Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 14

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #InteractiveStories #m/f #magic #pov:bottom

A- 'I want to remember Manciny.'

How can this be real? My mind was still fuzzy because of all the pleasure that seemed to be coursing through my body. Could the dreams I had been having really be what happened between us? Had we really been fucking all this time? Without me knowing about it? No… That can't be… I would have known…
I wouldn't be so horny if I was fucking him so much…
All those black outs…
The book… I couldn't seem to touch it before. Was it just me? I looked at my hand and even through the pleasure, I could still feel the small sting from the invisible slap that pushed my hand away. Twice.
I looked back at him and I felt some smoldering anger deep down inside me. But why? My mind was too fuzzy… I couldn't concentrate… But one thought kept steady and true in my mind:
I had to know what was happening.
Like a pillar of rock defying the waves crashing against it, I felt that it was the only thing that made sense. It was what had pushed me to come into this damn room… Regardless of what was written in that book. But what else did the book say about me? I had to know… What else did he make me do?
Was it the same for Zelvida?
I had to know…
He was just standing there smilling. Confident. Patient… Damn him…
"I want to remember Manciny." I said.
Suddenly, the tattoo on the back of my neck became incredibly hot and all the pleasure left my body at once. Just like a wave, once the pleasure subsided, I felt a building surge of heat spread from the tattoo. It finally crashed at the base of my neck and invade my head. All at once, I felt my brain tingle.
I grabbed my skull as I fell to my knees. It was so painful! 
As the feeling subsided, I had a rush of images. Of memories…
I could remember now…
I DID see Zelvida’s eyes light up the other morning!
Zelvida WAS being controlled by the marionette in his hands…
But not just her, me too! Those dreams were real! The last one I had where I floated in mid air as he fucked me. That happened! And the one where I felt the strings on my skin… I was naked on the stage as he played with me! Making me dance by pulling the strings! I had resisted at first… But the sensations of being pulled and moved was too weird and I finally gave up. The moment I did, I felt incredible pleasure!
Oh god… Just remembering was… Was… Starting to make me wet…
I came about 5 times before he took me on stage. I was bound by the invisible strings as he pounded into me. I was so helpless against the pleasure… I didn't want it to end…
And all those black outs… I could suddenly remember them all! Even that first time when he tattooed me… I had woken up, but I was under a spell. He had me undress for him. He examined me… He was so happy! Like a kid that just got a new toy!
He even told me I wouldn't remember things at first… It was a new experiment for him. Just to see how I would react. He told me that with all the others, he always made them aware of everything from the get go. Some he would change immediately. Others, he would toy with them and let them fight his control. But with me, he wanted to see what I would do.
I blew him that first time… He was the one to put my bra back. Which explains why I had felt it was so loose. We had fucked so much since then!
Not once did I refuse him. Every time I was under the spell, I was his lover. I liked it so much! Like I was a different person! 
"So? How is it?" he asked. "I wondered how you would react to remembering all at once…"
I looked up at him. My view of him changed. He was still the same, but now I knew… He had real magic. Not just some tricks and slides of hand… REAL MAGIC! 
And I was under his spell.
"Intense…" was all I could say.
"And how do you feel? Now that you know…"
What did I feel? He was rapping me! But… I never said no… I COULDN'T say no! Would I have chosen to do all those things? Probably not… 
"I feel angry…"
"That's to be expected." he said.
"I can't believe you can do all that…"
"And so much more…" he said.
I was scared… I was excited… I couldn’t explain half of what I had seen, but I knew it was all because of his power. As I looked around the room, I realized I had been in this room before. He had fucked me here a few times. I had serviced him here too… I always liked to suck cock as a general rule, but always to entice and arouse my partner. Almost never just for the sake of giving him pleasure. Well… Once or twice… I'm not heartless after all…
