Chapter 3

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #romantic #sub:female #sub:male

Robb came back to himself, eyes already open, focusing on his new bowl of cookies and cream, looking at the two fully dressed women pausing from their own bowls, staring at him like they'd caught him doing something embarrassing. Trudy had a look of curious concern, Paula with her hair tied back up with chopsticks had a quizzical eyebrow raised, and he felt the need to shrink down to nothing, unsure of what he did to deserve those looks. Paula's snort was the first sound made after a long silence, best friends releasing a laugh they'd been holding for at least a few minutes. Paula held her hand to her nose, afraid of her mouthful of assorted ice cream would fly out.

"It's not milk, Paula."

"Close enough," she could barely get out giggling, before she calmed. "You really want these colors flying of my nose? It's like the national colors of boogers." Paula's attempt to gross out her friend worked as Trudy squirmed at batted her friends spoonful of mint and rocky road away, scooting her chair closer to Robb to lay against him, or just be away from Paula.

"Let's try to keep the conversation on pleasant things."

"Fine, Dee. So Robb, was that your first fantasy of Dee being bi?"


"What? I haven't even gotten to the part where I test the if his mind really believed it happened."

Robb turned his head between the two nearly a dozen times before they laughed at him again.

"But seriously Robb," Trudy calmed to regard him. "We don't mean to keep shocking you like this, or at least I don't..."


"Hush, heathen. But the question I have for you is who you think is has been in control of tonight? Who's the real puppetmaster hiding in plain sight?"


"We've been having a lot of fun with that head Robb," Paula interjected. "It's like the fun of breaking in a virgin, of the body and of the mind. You've acted like you've never seen a vagina tonight, or just a motion that wouldn't let you look away," she teased with her hands in his direction.

"And Dee is right - I do love seeing a guy like you so deer-in-the-headlights the whole night. Might be a whole new fetish to explore, just that wide-eyed hypnotized expression might get me off. So I'm going to let wifey holding you dearly tell you the best part."

Robb looked down at his wife who batted her eyes playfully. "If you guess who's the real manipulator here, you get to cum tonight."

Paula grew wet under the table as she watched his eyes do that now trademark disbelieving stare, and couldn't help but exacerbate it.

"And we know you're thinking maybe, 'eh, I can come tomorrow then,' but when's the last time you've sat on a boner that would make viagra jealous, only kept sane through suggestions with effects just short of prozac? Your most intimate fantasy real in your own home, out in the light and not only embraced by those you may have been most scared to discover, but empowered to the point of being such sensually commanding figures that make you love it, which takes even more blood from your head because your 'smaller' head needs it. You could be sitting on the best cum of your life now, and just imagine what happens if you choose incorrectly. How pitiful is it to see a balloon deflate after it's become the Hindenburg, to just waste away into nothingness before it could transform into a rocket? I'd bet real money on your cumshot reaching across the living room if you guessed right."

Tears were fought back as Paula's words became real, or just highlighted what his mind seemed dimly aware of before. Robb's balls and shaft ached on the threshold between pain and pleasure. And the stakes laid out for him made him almost as speechless as finding hypnosis being joyously, erotically practiced in the walls of his home. Patient looks greeted his eyes, awaiting maybe the hardest multiple-choice question of his life. There was enough concrete evidence to make it seem like either, and all of that thinking just pushed him to fantasies he had, playing out exactly as he wanted. He sighed the longest of his life, and made his decision.

"I want the real hypnotist to be Trudy."

His answer surprised both of them.

"Does...that count?" Paula questioned.

"Let me get back to you on that while you be True to the Dee and slip back down."

Seemed appropriate for Paula to talk of deflating with how simple she made it seem, responding to Trudy's suggestion. Robb only noticed it through peripheral vision as he waited for his wife to say something.

"It counts," she grinned, moving out of her chair and into his lap, taking a spoonful of slightly melted vanilla into her mouth.

"Tonight has been pretty fun so far, but want to hear the truth?"

Robb merely closed his eyes and leaned more into his wife's embrace, appreciating her weight on his hard-on, exhausted yet still excited by everything.

"Can I even handle the truth?"

"You have all those other times."

He sighed deeply, not even bothering with being shocked and just waited for her to explain.

"Us getting together, always a reminder that fate has a sense of humor, marrying to two people who love something and both are apprehensive to say they like it. I found out you were into it only after I hypnotized you one night, just to see if you were suggestible at all, and you passed that test easily. Of course, I had no idea that I married such a fetishist, and was all the happier for it. I know that prompts the next question 'why aren't we doing this every night then, or every other night?' That answer is a little more complicated."

Trudy brought a spoonful of her bowl to his mouth, and he happily took it.

