Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Choice 10

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #InteractiveStories

B – Myra doesn't say a word and slowly walks towards him. She stands in front of him and kneels down between his legs. Saying… "Anything you wish really… Who am I to decide on your reward… Let me help you think about it…" She licks her lips as she grabs his cock.

I watched him closely for a moment, trying to separate cold logic from my raging lust. But I was so happy about how things were turning out! Was it because of all the fun triggers I told him under hypnosis? Or did he already have a taste for this type of… Kink… Did it really matter? He was clearly up for it.
And here I was just standing there, looking at his naked body. I was so nervous about him discovering my little secrets that I barely hoped he would be into it. But… I realized that he had been naked all along… When I masturbated in front of him… When I came… When he posed me… I could remember it all now. 
I guess I could stop questioning myself… He did want me… I was a little surprised he didn't use one of the other triggers I surely told him. If he knew about the orgasm bloc… I probably told him about a few more I was ready to experience. What a gentleman… He waited for me… Even though he knew he could have taken me on our last session… I'm sure of it.
I smiled and walked slowly to stand in front of him. I watched his eyes move down along my body… I saw the fire in his stare… Like he held a flame behind his dark eyes… My flame… I suddenly felt so submissive… I slowly kneel down between his legs and his smile changed. Not a boyish grin of a guy who was about to get a present… No… A slight crack of the lips… A satisfied smile… Like he was waiting for me to kneel…
I didn't stare at his cock, even though I wanted to… I looked him in the eyes… Maybe I was imagining it… Maybe it was his doing… But I saw his soft face change… It started with his smile… Like I said… It was more mature… Confident… His eyes followed and the fire I saw seemed… Powerful… Inevitable… Like he finally lifted some veil he was hiding behind… I felt I was starting to see the real Josh.
I licked my lips.
"Anything you wish really…" I said as my hands slowly caressed his lower legs. "Who am I to choose what reward you may have…"
My hands made their way up his legs and reached his knees. He just kept looking into my eyes. I could see an intensity in them that sent shivers of pleasure along my skin.
"If I may… Let me help you… Think about it…"
My hands traveled down his thighs, slowly making their way to my goal. But I wouldn't touch… Not if he didn't want me too. I watched as his eyes seemed to bore into me. Just when my hands were about to reach his manhood, I stopped myself. I slowly pulled them back, but continued to caress his legs. His smile grew… Just a little… My hands reached his knees and started to move up again. I felt electric… The anticipation was making my mouth water. He was in no rush…
I bit my lip as I searched his face for an answer. He knew I what I was offering, yet, he waited. He was in no rush. My hands reached then end of his legs, but he hadn't told me he accepted my offer, so I just caressed his legs again. Letting my fingers trace his skin. He was so confident. So… Commanding… I could almost feel my love juices soaking my panties.
As my hands started to move up again, he nodded. A brief and short nod, but it was all I needed. I fought to keep from diving on his cock. I wanted to feel it go in my mouth… Taste how aroused he was… I wanted to feel how hard he was for me… My hands continued their slow trail towards my goal. My fingers found the base of his shaft and I slowly traced lines with my finger tips, all the way up to the tip. His cock twitched with the sensation. I smiled as my hands delicately grabbed hold of his length. His girth was good… Maybe a little bigger than average? 
Slightly bigger than I had experienced…
I kept looking into his eyes as I moved up. His length would do nicely… I felt it flex in my palm and I knew he was craving to feel my mouth. Like his cock was telling me what it craved. I extended my tongue and slowly licked under his shaft. I started about half way down and trailed up until I flicked my tongue as I reached his tip.
His cock flexed again… I felt how strong it was… How hard…
I licked again, feeling my arousal climb as I felt all the nervous anticipation drain away. He was going to hypnotize me again… Use me… Play with me… I knew it… I saw it all in his eyes… I felt so delicious kneeling there… Pleasing him… He was enjoying this… Not because I was about to wrap my lips around his cock… But because… Because I was submitting to him… I could see it in his eyes… 
That thought made me want to plunge his cock all the way down to my tonsils. I wanted to show him how much I could please him… If he wanted me too… My mind was flooding with a haze of lust, but somewhere deep inside I was wondering if he had a similar secret… Hoping… That he had a taste for Domination… His confident smile was telling me he was… Deep down… 
Yes… He was a nice guy on the surface… But… Oh god… Could it be? He had a kink of his own?
I licked a few more times before I couldn't stop myself anymore. I slowly wrapped my lips around his cock head and sucked. Ever so softly… Making a point to have my lips caress all around his helm as I finally ended up kissing the tip. He moaned. Or I thought he did… It was so soft… So low…
I sucked again… Very slowly… Still looking in his eyes…
"Beautiful…" he whispered.
A heat wave traveled along my nerves. Was he referring to me in general? Or the fact I had his cock in mouth? Or was it my actions… My submission… 
"So many triggers to consider… Might take me awhile to decide…" he said.
