A Kinky Little Genie

Karen's Realization and Alysha's Discovery

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #m/f #magic #pov:top #pov:bottom

- Karen -

I felt my body start to move on its own and I went to lay on the bed. I removed all my clothes and lied spread eagled. I could move my own head, but the rest of my body was frozen. I looked to the foot of the bed and saw Kate installing a tripod.

What the hell was that for?

“Don’t worry, it’s for Master’s personal use. It shouldn’t be released on the internet.” She said while attaching a camera on the tripod.

​That sick pervert!
“Now now my pet…” I heard him echo in my mind.  “Don’t worry, I won’t expose you… for now anyways… Here is how the next few hours will go. Your body will stay locked like this while Kate finds new ways to make you cum. She can go for hours, so don’t worry about it. As for you… Well, if you choose to participate and give her pleasure, your body will be your own. The moment you try to leave or be selfish, you will return to this position and endure her ministrations.”

“I always wanted to try this!” Kate said all excited.

She took off her bikini top and harem girl silk skirt and jumped onto the bed. She crawled between my legs, kissing her way up my thighs. Her lips were having the desired effect as heat started to flood my loins. She kissed and lick my outer pussy before doing the same to my clitoris. 

Oh god that felt good…

Her tongue went into action and her tenderness was so pleasing I soon forgot my situation and enjoyed it. My first climax came rather rapidly and again, my mind went to my submission to HIM. 

“I AM MY MASTER’S TOY!” I screamed as the automatic words erupted from my mouth.

But Kate wasn’t finished…

“Now that we got that one out of the way…. Let’s see how long I can keep you on the edge…” she said.

She started again and used her fingers this time. It didn’t take long for me to be right back at the edge of my climax. I still couldn’t figure out how I could still want to cum… I was so exhausted… My pleasure built up until I was sure I was about to crest over, but Kate sensed it and stopped, letting the pleasure go down. I looked up and saw her devious smile.

Oh crap…

She then spent god only knows how many minutes… Hours… An eternity… Keeping me on the brink of bliss. Always ready to cross over… Lacking the final push to do so…

I had never been so horny in my life! I wanted her to finish me so bad…

But I couldn’t speak!

“You know Karen…” lick “If you wish to come… Just come and kiss me… I’ll reward you…” she teased.

My pleasure addled mind could still think a little and realized that this was his plan, making me WANT to pleasure Kate. Bastard… How long would he keep me like this? BASTARD! My hazy mind conceded… It was going to work… My pleasure was way too intense to try and resist it.

I was so close! I couldn’t take it anymore and tried to move towards Kate.

And just like that, I could… My lust was so high I didn’t even think about what I was doing, I grabbed Kate’s hair and pulled her up. Our lips met and I moaned into her mouth. The pleasure in my body made our kiss so passionate I didn’t care it was a girl. As a general rule, I didn’t like girls in a sexual way. Sure I played around with a few friends to excite the boys, but I never liked it.

But this… This was nothing like that… We made out like sex crazed lovers and her fingers found my pussy again. My own hands moved to her tits and squeezed hard. I could feel her pleasure start to ignite and my own started to climb even higher.

Feeling her body crushed against mine…

Her soft lips and tongue…

Her wonderful fingers…

I finally reached my climax, my head snapped back as it overtook me. My whole body started to twitch as the pleasure invaded every cell of my body. I didn’t know it was possible, but it was even stronger the last. As I fell backwards, the last thought I had was the same damn image of me kneeling submissively to HIM, but I wasn’t alone, I had Kate there with me… And Natasha… 

I heard my own voice cry out before I lost consciousness…


I floated in bliss for a long while… I didn’t want to come back down from this wonderful high… Making me wait so long before my release had made it so much more intense… Sadly, the outside world slowly crept back to me…

I felt someone was over me… Kate no doubt… She was licking me again… I also felt a vibration inside my pussy… God it felt good…

“You taste..” lick… “So nice Karen…” I heard her say.

I basked in the pleasure her lips were giving me for a little while, but something was off… I opened my eyes slowly and I wasn’t prepared to see what was in front of me. Kate’s pussy!

It was a few inches above my head. I realized she was in a 69 position. 

“Kate…” I managed to say.

“If you make me cum before you do… You get a break… If not…” lick…

What? He actually wanted me to pleasure her! Bastard… I couldn’t help but breath in her aroma and I had to admit, it wasn’t so bad. I felt her continue her ministrations with renewed vigor and the pleasure followed in suit. I moaned loudly as the vibrator and tongue action sent sparks of pleasure all along my nerves. Building higher and higher… 

“HHHmmm…. Please Karen… Make me cum…” she said between licks. “Ohhh… On second thought... Don't! I get a huge reward if you refuse…”

Reward? What could she want as a reward? I had trouble thinking… When was this going to end? Then I thought about having a break… That could be worth it… GOD she was good at that! I reigned in my misgivings and lifted my head to her pussy. I flicked my tongue at it and…

It actually tasted good… 

I licked again and I heard her moan, which did everything to help my arousal since the vibrations of her moan transferred to my pussy. As I kissed and licked, I felt myself get a little competitive and I swore to myself that she would cum before I did.

I was way behind though, I could feel myself reaching the brink slowly but surely. Damn… Kate didn’t feel remotely close to hers… CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

I doubled down and tried to concentrate on what I was doing, but her smell and taste was starting to drive me nuts. When did I start getting aroused from another woman’s musk? The question didn’t linger as the pleasure, once again, pushed out everything else. It felt so good…

I lost…

The wave of bliss crashed over me and I saw myself kneeling again. Only this time, he was standing before me, I got an overwhelming sense of power emanating from him and the feeling of bliss in my submission to him was… complete.


