How I Became his Personal Assistant/Sex Slave

Hypnotizing Rachel

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #f/f

The next morning, I was surprised to find Dave’s car parked in front of my apartment building. I went to it and he offered to drive me, saying he had shopping to do before he got to his afternoon classes. I usually took the bus, so I hopped in.

“So! Rachel is back! You must be real happy!” he said driving off.

“Oh yeah! I missed her a lot.”

We talked a little about her trip and he suddenly got serious.

“Say… Did you tell her anything about.. huh… us?”

“Well… I did mention… Well... Told in graphic detail actually… Our first tequila night… But nothing else… After all… No one needs to know our special arrangement.”

“Good good…”
“She did want to know more about our sessions though, I invited her over tonight, since it is supposed to be tame on Wednesdays. Do you mind if she watches?”

“Not at all!” he said smiling.

We got quiet and I finally noticed we had took a wrong turn, he was going on the beltway.

“Huh… Where are we going?”

He looked at me briefly as he smiled.

“Collecting Orgasm number 3!”

I didn’t get his drift at first, but as soon as I looked at his crotch and I saw the bulge his pants made, I understood.

“In the car? While on the beltway during the day? Are you crazy?”

“Hey… You said anywhere… A bet is a bet!”

The idea of blowing him both shocked and aroused me. But as much as I wanted to argue, a bet was a bet...

“Ok.. But be careful I don’t want us to crash!”

“No worries…” he said with confidence.

I unbuckled and move myself into a better position. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this! I bent down and started to fish out his cock, which was already pretty hard. I licked and kissed it before really going down on him. I couldn’t see where we were at, but the more I tasted and sucked him off, the less I cared.

My sucking haze, as I came to call it, was eventually interrupted by his voice.

“I’m almost all around the city now… Better go for the finish!”

I took my cue and went from slow teasing to serious sucking. He came a few moments later and I sucked up his seed with gusto. I licked him clean and sat back in my seat. His smile was all I needed to feel good as the pleasure wave warmed me up and made me all nice and horny.

He went out at the next exit and made his way to the campus. I saw him later in the afternoon. We were between classes and he almost grabbed me when he told me to follow him. We found a dark closet and he told me to pull my skirt down. Panties and all…

I found him a little rude, but we were in a hurry and I really didn’t mind. I turned around and pulled them down. No sooner had I done so that I felt his cock press to get in. In no time at all he savagely jabbed all the way inside me. I had to clamp my hand over my mouth to prevent my moans from alerting the near by hallway. He seemed really excited for some reason.

I was just getting in the grove of his fast fucking when he impaled me deep and I felt his cock swell with his release. My first reaction was to curse because I was nowhere near cumming myself, but then… A calm joy enveloped me as I felt his seed pump into me… He couldn’t resist my body… He was pleased… He was happy… I was happy…

I was just starting to enjoy the simple pleasure of the moment I was feeling when he pulled out and turned me, grabbing my shoulders…He looked me in the eyes… Like he did before to calm me.

“Betty’s happy place…” he said.

I felt the wave of calm enveloped me and I listened to him with rapt attention.

“I just wanted to make sure you understood that it’s completely normal for me to flirt with other girls. You are not jealous since we are not a couple. In fact, you like the idea of sharing me with other women because you know I’ll bring them as much pleasure as I’ve given you. You will encourage beautiful women you think I might like to flirt with me and try to fuck me. It is completely normal to share the good times with good friends.”

“Yes… Completely normal… Good times… Good Friends…”

“Since Rachel is such a good friend, you like the idea of Rachel trying to fuck me because you know she'll have a great time.”

“Yes… She has to try…”

“Good.” He said before letting go. 

As my mind accelerated, I watched him leave and shook my head. It was sweet of him to take the time to make sure I was ok with the idea. But really... It was completely normal. We weren’t a couple!

Now I know why though… 

But I didn’t, so I played right in his hand.

I met up with Rachel after supper and she was a little excited about the evening. She had loads of questions about the sessions and how he did it. I was sorry to say I couldn’t answer much because I was under the whole time. But I could tell her I felt refreshed and relaxed after each time.
I did notice she was wearing a sexy set up, not overly sexy, just enough. I smiled knowing she wanted to catch his eye. After all, I HAD made a point to tell her we weren't a couple.

She had always found Dave attractive, but she respected our friendship when I had put him off limits. But now that the seal was broken…

Just before we knocked on the door, she stopped me and looked me in the eyes.

“OK ok… So yes you guys fucked… But you are sure you guys aren’t a couple or anything right?” she asked me seriously.

