Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Final Suggestion

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #InteractiveStories

A – Myra decides to help him relax and moves off him. She kneels between his legs and starts to tenderly clean his manhood with her tongue and mouth.

I push myself off him slowly, feeling his softening cock slip out. My legs are aching from the strain of the fuck, but I dismiss them. I turned and noticed his head had come back up. He was looking at me curiously. Probably trying to gauge my reaction. I smiled as I knelt, pushing his legs open. I can see a question in his eyes, but I don't say a word and gently take his manhood in my hand. Like I was handling a precious and delicate artifact, I lift it so my tongue can lick his tip. I feel him flinch, but he doesn't move away. I kiss it tenderly as I keep looking in his eyes.
His surprise pleased me. I bet he never had a girl do this for him. I, on the other hand, had done this a few times before. Half the time, if I was patient enough, I could get the guy to rise for another round. But now… With Josh… I just wanted to clean him… Submit to him… Show him how good a girl I could be… I wondered briefly why I was doing this. He certainly didn't ask me to… Maybe it was because I felt incredibly horny. Incredibly submissive… I didn't cum, but I didn't care.
I felt so much better. Instead of the sweet satisfaction coursing through my veins after an orgasm, I felt like my whole body was alive with arousal. Not just my tingly pussy… My skin was hot… Sensitive… Just holding his cock in my hands somehow felt incredibly erotic. Pleasant…
Why didn't I edge like this before? I always gave in eventually… I never reached this intensity…
Of course, as I licked his cock, I hoped he would get hard again. Part of me hoped he would pull me up by my hair and throw me on the sofa with my ass sticking up. Plunge his cock in my needy pussy and pound me into another submission… Force me to cum with his powerful thrusts…
I almost felt myself dripping from the image.
But another part of me was feeling so very docile… He didn't want me to cum. So I wouldn't. I felt like I was finally being myself. And from the small smile I saw on his face, he was enjoying what I was. My kink somehow went hand in hand with his. I wondered if he felt the same… 
"I never knew you had this naughty little girl hidden away inside you…" he said softly.
"I never knew you felt so… Dominant…" I returned.
"Seems there is a lot we don’t know…" he said as he took my head in his hands, making me stop my ministrations. "But I'm eager to explore it with you."
I could only nod. I felt so soft and pliable in his strong hands. I imagined he could make his fingers penetrate my skull and massage my will away… Like he was sculpting a piece of clay… Changing it so I would be perfect in his eyes… 
"It's getting late… Why don't we move this to your bedroom?"
I nodded. I moved so we could get up. He grabbed the ring on my collar and pulled me to him. Our lips met and I melted in his embrace. I felt the embers of my pleasure flare inside my loins as his hands harshly grabbed my ass. His touch was so perfect… He wasn't timid or gentle… He was grasping my ass like it was his…
Which… I thought with delight… It was…
We moved to the bedroom and he pushed me back on the bed. I almost giggled as I moved up the bed so I could lie down properly. He just stood at the edge of my bed and looked at me. I saw embers of lust in his eyes… His cock was spent but he still wanted me…
One of my hands reached for my pussy while the other squeezed my tit as I squirmed on the sheets. He was only staring and smiling, but his eyes conveyed such authority. He wasn't going to be shy about it anymore. I could see it… Feel it…
And it made me wild with arousal…
"Did I say you could masturbate?" he asked sternly.
My hand immediately moved and grabbed my other tit. 
"No…" I said, then remembering. "No Sir, you did not."
He just looked at me for a moment before going to one of my drawers. With a little trepidation, I realized he was going straight for my sex drawer! He bent down and opened it. He looked at my panties and smiled. He reached in and pulled on the false bottom. I had hidden my toys underneath my panties, thinking that most would close the drawer once they saw my underwear. 
He had me tell him about that? Oh god…
I watched him pull out a set of cuffs. The set that went with... My collar! Of course he knew about my hidden drawer! My collar had been there after all! He looked back at me and smiled. He came back and sat next to my head.
"Now for another step in your training…" he said as he casually placed one cuff on my right wrist. "This will be very hard for you…" he said as he placed the other on my left wrist. "Place your hands above your head."
