Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 3

by The Traveling Master

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A- On the back of the neck.

The more I thought about it, the less I wanted him to touch me around the waist. I mean… I barely knew the man! So my lower back was out of the question. This was crazy! I couldn't believe he was actually demanding that I get a tattoo!
If nothing else, this job should be very interesting…
Ok ok… Get it together Anna... I looked at my left wrist and tried to imagine a tattoo there. That should be rather painful… And it would light up every time I would go to a bar that happened to have black lights. No… That was out of the question.
So the back of the neck it is then. It shouldn't be so bad… I can always wear my hair long to hide it… But then again… I can just make up something if someone asked about it. It was a good design and it WOULD look pretty cool…
"I'm a little surprised that you would require an actual tattoo from your employees… Not even sure if you have the right to ask that of them…"
"I assure you Miss Morgan… You can refuse any time you wish… BUT!" he said as he took a step back. "You won't be able to perform on my most incredible tricks. And all the bonuses that come with it…"
"Oh I'm going to do it. I'm just saying…" I said, trying to sound confident.
"I'm glad to hear it…" he said with a cryptic smile. "And where would you like me to tattoo you?"
I took a deep breath and made a point to smile.
"The back of my neck."
"Marvelous…" he whispered to himself. "Do you have some free time right now? I can do it right away if you are willing."
Really? Damn! I thought I would have a little time to wrap my head around it…
"Huh... Sure…"
"Excellent!" he exclaimed while clapping his hands.
Lights turned on to our right and I could see a corridor leading away from the stage.
"Right this way Miss Morgan…" he said as he started to walk towards it.
I followed him and he was talking as we made our way from room to room. He was pointing out different things and telling me about a few of the tricks I would be asked to perform. He did a few of the classics. The water tank escape… Sawing a woman in half… Making doves come out of hats… He assured me we would have plenty of time to rehearse before I would be asked to perform before a live audience. He was so enthusiastic about magic. I had to admit, I was getting excited about it all.
We finally came to a door and he stopped us.
"Now this is my private rooms." he said solemnly. "You will be asked to fetch a lot of things for each trick and you will basically have free reign behind the scenes. BUT!" he said lifting his finger up. "This room is ALWAYS off limits. Under no circumstance can you enter. Is that clear?"
His smile had vanished and he looked very serious. Scary even…
"Sure. Not a problem!" I quickly said.
For a brief moment, he seemed to be searching my eyes to see if I was sincere. He looked satisfied with what he saw and nodded. His smile returned as he spoke.
"Marvelous!" he exclaimed.
He twirled on himself and moved on. As I started to follow, I couldn’t help but look back at his door. Why was he so serious about his privacy? Was he doing something illegal in there?
My musing was cut short. We arrived at another door and he went in. I quickly followed. As the lights came on, I could see that he had already set up a table and a tattoo machine. The room was small, but functional.
"Wow… I guess you assumed I would agree then?" I said waving my hand to the machine.
"This?" he asked. "Oh no! I always leave my table set up here. I'm also a pretty decent tattoo artist. I don't take a lot of clients, but I LOVE to tattoo. So I take a few clients from time to time. Look in that album there, you can see a few of my masterpieces." he said as he pointed to a corner of the room.
I found the album and went through it as he prepared the machine. He was right. He was pretty good! I was half scared he would do a poor job while tattooing me. But from what I was looking at, he was rather amazing. 
"You know… If you ever get tired of performing on stage, I'm pretty sure you would make a killing as a full-time tattoo artist." I commented.
"I know… But I love magic… I can't dream of doing anything else!"
"Well… From what I saw from your YouTube videos, you seem pretty good at that too." I said with a smile.
"Thank you, Miss Morgan. An artist always loves to receive positive feedback."
As I flipped the pages, I started to notice that there were only girls in the book. Odd…
"Shall we?" he said, interrupting my train of thought.
I looked back and he was ready. He had rubber gloves and a mask on. He went from looking like your average man on the street to the spitting image of a tattoo artist. As I approached, I could even see sterile envelops with the needles in them.
"Should I remove my jacket?" I asked.
"It would make things easier. Besides… I wouldn't want to stain it. In fact… If you don't mind… It would be safer if you also removed your white blouse."
He did have a point. If I only pulled it down, it might not be enough. 
"I can see you are hesitating. During the frenzy of the shows and over the next few weeks, you'll be asked to wear a lot of different and sexier outfits. Not to mention all the costume changes... Rest assured that we all we see each other in our underwear a lot. But if you are truly worried…" he said as he rolled his chair back to the wall. He grabbed a towel and presented it to me.
"You can use this to get set up and I'll just leave the room while you undress."
