Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 13

by The Traveling Master

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A- Anna tries to touch the book.

It was silly, magic can't be real. Can it? There was a lot of weird and wonderous things in this world. A lot of what we didn’t understand before could now be explained with science. The world seems to shrink and expand all at the same time. But there were still unsolved mysteries.
My hand lifted up again and my index slowly crept closer to the page…
My heart was racing again. Nothing is going to happen! I'm just being paranoid. My brain was going crazy from the stress of being discovered in his forbidden room. Just nerves… But then again… There were so many weird things happening around here!
With agonizing slowness, I closed the distance between my finger and the page. This was nuts… Just touch it and get it over with! Come on Anna!
I took a deep breath and just went for it.
Right as my finger was about to touch the page, I felt a sharp slap push my whole hand away. I looked up sharply, but no one was there. What the hell? I tried again, quicker this time, but it was the same result. I felt an invisible hand slap my own away. It was painful too! I looked at my hand and I can start to see it getting red. Right where I felt the slap.
Impossible… This can't be happening!
"I see you finally decided to indulge your curiosity…" I hear Gregory's voice say from behind me.
My blood runs cold. I was caught. More than that… This book was… Was…
"Before you start to panic… Let me calm you…" he said.
I was about to turn to look at him when I felt his hand grab my neck from behind. His palm was right over the tattoo and before I even thought of moving away or slapping his hand, I felt an incredible warmth emanate from his palm. It quickly spread all over my skin and I was suddenly powerless to move. 
I felt wrapped in a cocoon of numbing pleasure… My whole body seemed suddenly alive with it. And it didn't stop there, the feeling ran up my neck and spread inside my brain…
Everything was so fuzzy… Pleasant…
I wasn't scared anymore…
"Ah my dear Anna…" he said as he let go of my neck. "I guess it was inevitable… They did say that curiosity killed the cat. Human nature always pushes us to challenge the unknown..."
I saw him come into view and look at me with his sweet smile. He was so handsome… What? Why was I thinking like that? I was mad… Wasn't I? No… Scared was it? Maybe… Now I'm just horny…
"You see my little Anna… Once I brand someone with my special ink and complete the spell… It gives me special access to their essence. All very complicated for someone that doesn’t understand true magic, but let’s try and make it simple. The tattoo links them to a book. You my dear… Have been linked to this book ever since the interview…"
Interview… Right… That's when he tattooed me… Was that what he meant?
"And the way it works is very simple… Anything I write about you in this book is your new truth. Your new reality… I could even write specifics… Like say…" he said as he turned a few pages. "Ah here it is… Read."
I looked down at the page he was pointing and read.
'Anna slowly makes her way inside the forbidden chamber. Looking around at all the books and artifacts. She even notices the plans and spells that are scattered on the desk. But more than anything else, she is drawn to the book on the pedestal. It almost calls out to her… She is unable to do anything but go and read on the pages of that book. She is hit with a dilemma as soon as she read the first few rules… She can't imagine that the book could be real… But she won't challenge the rules until she reads rule number 7…'
Somewhere deep inside, I felt like I should panic. How could he have written this? How could I have followed his little story? It seemed impossible…
"And now I give you a choice my dear…" he said as he started to write in the book.
I just looked on. I didn't feel like moving my body at all. As if the pleasure would stop if I were to move.
"Here…" he said as he finished writing. My eyes lower to read his newest scripture.
'Anna is faced with a hard choice. If she were to say the words "I want to remember Manciny", she will suddenly remember everything she has been made to forget by her book. If she were to say "I want to forget all this", Anna will only remember that she entered this room and didn't find anything special. However, she will stop questioning her missing time and be happy for the rest of her life. And finally,… If Anna says "I submit"she will find herself freed from her prison of pleasure, but she will kneel and accept her new place as one of Gregory Manciny's pleasure puppets.'
I lifted my eyes to look at him. Suddenly aware of what he was asking me… This was so strange… How could he ask me to choose?
"Well Anna? What will it be?"
I open my mouth and said:
Choice 13
A- 'I want to remember Manciny.'
B- 'I want to forget all this.'
C- 'I submit.'

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