A Kinky Little Genie

Making Plans

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #m/f #magic #pov:top #pov:bottom

- Adam -

POOF! Angelica appeared wearing a jungle explorer get up that made me instantly think about Lara Croft, but one of those porno parodies! She started walking next me as if she had been there all along.

“Greetings Master!” she said with a smile.

“Adam in public Angelica, please…”

“Oops!" she said looking around. "Sorry Adam, old habits.”

“No problem. I guess you were exploring or something?”

“Yeah, I was curious about some of my old masters and their wishes. I’m glad to see some of them wore off.”

“I see… Have you ever regretted some of the wishes you granted?”

“Sometimes…But I can’t change what I’ve done until someone wishes for it. Let me tell you, that NEVER happens.”
“What is your greatest regret? I mean, for wishes granted.”

“Hhmmm… I have to say… I granted special powers to a guy in Egypt once… He seemed fine until his true plans were revealed… In the end, it was ok… Centuries after of course… But those first decades… He was basically the first Pharaoh… He wished to be able to transfer his soul to his descendants. Nasty bit of magic that… Took a long while to breed out.”

“How so?”

“I had a feeling it would end badly if I didn’t put limits in the wish, he wasn’t really specific, so I included that he would have less of himself with each soul transfer. Plus, the more the original blood was diluted, the more he lost of himself. But he still wished for pretty impressive powers and was able to enslave his country for centuries.” She said sadly.

“Whoa… Intense…”

“Yeah… The other wish I regret the most was the multiple wishes one… I still get goose bumps!”

“You mentioned that before…”

“Yeah… I can tell you about it if you wish Maas… huh… Adam… But I would rather not.”

“Fine by me, I can imagine the chaos it could bring!”


“Well, in comparison, how do you find my wishes so far?”

“Well… I must admit, I was a little scared about the collars, but I knew deep down it was for your personal pleasure. You didn’t feel like a ‘world dominance’ kind of guy. I’m not that worried!”

“Oh? You could tell that?”

“Well… You are a young fertile man after all.” She said winking.

“Hahhaha yeah… Well, that is part of why I called you to me. I wanted to bounce ideas off of you to help me reach my goal.”

“And which goal would that be?”

“Having a successful life and a big harem!”

“Hahhahahah, I guess my story struck a chord?" she said smiling at me.

“It did. I always fantasized about having something like a harem… Having pretty girls at my beck and call, enjoying serving my every whim!”

“You are on the right track then!”

“Yeah… Still, the logistics of it are hard in this age!”

“I see… So you want your last wish to be able to give you all that?”

“Not exactly, I would like to use my current abilities… I have decided what my last wish will be, but I am holding off on it for now. I enjoy your company too much.” I said winking.

“That’s sweet Adam! But don’t deprive yourself of your wish on my account!”

“Oh… I’m not! Tell me, I need information about something concerning my last wish.”


“Can I wish for magical powers of my own?”

“Hhhmmmm…. I’m not so sure. You are a great guy Adam, but magic is tricky. There is only a set amount of magic in the world. It would have to come from something or someone. I can’t just make it appear out of thin air. Since you weren’t born to it, I can’t boost your existing powers.”

“I see…”

“And if I do grant it, it shifts the balance a little. Chances are that the one that lost his powers will be extremely mad and seek you out. Since it will be his original powers, he will be drawn to you, always.”

“I see the problem. Thanks for the warning… So… Does that mean you were given the powers of another genie?”

“It does, but I was a special case. My own Genie was lucky enough to strip another of his powers a few centuries before he met me. He was just waiting for the right wish to be granted.”

“I see… You didn’t happen to strip someone of their magic recently did you?” I asked with a laugh.

“No… If you truly wish it, I can grant it, but I don’t recommend it.”

“I was thinking that with magical powers of my own, it would be easy for me to expand my own apartment and conjure food and money to sustain my girls. I don’t wasn’t to be cruel after all.”

“A wonderful thought Adam…” she said smiling. “You will make a great harem Master.”

“Thanks… Tell me Angelica… Are you tired of being a Genie? I mean, I was thinking about what you told me last time about not being human and feeling horny. Do you wish to be free some times?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Genie… But it is as you say… It isn’t always so glamorous. I do sometimes wish to be human again. But then I get found by lovely Masters such as yourself and it is all worth it! Plus, I really like my magic!”

“So… I am curious… What if I offer to use my last wish to free you?”

“Adam….” She said as she stopped walking.

“I mean it, no joke, I thought of it as soon as you said you weren’t human. I felt sad for you.”

“But… No one has ever…”

“Really? I thought Aladdin had done it.”

“Not at all! I guess it was creative license from the author. He was sweet, but he certainly didn't use his last wish for that!”

“So? What do you think? I won’t wish for it if you don’t want to be human.”

“But… I…”

“Tell you what, think about it… No rush! Just come back to me when you have decided.”

She didn’t answer. She looked at me for a moment. Her eyes started to water a little before she suddenly turned and ran away, disappearing into thin air as she went. I smiled knowing my plan would work if she agreed to it. With what I intended, I would be able to have my harem without any fears…

Now speaking of my harem… I think it is time for Amy to visit me.

I connected with her mind and did a quick check to make sure she wouldn’t miss anything important and implanted a thought in her mind to come join me at my place. I went back home and did some papers while I waited. 

