How I Became his Personal Assistant/Sex Slave

Discovering the Final Truth

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #f/f

The rest of the week flew by and Friday night came along with an invitation from Dave. I just couldn’t pass it up!

When I got there, Rachel wasn’t in a trance, but she was wearing sexy lingerie and walking around like it was normal. I asked him about it and he said she doesn’t know she is wearing it. We had a wonderful session and an incredible fuck that night. We ended up doing another threesome and I had to give it to us, we fucked really good together! I loved it.

I had a lot of work to do on Saturday and Sunday, so I didn’t spend much time with them. On Monday, I admit to using Rachel again and even felt she used me. I couldn’t be sure, but the taste in my mouth made me convinced she had
On Tuesday, Dave made me forget a part of the morning. From the taste in my mouth, I knew he had fun. Wednesday’s session was intense and Rachel sucked him while I danced, but this time, she didn’t finish and he fucked me to 3 orgasms before he finally had me finish him off. 

Rachel just stayed in a trance the whole time and masturbated! God that was erotic…

Things changed a little on the next Friday. I got an invitation like the other day and when I got there, Rachel was still wearing a sexy lingerie outfit, but now she had a collar!

I grabbed Dave and pulled him aside.

“Ok… This is new…” I said pointing to the collar.

“Yeah… Part of her exploring her fantasy…” he said. “Starting now… She offered herself to us. She wants to be a slave for the weekend. She wants to experiment with being controlled. She is so comfortable with us, she wanted us to do it.”

“Really??? Wow…”

“I know right?”

That night, he had her masturbate in front of him while I blew him. We even fucked while she watched. He ordered her not to cum and she prevented herself all night.

After a break for us, we ended up in bed and he told her to use my trigger so I would lick her while he fucked me front behind. 

At one point, she was begging us to let her cum. I say us, but it was really him she was asking. I felt it oddly ok. Like he was the leader in our little group. I came twice before she came, which was at the same time as him. 

She came so hard she blacked out. I cleaned off his cock and we climbed in bed next to her. He took her in his arms and cradled her softly while she finally came back to herself. The smile she had was priceless. Complete and utter satisfaction…

The next morning, I used her trigger on Dave while I went for a shower. He was still hard when I got out. Dave stopped Rachel and told me to straddle him and I was happy to oblige.

Just seeing his erect cock was enough to get me in the mood for a fuck. Rachel just watched and slowly rubbed her own clit. All that day, she insisted we use her as a slave and Dave obliged. She cooked and cleaned for us while we worked on our school stuff. 

It was so weird! But Rachel seemed so happy.

I kind of got in the rhythm of it and had her suck him off while me and him had supper. I could hear her under the table slowly sucking away while he made his best face, trying to act normal. He came before we were done with our meal and with a wicked smile, he told me to use her too. I felt weird so I didn’t say her trigger. But he did.

I felt her move to me and after a few minutes, my panties were removed and her tongue was giving me a new found pleasure. He got up and took my plate away while Rachel licked me. He came back with dessert and I had to say, it was the best damn desert I ever had!

She managed to make me cum and she got out from under the table, as if nothing happened. She went to clean the dishes and I looked back at Dave.

We had a laugh!

That night was more of the same, all day, Rachel didn’t cum once and was forced to edge herself while we enjoyed each other. But Dave finally had pity on her. 

She was sucking him while he licked me. I came hard at his ministrations, harder than with Rachel’s. Like his lips were even more perfect… Once that was done, he ordered her to lie on the bed and he fucked her silly until she blacked out again in what looked like another earth-shattering orgasm.

Sunday was the same and it was so weird to have her do all the house work while we enjoyed the free time. I even offered to help, but she insisted on doing it all. At one point, Dave came up behind her while she was bent over taking out the laundry from the dryer. He slapped her ass and inserted his cock without any prelude.

I was finishing up a chapter and looked up as she moaned. She didn’t seem to mind at all and I found I was even a little jealous! She didn’t cum, but he did. It was a fast fuck and it was purely all for him, which he seemed to love.

She even thanked him when he finished! I just smiled at the sight. I was getting horny again… Before supper, I caved and had Rachel lick me while Dave studied. The evening was intense.

It was like we knew the weekend was coming to an end, which seemed to make everything better. The threesome ended with Rachel bouncing on his cock while I kneeled at her back holding her hands tight. Again, she had edged all day and she blacked out from the pleasure after he told her she could cum.