I almost lost it, but somehow managed to stay conscious this time. Kate stopped a moment and looked back.

“Oh goody! I’ll get my reward!”

“What…” I tried to say while breathing heavily. “Reward?”

“I get to be Master’s for the whole week! Natasha was really looking forward to it, but I get to be his when ever I don’t have school work! Thanks Karen!”


How could THAT be a reward? This was so messed up!

“Well, ready for round 3?” She asked before turning back to my pussy.

NO! I tried to move away from her, but I felt my muscles lock into place and I was helpless under her ministrations again. She went slow… Methodical… Relentless… It took a long while before I felt I could move again. And only to start pleasuring her… Not to escape…

I could never escape… I was trapped in this sick loop of pleasure with my sorority Sister…

We stayed locked in our positions for hours… I came 7 times… Hard… Each time I was victim of the image of myself submitting to HIM. I managed to make Kate cum 4 times though. I had no clue how long it all lasted, but I was getting exhausted.

“Well well…” I heard his voice say aloud. “My little beauties are certainly a nice site to see. You may stop now Kate.”

“Of course Master…” she said as she got off of me.

“You have done extremely well my pet. I am pleased.” He said as he grabbed her collar to pull her in for a kiss.

I saw a shiver run down Kate’s body at his words of praise.

“My pleasure Master…” she said hotly once their lips parted.

“As for you Karen, I am also pleased, you earned a few hours rest. I’ll be back later, so for now… Sleeeeeppp……”

As he said the last word, I felt an incredible drowsiness overcome me. My eyes felt so heavy… Maybe if I closed them… I would be free of this nightmare… I fell asleep almost instantly.

I dreamed I was walking in a room filled with girls. We all had collars on and variations of the outfit I saw Nat and Kate wear. My step was confident and I felt at peace. Most of the girls in our sorority were there and a few I recognized from campus. I got a glass of wine and drank it slowly, watching the girls in the room.

Suddenly, a palpable shiver went through all of us as the large door opened. Some of us went almost running towards the opening and others, me included, just smiled knowingly. HE entered and the excited girls were all over him. He smiled and kissed a few of them as he moved among us. He approached where I stood and our eyes met. The moment they did, I felt a warm shiver erupt all over my body.

He extended his hand to me and I went giddy with excitement. He had chosen me! Out of all the girls in the room begging to be picked… I almost came. I placed my hand in his and he took me to his sleeping chambers…

I woke up feeling so frustrated I couldn’t finish the dream… Wait… Why would I be frustrated?

“I’m glad to see you slept well.” I heard his voice say.

I opened my eyes and I was in a different room. It was smaller and empty, except for the cushion I was kneeling on. Oh my god! I was in the exact position I had seen during all my orgasms! And naked to boot!

I looked at him and he was naked with 2 of my sisters, one on each arm. Kate and now Vicky was there…

“Bastard… Stop this… Please…” I pleaded, but not really believing my own voice anymore.

“Insulting and pleading at the same time. Very interesting choice.” he said with a smile.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked in a small voice.

“I told you already, because you have been a bad girl.”

“No… I mean… Why make it so slow… Why torture me? You can clearly change us at will… Why make me go through all this?”

“Same reason, you have been a bad girl. Plus, I needed someone to test things with… See how the mind works under pleasure if you will.”

“I can’t take it anymore…”

“Oh but you can… I know you can! Tell me, how does your position feel to you?”

“What?” I said, but I knew what he meant, I felt… horny…

“Can’t you feel how good it is to kneel?”

“You are doing this to me!”

“Actually, you are doing it to yourself… In any case, I think its time I try out my more… Fantastic powers. So, shall we begin?”

I didn’t answer. He closed his eyes and seemed to concentrate for a moment. I didn’t know what to expect next. What could he possibly do to me? A cold shiver ran down my spine as I realized I didn’t really want to know. I looked at my 2 sorority sisters and they were all smiles. Smoldering lust in their eyes… They looked happy… 

I felt hands caress my naked tits and move all along my body. I looked down and gasped! There was a copy of HIM laying between my legs. As soon as I saw him, I felt a cock… or his cock.. I wasn’t sure… I felt it penetrate me. What the hell? Was I going mad?

“Oh I’m so glad I can do that!” he exclaimed. “That hunk of a lover beneath you is part of my essence. He will fuck you and keep you on the brink of orgasm for as long as it takes.”

“Takes… HUH….” I said as the copy between my legs thrusted inside me.

“Yes… As long as it take for you to submit and fuck him back. Only you can make yourself cum while on him. I’ll just leave you two to it. I’ll go and sample Vicky here. Extremely nice choice by the way.”

“No…Hhhhmmmm… Wait… Stop this! HUH!”

But it was no use, I was paralyzed into my kneeling position and phantom boy started to fuck me. I knew he wasn’t real, but he sure as hell felt real. His hands roamed my skin and left fire as they went. It didn't take me long to realize that this copy was a little too perfect. He was doing all the right things to turn me on and bring my pleasure to heights Nat or Kate couldn't hope to match with their tongues and fingers.

I don’t know how long I lasted, but probably longer than I should have. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and started to move my own hips to his rhythm, the moment I did, I felt the difference. 

