Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Choice 9

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #InteractiveStories

A – Myra asks him to name one trigger she told him he could use on her.

"Truth it is!" I said.
"Ok.. What do you want to know?"
"I won't ask you about everything I might have told you… But just to see if you are bluffing… I want you to name one trigger I told you about. Besides the topless thing…"
"Curious are you?"
"A little… Besides… A girl needs to know she didn't spill all here secrets…"
"You can trust me…" he said.
"Of course I trust you…"
"I just went there to know what would be ok."
"Stop making excuses! Just answer!"
"Fine…" he said as he looked at me for a long moment.
What would he say? I knew I had probably told him about a few kinky ones… But did he stop there? Or did he go further? Did he probe my helpless mind until I told him everything? Would he dare?
"You told me a few softer ones… But I'm guessing you want to know how deep in your real fantasies I managed to get…"
"Managed to get? Did you…"
"No… I stopped before we got too deep… But! Not before you told me all about a really fun trigger. In truth… I had never even thought about such a trigger. Even in my wildest fantasies… But I have to admit… It was pretty hot…"
Oh god… How depraved did he get? Which triggers did I tell him about? My trigger to fall into a mindless trance were I would do everything and everything he asked? Like I was a passenger in my own mind? Or did I tell him about my threesome fantasy where I was mind controlled to fuck my master's best friend while he watched and eventually joined in? Or worst… Did I tell him how aroused I got at the mere mention of hypnosis?
"So what was it?" I asked, almost afraid to know the answer.
"You told me you would love to lose control of your orgasm. To have a trigger that blocked you from cumming. Regardless of how long you fucked… Of how long you masturbated… And that only the person that blocked you would be able to unblock you."
OH FUCK! I forgot about that one! No… I told him that one? That was pretty intense… But not the worst one I ever thought about… I looked at him and he was smiling… A little like the cat that ate the canary.
"Needless to say… After hearing that, and others, I thought that topless was a pretty safe way to start."
"Start? Are you planning on implanting that trigger?" I said with growing trepidation.
My fear and arousal were battling out in my mind. God this was so erotic… And he was taking all this in stride like it was normal!
"To be honest, I'd love to try! But only if you wish. I'm not sure it would work… I'm still developing my skills after all. But since you've been so open and honest with me, I could make it a side project. Only if you are game to try that is…"
"Seems I already told you I would be."
"Fantasy and the real world are totally different. You answered me in a state where you told me about your fantasies. So… It would be understandable that you would be scared to try. Orgasms are a special thing… Very intimate and personal… I would never dream of doing that to you without your consent."
"Mighty nice of you!" I said, thinking that half the fun of the trigger was to lose control of it.
But he had a point, giving up control and losing it were 2 different things. I smiled. He truly was trust worthy!
"Wow… I didn't think I would be so open and tell you about that…" I finally said.
"There is nothing to fear…" he said. "You told me because you trust me. And as a future hypnotherapist, all your secrets are safe with me. Consider it a doctor-patient confidentiality. Even if we aren't really doing therapy!"
"You are a doctor after all…" I said smiling. "And yes… I do trust you. With the level of control you showed so far, you could have easily had me in your bed by now…"
I was just musing out loud, but I suddenly realized what I had just said. Oups! Maybe my subconscious was pushing things along without me knowing about it!
"I probably could have…" he said with a smirk. "But I'm a gentleman. I wouldn't want to abuse your trust!"
"Sure you wouldn't…" I teased, glad he took it well.
I was getting more than a little aroused by all this. He better start hypnotizing me soon or I'll be forced to do something about it.
"So about this session…" I started.
"Right… Wouldn't want to get off subject! Seems I won't be implanting a reward for myself then."
"A deal is a deal… Although… I'm curious to try the orgasm denial one… If you are up to it!"
"Oh I'm up to it! Sounds pretty hard though…It may not work after just one session."
"What ever it takes!"
"Ok then… I'll try… But it won't be the trigger you need to figure out!"
"Of course not…" I said as I bit my lip.
"What is it? You seem… Thoughtful…"
"Yeah… You can refuse… But could you maybe… huh… It's nothing…"
"Come on Myra! What ever it is, you can tell me."
"I know…" I said as I looked at him. "Since we seem to be on that subject… I was wondering… If you… Huh… Could maybe…"
"Spit it out Myra!"
"Could you make me aware while I'm in the trance?"
