A Kinky Little Genie

Exploring the Possibilities

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #m/f #magic #pov:top #pov:bottom

- Amy -

I had the most erotic dreams… I woke up feeling incredible… It was the best night’s sleep I ever had! I stretched myself fully and that’s when I realized. I had bigger tits! I looked at them and my hands flew up to grab them. They felt incredible! So firm… That’s when the night before came back to me. I relived it all…All the feelings… The orgasms… His lips… I felt myself getting wet all at once.

I couldn’t believe it! I remembered everything he said as well. My hand flew to my neck and I felt the necklace. I got up and went to my mirror. It looked the same as I remembered. I tried to take it off, but my fingers couldn’t work the mechanism. I guess it was true that only he would be able to remove it. I recalled all the things he had changed and many of those… huh... Bodies… Were incredibly desirable…

Which made me remember what he said about my own dark fantasies. What did he mean?

I brushed it off and got dressed. I went to my classes and met Alysha there. I suddenly remember what he had said. He wanted her…
A part of me wanted to tell her everything. Another part was really jealous of her. Then again, I was the first he had taken. Taken… If only he had fucked me… THAT would have been incredible… Why didn’t he? Right... Because he wanted to let me process all of this.

“Hey Alysha! How are you?”

“Good Amy! WOAH! Did you do something different with… huh… everything?” she said waving her hand in my general direction.

“Not really… You think? I feel great though!”

“Yeah… Well, you look great!!”


“Well? Did Adam help you out last night?”

Did he ever… 

“Yep! Like you said, he really knows that stuff! Tell me again how long you have been keeping that guy as a secret weapon?”

“Hahahah! Adam? I know him from way back when we were kids! He was always a little bit nerdy, but always there to help. He is a great guy.” 

“Really? Never thought of him as more?” I teased. Secretly, I really wanted to learn more about her true feelings for Adam. Some part of me wanted to please him and bring him this information.

“Nah… Not really my type. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t a total geek and would probably make a girl happy, but I don’t know… Never really thought about it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean… Plus, you have Bill from the lacrosse team pinning over you. Ever thought about HIM?” I teased again.

“Yeah…” she said while getting red in the face. “I guess he is more my type!”

Class started and I found myself getting distracted as my mind went back to the night before. How incredible it all was! I looked again at my larger boobs, just to convince myself I hadn’t imagine it.

“Oh you didn’t imagine it Amy…

“WHAT?” I said a loud.

“Problem Miss Garner?” the professor said. “Should I explain it AGAIN for you?”

“Sorry Professor! No, it’s fine!” I said as the professor turned back to the black board.

“I can speak directly into your mind. You can answer me just by thinking, so no need to shout!”

“Oh… Wow….”I thought to myself.

“Another benefit of the collar my dear… I just wanted to try out the range of our connection.”

“I can hear you very clearly. It’s as if you are right next to me!”

“Incredible… I wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to my home again tonight, can you manage it?”

“Tonight? Huh… I have a study group at 6 O’clock, but after it finishes… I could come see you.”

“Perfect, I’ll be waiting. Be ready with your decision as well. You have until then to decide if you keep the collar or I remove it. Have a great day!”

My hand went to the necklace he had given me and a part of me felt horny as hell wearing it. Then again, a large part of me was against it all. Sure, it was fun to fantasize about being a slave girl, but that was just a fantasy! This guy was for real! I thought about what I wanted my life to be and I spent that whole afternoon thinking about it. I had to say, I didn’t really listen in my classes…

- Adam -

I could feel her dilemma as I went to my afternoon class. I still marveled at how easy it was to listen to her mind. I kept tabs on her all day and let another part of my mind do the work. I then took the time to start a mental list of who I actually wanted in my harem. I looked at the girls in my class and a part of me was thankful Alysha wasn’t there. She was too distracting!

My eyes fell upon a very fetching young lady which happened to be in the sorority I mentioned earlier. Her name was Karen Foster. She had hazelnut eyes and a long mane of black hair that curled just enough. Her figured was to die for. She had a nice round ass and boobs to match. She was second in command in the cheerleading squad and every guy in campus wanted a piece of her. 

I remembered very clearly how mean she had been to my best friend Dave. He had summoned the courage to actually ask her out, but instead of declining politely, she had actually used the opportunity to thoroughly humiliate him. That part made me mad. Dave was a good guy and didn’t deserve such scorn. I also knew her reputation…

She was known as a bit of an Ice Queen and professional heart breaker. But with a body like hers, one couldn’t really blame her for not falling for everyone that fell for her. I decided to let that slide for the moment and see if she had changed her ways since last year. I highly doubted it however…

I stalked her until I knew I could speak to her alone. I got my chance when she went to change her books at her locker. Perfect. I waited until she was just about to leave the lockers and pushed her books out of her hands with my mind. Everything fell to the ground! Cool! Her friends continued on and she started to grab her stuff on the floor. I went to help her.

