A Kinky Little Genie

Rubbing the Right Bottle

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #m/f #magic #pov:top #pov:bottom

My life is blessed!

You never know what you can find when you buy a locker that is up for auction! It was chock full of great stuff. Way at the back, in an old trunk, there was a large satchel. I picked it up and noticed there was something heavy inside. I opened it and at the bottom of the antique bag was a bottle. It looked very old and very expensive. I was so giddy! I thought I could sell it at the pawnshop or something. So I took a cloth and started to clean it, trying to figure out the vintage and year.

A huge puff of smoke erupted inside the locker and I fell over backwards. I started to cough as I tried to regain a sense of what happened. As it cleared, my eyes got focused on a person standing right in front of me.
Have you ever seen the show “I dream of Genie”? Well she pretty much had the same outfit, except for the fluffy arm sleeves. My eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Something else that was a little different was her general physique. Gorgeous… Jet black hair, very long… A chest to rival Kate Upton’s and an hour glass figure to match! 

“OH MY GOD!!!!! Now that’s the stuff!!!” she said while stretching out.

“Huh… What.. How…” I mumbled as I tried to make sense of things.

“Oh Hello Master!” Master? Oh god that what hot… “Thank you for freeing me from my prison!”

“Prison? Wait… Are you really….”

“A Genie? Yep!” she said.


“I have been trapped inside with nothing to do for the last…” she closed her eyes a moment. “Woah… One thousand and fifty-three years! No wonder I felt so cramped!”

“Wait… I mean… What?“ I said perplexed. "Genie’s don’t exist!”

“Sure we do! I dare say we are not many though. Don’t believe me?” she asked.

“Well… Pardon me if I don’t, but I was raised to question everything.”

“No problem! Besides, I better practice my magic before we get to your wishes. Where shall we move to? I can bring us anywhere you want Master.”

“Huh… ok… Do you know where I live?”

“Just think about it….”

I closed my eyes and thought of my living room…. POOF! I felt a sudden lurch, like I was falling. I opened my eyes and there we were!

“WOAH!!!!” I exclaimed.

“Believe me now?”

“I"ll have to admit I’m starting to…” 

“Wow! This world has become pretty wonderous!” She said while looking around my place.

“Ok ok ok… Back up a little, can you tell me how this all works? I saw Aladdin and all… But what is your deal? Aren’t there rules or something?” 

“Aladdin?” she said while closing her eyes. “OH! Hahahahah Yeah… Didn’t know they made a story out of that guy. He was pretty sweet.”

“You knew him? Woah… So it was real?”

“Not like the story, no princess I’m afraid. Just a rich girl with a very oppressive father. As for how this works… I can’t kill anybody. I can’t implant true love. I am limited on the number of people I can influence for a wish. So if you wish for world peace, I can’t do it, but if you wish for peace in your home, that I can do.”

“Ok… And the wishes?”

“That part of the story is true! You get three! No cheating on wanting multiple wishes! Last time I granted that, well… You don’t want to know about that…” she said with a pained looked on her face.

“So basically… I can wish for anything from a pastry to being able to fly?”

“Sure! Although for the pastry…” She snapped her fingers and a pastry appeared in front of me on the coffee table. “For small wishes, you can just ask. I am your humble servant until you make all three wishes. And since I have been trapped for a while, I suggest you take your time, I don’t mind at all! As long as it’s nothing big I’ll grant it. You see, as the last wish gets granted, I go back into the bottle.” She said with a sad smile. “After that, I can only get out of the bottle for a new Master.”

“Woah… Look… Huh… What do I call you?”

“Anything you wish Master.”

“You never had a name?”

“I’ve had plenty!”

“What was your first name?”

“Hhhmmm… It was…” she said thoughtfully. “ Angelica!  Wow… That was really long ago!”

“Really? How did you become a Genie?”

“Oh… You are really curious for a Master!” she said with a wicked smile.

“I like to know everything.”

“Well, I was a harem girl a very long time ago. I was the property of a very nice prince. He was so commanding and gentle.” she said with a soft nostalgic smile. “I loved my life! Living in the palace… Having all those friends! Living without a care in the world other than to serve our Prince. It was incredible. But after he was killed, his younger brother became the new harem Master and he was very cruel. I started to wish for an escape. One night, I had been… huh…”

“It’s ok if you don’t want to talk about it.”
“No no… Just… I haven’t thought about it in a while… Well, he bruised me a lot on that fateful night. He then imprisoned me in a cage on the roof. I was to slowly burn under the Arabian sun. While I was there, I wished and wished for a chance, any chance….  To escape my life… To get free of him… That is when I met my own Genie.”