“No. It’s ok Rachel… Dave’s his own man. I LOVE to fuck him, but I don’t want to be his girlfriend. That’s still true. If you want to have a crack at him, be my guess! I know he always fancied you anyways… My guess is… He is going to make a crack at you eventually. Since he got lucky with me, he might think it ok to try with you. I mean… If that’s what you want, just make sure he knows it’s ok or something…”

“That’s pretty big of you Betty…” she said with a puzzled look on her face.


“Seems you ‘evolved’ during my trip. You weren’t as open before I left.”

“Maybe… Not that I’m saying I would always feel like this with a guy, but with Dave… Well… I don’t love him like that… Besides… I told myself I wouldn’t date anyone until I was done with college. So… Why not right? Dave doesn’t want a relationship either.”

“Ok then!”

She smiled and we went in.

“Welcome! I’m happy you girls are here!” Dave greeted us.

We all pilled in the living room and talked about how hypnosis worked and such and such. Rachel had loads of questions. Dave answered them all while letting his eyes dart over her body here and there. Rachel noticed.

But it was finally time to start and Rachel and I couldn’t wait. He had her sit a little farther away on a different sofa and he set up the metronome in front of me. He started it and I soon felt the sweet hypnotic trance overwhelm me.

But before I complete fell, I heard Rachel voice…

“Wow… She looks so relaxed… So sleepy… So relaxed… So calm… So sleepy…”

I didn’t remember more after that. I woke up in the middle of the room. Rachel busted out laughing. I didn't understand what was so funny until I looked down at myself. I had put all my clothes backwards for some reason!

A part of me was glad he didn’t do his usual ‘get naked’ routine. 

“WOW!” Rachel said. “That’s amazing!”

“Yep… SO you see… Nothing to be afraid of… I know you said earlier you would find it awesome to stop smoking, I could easily help you with that if we do one on one sessions.”

“Sure! Can we do it now?”

“Sure… But I’d like a little privacy… Betty, do you mind? I have to gather my thoughts and make sure I do this right. I’ll see you tomorrow for class.”

“Sure! I completely understand!” I said as I got up.

I gathered my things and changed my wardrobe back to normal before I left. That night was filled with even more erotic dreams about Dave and his glorious cock. I found myself waking up even earlier and masturbated thinking about Dave until I came hard and fell asleep. 


Some small part of me was worried I was obsessing with him sexually. But then again, he was the best fuck of my life! So I brushed it off as normal. Completely normal…

The next morning, I met up with Rachel to see how the session went. She seemed really tired.

“Damn… I don’t remember much about the session… But…” Rachel said.

“But what?”

“I do remember the romp afterwards! You were right! He IS a stud.”

“Really? So soon?“ I asked, but then my eyes narrowed. "You didn’t leave him a choice did you?” 

I knew Rachel and when she wanted something, she usually got it.

“Yeah… Something like that…” she said with a smile I knew well. “You were right about his cock, wow… Thick!”

“I know…”

“There is something intense about him too… Like an aura or something… I can’t explain it…”

“I’m not sure what you mean… Not bad though right?”

“Oh no! On the contrary in fact! I like it!” she said thoughtfully. Then she looked me in the eye before she continued. “You didn’t tell me how good he tastes! You little minx! You wanted to keep the secret to yourself!”

“Really? I thought that was just my imagination.”

“Nope… Or if it is… I don’t care… So yummy… And so thick… Damn I’m happy he accepted I crash there until I get a decent apartment.”

“Whoa! You are going to live there?”

“Yep! I asked and he accepted!”

Fuck… That would complicate things for my special sessions…

“Don’t worry..." she assured me. "He told me all about you guys. I won’t be any trouble. Besides, he made it clear he isn’t looking for commitment. He just wants to fuck. Which is great for me too. London was great and all, but I really have to get back on track to finish the semester. You know?”

I nodded.

I was relieved. I had grown fond of our little connection. I would be sad to see it change. Later in the day, Dave found me and we took a little walk on campus between classes.

“Sorry things went so fast with Rachel.” He said.

“No worries… I really don’t mind… As long as I can still…”

“Don’t worry! I’m not in love with either of you… Well, maybe your bodies…” he said winking.

I felt all warm at that.

“I just hope you know what you are getting yourself into… Rachel is pretty insatiable… And well… I’ll admit it… I’d really like us to continue too.”

“Well… I don’t know for sure, this never happened to me before. But tell you what, if it gets too much for me, I’ll cut down on fucking Rachel before I cut down on fucking you… You are way too amazing!”

I shivered with pleasure at the compliment.

“Good. I would hate to have to stop fucking you… We barely started!”

“Right! I would hate to stop too. Speaking of which… I believe you still owe me a public orgasm.”

“Shit… Now?” I said looking around. We were in a park.

“Sure… Let’s go behind those bushes over there.” He said leading the way.