“Need a hand?” I asked while crouching down.

“I’m good…” she said before looking up at who it was. “I CERTAINLY don’t need help from you, creep!” she then spat. I only smiled.

“Fine! Just trying to be nice!”

“No you aren’t! All you boys are the same, always an ulterior motive!” She was right of course, but it still hurt to hear it. “Just mind your own business and leave me alone!”

I did just that and noted to myself that she hadn’t changed at all. I left her alone and followed her some more. I noticed a flaw in my plan for my harem, how to get a girl I want to wear a collar without raising suspicion? I pondered it while she went to her class. I developed  a few solutions, but I needed time to practice them. As for Karen, I wanted her now… 

I caught up with her again as she left her class. I read her mind again and was glad to see she didn’t plan on anything special for the night. We left campus and I made sure to follow from a good distance. I tried to manipulate her hearing a little and realized I could make her think she was hearing something when in fact there was nothing. 

That’s useful!

As we got to an alley, I made her think one of her friends called out to her. I was pleased to see she caught the bait and turned into the alley, calling her friend’s name back. I followed her in…

- Karen -

I heard Kate call from the alley and at first, I was puzzled, but she called again in a panic and I turned to investigate. I had my cell phone out and ready to dial for help. As I turned the corner of the alley, I got into a dead end.

“Kate? Was that you? It’s not funny! Come out you little tramp!”

I was a little scared and suddenly realized where I was. A young woman alone in an alley… I also noted with a sigh of relief that at least, it wasn’t dark!

I was about to turn to leave when I felt pressure all over my skin, like a thick mass of something enveloping me. I realized pretty quick I couldn’t move! I was held immobile by something I couldn’t see! Even my jaw was kept closed! I started to scream in my closed mouth but it only came out all muffled. I felt myself being picked up slightly and my toes barely touched the ground! 

To say I was freaking out would be an extreme understatement!

“Karen… Karen… Karen…” said a deep voice I didn’t recognize.


“No need to scream your head off. This won’t take long. You see… You have been a bad girl… A VERY bad girl…”

What the fuck? Who was this mad man! How the hell could he hold me up like that!! What the fuck did he mean a bad girl?

“Starting today, you are mine… I am about to put a very special collar around your neck, once on, you won’t be able to take it off, only I can… The collar will give me COMPLETE control over your mind and body. Plus, you will slowly fall under its spell and become my little sex puppet.”

NO! How can this be happening! This must be a dream! No, a nightmare! This can’t be happening…

“Oh it is happening… Here… let me put it on you so you can feel it…”

I saw a thick leather collar pass in front of my eyes as it descended to my neck. I felt it wrap around and finally clasp shut. As soon as it did, I felt the difference… Well, not in so many words… But… I knew…

“There we go… It really looks fetching on you… Now, for the first part. I compel you to never reveal what happened tonight. I compel you to never reveal my secrets to anyone not already under my power. I compel you to never harm yourself or myself. I compel you to always answer my questions and always with the truth.”

I felt his words imprint themselves inside my mind, or at least, I thought they did.

“Now, don’t worry about the collar, no one except you and me will be able to see it. I have places to be, so I will leave you to it… Enjoy…”

The voice faded and whatever force that was holding me frozen suddenly let go. I fell to my feet and lost my balance, falling to my knees. I was furious! I turned to see what kind of jackass had done this to me. No one was there! I ran to the street and I couldn’t see anyone. Well, no one creepy anyway...

My hand flew to my neck and I could feel the thick leather there. I felt around for the clasp and found it. I tried to work it off for a long while and realized he was right, I couldn’t remove it. What the hell! I raced to the sorority and went to find Kate. If she was in on this sick prank…

I arrived and the house was alive with all the girls gossiping like usual. I threw my things in my room and finally found Kate in hers. I went in and closed the door.

“What the hell, Kate! This prank isn’t funny!” I spat at her.

“Hello to you too Karen… Geezz… What bit you today?”
“Bit me? Nothing! I’m talking about calling me into that alley and then… Well… Look for yourself!” I said pointing my neck.

“What alley? What are you talking about? Why are you pointing your neck?”

“Don’t play games with me Kate! You know damn well why! Can’t you see it?”

“See what?” she said with a really puzzled look on her face.

