A Kinky Little Genie

Playing with Karen

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #m/f #magic #pov:top #pov:bottom

- Karen -

I couldn’t miss anymore classes so with a sigh I left for campus. My heart wasn’t in them and I was soon thinking about my aggressor. I had no other word for him. I didn’t know who he was, but something about him seemed familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on it…

As lunch time came, I went to eat and a few of my sisters from the sorority were alive with chatter about the weekend, but I just didn’t have my heart in it. When they asked why, I said I just felt sick, which was true in a way.

​When I got up to throw away garbage, I felt strange. A kind of numbness invaded my body and I felt myself lose control of my actions. I started to walk and I freaked out! I tried to scream, but I didn’t. As I continued my pace, I was really going out of my mind because I had no clue where I was going!
I made my way wing after wing on campus and still I didn’t slow down. I finally got into the library and made my way silently towards the back where you could use small private rooms for group work. I walked to the last one in the corner and stepped inside. I was surprised when I opened the door. HE was there.

The rooms had big windows, so no students could be naughty in the library, but as I passed it by a second ago, the room was empty! I closed the door behind me and stepped in front of him.

“Welcome Karen.” He said as he opened his eyes.

“How the hell did you do that?”

“How is beside the point… I wanted to use you, so here you are.”


“HHmmm I just love how you keep resisting what is happening to you. So here is what we are going to do. You will pleasure me in a moment, but I offer you the choice of how. I want you to either suck my cock or give me a titty fuck.”

“None of the above freak!”

“I compel you to choose and act on your decision.”

“Noo…. I…. NNNNOOO…… I don’t…. Titty fuck!” I finally said.

“Shame… I wanted a blowjob… Ah well… Get started then!”

“I won’t!” I said, resisting with all my will and resolve.

But my hands soon found my top and bra, taking them off. I then fell to my knees awkwardly, fighting the strange compulsion every step of the way. I then started to fumble with his zipper and pants.

In less time than I care to admit, I had his erect cock between my tits. Like the other night, I started to move up and down as my mouth started to water like crazy! I was very soon all covered in drool and felt his dick slip between my tits.

“Stop this… Please….” I pleaded.

“I won’t… As I said… You have been a bad girl… Besides… How can I stop? Knowing you are going to spent the weekend with me.”

“Weekend!?!” I exclaimed. “Oh no please please…. Let me go!”

“Don’t worry… You won’t be alone, since you chose poorly, the punishment is that you get to bring one of your sorority sisters with you! Isn’t that grand?”

“NOO!!! It isn’t! You can’t!” I protested as I continued to move up and down.

“I can… and will! In fact..." he said thoughtfully. "Starting now, I'll be giving you choices and each time you choose wrong, I will take another sister… Until they are all under my power. A hhhmmmm you are doing a great job…. As for the first sister, I compel you to tell me which of your sorority sisters is the sexiest.”

“III….. Nn…nooo….. Natasha!!!!” I blurted out.

“Natasha huh? Let me see….” He said. after a moment, he continued. “Ah… You are right! She is a bombshell! I’ll claim her today and we can spend the weekend together… Oh, before I forget, since I don’t want a mess… I compel you to suck down my cum when I tell you I’m cumming, you will then swallow it all.”

Nooo… This wasn’t happening… HOW could this be happening? I continued to massage him between my tits for a while and then he signaled he was about to cum. I didn’t want to, but the damn compulsion pushed me to dive for his cock like my life depended on it. A mere second after that, he spurred his seed in my mouth and… and…

It was delicious… I had never tasted anything like it…

I sucked his cock a little, making sure to get it all and then swallowed it. It felt so good going down my throat I simply didn’t believe it. 

“Now, you may get dressed and resume your day… I’ll call for you around supper.” He said and left. 

As I heard the door open, I gathered my clothes and got dressed. I was still a little dazed by the taste of him… Cum had NEVER tasted good. Some tasted ok, but never good… Why was that? 

I got back to class and looked over at Natasha. She was a fairly tall brunette with a figure to match mine. What really made her sexy were her full lips and bright blue eyes. I had to warn her… But as soon as I thought about it, I realized I couldn’t. DAMN him and his fucking orders!