I had to leave and couldn’t spend the night, which made me sad. Rachel looked so happy in his arms… Freshly fucked… At peace…

Monday came along and she joined me for lunch.

“I have to ask Rach…” I said. “You really DID enjoy yourself this weekend… Right?”

“Don’t be silly! I’ve never come so hard in my life! I’m just so grateful to Dave for making me live it! Without him, I would have never had the guts to try.”

“Yeah… I guess you are right… I just feel we took advantage of you…”

She just smiled. It was a weird ‘I know something you don’t smile’. 


“Nothing…” she said with a smile. “And you didn’t take advantage. I loved it… There is something about serving that just… Makes me hot all over…”

“Well… I’m glad you liked it so much…”

“I did.”

I spent all day Tuesday going through the weekend in my head and she was right, never once did she hint that she regretted her choice. She seemed truly happy we were using her like we did.

That night, I had intense dreams. But they all had something in common. I was in Rachel’s place. Serving both of them… I woke up really horny!

When I came by on Wednesday for my session, I found Rachel wearing a skimpy nighty and her collar. When I asked Dave about it, he said she had started to wear it the day before. First thing when she arrived actually. During their session, he ask her why and she said it felt good to her.

After my own session, we had a little fun, but I didn’t stay the night. 

All week I fantasized about the coming weekend. I couldn’t wait for Friday to come! The only thing that helped was school work. 

I didn’t question that I was spending more and more of my free time with them. I didn’t even think about doing anything else with my time except going to Dave’s place. It was like my mind knew I HAD to go see him. I needed to… Now I know it was all him, but at the time, it was the most natural thing in the world…

I had another surprise on Friday as I came by. Rachel was wearing even less and had her collar on. We had supper and she told us to do like last time and use her as we saw fit. I couldn’t deny that I was excited about it. After supper, we all got in the living room and I froze Rachel and posed her in a lot of different ways. I caressed and kissed her as he watched us. 

“I have a new trigger for her if you want to try it.” He suddenly said.

“Ok… What does it do?”

He smiled.

“Rachel… Dolly dancing mode.” 

Rachel unfroze and started to dance sensually. I moved away and went to sit next to Dave. I watched as she danced.

“Ok… It doesn’t seem to be that special.”

“If it works like I hope, the more she dances, the closer she is to an orgasm. Her pleasure and arousal will grow exponentially… But she won’t cum.”


I watched and as expected, she started to moan as she danced. Her face slowly became crimson as her arousal overflowed.  She couldn’t help herself and let her fingers tease her pussy. Her hands squeeze her tits… I looked at him and he was gently stroking himself as he watched her.

“I can do that if you want…” I offered.

“Be my guess…” he said.

My hand went to his already hard cock and I started to stroke him slow. I was about to bend over and suck him, but something in the way he was looking at her gave me pause.

“Are you ok?” I asked. “You seem… Distracted… And not in an erotic way…”

“Really? Oh… Nah… It’s nothing really… But…” he said before stopping himself. “Nah Never mind…”

“But what?” I asked suddenly curious.


“Come on spill it!”

“It’s just that… You girls have experienced exceptional things and your studies are going so well… I don’t know…”


“I know we’ve had a lot of fun and all, but watching Rachel fulfill her fantasies… I don’t know…”

“WHAT?!?!?! Hahahah Come on tell me! We are all as good friends as we can be!”

“It makes me want to try one of mine…”

“Oh? And what would you like?” I asked amused. “You are already fucking 2 bombshells! What more could you want?”

“Well… You know how I have a thing for hypnotized girls… Well… To tell the truth… It goes a little beyond that…”

“Beyond? How so?”

“Well… With Rachel, I discovered that my hypnosis fetish actually includes dominance… Having Rachel as a slave makes me horny in ways I never experienced before. And well… I’d like to try having you both as my slaves for the weekend…”

“Both of us?” I asked as I stopped stroking him. “Why?”

“I don’t know really… I’d just like to try… You both are so fucking gorgeous… Seems it would be so erotic having you both like… I mean… I know I already fuck you and everything… I don’t know… Just forget it…”

I wasn’t sure at all about that. I never had that kind of fantasy… Then again… I did have those nice erotic dreams… And from the way Rachel liked it… Maybe I could indulge him…

“I mean… It’s fine if you don’t want to… I’d understand… It’s just… You guys get the best out of our arrangement. I just felt like… You know… Having a little something for me for the week end…”

“We get a little more I grant you… But you can pretty much fuck us when you want to… We haven’t really said no yet.”

