How I Became his Personal Assistant/Sex Slave

Playing with Rachel and Discovering New Things

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #f/f

I woke up the next morning and I was alone with Dave in bed. He was still sleeping and I heard the shower running. Memories of the night before came flooding back and I felt warm all over. Wow… I had really done all that! I had to admit, it felt incredible…

Who knew?

As I listened to Dave’s breathing next to me, I couldn’t help but feel aroused again. Rachel was in the shower. We were alone for the moment…

I smiled and decided to check if he was dreaming naughty thoughts...  I was in luck!

I licked my lips and started to stroke him. In no time, he was in my mouth and I was giving him a slow blowjob. My hope was that he would wake up soon, find me irresistible and fuck me before Rachel came back out.

Lucky for me, he woke up pretty fast!
“Good morning…” he said looking down.

(POP) “Good morning! About time!” I said as I stroked him slowly.

“Well... I had the nicest dream… I didn’t want to wake up… But looking at you now… I’m glad I did.”


“Looks like we have something in common.” he said looking down at me.

“Oh? You like to wake up your partner with a blowjob?” I asked coyly.

“No!” he said laughing. “We both like morning sex.”

I smiled at that.

“Straddle me…” he said softly.

I was hoping he would say that! I did and what followed was a slow and sensual fuck that really made my morning. We were in no hurry. Well… Maybe I was since I could still hear the shower. His cock went in and out of me with a measured pace that felt simply delicious.

I lost myself in the rhythm and before I knew it, I was coming in the most delicious and relaxed way… It wasn’t an earth shattering one, it was like a slow burn. It came on slowly and overtook me like a warm shiver that starts in your toes and finishes at your head. Like this soft moment could last forever…

Just when it was at its peak, I felt him jab hard inside me and I knew he was coming as well. It felt so right to have him cum when I did. Like it was meant to be… When it was over, I crumbled down on his chest to catch my breath. Fuck it felt go…

“Wow… That was fun to watch.” Rachel said.

Her voice snapped me back to reality and I looked back towards the door.

“Good morning Rach…” he said. “Couldn’t sleep?”

“Nah… I was too energized. Besides… I had to get yesterday’s activity off my skin! Nothing like a warm shower!” she said coming in. “Or morning fun…”

“Sorry we didn’t include you…” I said smiling.

“That’s fine. Once I got out of the shower and saw you both, I decided to get a head start and brew some coffee.”

“That’s perfect!” Dave said.

“Yeah! But I guess a nice shower is in order as well.” I said.

I got off him and was tempted to move down to suck up his spunk, but when I saw Rachel’s eyes, I knew she wanted it too.

“Why don’t you clean that…” I said to Rachel with a wink.

She seemed giddy and jumped on the bed. I left them to it and went to clean myself. The water felt wonderful on me and I just let it sooth away the night. I had started to wash my hair when I heard the shower door open. 

“Mind if I join you?” he asked.

“Huh… I normally would… But we have to put boundaries. Showering together is more a couple’s thing. Is that ok?”

“Sure! I understand! I just wanted to share a little… But it’s fine. I’ll just wait until you are done.” He said with a smile.

I suddenly felt very bad about refusing him. He was still smiling as he got out. But in my mind… I just knew he was disappointed. The feeling lasted until I was done with the shower. I crossed him going in the bathroom while I got out and he was still smiling, but the nagging bad feeling didn’t go away.

As I got in the bedroom again, I realized I hadn’t got anything except my clothes from the day before. Dave had a washing machine, so I went to start a load. Figuring I was doing one anyway, I grabbed his dirty clothes and threw it with mine. Once that was done I went to the kitchen, still wearing the bath towel.

“Hey Betty! Thanks for sharing this morning… I tell you… I still can’t wrap my head around how yummy he is.”

“I know… Part of why I wanted you to have him a little.” I said as I winked at her.

“Why aren’t you dressed? Hoping for ANOTHER round this morning?” she asked with a smile.

“No! I just don’t have any clothes here! I didn’t plan on staying the night. I started a load to clean them.”

“Oh… Well… You can go through my things and put something on if you want. We are around the same size anyway.”

“Good idea…. Thanks!”

I went through her bag and found a myriad of normal and sexy things. I decided that I was only going to wear it here until I was ready to leave anyway, so might as well be enticing. After all… I didn’t dance for him yesterday… Well… Not alone anyway.

That's when I remembered the drawer with all my sexy lingerie! I quickly went through it and found my little red number that acted like a corset. Which I knew he would love... 