"Why? Don't you trust me?"
"I do!" I said biting my lip. "I just… I want to feel what it's like. I know how falling into it feels… But it's like I'm elsewhere… Not really here…"
"Ahhh… You don't want to know what we talk about so much as how it feels to be in a trance."
"Let me see…" he said as he looked at his notes for a moment. "That could work… But… I have a request if we are going to do that."
"I'll hypnotize you and set up the wakeful trance you wish to experience… But in return, you need to figure out my hidden suggestion before midnight tonight."
"What? Why?"
"You'll see…"
What was he planning?
"Ok, deal!"
"Perfect! I'll go close off the lights and get the candle. As I do, just do like last time and get up to stretch and breath ok? Start to relax."
I got up and watched him move around the living room. Things were getting rather fun! Maybe I will be able to live out a few fantasies… I closed my eyes and started to stretch. As I did, I felt the familiar warmth in my muscles, which like before, felt even hotter. I almost smiled as I realized he was making this part of my induction routine. I had already felt a few tingling associations when I got up in the morning and stretched. Like my mind was associating the stretching with my trance.
Now stretching got me horny… If only a little…
I took a few calming breaths and started to picture the flame in my mind. No sense in waiting for him to tell me to do it! The stretching helped a lot and I soon felt relaxed and warm all over. I barely heard him lit the match.
"Good Myra… Just relax and picture the flame in your mind…"
I breathed in slowly… Picturing the tiny flame dance away in my mind. Breath out… I really liked how he put me under… It was so… Relaxing…
"Very good… Now sink deeper and deeper and you imagine the flame getting bigger… Stronger… Each time you use it to get to your special place, it gets easier and easier… Breath in…"
He was right… Last time I didn't even need the actually candle… Falling into a trance was so easy… So relaxing…
"Breath out… Now listen to my voice… The voice that guides you…" he said as he placed a hand on my shoulders.
His soft touch… All part of his induction… I was relaxing for him… Getting ready to travel to my special place… I just had to fall in the candle…
"Fall…" he whispered in my ear as he squeezed my shoulder.
And just like that, I felt myself fall into the flame… Such a wonderful rush… The warm air caressing my skin as I traveled… I landed lightly in my space and smiled as I looked upon the creek. I felt so at home here… So safe… So relaxed… Nothing mattered here…
I could hear his voice in the back of my mind… Like a soft tickling in my brain… I didn't hear what he was telling me, but I didn't care… Just like the other times… Josh knew best… I would know when it was ok to know…
Time meant nothing in my special place, but I felt I hadn't stayed long… 
"And awake." he said. "How do you feel?"
I stretched and was surprised I was still standing up.
"Hhmmm… So good… I really like when you hypnotize me."
"So I've noticed! You are really a wonderful subject…"
"Thanks, but don't sell yourself short!"
"Oh I'm not! Let's just say we make a good pair of wakeful avocados."
"What?" I asked, but my mind felt numb.
Like I had too many drinks… No… More like I was stoned… I felt slow…
"That's it Myra… Excellent…" I heard him say.
Josh was speaking… I had to concentrate on what he was saying… Nothing else mattered.
"Now Myra… I want you to think and make sure you are true to your own feelings… Can you do that?"
That was easy enough… I didn't have to think too much for that…
"Yees…" I said in a low voice.
"Excellent…. Good girl…" he said and I smiled. 
I liked to be a good girl.
"Now Myra… Do you really wish me to implant a trigger inside your mind that, when activated, will prevent you from reaching orgasm?"
Hhmmm… I suddenly felt so tingly… So horny… That sounded like a wonderful idea…
"Ohh… Yeess…" I said.
"Excellent… But to do so… I need your help… Will you help me implant that wonderful trigger?"
Of course I wanted to help him!
"Now… To be able to do that… I need you to reach a point… A very specific point… A point just before you reach your release. Can you do that?"
Well that was easy enough…
"Yees…" I said as I felt my hand move towards my crotch.
"Excellent… But you can wait a moment…" he said and my hand stopped. "To be able to block your orgasm, we will need to give it away… Make it disappear before it overwhelms you… That will be the hard part… And that will be the part where I'll need your help… Will you help me?"
"Good girl…" he said and I smiled. 
He lifted the candle from the table and presented it before my eyes. I looked at the flame and thought about my special place. 
"Now you already know how special this candle is… It can absorb your thoughts and build incredible places… All because you sent them to it… Like your special place…"
I looked at the candle and could only accept his words as the truth.