​Class went by slow and when it was finally over, I felt the numbness take me over again. I started to walk away from campus and…. And... 

I opened my eyes to discover I was now in a strange room. There were candles everywhere and the walls looked like they were made of stones. I looked down and I was now in a bikini. I noticed at once the chain clasped to my collar. I looked and sure enough, it was tied to a metal ring on the floor. 

Fuck fuck fuck... What was going on? Am I in a dungeon? FUCK! Wasn't I on campus a minute ago?

The door to the room opened suddenly and I saw Natasha float in. Float? She was suspended in mid-air with her head slumped forward. She was wearing the same bikini I was. Following her in was HIM. He had a hand lifted towards Nat and for all the world, it seemed like he was levitating her. Once in, the door closed and he put Natasha on the floor slowly. She stayed upright but her head was still slumped.

“Welcome to my Sanctuary Karen.”

“Bastard! What did you do to Natasha?”

“A lot actually… It’s your fault if she is here like this.” He said.

“My fault? Are you nuts? YOU did this!”

“That I did, but she didn’t have to join you this weekend, your choice made her come here.”

“Don’t twist this around you freak!”

“At any rate, I just finished scanning her mind deeply and I have to say you chose well. For the time being, I will keep all that she is as a separate personality. One will be her old self, to keep up appearances when I don’t need her. The other, well…” he said as he reached around and tapped her slumped forehead.

A shiver went through Nat’s body and she slowly lifted her head. Her eyes were closed as she took in a long deep breath. When she finally opened her eyes and looked at me, I was shocked!

Her eyes were bright blue! I remember she had dark brown irises so how did they become so… blue? It was almost unnatural!

“Hey Karen!” she said with a smile. “How have you been?”

“Nat? NAT! What has he done to you?”

“Done to me? Oh… Nothing much, he just helped me to see more clearly.”

“I’ll leave you girls to it. Natasha… my pet… Remember what we talked about, you have until 10.”

“Of course, I won’t forget Master! I’ll be there.” She said all excited.

“Good, see you then! Karen, always a pleasure.” He said as he walked out of the room.

“Nat! Snap out of it! Come over here and help me get this chain off!”

“Oh… I can’t do that! He wouldn’t approve!”

“WHO CARES!!!! He kidnapped us!”

“Kidnap? No no… We came here together! Remember?” she said as she came and sat on the cushions next to me.

“I… No… I don’t remember! He is messing with our minds! You have to fight it!”

“Fight what? Being happy?”

“Happy? What the hell did he do to you?”

“Fuck me senseless for one!” she said giggling.

“What?… No I mean to your mind! Where is the Natasha I know? You know? The one on the war path against being used by guys?”

“Hahaha Yeah I know what you mean. He did help me work out my issues.”


“Yes! My issues with stress and self-control! I was always putting on a brave face for everyone except myself. I HAD to be strong… I was so messed up!”

“No you weren’t! Everyone in the house looks up to you!”

“Exactly my point! I was getting so much stress about it all. Always being a strong independent woman for everyone and always making sure no one saw my weaknesses. You know about all that… You are the same, always with a fighting spirit against everyone.”

“That’s not true! He has brainwashed you!”

“Brainwash? Maybe… But not in the sense you imply. He cleaned up my mind, made it better… I feel stronger than ever! And a whole lot happier!”

“It’s not real! You can’t give in!”

“I already have! It is so much simpler with him… You should give in as well… The more you fight it, the crappier you’ll feel!”

“Like hell I’ll give in!”

“Well… I hope you do soon… Anyway, I have to go and prepare. I am learning how to give better head tonight. The Mistress wants me to go to her before we meet him at 10. See ya!”

“NATASHA!” I yelled. 

But she left and I was alone again. What the hell was up with her eyes? What did he do to her?

Nothing else happened for a long while. I got a chance to think things through a little, but I was getting bored out of my mind! I laid down in a corner away from the door and tried to rest a little. I had to have my strength if I was to try an escape.

“Karen…”I heard his voice whisper in my mind.

I awoke with a start and he was standing in the middle of the room. 

“Slept well my pet?” he said.

“I’m not your pet!”