"College, really Paula, is where I found out I was into it, just different from you two. I do like it, but I find myself more into it because I'm so damn good at it. Can't tell you I'll love all the quirky little trance techniques like you two, but damn it if I can't use every one of them to work anyone over, twenty times over, and have them begging for more. I discovered it like I discovered how many different kinks out there I wasn't into. Paula was the loving extrovert, me the mousy introvert, and she got me out of my shell like it was nothing. College was really the beginning of her salad days, where a little experimentation was expected, and we sampled or surveyed everything we could find. I was glad to be there to keep her grounded, it really helped balance things out. Hypnosis we found in the beginning of sophomore year, and we both agreed to keep that up as it was an excellent supplement to everything else, and a substitute better than the real thing, depending on the real thing, if you put your mind to it."

Robb laughed at Trudy's unintentional pun.

"We also both found out early that Paula might literally have no limits. Pain, humiliation, financial domination, all the toys out there, things I dare not mention because they turn me right the hell off; anything works for her. I never told her, but I really think her true kink is just kinks themselves. If it's taboo, she's probably tried and gotten of on it. Hypnosis almost became a necessity as I was the superior, and needed lots of suggestions to keep her from running around unchecked like a sex-crazed Tasmanian devil. I always emphasized safe and consensual, but never completely doused her wild side. I wasn't even sure I really could, so I shaped her to a point where she's what you might call an "evil Trudy," or as evil as a vanilla girl like me would get."

Wiggling her thigh muscles against Robb's member got a collective shiver of pleasure out of them both. Trudy's candid explanation didn't seem to take away from the erotic siege from earlier, but it gave him context, enough so his engorged self could be justified in his rational mind.

"After every exploration, we had ice cream. She'd always tease me for my flavor and describe in lewd detail what I was missing by not participating. For all I know, she could've made 'vanilla' my favorite to reflect that. I need to ask her about that sometime. And yeah, she has a small measure of control over me. I still hold the master switch, but as we've both found out, it's good to sample both sides of trance, giving and receiving, to be so good at it, but she's much more...well, switch than me. I probably should've programmed her to not have all those ugly flavors in the same bowl, but what the hell, it suits her. And why take something she loves away? Just like she loves being the evil-Trudy, more-or-less, let her be."

"Isn't she that way because of you?"

"Not just because of me. She would've found her way there anyway, but with more reckless regard. It was a little sexy to be her responsible chaperone though, no doubt. I gravitated toward the love she showed for debauchery, living vicariously though that demigod of debauchery sleeping over there. That's my best of both worlds, which I perfected though our final years."

"Sorry, but 'Evil Trudy' has nothing on you. Guys aren't supposed to cry, but I'm so happy for being with vanilla Trudy," Robb wiped away a stray tear of joy, opting not to try to fool Trudy to thinking something got in his eye.

"And I love you for saying that," she kissed his cheek as they hugged. "But there's still more to it. This brand of vanilla is a little hotter than you think."

"Brand of Vanilla?"

"One thing I never told her was the kink I discovered gets me hotter than anything else I've tried - vanilla sex, garnished with Paula's kind of lewd, unusual acts nearby. Missionary sex, me on top, boring positions work better on me than most old ball and chains, especially with the right additive."

"So, all the sex we've had..." Robb was afraid to finish the inquiry as it could lead to revealing his inadequacy.

"Was very satisfying to me everytime, stud." Trudy seemed to easily convince him, necking a known sensitive spot on his neck, running a finger down his ever-growing length.

"But we all have our favorite sexual spices. An old boyfriend I had at the time, we were in my dorm making out, working each other to something great, and somewhere past the point of no return, in comes Paula with a guy who was into kinks as well, leashed by nipple clamps. They tried to be quiet, but I still noticed them from my bed, while the guy under me didn't. Paula thought it would be fun to fuck with us by having sex nearby. The leashed guy was already under so it didn't matter to him, and maybe she assumed I'd hypnotized my then boyfriend. She got her purple strap-on, and started fucking him from behind, pulling at his clamps like reigns which had to hurt like hell. Boyfriend was still pumping, and the noises Paula's guy made from pain got drowned out as I screamed out. To this day I can't explain it. Just something...something about...other kinks being around me, while I'm having 'boring,' normal, satisfying sex just hits me in that right place."

Trudy lost herself mid-speech as she searched for what she was trying to describe, but failed. Verbally she summoned Paula to stand up and come to her, whispering again in her ears, and she left out. Robb barely paid attention to the whispers or Paula's departure with closed eyes, but something about her return seemed odd. He opened his eyes to see why - additional footsteps from one of the partygoers from earlier, the hostess he noticed with clarity, looking doubly enthralled next to Paula. It stood to reason in his mind that either woman could've made the hostess accompany them and remain asleep until called upon for the hypnotically-driven orgy.

"Pick me up and set me on my feet near the couch while you lay down on your back."

Too distracted by knowing of a fourth participant, it was nothing for him to pick his wife up and do as she instructed. She gracefully stood next to the living room couch he laid his back flat on, still looking at Paula and the hostess, lipstick of Paula's color smeared across unmoving lips. They both seemed to respond to a gesture Trudy made, moving the coffee table and laying on the carpet next to the couch, while Trudy climbed on top of Robb.