School work was extremely easy and fast, I realized that with my new mind, I wouldn’t need schooling for very long. What I needed to learn could easily be read and stored. I finished up my papers and I heard a knock on the door. I went to open it. Amy was there wearing a summer jacket and a skirt. She had done up her hair and put on lipstick. This surprised me a little, she was almost ready for bed when I called her to me.

“I think you summoned me… Master…” she said timidly.

“I did. I am pleased you answered. Come in and go to the living room.”

She hurried inside and I followed. I was tempted to read her mind but decided against it. Instead, I had another thought. I went to sit in my recliner and watched Amy, standing before me.

“Here is how this evening will start… I will ask you questions, questions I know you will have to answer… But each time you answer a question, you will remove an article of clothing. Once naked, instead of an article of clothing, you will take a step towards me with each answer. Once you reach me… Well… We shall see…”

“As you wish… Master…”

“Tell me Amy… Do you regret your choice so far?”

“I don’t… Really…” she said with a nervous smile. She was still nervous about it all, but it played on her arousal.

I saw her look down at her hands and I knew what she was thinking.

“I haven’t compelled you to obey me tonight. Not yet anyway… You are free to obey or resist. Just know I’ll be displeased if you don’t obey.”

She smiled and took a deep breath. She removed her jacket slowly. She was wearing a deep blue bikini top underneath. It made her bigger breasts extremely alluring.

“How many boyfriends have you had?”

“I have had 5.” She said, removing her left shoe.

“Have you slept with them all?”

“No, only 3.” She said removing her right shoe.

“How many guys have you slept with?”

“5…” she said, removing a sock.

“5? You little minx… Tell about the 2 that were not your boyfriends.”

“Between my second and third boyfriend” She started as she removed her other sock, “I got drunk at a party and this cute guy hit on me. I wanted to get out of my dating rut and wanted to feel something new. We ended up at his place and fucked. It wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped.”


“The other guy was not a one night stand… More like friends with benefits… We never really dated, but we had fun together.”

“How long did that last?”

“A few months…” She said, removing her skirt. She had a nice blue and gold thong underneath.

“You look ravishing by the way…” I commented.

“Thank you…” she said smiling shyly.

“When did you realized I had summoned you?”

“I got this feeling before I started my homework that I should go out.” She started as she removed her bikini top. “After you used me in school, I knew you could make my mind think whatever you wanted… I mean… I already knew… But it was different somehow… I KNEW… So I guessed you were the one that implanted this sudden desire.”

“Is that why you put on makeup and dressed like this?”

“It is… I wanted… to be pleasing for you…” She said shyly as she removed her thong. I admired her briefly as she turned. I could see she was getting turned on by all this.

I surmised it was partly because of the situation and partly because the collar gave her a little pleasure when obeying me.

“As you answer my next question, turn slowly before you take your step. What is the kinkiest thing you have tried with your lovers?”

She smiled and started to turn slowly, making sure to arc her back and push out her tits a little.

“I haven’t been that bold… But with my friend with benefits, we tried a little soft bondage… He would tie me up and fuck me…” she said finishing her turn and taking a small step. I gauged the distance remaining and guessed we still had a few questions.

“Tell me how you like having a cock in your fuck holes. How you feel about it.”

“I… Having a cock in my pussy is like nothing else… I feel full and complete… It is incredibly arousing and pleasurable…” She said taking a small step. “I haven’t given head a lot, I thought I would like it, but I always found it a little disgusting and haven’t done it as often as I would have liked. Some of my boyfriends insisted on it and I did it, but never got into it. As for my ass… Well… I never tried.”

“Interesting… What do you imagine I will make you do as my little sex puppet?”

“Everything…” she said with a red face. “I mean… What ever you wish… I think you will fuck me in ways I haven’t even dared imagine. I believe you will make me suck your cock… I believe you might fuck me up the ass…”

“How do you feel about it? Knowing I’ll do all that?”

“I…” she took a step. “I feel excited… My choice was to give myself to you and I stand by it. I feel nervous as hell… I wonder if it will ever hurt… If the hurt will be good or bad…”

“No need to worry about that… I can make you feel good about it all… Or bad… Depending what you want.”

“I know… The power you hold over my body is …. Incredibly exciting…”

“You have one final step… How did you feel when you realized I used you and you couldn’t remember?”

“Aroused…” she said, stepping between my legs.

“Last question, you don’t need to do anything as you answer. What do you expect me to do to you tonight?”

“I… Expect you will claim me fully…”

“I see… Well, you have such a beautiful body, I fear you had an effect in my pants. Why don’t we dispel your first fears? I want you to kneel and take my pants off. Once you do, I want you to give me the best blowjob you can.”

“Oh? Just like that?” She said even as she kneeled in front of me. 

She didn’t grab my pants right away though. Her hands caressed my legs as she looked up at me. I could see a mischievous smile and my instincts knew what she wanted. I was in a good mood so I obliged.

“I compel you to take off my pants and give me the best blowjob of your life.” I said smiling.

I saw her eyes widened as she tried to resist my command. I smiled. It was a good look on her. Her hands started to tremble as they slowly made their way to my belt buckle. She finally let go of her resistance and her hands got faster. My pants were off in seconds after that. My cock strained against my boxers, making a rather large tent. Her eyes were glued to it.