“Oh? You have the collar and leash…You are just like a stubborn little dog… Rebelling against its Master.”

“YOU ARE NOT MY MASTER!” I bellowed at him.

“I guess my pet needs a little lesson… I figured I would need to break you in.”

“Break me in? Stay away from me nut job!”

He smiled and I felt a chill run down my spine.

“Here is another choice for you: Come here and give me a nice blow job or choose to be the subject of a little entertainment.”

“WHAT? I can’t choose between those options! I don’t want either them!”

“Well, deep down, your mind can always choose between 2 options. And since the rules of our little game dictate that you HAVE to choose… I compel you to choose between those 2 options and act on your decision.”

“NOOO!!….” I felt the compulsion wash over me and it was strong. “I can’t… It’s insane!”

I started to steel myself against it, but it just grew and grew…

“ENTERTAINEMENT!" I finally burst out. "FUCK!"

“Shame… I really wanted you to give in and blow me. I guess that will be later… Now, I compel you to tell me which one of your sorority sisters except you and Natasha is the sexiest.”

“HHHmmmmm…” I let out as I shut my mouth tight. He just smiled. “I… NO…. I won't!"

I felt the same drive to answer as images of my fellow sisters flashed through my mind before they settled on the obvious one. FUCK! I felt the image grow in my mind as my lips started to tremble. Needing to say her name...

"HHHmmm... KATE! FUCK!” 

“Nice name… She should join us soon then. Shame you are making your sisters convert to our little group… Not very nice of you really…”

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD! This is all YOUR fault!” I spat at him.

“Now now… Watch your mouth. OK! Well, entertainment it is… I think you will like it.”

I suddenly felt something grab me all over my body and I was lifted in the air. My toes just barely touched the ground as my body positioned itself with my arms spread out to my sides. I tried to scream out, but found my voice was gone!

“Don’t be afraid Karen… I won’t hurt you… Rather… You are about to feel incredible … Oh Natasha….” He called out.

I saw Natasha enter behind him and come plaster herself to his side. She still had her bikini top, but her bottom had changed. It looked like something an Arabian slave girl would wear. Talk about cliché!

“Yes Master?”

“I would love to see if you can make Karen here more comfortable. Make her body feel good… You know what I mean?”

“Ohh… I certainly do Master.” She said looking at me. 

She kissed him deeply and then turned to me. She approached with a sway in her hip that did everything to make her body alluring. What was she going to do? 

“Nat! Please for the love of god… What ever you think he just asked you to do... Just... Snap out of it!” I said.

But she didn’t…

Instead, she approached and went behind me. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I suddenly had a pretty good idea. I felt her hands and arms encircle my bare stomach… Her touch was incredibly soft… She caressed my skin tenderly, like a lover would… I was still immobilized and looking at HIM. He was smiling wide as I could see the bulge in his shorts

I wanted to tell her to stop… This was all wrong! But my voice was still not my own.

“Isn’t she beautiful Master… She has such soft skin…” Nat said as her hands went lower. “She has an incredible ass… so firm… I can’t believe you didn’t sample her… You have such good self-control Master…”

Her hands caressed my butt and my thighs. One hand made its way up slowly, finishing right under my boob! She cupped it tenderly and squeezed through the fabric. God it felt good…


Stop this Nat! Please!”I tried to say, but the words only echoed in my mind.

She slid under my bikini and her warm hand soon created an incredibly pleasant sensation that didn’t go un-noticed by my loins. Her other hand traced around my bikini bottom, slowly making its way to my pussy.

Oh no…

I suddenly knew what he had meant by entertainment! Oh that bastard… If I ever get free of this shit… Sure enough, I felt her fingers reach their goal and rub my pussy lips through the fabric.

“Have you ever been pleasured by a woman?” Nat whispered hotly in my ear, taking a nibble as she did. “I have to admit Karen… I’ve only done this once… To try… I hope you will like it… Master sure seems to like it…”

Her tongue flicked my ear as her lower hand circled my clit. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel anything. Her hand massaging my tit pinched my nipple a little, just enough to change my focus away from my clit.

“You see… You already like it and we haven’t even started. You are already so wet…”

Her words made me focus on my pussy again. I could feel the difference it made. My bikini bottom was soaking slowly and it changed how her fingers felt. 

