall into a your docile little self. You'll be able to feel just how much you can't disobey me. If you do this, we are going to go into your bed room and I'll make you stand at the edge of your bed. I'll tie your ankles to the legs so they are nice and spread out. I will then order you to pleasure yourself… But I will also order you to hurt yourself… Nothing much…" he said as he reached behind the sofa.
I gasped as I saw what he pulled out. They were clamps… Nipple clamps… I knew them for what they were because I had shopped for them. I never bought some, but it seems he had.
"I'll order you to put them on every time you are about to orgasm. This training will help you bloc your own orgasm…"
"Oh fuck…" I whispered as I felt his cock twitch.
"And you should also know… In both cases… I'll only fuck you if I can see that you won't cum while I do. If you can't prove to me that you can keep it at bay, I'll use your mouth. In the first scenario… I might put you in a trance and give you and overwhelming urge… In the second scenario, I'll simply order you."
I bit my lip as I felt my excitement grow.
"Regardless of your choice, you won't cum tonight. If you can be a good girl that is…"
"W…" I said swallowing. "What happens if I can't catch it in time?"
"You might just find yourself with more than a collar while you go to work on Monday… You might still feel the clamps on your nipples… Or maybe I'll just tie you to the bed with a vibrator and have you cum until you fall asleep. Or both… Or none…"
"Fuck…" I said as I looked at him in awe. 
He had thought of this way before tonight. He was looking forward to this. As much as I was… I felt the emotion rise again, but I hurried and pushed it down. Who would have thought Josh was like this?
Maybe I did… I hoped…
"You have to make a choice Myra. Your last choice of the night…"
Choice 11
A – Myra doesn't trigger herself and keeps the collar. She wants to prove to him how devoted she can be without it.
B – Myra triggers herself. She is so curious to feel the power of his suggestion. She wants to feel compelled to obey him.
C – Myra forfeits her choice and asks Josh to choose for her.

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