Fuck… What did he have in mind? I obeyed and watched him as he placed my hand between the bars of my head rest. I smiled. I had done this before… He secured the cuffs together, making it impossible for me to pull my arms down. He looked at me and smiled.
"Now… Close your eyes and picture your special candle…"
I bit my lip as I complied. I took a deep breath and tried to push down my excitement. I thought I would have trouble picturing anything else but his cock, but I was wrong. I could see the candle and the flame almost as if they were there in front of me.
"Can you picture it?" he said.
"Yes Sir…" I whispered.
"Good… Now take long deep breaths and imagine yourself concentrating on it… As if it was in front of you…"
I did. I calmed down and took long slow breaths.  I felt him get back up and I wanted to open my eyes to look, but I didn't. I continued to relax and picture the lit candle. I idly wondered what he would make me do next. I concentrated on the imagery candle and breathed slowly. I could almost feel the heat of the flame close to my face. So real… 
"Wakeful Avocados…" he suddenly whispered from the foot of the bed.
My mind drained away… No… Everything else faded away… I didn't feel the bed beneath me… I didn't feel the constricting cuffs around my wrists… Everything fell away and I was left with the candle in my mind. It became brighter as I settled into the new absence of feeling.
"Good girl…" I heard his voice echo around me. "Can you still see the candle in your mind?"
"Very good…" his soft voice said. "Feel how strong it is in your mind… How hot it is… Can you feel it?"
"Oh Yes…"
"Very good…" he said.
I felt like his voice had a new note to it. Like it almost poured into my ears from everywhere… Drowning my mind in soft comfort…
"Feel how much stronger it is now… You've been slowly tuning your mind to this special flame… Making it yours… The real candle in the living room is just a simple candle… A way to make you see the flame inside your mind… Can you feel the truth behind my words?"
He was right. I could see the flame in my mind and it was almost bigger than the real thing. Yes… it was bigger… Stronger… Hotter… It was my flame… My gateway…
"Very good…" he said. "I am here to guide you… You trust me to guide you… Don't you?"
"Oh yes…" I said. "Guide me Sir…" I then whispered.
"I will…" he said. "I'm here to tell you that the flame… Your flame… Is here to help you realize your deepest desires… Would you like that? Would you like the flame to help you?"
"Oh yes…" 
"And it will… But it can't help you unless you help yourself… Can you do that? Can you help the flame make your desires come true?"
"We've trained you to block your orgasm by sending all your pleasure to the flame… Letting it soak up all the wonderful feelings your body can experience… Has it been doing a good job so far?"
"Oh yes… So much pleasure…"
"Yes… But you are still in control… The flame is only helping you… But the flame could be… In control… Would you like that? Would you like the flame to be in control?"
"Oh yess…." I moaned.
"One last thing remains… But it will be hard… Are you willing to go through the last step? Even if it will be hard?"
"Excellent… You've been so good… Making yourself reach the edge… But it is time to see if you can handle something more… Do you think you are ready?"
"More… Maybe… I'm not sure…"
"We will have to see… I believe you are ready… But only you can prove it… To me… And to yourself…"
My mind felt so light and relaxed, but I could feel a sliver of trepidation… Anticipation… It made me curious.
"I'm here to guide and help you… Just as the flame is in your mind to help you… We will both help you reach your goal… The first thing I'll do will be to tie your legs down… Spread them… I'm not doing this to trap you… I'm doing this to help you… I know how hard it will be for you… But I want you to succeed… I know you'll cave and try to stop it… Stop me… So I'll tie your legs… Just so you can't squirm away… Is that ok? Can I tie your legs?"
I barely had to think about it. I started to see where he was going with this. He was right… I would try to move away…
"Excellent… I've brought some rope with me…" he said as he gently took my right ankle and lifted it up. "Can you feel it? I'm wrapping it below your knee…"
I did. It was a thick rope… Harsh on my skin…
"I'm wrapping tight… VERY tight… Moving down your calf muscle… Can you feel it? Can you feel each coil as I move down your leg?"
I felt my leg move up and down as he wrapped the rope around and around. 
"All the way down to your ankle… Can you feel how tight it is on your skin? It needs to be if it will hold you down… Spreading its grip all along your calf muscle… Can you feel it?"
