How I Became his Personal Assistant/Sex Slave

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #f/f

By the time Friday came around, I was wondering if I would pay him more of the same. Did I hope I would? Or did I dread I would?

We finished up our team project and I told him about my idea for the extra he mentioned. He was surprised a little by my choice. Saying he never thought I had trouble motivating myself before. I just said that it happened sometimes. He laughed but was all for it and he put me under. Like the weeks before, the slow tics-tocs of the metronome combined with the soft buzzing it gave my brain brought me into a wonderfully relaxing trance in no time at all.

I woke up feeling refreshed and more than a little horny. Like before, we set up in the living room, but that time, he had his own play list. As the music started, my hips started to sway to the beat in a familiar rhythm. I got into a nice grove and by the time I had my tits out, I noticed he had his hand down his pants.

He was hard for me again… I smiled at him. He was certainly getting bolder…

Which I guess was normal since I had sucked his cock last time. A warm buzz flowed through me as the thought of it excited my loins. He looked pleased. Happy…

Why would that turn me on? No, it must be my imagination, his hard cock was turning me on. And very possibly the dance…
The thought evaporated almost as soon as it formed. I just kicked my moves into high gear and swayed like a possessed woman. By the time I was naked, his cock was out and he was stroking himself slowly.

His eyes roaming my curves openly… Hungrily…

As I took note of his cock, my mouth watered at the prospect of tasting it. I briefly thought it extremely odd, frightening even, but my horny mind brushed it off. There was something erotic about watching him get so hard while watching my hot body. I could feel my own arousal and licked my lips.

Oh why not…

I danced closer and made a point the massage my tits as I looked at him.

“Seems you like the show…” I said sexily. “That looks like a lot of tension…”

“You could say that.” He said.

“Now… Paying off my debt is all well and good…” I said as I slithered to my knees. “But… the deal was for a show… Not…” (kiss) “The happy finish…” (lick)

I licked and kissed him a few times before he answered.

“Come on… We both know you want to…”

I licked the underside of his cockhead while I looked him in the eyes. A sudden warning flare in my mind… His attitude odd… But the taste made it go away.

(Lick) “Maybe… But…” (Lick) “I’m not going to do this every time…” (Lick) “This is just…” (Lick) “A little extra…” (Lick) “I feel like doing…”

I kissed and sucked his cockhead. I was getting into a nice grove when he spoke again.

“Actually…” he said caressing my hair. “The terms of the bet were…”

I paused and looked at him.

“’Just make me do anything you want’ I believe you put it…” he said. “Go nuts… Use your imagination…”

That alarm bell in my head rang again at his words. I looked down at his cock and then up at him. His smile was a little too un-nerving.

“You… No… You MADE me do all this?”

He seemed to think it over a little before he answered. I still had his cock in my hand, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was still stroking him slowly.

“Well… I’ll admit to planting the idea of the striptease. That much is true. Sorry about that… I’ll also admit to making it easier and comfortable for you so you wouldn’t mind… But this…” he said pointing to his cock. “I had no hand in, I swear! Don’t you trust me?”

I looked down at his cock again and noticed I was still stroking it.

Doubt flooded my mind as I watched my hand go up and down his shaft. Something was definitely off here. But then again… I remember all my own decisions… He never ASKED for a blowjob…

“I trust you…” I said slowly. “It must be all the pent up sexual tension I have. Dancing just got my head in the game and I guess… Yeah… I guess I felt like being nice to you. After all, you are doing me an incredible service, for free!”

“I wouldn’t say free… The dancing remember?”

“Yeah… Ok… Now just shut up so I can concentrate on your tip. Or I can just stop?” I said smiling.

“Shutting up!” he said.

I dove back in, glad to have something to do while I wanted to think about it all.

Dave was a great guy. A nice guy. From all the conquests he disclosed to me, he was always a great lay and a gentleman with the ladies. He seemed to have a great ease with his sexuality, but other than that, nothing weird or bad.

Which bugged me a little because a small part of me was SURE he had implanted something in my mind to make me blow him. Plus… Those first times I had a weird taste in my mouth…

Could he have made me blown him under a trance and make me forget? Why would I remember the taste then? Did he implant something to make me think his spunk and cock tasted different? Better?