“I know… Never mind… Just a thought…”

He looked so sad! Why not… How bad could it be? It would make him so happy.

“Fine… Why not… You’ve worked your butt off for both of us. Sure… You get to fuck us… But we enjoy it as much as you do so that’s not really a way to pay you back… Why not give you a little fantasy… I’m game… So… How does this work?”

He smiled like I had given him a Ferrari for Christmas! He got up and went to his room. He came back holding another collar.

“Well… If you really want to… Put this on!” he said giving me the collar. 

“Ok… So what… You want us to wear these collars… Then what?”

“Let’s make a deal, while you wear this collar, I can order you around and make you do all kinds of things. Don’t worry, I’ll be civil! When Sunday arrives, I’ll take it off. Deal?”

I looked at the collar and a sliver of doubt spiked in my mind, like I REALLY shouldn’t accept this. But I looked at him and he seemed so happy to be able to live out his fantasy! How could I refuse?

“Ok… It’s a deal… But nothing too weird ok?”

“Weird?!” he said. “Like what?”

“I don’t know…”

“Did we try anything weird with Rachel?”

“Of course we didn’t!! But from the looks of it… She is indulging her fantasy a lot! Even when I’m not here! Who knows what you do to her when you are alone.”

“Hahahahah… Much of the same… You can ask her if you want.”

“It’s ok… I trust you…” I teased.

I looked at the collar in my hands and took a deep breath. I put it around my neck and closed it. I was half expecting it to trigger something in me. Knowing Dave and his little surprises, it could have.  But I didn’t feel different at all. I looked up at him and he was smiling like a goofy child.

“It looks so fucking hot on you Betty!” he said.

The compliment sent a huge wave of pleasure down my spine. Way stronger than anything I felt before when he praised me.

“I’m glad you like it Master.” I said. “Master? What the hell! Hahahahha” I said surprised. “I wanted to say Master. What!?!? HAhahahahahah No I was going to say Master. Ok!!! What is this?”

“Hahahahahha” Dave laughed. “A little surprise if you ever wanted to indulge my fantasy. When you wear that specific collar, my name is replaced with Master. I thought it would help you get in the role.”

“And you just had the idea this morning…” I asked.

“Well no… I’ve had it for a while… But I didn’t want to push it on you…”

“You are such a nice guy Master…”

It was so strange! In my head, the words I wanted to say were clear. I was going to call him Dave, but my mouth said something else! I had to admit though; it would help with fulfilling his fantasy.

“Ok Master… What now?” I asked seductively.

He looked at the Dancing Rachel and then at me. He seemed so happy I couldn’t help but smile. He was so pleased!

“This is so awesome! First of all… Thank you both for this! I know Rachel likes this as much as I do, but thanks Betty for giving this a go for me.”

“It’s my pleasure… Master…” I added for effect.

Which seemed to really do it for him!

“OK !! Let’s get this started then!” he said before taking a deep breath. 

His demeanor changed as he let the air out. He seemed to take on mantle of authority and deep down I had to admit… It suited him! He opened his eyes and looked into mine. His expression was different… More predatory… Excited… Aroused…

“Kneel Betty.” He said simply.

His words echoed in my mind with a weight to them that surprised me. I felt a growing urge to do like he ordered. Not out of fear or anything… But out of… The prospect of pleasure at doing it… Like when I can’t wait to eat ice cream after a craving…

I slowly kneeled down in front of him and looked up. He seemed so big all of a sudden… Like… The aura around him had changed… I felt like he was towering over me… Like it was perfectly right for us to be in this position…

He came to me and my eyes had trouble looking up at him. His cock was still out and I couldn’t help but look at it. As if it was calling me. He came and picked up one of my hands and brought it up behind my head. He then took the other one and did the same. I laced my fingers together as he pushed in my back. 

I took the hint and pushed out my chest. He then looked at me and spread my legs a little. He lifted my chin a little so I would be able to look up to him. He then took a step back and looked me over.

