How I Became his Personal Assistant/Sex Slave

Getting Comfortable with New Triggers

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #f/f

I came back out and went straight to see him. 

“Ok Dave… I feel like something is wrong here…”

“Wrong? How?”

“I don’t know!!! I just feel like… There’s this nagging feeling… Like I should be feeling bad about all this.”

“About fucking me?”

“Well yes… But more than that… Like I should not be so calm when you spontaneously start masturbating while you watch me. Or being so happy to give you head.”

“OK… I think I know what is happening…” he said. “I was afraid something like this would happen… It’s Ok… I know what to do.”

I felt a wave of relief at his words. He knew what to do about this. Why did that feel wrong as well…

I watched him get up and move to me. He took both my shoulders and for the briefest moment, I was about to laugh. I could see us both naked in the living room, locked in some kind of weird eye contact. 

But it passed and he looked at me in the eyes. His expression became soft but stern. I looked at him, not really knowing what to do.

“Betty’s Happy place…” he said softly.
All of a sudden, I felt my tension melt away and my mind went really calm. I didn’t feel in a trance, but I felt pretty close. I felt at peace. I felt good. I felt safe. I felt happy.

“Whenever you feel stressed and worried, come to me and I’ll sooth it away like this. Understand?”

“Of course…”

“Do you mind me calming you like this?”

“Oh no… This feels very nice… I like this…”

“Good... I was holding back on trying this trigger until you felt really stressed. It's part of your stress removal sessions. Remember the stress you felt? That is what is happening now. Your hidden stress is making you question everything. But there is no need to worry. Weird thoughts and questions are normal when dealing with deep seeded emotions and a complicated past.”

“Yes... Normal…”

“Let me calm you further… Betty, it is complete normal that our relationship evolved like it has. During one of our first sessions, I asked you why you refused us going further than friendship. I was curious because I always felt a special connection between us. Would you like to know what you answered me under hypnosis, where you couldn’t lie to me or yourself?”


His words were like silk to my ears. I felt like everything he was saying made perfect sense. His every word felt important and real in a way I couldn’t explain. I just HAD to listen.

“You told me you felt a deep attraction to me and you were afraid that if you indulged, you would lose focus on your studies.”

“Of course…” I said. “I need to be the best…”

“You do… But you also admitted something else…”


“That in fact, you saw a strange future between us. A future you were sure I would reject.”

“Reject?” I asked.
“Yes… You saw and felt deep down that our mutual attraction would have to stay physical. You thought that if we ever did get physical, I would get attached and ruin our friendship.”

“Yes… I don’t want it to end…”

“Exactly… So Betty… I’m here to calm that fear… It is perfectly normal for you to give me oral sex when I want some. It is perfectly normal for you to get aroused by that. After all, you love to suck my cock. Don’t you?”

“Yes… I do… You taste so different… So wonderful… I love every chance I get to suck your cock... It feels so normal...”

“Good… The reason it is ok for you to suck me is because I understand your fear and accept it. I promise not to get attached like you fear. I promise not to let this go to a place where your studies are in danger. I promise to always help you succeed. Our relationship is purely physical.”

“Purely physical…”

He nodded and let my shoulders go. I felt my mind unfreeze and I looked at him. He was searching my eyes to see if I was ok.

“I’m fine now… Thanks for that.”

“That’s what I’m here for.” He said.

“Hahahah… How strange was that? You just said a few words and I went all calm.”

“Hypnosis has many benefits you know.”

“It’s amazing…”

“It is… I know this is our first time fucking, but usually… I like it when the girl… You know…”

“What?” I asked, suddenly curious about his preferences.

“I like to watch her clean my cock off… With her mouth and tongue.”

“Oh really?” I said as I looked at his deflated cock. “I’ve never done that before.”

For the briefest moment, I felt a flare of doubt and fear about the situation, like he was pushing me in a direction I would normally avoid. But then… It was perfectly normal for me to suck him off.

I looked at him and smiled. I loved to suck his cock so I just went with the flow and let myself sink to the ground. He approached his cock and it was like a dream.

My mouth started to water and my tongue darted out to lick him. I tasted our combined juices and it was strange, but not unpleasant. The fact I liked his spunk made it ok. I looked up at him and suddenly felt warm as I watched his smiling face.