“I told you no one could see it…” the voice echoed in my mind.

“Well… I…The thing that happened…” Crap… I can’t seem to find the words I need to tell her what happened!

“Yes… What happened? You look a little out of it Karen… Are you all right?”

“I… Never mind…” I said before storming out.

Oh crap… This is really happening! I went to my room and locked the door… 

- Adam -

I was extremely pleased with how it all turned out with Karen. I will slowly make her do things until I take her for good. I checked the time and noticed Amy would be by soon. I licked my lips in anticipation. I decided to sit at meditate a little while I waited. I could feel Amy’s presence at the corner of my mind, but I wanted the surprise of her answer when she got here so I made a point to ignore her. 

As I meditated, I felt a pull to my ring, which was the genie bottle and as I concentrated, I realized I could feel Angelica’s presence, or connection. It was weird in a way. I studied it a little and realized I could feel the bond between her and the lamp. I also felt my own bond to her, going through the lamp. Interesting… 

I couldn’t really think on it too much because I heard a knock on the door. I smiled.

I went to the door and was extremely pleased with what I saw. Amy had put on a very nice blue top that showed off her cleavage nicely. Her skirt was just the right cut for her and just long enough to be proper, while being short enough to show lots of leg. 

“Good evening Amy. Please, come in.”

“Sure…” She said timidly.

I watched her beautiful ass sway as she entered. We made our way to the living room, where the night before, I had seen her glorious naked body.

“So… Have you chosen?”

“You didn’t read my mind and find out?” she asked.

“Tempted, but no, I wanted to hear you answer for yourself.”

“Well… Can I ask a few questions before I answer?”

“You can always ask, if I answer is another matter.”

“Ok… Here goes nothing… First… huh… This is weird…”

“I know, still pretty new to me.”

“Yeah…” she said nervously. “OK! First, I know you looked into my mind and darkest fantasies, so I guess you already know I’m more than a little turned on by all this, but it is just fantasy… I mean, it’s fun to put myself in that scenario and everything, but actually living it? All the time?”

“You want to know more about what it would mean to say yes.”

“Exactly… I mean… I’m game to do a lot of things, but how much would I sacrifice of my current life to live out this fantasy?”

“Hhhmmm Never thought about it. Here is what I propose, elaborate to me what you wish to happen, and I will decide how much of it I want and how much of it isn’t enough.”

“Seems fair… Feels like I’m selling my soul or something…”

“Nothing so dramatic!”

“Ok, well… I would really like to feel dominated and to fully feel the pleasure of being a slave girl, but I don’t want to close off my life. I would really love something in between.”

“I see… Well, what I expect from my future harem girls is rather simple, I want to be able to pleasure them and have them pleasure me when I want and however I want. So, I guess, you can pretty much continue your life as it is, but expect me to call on you when I feel like it. I’m not a bastard, at least, I don’t think of myself as one.”

“No… I didn’t get that vibe from you…”

“So there, if you accept my offer, you can expect a lot of pleasure. You can continue your courses if you wish. You may ask permission to have activities outside my influence. You will be prepared to forfeit such activities if I require you. Other than that, you can ask for one favor a week. Be it to change something about yourself or other such things… You can expect to be changed and molded to my liking for a night of fun, but you will always return to your current body before the end.”

“Ok… Seems reasonable. Second question: Can I ever decide to end my involvement?”

“You may always ask. If you ever do, I will have to ensure you keep my secrets and I will have to change you back to your original form. If you do ask, I may try to convince you to stay, but yes, it certainly is possible for you to leave.”


As much as I was fascinated by how calm she was, I was a little surprised by the questions. Then again, I had been right in assuming she would really think it through.

“I have one request of my own, if you can grant it.”


“Don’t make me a mindless bimbo. I want to feel… What was the word you used last night? Compelled? Yeah… I want to feel your power forcing me to serve you. From time to time anyway. I would like to keep my mind intact and decide to resist you…”

I stepped closer.

“To feel yourself lose control… Succumbing to the compulsion… To be forced into acts of pleasure…”

“Yess….” she said in a low voice.

I stopped right in front of her. Inches away from her face… I could feel how aroused she was getting… 

“I can certainly do that…" I said as I lightly brushed my lips against herself. 

I could feel her wanting to kiss me, but she stopped herself.

“So… Do we have a deal? Do you give yourself to me?”

I saw desire in her eyes at the commanding tone I took on. She wanted to say yes so badly…

“Make me….” She whispered.

Her mischievous look was simply delightful… She was already into all this. More than I had hoped! I entered her mind and decided to freeze her muscles so she wouldn’t move. 