“Yeah… He came to me and offered one wish. That is how his power worked… But I couldn’t say my wish, I had to think for myself and formulate a thought of what I wanted. It had to be linked to my deepest desires. I thought of myself when I was happiest, but I added that no one could ever hurt me, that I would stay forever like I was then, with my prince.”

“I see… You loved him?”

“In my own way…” she said with a blush. “I felt energy pouring into me and after the bliss settled, I was a Genie. I was so happy! That first century, I brought a lot of happiness to everyone that found me.”

“Wow… That’s an incredible story!”

“I know… But, this is your story now Master!”

“I still can’t believe it! Ok ok… First, what do you know about this age?”

“Well, my magic tells me what I need to know when I need it to.”

“Ok, well, first.. Could you change your clothes? Don’t take it the wrong way, but you are a little too nice looking for me to think clearly.”

“You think so?” she said smiling.


“Let me help you then.” She closed her eyes and…

POOF! Her clothes morphed on her skin as it changed. She was suddenly wearing a tank top and a skirt. She was still pretty damn alluring…

“Good… I think…”

“This doesn’t please you Master?”

“Sure it does! It’s just that with a body like yours, anything you wear will be alluring.”

“Thank you Master… If you wish, I can change my appearance to anything you like. Would you like it more if I was a man?”

“No, no… That’s fine… Tell you what, how would you like to explore this new age? I need time to think about all this.”

“I would LOVE IT!”

“Ok, how do I call you back to me?”

“Well, you just have to think about wanting me. As long as you are holding the bottle, I will hear you.”

“Right… The bottle… Tell me, can the bottle be changed?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, can I change what it is or what it looks like? I would hate to be carrying around this old bottle all the time.”

“Of course it can. It still has to be a container of some kind though.”

“Oh I got it. Change the bottle into a ring I can wear. You know the ones with the secret compartment? Like you see in the movies where the villain hides a poison or something?”

“Movies?” she said as she closed her eyes to check. “ OH! Sure! That’s a great idea!” She snapped her fingers and suddenly I had a ring on my finger. I looked it over and it was really huge!

“Huh… Can you make it a little smaller?”

“Sure!” and she did.

“Perfect! Ok, so as long as I keep the ring in my possession, you are my Genie?”

“You got it Master!”

“And as long as I keep it on me or touch it, I can call you to me?”


“Ok then! You are free to roam the world until I call you! Enjoy!”

“Oh thank you Master!” 

She snapped her fingers and she was gone. I looked at the ring and marveled. How incredible was this! I felt giddy all over again! But what do I wish for? 3 wishes… I went about my daily tasks and went to bed. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep because my mind wouldn’t rest. I was thinking about how I could best use my wishes. I mean, wishes are great and all, but with all of what my young mind wanted out of life, how did I choose what to get?

Endless money? No… As much as that would be fun, maybe I could get a better wish so that money would never be a problem… No more debts? A new car? My mind went through it all and everything seemed oddly wrong. I finally did manage to sleep thinking about what would be the most logical wish to make.

That night… I dreamed about what Angelica had said about her past. Only, I was the prince with the harem. All those beautiful women ready to service me in any way I desired. I woke up with a huge boner!

Well, first thing is first… Why not aim for my own harem? A lot of problems with that. How best to get that with three wishes? An idea started to form in my head as I went to school. I was still in college and I had to say, I walked on campus with a whole new outlook. Suddenly, I imagined I could get any woman I wanted! As I got into my classes, I noticed a few girls from the all female sorority, all bombshells… I suddenly had an image of me sitting in their house with all of them at my beck and call.

I wasn’t really paying attention to my classes…

I got a pen and paper and started to write down what problems I would have with a harem. First was my stamina and health. In this day and age, it wasn’t all that safe to sleep around. Second came the problem of making them want to be in my harem. I could go about it in a lot of ways, but 2 choices definitely caught my eye, so to speak… Third was a little more practical, I had to be able to support them if I wanted them with me all the time… As my classes finished, I bumped into my personal crush, Alysha. 

We had been friends for a long while now, but early on I had been placed in the friendzone. She was a stunning redhead with a body to die for. She had piercing blue eyes and just enough freckles to be sexy. 