He was happy. Because of me… Because I was good…

I sucked and cleaned him for a good while, I even thought he would get another erection, but he finally moved back and gave me a thumbs up. 

“Stay there a moment.” He said.

I just kneeled there, waiting…

He came back with the metronome and I felt a spike of joy. I loved being hypnotized. 

“Why the change in plans? I thought this was a celebration?”

“Oh it is… I just thought a session would help you relax while you let the tequila work it’s way out of your system. I read somewhere that it can help speed the sobering of a person. Want to try?”


He installed the metronome in front of me on the ground and for a moment, just before he started it, I wondered why I felt so good and relaxed already. I mean, I WAS kneeling on the hard floor…

But then it started to swing back and forth and I didn’t care. I let myself float away…

I woke up in bed.

As I stretched and looked around, I realized I wasn’t in my own bed. I sat up straight and looked at the form next to me.

It was Dave!

I was in his bed and it was morning! 

What the hell? I thought I was supposed to sober up and go back to my place…

As I thought back, I had a flash of memory that hinted that he woke me up and told me I had confided in him during the session that I didn’t want to leave. That I wanted to continue the party and we drank some more.

That would explain the lack of memory.

I got up and went to the bathroom. I looked myself over in the mirror. Whoa! I was a mess!

I took a quick shower and cleaned myself off. At the time, I didn’t find it odd that I felt ok taking shower at his place. I let the hot water wash away the slight hang over I was feeling and got out of the bathroom feeling refreshed.

As I walked to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, I saw the mess we made the night before and frowned. 

Damn it must have been wild! 

I starter the coffee and started cleaning as quietly as I could. I didn’t want to wake him after all.

At some point, the smelled the coffee and poured myself a large cup before I continued. Before I knew it, I had cleaned his whole apartment! Even did the dishes!

I felt so good about myself. Cleaning for your host was the right thing to do. I mean, it was the least I could do for his hospitality. I felt dirty after all that work so I checked on his sleeping form and took another quick shower to rinse everything off.

I looked at the time and it was getting close to 10. I had to go study, but I didn’t want to leave before I thanked him for a wonderful night. I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and added what he liked.

I came in the bedroom and put the cup on his nightstand. He had moved and the covers had moved off him. He was naked and sporting an erection. His nakedness made me realize I hadn’t put any clothes on!

How would he react when I woke him up naked… Probably with the expectation of a morning romp…

Better play it safe. I was about to put on my normal close when I saw the half open drawer with all my lingerie in it. A wicked thought made my rational mind float away and I put on the black lace underwear combo.

At least I won’t be naked.

I went back to his bed side and my eyes got pulled back to his cock. My mouth watered… He would be in for a nice Sunday morning!

I kneeled on the bed between his legs as slowly as I could, not to wake him. I bend down to his crotch and took a minute to really examine his cock. He was sleeping anyway…

There was a drop of precum on the tip that made me want to suck him down in one go, just to taste it. But I refrained… I studied his length and realized I hadn’t really took the time to really observe it before. 

Like I had noticed, he wasn’t the longest cock I had seen or fucked, but he was definitely the thickest. His girth alone was impressive. Combined with his slightly longer than average length, it made for a wonderful size. No wonder I came so hard the night before.

Thinking back on it, I felt moist between my legs.

I shook my head and continued to look at it. I noticed all his ridges and veins as I studied it. I felt my boosted concentration kick in and it was like I was imprinting his cock in my mind. As if it was important.

I had spent a lot of time sucking it, but I always seemed to lose track of time and just enjoy the moment. Now, I could stay concentrated.

By the time I was finished, I realized I could close my eyes and picture it completely in my mind’s eye.


Strange too…

Well… Time to wake him up!

I stuck out my tongue and licked his drop of pre-cum. Damn it was tasty… I then proceeded to make my ministrations as soft as possible, to try and see how long I could lick and suck him before he woke up.

A strange thought occurred to me while I started. What if I was so good he thought it was all a dream and enjoyed it until his orgasm woke him up. He would then see it was me and really get a surprise!

I put my mind, lips and tongue to the task and was soon lost in my tender ministrations. I licked and caressed his cock head slowly, as if I was licking the most delicious popsicle. I rubbed my lips along his shaft imagining they felt like silk to him.

I have no idea how long it took, but I eventually looked up to check if he was awake, and I noticed he was looking down at me. I sucked him one long time, trying to get him as deep as I could, which wasn’t that much, and then lifted my head off his cock with a pop.