I smiled as my lips left his cock briefly. My eyes lowered to finally looked as his manhood as I stroked him slowly. 
"Take your time… I'm in no rush… Are you?" I asked sweetly.
"Certainly not." he said.
I placed him in my warm mouth and took him a little deeper. I wanted him to enjoy discovering my little talent. I knew I could deep throat most guys and with size, I was confident I could. I hoped he would like it. I went incrementally deeper with each downward motion. Which I hoped he was enjoying. I took my time, but I eventually reached a point where he was completely inside my mouth. I felt my nose hit his pelvis and I heard him moan. I kept him deep inside me until I had to get back up for some air. But I didn't stop to look up at him, I just dove back, slowly taking him in my mouth.
"Amazing…" he whispered. 
I felt a spike of joy and arousal at his praise. I had always gotten good comments on my blowjobs, but I always figured it was because I was so happy to give them. Most guys I dated or fucked just seemed so happy I was willing to do it. But I knew his comment wasn't because of something like that.
"And here I was thinking that maybe…" he said slowly. "I would implant some sort of suggestion that made you train… So you could take all of me…"
I waited until my upward motion took my mouth off his cock before I answered.
"That would have been a good idea…" I said as I licked his shaft. "But unnecessary…"
I licked all around his helm again and looked up at him. His smile hadn't changed. Still so… Confident… 
"It also seems that another of your ideas won't really work…" he said.
"Oh?" I said between slow licks. "Which one?"
"One that gave you an intense desire to suck my cock…"
"Really?" I said stroking him. "I told you about that?"
"You did… Among others… I admit they were a sort of… Green light…"
"How so…" I said as I licked him from bottom to top.
"I always found you attractive… But I had never thought of pursuing things further… Now I know I can."
"I see…" I said as I sucked his cock head a little. "What else did I tell you?"
"Plenty… But I think I have the perfect reward in mind…"
"Oh?" I said stroking him. "Can I know what it is?"
"You'll see…" he said with a wicked smile. "Wakeful Avocados…"
I felt my mind drain away and my hands almost stopped stroking him. I was looking in his eyes and I was fascinated. Nothing else seemed to matter. I watched him put his hand behind the sofa. He pulled out an object I knew well. It was a collar I had bought a few years ago. I would have questioned why he knew about it, but I didn't care. 
He calmly lifted my head up and placed the collar around my neck. I felt him clasp it shut and he took my head in his hands.
"My dear Myra… I also have secret to tell you… Would you like that? To hear my secret?"
"But before I tell you, I want you to know that I know something about you. Something you entrusted me to keep secret. You know you can trust me correct?"
"Yees… I can… Trust you…"
"You told me about how good you felt when you feel submissive… Docile…"
I barely wondered why I told him that, but I dismissed it. I trusted Josh and that was all that mattered.
"The reason I'm telling you is because I felt so happy when you admitted it. I trust you completely and I feel I can tell you my secret. What do you think? Can I trust you with my secret?"
"Yes… You can… Trust me…"
"I know… I do… We trust each other… So here is my secret… I crave to dominate… To be in control…"
That was good. He was my guide. He leads me to such wonderful places. I trust Josh. He spoke the truth. I was happy he liked doing it. Maybe that was why he was such a good guide.
"How good it is that we feel this way… Isn't it?"
"Can you feel your collar around your neck?"
"Does it feel good?"
"Oh yess…"
"You told me where I could find it… You told me I could take it… Why was that?"
I thought about it and I immediately thought about my fantasy. 
"Because… I hoped… You would… Like it on me… I hoped… You would like… To take control…"
"That's right… And now you know my secret… Are you happy I took your collar?"
"Oh yess…"
"Do you know why I placed it around your neck?"
"Because…" I said as I thought about it. "You want to… Control me…"
"And how does that make you feel?"
I knew that answer instantly.
"I know it does… So… It is ok for me to place this collar around your neck?"
"Oh yesss…"
"Good girl Myra…" he said. "Now you should know that this collar is very special now… I was able to use the flame… Your flame… To change it… It is very special now… Can you feel it? Can you feel the flame inside the collar? Wrapping around your neck?"
I felt the leather constrict my skin. And as I concentrated on the feeling, I did feel a little heat emanating for it. He was right, the flame was inside the collar.
"Remember how the flame can build and absorb your thoughts? It can do so for me too… I am the guide, I can also send my thoughts and have the flame build on them… That is what I did. I spent some time with the candle and your collar. Just so I could place part of the flame inside it. You can feel it now can you?"
"So warm… So nice… So… Constricting… You can feel the leather wrap tightly around your lovely neck… Binding you… Can you feel it?"
"Oh yess…"
"How does it make you feel?"
"Horny… Submissive… Docile…"
"Exactly… Do you want to know what I built in the flame… The flame that is now around your neck?"
"The flame will never leave you… Even if you remove your collar, you will still feel as if you still have it wrapped tightly around your neck… You'll be able to feel it all day… The soft leather on your skin… The heat of the flame… Making you feel submissive… Docile… Obedient… Would you like that? Would you like to feel that way even if the collar is removed?"