“I guess we can go a little closer to our goal… Don’t you?” she whispered in my ear again.

Her fingers left a moment, only to slide inside my bikini. She soon found my slit and moisten her fingertips. Her touch was…. So incredible… I never knew fingers could be so gentle and pleasant… Guys were always so rough when they touched me... She surprised me again as I felt her lips start to brush against my neck, leaving kisses as she tasted me.

Her fingers started to work a lot better and I realized it was a losing battle… I felt a fire ignite between my legs and Natasha made sure to build on it. She changed where and how she stimulated me every time it was appropriate, as if she knew exactly what my body would respond to. I had to admit… 

I had never been fingered so expertly in my life!

“You are going to make such a nice sex puppet for Master…” she whispered.

What? oh fuck right… I was forgetting the situation… Her fingers were so distracting!!

“I know you will love the peace of mind he brings… You will learn that serving him brings pleasure…”

Nnoo…. I tried to think, but the pleasure was starting to erode my mind… Her fingers were so fucking nice…

I soon felt on the verge of one of the biggest orgasms of my life, held immobile in the air while being fingered by my sorority sister… An impossible thing to imagine… Impossible to actually happen… Yet…

I crashed over into bliss…  But something extremely strange happened…

The moment I felt myself cross over, a crystal-clear image of myself appeared. I was kneeling naked, legs spread slightly with my hands behind my neck pushing out my tits. A feeling of pure obedience and submission invaded me.

“I BELONG TO MY MASTER!!!” my voice rang out suddenly.

It all blended together and I convulsed in mid-air while my pleasure eroded my nerves. I came back down from my orgasm slowly as Nat kissed my neck some more. I opened my eyes and there HE was… Still smiling…

“Oh… Did I forget to mention? For the duration of the weekend, every time you cum, you will scream out something I want you to learn… To believe as the truth… And also, you will see yourself in abject submission.”

“Plleease… stop this…” I said, realizing I could talk.

“Your body and mind will soon associate pleasure with serving me. So the more you cum… The more you will become my slave… Enjoy your weekend! Natasha, make sure our guest cums multiples times before you put her to bed.”

​“Of course Master…” Nat answered.

“In the meantime, I think I’ll go get... Kate was it? Let me see… Yes… Very pretty indeed! A blonde with boobs to match! Excellent! Oh Angelica…” he called out.

I felt Natasha’s hands start to work my pussy again. What amazed me was that usually, I am far for multi-orgasmic, but it was as if I hadn’t cum at all! I saw a tall dark-haired woman enter the room, she was wearing the same outfit Natasha was, except, hers had gold colored laces and stiches.

“That is the Mistress…” Natasha whispered in my ear.

“You called Master?” the new girl said.

“Yes… I wanted to show Karen a little trick.”

“Go ahead!” she said with a wry smile.

He closed his eyes and seemed to concentrate for a moment. Then… Right before my eyes… I saw the new girl's features change! Her whole body seemed to oscillate as the changed morphed her slowly. I gasped! Both from what I saw and what Nat was doing to me. Pleasure had started to build again…

Right there in front of me was a copy of myself! A perfect copy!

“There…” he said. “Now Karen 2.0 will be able to go find out easily where Kate is and bring her to me… You chose well Karen… I always found Kate rather fetching… She should make a great addition to my harem.”

I wanted to scream at him!

“How do you feel in her body my dear?” he asked.

“I feel… so tense! It’s no wonder she is so angry and closed off!” I heard her say IN MY VOICE!

“I know what you mean… Well, are you ok with the instructions?”

“Of course Master… Your next Harem slave girl will be here before you get to bed.”

“Lovely! Now scoot along, I can’t wait to claim her!”

“Yes Master.” My copy said.

She bowed slightly and left. HE just smiled as I felt a bigger wave of pleasure invade my body. 

“Nat… take off her clothing…” He said.

The hand massaging my boob left and I felt the string at my neck get pulled. The one at my back got pulled free as well and the bikini fell to the floor. The same thing happened to my bottom, but the strings were on my hips.

I was naked and Nat resumed her work.

“It is useless to fight it my dear… You crave it…” Nat whispered in my ear.