“Good morning…” I said in my best sexy voice.

“And what a good morning it is… Damn… I was so close… Could you...” He trailed off.

I winked and dove back on his cock. He was awake now so I could be a little bolder so I started to give him serious head. Damn he tasted good… 

I lost track of time again, but a few times, I remember looking up in his sleepy eyes and his smile pushed me on. I had to make it good for him… I just had too…

At one point, I realized he was even drinking his coffee while I blew him.

I had 2 mixed thoughts when I saw that. My first instinct was to think he was full of himself. The other, louder part, was so happy he seemed to be enjoying the coffee I had made for him.

But the blowjob seemed to calm me and I just continued.

I didn’t know it then, but that was all wrong. I just couldn’t figure it out. Not that it would have made any difference. By that point, I was completely hooked.

He finally came and I sucked it up like it would be my only breakfast. The taste hit my mouth and I was so happy. Even in the morning, he tasted good! He finally stopped twitching as I sucked it all up and swirled it around my mouth, spreading the taste.

I swallowed and a wave of pleasure soothed all my muscles, like a soft orgasm…

“That was such a great way to wake up Betty… Thanks for that!”

“Hhhmmm…” I said licking my lips. “My pleasure…”

“Fuck… Look at the time! I have a meeting for my final project at noon! I better get up and get ready.”

I looked at the clock and was a little surprised it was half past 11 O’clock!

Had I sucked him for more than an hour? No… It couldn’t have been THAT long…

He slapped my ass so I would move off him and he went to the shower. I looked at his coffee cup and it was empty. Did I really blow him for that long? 

I took his cup and went to the kitchen to wash it. I got dressed and was about to leave when he got out of the shower. He came to meet me at the door.

“Well… I really enjoyed myself last night.” He said smiling.

“Me too!” I said. “I would stay longer, but you have to leave and I have to study anyway.”

“No worries…” he said with a pause. “Come by tonight once you finish all your chores and studying. Let’s have supper! My treat!”

“Why the sudden invite? Listen, this can’t go there…” I started to say.

“Oh no! Nothing like a date! Just to show you how I appreciated last night. No strings.”

I thought it over. Sure, why not…

“Ok. I’ll be here.”


I left his apartment feeling good about the whole night. I couldn’t remember most of it, but the fuck on the floor… Damn that was just what I needed. Plus his lips and tongue…


If he was truthful about it just being for sex… It would be a whole lot easier to release the sexual tension with him than looking for hookups of unknown talent at the club. In a way, finally hooking up was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I dove in my workout and then went crazy with my studies. I realized that even though part of my mind was imagining his cock all day, I could easily compartmentalize it and study. The afternoon went by in a flash and I was back at his door. I went in and found a catastrophe in the making.

He was trying to cook!

“Hey Betty! Huh… Listen… I… Don’t worry, I can fix this!” he said over the smoke alarm going off.

I rushed to his aid and took note of all he was doing. He was trying to make a sort of meat loaf with rice and vegetables. All at once! I swooshed him away from the kitchen.

“Leave this to me, you clearly can’t cook!” I said.

He laughed and sat at the table. I went to the fridge and grabbed him a beer. I opened it and gave it to him.

“Just relax and watch what you SHOULD already know how to do.”

“You’re a life saver Betty! Thanks!”

I threw away the burning stuff and started almost from scratch. I was busy with all the preparation, so I didn’t notice he had taken out his cock while I prepped the food. Once I put everything in the oven and took the rice off the stove to cool, I turned to him and was a little surprised by his cock, hard and out of his pants.

“Ok Mister… What do you think you are doing?” I said.

“Oh.. Just enjoying the show…”

“The show?” I asked.

I then looked down and realized that at some point during the food prep, I had taken all my clothes off! All except the apron!

“Ok… When did this happen?”

“Ok you got me… I put in a few fun triggers only I can activate. One of which is making you remove an article of clothing without you realizing it. At first anyway…”

I looked up at his hardness and my mouth watered.

“Ok… That wasn’t part of the deal to let you hypnotize me.”

“No… But it was part of the ‘do whatever you want’ bet. I just thought that since we were fucking now… I could indulge a little fantasy of mine.”

“Fantasy?” I asked, suddenly aroused. “What fantasy?” 