I followed and got all embarrassed at the thought. I had never done anything remotely similar outside! We got in some cover and he got his cock out. I was about to lick him, but he stopped me.

“No… I’d like your tits too… Take off your top and play with them a little before you start. Then, lube me up like last time and use your tits and mouth, that was amazing.”

His tone was a little more commanding than usual, but I went with it and did like he asked. In no time at all, I  was topless for the world to see and had his slick cock in my cleavage. I used a combo of my mouth and tits to great effect.

He was rock hard and it seemed to last a little while. I was getting in a sort of haze again, but I didn’t lose anytime because I felt him come all over my tits. Once he was done, I was about to scoop it up, but he stopped me.

I looked up and he took a picture!

“HEY!” I said loudly.

“What? I love to see my seed all over your glorious tits… I promise I won’t show anyone. Ever! Personal use only!”

“If you promise…” I said a little unsure.

But as I heard the second picture snap, I got in the mood and posed a little, pushing my chest out for him. I eventually got some of his spunk and licked it off my finger for the camera. I had to admit, it was a little hot thinking he would jack off to them.

But we were eventually done.

We got up and cleaned ourselves before heading back to school.

“Listen Betty…” he said.


“I will be doing some advanced stuff to speed Rachel’s smoking habit kick off for the next few days. I’ll be spending my evenings doing long sessions. It’s Thursday now… So let’s keep our usual session Saturday, but I won’t be able to entertain you until then.”

“That’s fine. I have to study anyway. I’m happy you are helping Rachel. She needs it.”

“I’ll probably end up boosting her concentration too, just to make sure she gets on the right track for the last part of the semester.”

“You are such a good guy.” I said as I kissed him on the cheek.

We parted ways and I got busy with my homework and classes. Friday morning came along and I finally met Rachel for lunch.

“Hey girl! How did your session go yesterday?”

“Oh god… It was so weird! It lasted 4 hours! That’s what the clock said when I woke up anyway. I felt dizzy and tired, but refreshed and good at the same time. Such a strange feeling. I knew I was tired, but I also felt like I woke up from a nap.”

“Wow.” I said. “That never happened to me.”

“Well… Dave said it was because addiction like nicotine is way hard to deal with, he wanted to do intense sessions to gauge my true addiction to it. But I tell you though… I haven’t had a cigarette today and I don’t plan to!”

“Perfect! Just stick with him! You’ll see! He works wonders!”

My afternoon class went well and I was about to leave campus and go study at home when I crossed paths with Dave. As I approached him, his smile gave me hot shivers. His eyes leered at me in a way that told me he felt horny. It was like I felt it.

When he came up close, I swear I heard him murmur something, but I couldn’t make it out. My mind seemed to hear it because I fell in a haze as I started to follow him. We ended up going towards the service elevator and then…

I found myself in my apartment. I looked around and no one was there. I looked down and I could see I was missing my bra. I took my shirt off and the smell hit me instantly. I had a little bit of dried cum on my chest and my bra was missing!

I went to the bathroom to wash up and when I was done, I checked my phone. Dave had texted me.

“Sorry for the quickie! I was going to start Rachel’s session and I wanted to be concentrated. I wasn’t sure you would accept giving head like that, since the debt was settled, so I cheated and used a trigger on you.”

That little bastard! I thought laughing. For some reason, I thought it hilarious! His next text went on.

“If you are mad, I’m sorry, I’ll remove it of course, no problem. I feel a little bad using you like that, but you seem to like it, I hoped you wouldn’t mind since you like blowing me so much. But I swear I won’t use it again until you give me permission! I just wanted to try it! See you Saturday night!”

I smiled at his thoughtfulness. I went about my night studying and it all went pretty good.

Until I lay down to sleep… For some reason, I couldn’t seem to sleep! My thought drifted back to his actions earlier and a part of me was a little disappointed. A little mad. Not because he didn't tell me about the trigger. I was kind of pissed he made me forget!

My active mind went through it all and there seemed to be something nagging at me. Like a splitter…

Thoughts of him making me do things started to make me horny so I started to masturbate. Pretty soon, I was screaming in my pillow as an orgasm ripped through me. All to thoughts of Dave and his cock… After that, sleep found me and I slept soundly.

I did all my apartment chores the next morning and finished up my homework and readings. I was about to go for a run when I got a text from Dave telling me I could come by around 4 O’clock. It said Rachel and him wanted to have a big supper and asked if I wanted to join.

Of course, I accepted.

They weren’t very specific and when I texted Rachel, she admitted she was thinking of ordering pizza. I thought it over and I wasn’t going to have my 2 best friends eating pizza! I texted them I would get something and went shopping for food.

I went for a few groceries and planned on making Rachel’s favorite salad and carbonara pasta. I was very pleased with it all and by the time I was ready to go over to his place, I would get there just after 4 O’clock.