"This candle has another fun property… You can send your pleasure to it… Let it build inside it… But only if you choose to send it…"
Yes… The candle can build things… Like my special place…
"This is how you can help me implant your trigger… The first step will be easy… Just relax and reach the edge of your orgasm… Just before you cum… And once you do… I want you to tell me… So I can guide you… Like I've been doing… Towards our goal… Can you do that for me?"
"Good girl… Once you reach the edge… I want you to simply say 'out'… And as you do… You will send all your pleasure to the flame… You must stop yourself as well… To make sure you help me properly… Do you understand? Can you do it for me?"
"Yes… I… can…"
"You may begin…" he said.
My hand slowly made its way to find my clit. I registered that I was already a little wet and my fingers instinctively used my own juices and spread it around my hood. I pressed down and felt the dull pleasure rise.
"That's it… Just let your pleasure build… No rush… Look in the candle's flame and reach the edge…"
My fingers rolled around my clit and I could feel the pleasure building inside me. I watched the flickering flame and imagined I was sending my pleasure towards it… Like I did with my special place…
"That's it… You are doing wonderfully… Just relax and let yourself climb towards the sweet edge…" I heard him say.
But his voice seemed far away… I had to concentrate on the flame… Just me… The flame… And the pleasure… 
The pleasure climbed on itself and before long, I was feeling warm all over. My breathing started to quicken as I felt like I was getting closer and closer to release. I imagined the flame was absorbing my pleasure… Building on it… Like I could see my own pleasure in the flame's dance… Which only served to make it grow…
And then I reached it.
"Out…" I whispered as my fingers stopped rubbing.
I watched the flame flicker and I felt good. Horny even… I felt my pleasure leave my body… Going into the flame… I was calm again… I had been excited and close, but I didn't cum. I was a good girl and managed to stop myself.
"Very good Myra… See how the flame dances with delight… So much pleasure… It's building on it… Nurturing it… But it needs more… So much more… Can you help it grow Myra?"
"Oh yes…" I said as my fingers started to rub again.
I fed the fire 3 more times. Breathing my special word out as I felt the pleasure leave my body and infuse with the flame. All that pleasure…
"Oh my…" Josh said. "I can see the flame is bursting with pleasure… Building it even higher… As if… Yes… Can you see it Myra? The flame is engorged with your pleasure… Building on it… Cascading into an orgasm… Just there… Before your eyes…"
I could… I could picture all my pleasure… Burning… Like an inferno… So strong… It wasn't pleasure anymore… It was its own release… Free of my body… Burning with such intensity…
"But I think it needs one last push… Exactly like before… Send your pleasure to the flame and as you reach your own release… Simply say 'out' again… This time… The flame will give all the pleasure back to you… Bigger… Stronger… You'll feel so good…"
My fingers rubbed again and I could feel how dripping wet I was. It didn't take long for the pleasure to reach the edge. I was so aroused…
"Out…" I breathed as my fingers stopped.
"Icy flames." he said as he blew out the candle.
I felt the pleasure slowly evaporate as I watched the the smoke rise and dance in front of my eyes. All the pleasure…
"There… All gone…" he said softly. "But that is a good thing… That orgasm has left… It won't prevent you from being a good girl…"
"Pre… vent?" I said slowly.
"Yes… You said you wished to help me bloc your orgasm… Now we have found a way… By sending your orgasm to the flame, you can resist it… Bloc it… You still wish to be able to bloc your orgasm correct?"
"You will have to practice… Staring at the flame and making yourself feel good… And you will… We will… I will guide you…"
"Yess… Please…" I said.
"And when you hear my voice repeat 'Icy flames' you will remember the flame going out… Taking your orgasm with it… Far away… Where you can't experience it… Once the flame is gone, it will only return once I've guided it back… Understand?"
"Let's bring it back shall we? Would you like that?"
"Yes… No…"
"No? You do not wish to cum?"
"Not… Yet…"
"I see… Such a good girl… But if we are to complete your training, we need to bring it back so you understand… Don't you wish to help me and be a good girl?"
"Good… I know exactly where the flame is… I can call it back with my voice… It will always come back to me because I am the guide. Do you understand?"
"I don't even need a match… Just my call will suffice… And since it is your pleasure… It will come back to you… Inside your mind… Inside your body… Let's see if it works, shall we?"