“That’s right, you felt it, but you haven’t seen it yet… Well, you don’t remember it anyway…”

“Yes…” she said, almost mesmerized by it.

Her hands reached out and lifted the waist band. She pulled it up and down. My cock sprang free and erect. Her eyes widened again at the size of it. She got my boxers off and her eyes never left my cock. I saw her start to resist again as her hands reached out to grab it.

“Don’t worry… Take your time… No need to be scared. I want you to get comfortable with it. After all… You 2 will have lots of practice together.” I said smiling.


“Yes MASTER. From now on, you are to always add it to your responses when we are alone.”

“Yes Master…”

She approached her face and started to kiss the underside of my cock. Her hand slowly stroked it up and down, but the pressure her hands applied was a little too much. 

“A little less pressure with your hands…There… that’s better…” 

Her mouth made its way to the tip of my cock and as soon as her lips tasted the precum that had formed there, she backed up in surprise.

“I see you tasted it… Surprised?”

“Yes… It doesn’t taste like I remember…”

“A benefit of the collar… Just wait until you taste the rest…”

She dove back on my cock and her shyness disappeared. I guessed she was a little reluctant because she feared the taste a little. Since it wasn’t an issue anymore, she concentrated on my cock and started to lavish it with her lips and tongue. 

She finally engulfed me and started to bob up and down. Because of my girth and size, she couldn’t do much more than get me one third in her little mouth… She tried to get it to go into her throat, but she would gag a little and whimper. I could see she really wanted to please me… That gave me an idea…

“Since you have been such a good girl, I think I’ll grant you a little aid…” 

Her head made a nod but she never left my cock. I entered her body and modify how her throat worked. She wouldn’t have a gag reflex for my cock. (I didn’t want to remove it completely, it IS there for a reason!) She was now incredibly flexible. Her throat could expand as much as needed to let me fit inside without causing her pain. That should do it.

I grabbed her head and started to push down. At first, she resisted and I felt a spike of fear as my cock head reached the back of her throat. I pushed a little more and I felt my cock go down her throat. WOW… It felt nice!

I let go of her head and she just stayed there with her nose in my crotch. After a few moments, I felt her tongue move around, caressing the underside of my cock… Simply exquisite…

After that, she really got into the blowjob and used her new found ease to great effect. Since I could control my orgasm, I held off to really enjoy her ministrations, which were getting better and better.

She even started to moan a little… 

I caressed her head and had a surge of possessiveness invaded me. She was mine… I could do anything with her… I looked at her necklace and decided it needed to change. I put my hand on it and concentrated. It morphed into a leather collar with a ring attached to it. There…

Now that was sexy…

​“I guess you never swallowed spunk before?”

“Once…” suck… “Never did again…” lick….

“Well, prepare for mine, I want you to taste it and swallow. Then, tell me how it tasted.” I said before letting go of my block.

It didn’t take long after that and I erupted in her mouth. She sucked it up and I saw her eyes widened yet again as she tasted it. It was a good load and she did her best to get it all. Some spilled out and went on her hand as well as my cock. I saw her swirl it around a little before swallowing. She looked up at me in wonder.

“So? Still think it tastes bad?”

“I… Not at all… hhhmmmm” she said licking her lips. “In fact, I love it! It tastes like… I don’t know… It just tastes good. The texture is rich and nice on the tongue.”

“I’m glad you like, I expect you to give me head a lot. You got rather good between the time you started and the time you finished.”

“I am happy you enjoyed it Master. May I?” She asked while looking at my spunk on my cock and her hand.

“By all means. In fact, from now on, it is expected of you to offer your services to clean my cock after I cum. With your mouth…”

“Yes Master…” she said before licking her hand.

She looked in my eyes as she tasted the cum. It was, needless to say, incredibly erotic! She then lowered her head again and licked up the rest of it. I was still hard, which gave me an idea.

“How do you feel about staying for the night?”

“I…” she said while looking up. “I would like that Master…”

“Good… Now, I want you to suck my cock. I compel you to practice on your oral sex skills with my cock so you can become the best cocksucker you can be for your Master.”

She shivered as she heard my order.

"You..." She said looking at my erection. "You can go again?"

I just smiled and watched her try to resist the compulsion for a few moments before she descended on my cock.  I had always had a fantasy about this, having a beautiful girl sucking my cock while I watch the TV. I looked over at the coffee table and saw the remote. I concentrated briefly and picked it up with my mind and brought it to my outstretched hand. Looking down at Amy, I just couldn't help but smile as I realized that now I could live out my fantasy when ever I wished! 

She took her time and experimented with different techniques. Some I liked, others I didn’t… I coached her for a good half an hour before I was ready to give her another little gift...

- Amy -

As soon as he opened the door, I knew I had made the correct choice. Every time I saw him I felt a little jolt of pleasure. He was so commanding… I wondered if he had done this to me as well. I smiled inwardly as I realized it was probably true, but I had always fantasized about a strong man in my life. I hadn’t imagined it like this though…

I got extremely aroused as he asked his questions. I couldn’t resist the compulsion to tell the truth. I felt a little embarrassed as I answered, combined with me getting slowly naked as I did, I felt I was bearing all for him to know.

Once I was kneeling in front of him, I felt the weight of my servitude hit me. I resisted it. I imagined it was my last stand to get free of his control. I knew I didn’t like the taste of cock and sperm since I had already tried it and almost puked. Once his cock was finally free, I couldn’t stop looking at it.