Like a dam breaking apart, I lost my will to resist and went all out. The orgasm hit and again, my submissive image, kneeling before HIM, appeared in my mind. 


The copy beneath me had stopped, letting me enjoy the wave of bliss for a few precious moments… But my rest was short lived as he started up again.

Like a robot, he never stopped. He fucked me again and again without ever getting hard of even showing me signs he ever came. He fucked me expertly until I was floating on the edge of my orgasm as I resisted him less and less. I came 6 times before the door opened and I saw him come back.

By that time, I was fucking him back with as much energy as I could muster.

“I see you are joining in! Bravo!” he commented.

“I…huh… please… Mmmake him... Sstop!  hhhmmmmm” I pleaded.

“Oh I will. But not before we play our little game. Here is your next choice: Blow me to my satisfaction while he fucks you or fuck until you pass out. And before you answer, know this, I kind of boosted your stamina a little, so you won’t pass out any time soon.”

“Oohhh…. hhhmmmm… What?" I asked as the pleasure made everything so deliciously fuzzy.

A choice? Right... His stupid choices... Whatever... I was way to hot to care.

"Fuck it… just come here so I can suck you down!”

He smiled wickedly as he came to me. His cock was already at full attention and I took him in my mouth without even thinking about it. He tasted incredibly good and the combination of being fucked and tasting his pre-cum was sending me over the edge. I came a 7th time.

“I LOVE MY MASTER’S COCK!” I said between licks.

I didn’t let that stop me and continued to kiss and lick. Before long I was bobbing my head along his length in the same rhythm my phantom was fucking me. Through my lust addled mind, I remembered how good his spunk tasted and I got a little excited, which was a trap. 

I came again.

“I LOVE MY MASTER!” I screamed.

I tried not to slow down too much. I missed a few beats here and there, but I soon felt his cock twitch and I knew his load was eminent. He grunted and came hard. As his seed filled my mouth the taste made me cross over yet again…

Only this time, when the image of me kneeling hit, it was with a slight difference: I was sucking his cock. He was standing in front of me and sidling his cock in and out of my open and very willing mouth. Combined with my orgasm, I felt an incredible sense of peace… Like I was where I belonged… For the first time, I heard my owns thoughts as he slowly used my mouth: “My pleasure is your pleasure Master…”

As I came back down from my high, I realized he was still in front of me. I tried to back away, but realized I couldn’t. I was still kneeling on his copy. 

“That was good Karen… but not really to my satisfaction. I’ll be back later to see if you wish to try again.”

“What? Wait! I… HUH!!” I tried to say before the phantom cock in my pussy went into overdrive!

His hands and hips worked their magic again, feeding me pleasure in my bound state. I steeled myself against it, but it was no use… I was soon floating on the brink… I renewed my efforts to resist it, but it took me over again and I started to move. I moaned as the pleasure started to crest.

I came 3 more times before HE returned. Each time, my kneeling image was submissively letting him use my mouth for his pleasure while I felt an incredible sense of rightness about it.

“Well, same choice… What will it be?” he asked as he got close to me.

His cock was inches from my face, still erect… I went forward and took him in my mouth. I gave him a little better head than before. I tried to take my time about it, which wasn’t easy with his copy fucking me. It lasted a long while, but he finally came and again, I lost myself in orgasm the moment I swallowed his spunk. Again I was hit with the same image.

When I came back to, he was smiling, but I somehow knew it wasn’t a good thing.

“Well, you are learning, but not satisfactory yet. Enjoy!”

“NO PLEASE! HUH!!!! hhhhmmmmm……” I tried to say again.

The phantom started again…. and again… I lost track of my pleasure and just enjoyed it. Time meant nothing now… The next thing I knew was that I saw his cock in front of me. 

“Your choice again my pet.” He said.

I looked up to him through my lust filled eyes and simply opened my mouth. Something was telling me that he didn't care about my technique so I emulated the image I was force to see while I orgasmed. He smiled.

His cock got close and its tip caressed my lips. He inserted himself slowly and I closed my lips around his girth. He went in and out and I could tell this was what he wanted. I still gyrated my hips to feel the phantom cock deliciously keeping me on the brink, but I concentrated on being very still for him.

He grabbed my head and made it bob up and down faster and faster. Then he changed speeds… A few strokes fast… A few strokes slow… Some all the way in… Some barely inside…

He finally found a good rhythm and was basically face fucking me. He then kept his cock deep in my throat as he erupted his sweet load. I came as I felt his seed go down…

The image I got that time was a little different. I was kneeling, but I was waiting for him. He came in a few moments later and his cock approached my lips, I opened my mouth invitingly for him, but he retreated, I was disappointed, but closed my mouth. He then approached me again and my mouth popped open. I smiled and felt warm at his game.

“Well…” his voice said and brought me out of it. “Almost there my pet…” 

He turned and left. Disappointment invaded me as the phantom started again…

This time, I decided to really endure his ministrations. I concentrated all my energy on channeling my pleasure. It was incredibly hard not to give in, but I wanted to try. Even with my brain turning to mush under the assault of all those orgasms, I somehow knew I had to emulate my ‘vision’. 

It was a losing battle… The pleasure just climbed up inside me… Creating incredible pleasure. An unstoppable pressure that destroyed any resistance I was mustering. I was helpless… I was going to fail… But then… Without warning…  I started to whisper the things that came out of my mouth as I came. 