"Ooh yess…"
"And you can… The collar will be permanent around your neck… And you will feel it there… Even if it isn't… Especially if you are thinking about it… About me… But it will only bind you if you choose to let it. Would you like that? To be able to feel it more keenly… Binding you to it…"
"I built things in the flame so you could… You simply have to say 'I submit' and the flame will come alive… You feel them so keenly around your neck… Binding you… Making you docile… Obedient… To me… You'll feel as if your collar is making you obey… Making you submit… But it won't be for ever… That feeling will last only if you let it… You can always release it and feel free of it… Would you like that? Would you like to be able to release the feeling of the invisible collar around your neck?"
I had to think about that. Part of me wanted to say no. That it would be so much more fun if I couldn't, but part of my mind knew that I shouldn't. I trusted Josh, if he offered it to me, I would accept. I had to, he was always right.
"Yess." I finally said.
"And it is simple… You can always release that sweet feeling… You simply have to say 'collar release' and the feeling will slowly subside… You will still feel it there around your neck, but you won't feel it bind you… You won't feel docile and obedient… You'll be free… You'll be your normal."
I was so happy he had spent so much time building that into the flame I felt in the collar. He was such a sweet man. Thinking of my needs like that…
"So how about it Myra? Would you like to experience the collar? Would you like to feel the flames make it real for you?"
"Oh yess…" I said instantly.
"You only need to say the following words… But it will only work once you are awake… Are you ready? Do you wish to know the words to activate your collar and its triggers?"
"Oh yess…"
"The words are : I submit to Joshua Alexander Smith. Repeat them please."
"I submit to Joshua Alexander Smith."
"Excellent… I am so happy we could share our secrets like this. What about you? Are you happy?"
"Oh yes…"
"Excellent… Avocados can wake up."
Mind sped up and I looked down at my hand, still holding his shaft. My other hand went to my neck and felt the collar.
"You… knew?" I asked.
"Ever since you told me about your other triggers. But I wanted you to be ready."
"That was nice of you…" I said as I started to move my hand slowly. "I can't believe I told you about all that."
"You did. To my great delight…"
"So… You want me to submit to you…" I said with a smile as I tentatively licked his helm. "If I remember correctly." 
"I do." he said with the same intensity I saw before. "But only if you want to."
"It certainly would be tempting…" I said as I thought about feeling this collar all day at work. 
"I feel I should warn you…" he said as he took my chin in his fingers. "If you do submit… I'll be assuming I can explore this side of you… As well as explore my own… And since I know all about your appetites… You should know that I have one other thing I wish to explore…"
"Oh?" I said as my heart raced. 
"I want to explore bondage… If you submit, I promise to always indulge your kink for hypnosis…  Yes… You told me about it and I'll use it… Make you do things… Feel things… But if you submit… I'll also tie you up… Bind you… Make you experience things… Make you obey…"
"Oh god…" I said as I pictured myself at his mercy.
"You've made me realize how much I want this… How much I wish to control… It will be our little secret…"
I felt his cock throb in my hand. He was serious. He was getting off on the thought of it all. Of claiming me… I couldn't help but wonder what his imagination would make me do. God I wanted to submit. I already felt so submissive as I knelt there… Stroking his cock… He had become so commanding… That was the change I saw earlier. He was taking charge and asking me to give myself to him.
He wanted me.
"But it is your choice Myra. I won't force you. That is the reward I choose. So what will it be?"
He still held my chin and I was forced to look into his eyes. I felt like I could lose myself in them. Like I would fall into them… I never knew Josh to be so… Commanding… But then again, he probably didn't suspect I was so submissive… He had managed to pull it out of me with a few sessions. I pictured myself… Losing control of my mind as I told him everything… All my dirty desires… I imagined him getting excited as he listened.
He was looking at me. Waiting for my answer. I had to remember I could refuse… But I didn't want to… I wanted to submit and explore this with him. He could have made me feel the collar without me having a choice in the matter. But he left the choice to me. 
He was waiting… I had to give him an answer.
Choice 10
A – Myra will submit, but only under one condition: that he promises to offer her at least one suggestion a week. One she will choose for herself, like the orgasm denial.
B – Myra wants to say the words, but holds back. She thinks things are getting too heavy too fast. She still wants to fuck him, so she doesn't say anything and just starts to suck again.
C – Myra can't believe he is offering her to fulfill all her wildest fantasies. She admires the respect he has shown and truly trusts him. She can't think of a better type of man to take control of her. She smiles and says: "I submit to Joshua Alexander Smith."
D – Myra asks if she can wait until Sunday night to answer. She tells him she will act as if the collar was active until then. Just to get a feel for it. She promises that by Sunday night, she will give him a final answer. 
E – Myra wants to go all in and says she will gladly submit, but he needs to change one thing about the collar suggestion. She tells him to modify it so that he must be the one to release her from the collar. She wants him to be in total control.

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