He was so big! I was fascinated by it… I almost didn’t hear it when he ordered me to suck him off.  But my mind certainly registered his command. 

I resisted the drive pushing me to blow him as much as I could. It was like a pressure to obey… A pressure to please him… It grew and grew until I just couldn’t hold back anymore. I licked his shaft until I got to the drops of precum he had at the tip of his impressive shaft. The moment I did, I knew something was different. I knew I wouldn’t mind taking him in my mouth. He felt… Right…

Tasted... Good...

The same experience happened when he came. The first drop hit my tongue and it was… Delicious… My more poetic side compared it to the nectar of the gods. Which was weird in a way. I remember clearly how it had tasted in the past. This was something completely different. Actually… Nothing I ever tasted had anything to do with how I experienced his seed in my mouth. I was surprised to admit that I couldn’t get enough!

As much as that astonished me. I couldn’t understand how I was able to let his impressive cock down my throat. I was going through things I had heard boys say they liked when getting a blowjob when deep throating came up. I tried to get him as deep as I could, but it just wouldn’t go. I even gagged a little. I was partly disappointed, but certainly not surprised. Then, a few moments after, he placed his hand on my head and just pushed me down…

All the way!

I was still thinking about it as I started on his second blowjob. His cock was already slick with my saliva and his spunk, which made him taste even better. I imagined that he had done something to my throat to help me along. Make me perfect for him… I got aroused as I thought about it. He coached me for a while, telling what was better for him and what didn’t work as much. But then I seemed to get in a good groove because he became silent and I could concentrate on pleasing him.

That thought sparked even more arousal as I felt his cock throb under my ministrations. A warm shiver coursed along my skin… I grabbed onto that feeling and the blowjob slowed down considerably. It was like I knew he didn’t want to rush it. He simply wanted to enjoy my talents. 

I found I wanted nothing more than to show him. I got lost in my task and nothing else existed…
I was almost surprised when he spoke up again.

“You have been such a good and talented girl Amy… I am going to give you another gift.” He said.

I waited to see what he meant, but instead, I felt his hands on my head. He started to move my mouth up and down his dick faster and faster. I let myself be guided. After a few moments, he pushed down harder and his cock went all the way in as I felt his shaft start to twitch. After the first shot, he pulled back until just his cockhead was in my mouth. He spasmed as he erupted, filling my mouth with his seed. As soon as it finished, I closed my mouth to fully taste it again. I was about to savor it when out of no where an orgasm hit me. I felt pleasure envelope my nerves as I swallowed his seed. I didn’t black out, but I closed my eyes while it lasted.

“Like your new gift?” he said.

I looked up at him and tried to compose myself. He was so incredible…

“I do Master… Does this mean…”

“Yes it does, if you want it. Every time you blow me and taste my cum, you will orgasm.”

“Oh my… I… Yes.. I would love to keep this gift Master.”

“It is done then. If you stay a good little slave girl, you will keep it. If I ever have to punish you… It may be taken away…”

“What other punishments are there in store for me if I… Misbehave?” I said with a wicked smile.

“Oh… I’ll think of proper punishments. Don’t worry. Now… I’m afraid you forfeited the rest of the night to me… So starting now…” he said while lifting my face to his with my chin. “You won’t remember….”

As he said it, my mind went blank and I woke up on his door step. 

“Well, have a great day at school my dear.” He said to me. 

I looked around and it was morning! I looked down I was wearing my skirt and bikini top again.

“Morning? Already? But I was just…” I said in confusion.

“I know my pet… The price you paid when you submitted to me, remember?”

“I do Master…”

“Don’t worry… We spent a WONDERFUL night… You were very… flexible!” he said winking. “You earned another little gift by the way, I hope you like it.”

“Gift? Master you spoil me…”

“Do I? Maybe… You spoil me in return my little minx… Don’t worry about it. Just know that it means you are a good girl for me.”

I shivered with pleasure at his praise…


He slapped my ass and I went out the door. I realized I wasn’t hungry and guessed I had already had my breakfast. I checked my bag and saw I had everything I needed for the day. How did he do that?

I started to make my way to school in the cool morning air and I couldn’t help but smile. I felt so good… So satisfied… It was incredible… Even if I didn’t remember the night we spent, I felt the afterglow… Like waking up from the most wonderful dream… Not remembering it… But feeling happy all the same…

When I got to my morning classes, I met up with Alysha. 

“Hey girl! Had a long night?” she greeted me.

“Hey Alysha. huh… Maybe… Why do you ask?”

“Well… I little bird told me you didn’t spend the night at your place!” she said with a big smile.

“Yeah… I didn’t…” I admitted.

“Well! Tell me about him! Who is the lucky guy? Do I know him?”

I decided to play it cool. I didn’t want to tell her about Adam.

“I don’t kiss and tell…”

“Ah come on! You know you want to!”

“I actually don’t! I like where things are going and I don’t want to jinx it.”

“Fine… But you will have to spill the beans at some point! Promise me it will be soon?”

“I can’t make any promises… It’s out of my hands…” I said truthfully.

Class started and about 15 minutes in, I realized something was way different. My concentration was off the charts! No day dreams, no wandering to other things. The teacher had my rapt and undivided attention. I also realized that everything he said made perfect sense almost immediately.