“Freeze.” I said for dramatic effect, which worked marvelously.

I took my time to look her over. Her general posture seemed nervous, but her mind was getting hornier by the minute. I felt her mind tugging at her muscle control, trying to move herself. I saw clear spikes of arousal each time it failed. I walked around her and at first, her eyes followed me, but as I got to her left, her eyes went to examine the floor.

I smiled as I listened to her mind. She thought it was some sort of submission… A sign of respect for the man she was provoking into claiming her. I got behind her and kissed her exposed neck. I felt her shiver. My lips lingered… Trailed along the nape of her neck… I nibbled on her ear a little, letting my tongue caress her lobe…

"Seems you feel extra naughty… Starting this new arrangement with a dare…” I whispered.

She let out a small moan through her frozen lips. 

My fingers outlined her shoulders and drew imaginary lines as they made their way to her wrists. I drank in her fear… This was all new to her… It wasn’t fear of what I could do… The power I wielded… I had removed that. It was the fear of the unknown… The excitement… Her arousal… She had never done such a thing… Not in the real world… She did notice her sudden arousal whenever she crossed a webpage about slave girls… Harems… In the movies as well… 

I stretched out her arms and placed them high above her head. She didn’t resist it… Not her body anyway… I controlled that… But her mind did… Imagining herself pulling away… Resisting me… My hands trailed down her arms slowly… Deliberately…I was soaking in just how soft she was… The fact that I could feel what she felt made it much more enjoyable for me… 

A part of me registered how lucky I was. To be able to feel it all… I reached her now exposed tummy and I traced around her belly button. It was tickling her… She couldn’t show it, but she was desperate to have me stop. So I lingered a few moments more before I pressed firmly. My touch went from delicate to soft pressure. My whole hand touched and caressed her mid-section…She liked that a lot more…

I played with her a little… Letting the arousal build slowly…

I grabbed the bottom of her top and slowly started to pull it up. I felt her sudden spike of nervousness. It was soon squashed by her memories of the previous night. Her reflex at being naked was completely normal. I was surprised at how quickly she pushed it down. I had no hand in it.  As I got to her new and bigger breasts, I had to stretch out the fabric to be able to pull it over them.

I was pleased to note she didn’t have a bra on. From my vantage point next to her shoulder, I could see them bounce slightly as the top got free of them. Just as the fabric reached over her face, I stopped and left it there.

Again… As she felt my hands go back down, she let out a weak moan. My hands went well below her breasts and joined on her tummy. I moved them up slowly… As my fingers reached the lower part of her delicious globes… I whispered again…

“All mine… Unable to resist your own desires… You’ll see… You’ll submit soon enough…”

I cheated a little with that. Being able to listen in on her thoughts, I knew exactly what to say. If she could shiver with pleasure, she would. Her muscles prevented her from showing any outward signs of being aroused. But I knew… 

And I couldn’t get enough of it! I removed a hair of my control over her muscles and was delighted to feel her vibrate. Like it was a trigger, I felt her skin tighten as a wave of goose bumps travelled up her torso. I felt all the little bumps under my hands and I took it as my cue to move further up.

I was rock hard by that point, but I controlled myself. This was way too fun to stop!

My palms enveloped the underside of her globes as my index fingers and thumbs softly gripped her erect nipples. I heard her at my touch as I felt her heart beat at my fingers tips… I rolled them slowly… Letting her feel the slight twist… As a little bonus, I went inside her body and cranked her sensitivity.

​The moment I did, she let out another moan… I squeezed her tits slightly and just enjoyed the heaviness of them in my hands. Perfect breasts… I felt like I was tuning her arousal… Her nipples were like little horny knobs… Dials I could tune to increase and diminish… I matched her sensitivity to the motion my fingers did. 

Making it lower…
And higher…
And higher…

Each time I turned her nipples up, I cranked up her sensitivity, she moaned loudly… Only taking in a breath when I lowered her sensitivity… By turning her nipples down… I played with her like that for a long while… Waiting for her arousal to reach the perfect spot… It had been a little while since I had a girlfriend. The last one didn’t have a spectacular set of tits and I massaged and squeezed them until I decided she was ready.

I then resumed my task and removed her top completely. I threw it on the floor and my hands where roaming her body again. They soon found her skirt and the zipper was easily operated. I grabbed the hem and pulled itdown slowly. As I did, I crouched down and got a very nice view of her ass, which was sporting a blue thong. Very alluring.

I kissed her ass cheeks as I made my way back up. She was positively vibrating with need and lust… Inside and out… I slowly snaked my hand into her panties and was not surprised to find them soaked. My other hand cupped her tit and slowly massaged it.