"Anyway, there I was, my boyfriend doing me on my bed, Paula not even making it to her bed to do hers, as he remained totally unaware," Trudy explained as she turned his head to the couch backing, away from what Paula was coaxing the new guy to do, probably with suggestions of pain dismissal with the needles in her hand, and a two-sided strap on that already filled her gushing pussy. "She tried taunting me, mouth words like 'guess who's harder' and-oh fuck!" Trudy was distracted as Robb slipped inside her. "Mmmmmm. Never this hard. What a magnificent monster I've created." Trudy loved the possible ambiguity of applying that to Robb's other head or the whole of Paula the cultivated hypnotist, focusing back on her narration.

"I watched as she had the audacity to try to disturb what we were doing, to make me uncomfortable. But it just...didn't. Some kind of kink signal went from my eyeballs to my brain, and told my brain to let a little more sex fluid leak out of me, telling me this is appealing. It became easier to fuck him, knowing I was doing what I preferred, heightened by what Paula was doing. Somewhere along the line I got scared of what might happen if my guy turned his head to realize we weren't alone, or see something that was too much for his senses, so I brought my mouth to his ear and whispered, 'There's only me, nothing else. Only me, nothing else. You love that fact, you love it now and forever. You love knowing that what I say is true, that there's only me. It will always feel this good when I tell you that there's only me, and with me only this pleasure that makes you just listen. Just listen. Just listen. Just listen to the sounds I make, letting you know I love how you're moving against me. Just listen to the sounds I make that make you want to keep doing whatever you're doing so I can make more noises and make you happier. Just listen to the words I say that make you want to listen and give me pleasure and feel good and listen all over again. So you just go over again, and over and over, and over, and then over some more. With the listening, the rocking, the fucking, the listening, all of that from me, just me. Only me. Just like there's only me.'"

Spastic screams from the kinky duo on the floor didn't arouse suspicions over Trudy's whispers, merely aware of his thick erection, the sound of Trudy's voice, and Trudy's body leading his own.

"'Harder,' I would suggest. 'Faster,' I would demand. His world shrunk down to my bed was nothing to his universe shrunk down to my voice, and body, surrounded by a void of hypnotic sex that he probably thinks about even to this day." Trudy herself could not believe how she was able to keep her voice from breaking, watching Paula, whispering to Robb, knowing how lost and elated he was under her. Had he been able to look up, the bobbing motion of her natural curls may have caught his attention for how consistently they reflected Trudy's enthusiasm on top of him. Pangs of power and rapture flooded endorphins like a drug, a hit she was accustomed to giving her self annually, whenever Paula came to town. She still wasn't sure if that was a long-term suggestion Paula gave her at some point where every visit was supposed to feel like Christmas morning; it was hard to mind such a suggestion, so she took every opportunity to have an excuse of letting her metaphorical freak flag fly as they played. Experience from annual visits, and all the prep work of forget-but-obey type suggests Trudy did was how she rationalized her composure through the peak of her vanilla kink.

"He's never been that hard before, and everything around me was enough to set off a tidal wave. And I never told him when to exactly come. Our bodies made a pact that I would decide when. He knew it, didn't even try to control things. He just humped and hoped. Humped and hoped. Humped. And hoped. I shouldn't have expected otherwise; I only date gentlemen, and gentlemen just know down to their bones and boners - l-l-lad-ies....FIRST!"

The force of their fucking finally broke her voice set to hypnotic auto-pilot inducing, and almost launched them out of their couch as Trudy heard Paula coming off of her orgasm as well, probably their first as she already started whispering to build her new girlsub back up again, trying not to look too closely at their needle play on her back. The tan hypnotist did smile as she saw those chopsticks walking the length of his spine like stilts though, remembering when Paula used that on her years ago, knowing somehow the needles, fingers, or Asian utensils would somehow generate the same amount of pleasure. It was enough that the hostess turned her body to beg for another kiss like the one Paula first gave her at the game, meaning one with an audience to make her feel bright and sexy in the spotlight. Paula's chopsticks reached to her front to grasp a fresh nipple, giving her mouth contact hot enough to make even Trudy jealous. She quelled that jealousy by grasping the face of the man beneath her, letting their tongues duel lustily, competitively, happy to know that everyone won that night. Somewhere, deep in his subconscious, Robb knew it too, as eventually he heard more whispers.

"Do you want to know what your trigger phrase is sweetie?"

"Mmhmm," he softly moaned.

"You don't need one, silly. You hear, obey me, and receive pleasure, and my happiness makes you soooo content. More than content in fact; satisfied like you never thought you could be."

"MMmmmmmmmmm." His agreement was drawn out, knowing he obeyed through that agreement. The only physical response he could muster was kissing back against Trudy's lips.

He smiled broadly at the taste of vanilla.

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