NO! I screamed in my head. I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything to distract me from the fingers working their magic on me. But it was no use… I soon felt the fire build and I was ashamed at how poorly I was resisting. I felt it build until finally, I exploded again in bliss…

The image returned… Me kneeling naked and peacefully horny for my Master.


I barely had time to recover when I felt lips and fingers start to work on my pussy. I looked down as best I could and saw Nat kneeling between my legs, intently and oh so tenderly licking me. The pleasure continued on…


On my evening went, again and again… She would use her fingers… Her tongue… Dildos… Vibrators… Anything and everything to make me cum. And each time… I saw myself kneeling before HIM… My bliss combining with my mental image… And the words coming out of my mouth…


On and on it went… I felt like I was going mad! I tried to resist it every step of the way… But it was getting harder and harder…

And all the while, he was sitting there, watching me cum and scream his nonsense, drinking wine! I lost track of everything I said and how many times I came. I was drained… Eventually, he had enough…

“Stop. You have done incredible work Natasha! I am incredibly pleased!”

“Thank you Master!”

“You may come here and get your reward.” He said.

Natasha almost ran to him. She straddled him and started to kiss him. He moved his hands to her ass and lifted her up. That’s when I noticed she had nothing under veil like bottom. As she started to impale on him, I felt like a cock was impaling me!

“You got it Karen… You are about to feel everything Nat is going to feel. This next part is to teach you how rewarding your service to me will be.  And of course… You will cum at the same time as Natasha.”


But I knew he was right, as Natasha started to move up and down on his cock, I felt the phantom cock move in and out me. I moaned loudly… For all the tongue and fingers and toys… Nothing compared to the feel of a real cock…

I saw him caress Nat’s body and I felt like his hands were on ME! He reached her bikini string at her back and undid it. All the while, Nat was moving up and down slowly, making me feel his cock stretch me deliciously…

Her bikini fell to the floor and I felt invisible hands mimic the massage I saw him give her. His mouth found her neck. I could tell he was bitting her a little… Sending electric shocks all over my skin…

“Oh Master….” Nat exclaimed in pure heat. “Do you like fucking me? How can I make it better for you?…huh….”

“In time my pet…” he answered.

I was getting lost in the phantom sensations as my pleasure started to build again… I saw his hands pull her forward, crashing her tits on his chest. I could feel it on my tits… How strong his chest was… He grabbed her ass and his hips started to pound her from underneath. His rhythm accelerated and I felt like going nuts! I felt his hips slap my ass… Even though I was floating a few feet away.

The heat in my loins grew hotter and I felt like I would cum at any moment, but he wasn’t finished, Nat straighten up and literally jumped up and down on his cock, which was, if my feelings were really a mirror of hers, driving his dick incredibly deep!

She started to moan and I matched her. Her head snapped back and mine did the same. We came together and the image of me kneeling rushed into my mind.


I lost consciousness after that. I had no clue how long I was out, but when I came too, I was lying on the cushions. I didn’t want to wake up… I was at war inside my own mind… The pleasure was like nothing I had ever felt in my life! But I was a prisoner… I was in the hands of a guy hell bent on changing me into his harem slave girl. Like Natasha… 

I wanted it all to end!

“It’s about time you woke up!” I heard Natasha say.

I opened my eyes and saw her kneeling not far from me. She had a tray with food and a mug in her hands.

“Natasha…” I groaned.

“It’s morning, Master told me to wait until you awoke by yourself and make sure you had breakfast.”

“Master…” I said with a sneer. “How could you do that to me yesterday?”

“Didn’t you like it?” she asked with a smile.

“That’s not the point!” I said as I sat up. “The point is you shouldn’t have done it at all!”

“I can’t disobey our Master, I simply don’t want to. Besides, I was curious to try!”

“How much of you is left in there? You always hated dikes and lesbians!”

“Yeah… Well that was a front to help with my image… You know how it is.”

“No! I actually don’t!”

“And to answer your question, I’m still myself! He didn’t change who I was, he just opened my eyes! Don’t worry so much, you’ll see soon enough.” She said as she got up. “Oh and by the way, you can move about the mansion if you want.”