“I see you are already horny for me…” I whispered hotly in her ear. “Here are the terms of the game we are about to play… If you can resist… Deny yourself the release without begging for it… You may keep all your demands…You will remember everything we will do for one week. If you succumb and can’t take it anymore, if you beg me to cum… You will be mine for one week… Not fully remembering everything… You will never know when you come see me and you will be completely in slave mode during those times… I will let you remember certain parts of it… But you will always be left to wonder… You will go about your day normally… However… A part of you will realize I took you… You will know I have used you for my pleasure… Even if you can’t remember what we did… You will know it was me…”

I said it all as my fingers found her slit. The collar was making her feel extra good as I touched her. I smiled a little at that as I started to stroke her slowly, spreading the good feeling.

“Oh god….” She let out as I released her mouth from my magical grip.

“Next week… We will do this again… Every week you will be free to decide your fate…” 


“Do you accept these terms?”

“Ohh…. Yeeeesssss…..”

“Good… We have until midnight… I hope you are ready…”

I listened in to what her body was feeling and she was most certainly enjoying herself! I started to rub her clit,  making her moan louder.

“Seems like you are fighting a losing battle…”

“Nnoo…. I…. hhhhmmmmm…”

“It isn’t that bad you know… Just say the word and you can cum…”

“Nooo…. I…. Don’t…. I…. want….. To… Remember….”

“You would remember some of it… Let’s see if I can’t convince you some more… Unfreeze.” I said as I released the rest of her body.

She almost fell to her knees, but I held her up and squeezed her against me. She tried to move away, but my grip was too strong. 

“Ah ah… No running away… Now to bring you truly to the brink…” I levitated her softly and she found herself lying on her back in mid air in front of me. I ripped her thong off and looked at her lovely cunt. I approached between her legs and licked my lips. She looked so delicious…

“Are you ready to beg yet?” I said as I flicked my tongue at her labia.

She moaned even louder as her body tensed up. I entered her body and placed a block on her coming orgasm. The whole situation was making her horny beyond what she has ever experienced, so I decided to really make it worth her while. Besides, she tasted really nice. I didn’t want her to cum prematurely… The collar was an unfair advantage after all…

I dove in and started to eat her out. I've always loved doing that. The fact that I was comfortable and that she was floating in midair at just the right height made everything so much easier. I reveled in the fact my new mind could make this all possible. 

- Amy -

His hands were electric all over my skin. How incredible was this? I had never felt so alive and horny all at once! The funny part about it all was that I wasn’t afraid when he froze me. I always had a thing for bondage. Well a little anyway… When he spoke his trigger and I stopped moving… God that felt good… 

What also surprised me was how calm I felt as he lifted me in the air! My mind was primed with lust , but I clearly remember it. It was just a moment… I soon didn’t care as his tongue started between my legs. Past boyfriends had eaten me out before, but never like this! His lips were like fire, igniting an inferno between my legs. I could feel the pleasure build in waves… 

They kept crashing against my will and soon I was on the brink of an incredible orgasm. I was ready to blow over, I had never felt so much pleasure in my life! It lasted for hours! Or so I believed, it was almost getting painful! Almost…

The pleasure subsided a little as I felt myself float down and turn on my belly. His hands moved my pleasure racked body into a position on all fours, only, I wasn’t touching the ground again.

“I hope you are ready to be forcefully claimed… You asked so nicely… I’ll make you accept your new life… I’m going to fuck you into submission… You won’t be able to resist becoming my little sex puppet…”

“Ohhh….” God this was hot! 

“I know you are on the brink… I too have been waiting patiently to enjoy your sweet…” he said while I felt the tip of his cock graze my pussy. “Sexy….” He said, touching me again. “Body…”

Oh god I wanted him in me! I tried to push back, to get his cock inside my love channel, but I didn’t have any traction in mid air!

“Don’t worry my little pet… Here it comes…”

His cock started to go in and I moaned loudly in anticipation. He just inserted the tip before he pulled it out again… Then he pushed it in a little… Then back out… He did that a few times and I was going mad in anticipation! 


“Please? What is it? What do you want?” he said while teasing me.

“I…" I said, realizing what I was about to ask. "Nooo…. I… won’t… beg…”

“Fine with me… I get to enjoy you until you do… I do have to warn you…I kind of blocked your orgasms…”

“What?? HUH!!!!!!!!!!” I said before he plunged his big cock all the way inside my pussy.

