Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 5

by The Traveling Master

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B- Anna decides to open and peak inside…

My heart started to race as my hand grabbed the door handle. A part of me was almost screaming that I should just leave well enough alone and forget I heard anything. But another part of me… The horny part… Was way to curious to let this go.
I swallowed and turned the knob delicately. I was listening for any indication that they heard the door open, but from the sounds I was hearing, they looked way too busy! I cracked the door open and peered inside. I was right, I couldn't see them because the space turned away from the door. 
But sounds were a lot clearer now…
A woman was moaning, but her mouth seemed muffed by something. I could hear the male voice now. It was definitely my boss. He seemed to be speaking softly to the woman. I bit my lip as his voice seemed to stir my arousal. My loins felt all tingly and demanded attention. Did I dare go farther inside? Why not…
I crept in and tiptoed my way to the corner. 
"HHHHmmFFFFfff…" the woman moaned. Almost in frustration…
"Ssss… You shouldn't make too much noise my dear…" I hear him say softly. "She might hear you…"
"hhhmmm…" she moaned again, a little softer…
I swallowed again as I peered around the corner. I almost gasped at what I was seeing. Silhouetted in front of a desk lamp, I could see the curves of the woman and I recognized her immediately. It was Zelvida… They were both standing and she had her back to him. He was encircling her body and had one hand down her yoga pants while the other was clasping over her mouth.
What surprised me was that her arms were stretched high above her head. As if her hands were tied somewhere in the ceiling. The light was too poor for me to actually see if they were, but I didn't really care.
My boss was shirtless and… Yes… His cock was out! He was pressing himself between her ass cheeks. She was trapped between his hand and his hard cock. She was grinding against him... Was she trying to feel his cock? Or was she trying to get away from his probing fingers? 
God I shouldn't be watching this…
But my hand slowly crept down and before I knew it, I was rubbing myself through my panties. 
"Now my dear… I think you can finally get your reward…" he said as he licked her earlobe. "You've been such a good little minx… Besides… A week is long enough…"
She just moaned louder in his hand. Her head was held tight, but I could swear she was trying to nod. As if to say yes…
I kind of missed what happened next, but somehow, her yoga pants got pulled down enough for him to suddenly impale her. When did he pulled them down? My question was soon forgotten as he rammed himself all the way inside her. She went rigid for a second or 2 before her whole body started to twitch and spasm. 
I clasped my mouth with my other hand as a moan escaped my lips. She was cumming… Hard… Only from the sudden impalement. And he wasn't done… He started to ravage her at a pace that almost seemed inhuman. His hips were a blur as her moans turned into muffled screams.
My fingers were furiously rubbing my soak panties as I watched him extend her release. Or so my pleasure addled mind imagined.
"Silence my little puppet!" he suddenly said before he let go of her mouth.
Both his hands grabbed her hips and helped him ram her butt against his hips. Again and again… In and out… It was savage… Animalistic… Raw…
God it was hot to watch!
He finally pushed in deep and stayed there as he threw his head back. Zelvida's head snapped back as she screamed for dear life. But… There was no sound… Like she didn't have a voice!
He finally seemed to finish as they both relaxed. They were breathing hard as they slowly dislodged from one and other. He snapped his fingers once and it was like I felt it in my bones. As for Zelvida, she immediately collapsed on the floor. She tried to catch her breath, but she seemed determined to move and turned to face him. Almost like she was forcing her tired body to move. She looked so exhausted!
Once she was kneeling in front of him, she looked up and smiled. Her mouth opened and she slowly licked his softening cock. Her trembling hand tenderly took his shaft and helped her maneuver it so she could lick all around it. She was finally done and took him completely inside her mouth.
He slowly stroked her hair as she worked, cleaning his shaft of their juices. Which she seemed to like. I licked my lips as I tried to imagine what she was tasting. I had never ‘cleaned’ my lover like that. Why was she even doing it? She was so caring… So loving… The act looked so… Erotic…
I suddenly felt a peak of pleasure as if an orgasm was about to rip through my body. I stopped my treacherous fingers and let the feeling subside. That was too close… I need to get out of here before they see me! I turned and moved back to the door. As I wiped the sweat from my brow, I realized my finger were heavy with the smell of my own arousal. Oh god… I need to go to the bathroom!
I managed to get out of the room without making too much noise and I hoped they hadn’t heard me. I went straight to the bathroom and locked myself in. God I was so horny…I had never masturbated at work, but I had never seen co-workers fuck before! I rubbed myself and rode the first peak of pleasure I felt. I kept seeing the scene again and again. God how I needed a cock right now…