I looked down and saw I no longer had a chain on my collar. I looked up and saw Natasha go out the door. I was starving so I ate a little before I got up. I’ll needed my strength if I wanted to escape.

I stepped out of the room into a hallway and started to explore. This place was huge! Most of the rooms were empty and some had windows. I noticed immediately I was on the second floor of what seemed like a big mansion. The grounds I saw were lush and green. 

I then came upon a large stairway going to the first floor, the other floor was the same. I found a kitchen, dining hall… The works! I finally found the front door and went outside. There were no cars in sight so I started to make a run for it. I could see a forest of some kind and I knew I had a large space to cover before the trees would hide me. About halfway to the forest, I felt my knees suddenly give way and I fell head first in the grass.

“Tsk… Tsk…”
I heard his voice in my mind. “Going somewhere?”


“I said you could roam the grounds and mansion. That doesn’t mean you can go into the forest. But you are welcome to try if you wish.”

“Bastard! Let me go!” I screamed, but he didn’t intrude again.

I moved myself back towards the mansion and my legs started to work again. I got up and tested their strength. I walked around the mansion, which was really big, and found I could feel my legs start to lose strength when I got too far from the mansion. I could sense the perimeter he didn’t want me to go beyond. As I made my way towards the back, I saw the private lake and the pool area. I realized I could go around the lake, but not much further. I came back to the backyard and entered the patio area. I caught sight of a girl swimming. Was it Natasha? As I got closer, I caught sight of HIM, sitting in a lounge chair relaxing in the sun. I went to him, intending to thoroughly hurt the freak.

“No need to hurt me Karen.” He said with his eyes still closed. “Nothing you do will change the fact you can’t leave until Sunday night.”

“Why are you doing this to us!”

“Because I can and want to. Besides, you have been such a mean girl, I really don’t feel bad about it.”

“Is that why you are taking your time and torturing me?”

“Torturing? Have you felt any pain since I took you?”


“Oh… Well, you deserve it… You treated guys so poorly… Granted, I can understand it must be tiresome to be coveted like you are, but still… You didn’t have to be mean about it.”

“Guys can take it! They aren’t weak!”

“That is right. But we go through rough patches in our teens and early manhood, not all of us are as strong. You know this, you even take pleasure and dominating weaker guys.”


“I read your mind completely Karen, you can’t hide that fact from me.”

“Bastard…” I whispered.

“I can even tell you this… You were headed towards a pretty crappy love life. In a way, you are lucky I chose you. By the time we are finish, you will feel a lot better with yourself.”

“But… I don’t want ANY of this!”

“So you say…” he said as he opened his eyes to look at me. “Time for another choice.”

“Fuck you!” I spat.

“This one is easy. Either you give me the best blowjob you can now, or you choose another of your sorority sisters. But be warned… Because this sister won’t be changed like Natasha or Kate, this sister will be mine, but she will never know she is being fucked. She won’t have the pleasure of being like Natasha or Kate. She’ll just wake up after a blackout to realized something has happened. Furthermore, she won’t be able to have any boyfriends or lovers. I am a little jealous about my women. And finally, she will never know she can cum. She will never remember when she does.”

“You are a sick Bastard you know that?”

“Maybe… Still, the choice is yours.”

“I can’t choose!”

“Sure you can! Want me to compel you again?”

“I… No…”

“Then choose.”

This wasn’t happening… I didn’t want to give him a blowjob! Well… What if I chose one of the new sisters… I don’t know them… fuck them…

“I choose a sister. Amelia is her name.”

“You see? Easy Peasy… You still didn’t choose right though.”


“This one was simple Karen, if you would have sacrificed yourself instead of throwing a sister under the bus so to speak, you would have shown me you can be nice. As it is… I compel you to give me the name of the most beautiful sister in your sorority that is not under my control. I already have Kate by the way.”

“NO!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! I… hhmmmm…” I said through clenched teeth. “VICKY!” I blurted out.

“Ouu… A redhead… I like redheads… Done! Now… I compel you to give me the best blowjob you can perform and drink my spunk.”

“You bastard… I won’t!” I said.

But I felt the compulsion take hold and my body started to move towards him. I got between his knees and fell to mine. His swim suit gave my unwilling hands a little trouble, but to my horror, I had them off and was faced with his cock.