Was that the gift he spoke of? So I would be good at school? He can do that? Wow… Class went by fast and I almost didn’t wish it to end. I was so interested in the material… I wanted to know more.

“Come on lazy girl!” Alysha said. “We’ll be late for our next class!”

“Huh?” I said snapping out of it. “Yeah.. coming…” I said while picking up my stuff.

“What is that drawing anyway?” She asked.

I looked at my notes and again, I had drawn that strange icon on some of my papers. I’ll have to ask Master about that. 

“I must have seen it on a billboard or street art somewhere… Can’t get it out of my mind you know?”

“Sure…” she said rolling her eyes. 

We got up and went to our other class. Things were the same and I got engrossed in the material. Until about half way through the first hour… Without warning, I got a warm shiver. A wave of pleasure slowly made its way along my nerves. I couldn’t explain it. My eyes darted to the door and he was there in the hallway just beyond. He was smiling straight at me. He winked and moved on. I smiled and somehow knew I was about to lose a part of my day.

Sure enough, after we got lunch, I suddenly found myself sitting in class with Alysha coming up to me.

“Where the hell have you been?” she said.

“I…” I said, trying to figure out what to say.

“We were supposed to meet at the library during lunch break to check out the books we need!”

“I know… I … huh…”

“Oh I know that look!” she exclaimed.

“What look?”

“You snuck away to go see your man!” she accused.

“What? huh… Maybe…”

“Come on Amy! It’s good you got out of your dating rut. But don’t ditch me without telling me. It’s just rude.”

“Sorry… It was kind of a spur of the moment deal…”

“Fine… Just be careful ok?”

“Sure thing!”

As class started, I realized I had a wonderful soreness in my pussy. As I savored the sensation, I licked my lips and was delighted to notice the sweet after taste. He must have fucked me and had me clean him afterwards…

It was so weird that I was calm about all this! He could be making me fuck him in front of the whole school for all I knew. Yet… I didn’t mind… Actually… I was horny as hell thinking about him using me… My mind cleared as the professor started his course. So far… This whole collar thing was pretty fun!

- Adam -

I smiled at how easily Amy was taking all this. She was a good model slave and I was getting fond of her. Unlike Karen… I wonder… An idea was forming in my mind and it suddenly combined with others my expanded mind was thinking about. I smiled as I got off campus and called Angelica.

She appeared around the corner and I was a little surprised at how conservative she looked. She had a professional looking blouse and work pants. Her hair was done up in such a way as to make me think she was in a meeting or something.

“Greetings…” she said with a pause. “Adam.”

“Hi Angelica! I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“Not at all… Just handling some stuff…”


“Stuff I got over the centuries… You know…”

“Actually no… But I can imagine.”

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Well, I’m sorry to ask, and it doesn’t mean you have to answer, but I was kind of hoping you were close to a decision?”

“I thought I still had some time left…” she said with a wry smile.

“I know, and you still do if you want… It’s just that I was having ideas and if I’m being honest, I wanted to move forward. I got impatient, I’m sorry.”

“No need to be… I’m still your Genie and at your service! You have been a wonderful Master so far, so you can indulge if you want.”

“Ok… Well… If you don’t mind, have you reached a decision?”

“Yes I have.”


“That is why I was getting things organized while I still could. I have decided to accept your offer.”

“Really? Wow!”

“I know… I went around the world, seeing old friends and visiting old tombs of past masters. I also tracked down my old Genie. He was the one who offered the best advice.”

“Woah! He is still around?”

“Yep! Smooth as ever! He is sort of retired now though…”

“Cool… Ok then.. Why don’t you take the rest of the afternoon to enjoy your last moments as a Genie? Meet me for supper at my place and I’ll make my wish then. Deal?”

“Deal! You are so caring Adam… Thank you.” She gave me a peck on the cheek and turned into an alley.

I spent the rest of the afternoon making sure I had formulated my wish correctly. With my sharp mind, I was able to foresee any problems. I hoped it would work as I thought it would. I then worked a little on my cooking and made a feast! Well… As much as my limited kitchen could cook up!

Timing was perfect as I put everything to cool off a little, Angelica appeared in my living room. She was now back in her Genie outfit. God she looked amazing!

“Welcome back!” I called.

“Greeting Master! Thank you again for letting me enjoy myself!”

“After I make my wish, you just might enjoy yourself even more. Did you get to do everything you wanted to do?”

​“Well… Not everything…” she said with a smile. “But all the things I could do as a Genie.”

“Now, I was a little busy in the kitchen and everything should be perfect in a few minutes. So if you are ready, I want to make my wish.”

“Oh my god… Really? Now?” she said surprised.

“I can always wait if you want…”

“No no! It’s just that… It feels so unreal!”

“I can imagine! I didn’t realized magic was real when you first came to me. Anyway…. So here it goes… Ready?”

“Oh god… Ok! Do it!” she said.

“I wish for you, my Genie, to transform into a powerful human sorceress. You will get to keep half of the power behind your current magic and retain all the knowledge you have acquired since your conception. All the extra power that is left over will go to me, making me a wizard with half your current power and with the knowledge to use it.”

“Adam….” She said before light erupted around her. 