“Perfect…” he said. “Betty… And Rachel for that matter…” he said looking briefly towards her. “When I ask you to kneel, assume this position if I haven’t specified anything else. Understood?”

“Yes…. Master…” I said coyly.

“Hhhhmmm…. Yes…. Please… I beg you….” Rachel whimpered.

“Why should I let you cum?” he said. “You look so good when your dance gets interrupted by your arousal…”

She whimpered with need but didn’t beg further. He looked at her dance and stroked his cock a few times before coming in front of me. As I expected from the current set up, I was to suck him while he watched Rachel dance. Not too bad so far… We’ve done this before… I thought anyway.

“Betty… I’ve been dying to try this with you… I think it’s time… As a little thank you for accepting my request…”

He then said something I couldn’t understand. I saw his lips move, but his words seemed to be in a language I just didn’t understand.

As I kneeled there in front of him, thinking about his cock in my mouth, I felt a wave of pleasure start to envelope me. It was like he had injected morphine in my veins. The warmth and pleasure grew on itself until I found myself breathing hard. I felt like I was about to cum!

And the pleasure just grew and grew… Higher and higher… Within moments, I was on the brink of orgasm!

And then, I came…

My body jerked at the sheer force of it! I moaned loudly as I felt it overtake me. It was glorious…

It lasted a few delicious moments before it subsided. I was left panting to regain control of myself. I realized I was still kneeling. My arms had moved in the throes of my pleasure. I looked up and he nodded towards them. Instinctively, I knew he expected me to put them back like he wanted, so I did.

“So? I hope that was an orgasm I just saw. Because if not… Please tell me now.”

“HHhmmm… Yes… It was…” I said. “I can’t believe you can make me feel that without any preliminaries…”

“Seems I can… So here are the terms of your service this weekend. If you please me correctly and obey, you can expect that as a reward… If you don’t… I’ll do the opposite and block it.”

“I see…”

He smiled.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.” He said.

Like with the kneeling order, I felt his words echo in my mind and I obeyed. 

“Don’t move…” he said as he approached me.

He got his cock close to my face and I could smell his arousal. I got horny off it. I could almost taste him and I wanted it so bad… My mouth started to water…

He pressed his cock head on my tongue, letting me taste the precum on it, then, he rubbed my lips in a circular motion. It was very methodical, as if he wanted to feel every inch of me. I just looked up at him and waited. He seemed gripped in his own arousal as he watched his cock caress my lips. Seeing him so aroused made me shiver.

He then inserted it inside slowly. Little by little, his girth widened my mouth as I tried to cover my teeth. He hit the back of my throat and I wanted to gag. I tried my best to resist it, but it was hard. He was so large! He pulled out just as slow and I could breath. Just as the tip left my mouth, he went in again.

He stroked himself in my mouth like that and I tried my best not to move. My mind took in the situation and I felt so happy we could do this for him. After all his hard work… His eyes darted from me to Rachel and his lust was evident.
Part of me felt used a little, being told not to move while he took his pleasure, I mean, I really like sucking his cock, but at least I was doing it. I was the one giving him pleasure. As it was now, he was just stroking himself in my mouth while he watched a naked Rachel dance on the brink of a massive orgasm.

He liked control… If it wasn’t for the cock in my mouth, I would have smiled. This was perfect for him…

It lasted a long while like that and he tried more than once to force his length down my throat, but it wouldn’t go in. I felt his disappointment and took note to see if I could eventually take him all. I didn’t see how yet, but I thought he would at the very least, like the effort.

I was still on my post coital high, so all this was arousing me and I felt my moist pussy crave to be pounded by the cock I had in my mouth. 

“Are you ready to cum now Rachel?” he suddenly asked.

“YYESSS!!!! Please!!!”

“Please what?”

“PLEASE MASTER!!!! Let me cum!!! I beg of you! HHHhhmmmmm…”

“Rachel,” he said solemnly, “you may kneel and make yourself cum.”

No sooner had he said the words that she threw herself on her knees and started to rub her clit like a crazy woman. She screamed as a visible orgasm started to overwhelm her and she collapsed forward on the floor.

“Very nice…” he said watching her. He then looked down at me. “Suck my cock, but don’t remove your hands from where they are. And when I present them, lick and suck my balls too.”

I already had his cock in my mouth so I made a tight seal around him and started to suck. My tongue caressed the underside of his manhood as much as it could, which I know he liked. He watched me a little, but he spoke up again.