“Woah! I thought you weren’t aiming for round 2!” Rachel said when I came back into the kitchen.

“Yeah well… I have a similar deal with him remember? He is supposed to do my session sometime today.”

“Right… Well… I’ll go for a run a little later, so if it’s ok with him… Do it then!”

I was pouring my coffee when I heard a low whistle. We both turned and saw him admiring us.

“Damn girls… You look ravishing!” he said. We both thanked him. “So? What’s on the agenda today?”

“My session remember?” I said.

“Right… When would you like to do it?”

We got to talking and we all had a wonderful laugh about the whole situation. Me and Dave got to talking about the last big project and Rachel called up some friends to catch up. At one point, I went to switch the clothes to the dryer. It was natural to do so, I had started it.

Rachel then said she was about to go on her run so Dave and I agreed it would be the perfect time for my session. No sooner had she left that the metronome was out and I was under.

I felt so good… So relaxed… I loved being hypnotized…Dave was such a good friend to indulge me like this… I owed him a lot… He works so hard for us…

I came back out and expected to be naked or on my knees or anything really. But I was still standing right where I was. The difference was that now, there was a camera on a tripod in front of me.

“Ok… What’s this now?”

“Oh I just wanted to show you a part of your session.”

He cued it up on the tv screen and I watched. I saw myself, standing right where I was, completely in a trance. I looked…

So sexy like that… At least he got to see me like that. I knew he LOVED hypnotized girls so I was happy he could get a kick out of helping me. I watched as his voice came over the speakers.

“So Betty… How do you feel about last night?” 

“I feel… so good… Great… It was really fun…”

“I see… Do you like Rachel?”

“I do.”

“Do you find her attractive?”

“Oh yes… Very… Her tits are so beautiful and perky…”

“What would you like to do with Rachel… You know… Now that you know she likes to be controlled?”

“hhhmmm…. I’d like to try girl on girl things with her… But I’m scared a little… So I’d like to have you place a trigger in her that… Makes her want to lick my pussy… That she can’t resist… She seems to want to anyway…”

“I see… But I’ll have to ask her first while she is under. Ok?”


“Ok… Now… How do you feel about me and Rachel?”

“She looks to good impaled on your cock… I think you like her… She likes you… Seems you enjoy each other a lot… You should fuck her as much as you want…”

“So you really don’t mind I’m fucking her?”

“Not at all… Just… Leave some for me… I like to fuck you a lot…You can fuck me any time you want…”

“Hahahahah I like it too… I think we can make that happen… What do you think about her confessions about being controlled?”

“I find it odd… But… If she likes it… You should capitalize more on it…”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“Well… You gave me a trigger… To make me blow you… So I don’t remember… Why not with her?”

“You mean… You WANT me to place a trigger in her that makes her blow me on command?”

“Yes… She’s going to get so horny when you do that…”

“I see… I still have to ask her first ok?”


The video stopped and I looked at him. He was looking back, without any expression on his face.

“Wow…” I just said.

“What do you think?”

“Seems you already know… But… I didn’t realize I would think that up… I guess I did… Yesterday… Like a flash of an idea…”

“I know… You surprised me too!”

“Well… Are you going to do it?”

“I can… If you want me too… And if she agrees.”

“If I agree to what?” I heard Rachel say from the doorway.

“Nothing… Dave will explain…” I said as I heard the dryer finish its cycle. “I’ll just go huh… Fold the laundry…”

I went out of the room and Rachel went to Dave. I tried not to listen to their conversion, but I heard the tell tell sound of the metronome and I knew he was putting her under. I was tempted to stop and let the sound carry me into another trance, but I stopped myself. I tried to concentrate VERY hard on folding clothes. I was almost done when it turned off again.

I came back to the living room and Rachel was still in a trance.

“Seems she wants to. But it will take a few sessions this week to make it happen. Isn’t that right Rachel?”

“Yes… You can make me do that with you guys…” she said in a far away voice.

“Wow…” I said. Suddenly aroused…

“I can start right now… But I need some peace and quiet, do you mind leaving us to it?”

“Huh…” I said. “Sure… But about huh… Your payment?” I said twirling around. 

“Right… ok… Let’s do this… Before Wednesday arrives… I’ll just use your trigger at school. Is that ok with you?”

I felt I should refuse. The payment was the stripping, not the blowjob… But… I had just asked him to do that to Rachel. How could I be so hypocrite? 

“Yeah.. OK… Sure… But it’s not dancing though…”

“Right… Then… Wednesday, you can dance… Good with you?”