I almost couldn’t look. It was so bright! She lifted in the air as my wish took effect. All of a sudden, half the light around her shot out and hit me square in the chest. Sharp pain erupted along my nerves as the power flowed inside me. The pain was excruciating… But there was also an undertone of pleasure… It was making me feel alive… Present… But the sensations were too much and I blacked out…

I woke up with my head cradled in someone’s lap. I opened my eyes and I saw Angelica looking down at me with a smile. 

“You are an idiot you know that?” she patronized.

“Idiot?” I asked trying to get up. “huh….” I moaned in pain. I felt like crap!

“Yes… Idiot… You are incredibly lucky you had already enhanced your body. Otherwise… You might have died!”


“Yes really! You were not born to magic.” she scolded. “Your body wanted to reject it. When a person has a Genie to make such a wish, we can ease the power into you. Letting your body adapt to it. Because I wasn’t in control of the magic, it all came to you in a rush.”

“Oh…” I said still in pain. “Makes sense…”

She then surprised me as she bent down to kiss me. It wasn’t a quick peck either. It was long and fully engaged… I didn’t even kiss back at first. But she was so good I couldn’t help but ignore the pain and kiss back.

“GOD I missed that!” she said when we broke it off.

“Whoa there! Slow down! You need to adjust to your new body too!”

“I know… I can’t believe you actually made that wish!” she said with a big smile. “Very clever to grab some of my excess magic. Did you figure I couldn’t keep it all?”

“I thought as much, I mean… You were basically a creature of magic. I figured your new human body might not be able to handle it all. I thought that the magic would just go elsewhere, so better to get some of it for myself.”

“As I said, very clever.”

I closed my eyes and I looked inside my body. Everything was the same except that now, I felt power coursing through my it. Like when you are on a sugar high… Only much stronger…

“Wow… Incredible… WELL! How about a little supper? I guess you are famished?” I asked.

“Do I ever! I feel like I haven’t eaten in centuries!” she said with a laugh.

I escorted her to the table. As an afterthought, I wanted to test my new magic, so I dreamed up a dress I wanted her to wear and pooled some power into my thought. I then shot it towards her and was extremely pleased to see her Genie outfit start to glow and morph.

“OH!” she exclaimed as she looked down.

She was now wearing a very sexy evening gown that showed off her cleavage perfectly and had a long open back. 

“Like it?”

​“Love it! You are getting the hang of this magic business!”

“I think so… Still have a lot to figure out though.”

We sat down for the meal. I smiled as I checked her neck. The collar was still there… And since she was human now… I connected with her mind instantly and could now explore her body from within. I smiled even more when I noticed that the collar had taken effect. Her magic didn’t protect her against mine. Probably because my wish was made before she was a sorceress. With stronger magic…  

“So Angelica, how do you feel as a human?”

“Good… I feel very good… I had forgotten how everything felt… The air… the smells… The food! Yum! Very good by the way!”

“Thanks… Do you still feel as horny?”

“God yes…”

“I have to say you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am extremely pleased I could return the favor. If only a little…”

“You can’t imagine how grateful l I am!”

“So, what do you want with your new life?”

“I’m not sure to be honest… I have been a Genie for so long… And before that… Well… you know…”

“I do… But you are a powerful sorceress now, you can pretty much have what you want. And now that I am a wizard… Maybe I can help you decided by helping... Tell me Angelica… What is your wish?” I said with a smile, she smirked.

“I… I’m not sure…Besides, don’t I get 3?” she asked with a smile.

“Tell you what… Since you are already wearing my collar, why don’t you stay with me? Help me organize a proper harem… Join in on the fun… And whenever you are ready to live your own life, I will remove it and set you free.”

At the mention of the collar, her hand flew to her neck as she realized she had it on.

“That’s right! I still have this thing on!” Her eyes narrowed. “Did you plan this?”

“Not really, wasn’t even sure if it would work on a sorceress… But… I am glad it does… I would definitely love to have a beauty like you in my harem. But I am true to my word, if you wish to leave, I will remove it. You just seemed to like it so much when I gave it to you.”

“I did…” she said caressing it with her hand. “I do… You know as well as I what this collar does. Come to think of it, I can feel it working right now. If I spend to much time wearing it, I won’t WANT to leave.”

“That is certainly how I designed it.”

“I have to confess… I dreamt of my lost harem many times over the centuries… I don’t really know what else to do…It would be nice to be in one…”

“I’m glad you see it that way! So… Does this mean you accept?”

“I do…" she said as she took a deep breath. "I have one request however.”

“Your wish, is my command!” I said winking.

“I know what you can do inside my mind. So I want you to go in and create a box of sorts. A box that is completely immune to the effects of the collar. A box that will contain all my current feelings and desires. With all my memories… One I can open at will and relive whenever I want. That way, I can be sure to feel true to myself and not what the collar is making me feel should I ever need to evaluate my service to you.”

“That would be a good idea…” I said as my mind went through her request. "But... I'd feel bad not pointing out that under the effects of the collar, you probably won't ever feel the need to re-evaluate your service to me."

She smiled.

"I didn't think of that..." she said. "And you could have skipped that part too."

"I could have..." I said smiling. "But I would have felt bad all the same."

"I wasn't wrong before... You WILL make a good harem master..."

"I hope I will!" I said. "So to make your box do what you want it to do, I'll place a timer on it. How about... A month? The box will open automatically in one month from now and make you able to relive your current self. It will be able to truly make you see and feel the difference and make you look back on your past service to me completely free of the influence of the collar. And as long as it is open, you'll be able to come ask me to take the collar off without it making your thoughts all fuzzy with desire."