That all seemed way out of character for him. Like he planned it all in advance just to get me naked and have me sucking his glorious cock. My thoughts got hazy as the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth got the better of me and I just concentrated on making it the best blowjob of my life. I wanted to make him happy…

Like the week before, I lost track of time and just lavished his cock with tenderness. I even made eye contact with him on multiple occasions, to check my progress and many times, he had his head thrown back, gripping the armrest. He was certainly enjoying himself.

Which made me horny and happy.

After god knows how long, I felt his hands on my head and I snapped back to reality. He wanted to cum. I switched modes and in no time, he erupted in my mouth and the wonderful taste splashed all over my taste buds. He spasm and twitched with every spur as his orgasm finally subsided. 

I sucked the few drops left and swirled it all in my mouth, enjoying the taste. I finally swallowed and a wave of pleasure followed the load down my body. Almost like an orgasm…

I savored it…

Once it passed, I looked up and kissed and licked his cock a few times, making sure I had gotten it all. He looked on with a satisfied smile. Once I was sure he was clean, I put him back in his pants tenderly.

“Wow Betty… That was amazing… You really are the best…”

“Thanks…” I said at his praise, feeling all warm inside. “I do what I can…”

I paused and looked at him. Just happy…

“Listen Betty… I was thinking about your stress. During this session, I asked you if you still felt it and you admitted you did. You know, about you family and all that.”

“Yeah… A little… But the school focus helps me a lot.”

“But you still have nightmares right?”


“So I was thinking, Why don’t you come by for another session during the week? I won’t be able to get to the bottom of all that in our regular session, so, we could do a mid-week session and attack that.”

“Whoa! Did you start to study psychology or something?”

“Hahahaah No… But I believe that if I can figure out the root of your stress it will help me figure out a way to help you deal with it. So instead of stressing over it and feeling bad, you would trigger a feeling of relaxation, helping you sleep. I’ve read that pregnant women do hypnosis to help during labor, to trigger a calm state during the act to bypass the physical pain.”

“I’ll admit, I’d love to feel better about it.” I said. “But no digging into my childhood Freud style ok?”


I got up and started to get dressed. I left shortly after and felt good we were going to have another session. Happy even. I loved being hypnotized. The relaxing feeling was so addictive in a way.

Wednesday came around and I went over to his place. The session seemed to have gone well because he was very happy by the end of it. He told me he got a few good ideas to work on. He even said he started the healing process with that very session. I didn’t remember anything of course. But as I left his place, I felt incredibly sad for some reason.

Like I had forgotten to do something… Like I was supposed to do something…

When our Friday session came around, the work went by fast! I just couldn’t wait for him to hypnotize me again! I watched the metronome swing and in mere seconds, I felt my trance calm my mind. And then… I woke up! I pouted a little because I felt I should feel it more… But as I looked at him get settled in his lazy chair, I smiled knowing it was my cue.  As I danced, I made it extra slow… I felt he deserved a little more than usual since he was working extra for me. As my dancing approached the final reveal of my yoga pants hitting the floor, he had his cock out.

As I looked at him, stroking away slowly, I was hit again with the thought of fucking him. Damn it would be nice… But that was a line I had to resist. If we started fucking… It would complicate things… Head and stripping wasn’t complicated. 


Maybe I could make it different somehow…

As I watched his eyes roam my chest, I grabbed both tits like he seemed to enjoy and massaged them. An idea popped in my head and I smiled. It would be perfect.

“Say Dave…” I said in my best sexy voice. “I know how you always say you like your girls with larger tits… Do mine qualify?”

“Oh yeah they do!” he said slowly stroking away.

“So… Would that mean that you’ve thought about sticking your cock in my cleavage? Like you do with other girls?”

“I’d be lying if I said no.”

“Why don’t I make that a reality for you…” I said as I kneeled. “You know… So I can show you my appreciation for the extra work you are doing on my behalf.” 

He just smiled. I kissed and sucked his cock for a long while, but I concentrated more on drooling all over it to make it extra slippery. Once I was satisfied, I placed him between my tits and started to move up and down his shaft. 

