Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 12

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #InteractiveStories #m/f #magic #pov:bottom

B- Anna continues to read the rest of the rules.

My hand lifts to test out the ridiculous rule, but just as my hand is about to touch the page, my heart starts racing and I kind of freak out. I pulled it back and laugh nervously. This is silly…
'Fourth Rule, Anna can't remember the details of something she has seen involving magic. She will get confused and her memories of the events will slowly change until they make sense in a world without real magic.'
Oh god… What was I even reading? This can’t be real…
'Fifth Rule, Anna can't bring herself to want to fuck any other male except Gregory Mancicy. Unless Gregory Mancicy has told her she should fuck him.'
Now I was really getting worried. What the fuck was this book and why were there so many rules? This can't be real! It just can't! 
'Sixth Rule, If Anna hears Gregory Manciny say "Anna starts her playtime", Anna will understand that she and Gregory Manciny are lovers and that he can use her in any way he wishes. Once she hears this, she will stay in that state of mind until Gregory Manciny says "Anna's playtime is finished."At which point, Anna will return to normal. Anna won't be able to remember anything that happened during her change.’ 
W... What… No… That means… No it can't be… Could this explain why I was missing so much time? My hand went to my mouth as I gasped in horror. This can't be real… Magic isn't real!
'Seventh Rule, Anna will find herself dreaming of things that happened during the effects of the sixth rule. She will also dream about doing sexual things with Gregory Manciny, regardless if she did them or not.’
No no no… This can't be real… I won't believe it… But… If this WAS real… I looked at the book and swallowed. 
Choice 12
A- Anna tries to touch the book.
B- Anna takes out her phone and takes a picture of the book.
C- Anna has an idea and slowly looks towards the other books on the shelves.

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