HOLY SHIT!!!! He felt … so… GOOOOODDD…… It was like he belonged inside me… His cock started to stroke in and out and it was as if a dam of pleasure erupted in every cell of my body! The heat I felt was already so high, I didn’t believe it could get any hotter, but it did…

As Adam fucked me, the pleasure was starting to block out everything around us. My world shrank down to us and his cock jackhammering inside me.

“Oh god you feel good and tight!”

“hhhmmmm…  HUH!…”

I felt like I was about to exploded…. I felt myself go to the very edge of bliss… Then retreat again… It came back in waves and each time it left me hotter and hornier then ever…

On it went… I lost myself in pleasure and couldn’t believe I hadn’t cum yet… I felt on a high that could only end one way… That is when I came back to myself and realized we had moved to the bedroom at some point.

“Well… You have been incredible my pet… A shame you will have to go home without feeling the release you are craving… Almost midnight… You don’t mind if I get my release do you?”

“I… hhhmmmm. ppplease… “

“Oooohhhh god you are tight!”

He started to pump faster and faster and I just couldn’t take it anymore…

“Ccclaim me!  PPLlease! I Bbbbegg you!”


“Claim me! Please! HUH!!! I want it…. Please! Make me cum!”

“HHhhmmmm Really? You truly want to give in?”

“YYYEEESSSS!!!! PLEASE!!!! LET ME CUM! MAKE ME YOURS!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs!

“You will cum… When you feel my own release… You will cum… But…” He said as he slowed down.

“But… hhhmmmm what?” I was so close…

“You must submit to me. From this point on, in private, you will call me Master. Do so now… Submit!”

He started to fucked me faster and faster, building up his own release!

“Don’t and I cum alone… And you go home frustrated…”

“NO!!!! PLEASE! HUH! Master…. Make me cum! I BBBbeg you! Allow me to cum! I am yours Master! I submit!!!!!!!”

“As you wish!” he said.

He sped up even more and I felt the difference. He had a sense of urgency now. It was like a beacon over my raging inferno! Guiding me…

He rammed himself deep and I felt the dam holding back my pleasure break as his cock twitched and sent his seed deep inside me. His hands were grabbing me tight and keeping me impaled on him as the pleasure electrified my body. I spasmed and bucked, but he held fast. The bliss crested and my eyes saw white as I lost consciousness with the force of my orgasm.

Without a doubt, it was the most intense orgasm of my life!

I came back to myself and I was in my own room. I was naked except for the necklace around my neck. I felt deliciously sore all over and I could still feel a little of the bliss in my muscles. I looked around and realized it was morning. When had I come back? 

My mind went back to the night before and my hand crept to my pussy. I had never felt so aroused in my life! I couldn’t resist him at all! I was so helpless... So incredibly aroused! I had just spent an evening that lived up to my wildest fantasies. No... It was so much more than that... I never dreamed pleasure could be so intense... I slowly rubbed and rubbed as I play it all back in my mind. Trying to feel like I felt... Needless to say, I reached a wonderful morning release.

I was a little distracted all morning, thinking about the events of the last 2 days. Still, I managed to get to all of my classes and follow what the teacher was saying until lunch. That’s when I spotted him… He had changed somehow… He looked… Manlier… As I watched him from across the cafeteria, he surprised me by looking up directly at me.

He smiled and I felt my legs go weak. He winked at me and suddenly, I was in my afternoon class! What the hell? As I moved around, I noticed I wasn’t wearing panties anymore. Furthermore… I had a soreness I knew well… 

I smiled at knowing he had probably just ravaged me somewhere on school grounds. I was a little sad I couldn’t recall it, but I promised myself I would do better next week. I would certainly NOT beg to cum… I checked my phone and I had lost 40 minutes. Not too bad… I tried to focus on my class and by the end of it, I realized I had doodled an intricate design on one of my note books. It was full of lettering I didn’t understand and patterns that were… well… beautiful…

“Hey Amy! What do you got there?” I heard Alysha say.

“Oh this? Just some mindless scribbling! I just drew it up during class.” I remembered we had a class together.

“Well, looks really nice! I guess your class was pretty boring if you had time to do that!”

“Yeah… I guess so… What about you? Any news from Bill?” I said trying to change the subject.

For some reason, I didn’t want her to ask more questions about it. Odd…

“No… He has that big tournament this weekend, so I’m not sure he is looking for any distractions.”

We continued our small talk until the beginning of class. When break came, I realized I was still doodling the same design as before. Strange… I went for a coffee and got back into class. Just as I sat down, a wave of pleasure gave me a hot flash. I grabbed the desk to keep from falling off my chair!

“Are you ok?” I heard Alysha ask.