I had done it to a few guys and they all said my tits felt great. The act itself never felt that incredible for me, but I never had as thick a cock as him before. His felt… Nice. The size of him was easy to work with and it gave me another glimpse of what it could feel like to have him up my pussy… But I banished the thought as best I could. I had to resist it. Even if it would be very nice…

I concentrated on what I was doing instead. I stroked him slowly, making sure he felt every inch. A few times, it felt like the lubrication was getting dry so on a downward stroke, I would drop all the way and take him in my mouth. It all blended into a titty fuck / blowjob like I had never done before. 

And again… I lost track of time… Until his hand on my head snapped me out of it. 

His hips started to move and I knew he was ready to cum. His cock went in and out of my cleavage faster and faster until he spurred all over my tits and face! He was still twitching with his release when I licked around my lips to get a taste of him.

“Damn…” he moaned as I finished milking his cock with my tits. “That was…” he said as I descended my mouth around his cock, sucking up his last spur. “HUH…. Amazing!”

I licked his cock head, swirling away to get all his delicious spunk. Delicious… Another thing I wouldn’t think about when spunk was concerned.

“God that feels good…” he whispered.

I felt a small wave of pleasure at his praise. I enjoyed it a few moments while I licked him. Then I took my fingers and scooped up the rest of his seed that had landed on my chest and face. I looked him in the eyes as I licked them clean.

His smiling eyes watched every move I made.

“Wow… Just wow Betty…” he said smiling.

“My pleasure…” I said as I savored his cum.

“You really have incredible tits.” He said looking at them. “Plus… You sure know how to use them to marvelous effect!”

“Thanks…” I said looking at his deflating cock. “I have to say, you are pretty well equipped yourself… And… From what the girls around campus say… You seem to know how to use it as well.”

“Well… I haven’t had any complaints… Why? Thinking about us finally fucking?”

“Well… With what we’ve been doing… I’ll admit I’ve thought about it …BUT!” I said getting up. “There is a line we have to resist! Sorry!”

“That’s ok, but don’t hold it against me if I’ll admit I thought about fucking your brains out a few times. You are one hot babe. But, I can’t really complain right?” he said with a smile.

“Right! Otherwise, I could be motivated to say I’ve paid my debt!”

“Well… In a way… You’ve already paid…” he said with a smile. “I mean… the terms were that I could make you do what I wanted by implanting something under hypnosis. I mean… If you are feeling uncomfortable stripping for me, I could always go back and undo that… Is that it? Are you feeling bad about dancing naked for me?”

“No ! I’m not… Was that you?”

“Yeah… Like I said last time. I just wanted a good show and part of that was having you feel good about it. But don’t worry, it’s just with me, I don’t think you’ll feel a compulsion to go stripping for tips!” he said with a laugh.

“I better not! Otherwise you and I are going to have a talk!”

He laughed as he zipped up.

“Say Betty…” he said while I got dressed. “I have a midterm to study tonight and my kitchen is a mess, it would really help me out and make me happy if you would do the dishes for me while I study.”

“What?” I said turning around to face him.

“I wouldn’t ask… but I’m really behind on my studies because I’ve been spending all my free time studying for our sessions to make them perfect for you… And it’s not like you owe it to me or anything…. It would just be an incredible help.”

I looked at him with a mixture of emotions. I felt incredibly bad I had made him loose track of his studies because of my sessions. I was getting way ahead and he was losing ground. That wasn’t fair for him. I’ll admit I was a little surprised he actually asked, but I was his best friend and friends help each other.

“Yeah ok… I can do that… Don’t make it a habit though!”

“Oh god thanks Betty!” he said and gave me a hug.

As he did, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. A burst of happiness invaded me at seeing and feeling him so pleased.

I smiled and went to the kitchen. I proceeded to wash and dry the dishes. I even put everything away and cleaned a little. By the time I was done, he was immersed in his books and barely looked up to thank me when I said I was leaving.

Over the next few days, I didn’t realize it of course, but he had started to give me things to do. He wouldn’t ask anymore, just tell me to do things. I know now it was all very progressive, but looking back, it was radical change in our friendship’s dynamic.

When our mid-week session came along, I was so happy I arrived an hour before hand. He had left me a key and I just went in. When I saw the state of the living room, I sighed. It was a mess! His dirty clothes were laid out everywhere.