Like he wanted.

I knocked on the door and went in. 

“HEY GUYS!” I said loudly.

I got in and dropped my groceries bags on the floor while I got my shoes off.

“I decided to forgo pizza and make Rachel’s favorite!” I said as I grabbed the bags again and went in the living room. The sight that greeted me stopped me dead in my tracks.

Rachel was kneeling in the middle of the living room. But what stopped me wasn’t her vacant expression, it was the fact she was topless!

Rachel had a similar body type as me, but she had long blond hair. Her tits were a little smaller, but not by much. They were perkier though, that much was clear as I looked at them. Her palms were resting on her thighs and she looked completely relaxed.

“What are you guys doing?” I said softly, not wanting to disturb her.

“It’s ok, you can speak normally. She can’t hear us right now.”


“She is just finishing up her afternoon session.”

“And the fact she is topless?” I asked pointing at her chest.

“Hahahah… Yeah… Actually her idea… I commented on her nice rack on that first night we fucked. Yesterday, she offered to be topless while I hypnotized her. Being a gentleman, I couldn’t refuse!” he said with a smile.

“A gentleman… sure…” I said smiling back.

I went to put the groceries in the kitchen and came back to sit next to him. I looked at her and I was a little fascinated. I hadn’t seen myself in a trance and I had to admit, the site was pretty hot. I looked on at her tits and again, I had to admit I felt a little tingle of sexual excitement. I looked down at his crotch and smiled at the tent I saw.

“She looks so peaceful… So relaxed… So sexy…”

“I know… Like I told you before… I get off on it a little… I’m actually glad she offered me this. She doesn’t know how erotic I find hypnosis.”

“I see…” I said looking back. “So… What is she doing now? I thought you had to guide the session or something?”

“I do have to guide most of the session, but part of her intense addiction program is to have her repeat things like ‘I am stronger than the cigarette.’ And ‘Cigarettes are disgusting.’ All the while, she is imagining how each cigarette is giving her cancer. Imagining how her lungs look like now. Things like that… She is REALLY addicted. Changing her love of smoking into a disgusting habit is not easy.”

“Wow… Did you have to do those kinds of sessions with me?”

“Oh no… Your desire to succeed was already there, I just tweaked how you use your concentration a little, you already had most of what was needed. But unlike her…” he said pointing. “Concentration is not and addiction or an intense love we can substitute. With you, I just need to re-tweak it so it stays as fresh and intense.”

“I understand… I think… So with Rachel… Once she breaks free of it, she won’t need refresher sessions like me?”

Part of me was hopeful Rachel wouldn’t need to hog Dave’s hypnotist skills. But then as I looked at her, part of me felt mischievous and more than a little horny. And I knew how aroused Dave was at the sight of her.

“Not really… Not for the smoking anyway…”

I smiled mischievously…

“Are you sure about that…” I teased.

“Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“Well… It is Saturday… And… Well… It COULD be fun to play around with her a little…”

Thinking back, I know now that he probably planted that idea and arousal in my head, but at the time, I thought it was all me.

He looked back towards her and watched her for a moment, seeming to debate with himself.

“Nah… I can’t.” he said.

That surprised me.

“Why not? You play around with me all the time!”

“Yeah.. But that’s different. It started as a bet and escalated slowly. You know? And I checked with your subconscious mind before I did anything too drastic. With Rachel… Sure… We fucked twice now, but it came from her. She trusts me to use these sessions to cure her of her addiction, not abuse it.”

“You are so chivalrous…” I said.

For some reason, hearing him say all that calmed me a lot. Like a confirmation of just how nice and decent he was. He was one rare guy!

“But… You say she is under right now. Right?”


“Well then ask her what she thinks of us playing with her. I mean… She did offer to be topless for you after all!”

“Yeah… I guess you are right.”

He then got up and went to face Rachel by crouching down.

“Can you hear me Rachel…” he said softly.

“Yeesss….” She finally answered.

“You are doing very good Rachel…”

I was a little mesmerized by the situation. I had never seen him hypnotize someone else before. It was…


“Now you can stop repeating your Mantras for the moment, I need to ask you some more questions… You know what that means right?”

“Yess… I can’t lie… Must tell the truth… So you can help me…”

“Exactly… Now Rachel… Betty has a wicked thought and she was wondering what you thought about it.”


“She would like to play around with you tonight. Just for tonight…”

Yeah… Right… If things got as hot and horny as I think they’ll get… I’ll probably wish a repeat performance…

“Play…. How…” she asked in her far away voice.

He turned to me.

“Ok Betty… ask away… If she agrees to what you have in mind, I’ll arrange it so it happens. If she doesn’t want to, well… I won’t. Seem fair to you?”