“Hey Adam!”

“Hey Alysha!”

“You looked distracted in class, are you ok?” she asked full of concern.

“Sure.. I… I’m thinking about my next big project that’s all.”

“Oh… Well get some sleep you noodle head! You look like crap!” she said as she playfully punched my arm.

“Thanks, you’re always looking out for me.”

“Of course! Who knows how much trouble you would get into without me?” She said with that stunning smile of hers.

She left and I couldn’t help myself as I looked at her round ass skipping along. I was getting more than a little aroused at the thought that just maybe… She would be one of my ladies to be… I raced home and got a piece of paper, what I wanted was pretty precise so I didn’t want to fuck up the wording.

After an hour… Or maybe 2… I re-read my wish for the one hundredth time and nodded. I closed my eyes and called Angelica. She appeared lying on my bed, wearing a bikini that did EVERYTHING to enhance her magical figure. She sat up and crossed her legs.

“You called Master?” She said with a smile

“Yes! How do you like this age so far?”

“It is really wonderful! So many things have changed! I have to say it didn’t in other ways though. Still humans fighting each other for silly reasons… Depressing… But other than that, you guys managed to invent a lot!”

“Yeahh… I think I understand.”

“Regardless, I really enjoyed myself! I must thank you Master, you are the first one to think about letting me roam the world like that.”

“Really? It was nothing! You can resume exploring after I am done.”

“Really? Thank you Master! But I must say I was thinking about you the whole time.”


“Of course, I am bound to you until the wishes end.”

“Ok, well, first of, can you help me with my first wish?”

“Of course! But no cheating!” she said pointing her finger at me.

“Well, I think I’m not cheating… According to your rules anyway! I have written what I want on this paper, can you read it over and tell me if you see any problems with it? If you can make it as I have written it?”

“Very cautious of you Master.” she said with a smile.

“Well… I did read up and imagined a lot of bad scenarios, seems every genie story you can find has a twist to the wishes.”

“I know…” she said. “With good reason, most Masters wish without thinking. And some genies are sick of being what they are, so they look for excuses to turn the wishes upside down.”

I gave her the paper and she read it. She smiled.

“I see… Very thoughtful… I would say you thought of everything. I will say I can’t grant the forever part thought, my magic isn’t that powerful. But still, I can make it so it lasts until you get your fill of living this life.”


“So… Does that mean it is your first wish?”

“I wish you to grant me the powers and abilities I have elaborated in that piece of paper as it was written and intended them to be, with full knowledge of them and how to best use them.”

“Your wish… is my command!” She said snapping her fingers.

Light erupted around me as I felt my wish start to take effect. My body burned with power as it coursed to all my cells, changing them… What did I wish for you ask?

As the light faded, I closed my eyes and checked the results. I smiled to myself.

I now had intimate knowledge of every cell of my body and had complete control over them. I could change them at will to anything I wanted them to be. I couldn’t transform into something other than a human, but I could mold myself to look like anyone I wanted. It also gave me complete power over my libido and jizz. I could make myself sterile or unbelievably fertile. I could also cum as many times as I wanted.

I was now invulnerable to any kind of disease. I could still get hurt, but I would heal immediately. This affected my aging cells as well. Basically, I was now going to live a very long and life! 

My mind was now the sharpest and most developed any human being had ever been. As I searched and catalogued my mind, I realized I had perfect memory. I could concentrate on any number of things all at once. I could rewrite my mind to be whatever I wanted. Complete control over myself

All this gave me the power to change. I started by giving myself a new body. I gave it a good deal of strength and buffed up my muscles. I augmented my reflexes to match. I also realized I would be happier with a bigger cock. I wasn’t really porn star material… I concentrated and my cock grew to 8 inches and extended the girth to match.

The last power I wanted for myself, which I hoped would be included as a by-product of my new mind, was the ability to use telekinesis and read minds. I realized these two would need a little practice, but I now had a lot of time!

I opened my eyes again and looked at Angelica. I tried to read her mind but soon found I couldn’t.

“Sorry Master, my magic protects me from mental intrusion.”

“Sorry, I wanted to try it out.”

“I believe you won’t have to wait long.” she said as she winked.

“Ok, this should do for now. Thank you for this! I feel amazing!”