"Now I'm going to use a very special knot… It's a constrictor knot… The more you will pull on your leg, the tighter it will get… Making the rope wrap ever tighter around your leg… There… All done… Pull on your leg so I know the knot works correctly…"
I already felt like the bottom part of my leg was snug and tight inside the coils. I pulled lightly and immediately felt the coils grow tighter. I tested again, a little harder, the rope just squeezed my leg that much more.
"Excellent… Now I'm tightening the end of the rope to the leg of your bed…" he said as he gently placed my leg down on the mattress. 
He pulled it until my right leg was spread out wide. 
"Now I'm going to do the same to your left leg…" he said as he took my left ankle.
He went through the same motions and he had me test his knot, which worked deliciously. He pulled my left leg to be able to tie it to the other leg of the bed. I was spread wide and a small part of my brain was aroused at the thought that I was completely open for him. Helpless…
"Excellent… Now we are about to play a little game… I'm about to have you wake up, but before I do, I want to tell you the rules of our little game… It will help train you… Make it so you eventually reach your desire… Are you ready to hear the rules?"
"The rules are simple… I'm going to pleasure you… Taste you… My goal is to make you cum. I won’t go easy on you. I'm going to pull out all the stops and I won't stop pleasuring you… Even if you beg me to stop… Especially if you beg me to stop… That is my rule… As for your rule… You will try to hold your orgasm at bay… For as long as you can… If you can manage to prevent yourself from cumming… Knowing that I don't wish you to cum… You will be one step closer to your desire…"
Oh god…
"But if you fail… If you can't resist your own pleasure and cum… You will spend the rest of the night… Tied up in bed… I'll also tie your vibrator to your pussy… I'll make you cum… Again and again… Since you can't resist the orgasm… I'll indulge you and make you cum all… Night… Long… If you fall asleep… I'll wake you up to pleasure you some more… Is that understood?"
"Yes…" I said.
"Good. Now to give you your trigger… The trigger that will help you… Do you remember it?"
"Icy flames…" I said instantly.
"Yes… Icy flames…" he said.
I still had my eyes closed. Still picturing the candle in my mind. Still picturing the flame. But as I heard him say the words, the flame went out. I would have been surprised, but my mind felt so calm and relaxed. I just registered that it was gone.
I tried to picture it again, but I couldn't. Of course I couldn't. It took my orgasm far away. Where I couldn't experience it.
"The game will begin… Let's see if you can manage your pleasure without the flame..."
Right. I no longer had the flame in my mind. Where would I send my pleasure then?
"Avocados can wake up."
I felt my mind speed up and I opened my eyes. I looked at the foot of the bed and saw him standing there.
"Time to taste you Myra…" he said as he bent and laid down on the bed. 
Right between my legs…
"Oh god…" I said as I looked at my hands. 
Still cuffed! I looked down at my legs, but couldn't see the rope. What the fuck? His lips kissed my inner thigh and my leg moved in surprise. To my utter shock, it didn't move far! I felt the rope around my calf muscle hold me down. Constricting around my lower leg as I pulled away.
"What the fuck?" I said as I looked again. "Where is the rope?"
"There is no rope…" he said as he kissed my leg again. "Just a little suggestion…"
"Oh fuck…" I said as I placed my head back on the pillow. "You can do that?"
"Seems I can…" he said as I felt his hot breath on my sacred lips. "Not surprising really… You are an incredible subject… It will make things easier for me… Now you are helpless… I do hope you fail… I'm looking forward to making you cum all night…"
"What? OH FUCK!" I moaned as I felt his tongue flick my clit.
"Oh yes… I'm sure the block won't work… Not so soon… You can't really trust in it yet… You'll have to do all the work…" he said as he kissed my hood. "And as much as I would like you to succeed…" he said, licking me slowly. "I can't deny that pleasuring you all night will be so much fun…"
"FUCK!" I said as a powerful spike of pleasure erupted inside me.
I felt his finger tenderly probe my opening and I bit my lip. I was already so damn horny! This was impossible! I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the flame again. But it was like trying to remember a dream. I knew what it should look like… Or I thought I did… I couldn't seem to recall how it looked! Oh no… No no no…
His tongue started to swirl as one finger went inside, curving up in search of my G spot. No no no!!!!