“Yep!” I said to him while getting up. “Ok Rach… Tell me… Have you fucked him only twice?”

He looked at me sharply at that. Why not have the truth of it all.


Wow… I was sure he was lying…

“Did you like it?”

“Oh yes…”

“Yeah… I liked it too..” I said looking at him. “You gave him head as well?”


“And you liked it?”

“Oh yess….”

“What about tonight… Did you plan on any sexual activities with him?”

“No… And… Yes…”

“Oh? Explain.”

“I know… It’s your night with him… He told me about the dancing… I found it very arousing… But he told me it wasn’t my night… It was your night… So… No… But… I still have to sleep here later… So.. Maybe… After you are gone… I would try to seduce him again…”

I looked at him. He just shrugged his shoulders.

“Seems you have 2 ladies here that don’t wish to keep their hands off you.” I said.

“Seems I do…”

“Ok Rachel… How would you feel if, for tonight, we use post hypnotic triggers during the supper to have a little fun?”

“Depends… What kind of fun…”

“I see… Well… For instance… You are topless right now, why is that?”

“Because Dave likes my tits a lot and I… Offered to let him ogle them when he hypnotized me.”


“To make it fun for him… To entice him… So he would fuck me again… So… He would be tempted to fuck me each time I’m like this…”


“He excites me so much… But also… I get incredibly turned on… When he hypnotizes me…”

“Really?? How so?”

“I like feeling… Controlled… Feel his power over me… I get horny when I feel the relaxation over take me… Feel my mind open to his voice…”

Well that surprised the hell out of me!

“Have you always felt this way?”

There was a long pause, as if she was searching her memory. That’s what I thought anyway… Now I know different…

“Yes… But I never… Told anyone… Experimented a little with past boyfriends… But never indulged…”

“So you feel sexy like this? Under your trance?”

“Oh yes…”

“So… You hoped he would use triggers on you… To play with you…”

“Yes… But he never did…”

“He just fucked you?”

“No… I fucked him… I had to … Convince him a little…”

“Hahahahah Dave… How good of you… Did you know about this?”

“I didn’t! She wasn’t shy about her sexuality with me. But I didn’t know about this!”

“Well I guess you guys haven’t been friends that long… Not like us… Come to think of it, I didn’t know about this either.” I said then turning back to her. “Ok… So you would like to have a few triggers put in your mind for us to play with tonight?”

“Yess… You can both play…”

“Both?” I said confused. “Why did you point that out? Are you attracted to me?”

“Yes… I am.”

WOAH! I certainly never knew THAT!

“Really? For how long?”

“Ever since we met… But I never indulge my sexual attraction towards women.”

“Oh? Never?”

“Once in high school… But never since then…”

“So you find women attractive?”

“Yes… Very… But I like men more…”

“I see… I you find me attractive?”


“And… You wouldn’t mind if I join in on the play? That I use triggers on you?”

“Not at all…”

“Ok… How far would you feel comfortable with?”

“Kissing… groping… I can get naked… Dave has seen me enough… You can too… If you like… I could lick your pussy…”


“I never knew this about you…” I said turning to Dave. “This must be turning you on something fierce!”

“I’d lie if I said no!”

“And you didn’t know this about her at all?”

“Nope!” he said. “So? What do you want to do? The floor is yours…”

I looked back at Rachel and I had to admit she wasn’t bad to look at. Dave would certainly love to see us play… That simple thought played into my arousal a lot…

But was I ready for all that?

“Ok well… It’s clear she wouldn’t mind… But don’t get your cock’s hope up too much… I’m not into girls that much… Even if I do find her mildly attractive…”

“I see…” he said with a smile.

“BUT… We could play a little with her anyway… Why don’t… Yeah… Why don’t you put a stripping trigger, like you did with me, in her? And… of course… She wouldn’t realize she is naked.”

“That would be easy enough…”

“And… Hhhmmm… can you give her a trigger that huh… Makes her want to dance when she hears a certain song or something?”

“That’s pretty easy.”

“How long do you need with her to get her to do that?”

“An hour maybe… Anything else?”

“Well… I have another one in mind… But I’m not sure we should…”

“Well… Ask her…”

I turned back to Rachel.

“Rachel… What if I had Dave put a trigger in you were… You find yourself with a burning desire to masturbate? Even if it’s in front of us?”

“I would find that… Very arousing…”

“Would you mind if we used it tonight?”

“No… As long as you are not recording it…”

“I see…” I said looking at Dave with a smile. “Well?”

“I can do that too… Since she would like too, it should be straight forward.”

“OOuuu… This is going to be a fun night. Why don’t I leave you two for an hour while I prepare the food.”

“That sounds perfect!”