“OK!” I said happily.

I went to put my normal clothes on and left them to it. The rest of the day was spent thinking about how erotic it would be to watch Rachel mindlessly lick my pussy. It was strange… But I liked it.

That Sunday night, I had fantasies about Dave and Rachel. All sorts of variations… I fell asleep with the perfect vision of his cock I had memorized the other day. Needless to say, I woke up horny!

I even masturbated before I went to school!

I didn’t see Rachel on Monday, but that was normal. I didn’t have any classes with her, but I had hoped to see her at lunch. My classes were going so well. The concentration I had helped me take my mind off all the sexual thoughts I was having. I was so thankful Dave did that for me. 

I was smiling all day as I realized I could have great sex AND keep my grades up.

Tuesday came with more of the same. I did have a class with Rachel and she seemed a little out of it, but very happy. She told me he was having nightly session with her to help her with the cigarette stuff and the concentration bits. She was so happy he was helping us like he did.

I suppressed a laugh, because I knew he wasn’t just helping her!

That afternoon, I realized I lost about half an hour between 2 classes. I suddenly found myself kneeling in a janitors closet, topless, with a wonderful taste in my mouth. I almost laughed out loud! 

I guess Dave felt like relieving some tension! I was a little pissed I didn’t remember it, but then again, it was ok… I had accepted it after all.

Wednesday came and it was more of the same. Until I reached my classes, I couldn’t take my mind of his cock. It was like it was burned in my mind. I couldn’t wait to see if the triggers he was implanting in Rachel would be ready!

The day flew by and I almost rushed to his place. When I got in, Rachel was already there and in a trance. Of course, she was topless.

“Hey! Oh sorry…” I said when I realized I was interrupting. 

“It’s ok… Just in time in fact. Rachel… What happens when either my voice, or Betty’s voice say the words ‘Be a good girl and service Betty?”

“I… I feel myself overcome with a burning desire… A desire to make Betty cum with my mouth and fingers… I’ll be consumed with the idea of it and will make it my mission to do it.”

“Wow…” I said, suddenly aroused.

“Very good Rachel… And what happens when either my voice or Betty’s voice say ‘Be a good girl and service Dave’?”

“I… I feel overcome with the desire to suck Dave’s cock. I’ll want to lick and kiss it until he cums in my mouth or on my face… I’ll then clean him and myself… Swallow everything…”

“Very good Rachel… And… Will you remember in either case?”

“It depends…”

“Why is that?”

“Because I’ll be in this lovely trance when I finish with either command… If you or Betty say ‘Good girl’, I will forget I did it. If you or Betty say ‘Thank you Rachel’, I’ll remember and know you used a trigger to make me service you.”

He smiled and looked at me.

“So Betty? Is this what you had in mind?”

“Yes…” I said. “So… She’ll do it now? It works?”

“Well… I haven’t tried it yet… But I’m sure it will.” he said.

“Wow… Ok ok…" I said rushing off towards the kitchen This was getting too erotic! “I’ll just make some supper! Just finish up with her!”

He laughed as I got out of the living room.

The supper was simple enough and it was ready in no time. They both came in laughing and Rachel looked so refreshed and happy it was contagious. After supper, Rachel asked if it was ok for her to watch my session and I accepted. We got ready and Dave put me under.

It was so delicious… I couldn’t get enough of it…

When I came back to myself, I was still standing, but I had changed my outfit. I looked down and I realized I was wearing my belly dancing outfit. I looked up puzzled.

“I made you bring it here without you realizing it.”

“You little bastard!” I said laughing!

“You look ravishing in that by the way…” he said.

I felt warm shivers all over.

“Yeah you do… Makes me a little jealous actually!” Rachel said.

“Well… huh… You said tonight I should dance…”

“I did.”

“Rachel?” I asked, suddenly embarrassed.

“Oh?! Right… I was so caught up in your session… I guess I should leave right? Sorry…” she said while getting up.

I then had a wicked thought. Why not right?

“Rachel… Be a good girl and service Dave.” I said.

“Wh… What did you say…” she said, but her eyes were glazing over.

She turned slowly towards Dave and went to him.

“Really? Couldn’t wait to see if it worked?” he asked me.

“Well…” I said as I started to dance. “Maybe I thought that she could entertain you while I dance for you…”

“Wow…” he just said as Rachel undid his pants.