“Huh… Yeah… Sure…”

“You look a little flush…”

“You think? Nah… Just a little… Hormones… Never know when they kick in…”

“That time of the month huh?” she said.

“haha… yeah…” I laughed nervously.

I looked around and sure enough, I saw Adam in the corridor looking into our class. He saw me looking at him and winked again. I smiled back as class started up again. God... I'll really have to get used to feeling pleasure if he was going to play with me in class like this!

God... That thought only made me hornier.

- Adam -

I loved my new powers! I had just given Amy a little dose of pleasure at her break, a kind of little reward for her time at lunch. God it was so erotic to be able to fuck her whenever I wanted! My thoughts drifted to all the girls I could fuck now that I had my little collars… 

I realized pretty soon that I would need money and a cover if I was to get my little harem. Amy would only be the first… And I didn’t want them all to be so independent. I realized I had darker desires and wanted to explore them as well. I mean… Why not experiment? I always love to research!

I thought back to Karen and decided she would be part of those. Amy was a very nice girl and I kind of thought of her and Alysha as my first 2 willing and loving slaves to be. Amy was well on her way and I had to admit that her inner desire to submit made her submission to me that much sweeter. As for Alysha… I would take my time…

Besides, I could indulge my hormones all I wanted. I connected with Karen’s mind and realized she had called in sick today. Naughty girl… I guess it’s time for her to get another visit… I put part of my mind on the task of finding a solution for my money problem and went off campus towards the sorority. As I approached, I scanned the large house and realized that with my skills, it would be fairly easy for me to get in without anyone noticing. I navigated my way in the house, making the few girls there believe they were going in different rooms or making them think they forgot something. As I got to Karen’s door, I was pleased to see she was actually in the shower down the hall. 

I let myself in and waited. I connected with her mind again and made it so she wouldn’t notice my presence when she got back in the room. She was freaking out and trying to figure out if she was going crazy or if everything that happened to her was real. 

When she was done, she made her way inside her room and locked the door. I was delighted to see she had only a pair of towels around her. Perfect… 

I whispered in her mind with my modified voice.

“Crap… Not you again…” she said aloud.

“Oh yes Karen… You didn’t think I would let you get off that easy, did you?”

“I… Why are you doing this to me?”

“First of all, because 
you have been a bad girl… and second… because I can…”

“What do you want with me!!!???”

“Your body… Your soul… You are mine now… The collar around your neck proves it.”

“I am not yours you freak! I am no one’s!”

“I beg to differ… For instance… I can order you to do anything I want you to do… So… Since you are mine now, I want to look at my new property.”

“Property? You sick pervert! How are you talking to my mind? You aren’t even here!”

“Oh, but I am… You just can’t see me…”

“What….” she said looking around trying to find me.

“Now I think I have waited long enough, I could have taken you in the alley, but I didn't. So why don’t you be a good little sex puppet and remove that towel around your head. Let’s start this slow…”

She backed up until she reached the door and tried to unlock it. I held the mechanism with my power and she couldn’t work it to open. I was in her mind as well and noticed she was about to scream, so I modified her vocals cords so they couldn’t emit any loud sounds… Just whispers…

“Help !!!!!” She said in a small helpless voice.

“Tsk tsk… No running away or screaming.”  She was about to bang on the door, so I picked her up with my power and pulled her back. “No noises either…”

“OH FUCK!” she exclaimed. " Oh god... Please... Just let me go..."

“I see we will have to do it the hard way
…” I said to her mind. “I compel you to remove the towel wrapped around your head.” I said aloud. Making sure to modify my physical voice to match.

She looked up sharply to where I was. The sound of my voice giving away my position in the room. Her hands started to move on their own and she was soon unwrapping her hair. Like a dark river, her mane cascaded down her back, still wet from the shower. It gave her a very nice look. I walked around her to examine her. 

"Oh god... Why can't I stop my hands?"

“Now… Dance…” I said to her mind.

“What? NO!!!” she whispered loudly.

“I compel you to dance erotically until I tell you to remove your last towel, when I do, you will remove it and continue to dance.” I said aloud. 

She looked behind herself towards the door and tried to move to it again. She found herself hitting an invisible wall before trying to go for the bed. Again, she hit a wall. I had placed a loose field around her to keep her standing in the middle of the room.

She was about to ask me about it when her hips surprised her and started togyrate slowly. 

“No… no no no no…”

But it was useless… I found a chair to sit in and watched in rapt attention as her body did the most wonderfully sexy dance I had ever seen. I had gone to strip clubs with the guys once or twice, but I hadn’t been impressed. Karen on the other hand. Wow!