Damn him… He did have a point. I had never been part of a show before, but he made a lot of sense. I could clearly imagine it. Us rushing to change between tricks... He would end up seeing me in my underwear a lot. Besides… He was pretty up front about needing a pretty girl for his show. And I was the one that answered the ad. What would he think if I played the shy girl now?
"No. That's fine." I finally said as I removed my jacket. And then my blouse…
Lucky for me, I had decided to wear a nice bra, just in case he needed to see my body. I laughed at my own worries. I was letting my mind go to a thousand different places instead of concentrating on getting this job. I had a pretty decent pair of tits and I was never ashamed or shy to display them in the right context. I was so silly!
As for him, He was a gentleman and didn't let his eyes linger for too long on my chest as I got settled. I pulled my hair out of the way while he placed the towel on my back.
"You look nervous…" he commented.
"Hahahaha!" I laughed, trying to hide my trepidation. "I guess I'm a little nervous… First tattoo and all..."
"Ah Miss Morgan… No need to worry! You are being tattooed by a world-famous magician!"
"Meaning what?"
"I have a few tricks up my sleeve…" he said as he turned away. "For instance…"
I looked at him and he took a container of some kind. He opened it up and I was hit with a strong smell. Very sweet… Like a bouquet of flowers… It was very pleasant… He showed me inside the container and I could see it was some type of gel.
"This is a secret recipe passed down through my family. This gel will completely numb your skin. In fact…" he said as he took some on his finger and motioned for me to turn my head. 
Which I did. I felt the gel make contact on the back of my neck and at first, nothing happened. But as he rubbed it in, I felt a sort of warmth start to spread.
"Ohh…" I said. "That feels nice…"
"Doesn't it? It has a few sweet properties as well… As I tattoo your neck, it should change the pain signals into pleasurable ones."
"What?" I asked surprised. "That's impossible!"
"Of course it's possible! It's magic…" he said as I heard him test the machine.
The buzz of the needle made me aware that I was about to let my new boss tattoo my skin, all for the sake of some ritual he insisted he perform on me. How ridiculous… 
"Ready?" he asked as I felt his left hand touch my neck, stretching my skin.
"As ready as I'll ever be…"
"Excellent!" he said. "You'll see… You won't feel any pain… This might take a while so don't be afraid to doze off…" he said trailing off.
"Doze off? No I should be fiiiiinnnn…" I started to say before I felt the first needle hit my skin.
The feeling was incredible… The punctures didn't hurt at all! They were… Nice… So nice in fact that I was left speechless. Even the vibrations of the machine were sending pleasurable signals to my brain. He was right… I didn't feel pain at all…
I was truly amazed… 
The more he pierced my skin, the more I wanted. A sort of sweet haze started to spread in my mind as I let myself relax. The scent of the gel did wonders. I didn't feel like I was being tattooed at all. It was more like I was receiving a massage at a spa or retreat.
And what amazed me even more was that more I relaxed, the better it got. I felt like I was sinking in the mattress… Letting myself enjoy the pleasure I was receiving in my neck. Which started to spread... Ever so slowly… Like small veins of pleasure extending under my skin. 
Reaching my head… My brain… Making me feel warm goosebumps… Extending to my shoulders… My arms… My hands… My back… My chest… God that was good… Traveling along my skin to my tummy and ass… I didn't want it to stop… 
The feeling finally reached my loins and I couldn't help but let a small moan rattle in my throat. I felt embarrassed I was letting this feeling get the better of me and I hoped he didn't hear it.
Once the feeling reached my toes, I felt wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and soft pleasure. Like being wrapped in the softest blanket in front of a smoldering fire… So comfortable…
Everything felt so perfect… So nice… So heavy…
I lost myself in it and drifted off…
I was floating in pleasure. Soaring in a void of joy. Nothing could reach me here. Was I dreaming? Of course I was! I couldn't feel my body at all! I could only experience the pleasure. It was such a rush! As I flew in nothingness, I could feel how horny I was. How aroused my body was feeling. I was dreaming and as a test, I tried to remember a cute boy I had dated in my youth. Just like that, I saw a picture of him float by. How wonderful… 
I wondered… Could I indulge?
I tried to conjure up an erotic scene… Just to see if I could…
Choice 3
A- I called up my latest fuck. It was with my ex-boyfriend. It was a kind of last angry fuck before we broke up. We both knew it would probably end there, so we gave it everything we had. It had been so good… So raw… So satisfying… We fucked in the living room and by the end; we had tried almost every surface.
B- I imagined I was a helpless damsel in distress, captured by an evil villain. A secret agent comes along to beat the villain and rescue me. Taking me away with him… So handsome… So powerful… His charms completely overwhelm me and he makes love to me on the roof of his hotel as we watch the evil villain's lair go up in flames. 
C- I imagined I had a dominant lover. He straps me to the bed with leather cuffs, spreading my naked body for his viewing pleasure. He kisses my legs until he licks my pussy so sweetly. Adding a vibrator to the mix to bring me oh so much pleasure… Letting me reach the brink before removing his stimulations… Again and again… I'm helpless as he edges me on and on…

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