I had seen his place in such a state a lot. We were friends so it didn’t surprise me. But I couldn’t keep still so I started to gather everything up and clean the living room. I even started the laundry!
About an hour later, he finally arrived.

“Oh hey! You’re already here!”

“Yeah, thanks for the key.”

“Have you been here long?” he asked.

“Just about an hour… Hahahah I couldn’t wait for our session and came a little early!”

“That’s fine… Sorry for not being here, I was finishing up some homework…” he said looking around the living room. “Wow… Did you do this?”

“This? Oh no…. It must have been the day fairies…” I said with a smile. “Of course silly!”

“Thanks a lot Betty!”

I felt all warm at his praise.

He got everything out and I went to sit in the living room. The metronome came alive and I went under in a flash. The wonderful relaxation taking over…

And then I woke up. 

The weird thing about it though was that I was standing and Dave was an inch in front of me. His sudden closeness was a little disconcerting, but as my eyes looked into his, I saw a mixture of emotions.

Including a large amount of lust… His lips were so close… I felt a sudden and very strong urge to kiss him, but I fought it. I wanted to kiss him so bad…

But I knew that the moment I did…We would end up fucking…

He wanted me… I wanted him… But I had to resist…

After a long moment, he just moved away and gathered his things.

“Well… That was very productive. You are making good progress.” He said. “Have you been feeling better?”

“A little…” I said, glad not to talk about the sexual tension.

We did some small talk before I left. As I went home though, I felt a wave of sadness like the other week. As if I had let him down… Forgotten to do something… I brushed it off and went to work out.

My motivation to keep fit had gotten loads better since I asked him to help. He was such a good guy… And I was a little tease…

The rest of the week was spent, to my shame, thinking about his cock and how good it would be to finally fuck him. I even spent a few nights masturbating to thoughts of him taking me.

I came hard every time.

When Saturday came along, I was determined to resist it. The work was barely done and I was under.

When I woke up from my trance, I was standing in the middle of the living room and he already had his cock out.

I looked down and I was already naked.

“Seems you couldn’t wait.” I said with a smile.

“Yeah…” he said stroking his cock. “Skip the dance…” he simply said.

A wave of warning passed inside my mind, but it was gone as soon as it came. I was looking at his cock and nothing else seemed to matter. My mouth watered and I went to him. I kneeled and as I did, a new type of wave washed over me.

I felt good… I felt right… I felt I was doing what I was supposed to… Kneeling for him…

That was new.

I took him in my hands and marveled at his cock. I looked at it and it was captivating in a weird way. Every ridge and vein seemed perfect and… Beautiful… Erotic… Alluring…

I started to kiss it and lick every inch. I had gotten good at knowing what he liked. It was getting easy to make him last. 

While I was in my groove, I had scattered thoughts about how weird it was that he didn’t want his strip dance. Had I danced in the trance? Why did I just kneel and suck him without question? Was this still the bet or something else?

They all slowly melted away as my task took me into a nice haze. Time stopped to have meaning and I just sucked away. It was weird I could blow him in this way. Not caring how long it took.

I even used my tits!

But it eventually ended and I snapped out of it when he started to cum. He spurred his seed all over my tits again. Once I was sure he was done, I scooped it all up and ate it. Relishing in the taste of him. He praised me yet again for my talents and the warm happy feeling made me flush with arousal. But the night was over and I got dressed and left.

I went home thinking happy thoughts at the praise he gave me on my oral skills.

On Monday, he asked me over to his place. I didn’t think anything off it and went. Like before, I arrived before him and found his place all messed up. I sighed and laughed at his poor state of housekeeping.

I didn’t realize I was doing it, but I ended up cleaning the kitchen and living room before he came home.

“Wow Betty! You really did a good job!” he said.

“Thanks… I really marveled at your ability to mess things up!” I said laughing.

He laughed and we went to the living room. 

“Ok, so I asked you here with a specific idea in mind.”


“I want you to model all your sexiest close.”


“I thought about our bet and our sessions, and I want you to wear sexy things for our sessions. Naked is all well and good, but the right piece of lingerie can be exceptional.”

“But I didn’t bring anything!” I said.

“Oh you did…” he said looking at the entrance.

I went where he was looking and sure enough, I found one of my bigger bags there.

“When did I bring that?” I asked as I brought it over.