"HHHHMMMMM!!!!!" I moaned as I felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over me. I was sinking… But not in a dreamy hypnotic way… I was drowning! The pleasure just kept building and building! 
"Oh fuck… No… Josh… I mean… SIR!!!" I moaned as his finger touched the perfect spot. "I can't… HHHHmmmmm….." 
(Kiss) "I know you can't… But I hope you will…" (swirl)
"FUCK!!!!" I moaned as his wet tongue assaulted my clit. 
It was throbbing with need and he was right there to sooth it. No… He was making things so much worse! So deliciously worse…
"NO!" I screamed at myself as I shook my head violently. "Out.. OUT! OUT!!!!!" I screamed louder.
I was trying to send my pleasure away, like I did before. Send it to the flames. I was hoping I still could. My legs started to shake as I felt the pressure build. I couldn't do it… But I had to! Reflexively, I tried to pull my legs free and prevent him from continuing his assault, but the imaginary ropes around my calves just pulled tighter and kept my legs spread wide. Giving him all the access he needed…
No… He was going to make me cum! He wanted me to cum! He wanted to abuse my poor little pussy all night! Making me cum again and again… 
STUPID!!!! For fucks sake Myra! Don't think about that!!!
I was getting delirious…
I felt the pleasure reach a point where I knew I was about to lose control… There was simply too much pleasure… Too much stimulation… Too much denial… The simple fact that there weren't even any ropes around my legs to hold me… He was playing with my mind exactly how I wanted him to… Making me feel things that weren't there… Controlling my body… I was helpless…
"NNNOOO!!!! OUT!!!! OUT!!!!" I kept screaming. Almost crying…
I didn't want to cum… I fought it… I fought so hard… I tried to think about anything else… But my pussy was on fire! Demanding to feel the release… My clit was so hard and needy… I almost couldn't understand why I hadn't cum yet!
"sssStopp!!!" I moaned. "PleaSE!!!! SIR!!!!" I moaned.
I begged and begged… But he just continued. He licked and kissed and fingered me… It felt so damn good… I couldn't stop him... He was going to make me cum. He told me he would…
How could I resist?
His tongue went into high gear and his fingers followed. The pleasure was so intense… I felt like I was watching a tsunami… Building up in front of my eyes… How could I ever stop that? I couldn't! It was impossible! My veins were burning with liquid pleasure as he pushed on. Giving me more and more… 
"AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed and moaned as I felt it start to crash over.
I had failed…
The pleasure crested… I felt the start of a massive orgasm…
I held my breath as I waited for it to crash over me… Destroy the last of my resistance…
But it just stayed there. Right on the edge… Menacing… Pleasure swarmed all over me and I lost track of what he was doing between my legs. My whole body was trembling… My vision narrowed and I looked down. He was looking up in my eyes as he continued to lick me. I felt like I was about to fall… To cum…
But I didn't.
There was nothing else in the world now. Not Josh… Not the collar around my neck… Not even my bed… Pleasure overtook my body and I could only lie there and be a slave to it. I felt like I had just been drugged…
I was swimming in bliss… But it wasn't a release… It was harsher than that… It was almost maddening… I felt the pleasure ram against my nerves, like it wanted to break free. I wanted it to break free… I couldn't hold back anymore…
I wanted to cum…
"OH FUCK YESSS…" I moaned. "Make me cum Sir… OOHH FUCKK!!!! YES!!! I surrender… I'm too weak… I can't!" I moaned. "Punished me all night!!!"
He didn't stop and I gave myself to the pleasure. Welcomed it… I didn't fight it and even encouraged it. I was so weak…
The pleasure just… continued…
After a while, I started to whine… Why couldn't he make me cum? I whimpered… God I wanted to cum… I couldn't take all the pleasure! It was almost painful…
And then he kissed my clit tenderly as he removed his fingers. What? NO! Don't stop!!!
"I think that proves it… Don't you think?"
I looked up at his face and he was smiling as he showed me his fingers, soaked with my juices.