“I love my master’s cock…
I exist to serve my master…
I am master’s bisexual slave…
I am my master’s toy…
My master’s pleasure is absolute…
I live to please my master…
Obedience is pleasure…
Kneeling for my master makes me horny…
I am his slave…
I am a sex puppet…
I am his pet…
I live to serve my master…
My master’s pleasure is my pleasure…
My master controls me and it makes me happy…
My master owns my mind…
Submission is natural for me…
I will always obey my master…
My master owns my body…
I belong to my master… 
I will obey and submit to my Master…
I will obey and submit to my Master…
I will obey and submit to my Master…
I will obey and submit to my Master…
I will obey…
I will submit…”

I soon realized the mantra was keeping the pleasure just about where I could manage it. A sort of blissful peace started to spread… The copy beneath me continued to fuck like I had never been fucked before. But the mantra kept the pleasure at bay… Why? I didn’t know…

I didn’t care.

I just whispered it all again and again…

I fell into a sort of daze that made everything else irrelevant. Not the fact I was the captive of a seemingly magical madman. Not the fact I was kneeling for hours now… Not the phantom beneath me trying his best to tease and excite me. Nothing…

The next thing I knew, I was faced with HIM. He didn’t say a word as he approached me. I smiled and opened my mouth for him. He retreated and I closed it. I was looking into his eyes and I could see he was pleased. A shiver of joy threatened to collapsed my balance, but I resisted. I was so primed and ready for release that a single touch would surely do the trick. I knew I better not cum… I just had to endure… Resist… Giving in would mean utter failure. 

He approached again and I opened.

He inserted himself and I wrapped my lips around his girth again. This time, I used my tongue slightly, just to enhance his pleasure. I didn’t move though, I remained very still as he started to take lazy strokes into my mouth. He made himself last for a long while…

It was so intense in a way. I was kneeling with my hands behind my head, pushing my tits out for him as he fucked my mouth. While his phantom impaled me from underneath… I was so close to cuming… I knew I had to wait for him to finish… I had to stay concentrated on his pleasure… That is what he wanted from me.

That's what he had meant by sucking him to his satisfaction.

It lasted for ever… It lasted for a second… I had trouble keeping track of time… But he finally accelerated and came in my mouth. I sucked it all and savored his taste. As soon as he was finished, he removed himself and just for the kick of it, I opened my mouth again to show him his delicious load. He smiled.

“You may swallow and cum my pet…”

I did and everything went white as the biggest orgasm yet hit my body and mind. As pleasure eroded my senses, I found myself with a different image. I was in HIS arms… So safe… so comforting… The feeling of peace was so incredible… I had never felt so good… It was even better than the release…

I awoke in my own bed… Extremely confused… I scrambled with my aching muscles for my phone, which was on my night stand where I always put it and saw that it was Monday morning… Holy crap! With a sight of relief, I realized I had plenty of time before my first class so I just laid back down. I was sore all over, which didn’t really surprise me… I had cum so many times… My muscles had a rough time of it.

I went to the shower and took my time. Before long though, I heard a knock on the door of the shared bathroom.

“Come on Karen! We all need to get ready! Hurry up!” I heard.

That was… Natasha’s voice!

I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around myself in a hurry. I opened the door and there she was! I couldn’t see a collar around her neck and her eyes looked normal.

“Nat! Huh… Are you ok?”

“What do you mean? Do I have crap on my face or something?” she said looking at herself in the bathroom mirror.

“No… I… Never mind…”

She gave an annoyed sigh before closing the door. What the hell… She must not remember the week end… How come I did?

I got ready and went to class. All that day, I was waiting for HIM to come visit me… Or lose a part of my day… But nothing happened…

The only odd thing was that I seemed horny all day. I couldn’t take my eyes off the different guys around campus… I kept imagining taking one to a secluded place and taking charge as I fucked him silly. All sorts of sexual daydreams came to me… I just felt… So horny!

Later that night, once I was alone in my own room, I couldn’t really take it anymore and started to finger myself thinking about my favorite jock. I was doing well, but after a while, I realized it wasn’t doing the job… 
Maybe my body just couldn’t reach orgasm anymore… Like he had burned me out… Or was I scared of seeing him pop in my head as I came…

The moment I thought of it, the image of me kneeling materialized in my mind… Crystal clear… Like all those times I experienced it during the weekend. My finger suddenly had a mind of their own and moved franticly around my clit. I came hard thinking about my submission…

Oh crap…

No no no….

On Tuesday night, I tried again, but I pushed that thought far from my mind and even watched pornos… But nothing worked! 

NO! I refused to finger myself thinking about HIM!

I was so horny… Every day it kept getting worst…

I didn’t try on Wednesday, but when Thursday night came along, I was so distracted by my hormones that I didn’t listen to a word any of my professors were saying. I got into bed and I couldn’t believe I was about to do EXACTLY what he was pushing me to do. What he WANTED me to do…

I started to pleasure myself and I tried one last time to think about anything except him. But it was no use… I finally decided to think of him. I tried to imagine myself with him in ways I had fantasized in the past… It brought me closer to release… But it didn’t work.

I then imagined myself serving him… Kneeling before him…

Now that worked!

I climaxed hard and my body convulsed as the emotion racked my body. The orgasm didn’t lose force as the image turned more into a daydream fantasy than anything else. He approached me and I took him in my mouth as he caressed my head lovingly.

I came back to myself, breathing hard… Sucking on my fingers… I stopped and looked at the ceiling. Feeling satisfied for the first time all week. 

