Vanilla Extract

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #romantic #sub:female #sub:male

Trudy's body felt exceptional, the kind of gratification the best spa or massage in the world couldn't compete with, the kind of delight that started inside out. That Christmas morning feeling lasting a whole weekend, constantly gifted one hypnotically intimate escapade after another. Thanks to Trudy and Paula vying for their own sense of control, or Robb being unable to resist and more than eager to give the women absolutely anything they desired, Trudy felt blinded by pleasure, so much so that her consciousness seemed highly sensitive to the merest sound despite the body remaining still. Small clicking sounds in particular seemed to knock her back to sleep everytime she heard them, though the same kind of sounds seemed to wake her.

After a while, she forced herself to be aware of a pattern. When she was allowed to pull herself up, just one sound was the signal to be able to do so, yet a pair of the same sounds reversed the course from rising to falling away from consciousness. Everytime it happened, Trudy rose and fell a little higher or lower. Of her own insistence, she was able to pry her eyes open to slits, to see the ends of two long sticks coming together to make that sound, very distinctive from fingers shaping themselves to create a snap. Though she fell again, she at least knew enough who was behind this. She made her eyes flutter, and her mouth move at the next single click.

"Pau..." was all she could elicit before she was sent back down, deeper than before, not realizing how deep a smile she elicited from her hypnotist.

Before Trudy could come back to full awareness again, her senses came back at molasses-like speed, as if made to notice everything about her current position. She was lying down on a hard surface, cushioned by something soft and warm directly on her back. There were cold spots on her flesh, specific places on or around her stomach, yet it didn't bother her as her body was producing heat like a reactor. It wasn't long before she was able to stretch out her arms and muscles, and open her eyes to a the blinds of a patio door slightly cracked, revealing a dim, early evening. Trudy could turn her whole head to see Paula's rueful smile, bringing something to her mouth to consume. It looked like one of her favorite foods, sushi, the authentic Japanese kind that Trudy was made to eventually love too, through either due to overexposure or more mental conditioning, or both. She bit off half of the mass of rice and seafood, and dipped it in a small bowl sitting below Trudy's breasts. A black liquid of some sort, possibly soy sauce. Whatever it was, it enhanced the taste as she brought it past her lips and chewed, closing her eyes to savor it, groaning in pleasure.

"Good evening sleepyhead," Paula finally addressed the lady of the house. Paula caressed Trudy's face, enjoying her friend's touch on a level deeper than she expected. The shared a simultaneous breath and sighed in pleasure together, looking appreciatively at each other like long lost lovers finally able to copulate. In typical Paula grandiose fashion, the moment was altered just above spoiled, Trudy's face still being caressed while her friend reached out with her chopsticks to grip the closest nipple, tugging at it upwards for Paula's mouth to reach it. The deviant hypnotist bore the same endearing smile as she licked it, teasing Trudy's vulnerable emotions and the nipple before stretching it as high as she could, only to watch it fall and make the entire breast jiggle. Paula barely let it settle to stillness before using her whole mouth to suckle gleefully on it, loving how much harder it was getting under an erotically-expetized tongue.

Internally, Trudy was a quivering, convulsing mess the way Paula treated her, a treatment she wasn't allowed to stop and wouldn't have easily admitted she wanted it to stop. There was even less need for protest as her body outwardly was still, impossibly still for what was being done to her atop her dining room table.

"Thank god you guys have a decent sushi place that's open on Sundays," she said as she finished with one nipple, teasing the other as she consumed a whole spicy tuna roll. She groaned for the spice and flavor, and for seeing her friend's eyes momentarily rolling back into their sockets. "Though it isn't as spoiling as having my favorite condiments and amenities all in one place, and a great hostess, the best I've had all week, to have it all laid bare before me," she laughed to herself, responding to Trudy's attempt to roll her eyes with more breast fondling to make the eyes roll directly upwards again.

When Trudy's eyes finally settled down, the first thing to come into clarity was a tuna roll, dipped in black liquid, being offered to her.

"Want a taste?" Paula offered with a smile.

Trudy smooshed her lips tight, hardly fighting against the bodily stillness suggestion that kept her from opening her mouth, not that there probably wasn't a suggestion relaxing her vocal cords to the point of inertia.