"That sounds perfect Adam..." she said.

"Then again..." I said. "Your wish is my command!"

I plunged into her mind as I looked deep in her eyes. I started to organize and catalogue everything her current mind had, which was a lot! I also checked all her emotions on everything and was a little surprised to find love. She had already developed a small amount of love towards me. Interesting…

Once I was done, I got back out.


“I know.. I can feel it inside me. Thank you… Master.” She said with a smile.

We finished our meal and I poured us some more wine as we made our way to the living room.

"So now that you have magic, what is going to be your next step?"

“Well, first thing is first… I think I need a bigger home!” I said as I sat down.

“Well, harems are usually the product of wealth.” She said while sipping her wine.

“I know… But I’m a little young to be suddenly rich, as you said before, I need to be careful about sticking out.”

“You do… I have an idea I think might work… What if you keep this apartment, and you buy a piece of land far in the woods.”

“Same problem, no money!”

“Well… Not exactly… You see… I wanted to thank you for freeing me, so…” she said as she pulled a phone out of thin air.

“Since when do you have a phone?”

“I spent the last day catching up with this age.” She said smiling. “I also used my magic to learn everything I could about how the technology works and how best to use it. You know, before I lost my genie powers.”

“Good idea.”

“Thank you Master. I also used my time to gather my wealth… You see… I had a lot of antiques hidden around the world… Mostly gifts from friends and some things I liked… I liquidated those I didn’t need and pooled all that money. I used it to buy this piece of land I thought you might like.” She said as she showed me her phone. 

I took it and flipped through the images. It was a mansion! The grounds were incredibly large and wooded. The mansion was on a private lake with incredibly clear waters.

“How… Where… What?”

“Hahahah It was easy to manipulate things so I could buy it. A friend or 2 helped out… The house sits on 1000 acres.”

“Holy shit!”

“And… it is yours to use if you wish Master.”


“Of course… I serve you and what is mine is yours. Don’t you know how harems work?”

“In movies maybe!”
“Well, first off, everything a girl entering a harem owns is given to the harem Master. He then decides what he gives back to the family. Well, mine worked like that anyway. As for yours, you make it work however you wish!”

“I see… Still… It’s a lot of money! I can’t go live over there! Where is it anyway?”



“I know you can’t live over there, not yet anyway… I was originally thinking of giving you a magical key that would transform any door into the the front door of the mansion simply by placing the key inside. But since you are a wizard now, you could create your own magic portal to bring you over there. That way, you still live here and enjoy your current life while having a sanctuary of your own where you can indulge yourself!”

“Wow… I don’t know what to say… I especially don’t know how to make such a doorway!”

“I can teach you! I can make the first one, then when you are ready, you can make your own!”

“Incredible… And you did all that, knowing you wanted to be part of my harem?”

“Well… In preparation of… In case you wanted me in it.”

“How could I not?”

“That is very nice of you to say Master…” she said blushing.

“ok… Well… No time like the present… can we go there now?”

“Sure! Where do you want your doorway?”

“Huh… Let’s use my bedroom closet. Can you make it so only we 2 can go through?”

“Sure.. But don’t you mean us and your girls?”

“Right… Well us and anyone with one of my collars.”

We got up and went to the bedroom. She chanted something in a language I was surprised I understood and waved her hands. Suddenly, I could detect magic inside the closet. She looked at me and winked before she stepped into it. She disappeared!

I took a deep breath and stepped inside. I felt myself lurch for a moment, then I was in the gardens of the mansion I had seen in the photographs. I looked back and I had just stepped through a stone archway. Angelica was there smiling.

“WOW! That was pretty amazing!”

“Isn’t it? I’m so happy you let me keep some of my magic!”

“No problem! This place is… Amazing.”

“Right? I fell in love with it immediately! Well…” she said before kneeling in front of me. “It is all yours if you accept me as your slave girl, Master.”

I approached her and put a hand on her head. It somehow felt right.

“I, Adam, accept you into my harem as my personal slave girl. I will however make you different… You hold as much power over the girls as I do. You will be the head of my harem. You may order the girls around at your pleasure up to the point it doesn’t go against one of my orders. Your first and foremost job is to please me. The second is to take care of the girls in my stead, making sure they are fit, healthy and trained. Do you accept this role?”

“Head of your… YES! I accept! I give myself to you willingly Master.”

“It is so then…” I said and smiled.

I felt the moment was missing something… I smiled wickedly as I entered her body and made her feel the most powerful orgasm I could give her, making it erupt slowly in a crescendo that picked up force by the second. She started to sweat and breath hard as the force of it finally was too much for her and she collapsed on the ground. I guessed it was long overdue!

I picked her up and we went inside the mansion. I found a couch and laid her in it. I caressed her hair gently as I surveyed the room. It needed a little refurnishing, but it was pretty amazing! Angelica stirred and I looked in her eyes as she awoke.

“Welcome back.” I whispered tenderly.

“That was better than I remembered them to be…” she said with a smile.

“Well… I did make it pretty powerful… Sorry about that. I thought you would be overdue.”

“I certainly was… I really needed that!” 

“I think you need something else as well… What do you say if we move this to the bedroom? I admit I have no clue where it is! Do you feel up to it?”