"I.. No… What's happening?" I asked in a daze as the pleasure slowly subsided.
My heart was pounding in my chest. I was covered in sweat as I watched my breasts heave with my labored breathing.
"Tell me Myra… Do you like it when men lick you like this?"
"Fuck… Yes…" I said as I swallowed, trying to calm myself.
"Well either the trigger worked… Or I seem to have forgotten how to pleasure a woman… Tell me Myra… Was I not good enough?"
"YES!" I said. "Oh fuck yes… Just a little more… I'll cum for you…"
"Oh I think you've had enough… After all…" he said as he flexed his jaw. "I've been pleasuring you for 45 minutes."
"WHAT?!?! Impossible…"
"Oh yes… Seems the trigger has worked… I was skeptical at first, but now I'm confident. You begged me so much… You would have cum if you could…"
"I…" I started to say.
But I just looked at him and thought about it. Yes… He was right… I would have… Up until now, I had never felt the edge so keenly… I cum way before I reach that point… Oh fuck…
"That means…" I said, but couldn't bring myself to finish my thought.
"Yes…" he said as he moved up my body. "It means you can't cum anymore… Not until I guide the flame back to you…" 
He bent down and kissed me. I was scared. But in a delicious way. He did it! He actually did it! What if he never released it? Oh god… I was getting wet again… His kiss was slow and meaningful. I could taste myself on his lips. I felt his cock poke at my opening and I squirmed my hips so his cock head would find its way.
"Please…" I whispered between kisses. "Use me Sir…"
He didn't say a word. His cock finally found my opening and barely entered. He stopped kissing me and looked me deep in the eyes. His cock teased my outer lips as he moved his hips in small circles.
God I wanted him to impale me…
"Your pussy feels so hot… So needy…" he said as he slowly inserted himself inside it. "So… Inviting…"
Each inch felt like an eternity! His cock slipped in without any resistance… His eyes were hard now. Confident… Dominating… Like he was daring me to look away… I didn't. I stared right back at him as his cock made its agonizing way up my pussy. I want to move down. Lift my hips… Make him impale me in one sharp thrust… But that's not what he wanted.
So I didn't move as he pushed in.
A moan escaped my lips as he finally bottomed out. God he felt so good… 
"You are mine now…" he whispered.
I didn't have any reservations about his statement. I knew it to be true. I wanted it to be true. And he knew it…
"Yes…" I whispered back as I felt his cock flex with need. "I'm all yours… Master…"
His cock flexed once more at my last statement. He smiled. For a brief moment, time seemed to stand still as everything felt incredibly perfect. Right…
And then he started.
He started slowly, pulling out until the tip of his cock was barely inside, then pushing himself all the way in. With each stroke, he went a little faster. My pleasure climbed in rhythm with his speed and by the time he was pounding into me with long strong strokes, I was moaning and screaming.
My mind was right back on the edge of madness as the pleasure overloaded my senses. I was pulling hard against my cuffs, wanting to embrace him… Push him deeper inside me… I kicked and pulled against the imaginary ropes holding my legs spread wide. I couldn't break free.
I didn't want to break free.
My body was going wild! Half of me wanted to break loose and help him take his pleasure while the other half revelled in the bondage he had placed me in. I pulled on my arms to feel the pain in my wrists. I pushed and pulled my legs to feel the constricting coils… I loved it all… I lost track of time as I swam in pleasure, feeling his cock rip into me. His hips slap my waist with ferocity. Power… He wasn't looking to extend his pleasure… Not for my sake… No… He was taking what was his to take.
I was delirious with pleasure. I felt like a rag doll… A fuck doll… His fuck doll…
Eventually, he slammed hard into me. His body went rigid as his cock swelled inside my pussy. 
"FUCK!" he moaned as he slammed again. 
He was cumming… I felt his pleasure release and it was so powerful… I felt my own pleasure mirror his and I felt like I was cumming. But I wasn't… My vision narrowed as my heart pounded, reveling in his orgasm… I could almost taste it on my lips…
My delirious mind imagined I could taste his dominance over me… Like a sweet elixir…
He caught his breath and collapsed on me, crushing my tits. I was still swimming… Floating… I knew he was heavy, but it was like I didn't feel it. I was feeling too much pleasure to ever feel it… He took his time, letting the bliss envelop him. I managed to catch my breath as the pleasure slowly subsided. 