Paula looked back at her with confusion, as she took the sushi into her own mouth, and brought the chopsticks back to Trudy's face, bringing the ends together twice.

A single sound shook Trudy from whatever she lost herself in, and brought her face to face with her chopsticks again, except there was a drop's worth of the black liquid at the end of it.

"Let's try this again - open your mouth."

Shock showed in Trudy's eyes immediately after she obeyed.

"Bring out your tongue."

The dark droplet fell, and Trudy braced herself for the soy taste she wasn't interested in at that moment, befuddled at why it tasted so different than she remembered. For some reason, she was allowed to let it linger on her tongue so she could identify what it was, and then swallowed the realization.

"Figured it out, right?"

"Yes, but why" was Trudy's expressive answer.

"Because I gave sushi and vanilla extract a try when I ran out of sushi sauce once, and it turned out to be way better than I could've imagined."

Trudy couldn't fathom the combined tastes of raw fish and the baking liquid together, and showed her disgust.

"Yeah, you make that face, but I bet I wouldn't even have to make you love it in order for you to like it."

Paula took a salmon topped sushi, in the horse radish on Trudy's skin, and into the last of the liquid in the bowl, shaking her head in joy as she poured a fresh amount into the bowl for more.

"Don't worry though, I don't do this to just gross you out. Or not only to gross you out."

Trudy was happy that she was still allowed to use her tongue, to they could extend them out at each other again.

"I bring this up because I kind of made a fun discovery. All that vanilla talk, it hit me somewhere along the line that I'm a sort of vanilla too. Vanilla extract to be precise. As a homemaker yourself and lover of baking, you probably can't count on fingers and toes how many homemade baked goods use the extract, and how important an ingredient it is to many of them. I know it's a stretch to call an entertainer like me an 'essential ingredient' to people's lives, unless you really think about it. Putting together all the fingers and toes in this house right now wouldn't match up to the number of people I've opened up to themselves. Kinks they never knew they might love, the idea that kinks aren't the evil, nasty phenomenon puritanically cultural thinking made them out to be, spicing up the mundane..." Paula looked at her friend pointedly.

Trudy watched as Paula dipped her chopsticks in liquid, bringing them to barely open lips. "A drop of Paula, and you're guaranteed to feel love again." The words slipped past Trudy's waking brain and got her to open her mouth, roll the droplet around her mouth, and feel her cheeks flush at what became easy to identify as Paula in some weird way.

"Anyway, I do that for people, happily, at a premium but affordably compared to what I could charge. But I would be willing to extend my services in this area, pro-libido...I mean bono," she lied horribly.

"Now before you even think about trying to not-protest, because you really can't speak because I haven't allowed you to at this junction of my sales pitch, because how could you when it was a bit of a misnomer for me to suggest you could even try to think because what is there to think about when you've got a taste of me in your mouth, creating a memory and imprint based a person who has a voice that's attacking even the idea of resistance on two fronts worth of senses, with a voice that's taking up any processing power you have for thoughts, utilizing it until what I say becomes a thought, then thoughts, then a whole line of thinking, then the only thought process you've ever known. Oh jeez, where was I going with this? Oh right, you don't know, you don't know where I was going with this because you just follow where I'm going with this, which could be to the ends of the earth and you'd happily follow, clinging to the warmth that is the voice you crave's body, not that my voice couldn't warm you up with just a word, or just hearing my voice gives you a sense of warmth through loving hearing it, being given purpose by doing what it tells you, until all you want to do is...wait, what did I just do it again? Am I really that scatterbrained tonight that everything I say gets confused and tangled up somehow? I hope that's not catching. I can hope against hope that you're not feeling scatterbrained just by listening, getting confused, tangled in thoughts you know are yours from me..."

Paula paused, feeling her pussy quiver at how sultry it was to see what her words and consistent almost-inductions made her listener blush and eyes roll back in ecstasy concurrently. It was surely staining the robe covering Paula's naked form, one she found in Trudy's closet. She didn't know if those kinds of stains ever came out on silk, but she doubted if Trudy would mind in the long run. The temptation to cap her sales pitch with a sure-fire trance was stronger than ever, just because it was her best friend. But respect for her best friend made her want to be plainspoken about what she was proposing. Coercion could wait.