I felt a lot less horny… Finally…

My head cleared and I could think strait for the first time since Monday morning. What had he done to me? Why couldn’t I cum without thinking about submitting to him? I got up and went to the bathroom and took a shower to cool off. I got undressed and looked at myself in the mirror. I sighed a little, thinking about everything that happened…

As I looked at myself, I noticed my eyes and thought back to Natasha’s, Kate’s and Vicky’s. Why had they turned blue? As I wondered, I thought back again to my submission and saw my eyes flare blue for a moment!

“OH MY GOD!” I said backing away. “WHAT THE HELL?”

“Calm down my pet.” I heard HIS voice echo in my head. “You aren’t changing… yet…”

“What do you mean? Why aren’t the others remembering last weekend? Why did they turn back to normal?” I asked in the empty bathroom.

“Oh that… well… I’m not ready to have you all permanently… In the meantime, I make them revert to their former selves…”

FORMER selves?”

“Yes! I molded them anew. I left their old personalities intact. I make them use it until I call. The new them is actually the true selves they now are.”

“And the weird eyes?”

“Personal preference of mine… I like to see my control over them manifested.”

“Manifested? Isn’t that why you have these cursed collars?”

“Yes… Well… you are right… It’s just a little something extra I built into all of you. It shows up when you accept me.”

“Accept you?”

“Enjoy your day…” he trailed off inside my head.

“I DON’T ACCEPT YOU!!!” I shouted at the mirror him.

Somehow, I knew he wasn’t there anymore. I wasn’t accepting him… I couldn't… It was wrong!

But as I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't deny that part of me wanted to give in...

Part of me wanted to know the peace of mind that surely came with those electric blue eyes...

- Adam - 5 days earlier

As I woke Karen up on Monday morning, I relished her confusion for a little while, but I soon left her to her own designs as I thought about what to do next. I now had Angelica, Natasha, Vicky, Kate and Amy under my sway. Hmmm just thinking about them all was giving me a hardon. Sadly, I had sent all my new vixens away to resume their college life. Angelica was off gathering supplies for the mansion and even if I knew she would come running to me if I asked, I didn't want to interrupt her errands.

As for Amy, she too was getting ready for school and I knew I we didn't have time to enjoy ourselves.

I really have to find a way to have them at my beck and call permanently… That is when an idea started to form. 

The more I explored Karen's sorority sisters, the more I liked the idea of converting them. Which would mean that their house could become an extension of the mansion. Yeah… Now there is a good idea! I could just picture myself entering their dorm and going through the rooms, choosing which of them I wished to sample. 

All those nice thoughts weren’t doing anything to help my boner! I was about to call Angelica, when I realized I had just had an incredible weekend fucking 3 babes. I smiled and calmed myself. I could wait a little… Maybe…

I took a cold shower to help. They say the shower is one of the best places to think, and that morning was no exception. I organized my thoughts and as I did, I realized I had lost track of the one that had inspired me in the first place: Alysha.

As I got to class I put a part of my mind to listen to the professor. The other part of my mind started to elaborate plans for her. I really wanted her…. But I realized I wanted all of her, not just her body. I knew I couldn’t make her like the others, I had to woo her… Conquer her… All of her… Not just her body…

I set myself rules since I knew I could easily lose myself in my lust. First, I had to let her change by herself. Like I was doing with Karen, only, I had to make it pleasant for her. Second rule, I allowed myself to take away her fear of my powers and the situation I am developing with the other girls. Third rule, I would only change her body if she wanted to change something herself. Lastly, I needed a way to make sure she keeps my secret. Should I collar her? Wait a little? Could magic offer me another way?

“Oh Angelica…” I called to her mind through our link.

“Yes Master?” she answered me.

“I wish to know if my magic… Or yours for that matter… Can be used to make someone keep a secret.”

“Hmmm… Sure it can… But you have to be careful about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, magic is always tricky, especially when you try new things.”

“What about the portals?”

“Oh that is a spell I used to do a lot, so I got it down centuries ago.”


“For what you have in mind, I haven’t done it before… So you need to find rules for the spell, and also a way to break it.”

“Hmmm interesting… Thanks for the advice.”

“Any time Master!” she answered.

“Also, before I actually claim her, I want to remove her fear of my power and the situation. Boost her natural acceptance of my talents and desires for multiple girls.”

“Well, it is tricky… Especially if you don’t know if she naturally would like it. Even on a deep down level.”

“I see… Than just her general fear then.”

“Oh that is easy.” She said while I felt her guide me to a place in her mind with the spell for it.

“Thank you Angelica!”

“My pleasure Master!”

I put my thoughts to the task. I smiled as I felt my mind work on all the possibilities. I could continue my day without even really thinking about it. I had what I needed by lunch. Which was good because I saw Alysha and Amy talking and giggling together. Perfect!

“Hey guys!” I called to them as I approached.

“Hey Adam!” Alysha called.

“Hey Adam!” Amy said very cheerfully.

I sat down with them.

“So girls? Up to anything naughty this weekend?” I asked.

The look Amy gave be told me she wished she had, which made me smile a lot.

“Nah… I had a bunch of homework to catch up with. Not to mention a LOT of cleaning!” Alysha said laughing. “What about you? Had a naughty weekend?”

“Hahaha, something like that!” I said cryptically. 

“Do tell…” Amy said smiling. 

“Oh… Just been to a nice party!” 

“Party huh?” Alysha asked.

Amy…” I called to her mind. “I’m about to ask you both for help, help steer things in the right direction. And also… Later on, I will invite you both at my place tonight, make sure Alysha will go.”

“Yes Master…” she answered.