I got up and kissed him deeply. I was tempted to enjoy him right in front of Rachel, but I decided against it. I went to the kitchen to start supper. I heard him get up and go to Rachel. They started speaking and I kind of tuned out.

I got busy making the meal and once everything was done and, in the oven, I started on cleaning the dishes. I knew I still had to wait another 20 minutes or so anyway, might as well get a head start.

Once I was done, I checked on the meal and went back in the living room. Rachel had her hand in her pants and she was rubbing her clit slowly. Or so it looked like it.

“You couldn’t wait?” I asked with a smile.

“It’s ok. She’s just making her association with the trigger words and masturbating…”


“She’s about done…” he said before turning back to Rachel. “Do you understand Rachel… When I say those words, you will feel your need to satisfy yourself grow until you can’t resist it… Until you just can’t do anything else other than masturbate. Right where you are…”

“OOhhh yess…”

“Ok then… You can stop.”

Rachel stopped and removed her hand.

“Well… All done… If it works anyway…”

“I have every confidence… Supper will be ready in a few minutes.”

“Ok then! Rachel dear… Put your top back on, but only your top.”

She did as he asked.

“Ok Rachel… You will awaken from your trance once I count down to 0. You will feel refreshed and confident about yourself. Awaken in 3… 2… 1… 0”

She closed her eyes briefly and looked up at us.

“Oh hi Betty!” she said suddenly looking down at herself.

“Don’t worry… Dave had you put your top back on before I arrived.” I lied.

“Oh… So he told you…” she said looking at him.

“Hey… I’m pretty sure you know how I thank him on Saturdays so… Let’s say we are even.”

She got up from her knees and went to the sofa. 

“I’m glad you could join us for supper!” Rachel said. 

“I am too!”

“This will be like old times! Remember last year? Before we went to that new club down town?”

We laughed remembering it. 

“We had gotten so drunk during supper we ended up going to the wrong club!”

“Fun times!” Rachel said.

“Yeah!” Dave said.

“Well… Let’s get a few drinks now!” Rachel said while getting up and going to the wine’s Dave had on hand.
She poured us each a glass and I went to check on supper. It was done!

“SUPPER!!!” I yelled.

They both got in the kitchen and Dave came behind me to whisper something in my ear while Rachel got the plates.

“When you want her to strip an article of clothing, use ‘Blondie Blueberry’…”

I smiled.

“Don’t forget Rachel, we are having a Blondie blueberry for dessert!” I said. “Remember those?”

“What? No I don’t…” she said as she grabbed her top and pulled it off her. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh right… You were gone by then… That was with Alexandra… Sorry…”

“Oh… Well is it any good?” she ask, tits free for all to see, not knowing they were.

“Oh it’s delicious…” I said.

We made our plates and sat down to eat. We laughed and talked about all our naughty past. I found it hilarious that she was topless and didn’t know she was. I even complemented her on her top and she acted like she still had it on.

Dave seemed to really like it. I was happy he felt that way.

Supper finished and Rachel offered to do the dishes. I helped her. Dave said he need to prepare for my session so we left it to him.

“So… When are we tasting that Blondie blueberry?”

“Oh… Well… You need to have a few drink in you before that… A Blondie blueberry is better served a little later.”

She stopped drying the dish she had and bent down to remove her socks. 

“Really? Is it really blueberries? What is it actually?”

“Oh.. Well… A blondie blueberry is more like a cake… Like a cheese cake.”

She stopped drying the glass and pulled down her pants. She picked up the glass again, but she was only in her panties. I suppressed a laugh!

“Ohh… That sounds really good!”

We finished the dishes and went to the living room. Dave had set up the metronome and was waiting for us.

“Ladies…” he said looking at Rachel then at me with a smile. “As much as this was fun… I have to ask… I really need to do Betty’s session… So I guess its up to Betty really… When should we do this? Want to wait until tomorrow maybe?”

“Hhhmmm… I did come here for that…”

“Listen guys…” Rachel spoke up. “I think that’s my cue to leave… It’s ok… I’ll just go have a drink somewhere.”

“It’s ok Rachel…” Dave said. “I could give you another option.”

“What? What option?”

“First though…” he said approaching her. “Rachel’s puppet stance…” 

Rachel barely said a “what” before she froze. 

“Huh… What just happened?” I asked.

“A little something extra I implanted. You can move her around like a mannequin and she’ll keep the pose you put her in.”

“Woah… Can she hear us?” I said moving to her.

“Not right now… She is in a trance… She won’t remember what happens during this part. But it’s not a trance where we can implant anything… She is just in a happy place.”

“I see…”

I went to her almost naked form and took her left hand. She didn’t seem to notice. I lifted up in front of her and she didn’t resist it. I let it go and she kept it in the air where I left it. I looked at Dave and he was going back to his chair.