"Wakeful Avocados…" he whispered in my ear.
I felt my mind slow down. The pleasure left my body and I sank into my wakeful trance. He moved off me and looked in my eyes. He was smiling. He was happy. 
"The ropes I used on your legs are special…" he said. "They are magical… They are like your collar, filled with your special flame… They follow the guide… You know who the guide is, don't you?"
"Yes… You… Are…"
"Very good… They can be undone with a simple command… A trigger… When I say it, the ropes lose all shape or form… They disappear… They join the flame… Do you know what this trigger is?"
"Would you like to know?"
"This is the trigger: 'The ropes can release my pet.' Can you remember that?"
"Good girl…" he said as he reached up and undid my cuffs.  "Now feel them disappear as I say the trigger… The ropes can release my pet…"
I felt the constricting coils slowly dissolve around my legs. It felt odd… Nice in a way… My skin felt free… Light…
He dislodged from me and sat back down on his heels.
"Avocados can wake up." he said.
I felt my mind speed up again and my eyes looked down at his softening cock. Then back up at him. I couldn't believe his triggers worked so well on me. I had always fantasized that suggestions and triggers could make me do anything, but somehow, I always felt like it was impossible. As I looked at him now, I realized that many of my trigger ideas could come true…
He said it was because I was a good subject, but I knew that it was mainly because I was in his talented hands. 
"So?" he said as he moved and laid down next to me. "How do you like fucking with your orgasm blocked?"
"God…" I said as I looked at the ceiling. "It feels… Incredible… When you licked me, I was scared out of my mind that I would cum. That I would fail… But now… I knew I wouldn't… I could just… Let go… At one point, I felt like I was about to explode… But I never did… It's really hard to explain…"
"I think I got the picture." he said. 
"I still feel incredibly horny…" I said as I looked back at him.
"I think I've worked hard enough for one night. Don't you think so?"
I smiled.
"You certainly did…"
I turned on my side and traced circles on his chest.
"Would my Master mind if his humble slave cleans him?"
He just smiled and placed his hands behind his head. I took my cue and kissed his chest. Then his nipple, taking a little nibble before I kissed my way down to his sticky member. He was still half hard. I knew he would be extra sensitive so I took my time.
Carefully… Tenderly… I licked and sucked him until he was clean. But I didn't stop there. He didn't move or say anything. So I sucked him slowly… After a little while, I decided to add to his little fantasy…
(Lick) "I'm all yours now…" (suck) "Master…" (lick) "I'll do anything you wish…" (suck) "Pleasure you however you like…" (Lick) "How ever you desire…" (Suck) "I'm your slave… Your little fuck doll…" (Lick) "Chain me up…" (suck) "Fuck me…" (Lick) "Make me suck you all day…" (Suck) "I'll do it…" (lick) "I'll obey…"
I continued to whisper submissive things as I sucked and licked him slowly… Looking him in the eyes. His cock gave a twitch and started to grow. I didn't let it distract me though and before long, he was at full mast. 
He had worked so hard for me… It was only natural that I work hard for him.
I was attentive and tender. Even when I took him all, I went slow so he could feel his cock slip down my throat. I felt alive in a way I had never really felt before. I had a purpose… Clarity… No… That wasn't true… I had felt an inkling of this before… When I let my submissive side loose and indulged my past lovers. A tingle of what could be… A fraction of what I felt now…
Now, I felt delicious all over.
It took a while, but I eventually felt his hand take hold of my mane. He lifted all my locks out of the way and held on tight. I felt the roots of my hair being pulled, sending small shots of pain into my skull. It was nothing... At first, he only held my hair and let me use whatever speed I wished. Then he started to guide my efforts. I took it in stride and let him force me. I felt his strong hand impose his desire and I melted inside. I wanted him to use me for his pleasure…
I wanted to taste his release…
My tongue tried its best to lick and massage the underside of his shaft as he pushed and pulled me. I managed to lick his balls a few times when he held me down. 