"And this is how I call it back. With my voice saying these special words: Myra's Inferno. You can feel the flame erupting in your mind now…"
He was right! I closed my eyes and I could see it. So large… So powerful…
"It has found you again… See how powerful it is? It has taken care of your pleasure… Your orgasm… It is ready to give it back… Feel it grow… It heeded my call and it sparked inside your mind… Even I can feel the heat of it… So much pleasure… You can feel it burn away inside you… Giving you back all your pleasure…"
He was right! I felt the pleasure climb with incredible speed. Like I had been masturbating for hours! But it didn't stop, it cascaded onto itself and became an inferno in my loins. My body started to shake as the massive orgasm ripped through my body.
I felt his hand grabbed hold of me. Just in time… My knees were about to fold on themselves…
"Avocados can wake up!" Josh said.
I felt my mind suddenly speed up! Like I had just woken up. I leaned on Josh as I let the feelings of pleasure subside. What just happened?
"Wow… Was I…" I started to say, but couldn't bring myself to say the words.
"In a wakeful trance? You were… Unless you were play acting."
"No! I wasn't!" I said as he helped me sit down.
"Glad to hear it! I'll admit I was pretty hopeful it would work. You are such a wonderful subject!"
"That was… Intense!" I said as I looked at him. 
"You can say that again!" he said as he re-arranged his pants.
"Oh my god… You just made me cum!"
"Hahahha I did… Sorry about that… I needed it to place the correct guide lines for your special request!"
"Wow… And… huh… Does it… I mean…" I tried to say, suddenly shy.
"Will it work? No… Not at the moment… But it should if you practice."
"Practice? How can I practice?"
"Well… Not to be presumptuous… But between now and our session on Tuesday, it would be good for you to edge yourself while looking at the lit candle." he said with a smile.
I smiled back.
"You want me to masturbate?" I said.
"It would help… We could always just do it during your sessions of course… I certainly wouldn't mind!"
"I bet…" I said leaning back.
"So? There is…" he said looking at his phone. "Half an hour left! Any idea on what the new trigger is?"
Right! I had forgotten about that! I looked around and the living room was normal. I looked at myself and suddenly saw that I was topless! Had he released my trigger? Regardless… I still seemed to have my panties on.
I looked at him and tried to see if he would let slip a clue. He did keep looking at my tits, but who could blame him? I had nice perky boobs! What else… This was so hard! Why would he want so short a dead line? Hhhmmm… Probably because it was something I couldn't do in public!
"I still have half an hour right? No rush…" I said.
"That you do… Ok then… Mind if I distract you a little?"
He smiled.
"Wakeful Avocados."
I felt my mind go numb as I looked at him. All musings left my mind and I just stared.
"Very good Myra… Now please stand up…"
I did. It was important to listen to Josh. I had to be a good girl and help him.
"Very good… Now we are going to play a game… If you can play this game, you will be a good girl… The best girl… Would you like to play?"
"Very good… For this game, we are going to play Mannequin. Have you ever played this game?"
"That's ok… The rules are very simple… First… You need to observe… Analyze everything you see and remember everything ok? Simple right?"
"While you do, you will imagine that your body is just like a mannequin… What happens when I move a mannequin's arm in the air? Will it fall back down?"
"No… It… Stays…"
"Exactly… So if I move your arm like so…" he said as he lifted my arm in the air without releasing it. "It should stay in the air… Correct?"
"Very good…" he said as he released my arm. 
We were playing… I was a mannequin… My arm needed to stay put. My eyes looked and I was so happy! It didn't move!
"Good girl… Now this is the game… I will move you around… like a mannequin… And you will observe… Somewhere in this room… You should notice something is wrong… Different… You should be able to find it… Still wish to play?"
"Good girl…" he said as he started to move my body.
He posed me with both arms in the air in front of me, like I was a zombie in a cheap movie. He moved around me a few times, admiring my pose before moving me again. I watched all around me. I could see the candle, which was not lit. I could see our finished beers… Nothing strange there… I looked at him and everything was fine… The sofa didn't move… 
He placed my hands under my boobs and pushed them up so I was cupping them. Holding them up. He smiled as he stepped back to look at me. Part of me was registering how arousing this was…
But I had to play the game so I ignored it.
Pose after pose, he moved me into all sorts of different stances. All the while, I kept my eye out for antyhing out of place. I couldn't find anything.