“Yes! I said looking at them both. “I was thinking, I am in need of some huh… shopping. You see, I met this girl…”

“At the party?” Alysha asked mischievously.

“Something like that…” I answered. “Anyway… I really want to impress her and I know my wardrobe isn’t… well…” I said while waving in my general direction.

“Yeah… I kind of know what you mean.” Alysha said looking at my current outfit.

“Well… You don’t have to be obvious about it! But I was thinking, could you guys do me a huge favor? I want a few new outfits. Could you come and shop with me after school? You know… Coach me a little?”

“Wow! That sound like fun! Shopping without worrying about my credit limit!” Amy chimed in.

“I don’t know…” Alysha said.

“It won’t take long, just a few stores and then I’ll pay for dinner to thank you. I really need the help!”

“Oh come on Alysha… Can’t you see he needs us? You said it yourself you caught up with your school work.”

“Ok.. Fine!" Alysha said. "I have a class until 4h. What about you guys?”

“Same here.” Amy said.

“Me too!” I lied. “Ok, let’s meet at the mall around 4h30? Sound good?”

“OK!” Amy said.

I got up and left them to their chat. I monitored their talk through Amy and was extremely pleased with her. She was promoting me all afternoon. She had a clear goal and it was to please me. She knew I wanted Alysha and was aiming their conversation towards that. She was elegant as well, not too obvious. She had a different class than Alysha from 3h to 4h and I decided to capitalize on that. I told her to skip her class and meet me at my place.

She arrived at my place, looking stunning. I welcomed her in.

“Thank you for coming.” I said.

“Of course Master.”

I led her to the sofa and motioned for her to sit in my lap. She molded herself to me and we kissed deeply. Her kisses seemed especially hot and needy. I could feel the arousal coming off her like waves… Getting bigger… Stronger…

“You seemed to have missed me my pet.”

“Oh… I have…” she said hotly.

“Well, I asked you here before we go shopping for 2 reasons. First, I want to change your position a little. You were the first I claimed and as such, I think you get to choose. Your week of blackouts is over after all.”

“Really?” she said, almost sad. “What do you wish then?”

“I wish for you to take on more duties as my slave.” I said, watching her smile.

“I would love to Master!”

“Excellent! Now let me make it…. Official…”

I entered her mind and I decided to leave most of how she was. I just enhanced her loyalty a little. I realized I had played with her in the beginning because I wanted to try my collars, but I had other ‘prey’ so to speak now. Besides, I wanted Amy to be with Alysha when I conquered her. I smiled as I included a little self trigger in her.

“There my pet… How do you feel?”

“Oh my God…. Master.. I feel… so good!”

“Come with me.” I said.

We got up and went to my bedroom. There, I placed her in front of the mirror. She immediately noticed her eyes.

“Wow… Such a vibrant color… Unnatural even…” she said looking at them. “But so beautiful…”

“Yes… Now feel me inside your mind…” I said as I entered her mind. “Do you feel me?”

“Hhhmmm… Yes Master…”

“Ok, now watch…”

I switched the trigger off and her eyes went back to their normal color. I also saw how she felt the change inside her. Flipping the trigger made her revert back to how she was before entering my apartment. But with a few modifications to her mind.

“My eyes… I feel… different…”

“I made everything permanent inside you. You will stay loyal to me in both states, but in this one, you keep your free will. You decide how best to serve me. If I don’t actively compel you, you are free to disobey… If you feel like it…”

She looked at me in the mirror and smiled wickedly. 

“You will serve me in both, but when you get triggered…” I said as I flipped her mental switch. “You have no more fears and doubts. You are totally devoted to me and have the full impact of your service to me. Everyone of my orders will feel like a small erotic compulsion as your loyalty for me makes you feel my presense inside your mind.”

“Master…” she whispered.

“The best part is this, you can trigger yourself to be in either state.”

“Oh Master…. That is…” she said astonished.

“This way, you can indulge yourself in which ever way you choose. You are still mine in both, but you can experience your service to me in the way you wish. One rule and limitation, you cannot make anyone aware of my power over you, so you can’t trigger yourself in public without wearing shades.”

“I won’t Master…”

“You can’t at any rate. Now… Try to trigger yourself.”

I watched her bright blue eyes stay that way for a little while, then I felt her figure out how to do it and she turned back to normal. She smiled and turned herself back. She turned and looked at me with those bright blue eyes I liked so much.

“I feel so much better like this Master… Can I stay like this until we leave to join Alysha?”

“You may indeed… Now how should we pass the time I wonder?” I said smiling.

She smiled and kissed me again. In no time at all, we were naked and she was riding my cock like a crazy woman. Well… not crazy… just… Intense! I loved it! As she rode me, I couldn’t stop admiring her tits bouncing along to our rhythm. She was really a spectacular girl in her own way. We fucked for a good 20 minutes before we couldn’t hold back anymore. 

After she caught her breath, she removed herself from me and got on her knees between my legs. She cleaned me expertly and I was tempted to go for round 2, but I knew we had to meet up with Alysha.

We got dressed and Amy changed herself back to normal. I decided to make her invisible collar into a necklace. If things went as planned… On the way, I explained what I had in mind and she was all for it. I smiled. This was going to be fun…

We got to the store and Alysha joined us a few minutes later. We got into the store and the girls teased me a lot, wanting to know for who I was doing all this. I deflected for a while, I wanted my spell to work first. As I got into the booth to try on a few of the clothes the girls had picked out for me, I concentrated and weaved the first spell: removing her fears.