I started to sway my hips and based my moves on my belly dancing. I danced and moved while I watched Rachel start to worship his cock. I danced on and found my rhythm. A haze enveloped me and I found that time meant nothing. I could dance like that all night …

I was snapped out of it by a word he said. I didn’t hear him really and part of me thought it was directed at Rachel. But a new desire bloomed inside me and my dance continued, but I started to remove my outfit.
Before long, I was dancing naked for him while Rachel sucked him off. It was so erotic…

His eyes roamed my body and almost ignored Rachel completely. Like I was the only one there. Our eyes met and it sent shivers down my spine.

I guess it was getting to much for him, because I saw him grab her head and start to make her pump his cock faster and faster. He finally held her there and threw his head back.

I felt a warm pleasure all along my nerves at the sight of him cuming in her mouth.

After a few moments, he was done and Rachel liked him clean before swallowing. She then just seemed to look up at him. He looked at me.

“Well… Should she remember?” he asked.

I was about to say no, but then, I remembered how horny she felt at the thought…

“Thank you Rachel.” I said.

Her back was to me, so I didn’t see her eyes refocus, but her head looked down at Dave’s cock, then back up. She then turned towards me and looked at my naked dance.

“Ok… That was interesting…” she said.

“Are you ok Rachel?” I asked.

“Yeah! Sure… I just… Didn’t think I’d be made to do this today…”

“Are you mad?” I asked.

She looked at me for a long moment, I was afraid that we went too far. But after a while, she smiled.

“No. I’m not.” She said. “Actually… That was pretty intense… I feel… All horny now though…”

“Well… Give me half an hour and I can help you with that!” Dave said.

“But I’m horny now…” she said with a pout.

He bent down and whispered something in her ear. She turned to me with a wicked smile.

“Oh Betty…” she purred. “Be a dear and service me…” she said to me.

I felt her words trigger something in my mind and I suddenly had a burning desire. I had to lick her pussy… I wanted to lick her pussy… I wanted to make her feel good…

Dave got up and went to the kitchen while I got to my knees and crawled to Rachel. She smiled and opened her legs to me. I saw her pussy and  my mouth watered. I bent down to start to lick her. I was so consumed with it that I didn’t care I was licking a woman. I didn’t care he had put a trigger in me that mirrored Rachel’s. I just wanted to make her feel good. I WANTED to taste her… Nothing else mattered…

I had a few false starts, mainly because I had never licked a girl before, but I soon found rhythms that made her moan more and more. My fingers joined in and before long, she was moaning loudly.

I got into a sort of haze and forgot everything around me. I just had to lick.

And kiss…

And suck…

And then, I felt her tense up in the most delicious way. She came hard as her hand gripped my hair. I tenderly licked her to try and extended her release, which seemed to work. It took a long while before she finally let go and fell back on her back. As I got up and looked at her.

My mind felt like it was waking up and I took it in.

She had just made me lick her. I looked at Dave on the sofa and he was smiling.

“Hey… Fair is fair!” he said while lifting his hands in his defense.

“You little…” I started to say, but Rachel’s smiling face interrupted me.

“What? If I surmise things correctly, you just had me suck him off with a trigger. He is right, fair is fair!”

“Uhhh… Fine…” I said. Feeling less mad than I let on.

It was rather fun… If I was honest…

“Listen girls… I’m glad we are experimenting like this… But… Remember I’m only doing this because I asked you first. You can’t lie under hypnosis… Even if your conscious mind doesn’t like it, deep down somewhere, you like and accept this.”

“Yeah yeah…” I said.

We got dressed and I realized that Rachel was naked. When did that happen? She started watching my session and… Yeah… She was still had clothes on… Why did she end up naked after my session? Why didn’t I notice before I started to lick her? Strange… Why was she already naked…

I left Dave’s place a little frustrated because I was the only one that didn’t cum. And part of me just knew Rachel would have a good fucking later that night. Thinking about Dave fucking the lights out of Rachel got me all hot and wet. I masturbated like a possessed woman.

The next day, I met Rachel in a corridor. For some reason, I felt aroused and horny all over again. I asked her to join me. She looked puzzled until we got in a janitor’s closet. I spoke her trigger words and went for a wild ride as she licked me to a massive orgasm! I was tempted to let her remember, but I suddenly felt bad for using her like that at school. I had her forget and we went on our way. 

I should have thought it weird I WANTED to use her like that. Especially at school… But I didn’t. All I could think about was how hot it all was. How much I craved to have more… When I thought about Rachel and me and Dave… I only got horny. 

I didn’t find it odd at all. Like it was meant to be… Perfectly normal for us to fuck so much. 

I smiled as I tried to imagine what the following weeks would hold for us…

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