After I was done, I cleaned myself more than a few times to make sure I had gotten the smell off my fingers and went back to work. I was still looking for that damn prop he wanted when I walked by Zelvida. I was so embarrassed. Had she noticed me looking at them? Was she noticing me acting weird now? But her? It was like nothing had happened! She didn't even glow!
After such a hard fuck, I would be hard pressed to hide it from anybody. Even less if it had barely been fifteen minutes! But she was working and smiling like nothing special happened. She didn't even look tired anymore!
Well that was strange…
Even I had a little trouble hiding the fact I had just masturbated. But in a way, her attitude helped me put it behind me and I dove back into looking through boxes to find the prop he wanted. Which I finally did find in an old dusty box in the back.
That very day, I finally got my first pay check and I decided to indulge myself a little. I went out for drinks with one of my girlfriends and we had a blast. I kept my eye out for potential guys I would like to bring home. I was so horny I told myself I needed a stud for a one-night stand. I didn't usually go for that, but I was desperate for a good fuck. But for some reason, none of the guys seemed to make the cut.
Which was strange because the bar was chock full of hunky guys that were just my type. Even my friend managed to find herself a date for some late night 'coffee' back at his place.
I was frustrated when I got home and took a long… Enjoyable shower… I came as I thought about my boss and Zelvida fucking in the back room. Would I ever let him do that to me? I could just picture myself…
In fact… Every time I masturbated after that day, I could only seem to imagine that scene. Which was weird… But something else was happening…
I didn't notice during the first week, but now that I was paying more attention, I realized I was missing some time… Gaps in my memory… I seemed to be forgetting large chunks of my work day. I guess I must be working too hard…
I was getting good at memorizing the basic magic tricks and by the end of the second week, I could remember and even perform some of them. Which seemed to make my boss happy! Which in turn made me happy. I had to do my very best to ensure that I didn't lose this job. I still had a long way to go before I could say I was in the clear. 
The other thing I noticed during that second week was that Zelvida and our boss seemed to take at least one break a day. Together… In a secluded spot… I didn't always watch them of course, but I could swear they were fucking on a regular basis.
Did he expect me to fuck him like that?
No… Probably not… He and Zelvida had been performing together for years. It was only natural that they would develop feelings for each other. But if I was honest, they didn't look that in love with each other. It looked more like a "friends with benefits" type of relationship. 
As the second week finished, I went out again with my friend and was equally frustrated when she seemed to be able to find a good-looking guy to go home with and I couldn't seem to find anyone worth wild. Why was I so picky? I could certainly use the release… 
My boss had given me a key to the theater and had encouraged me to do as much over time as I needed to get ready for the show we were performing the following week. So on Saturday morning, I decided to go practice the tricks he was going to make me perform during my first official show. I really didn't want to disappoint him.
I made my way to the theater and went in the back door. Like I always did. But unlike the other times, I felt a strange tingle all over my skin as I stepped through the threshold. And I could have sworn the tattoo at the back of my neck felt hot. Like a sharp contrast with the cold shiver my skin was feeling. Must be an open window or something…
I made my way to the prop rooms and was surprised to hear music coming from the stage area. I thought my boss told me he was taking a break from rehearsals this weekend. I made my way to the side of the stage and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw who was on stage.
It was Zelvida!
But she was only wearing a pair of red panties! 
She hadn't seen me so I hid behind the curtain. She wasn't moving. But something about her posture seemed off… She was looking off towards the front of the stage, as if there was an audience. Her legs were planted firmly about a foot apart, but her arms… She had them stretched out in front of her at about a 45 degree angle, pointing at the floor. Her palms were also facing the floor. She usually tied off her hair in a regular pony tail when she was working with me, but now they were free and flowing down her shoulders. 
Her face had no expression at all. Completely blank. What the hell was going on? Was this some kind of new magic trick? Or did I stumble on one of their sexual games?
What should I do?
Choice 5
A- Anna tries to find a better vantage point to be able to see the audience and Zelvida all at once.
B- Anna stays where she is and looks on.
C- Anna turns away and leaves the theater.

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