Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 4

by The Traveling Master

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C- I imagined I had a dominant lover. He straps me to the bed with leather cuffs, spreading my naked body for his viewing pleasure. He kisses my legs until he licks my pussy so sweetly. Adding a vibrator to the mix to bring me oh so much pleasure… Letting me reach the brink before removing his stimulations… Again and again… I'm helpless as he edges me on and on…

As I let the bliss lift me up even higher, my mind starts to swim in erotic thoughts. The pleasure floods my mind as I picture myself in a slew of different sexual acts. Most of which I've had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. Almost as if I was going through my memories…
But then I start to imagine a lot of different scenes that I never had the guts to experience. One in particular draws me in and like magic, I find myself in a lavishly decorated bedroom. A faceless man approaches me and takes me in his strong arms. We kiss and my body comes alive with passion. Our lips dance together and my blood boils with anticipation. 
The next thing I know, he pushes me on the bed and starts to tie off my wrists. Pulling them apart and securing them to the head of the bed. He kisses me again and his rough hands caress my bare nipples. Teasing them… His lips start to kiss their way down my neck… My chest… My stomach…
I'm burning with anticipation as he barely kisses my inner thighs. A frustrated moan escapes my lips as he continues to leave kisses along my legs. He smiles as he ties off one ankle to the corner of the bed before doing the same to the other.
I smile with delight as his lips resume their slow torture and go up my leg. He finally arrives and leaves tender kisses around my most sacred parts. My head arcs back as his cool lips send fire inside my veins.
I get lost in the perfect pleasure and climb it until I'm about to lose it. But he slows down… Leaving me on the brink… I hear the dull buzz of the vibrator I keep near the bed and all at once, he resumes his ministrations using the infernal machine to send even more pleasure inside my body.
But stops right before I cum.
Again and again…
I feel like I could stay on that sweet edge forever...
"All done!" I heard his voice echo in my head.
The scene fades away. The pleasure I felt subsides and my conscious mind slowly comes back to reality. The cold leather table seems suddenly harsh on my skin. Why was it so cold anyway? My neck feels a little sore, but it's manageable. I can't help myself and groan a little. Did I really fall asleep?
"Everything ok Miss Morgan?"
I lift my head off the table and looked at him. He was all smiles. But something was off… 
"Weren't you wearing a shirt?"
He looks at himself for a moment before looking back at me.
"Oh yeah…" he said. "I must have taken it off during the tattoo. You know… When I went to crank up the heat a little? You looked like you could be cold."
His face was unreadable. I did feel warmer though…
"So huh… Everything went well? Can I see?" I asked.
"Of course! Just go in front of that mirror over there."
I got up and as I stood before the mirror, I suddenly realized I was still just wearing my bra! I fought the urge to cover myself up as best I could. After all… He had spent god knows how long seeing me like this. He got up and went to get a portable mirror. As he moved to go close the light, my eyes wandered to my chest and I noticed that my bra seemed loose. Like it wasn't put on properly. It must be because I was lying flat on my breasts for so long…
But that's not the only thing I noticed. I also noticed that my panties felt damp…
How embarrassing! Here I was making my best efforts to get this new job and I not only fall asleep during his tattoo, I also get aroused! The light turned off and I was glad for it. Maybe he won't notice. He brought the mirror and placed it so I could see the back of my neck in it. 
"Ready?" he asked as he held up a black light. I nodded.
He turned it on and my skin came alive with lines. It was the exact same design he had showed me. It was… AWESOME! I couldn't believe my eyes! One minute, there was nothing there and the next; I had a design that took a large part of the back of my neck!
"Wow… It looks incredible!" I said.
As I looked at it, the lines almost seemed to sparkle. As if… It was magic!
"My special ink has a multitude of properties, which include the special effect you can see when I move the light around. See?" he said.
The sparkling intensified as he moved from left to right. It was almost mesmerizing! Like tiny sparkles…
"So that's it?" I asked when he turned the light off and went to the wall.
"That's it! I spoke the 'spell' while you were still napping!" he said as he flicked the switch, turning on the regular lights.
"Spell?" I asked perplexed. "Oh spell! Right! Forgot about that. So what now? This will prevent me from spilling all your secrets?" I said with a smile.
"Something like that…" he said smirking. "Regardless, we are bonded now!"
"I guess this means you are hiring me?"