But for the last 3 weeks… I've had his cock in my mouth more times than I cared to count! Which is almost as many times as I've had him deep inside my pussy… And every time… It was the most explosive fucks I ever had. Even when I just sucked him… I seemed to cum when he did. That must surely be his doing as well… Why else would I cum just by sucking him off?
"Why…" I whispered.
"What was that?" he asked.
"Why make me like it so much… It's so confusing…" I said looking at the floor.
"Oh that… I’ll admit I wasn’t always so considerate. Why wouldn’t the lady be made to enjoy it?"
"But you could just… Just…" I said, but I couldn't bring myself to say the words.
"MAKE you do it? Without bothering to make you enjoy it? Yes. I can. I've actually done it a few times… Once as a revenge against my ex-wife. Other times to explore that side of my desires… But I find I like it best when you enjoy yourselves. Makes things so much better…"
"But you are still making me… Us… Do these things!"
"So you are telling me you don't appreciate that I made it pleasurable for you?" he said.
"I… I mean…"
"Tell you what… I'll make you a deal. For the next week, leading up to our next show, I won't use your special mind set to enjoy you. If we are to enjoy each other, you'll be able to remember everything as it happens."
"What kind of deal is that?"
"Be patient… The deal is this. After a week, if you wish, I'll set you free. I won't add you to my collection…" he said as I saw his eyes dart to a shelf to his left. 
"Free? Really?" I asked, not believing what he was saying.
"Really… I'll let you choose. All this is so suddenly for you… And you weren't completely yourself when we enjoyed each other…"
"I wasn’t myself at all!!"
"Oh?" he said with a smile. "I only made you think we were lovers… And that I could use you… Everything else was all you…"
"I…" I started to say, but he was right. If I trusted what was written in that infernal book anyway…
"And furthermore, if you wish… I'll erase all this experience from you mind. You won't be plagued with knowing all this… Besides… I wouldn't want you to tell on me…"
"Oh we CERTAINLY wouldn't want THAT…" I said sarcastically. 
"Here…" he said as he started to write in the book. Once he was done, he showed me.
'In one week’s time on the witching hour, Anna will be able to free herself from all the rules of this book. Except the one that prevents her from betraying Gregory Manciny. By saying “I wish to be free Gregory Manciny”, she will activate her freedom as described above. If she doesn't wish to be free of the influence of the book, she will say “I wish to become your puppet”.'
I bit my lip. He actually wrote it down in the book. He was serious…
"So all I have to do is endure a week of your whims and then say that and I'm free?"
"Witching hour… When is that exactly?" I said, fearing he was trying to trap me with a technicality.
"Hahahaha" he chuckled. "That would be in a week at midnight. Spells are tricky like that… I couldn't use conventional time."
"Ok…" I said as I looked up at him. 
This was all crazy! But then again… I couldn’t deny all the things I was remembering. I had seen him teleport, truly teleport, from one side of the stage to another. He had even teleported us both to my apartment, where we… Fucked… He had spent a whole after noon drawing on a doll representing Zelvida and I watched, as I rubbed his shoulders, as the drawings appeared on her naked skin. Like she was a canvas…
Even now that I knew a lot more about fake magic and most of the smoke and mirrors behind it, I couldn't explain anything I had seen except by believing in magic…
I had so many questions…
What was my life to become if I couldn't resist this? I couldn’t deny that the pleasure was intense… So intense… But he was using me as a sexual plaything! A doll to relieve his sexual tension! But he made a point to release mine as well…
What other rules had he written down for me? For Zelvida…
And what was she talking about the other day? When she was begging him… What was he about to make her do? Send her away? Turn her in a real doll? What?
And what about me? What would he make me do this week? Could I even resist?
Choice 14
A- Anna asks about what he was going to make her do next. What she had to look forward to for the rest of the week.
B- Anna asks about what Zelvida was talking about when she begged him and convinced him to wait.
C- Anna asks about the books on the shelves. Were they all ladies that were trapped like she was? And what did he mean by his collection?
D- Anna starts to wonder about her own book… The rules… She wants to know just how much the book has changed her.

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