“Today… I’ll admit, I planted a post hypnotic suggestion for you to bring it if you wanted to do it. Looks like you do!”

I looked inside and was amazed at all the things that were inside. All my sexiest close were there, all neatly folded. I looked up at him.

“You planted the idea and I did it without realizing I was doing it?”

“Yep. But it was designed in a way that you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t want to do it. Your conscious mind didn’t notice because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Damn… You are getting good with the hypnotic stuff…”

He just smiled. 

I then went in his bedroom and laid everything out. What followed was exactly what you would expect; I went from outfit to outfit and modeled all of it. He would say comments about each and I put aside those he wanted me to wear during our sessions.

The show must have gotten him excited because at one point, he had his hand down his pants. As I modeled the next few outfits, I was struck by how normal I felt with him stroking himself while I paraded for him. A part of me found it all so weird… But then again… I couldn’t bring myself to care all that much.

By the time I was at my last outfit, his cock was out and I felt drawn to it. My mouth was already watering as I watched him stroke himself.

“Well… This is the last one…” I said as I got closer.

“You have great taste Betty. Not one of them was bad on you.”

“Really? Why discard some of them?”

“Call it… Personal taste… Of course, one thing they all did was put your body on display beautifully…”

I felt myself get weak in the knees. Like I wanted to kneel and suck him off.

“I can see you liked the show… But Dave… We have to stop this…” I said, not really believing what I was saying. 

I seemed unable to resist the strange pull I felt at seeing his erect cock. All hard… Because of me… He noticed.

“Betty… There is no harm here… Like you said, it won’t go further than head. Beside… We both know… You like to give me head…”

He was right! Why was he right? I asked myself. Why did I like it so much?

I caved.

I folded my knees and started to stroke him.

“Well… I still feel like we shouldn’t… I mean… It’s a real tease for you… Knowing we won’t fuck.”

“I know what you mean… But… Like I said before… I can’t complain…”

I started to kiss and lick him and in no time, I was getting in that haze where nothing seemed to matter.
At one point, I could have sworn he spoke up.

“Good girl…” he seemed to whisper.

Did I imagine it? Did he really say that? For some reason, the thought of him saying that to me felt so good I felt dizzy. A small part of me was a little offended by it, but it faded away while I sucked his glorious cock.

After he came in my mouth, we got dressed and I left all the outfits he likes in a drawer he had prepared for me.

When Wednesday came around, he was there on time, but he asked if I could tidy up his room before I picked an outfit to wear for our session. I said it would be my pleasure.

While I was putting away his things, I was thinking it was weird I was doing so much for him lately. I thought it over and it was really odd. I felt like it should be… Something… Just not normal… But for the life of me, I couldn’t phantom why!

I put on the blue lingerie he liked and went in the living room. As soon as I did, I heard the metronome and almost fell to the ground as the trance hit.

When I woke up. I was dressed normally and standing by the door. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and congratulated me on my session. A sudden flare of panic erupted as I watched him close the door.

Why did the session finish so abruptly? Didn’t he want to enjoy my lingerie a little? A dance? A tity fuck?

Whoa… I remember thinking how strange those thoughts had been.

I spent the rest of the week half excited to see him alone on Saturday and half worried about all the changes our friendship was having. I had a very big nagging feeling something was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

As I came in his apartment on Saturday, I was determined to ask him about it. He wasn’t home so I cleaned his whole apartment. It took me almost 2 hours, but I was done and happy I finished before he arrived. He finally came in while I was putting away the vacuum.

“About time!” I said as he came in.

“Damn….” He said looking at me. “You look amazing…”

I blushed at his praise.

“Sorry about that, I got held up helping a friend.” He said as he went to the living room.
I followed.

“Yeah well, it looked like a pig sty in here so I tidied up. Try to be a little more house broken ok?”

“Sure…” he said sitting down in his favorite lazy boy chair.

He looked me over with his hungry eyes.


“Just admiring…” he said.

I blushed again.

“Ok… So are we doing this? We don’t have any more projects except the Midterm, which is the new business idea and development. But that’s way off.”

“Well… Since we both had extra good grades on our last project, I was thinking of celebrating.”

“Celebrating? I thought this was my hypnosis session.”