“So what now?” I asked.

“Feel free… Like I said before… You can either claim your session tonight, in which case we can leave her like this until your session ends and pick up right here.” He said. “Or… We can play now and have our session tomorrow…”

“I would really like my session… I miss it… But… Maybe we can play a little before we start?”

I went behind her and caressed her skin. She was soft. My hands moved her into a position where her hands were behind her head. I then pushed on her back and made her tits get out. My hands wandered to her front and I cupped her breasts. They were very nice and firm. I massaged them as I looked at Dave.

As I hoped, his hand was in his pants.

“You find us both so attractive…” I said as I nibbled her ear. “How is the tension in your pants right now?”

“Getting… Up there…” he said smiling.

“I thought as much…”

My hand trailed down and cupped her pussy. Her panties were dripping wet. 

“Tell me… Can she feel pleasure in this state?”

“She can… She just won’t remember.”

I started to circle her clit with my finger. I didn’t really know what she liked, so I went with what I felt would do it for me. Before long, My hand was IN her panties.

“Damn this is a sexy sight…” Dave said.

“What happens if we take her out of this state while I’m doing this?”

“Not sure… Knowing her and what she told us earlier, she’ll probably roll with it…”

“She feels nice and horny right now… Can you leave her as a statue, but make her aware again?”

“I can…”

I stopped what I was doing and went next to him. I removed my top and bra and sat next to him. He gave me a questioning look, but I just smiled. 

“Just free her completely for now…”

“Ok… Rachel’s free to move.”

She started to move again and looked at her arms. 

“Ok… What just happened…” she said to us. “Huh… Why are you topless Betty?”

“It’s because of the Blondies blueberry desert…”

Rachel grabbed her panties and removed them. She was now naked and thanks to me, horny too!

“That still doesn’t explain why you are topless… Wait… Did I go under again?”

“You did!” I said. “And the reason I’m topless is the same as why you are naked.”

“WHAT?!?! I’m not naked!”

“Hahahaha… You just can’t notice it… Dave made it like that… He made it also that I can’t seem to put on my top back on… I don’t really mind though…” I said looking at Dave. “Could you make it so she sees the truth?”

He smiled.

“Rachel… You may realize your state of undress.”

She blinked a few times then looked at herself.

“Well well… Seems Dave played us both!” she said with a smile.

“It seems so…” I said looking at him. “What now?”

“Well… Why not a show for us both…” he said. “Betty… Remove the rest of your clothes.”

I felt like he was going to have an incredible evening! And I loved that! I got up. I then removed my skirt and panties. 

“Dance for me Betty…”

I started to girate and move like I know he liked.

“Huh.. ok… What about…” Rachel tried to say, but Dave interrupted her.

“Rachel’s unstoppable train…”

“Oh god…” she said as her hand flew to her pussy. “Oh shit… What… hhhmmm… What is happening…” she managed to say as she fell to her knees.

Her fingers were a blur between her legs. Her free hand moved to her tit and squeezed hard.

I couldn’t resist.

“He probably put a post hypnotic trigger for you to do that… Like he did for my top!”

“Oh god…” she said as she continued to masturbate.

I danced as I watched him stroke himself under his pants. I was getting pretty horny myself and was a little jealous of her being able to enjoy herself.

“I have to say girls… This is pretty dam hot…”

“I would guess…” I said. “What are you going to do about it?” I said.

He lifted his finger and indicated for me to come to him. I smiled and danced towards him. He lifted his arm, indicating I should sit next to him on the sofa. 

“Oh GAWD!!!!” Rachel screamed. “You did this to me?”

“I’m sorry… I did… Did… Did I go too far?” he asked. 

My hand drifted to his pants and started to undo them.

“HHHhhmmmm… As long as… FUCK… As long as Betty is cool… With this…. I don’t mind…”

“Betty?” he asked me.

“I’ll admit… I kind of pushed him to it…” I said as I got his cock out. 

“REALLY?” she said moaning. “I never knew…”

I started to stroke him and after a few ups and downs, I couldn’t resist and bent down to take him in my mouth. He moaned.

“I can’t hhmmm… believe we are doing this!” Rachel managed to say.

“Me either…” Dave said. “But seems everyone wants this…”

“Oh fuck!” She said. It sounded like she was about to cum.

“Please Rachel… I know it’s hard… But try not to cum right away…”

Except for moans, no one talked for the next few minutes. I imagined how it must look and feel for him, and I was pretty turned on by it. I felt his hand on my head, guiding my rhythm for a moment before he gently lifted me off his cock. My mouth made a pop when it did.

“Straddle me…” he simply said.

I smiled and kissed his cock one last time before getting up. I was about to face him, but I knew Rachel was watching us and I knew she found me attractive. So I straddle him in a reverse cow girl position. I felt incredible as I felt his cock enter me.