I started to lick and kiss it. The taste of him surprised me. Usual cock tasted bad, but his…

“You know, I really love your tattoos… I think I am going to brand my girls with one…”

“Mhhmm..” I tried to reply as my mouth engulfed his cock.

“No need to talk with your mouth, it’s busy…” he said aloud. “I can hear your thoughts… Remember?”He said to my mind.

I thought to him. He just chuckled.

I started to really get into it, making sure to lick and kiss every inch of his massive cock. I tried to deep throat him a few times, which surprised me because I never did that, but he was too big and it wouldn’t go in. 

“Here, let me help you with that…” he said.

I felt a tingle of pleasure in my throat and the next time the compulsion to give him the very best blowjob made me try to deep throat him, I found myself with my nose in his pubes! Not even a trace of gagging!

“I made your throat super elastic, it can take my cock easily. It could even take a bigger one I think. Don’t worry though, I’m rather happy with my size.”

I bobbed my head slowly and for the life of me, I didn’t know where I was getting my techniques from.

“You are wondering why you are sucking me like you are. Well the answer is rather simple, you are compelled to make it the best head you ever given, so your mind is being creative to please me. God that feels good…”

I was trying hard to think about something else, anything really, but my mind was completely focused on my task. I made him last a long time, well I thought it was a long time… Or rather short? I don’t know how long really, I lost track of time as I blew him. He seemed to really enjoy my ministrations though. For some reason, I eventually started to go faster and bobbed my head up and down in long quick strokes.

I heard him moan and felt his balls tighten. I braced myself and his cum came flying out of his cock. The moment it hit my mouth, I was struck again at how incredibly delicious his spunk was. I licked and sucked it all up, making sure to really get all of it. Once I had, I swirled it around in my mouth to really taste it. The texture was so unique and wonderful…

I swallowed and a wave of pleasure invaded me suddenly as I came. It wasn’t earth shattering, but it was unmistakable… Of course, during my orgasm, I was hit with the image of myself kneeling in front of him. Not like I was at the moment, but with my arms behind my head. I finished swallowing and screamed out again.


I caught my breath as the wave passed. I realized I was still holding his VERYerect cock and let go. I backed up and fell on my ass looking up at him. He was smiling his DAMN smirk again.

“That was wonderful Karen. I look forward to having you do that again… Many times… Ah! Here is Kate now!”

I turned to see what he meant and saw Kate, dressed like Natasha was, coming towards us. She also had a collar on.

“KATE!” I called out.

“Karen!” she said with a smile. “How are you?”

I noticed her eyes… She had the same intense blue as Natasha.

“I… Kate… I’m so sorry…” I said sadly.


“You didn’t… I… It’s because of me you ended up here!”

“No need to apologize! I’ve never been so happy in all my life!”


“Really! I was so confused before! Master thought me how to let go and all my stress and made all my worries disappear!”

“But… You were kidnapped!”

“No I wasn’t, you brought me here actually! Don’t you remember?”

“It wasn’t me!”

“Sure it was! Anyway… I’m glad to see you will be as free as me soon.”

“Free? We are prisoners!”

“No we aren't, I want to be here.”

“And what did you mean by you can SEE I will soon be free?”

“Your eyes  are changing color! I’m so excited for you!”

“My… Oh god…”

“Don’t fight it Karen…” he said.

I looked at him sharply. I got up from my ass and ran inside. I soon found a mirror and looked at myself. Oh fuck…

My eyes had traces of the same blue the other girls had. I could still see my normal hazelnut color, but streaks of blue had crept in. What those this mean? Oh god… No no no… 

Was I transforming into one of his puppets? I couldn’t fight him and I was forced to obey… But I was still myself…

Wasn’t I?

I noticed Kate standing behind me, smiling.

“Kate… I can’t… I have to get out of here…”

“Nonsense! You’d miss out on the fun!”

“Fun? what fun?”

“Follow me.”

I did, without really knowing why. We moved through the mansion and ended up in a large room filled with sofas and cushions. It made me think of the room I woke up in. I stepped inside a few paces and felt a numbness invade me.

​Oh god… What now?

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