“I am glad you like your wish Master. I had a master long ago who wished for something very similar… Can’t tell you his name though… But he invented a LOT of stuff I see today! A word of warning, since you are now a partly magical being, be extremely careful not to get to much attention. Some of the other beings like it that no one knows they are real. If you can do that, I can see a long and very exciting future for you!”

“Thanks for the heads up! You may enjoy the world until I call you again!”

“Thank you Master!” she said and puffed out of my room.

Wow… Now this was really incredible. I couldn’t wait to try this out! I looked at my room and saw my pen on the desk. I sat on the floor crossed legged and concentrated on it. I could feel it! It’s form… it’s weight… I then grabbed it and willed it to go up. It shot up to the ceiling with incredible speed. Oops!

I spent all that night practicing. By the time I collapsed in bed, I was able to control with a lot of precision objects as big as a table. That night, I again dreamed of being the lord of my own harem. I was surprised when I woke up, I could recall the dream in vivid detail, as if I had actually lived it. It was nice to have all this power now.

I went to my classes and decided to spent my first class trying to read minds. The first I tried was Alysha. I wanted to have a familiar person to try it on. I sent my mind towards her and felt a little pressure as I tried to connect with hers. After a few moments, I found a crack of sorts and entered her mind. It is hard to explain how I did it… Suffice to say that people have varying degrees of mental strength, which shows up as pressure or a shield when I try to read their thoughts.

I marveled at what I discovered…

God this class is boring… I wonder if Bill will be at lunch today… He is so handsome… These stupid nails aren’t working for me…

On it went… I realized they were her surface thoughts and I spent that whole class trying to get below the surface, to read her mind proper. I realized I needed a lot more practice to do that. I was always fighting her mental pressure and trying to dig deeper at the same time. Like trying to swim against the current in a river while trying to reach the bottom of it. Interesting… Still pretty useful!

I spent the next classes reading thoughts of everyone around me. Mostly pretty girls… Very educational! As the day went on, I started to work on my next wish. Now that I had all this power, I wanted to start my little harem.

I realized I could go about it many ways… But I wanted a way I could maintain even after Angelica was gone. I could give myself hypnosis powers, but it would mean I would have to spend time drilling my commands into my prey. I could wish for the power the change the mind of anyone I wanted, but I felt it would be too easy. Then I realized I could work the wish into one of my fetishes… I knew exactly how I wanted to convert the girls that will join my harem.

I got back to my place and wrote down what I wanted. I wanted to make sure not to forget anything about how I wanted it to work. It was surprisingly fast, since my mind was sharp and focused, I could easily formulate what I wanted.

I called Angelica.

She appeared in a full winter gear! 

“Greetings Master!”

“Oh! Seems like you were having fun?”

“Oh yes! I was skiing in the Alps! I always loved the Alps!”

“You’ll get hot in that, why don’t you change?”

“Done!” she snapped her fingers and she was back in that bikini she had yesterday.

“I think I am ready for my second wish. Could you look it over before I make it?”

“Of course, Master.” She took my paper and read it.

“Think it would be ok?”

“Very powerful… I think I can manage it. Your own stamina and power will have to feed it, but with your new body, I can’t see a problem. You may discover a limit at some point.”

“I can live with that.”

“So? Want this to be your wish?”

“I do. I wish to be able to magically produce the item described on this paper. I want them to have all the abilities I have written in the spirit I have written them.”

“Your wish, is my command!” She snapped her fingers and again light erupted around me.

It didn’t last long, but I knew it worked. I lifted my hand in front of me and concentrated. It took a moment, but a collar appeared in my hands. God this was going to be hot! I looked up at Angelica and noticed she was red in the face!

“Are you ok?”

“Yes Master…”

“What is the matter? You look…”

“I know… I’m sorry Master. It just reminds me of my former life…”

“The collar?”


“Really?” I figured out what she meant. “So, you find this collar arousing?”

“I… Yes.”

“I see…” My eyes roamed her figure and I couldn’t help imagining her as one of my slaves. “Tell me Angelica, does this collar work on you?”

“No Master, my magic protects me.”

“Would you like to wear one anyway?”

“Can I?” she said a little too enthusiastically.

I smiled and told her to kneel. I placed the collar around her neck and closed it. She shivered.

“How does it feel?”

“Delicious, Master…”

"If you like it so much, why not just conjure one up and wear it?”

“It’s not the same when it appears from my own powers… It’s hard to explain… It’s like I’m not really wearing it. Like the bikini I have now. I just don’t feel it on me. It’s not REAL clothes.”