She just smiled as lust filled her eyes. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me down for a searing kiss. She was good… I forgot all about the bedroom and let myself crash on her. We kissed passionately, as if we both had never kissed before. Kissing her talented lips made me believe I had never REALLY kissed anyone before… It was amazing…

After a long moment, our hands were roaming each other’s bodies and our position was a little awkward. I moved up and she got up to her feet. 

“Let me show you what you have just acquired Master…” She said lustfully.

She started to dance and I soon realized it was a belly dance from the orient. Her clothes morphed into a very fetching harem slave outfit and music could now be heard. 

“This is the uniform we all wore back in the day… Is it to your liking Master?” she purred as she danced.

“Oh yeah… I believe it is perfect…”

“Good… As my Master… You get my full range of abilities… At your disposal… For your pleasure…” she said as her dance got better.

Her hips moved in such suggestive ways that my already hard cock was painfully in need of release. But I calmed myself… 

“Once you have many girls… I’ll be happy to teach them everything I know… You’ll be able to watch us dance while others pleasure you…”

God that was hot to think about…

She started to take off her clothing in layers, never missing a beat in her dance. Each article of clothing disappeared into thin air as she threw it in the air with a flourish. She was soon naked and could only admire her body… So perfect… I decided I was wearing to much clothes so I tried to remove them magically. They dissolved into nothing and I was sitting on the couch, naked with my erection proudly pointing to the ceiling. I crooked my finger and Angelica danced towards me.

Again, she didn’t miss a beat as she straddled me and kissed me deeply. Either by magic or my mental powers, or just perfect alignment, she descended slowly onto my cock without using her hands and never breaking the kiss. She was tight!

As her ass touched my thighs and my cock impaled her completely, her head snapped back and she came hard. Her pussy clamped down deliciously around me. It took a few moments, but her head finally came back up. The look she gave me was pure lust and love.

“Now fuck me well my pet…” I said, without knowing why.

She started to move slowly and what followed could not be described as fucking. It was sensual and intense. Closer to love making… But with a note of pure animal lust… Her hips moved perfectly to make my cock feel every exquisite inch of her hot pussy. She worked me up expertly and came a few times before I was even close!

Before I got to a point I would lose control so I made us change position. She ended up on her back, legs spread wide and high. I impaled her slowly, thoroughly enjoying her moist channel.

She came again, but this time I entered her body and kept the bliss alive as I started to fuck her in earnest. Our climax seemed to join together and even my self-control couldn’t hold it back. We came together and sparks seemed to explode around us. It was… Magical… My own explosion inside her pussy was rather large as I saw it spill out around my cock.

That was the last image I remember before I lost consciousness. I woke up still inside her, but I had crashed down on her body. She was still out of it. As I moved a little to get back up, it stimulated her and she gasped, holding me tight.

“That… was… amazing… Master….”

“Same to you…” I said before kissing her deeply.

I got off of her and she slide down to the floor. She kissed my cock lightly and looked up.

“Does my new Master like it when his slave girl cleans is cock with her mouth?”

“I do…”

She moved me to the couch again I sat down. She went between my legs and started to lick our combined juices from my cock and balls. 

“You…” lick… “taste…” lick… lick… “Wonderful…”

“Benefit of the collar.”

She just smiled as her tongue swirled around my cockhead. God that felt good. I was still pretty hard and Angelica’s ministrations were certainly not making me any softer. I decided to give her the same reward I gave Amy and just let myself enjoy her VERY talented mouth.

She stopped cleaning me and morphed her talents to giving me serious head. She clearly got lost in the moment and I didn’t really want her to stop. My cock felt like it was in heaven! I hadn’t gotten a lot of blowjobs before, but she was definitely the best at it! She’ll have to give Amy pointers…

She seemed to feel if my excitement was getting to high, she would slow down and change techniques. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as she literally worshipped my cock. After a while, I put my hands on her head and started to take control of her rhythm. She took the hint and I made her go faster and faster. She switched techniques yet again and used her hand and mouth together to create such a powerfully pleasant feeling I couldn’t hold on and let myself cross over into another powerful orgasm. I poured what felt like gallons in her mouth and down her throat, which she sucked up without missing a beat!

She looked up at me with pure devotion in her eyes. She licked her lips after she had swallowed and kissed my cock.

“That was amazing…” I said.

“And to think.. I’m out of practice!” she said and we laughed.

“Well, no complaints here! I didn’t think…”

“That I would do the job correctly? I’m out of practice, but I WAS a harem girl for most of my human life! We got lots of practice and training! My whole world was sex and service.”

“You will really need to teach the other girls a few tricks!”

“It would be my pleasure Master.”

“Now, before we succumb again, think we can visit the rest of the mansion?”

“Anything you wish Master…” she said smiling.

We got up and managed to explore the mansion and the grounds. She explained the different rooms and how the grounds were laid out. She also told me she put a very powerful spell around the property to keep people away. It would ensure privacy and prevent burglars.

As we finished our tour, I explained to Angelica how I wanted the rooms to be and what each would be used for. For fun, I conjured a 3D map of the mansion and pointed to each room as I explained. I was so happy to be able to use my new found magic powers with such ease! I felt like a wizard planning his Keep! 

I left her a few rooms for her to do as she wished, which she seemed to appreciate. I told her to stay here and that I would be back the next day, probably with a guest.

​After all… It was going to be Friday…

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