Trudy's dizzied state stopped as the ends of chopsticks righted her back, and let her eyes settle on her friend again.

"You know me; couldn't help myself. But scruples edged out a victory here, because I want you to really be aware for this. I, I do want to start trying to settle down. I've traveled the world, gone places and had experiences I wouldn't trade for anything, except maybe more time with you guys. I realized that somewhere along the line, but was too afraid to admit it. Everytime I see you though, it pops back up, and it gets harder to fight. And like all of my little puppets, it's time for me to give in and accept what my mind and heart is telling me."

Hazel eyes blinked a few times in astonishment. Searching for signs of a fluke statement, she found none on Paula's face. It almost scared her how she was buying into the sincerity of her jokester hypnotist friend.

"Now, I don't plan to stop traveling the world, or doing all those fun stuff, but all the couch surfing and gypsying surprisingly gets old after a while. Yeah, I never thought I'd hear that from me either. But like I said, it gets easier when I've got a good place in-mind, or a good reason for a place. And from earlier, I'm not trying to call your marriage shitty or in need or repair; I'm saying I can always be close by to spice things up, to make life even more not-mundane than it needs to be. I sure as hell need to spice up this neighborhood of yours; I don't know how you found this, this...Vanillaville, little Miss Vanilla, but I won't stand for it."

"Financials I can work out eventually. I've got a lot saved, though the houses here look pretty damn expensive. Maybe you can put up with a boarder for a while. While I save, I can always pay you in orgasms. Right Robb?"

Trudy's gasp echoed throughout the house for the jolt she felt. Laying on that table for so long, a trigger finally let it occur to her mind that she had legs she could feel, and a vagina that had been slowly, gently worked at for what felt like hours. Paula didn't bother suppressing how much she loved the suggestion taking place, watching Trudy's lower half go from comfortably numb to alive and hooked up to her brain again, as a mindless Robb held his wife's thighs with his hands and held her crotch for the better part of an hour with his tongue, encouraged to go on by the smell and taste of his wife, and the sound of Paula's voice. It didn't matter that he couldn't see how Trudy was reacting or that Paula wasn't really speaking to him, he knew what to respond to and that his responses were making the most important people in his life happy, so he let his mind rest and fulfilled his submissive duties without question or complaint.

"He's been working on you nicely. I taught him a few things that will work wonders for your clitty. I'll let him bring those techniques out if I ever get really behind in the rent. But if my landlady has to raise rates any, we can always renegotiate what you'll pay me...I mean..."

A pair of plus a single click of chopsticks later, Paula tried correcting herself.

"We can always renegotiate what you pay me."

Click click


"We can always renegotiate what you pay me."

Click click


"We can always renegotiate what you want to pay me. Much better," she uttered under her breath. "My landlady is so generous, she wants to pay me for staying there, but I couldn't accept, though I'll love hearing how I should be paid for my presence. My landlady would love that, wouldn't she?"

Trudy didn't process the question asked fully, but nodded her head anyway, sure that whatever Paula said seemed completely agreeable.

"Yeah, she's so great. I just want to up and kiss her sometimes, like this."

Trudy got to see the most of Paula through the untied robe, heightening the anticipation for the intimate dueling of tongues. "Just like Robb does I bet."

Trudy moaned into the kiss as she became aware of Robb's tongue. The sound she made set something off in Robb, and he responded by a quickened pace of licking and tonguing her insides deeply, until she experienced a steady stream of a few soft orgasms, nearly crying for how beautiful she felt in her lovers' grasps. Trudy had trouble catching her breath, feeling naughty hands grasp and paw at her skin. How hot Paula's quickened breath felt against her face and neck conveyed to some part of Trudy that they were equally turned on by it all. In Paula's case, it seemed to elevate to slight desperation as she crawled on top of the table, Trudy's torso sandwiched between toned legs shifting forward, leaving a dripping trail of arousal from her belly button, past the cleft of her breasts, and hovering just over her chin. Paula ran her hand through Trudy's curls like it was part of her favorite barbie doll. It twisted so easily in her fingers, she could play with it all day. But the hypnotist was interested in a different game, reaching back to inch Trudy's head upwards and meet the source of the smell that had Trudy taking excruciatingly deep breaths according to Paula's ears. Trudy was overwhelmed by a stream of the heady liquid as Paula came the first time uncontrollably.