​I cast it on her and in no time, I felt the magic ingrain itself into her. I smiled…. Ok, now for the secret keeping one. I concentrated and called forth a little more magic. This one was a little trickier… Still, I managed to weave it and cast it. Again, I felt it stick and was extremely pleased. Once done, I felt incredibly weak for a few moments. Fun… But tiring… The spells must have been stronger than I thought…

After about an hour and a half, we finally decided on a few outfits and I paid for everything. The girls had a blast picking out all sorts of neat outfits. At one point I had to calm them down, telling them I didn’t want to buy the whole store! Which made them laugh and try even harder to pick fun stuff for my mystery girl. 

I could feel how Amy was feeling. She was so happy. She felt the same thrill I was. We were shopping to impress Alysha after all. Or was it the fact I had transformed her… Given her a reward… I could have checked easily by reading her mind, but seeing her so happy was enough.

We started to discuss where I was going to take the girls for diner. Amy was perfect and suggested pizza at my place. Alysha was ok with it and we all went to my house.

I got some beers out and offered whatever refreshments the girls wanted. We sat down in the living room and Amy was doing a perfect job of steering the conversation towards who was the lucky girl I wanted to impress. I did a quick scan of Alysha’s surface thoughts and it told me she was extremely curious about who it was.

“So come on! You can’t have us help you out like we did and NOT tell us!” Amy finally said.

“Well… It’s a little embarrassing… You know?” I said.

“Nonsense! We won’t tell anyone!” Alysha said.

“Well… Before I tell you guys, can I show you something first?” I asked. They just nodded. “I recently discovered something pretty amazing. I was thinking of maybe dazzling her with it.”

“As long as it isn’t a dick pic!” Alysha teased. Which surprised her as well as us!

“No no… nothing like that. Amy? Could you stand up please?”

“Sure thing!”

We both got up and faced Alysha.

“Ok, well you see, I can do magic.” I stated.

Alysha looked at me with a curious face and after a few seconds, she exploded in laughter. God I liked her laugh!

“What? hahahahaha What do you mean magic? Like on stage or something? You never told me you could do that!”

“Well no… That’s not exactly it… It’s better if I show you really. Look at Amy for a second.”

She was trying to keep a straight face while she looked on. Amy smiled and winked. I went into her body and slowly changed her hair color from brown to bright red. Alysha gasped a little as she watched.

“WOAH! How did you do that?” she said looking around for how the trick worked.

“You won’t find anything. It really is magic.” I said.

“Magic? Really?”

“Sure… I can change her body. Amy, tell me what you would like me to change.” 

“Can you give me a nice tan? Like I spent a few weeks on the beach?”

“Easy.” I said as I made the change.

I smiled fondly as I watched Alysha’s amazement. 

“What else?”

“Can you make my boobs a little bigger?” she said.

“Sure!” and I boosted them up to about a D cup.

“OH MY GOD! That is so cool!”

“Isn’t it?” Amy said.

“So what… You can mold her into anything?”

“Sure.” I said.

“Wow… Can you change her look?”

I smiled. I told Amy to hang on because I was about to change her a lot. We both knew how much pleasure she was about to receive. I concentrated and started to change her. Alysha watched as Amy’s features morphed into one of our friends from before college. Amy did a good job of containing her pleasure, but it showed in her face.

“WOW! She looks like Catherine! Amazing…” Alysha said, but she seemed to notice how Amy was squirming. “Are you ok Amy?”

“Oh.. yeeesss…..” Amy breathed with a smile.

“Yeah… About that… Whenever I change something, she feels incredible pleasure.” I said.

“Really?” she said as she observed Amy. “Incredible… I mean.. really… incredible!” 

“Oh you have to try it!” Amy said excited.

“I think I could do that. But first… You said you wanted to impress your mystery date with this talent of yours?”

“Huh.. Yeah… well, eventually… I can do a lot more than this.” I said.

“Well, tell us who!” Alysha said with a smile.

“Tell you what, if Alysha tries it out, I’ll tell you guys.” I said.

“Come on Alysha! Don’t be a scaredy cat!” Amy chimed in.

“I’m not scared at all! I’m just wondering what I would change…”

“Who cares what!” Amy said. “Just go nuts! It’s really fun, plus, you can revert back anytime you want! The first time he did his trick on me he turned me into an old black lady. I looked like a witch or something!”

“Ok then. I always wanted to see what I would look like as a dark-haired girl. So what do I do? How do you make the changes?”

“Well…” I started as I put my hand in my pocket. I conjured a new collar in the form of a necklace that was identical to the one Amy was wearing. 

“You have to put this on, it’s magical.” I said.

I took the necklace out and let it hang from my hand in front of her.

“A necklace?” she said.

“Yeah, if I put it on you, I can channel my talent through it and modify whatever you want.”

“Ok… Sure… Why not? I’m game!” Alysha said.

I smiled and went behind her. Seems my spells were working well so far. God she smelled good… I was a little nervous and I was scared at the same time. I knew I would be awfully tempted to dive into her mind as soon as the collar would be around her neck, but I knew I had to control myself. I clasped the necklace and stood back.

“I feel… strange…” Alysha said as she took the necklace in her fingers.

I looked at Amy and she smiled knowingly.

“Ok! Well, I think you said you wanted to see what you looked like as a dark-haired girl right? Go to the mirror.”

She skipped ahead and went to confront her reflection. I entered her body, making sure to skip her mind and went to work. Her hair color changed before her eyes and a pleasant feeling enveloped her. She gasped a little.