“Oh… That’s disappointing. So you like this then?”

“Oh yes!!! Thank you…” she said with even more visible arousal.

“Tell me… can you…”

“No Master… Believe me… I want to… I’m just not a human..”

“So no pussy?”

“None… I’m sorry Master.”

“Hahaha it’s ok! I feel bad for you though… All that time… You still feel horny and aroused, but you can’t do anything about it? That is really cruel.”

“You could say I am the ultimate edge champion!“ she said with a laugh. "The price I paid for this new life.”

“Well, tell me if the collar is making it too hard for you, I will remove it.”

“I will Master… I’d like to keep it for a little while if you let me.”

“Of course! Now, I am about to go test this out, you can travel the world again if you wish!”

“Thank you for this gift Master.” She said before getting back up.

She smiled and took a step forward. I wasn't sure what she was about to do so I just stayed there. To my surprise, she leaned in and kissed! Nothing much, just a peck on my lips, but it was still pretty nice. She winked at me before erupting in a puff of some.

I smiled as I produced another collar. I let it fade back to nothing and picked up the phone. How I couldn’t wait to try this on Alysha! I was about to call her, when it rang by itself. I didn’t recognize the number but I answered anyway.


“Hi! I know you don’t know me but my name is Amy, I’m a friend of Alysha’s.”

“Hi Amy! What can I do for you?”

“Well, Alysha told me you were a real wiz with physics. I was wondering if you could help me out?”

“Sure, anything for Alysha’s friends!”

“Oh my god! That would be so great! When could you be free?”

“Well actually, do you have time now? I just finished up my own work. Tomorrow I have plans…”

“Fine with me!" she interrupted. "Where should we meet?”

“Well, either my place or yours. I admit I don’t feel like walking back to the library.” I lied.

“Ok… Huh… You live in the dorms?”

“No, private apartment off campus.”

“Ok, give me the address, I’ll go to you.”

I hung up after giving her directions to my place. Well this was unexpected! Maybe I’ll test this new ability on her before Alysha…

After an hour, my doorbell rang and as I looked through the peeping hole, I knew instantly I would be in for a good night! Amy was stunning! She had long brown hair and a good body, her tits were a bit small, but I smiled, knowing it didn’t matter. I let her in and we got into her work. She had problems figuring out how to solve complex physic problems. We did that for a while… 

I smiled as I listened to her mind as we worked.

She found me nice and a little hot. My new body had her notice me… She was planning on asking Alysha about me. The evening went on and before long, she was getting a handle on the problems. 

“Well! Seems like you are getting the hang of it. I’ll go grab us some beers to celebrate!”

“Oh, just a glass of water for me please! School night!”


I went to the kitchen and concentrated. A simple necklace with a small medallion appeared in my hand. I smiled. My wish was to be able to call forth a collar with magical properties. This collar could take on any type of neck wear, as long as it went around the neck. It could even become invisible to others. Once on a person, it would be impossible for anyone but me to remove it. 

The target would instantly become my slave. They wouldn’t know it yet. The collar gave me control over their bodies and would let me change them to anything I wanted. If I phrased anything with the words “I compel you”, whatever followed would be an order which they couldn’t disobey. They would find themselves horny around me. Nothing earth shattering, but enough to notice. They would always be compelled to make me happy. Serving me or seeing me pleased would make them feel joy. It would also make them feel good where ever I touched them, rendering my touch irresistible. My cock would be fascinating to them. The taste of it would be exquisite and my spunk would taste like nothing on earth. It would taste incredibly good to them. Finally, the collar would amplify my mental connection to them, enabling me to modify their minds and memories.

Well, no time like the present!

I came back into the living room where Amy was waiting. I crept behind her and smoothly put the necklace around her neck.

“What!?! Hey! What is this?” she said surprised.

“I found it the other day, sorry to be so bold, but I wanted to see you with it. To see if it suited you.”

“Why?” she said suspiciously.

“I won’t be wearing it, might as well be on a pretty girl!” I said while finishing to clasp it into place.

I looked at her and I saw a slight dilation of her pupils as the magic took effect. I immediately knew it worked because I could suddenly feel her presence with my mind. I almost got hard at the feeling.


“Are you ok?”

“Yeah.. no.. I… Sorry, a little head rush.”

“That’s fine.”