"Ok… I believe we had enough fun for now… Avocados can wake up!"
I was in a pose with both my hands behind my neck, pushing out my tits. My mind speeded up and I took stock of my situation. Damn him! I decided to play along and left my arms behind my neck.
"So… Where are we going with all this?" I asked with a smile.
"You still have 10 minutes left… Why don't we get some drinking done in the mean time…" he said.
I pouted. How could he ignore the fact I was topless and posing for him!
"Go get us some drinks will you?" he asked as he went to the sofa.
"Sure!" I said as I let my arms fall.
As I waked, I could feel how soaked my panties were. Why hadn't he fucked me yet? I was so… Deliciously helpless… As I grabbed the beers, I remembered how mindless I was as he placed his hands all over my body… Posing me… Like I was his little doll…
Fuck… If he didn't make a move soon… I would just have to jump him! I almost laughed. That was probably what he was waiting for! Such a gentleman! I'll have to fix that…
I came back in the living room and gave him his beer.
"So? Any idea what the trigger is?"
I couldn't think of anything! The only strange thing was how ok I was with being topless in front of him. But I was so horny I wouldn't mind being this way without any suggestions. I did cum while in his trance… hhhmmm… That was nice… And I did feel weirdly ok with him watching me masturbate…
But then again, I had done so for a few boyfriends… So it was hardly new… What was it?
"Can I have a clue? I mean… You gave me plenty of time, but I was under for most of it!"
"Oh… You should be able to SEE it…"
See? Maybe it was like my top thing… I looked again at both of us, but I couldn't find anything out of place. I looked at the time and it was midnight.
"Time's up! So Myra? What is your best guess?"
"I'm really not sure… But…" I said biting my lips. "I think you made me forget I was completely naked!"
"Oh? How come?"
"Well… I rarely masturbate while having my clothes on…"
"So you can see you are naked? Or you just believe you are?"
"I believe I am… I can SEE I'm still wearing yoga pants."
"Well… You are wrong… You really are still wearing them!"
"Really?" I said, a little disappointed. 
"I assure you…" he said with a satisfied smile. "But think back… I'm sure you saw it… Maybe you just didn't think it was relevant…"
I thought back, but nothing came to mind.
"What about the mirror over there…" he said as he pointed at a decorative mirror I had on the wall.
"What about…" I said as I felt my mind remember.
I was posing… Bent over and I was facing the mirror. I remember thinking it was where it always was. Then… I saw it… I saw Josh move in the mirror and… And…
"No…" I said as I looked long and hard at him.
"You weren't naked! You aren't now!"
"Are you sure? Go look for yourself…"
I got up and went to the mirror. I placed myself so I could see Josh in the mirror. And…
"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed. "You're naked!!!!"
"Exactly! But you can only notice it if you are looking through the mirror…"
I bit my lip hard as I felt heat pool in my panties. I could… See… He was hard too! Cindy had been right… He was rather well hung… I turned away as I saw how red my cheeks had gotten. I looked back at him and for the life of me, I couldn't see that he was naked!
My mind kept telling me he was, but I just… Didn't see it! How can he do that?
"So… Is it that I THINK you are naked when I look in the mirror? Or are you huh… Naked…"
"The truth is revealed!" he said with a smile.
I blinked a few times. But when I looked again… I gasped. He really was naked!
"Seems I win…" he said. "So… I get to implant anything I want right?"
"Right…" I said as I felt my clit throb. 
"Choices… Choices…" he said. "What should I do… Do you have any ideas? I seem to be… Distracted…"
Choice 9
A – Myra decides to go in front of him and strip the rest of her clothes. Asking if he would rather hypnotize her again… Or get distracted even more…
B – Myra doesn't say a word and slowly walks towards him. She stands in front of him and kneels down between his legs. Saying… "Anything you wish really… Who am I to decide on your reward… Let me help you think about it…" She licks her lips as she grabs his cock.
C – Myra answers : "Seems you already have such a nice trigger in place… But you haven't used it as a proper reward… I don't seem to be able to resist your words when you place me in that wakeful trance… What if we just say that THAT is your reward…" 
D – Myra thinks of a new wonderful suggestion… One where he makes her believe her tits are being licked… One he can activate with a text message… She gets all wet as she imagines him using it on her while she works…
E – Myra reverses the tables and dares him to find a sexual trigger she wouldn't be up for. Flirting with the idea that he can play with her how ever he wants.

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