"Oh yes… Certainly… You will make a wonderful assistant… Let me just put a bandage on your neck and you can get dressed."
Dressed? RIGHT! I was forgetting I was still in a bra. While he cleaned and bandaged my neck, we talked about salary and work hours. He explained what the training would include and when to come back here. It became all rather technical after that. I went back home with a skip in my step.
I finally got a job!
As I got home and undressed to get in the shower, I realized why my bra felt so weird. For some reason, it was not as tight around my torso as usual. As if the hooks weren't clipped in the correct hoops. Strange… I could have sworn I had checked it before I left… Twice…
As I got under the hot shower, I kept avoiding my neck, thinking it would be sore and painful. But what it did only made me think of the weird dream I had. It was so hot… I bite my lip as my hand slowly made its way down between my legs. I recalled in vivid detail the erotic scene and in no time at all, I was on the brink of a massive release. 
I felt like I had been edging for hours! My orgasm crashed through my body with a vengeance. I almost lost motor control of my legs as the intensity just kept climbing. And right when the pleasure was at its peak, my mind conjured an image of my new boss. His smiling face…
I hadn't had such a powerful orgasm in a long time. Especially not while masturbating. It took a long while, and a little cold water to finally calm myself. I felt so good… I dried myself and went to bed. Why was I so tired? Probably all the worrying… But that was over, I had a job now!
And exciting job!
I let my head fall on my pillow and sleep found me pretty quickly after that. I had a huge smile on my face as I tried to imagine what the next few days would bring.
Had I paid a little more attention, I would have noticed the time. It was almost 2 O'clock in the morning…
The next few days were a blur! I finally met Zelvida and was a little jealous of her. She was an utter bombshell. She had long platinum blond hair and tits that made mine seem small. Her hour glass figure had no ounce of fat. I could tell because she was wearing a bikini top and yoga pants. When I asked why, she told me it was her standard attire when working on magic tricks. It was just more comfortable than her regular outfits. 
In my mind, I agreed with her choice of pants, but as for the bikini top… A workout top would have been better. Or a shirt for that matter! He had me do a sort of wardrobe test and I tried on a lot of different costumes. Zelvida took notes and measurements for possible changes. Most of the outfits were pretty flashy and more than a little revealing. 'All to better distract the audience' he had said.
Then he started to show me a few of his basic tricks and spent a good deal of time explaining how they worked. It was fascinating. I never knew magic tricks were so ingenious. He gave me homework and I had to memorize all of them in great detail. Some tricks could easily become dangerous if I wasn't doing what I was supposed to.
So night after night, I studied each new trick he was showing me.
Nothing really special happened that first week. Well… Not at work anyway… After 2 days with them, I started to notice that I had erotic dreams. A lot of them… I would wake up desperate to cum! I hadn't had those types of dreams in a long while! Not since high school! The details were a blur, but for some reason, I kept imagining my boss as the male in my fantasies. 
Or I thought I did…
But it did make me look at him differently. He was handsome after all. I was even getting a little aroused whenever he would put his hands on me. Either to show me a particular pose or just to move me to the correct spot. My skin would tingle and warmth would invade my loins.
Working so closely to such a confident man seemed to be turning me on more than I had expected. Then again, he was my type. 
After a week, I was cleaning up in the back rooms of the theater, looking for an old prop he wanted to show me, when I walked by a closed door. It wasn't his private room, I made sure to steer clear of that one. But I stopped in my tracks when I heard a whimper come from inside.
I had been in that room before and I knew the layout of it pretty well. It was a large room, meant to store all the costumes. It wasn't well lit and it curved around wall. I listened intently, trying to see if I had heard correctly.
"hhhmmmm…" came a muffed moan.
Oh my god! Was I hearing right? I bit my lip and pressed my ear to the door. It was faint, but I could hear it…
I woman was definitely moaning! In fact… I could hear a dull male voice as well! I couldn't believe it! Was he… Was he fucking a girl in there? Was it Zelvida? He certainly was bold! My skin got all flush as I tried to imagine the pair of them, fucking against the costume racks.
Why imagine? I could probably sneak a peak… 
Choice 4
A- Anna decides against it and just listens at the door…
B- Anna decides to open and peak inside…
C- Anna decides to leave them be and move on…

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