“I don’t want to cum. I want you to keep me hard and ready until Rachel recovers.”

And that’s what I did. I sucked him slowly and for a moment, I forgot he wanted me to act like his slave. I just concentrated on what I was doing. I loved to suck his cock and I didn’t mind at all that Rachel was out for the count. 

After a long moment, he removed himself from my mouth and moved to the lazy chair. I wasn’t sure what to do because I felt his order to kneel and his order to suck his cock kind of battle against each other. He seemed to notice.

“You can move here.” He said.

And just like that, my new purpose was clear. I moved on all fours and got between his legs, smiling my seductive smile I knew he liked. I got back on my knees and placed my hands again behind my head. 

“Wonderful… But… Place them behind your back and hold each of your wrist before you continue.”

I smiled and did like he wanted. I dove back on his cock and tried to take him in my mouth. I had a little trouble, but he helped me by aiming himself at my face. He kept holding his cock and it made it easier on me. After a little while, he pulled his cock up toward himself and lifted his hips.

I took the hint and started to lick and suck his balls. I hadn’t really done that to him yet and as I watched his face, I wondered why. He clearly liked it! I, on the other hand, didn’t find it as fun as sucking his cock. Or as good…

For some reason, his balls didn’t do it for me. But watching his obvious pleasure, I felt good doing it anyway. After a long while, he let his hips go down and pointed his cock back at my face. I was glad to change! He did that a few times and even if his balls were nothing special, I got in the groove and a nice haze enveloped me. I was in a happy place! 

How long did it last? I don’t know. I just knew I had to keep him hard without making him cum. Which was easy enough. I did lack my hands after all. I got used to it and could even take him in my mouth without his help after a while.

Eventually, I got snapped back to reality as I felt Rachel move next to me. I stopped to look at her and she was flush with arousal. I looked up to him and he was smiling at us.

“Ahhh… My lovely beauties… I can’t believe my luck at having found you both! We are going to spend a wonderful weekend together…”

And boy did we ever!

That night, he had me straddle him reverse cowgirl style while Rachel licked my clit as I fucked him. I came about 5 times before he had us switch and Rachel was the one fucking him while I licked her. She came 4 times.

And still… He didn’t cum.

He had us suck him at the same time and his cock was lavished with our combined efforts. He finally came all over our faces and tits in one of the most massive loads he ever gave us. We both had enough of a taste to be satisfied by it.

Which is a weird thought when I think back to it…

He then had us massage him in his bed for an hour before we all piled in the shower. He had us wash every inch of him and he got hard again. We ended up taking turns “washing” his cock with are soapy tits. He wanted something else though and pushed me against the wall to fuck me. I came yet again, but he held off on his own release. After he dislodged, he had Rachel bend down low and before I knew it, he was fucking her asshole! 

I never had a thing for that and only tried it once. I didn’t like it at all! Besides, Dave was so large! I was sure Rachel would be screaming in pain. She seemed to find him painful at first, but the more he fucked her, the more her face showed pleasure. She even came!

Later I learned that she liked it and that it wasn’t the first time Dave took her in the ass. 

He fucked us some more in bed before finally cumming deep inside me. He then had Rachel clean his cock and even my pussy! She lapped up everything she could. It was so strange to have her do that… But I had just cum hard so I really didn’t mind. It was what he wanted…

As he crashed on the bed, he smiled and told us he had one last trick for us. He spoke a few words that made us both experience a mind blowing orgasm before we fell into the most satisfying sleep of our lives.

The next morning, Rachel woke up first and started to blow him in his sleep. As I woke up and saw her, an overwhelming urge to join her kicked in and I did. The smile Dave had when he woke up was all the thanks I needed. We had gotten good at sucking him off together. I mean… It was pretty damn easy with the girth he had!

All that day, he would order us around. I discovered it was second nature to call him Master all the time. I even realized I felt incredibly good and… right… doing everything for him. I barely even though about it.

He would always have one of us pleasure him in one way or another. Either by blowing him slowly while he ate, massaging him while he worked, being suddenly fucked in the middle of the room.

The other would be either be on display for him or working on house chores.

Each time I obeyed his orders quickly, I found it more satisfying. I felt happier. I felt hornier… Not to mention the sudden triggered orgasms… Wow… He would walk pass one of us and whisper our trigger in our ear…

Making us explode with pleasure…

By the time Sunday night came, I barely wanted to collar off! But he had made me a deal and he removed it.