He got up and approached me. I backed up to the counter and my breath got all quick and short. He leaned in close and kissed me on the cheek softly. I wasn’t sure what to do! His hands took my shoulders and turned me so I was back to him. 

I felt his cock nestle between my ass cheeks. God I wanted him to just put it in!

“Well…” he whispered. In my ear while nibbling it. “I have a thing for hypnosis… And watching you undress without you knowing you are doing it is a huge turn on for me…”

“Oh fuck…” I moaned at his words.

Without further teasing, his feet spread my own and I felt him aim his cock at my pussy. My back arched and my ass stuck out. He took my invitation and inserted himself slowly at first. Once his cockhead was nice and in, he pulled out just a little before slamming himself all the way in.

I screamed at the sudden and delicious stretching. He fucked me slowly against the counter and it took all my strength to hold myself up when he kicked it into high gear. The fuck started tenderly and evolved into a passionate romp that sent me into a state of high arousal and pleasure.

He didn’t last as long as the night before, but I didn’t care, when I felt him cum I was already cumming.

It was fast.
It was intense.
It was perfect…

We caught our breaths against the counter and he finally moved back. I felt his cock dislodge and I whimpered at the empty feeling I felt. I looked back over my shoulder and he was smiling.

“Sorry about the trigger… If you want, I can remove it.”

I debated briefly, but I smiled.

“Leave it… Especially if it motivates you to fuck me so hard.”

“Deal.” He said. Then he looked down at his cock.

I knew what he wanted me to do. After such a good fuck, who was I to refuse?

I slid down to the floor and proceeded to lick and kiss his cock clean of our juices. While I was doing it, I swear I heard him say ‘good girl’…

I couldn’t be sure… But then again, I didn’t care because I felt so good about it all.

He finally zipped up and I went to the bathroom to clean myself a little. I checked on the meal and lucky for us, nothing burned. I served him a plate and once I was sure he liked what he was eating, I fixed myself one and we toasted.

We talked and laughed about how we should have indulged our sexual tension sooner. We talked about the future and our different prospects and he admitted he had a great idea for a new business. He was thinking of starting a company when he finished his degree and the idea he had for the product seemed ok, but he didn’t go into the details saying he didn’t want to have his idea stolen.

I told him I would never in a million years betray him and he seemed really happy by that. The meal drew to a close and he praised me.

“God damn Betty… I knew you were a decent cook, but that was excellent!”

I blushed and thanked him.

“Why don’t we make it a dinner and a show for our sessions? I would really like to explore your cooking!”

“Sure! I’d be happy too.”

He smiled.

“Perfect! Ok well… What do you want to do now? It is a school night.”

“You said, dinner and a show… How about a quick strip before I leave?”

“Actually… It is Sunday night football… I was hoping to catch the game… Tell you what… Let’s make it the half time show? I could put you in a trance to have you touch up your session.”

“I forgot about the game! You love football… No…" I said looking at the time. “The game is starting in a few minutes, just go watch it. I’ll clean the kitchen and join you after that. I was curious about football anyway. I can wait.”

He nodded and he went to the living room while I cleaned the kitchen and the dishes. I came back in the living room and sat next to him. He told me the second quarter was finishing in a few minutes.

I didn’t realize I had started, but as I watched the game with him, my hand found his cock and was stroking it through his boxers. When the half time started, he mentioned it.
“Couldn’t keep your hands to yourself huh?” he said smiling. I looked down at my hand and smiled.

“Seems I couldn’t. Want your show now?”

“Don’t you want a little session first?”

“Tempting… But since your concentration won’t be on me when the game starts…” I said as I got up.

“Better do the show now before the game starts up again.”

With that, I started to dance and I still only had the apron on, so I used it as best I could. I swayed and gyrated like I had practiced and done so many times before. And with no real surprise, I noticed his cock was out when I was naked. I just smiled and continued on.

After a long moment, he spoke up.

“Want to experience another little trigger? I swear you’ll love it.”

“Sure… But I’m already naked.”

“Doesn’t matter… Ready?” He said. I nodded.

I saw his lips move, but it was like I couldn’t here his words. I was about to ask him what he said when all of a sudden, a warm horny pleasure feeling invade my whole body with a rush I couldn’t control.