His pace got faster and faster, making my throat bulge with each stroke. I was still flush with pleasure and the discomfort it created was easily managed. In and out… In and out… He started to use his 2 hands to help me move faster. I knew he was about to cum. His body started to tense up and he finally pushed me down as his cock swelled in my throat.
He held me for the 2 first shots before letting me go as he moaned. I sucked upwards and caught his last shot in my mouth. I made sure not to swallow it and sucked gently around his cock head. Milking him of his seed…
Once I was sure he was done, I looked up at him and showed him my prize. He caught his breath and smiled. 
"Good girl…" he whispered.
I felt hot all over at his praise. I swirled it around, mostly for show, before I swallowed. As I did, I watched his satisfied smile turn wicked. He took my face in his hands and winked at me.
What was he up to?
"Such a wonderful girl… You've certainly earned a reward…" he said. "Myra's Inferno…"
I recognized my trigger as I was about to tell him I didn't need one. That I was happy without it. But it was too late… He held my face tightly as the flame ignited in my mind. No… Not a flame… A blaze… An inferno… I felt my body tense up as the pleasure suddenly erupted everywhere in my body. It had such force! Such ferocity! I was right back in front of the tsunami I had pictured before. 
But this wave wasn't made of water…
It was fire…
Hot… Intense… Raw…
It took me and my whole body fell over into the release I was denied. I moaned… No… I screamed… I lost myself… The only thing I could register, that somehow kept me grounded, was his hands on my face. That… And the pleasure…
It ripped through me with a vengeance. Cascaded on itself as it burned away my surroundings. It was like all my nerve endings suddenly sent one powerful signal: pleasure. Release….
My vision tunneled until I only saw his eyes… His satisfied… Confident eyes… Then nothing… The pleasure carried me away and I lost all trace of where I was. My mind simply shut down. I floated away in a sea of bliss… Nirvana… Did I fall asleep? I was flying in comfort… Like I was lying on a cloud… A perfect place…  
Images and thoughts floated by… Like dreams… I barely cared… 
Warmth spread on my cheek. Was it morning? Already? No… I didn't want to leave this perfect place. But the heat turned into brightness and couldn't be ignored. I drifted back down and slowly remembered I had a body. Like slipping back into an outfit, I slowly became aware that I was lying down. My senses came back one by one. First was touch… My skin had felt the warmth of the sun, but I could also feel the sheets. 
I was covered up…
I was lying on my side and… I wasn't alone. I felt my head was lying on something harder than a pillow. Yes… It was a shoulder… I felt the body lying next to me… My leg and arm were draped over him… Yes… It was a man… I knew because my hand was on his chest. I could feel his strong arm encircling me. His hand on my ass under the sheets.
Second came my sense of smell. I breathed in his masculine musk and smiled. It had been a while since I woke up next to a man. My latest dalliances were mostly just that. A nice fuck… But we never spent the night. 
My hearing came next and I could hear the low sounds of the city outside my bedroom window. They seemed so far away… Meaningless… I slowly opened my eyes and saw Josh's sleeping face. He looked so peaceful… I looked at his lips and remembered how he had kissed me… Licked me… How the hell had we never fucked before? I felt so good there, lying in his arms.
Safe… Content… 
I enjoyed the moment and tried my best not to move. I watched his sleeping face and remembered the mind-blowing orgasm he had made me experience. I had never lost myself like that… Was it just because of the hypnosis? Or was it because I was forcing my body to edge? Or both? Regardless…
As nice as it was… I felt like there was a finality to it. I remembered how good I had felt before… When my pleasure was coursing through my veins… Making me hot all over… Making me aroused… Docile…
I suddenly remembered my collar and its trigger. I could feel it there, around my neck… I still had it on. He had moved me so I could sleep, but he hadn't removed my collar. Or did I trigger myself in my sleep? Was this what it would feel like? I slowly moved my hand to my neck. No… I still had it on. 
I had submitted to him… 
In the clarity of the morning sun, I finally realized what those words really meant. I was so horny and excited last night that I couldn't dream of saying anything else. But as I lay there, next to him, I realized I would say them again.
Josh… My Master… It had only been one night…
What did he have in store for me today?
I wonder if he is a morning person… I smiled wickedly as I decided to find out…

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