“Oh my god! You were right Amy! It does feel nice! My head feels all fuzzy and hot…”

“Doesn’t it? Wait until he makes a real change!” Amy said.

“It’s so incredible!” she said as she touched her hair. “I think I like my red hair more though.”

“I agree.” I said as I changed her back. “What next?”

“Can you get rid of my freckles?”

“Easy!” I did. She shivered a little.

“Wow… ok ok … What about my boobs? Can you make them bigger?”

“Sure, just say when!”

I started to make her tits grow slowly and watched her face get flushed with arousal. I had to stop before she told me to because her clothes were getting way to tight. 

“Oh WWWOOOOWWWW….” She exclaimed as she grabbed both her tits. “That felt incredible! Why did you stop?” 

“Because,” I chuckled, “Your clothes would have burst open! I don’t think you would want that.”

“Right…” she said looking down at her chest. “Got caught up in the feeling I guess… Ok now let’s see what you can really do!”

I spent the next half hour modifying her body. It was so intoxicating! It went from adding birth marks to making her skin color a nice velvety mocha. At one point, she was a red head with blue eyes but black skin with an ass the size of Texas! Well, not Texas per say… 

Needless to say, we had a blast and I felt her cum a few times during the whole make over. She was very discreet about it, but I was in her body so she couldn’t hide it from me. Which made things so must worst for my self-control… Amy kept telling me, with her mind, to concentrate and to not let myself get distracted.

I finally made her revert back to her old self, with a few changes to her skin to help her. Her boobs were perkier and a shade bigger. Her body fat was in all the right places. She was a vision of beauty in my eyes.

“Well… I don’t know about the girl you are trying to impress, but you certainly impressed me!” she said.


“So, I tried this out, your turn mister! Spill the beans! Who is the lucky lady?” she said with a smile that took my breath away.

“Well… Tell you what, if you are still up to it, I’ll show you. I’ll change Alysha's body until she looks like her. I know you know who she is.”

“Oh that sounds like fun!” Amy said.

“Ok! Do it slow, I bet I can guess it before you finish!” Alysha said excitedly.


I smiled knowing this would be good. I started to morph her features slowly and marveled at her self-control. The pleasure coursed through her body and she did everything to keep her concentration on the image in the mirror. I looked at Amy and she was smiling ear to ear. I continued to change her and morph her body until the pleasure was getting unbearable. I decide to enhance it further and made her have a mind-blowing orgasm. She finally closed her eyes as the feeling crashed through her. As she came back down from her high she was breathing hard.

I watched her face to see when she would register it. She looked up and saw herself in the mirror. She was puzzled for a moment. Then, I saw her make the connection.

“ME?” she exclaimed while looking at me in the mirror.

“Huh… Yeah…” I said, suddenly very shy.

“You wanted to impress me?”

“Oh come on Alysha!” Amy said. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know!”

“Well… I guess I did…”

“So I guess I managed to impress you after all huh?” I said.

“I would say yes. But I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Well… Let me do the talking then. I like you a lot Alysha. I love spending time with you. I would love to spend more time with you. Tell you what, I’ll just leave you to think about it. No pressure…”

“Ok…” she said. 

“Now… I thank you both again for the help this afternoon. I have to go back to school for some homework, sorry to cut the evening short, but I really need to study.”

“Ah sure… no problem.” Alysha said as she put her hands to the collar.

“No no… You can keep it on for now. I’ll just get it back in a few days, after you decided what to say to all this, besides, if you take it off, the changes I made wear off.” I lied.

“Oh… Ok then…” She got her things and they both went to the door.

“Thanks for the evening Adam!” Amy said.

“Yeah thanks! It was incredible.” Alysha said with a smile. "I have to say Adam… I never thought… You had these thoughts about me.”

“Don’t worry about it… I’m just glad we didn’t grow apart, but take your time, no rush…”

Well at least she seems to be taking it well enough. They got out and left my apartment block.

 I called to her mind. “Once you are free and in your room, call out to me.”

“Yes Master.”
 She answered.

I replayed the evening in my mind and thought it went well enough. The collar would slowly make Alysha horny for me over the next few days. I was betting on it. It was so tempting to just claim her… But I didn’t want to… Not Alysha…

Just thinking about her willingly pleasuring me… I was getting hard again… I couldn’t wait for Amy to be free! It gave me a chance to mediate and think of my plans for the next few weeks. 

“Master… I am alone in my room…” 
Amy called.

“Good, now go to your closet and close the door.”
 I felt her obey.

I went to my own closet and went to my mansion. Once there, I was in a room I had Angelica prepare for me. In it, I had her place a lot of different doors. That way, I could create multiple portals to different places. I thought of it as a sort of portal room. I went to the one I wanted and conjured a portal to Amy’s room. I stepped inside and found myself in her closet. I felt her on the other side of the door and smiled.

“Ok, now open it again.”
 I told her.

She did and the shock on her face was priceless.

“Master? How did you… How is it possible?” she asked, thoroughly perplexed.

“Magic… Did you really think that my little collars were the only thing I could do? My dear Amy… That is just the beginning… Now trigger yourself. I want to bring you to a special place…” 

She smiled and closed her eyes to flip the switch I had installed in her mind. She opened them again and I could see the electric blue in her eyes. I could she her endless devotion… Amy was such a good girl… 

“Now take my hand.” I said.

​She did without hesitation. I pulled her to me and kissed as we stepped through the portal…

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