“There we go… So Betty? How did you find your weekend?”

I took a moment to think back on it and I had to admit, I didn’t feel any resentment at all. Everything I did, even if I didn’t want to at first, was done with a genuine smile. I looked up at him and realized how good of a Master he was. He took care of us and we obeyed him and pleasured him in return.

“It was… something special…”

“Did you like it? Did I go too far?”

“No! Not at all! You were perfect… I mean… The goal was to indulge your fantasies, right? Did YOU like it?”

“Oh man! I LOVED it!”

Seeing him so pleased got my juices flowing and a warm sort of joy enveloped me.

“Good! I’m happy then…”

I left his place a little jealous Rachel would still be there. Like I was missing out somehow… So when Wednesday came along, I asked him if I could wear the collar after my session. And then the next weekend, I just put it on when I came in.

Like it was the right thing to do. What I WANTED to do…

Over the next 3 weeks, I barely noticed the change, but even without the collar, I was calling him Master when ever we were alone. We even started to have sexual encounters at school. He wouldn’t trigger me or anything, he would just bring me to some place and have me blow him. Or he would fuck me.

By the time a month had passed, I was basically living with him and Rachel. I was the one taking care of all the meals and Rachel was on most of the cleaning duties. He even bought her a French maid uniform to wear. As for me, I usually wore some type of lingerie… But I knew he liked it when I wore the apron.

Just the apron…

I was going over everything in my mind while I was sucking his cock during the game when it kind of hit me: We were both his slaves. 

How did we get from best friends to this?

I was about to fall in my usual haze when I suddenly wanted to ask him about it. I had watched Rachel fall in a sort of trance when she sucked him for long periods and it always bugged me. If only a little… Come to think of it, how did we manage to suck him for so long?

Did he do that?

“Say Master…” (suck) “I was wondering…” (lick) “Did you make it so we fall in a sort of trance when we suck you off for too long?” 

“Huh?” he said looking down. “Yes. I did.”

(Suck) ”Why?”

“Because I wanted you girls to be able to suck me for long periods without getting bored.”

“How could we…” (lick) “ever get bored?!?”

“Hahahhaha… Well… I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure about it all… So I took precautions…”

I continued for a moment. Thinking about what he said. And then, like rings lining up, I got a very clear image of how it all happened. How I got to be worshipping his cock at this very instant while he relaxed and enjoyed the game.

Like a moment of pure clarity…

I stopped sucking, even if I felt bad because it went against his orders. He lifted his eyebrow at me.

“You planned all of this. From the beginning… Just to have us both serve you like this.”

His face became unreadable for a moment. My own expression was calm and calculating. It must have taking him off guard.

“I did.”

I felt his revelation should have angered me. Thinking back, I know it should have, but it didn’t.

“You hypnotize us again and again. You probably MADE us like it so we would always want to be hypnotized. Right?”

“I did.”

“It would make it easy for you to modify and make our triggers and mental changes as you went. To constantly evolve them and refine them… And like with this haze thing… You made it so we would like sucking you… You probably made us believe your cock and spunk taste way better than it really does.”

“I did.”

“You messed with our minds so we would eventually love to be your slaves. That we would love to obey you and serve you.”

“I did.”

“You probably even program us in advance to like girls. You programmed me to think it would be hot for Rachel to serve us. To have her lick me. So that when you asked me, I would say I wanted to. Like you programmed the truth you wanted me to believe. So I wouldn’t question why I thought it up.”

“I did.”

“You planned this all to have us be your sex slaves.”

“I did.”

I looked at him for a moment, trying to gauge his reaction to this realization I just had.

“And all this started when you hypnotized me for the bet?”

“Yep…” he said. “Are you mad?”

I thought it over and to my surprise, I wasn’t.

“I know I should be… But no… I’m not… You’re doing as well I assume?” He nodded. “You seem pretty calm… Did you expect me to be ok with this?”

“I hoped… All the rest went so well…” he said. “So I guess I did expect you to be fine with it. I went to a lot of trouble and work to make sure you girls liked your new roles. I wanted to make sure it would be fun for you as well.”