I listened to her thoughts and was extremely pleased to see they were getting naughtier by the minute. I tried to pry a little more and just like that, I could read her mind completely. WOW! There was so much! I put a part of my now considerable brain power to fully scanning her while we continued to talk.

“It looks great on you!” I said. “I think you should keep it!”

“Really? But I couldn’t…”

“I insist! It looks beautiful on you.”

“Eee… Thanks… But… I feel weird accepting it…”

“Nonsense… I don’t have a girlfriend anyway and no sisters. As I said, might as well be around a pretty neck like yours!”

Ok, so far so good, I was finishing up the scan when I decided to start the fun.

“Amy, I compel you to always tell me the truth when you speak to me and always answer when I ask you a question.”

“You compel me?" she asked with a smile. "What are you going on about?"

“Tell me Amy, what part of your body do you hate the most? And why? And how would you change it.”

I saw her roll her eyes as she started to get up and leave, but she suddenly turned and started to speak with a very surprised look on her face.

“My Chest. I find my breasts too small for my figure. I always have trouble finding clothes that make me feel sexy. I would like them a little bigger, enough to fit my frame and excite the guys.” She said before putting a hand to her mouth. “OH MY GOD!”

“Perfect! I did find your boobs a little lacking. Here…” I said before concentrating.

“What the hell are you talking about? How rude! How can you talk about such things…”

I concentrated on my connection to her and felt her body. Because she wore the collar, I felt her like I felt myself. I smiled as I started to make her tits grow in size. 

“OH FUUUUCK!!!!!” she screamed as she grabbed her boobs. She backed up until she fell on the couch. “What are you doooo…ing too me…”

“Shhhh.. Let it happen…” I purred.

“Wh..What….ooohhh…. hhhmmm”

I was in her body and I saw how incredible it felt. I must admit, I kept enlarging her breasts more and more as I got little distracted by the feeling she was having. By the time I stopped, she was sporting double Ds! 

“Oups… Sorry about that! I may have gone overboard...”

“Whh…at… Did… you do…” she said trying to catch her breath.

“Let’s just say I have powers. Here, let me adjust those…”

I concentrated again and her boobs shrank. The feeling she had at that was so pleasurable, she came a little.


“Feels nice huh?”


“First thing is first. I compel you never to reveal my secrets to anyone except those under my power.”

“Again…” she panted. “With that word…”

“Yeah… You see, the necklace I gave you is rather special. It gives me total control over your body. In fact… I compel you not to be scared about my power over you.”

“WHAT?” she started to say before my compulsion kicked in. “Oh… Well… Why are you doing this to me?”

“I needed to test it, so to speak. I am glad with the results so far.”

She looked at herself again and marveled at her new chest. She grabbed both tits and squeezed them, as if to convince herself they were real. She then looked up at me with a curious expression.

“What are you going to do with me now?” 

Wow, without the fear, she was taking this in stride.

“Well, I want to experiment with you some more. I want to familiarize myself with this new power before I go after my real target. Well, my first anyway…”

“Target? Who?”

“Alysha… She has been my crush for so long… But I don’t want to mess things up. I actually got the idea to test it on you first when you called. Sorry about that.”

“I see…” she said while massaging her boobs. “These are really incredible… They are kind of tight in my bra though, mind if I take it off?”

“Tell you what, I compel you to play along, but I would much rather you decide for yourself. Here is what I am proposing, let me test drive this power until midnight. I want to explore it fully with you giving me feed back. At midnight, I’ll let you keep any and all changes you want about yourself and erase the memories of the night. I’ll make up something about how you got them and you will believe them. After tonight, if you wish to be free of my control, I will take the collar off. What do you say?”

“Well, I don’t believe I really have a choice, but I am game. You say you can change anything about my body huh? Seems like fun actually.”

I smiled.

“Ok then. Why don’t you get naked? No need to be ashamed, I’ll soon be changing the way you look so completely you won’t even recognize yourself.”

“Really? Don’t like what you see?” she said with a smile. “I feel a little hurt by that!”

“I do like what I see actually, I just want to see how far I can go. Don’t worry, I think you will like this!”

She got up and went to the long mirror I had in the living room. She hesitated for a moment, not believing she was about to do it, but without the fear, she had more than a little curiosity pushing her on. She got undressed and she was something else! She stood in front of me stark naked and just smiled. I looked at her thoughts and she was mildly aroused at the situation. I was still scanning her mind deeply, but I was deliberately not thinking about it, letting the other part of my mind finish the job. I looked at her figure and noticed she kept trimmed between her legs, but not shaven. That won’t do.