I got my cock out and stroked it slowly, watching my prey dance for her invisible Master. I really loved the power I held over her. God she was sexy…

“Now… remove your towel…”

I saw the battle inside her, mind battling her body to prevent herself from getting completely naked.

“Nnnnooo…. Please…. stop this…”she begged.

I just smiled as I saw her hands caress her body and move towards the top of her towel. Her body danced sensually as her hands dropped the towel to the floor. I was a little surprised by the few tattoos I saw on her. In all the places only a lover would see or a bikini would reveal. 

My eyes roamed her curves and my cock was rock hard. To say she was a bombshell would be putting it lightly. She kept shaven between her legs and her skin was creamy all over. I couldn’t find a flaw as I watched her dance for me. Looking at her naked with my collar on was really making it hard for me to resist taking her… But I had time… 

“Tell me Karen… My little sex puppet… What do you fear most about me?”

She didn’t want to answer, but my commands from the night before held fast and she started to talk against her will.

“I… I’m scared you might kill me… Rape me… Make me kill myself…”

“Oh Karen… None of that kind of violence!"

 Hearing her mention rape made me realize just how this must look to her. I wasn't into raping at all and it made me want to slow down. I did want to punish her, but maybe I didn't want that... What I truly wanted was to make her regret being so mean. 

I smiled. What I really wanted was for her to understand that like Amy, she could find joy in submitting to me.  But since she mentioned rape, let's roll with that with for moment.

"As for the rape… What scares you the most about it?”

“Getting pregnant with your bastard or sick.”

“I see… Well no need to worry about those, I have no plans to impregnate you and I am clean of any and all diseases.”


“Now… What scares you the most about the rape?”

“I told you…”

“Let me be more specific, in an order from worst violation to least, which of your fuck holes do you dread me fucking?”

“Oh god… I…” I saw her struggling against the answer I knew she was about to tell me “Ass… Pussy… Mouth… SHIT!”

“I see… Well… Since you are getting me so hard… I believe I need some kind of release… So we are going to take it slow…”

I went inside her mind and searched for every memory she had of me… I placed a block on them all so when she would see me, I would be a complete stranger to her. I also changed her mind back so she could notice me on the chair.

She let out a small whispered yelp as she finally did, but she was compelled to dance and so she didn’t move away.

“Why don’t we keep those holes free for the moment, I want you to come here and kneel. Once you do, you will give me the best titty fuck you can manage and make me cum all over your chest.”

“I won’t do that! That’s degrading and disgusting!”

“I compel you to kneel before me and make me cum with your tits. I compel you to make it as good as you possibly can and aim my spunk all over your chest once I cum.” I said aloud.

“nnnoo…” She whimpered as she danced closer and sank to her knees.

I could see her eyes roaming my face, trying to figure out who I was. She grabbed my cock between her tits and they were spectacular. But a little dry… I entered her body and changed how she drooled. Spit started to escape her mouth and pool down in her cleavage… Aaahhh… Much better…

“Slurp… Whaaat…. Slurp…”

“Shhhh…. I am making you drool like that… You felt a little dry… Looking at you helpless before me is just what the doctor ordered! I can’t wait for you to submit to me completely!”

“Never…lick… Slurp…”

Her tits felt incredible and I sat back to enjoy them.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Your new Master… You will learn in time to worship me.”


“Never say never… Now… I compel you to concentrate on your job.”

She didn’t speak again and her technique improved a little. I was in heaven watching her move up and down my shaft. I let my mind drift in the feeling she was generating around my cock. She was very talented and I was soon ready to erupt. I let myself go and came all over her tits. 


“Hhhmmmm… That was nice…”


“I can’t believe you didn’t enjoy pleasing your Master! Ah well… Better wait a little longer for that to kick in… In the mean time… I have a fun idea…”

“Stop this…”

“I won’t… So here it goes… I compel you to go to bed with my cum where it is, you will then spread it all over your chest and masturbate to thoughts of being my sex slave until you cum. I compel you then to fall asleep until tomorrow.”

“Oh fuck….”

“Not yet…” I teased.

I watched her get up and go the bed. She lay on her back and spread her legs. I got up myself and watched her. 

“Bastard….hhhmmmm” she said softly.

She started to rub her clitoris with one hand while the other started to massage my seed all over her tits. She was soon moaning softly. I smiled and left her to it. 

I felt a little bad about Karen, but I couldn't shake the feeling that she deserved to be punished. Made to see...

I got out into the night air and just breathed it all in. Things were moving along pretty well! I thought about all the stuff still to do… Talking about them out loud with a partner would certainly help… I called Angelica to my side as I made my way towards my apartment.

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