“We can do it of course… But before that, I was thinking of having a few celebratory drinks with you while we sharpen our poker skills for the end of term tournament!” he said as he got the tequila out.

Damn him… Again with my weak spots!

“You know what happened last time we played one on one poker.” I said as I went to the kitchen to get shot glasses.

“I know, you got all my money.” He said as I came back in. “But this time our minds are way sharper, so I think we’ll be even…”

“Ok, usual stakes then?” I said as I sat down.

He agreed and we played for about an hour. Taking shots when losing money and taking shots when winning as well! We laughed and in truth, I had missed these kinds of nights with my friend.

One thing I did notice was his eyes getting more and more distracted by my chest. No doubt his alcohol level was getting the better of him. I checked our stacks and we were both still pretty even. I guess he was right when he said we would be a better match. 

His roaming eyes gave me a wicked idea…

“Ok Dave! Enough of cheap stakes!”

“Cheap? I thought you knew how much my record collection is worth!”

“Yeah… But we don’t seem to be gaining any headway!”

“I can’t deny that…” he said looking at our chips.

“So… Maybe we can motivate ourselves a little more…”

“Oh?” he said lifting an eyebrow. “What did you have in mind?”

“We both aren’t driving anywhere anyway so… Why don’t we play strip poker?”

“REALLY???” He said surprised. “I can see why you would be motivated by that. I haven’t really stripped for you. But you stripped for me plenty of times. What would motivate me?”

“Well… Let’s add stakes.”

“Ok… What did you have in mind?”

“Well… If you get naked and lose another hand, you have to honor the stakes. Same for me.”

“Seems fair… What stakes then?”

“Well… If I win…” I said looking him over. “I want to test drive that tongue of yours!” I said blushing wildly.

“Hahahhaha I see… And what if I win? Seems a little plain to ask for a blowjob since you already give them to me.” He asked.

I shrugged.

“Well… Use your imagination…” I said with a wink.

“Ok…" he said thoughtfully. "If I win. Not only will you start with a blowjob,” he said, “but after a little while, I get to fuck you.”

My mind went 100 different ways. A part of me was flirting and asking to strip poker because I wanted him to win and claim his fuck. But a small part was sounding alarm bells at the prospect of fucking him. Like it was wrong somehow…

“You won’t win anyway. Why not… Deal.”

We dealt the first few hands and he was down to his boxers in no time. I was winning hand after hand and it was wonderful to watch.

I could see his erection through the fabric and even a few moist drops of precum.

After that, I didn’t get any good hands and I removed my top, my bra, my skirt, my shoes and finally my panties.

“Looks like next win will seal your fate!” he said.

I smirked and took another shot of tequila. The cards were dealt and I had 3 Aces. Finally! I lead him on as if I was bluffing and he took the bait.

“AH!!!” I screamed loudly as I took the winning hand. “Off with the boxers!”

He got up and removed his boxers. His cock came into view all proud and erect, gleaming with precum…

My mouth watered at the sight. I seemed a little taken with it. Like I wanted it badly. I looked up at him, standing tall as he smiled down at me.

“Go ahead… If you want… We can play the next hand when you are ready…” he teased.

Like I was possessed, I got on my knees and licked him.

“Just a tease…” (lick) “To motivate you…” (Suck)

I kissed and sucked him, taking him as deep as I could in my throat. But I stayed civil and after a few minutes, I got back to my sitting position. Feeling deliciously satiated...

“You are going down…” I said.

The hands were dealt and he seemed to be bluffing. I only had a pair, but if the river could flop a 7, I would be in good shape. So I went all in and hoped he would follow. He looked at his cards a lot and according to my book, that meant he had the same type of hand I had.

He followed and flipped the river.

It was a seven!!!

“Well… That’s not what I wanted…” he said.

“It sure was for me! Triple 7s! Read’em and weep!” I said as I threw my cards on the ground.”

“Damn… I only have a pair of 9s.” he said showing me his hand. “You win…”

He smiled and approached me on the floor. Suddenly, I was flustered and horny.

Oh god… Was he really going to honor the bet?

He went down low and started to kiss my knees.

“Lie back down and spread those lovely legs…” he said.

Oh god that was hot… He was really…. Oh fuck!

I did as instructed and spread my legs. I felt dripping wet already and his kisses left fire on their way between my legs. 