“That was nice of you… As adept at hypnosis as you are… You could have just made it impossible for us to refuse you and leave it at that.” I said and smiled. “I kind of like it that you made the effort.”

“Makes it easier for you both and besides… I’m not a sadist.”

“I can’t say that you are… So far…" I said with a smile. “Did you always fantasize about having me and Rachel as your devoted slaves?”

“No… In truth… The idea came from you.”

“ME??” I said surprised.

“Yep! That first session, for the bet, I was so lost as to what to make you do as a reward for the bet that I asked you. Your hypnotized mind couldn’t lie.”

“And I told you to make me your slave? Seems my past self would not have come up with that idea.”

“No, of course not… I asked what you expected me to implant and your first thought was a trigger that made you orgasm. When I asked why, you said that you thought I would use it to get you in the mood so I could finally fuck you.”

“Wow… Really? You are sure it isn’t another one of your programmed truths?”

“I swear!" he said as he lifted his hand up in defense. "When I said that the thought of getting in your pants had in fact crossed my mind, you surprised me again by saying it wasn’t a real reward for our bet. You said that your stakes were way higher than just making you cum on command. So I asked what you would be willing to accept. You told me, and I quote, just about anything.”

“That sounds about right.”

“Thinking about you cumming made me pretty horny so I took out my cock and showed it to you. When I asked what you thought about it, you said it looked yummy. You said you would like to fuck it.”

“Did I?”  I said smiling.

“Oh yes… So I asked if the trigger could be that I could fuck you, but you said that it would be too far. I was disappointed, but you then said that it could be that you would want to give me head.”

“Wow… I’m surprised at myself.”

“Hahahah So was I! When I asked why, you told me that you’d be very willing to do that, especially if I make you cum on command. You thought it only fair that I get off as well.”

“It does seem fair.”

“I felt a little bad about it, so you offered to do it right then and there. Since you were unable to lie, well… You accepted!” 

“And I sucked you off?”

“You did! Needless to say, I found that pretty hot.”

“I would imagine.”

“It kind of unlocked a part of me I kept hidden. The parts where my fetish for control was hidden away. You kneeled and undid my pants. Like it was normal. My mind went to a thousand different scenarios as you blew me in your trance. I found it so hot I came almost at once.”

“Incredible… I don’t remember at all.”

“Actually… You blew me during every trance before you ‘decided’ to do it after your strip tease. I made it so you would love it, like you deduced, and then started to plan how I would make you mine.”


“I still felt bad about making you blow me on command when you were awake, so I devised a plan to make you strip and get comfortable with me before you realize what was what. During those long sessions, it was easy to guide you down the right path. One that would make you want to do each step leading to this moment. You were just too sexy to pass up. I even asked you once how you felt about becoming my slave.”

“You did?”

“Yeah… You weren’t sure what it would entailed and so you couldn’t pronounce yourself. I explained that I would like to have you as my willing sexual plaything. That I would take care of you and that you would experience pleasures you would never otherwise have. In return, I wanted to be able to order you around. You were scared I would use that to harm you, but when I said I would place safe guards against making you do something you truly DIDN’T want, you accepted.”

“I accepted? I find that hard to believe.”

“Well… We had started fucking by then… I asked if you liked fucking me and sucking me,.. You said you found it was the best sexual experience of your life. I was afraid you would refuse and I didn’t want that. I started to mumble to myself that I had done so much work and been so careful not to rush you. It took me a lot of study to get where we were.”

“That is very true.”

“You picked up on all I was saying and you surprised me again. You told me to do it.”


“When I asked why, you said you didn’t trust anyone more than me and that if that's what I wanted, I should make it so. You said you knew I had worked my butt off and that in the end, a bet was a bet.”

“Ahahahahaha The bet again?”

“Yeah! Hahahaha You said that it was still honoring the terms of our bet, so that really, you couldn’t be mad about it. You basically told me to claim you as my slave. Of course… I felt a little bad about it so I took my time… I tried to make sure you were comfortable with every step of the process.”

“That's probably why I accepted… But what about Rachel? Why claim her?

“Again… You told me too…”

“No! Really?” I said thoroughly surprised.

“You knew I would be happier with 2 girls, and you knew I fancied Rachel. So you told me to claim her too.”