I concentrated and her knees buckled as a wave of pleasure invaded her loins.

“Oh my….” She said as her face flushed.

There, no more pesky hairs. I looked her over and noticed her grey eyes. I concentrated and they soon were a piercing blue. I matured her features a little, making them more voluptuous and I was soon sculpting her as an artist would a piece of marble.

By the time I was done, she had cum 3 times and she was a vision of beauty. I placed birthmarks here and there, changing them, removing them… I shortened her hair, made it fiery red, then jet black. Her butt was firm and deliciously round and her legs were amazing. I ended up making her blonde, as she was, just healthier. I left her eyes blue and cranked up her sensitivity a little in her nipples and pussy. Her clit was pretty much the same, I didn’t want to mess with that yet. As an after thought, I boosted her immune system and smiled when I notice I could make her sterile, which I did, just in case…

I placed a mental note to change it back before I removed the collar. Didn’t want to leave that in…

She had watched every change I made her endure. As she was recovering from her last orgasm, my mind finally finished the scan and it all came to me in a rush. I suddenly knew everything about her, even her deepest, darkest secrets. Even the ones she didn’t dare admit to herself. I was surprised, but extremely pleased! Looks like I had found my first harem girl!

“Well my dear… Time’s up! I must thank you for everything, I learned a lot! Now… I never go back on my word… So what would you like to keep or change?”

“I…” she said, still flush with desire. “Like this is great…”

“Also, I have just boosted your immune system and general health. I can bring it to a higher degree, but that would be suspicious. You now have a better body than most. Think of it as a gift for your cooperation!”

“I don’t know what to say… Thank you Adam…”

“My pleasure.”

“I just have one question…” she said hesitantly.


“Why haven’t you fucked me?”

I would have been surprised if I hadn’t scanned her. I just smiled.

“Well, it’s not because I haven’t thought about it, you are a stunning woman. But I was too curious about how the collar works to let myself indulge. Got caught up in the moment so to speak…”

“I feel so horny I could hump a post. You are really not going to fuck me and let me go?”

“Is that what you truly want?”

“I…” her head snapped back a little. “I want you to fuck me senseless…” Her eyes snapped open.

“You are still compelled to tell me the truth when I ask a question.” I said smiling.

“God that’s hot…”

“I know…”

“I can’t believe all this… I just came multiple times and you didn’t even touch me!”

“I didn’t know it would do that, I’m glad it does. I will sample you after all, but, only if you accept to be mine.”

“Be yours?”

“Yes, I have plans… Plans to develop my powers and in doing so… I am going to indulge my desires…”

“Desires…” she said breathlessly.

“Yes…” I said while getting up and moving next to her. “I know it is a little cliché, but my desires include having multiple women at my beck and call. Wanting to please me in every way they can…”

“You…hhhmmm….” She purred as my lips brushed against hers.

“I know your darkest secrets… The only thing I don’t know is…” I said while caressing her skin. “If you have the strength to accept what you truly wish…” I continued.

“What I…” she purred. “Want…”

“Yes… I decided I will give you time to consider it. I will let you remember this night, you will keep your wonderful tits… But…" I said as I paused for each word. "We… won’t… fuck…” 

I entered her body and made her experience a huge orgasm. She shook with the force of it. I held her up with my mind, which I realized was pretty easy. I let her mind shut down and live the bliss she was made to experience through my power. I changed her back to the way she was, except for her bigger tits and health boost. I didn’t want her to have to explain why she changed from light blonde to jet black hair and blue eyes… 

I decided to challenge myself a little. I entered her mind and tried to modify it. I was a little nervous… I didn’t want to mess her up. I decided to go easy and just unblock her deep seeded desire to be owned. Combined with the effects of my collar, it should bring her around to me pretty fast. Or so I believed anyway… Lastly, I implanted a few dream ideas about us… Together… I smiled when I imagined what she would dream about.

I then spoke to her, compelling her to wake up and go back to her home. She would then fall to sleep until the next morning. She would act normal on the outside if she met anyone she knew. I smiled as her blank face woke up. She got dressed and left.

I closed my eyes and realized I could follow her every move. I was connected now. I decided to go to bed only after I knew she had fallen asleep in her own. 

Wow… I was really liking these wishes! Amy would have nice erotic dreams about being mine… I just hoped she would remember them!

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