“Hhhmmm… You smell nice… I can’t wait to taste…” he said softly.

Oh shit… 

He teased my inner thighs forever, but he finally kissed and licked my pussy. I was in heaven!

My head snapped back as the pleasure eroded me. He licked and swirled like a pro. At one point, his fingers entered the mix and I was at the brink of a massive orgasm. I didn’t want it to stop. He kept me there for a delicious eternity.

Until he decided I was ready.

An orgasm ripped through me like a tidal wave. I bucked and twitched like a mad woman and he held my legs tight to keep me going with his tongue. I almost saw white as the pleasure mounted to a level I seldom felt.
It took a long while for it to slow enough for me to finally look between my legs. His smiling eyes were looking up at me.

“So? Satisfied customer?” he said.

I tried to catch my breath.

“Hell yeah…” (breath) “Do you always…” (breath) “do it like that?”

“When I like the way the girl tastes. And you taste delicious.” He said giving my throbbing pussy a lick.

“God damn…” I said as my body jerked.

He got back up and kneeled. As he did, I saw his rock-hard cock come into view and I felt like my resolve to resist fucking him being tugged and pulled.

Damn I wanted to fuck him… I had to resist… The dilemma was short lived.

“Suck me.” He simply said.

I was more than happy to oblige. I moved around and buried my face in his crotch. I sucked and tried my best to blow him like he liked, but I was in an awkward position. Lucky for me, he finally pulled my head up off his cock and pushed me back on the ground.

“I can’t take it Betty… I’m fucking you. You are fucking me… It’s time…”

I was about to protest, but I felt frozen in place by an unknown force. I just watched as he lowered himself between my legs and aimed his cock at my dripping pussy.

Oh god… He was about to… We were about to… No… This can’t happen…

As soon as his cock touched my pussy, my resolve melted away. He thrusted sharply inside me and I felt myself stretch deliciously. I had been right… It would feel amazing…

If not painful at first… I was well lubricated because of his amazing tongue, so it wasn’t as bad, but still… He was LARGE!

“God you feel so tight…” he said in my ear.

My legs went in the air and wrapped around his waist. He started to move slowly, to let me adjust to his size and after a few moments, he was getting in a rhythm that brought me back to the brink of orgasm.

His cock was like heaven… Perfect… Delicious…

I came before he did and it was amazing. Satisfying… Unlike anyone I had fucked before…

He let me come down from my high before turning me over. He didn’t say a word. He simply grunted with the effort and I was so horny I didn’t mind at all. He plunged again into my soaking pussy as he took me doggy style. I never liked that position much, but I didn’t care at all.

He pistoned into me for all he was worth and by the time I felt him stiffen and release his load inside me, I was right there with him for the finally. We both came hard and I saw stars.

The feeling of his cock swelling to deliver his load was indescribable. A wave of satisfaction invaded me as it combined with my orgasm to create a whole new kind of feeling. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before… A sort of bliss mixed with intense satisfaction at his orgasm… 

I collapsed forward and he followed. We took a long while to catch our breaths.

He finally dislodged and I whimpered at the sudden vacuum in my pussy. He fell back on his back and just tried to regain some composer. I took a few minutes to catch my breath before I got up to a sitting position. I looked over at him and had a moment of crystal clarity.

We just fucked. And it was amazing… I knew we should never have fucked in the first place!

“Listen… Dave… That was bad form…” I said.

“What? Why?”

“The bet was only to have you eat me out, not fuck me.”

“Yeah… I know… I just couldn’t resist anymore. Sorry… But… You seemed to enjoy it.”

“That’s the problem… So… Let’s try not to fuck again ok? I don’t want this to affect our grades.”

“It won’t… I promise…”

“Good…” I said.

I got up and went to clean myself up. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I suddenly realized something was way off.

We had just fucked.


Why was I so ok with blowing him and stripping for him? I was ok with that last part because he made me do it. As per the bet. But the sucking was my idea…

Wasn’t it?

What was happening? I felt like I had the answer on the tip of my tongue… Maybe Dave knew. I went back out and he had moved to the lazy boy, but he was still naked. I just had to confront him. He would tell me the truth.

I trusted him to always tell me the truth… He had the answer and I needed to ask him.

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