“With Rachel though, I had practice… So it was way easier… Plus… I didn’t take the same approach. I knew what I was looking for and it didn't take me too long to find a part of herself that was curious about being a submissive lover. After we had that long extensive first session, her mind was open to the idea of at least trying it. Since I did the same thing with her and made sure she loved every part of it, everything else just fell into place.”

“Oh? She didn’t like it right off the bat like you had her tell me?”

“No… But like I said, I found a the part of her that did and went from there." he said. "So... You really aren’t mad I transformed you into my slave?”

“I know I should be… But no… I’m not… And it seems my subconscious was game to accept it so… No…”

“Fascinating… I had the same conversation with Rachel after 2 weeks. I was a lot less subtitle with her so she caught on faster. I mean… After the first weekend, she couldn’t refuse me at all and when I had her blow me in the shower without so much as touching her, she kind of put 2 and 2 together."

“And how did she take it?”

“Pretty much like you are acting now. I guess I found the right way to convince your minds to want this.”

“I guess you did…” 

“With her though, I made her an accomplice pretty fast. She knew I wanted to slowly transform you and she even had ideas to do it. She’s the one that thought about the pussy licking trigger.”

“Wow… I guess… You must have removed our preconceptions about being a slave and our fear of giving up our free will to get us to like it so much.”


“Without the fear and only the pleasure… I can see how we both got trapped in it.” I said looking at his cock and feeling the urge to suck it. “So… What IS your plan now?”

“Well… I like the fact you both have roles and talents. I don’t want mindless sex bimbos. So… Hahahahah I’m sorry…”


“It’s just a weird conversation to have! I was expecting more anger from you…”

“Well… Seems you did your job well… I really like all this… I know you made me like it… But… Why should that make it different if the feeling I have is good? You could have me sucking your cock daily, but without my consent. I mean… I would be fighting your control… If I realized I didn’t want this… But I do want this… Even if it’s your doing… So… I’m not mad.”

“Truly fascinating…” he said. “Anyway… I gave that a lot of thought, and I would really like you to finish your classes. My future business plan would be a mess without our talks over the last months. Plus… Having you at my side while I conquer the business world will be an incredible asset.”

“You think so?”

“I do…”

“Well… If I am to stay your slave… Which I want for obvious reasons… I guess… I’d better become your personal assistant.”


“Sure… How else would I be at your side to satisfy your urges all day. If I was an associate, we both would have loads of work and it would make it suspicious for us to always be together. If I’m your personal assistant, no one would be the wiser. It would be perfect. I could also be like a secret weapon… No one would suspect me as an assistant.”

“That would…” he said visibly thinking over. “Actually be a very good idea…”

“Besides… From what I’m feeling in my head, you want our special arrangement to be a secret right?”

“I do…”

“So there… I guess… You’ll have to hire me as your personal assistant when you get the big bucks.”

“Wow… You are really something you know…”

I kissed his cock, suddenly aware of how good it tasted.

“I aim to please… Master…”

“Things are really looking up!”

“And Rachel?” I asked.

“Well… She could easily be the head of the house… You know… Making sure my future mansion is always perfect.”

“That would suit her…” I said licking his cock slowly. “But… If your house gets bigger… Wouldn’t you need more slaves?”


“Of course… To take care of the house and to take care of you…”

“I have you both for that. You girls take care of me in the most perfect ways.”

“But if you want us to work for you… You could be left with unfulfilled urges. You would need more women for that. Besides… It would keep things interesting for you to have more women to fuck.”

“Wow Betty… You are truly incredible!”

“You are my Master. You deserve the best.”

“Speaking of which… You are better than Rachel at this…” he said pointing to his cock. “But she can deepthroat me now.”

“Really? Any cheating involved?”

“Nope. Just her desire to be able to take me all.”

“Damn…” I said. “I’ll have to practice more then…”

With that, I started to blow him again and he watched his game. 

It took a lot of planning, but after graduation, we were all living together and sharing the spoils of our work. Rachel was in charge of the new house our jobs got us and I was in charge of Dave at work. I felt so naughty to be able to satisfy his urges at the office. No one caught on…

After a year, we were both climbing the corporate ladder and he couldn’t be happier. Well… That’s not entirely true… I started to notice his wandering eyes a few times a week. Looking at pretty young women…

Maybe Rachel could use some help at the mansion…

There you have it. The story of how I became his personal assistant. Well really… His sex slave… Maybe Master will have me write how we added a cook to our little household…
Who knows?

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