“Sorry to make you watch Rachel… But I believe it’s Betty’s turn…”

She didn’t answer as she continued to masturbate. I started to move up and down in a delicious rhythm. I was getting lost in the feeling when I suddenly heard a frustrated moan coming from Rachel.

“Please… Let me cum…”

“HHHmmm… Did you… prevent her from cumming too?”

“hHhmmm No… She is probably preventing herself… Isn’t that right Rachel?” he said.

“hhhmmmm…. Please…. “

“Fine… You can cum…”

“OOOHH FFUUCCCKK!K!!!!!” she screamed as she came. It was so evident to all present. 

Seeing her cum was incredible. Like she hadn’t cum in weeks. I felt my own fire grow higher and when she came back down from her high, I closed my own eyes, trying to make myself reach the bliss I had just watched.

It was working!

I came and squeezed my tits hard. God I loved his cock…

I came back down and opened my eyes to see Rachel smiling at me.

“I thought you would wait until I would be gone…”

“Sorry… I had no say in the matter…” I said honestly.

“Why don’t we take this to the bedroom…” Dave said.

And we did.

By the time we reached it, Dave was completely naked and we were on both at his side. I guess as a part of being fair, he threw Rachel on the bed. She landed on her back and lifted her legs to the sky. He entered her in one smooth stroke. She was still pretty wet!

I went next to her and felt I should kiss her. So I did.

I had never been in a threesome before, but somehow, this all felt right. He fucked the living day lights out of her for a good while before moving himself on the bed. I took my cue and straddled him while he had Rachel straddle his face. 

I felt his glorious cock enter me again while he licked Rachel. We kissed again and I felt like we were in a pleasure triangle. There we stayed until Rachel came all over his face. Her moans snuffed by my mouth were enough to have me cum as well.

But he wasn’t done.

I marveled at how good he was at preventing himself from cumming. Which was good, because we both seemed insatiable.

Rachel took my place on his cock and she rode him for all she was worth. I laid down next to him and kissed him while he molested her tits.

She finally came again and he got up. He seemed ready to blow and he pointed to the floor. We both knew what he wanted and we kneeled there. We started to kiss and lick his cock in tandem for a while, but he eventually started to stroke himself really fast and we both waited, mouths open, for his big finish.

Which wasn’t a long wait!

He erupted all over both our faces and tits as spur after spur shot out of his massive cock.

For a moment, I thought we were in a porno!

Some got in my mouth and I reveled in it. By the time he was done, we were both pretty covered. He sat back on the bed, trying to catch his breath. We both swallowed what we had in our mouths before Rachel took the opportunity to lick my tits. She licked me clean and I had to admit, it felt pretty good. As she lift back up, swirling her new load in her mouth, I told myself I should do the same and licked her tits. 

It wasn’t so bad. I even liked it a little. The spunk was a definite plus!

Once I was done, I lifted back up and Rachel came in for a wet kiss. I realized she had kept her load as she swapped it in my mouth!

Normally, I would be disgusted!

But his was so good…

We exchanged it a few times, making a point to show him we did, until Rachel finally swallowed.

“Wow girls… You just made my sexiest fantasies come true!”

We both looked up at him. We both laughed.

“Well…” Rachel said. “I guess we should have done this way back when!” We got up and we all piled in the bed.

“I guess we should have…” I said. “But let’s not have this get out of hand ok?”

“Fine with me!” Dave said.

“OK…” Rachel said.

Everything was so perfect in that moment. 

“Say… I was wondering… Could I spend the night? I missed my session so I was thinking we could do it tomorrow. Might as well get it over with in the morning and then I’ll leave.”

“Oh?” he asked.

“yeah… Sorry… I kind of don’t want to get up and go outside right now…” I said as I snuggled up to him.

“Ok… But only if BOTH of you sleep in my bed tonight.”

Rachel lifted up her head and looked at me. We both started to smile knowingly.

“Fine with me!” Rachel said.

I nodded.

We talked a lot of how this could work and we all agreed it would stay sexual. We all didn’t want it to become complicated and I was a little proud of us. 3 young adults able to say what they really wanted and being able to accept it! Of course, the deal was that it shouldn’t interfere with our studies. 

I drifted off to sleep listening to Rachel retelling a story of her trip she had already told me. The sound of her voice was nice and I found myself thinking of what she had told us under hypnosis. How she liked it. How she found it arousing.

I realized I found it mildly arousing as well. Maybe not as much as her, but it did get me in the right mood. Why was that? I felt so secure in his capable hands. And Rachel was right, the fact that it put him in control did stir something in me. Like he was THE man. Like he would do anything to make us feel good.



I slept like a rock all night!

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