It took me over within moments and I was cumming while I danced! Well… Tried to dance! I could barely stand as the orgasm ripped through me. I lost track of my surroundings for a split second and when I woke up, I was on my knees on the floor, trying to catch my breath!

He was still stroking his cock, looking at me from his lazy boy chair.

“Fuck… That was… You can… WOW…” I said.

“I was actually curious about that one. Read about it online. So? How was it?”

“AMAZING!” I said. “But I’ll admit… Just shy of a good fucking though… But man… Talk about a nice horny boost!”

“I’m glad you like it. Does that mean I leave that one in also?”

“Sure… Mind telling what you said to trigger it?”

“Actually I do. I read that with those types of triggers, it’s better if the subject never discovers it. If so, they run the risk of using it too much and becoming addicted or something. Not that I put too much stock in that for you, but I’d rather not take any chances.”

“Yeah.. Sure.. I understand…”

“Tell you what though… I have a little game we can play during the next half of the game.”


“If you can keep me hard by using only your tongue and lips, meaning no actual sucking, without making me cum, I’ll give you 5 free orgasm to use when ever you want. It can even be over the phone.”

“OK… What do you get if you cum before the end of the game? Which will surely happen.”

“Well… Your call…”

I thought about it and out of nowhere, I had the perfect answer. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was all his idea from the start.

“Tell you what, since you offered 5 orgasms to use when ever I want, I’ll give you 5 surprise orgasm, of your choice, anywhere you want.”

“OOuuu… That’s sounds nice… Done! Just in time, the half time is over. Let’s have the football game pleasure treat!”

As he said the last words, I felt strange for a moment, but it soon passed and I looked at his cock and knew what to do. It was like my whole being was suddenly focused on the task. I approached and started to kiss and lick his cock without taking him in my mouth. A sort of tongue and lip job.

The sweet haze of relaxation enveloped me and I licked on.

Time meant nothing. Did he last a minute or the whole game? I almost didn’t find out.

I swear he came before the end of the game, but it was like I didn’t care. If he did, I licked it all up and nurtured his cock until he got hard again. The taste of his seed was so good I just continued.

Until he came again… But this time, he seemed to say something right before that made me realize I could stop after he was done. I licked it all up and felt the sweet pleasure as I swallowed. I looked back and saw the game wasn’t finished!

“I WIN!” I shouted.

“Damn… OK… Just let me finish the game ok?”

I was so happy!

I looked at the time and realized it was WAY to late!

I moved up on the sofa next to him and I stayed silent until the game ended. As I watched, I realized what had happened. The game went into overtime because of a reverse call in the last 5 seconds. So the regular game was technically finished when he came because was over time.

His team finally won and I spoke up.

“Ok… So that was overtime right? What does that mean for the bet?”

“Hard to say…” he said with a shrug. "I mean... Overtime is still part of the game really."

“You came only when the main game was over… So… I guess you won.”


“Yeah… But keeping from coming for all that time as got to be a record! So I won't steal that accomplishment away from you. You won.”

He smiled.

“I guess it is pretty good self-control.”

“Speaking of which… I can’t believe you lasted so long… I can’t believe I didn’t get bored doing it!”

“I guess you like giving me head too much… Time flies when you do something you like!”

“It sure does…”

“So… 5 Orgasm whenever and where ever I want huh?”

I smiled. 


“I’ll remember that!”

We got up and he praised me for the job I did in the kitchen. I blushed. I gathered my things and went back to my place. My night was filled with erotic dreams and I woke up in the middle of the night fingering myself to an intense orgasm. I slept like a baby after that.

While I was finishing my morning class, I got a text from Dave saying he wanted to meet up. I smiled. He just couldn’t help himself!

I met him in a janitor’s closet and closed the door. 

“Hey… Fancy meeting you here…” he said.

“Idiot… You called me here!” I said approaching him. “Does that mean you want to cash in one of your favors?”

“Sure does…”

My hands found his hardening cock through his pants and I stroked him.

“How much time do you have?” I asked.

“A few minutes… It will have to be a quick one.”

“I can do that…” I said as I kneeled. “Ok if I use my mouth?”

“Go for it!”

Without further prompting, I undid his pants and fished out his cock. I started to lick and suck him off pretty fast but making sure to take enough time as well. He seemed to like it because in no time at all, I felt him tense up and he came down my throat. I sucked it all up and swallowed, feeling the wave of warm pleasure as I did.

Damn I liked sucking him off… I felt so naughty and aroused at having done so here!

“Wow… Thanks for that…” he said.

I smiled as I kissed his cock one last time before putting him away. 

“Same time tomorrow?” I asked coyly.

“Could be…”

We got out and went to our classes. The next day, he didn't text me in the morning, but we had a class together in the afternoon. As I got in the class, I looked for him and he was sitting way off in the back. I went to sit next to him.

We laughed and talked about our current course. The class started and about mid-way through, he wrote a note on a paper he passed to me.

‘How about now? Quick hand job? A bet is a bet!’

Damn him!

I looked around and noticed at once he had picked this spot specifically. We were seated in the older bench section and the way they were set up, anyone looking back at us would never see anything below the desk. I looked on both sides and no one was in our row.

It could work…

My hand went to his thigh in response and I gave him a quick look to stay quiet. I got all nervous and aroused at the thought someone could catch us! It wouldn’t be bad for me, just a hand job, but his cock out and all?


My hand found his cock through his pants and I massaged it until he was nice and hard. He helped me maneuver it out of his pants and I started to stroke him. I heard the briefest moan escape his lips before he took a deep breath. I tried not to look too conspicuous as I tried to get him to cum. I didn’t want a black mark on my school record for this!

The class was drawing to a close, a good twenty minutes later, when he finally gave me a signal he was ready to cum. I looked around and took a chance. My other hand darted below and I tried to aim his spurs in it.
He twitched and finally came. I felt his thick load fill my hand and it was warm and… smelly… 

I stroked a few more times, just to make sure he was done and looked around, perfect. I lifted my cupped hand to my mouth and licked it clean. It was a good size load and it filled my mouth with the sweet taste I had learned to love.

He put himself away as best he could while I finished licking my hand. He mouthed a thanks Betty and I winked back. We cut it close, the bell rang and everyone started to move to get out. We did as well and on the way out of the room, I bumped into my other best friend, Rachel.

“Oh my god so sorry… I started to say as I caught my books. “Oh shit! Rach! How are you?” I asked.

She gave me a hug, like we always did, before she answered.

“I just got back from my term abroad in London. It was amazing!” she said. “Hey Dave! How are you?”

“Pretty good Rachel! Seems you lucked out, I heard it wasn’t as good for everyone.”

We started to chat about her trip and we all went out for coffee. Once the first cup was done, Dave excused himself and told us to catch up. 

“Oh and don’t forget our session tomorrow!” he said as he left.

“Session? A study session or something? Oh god… Don’t tell me you are having trouble with world economics!”

“Not anymore! No… The sessions we have are all about correcting that.”

“How? If not studying.”

I looked around, suddenly embarrassed to say.

“Hypnosis!” I said in a whisper. “Can you believe it?”

“I sure can’t!" she said with a smile. "Not you anyway. I’ve seen it help a lot of people though.”

“I tell you, ever since we started our sessions, I got incredibly focused on my studies and classes. It’s like my brain goes into overdrive when I need to study. I can focus a lot more and remember almost everything I read. It’s insane!”

“You go to the therapist with Dave?”

“Oh no! He is the one hypnotizing me. He studied over the summer and… Well… You know how I like to gamble.”


“Well… He bet me he could hypnotize me and I was sure he couldn’t. So. He tried and it worked! Ever since, he’s been keeping my focus and concentration updated every week. He also started to help me with my family stress… You know what I mean…”

“Yeah… Wow… I never though Dave could do that. He must be pretty good to have you all happy about it.”

“He is!” I said a little too happy.

She looked at me with a suspicious look all of a sudden.

“Spill it. What is it?” she said.

“I can’t say really…" I said faking innocence. "Hahahahah… Ok… We finally fucked…”

“WHAT?” she said a little too loudly. “You told me he was off limits! You even told ME not to fuck him!”

“Yeah well… We got really close this past semester and one thing led to tequila and then that led to… Well… An amazing fuck! I have to tell you… He is one guy who really knows how to use his tool!”

We giggled and talked dirty for a long hour while sipping our second cup of coffee. She had a lot of questions about his techniques and later on, she came back to the whole hypnosis thing. Since it would be a tame session the next day, I invited her over to watch. 

Dave would certainly like that!

​A microscopic part of me wondered why that thought popped in my head…

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