Lidded eyes gazed down at the sight of their enraptured friend, looking as beguiled as Trudy looked and felt. As she cleaned her friend's juices, the look she had shifted toward innocence, with a tinge of curiosity, wondering what the woman above had in store for her next. Paula noticed the closest clock, showing 8:57, wondering how much pleasure she could fit in with the time she had left for the weekend. That's when it hit her, a bliss in her head that always felt new to her, like a self-trance she forgot to remember installing. She looked down at her submissive, realizing what had been set in-motion. As quickly as her mind could process it, she wanted to reach down and chastise and slap her friend while praising her for her devious skill with time she couldn't be afforded. As gracefully as she could in a hurry, she pulled Robb away from his wife's pussy and towards hers, trying to keep her senses heightened to stay awake and in-pleasure while she brought her bodily weight down upon Trudy, kissing her, enjoying the taste of her own juices before whispering as deeply and as headily as she ever had to someone.

"Hear me now Trudy, listen with everything that you are. And as you listen, let another part of yourself remember what I told you about vanilla extract, and how I embody that, how I improve your life when I am present, how I improve everything when I'm around, how you need me around. Oh, can feel it in your bones, the need for Paula, how vanilla is lacking without vanilla extract, as I always extract you from worries, cares, concerns, boredom, anything troublesome in your life. You trust Paula with all that you are, you need me with everything you are, as does Robb."

Hearing his name made Trudy gasp and feel more of her overpleasured crotch, stimulated by air in absence of Robb's tongue while Paula's words slip deeper into her.

"Hypnosis makes you both so happy, I always have and always will make you so happy. So happy, so giddy, so needy, so blissful. You can't resist this happiness, you won't even try. The thought of me always around fills you with such ela-fuck yes Robb, right there...elation. You'll always want me taking you into trance, and to give you a break when Robb wants to be tranced, knowing that he's always safe between us, that our will is one in the same."

It struck Paula how much softer her voice became the longer she spoke, more aware of the hazy front coming over her head. She tried to reach for her chopsticks on the table, but the lethargy was already affecting her motor skills. "Shit," she cursed as she heard them fall to the floor.

"Repeat after me Trudy - I want, need, love and obey Paula."

"I want, need, love and obey Paula."

"I want, need, love and obey Paula."

"I want, need, love and obey Paula."

"I want, need, love and obey Paula."

"I want, need, love and obey Paula."

"I want, need, love and obey Paula."

"I want, need, love and obey Paula."

A chorus of both their voices rang in the air, equally soft and insistent on believing the mantra. Paula's voice broke the softness as she screamed the last satisfying orgasm before she lost the will to appreciate the afterglow, where she muttered words she couldn't comprehend.


Light mentally came back to Trudy, letting her open her eyes, feeling herself naked, hot, safe at home yet pinned down by Paula's slack body. More pronounced than any one body part besides her sore pussy was her mouth, feeling like it wanted to say something, and had been saying something. She whispered it to herself before she understood it, understanding it fully when she heard Robb softly repeating it as if to himself.

"I want, need, love and obey Paula."

She looked up to the girl who seemed out of it yet distraught with pleasure due to Robb still going at Paula's slit.

"Still trying to be top bitch, I see," she said, her mouth having trouble saying it effortlessly as the mantra was still fresh on her lips and mind. Realizing where she was, she was incredibly happy that the wooden dinner table they inherited was sturdy and strong enough to hold their weight. She wouldn't be able to stop herself from laughing at how this table would be formally used, guessing the escapades Paula took them through there. The smell of sushi on Paula's breath, feeling a few damp spots on her stomach, a bowl tipped over with a black substance. Trudy chortled at the thought of having just been used as a plate or table herself. She reached over to sample the black liquid. Bringing it to her lips, the taste of vanilla extract hit her taste buds, and she paused, savoring more than she expected to with things she couldn't explain.

She looked at the clock in the kitchen, 9:15, and smiled at how Paula didn't get her way, as without Trudy's suggestion, they would've been under her sway well past midnight, and both Trudy and Robb had things to do Monday morning. However, as that taste lingered in her mouth, and her half-memories and imagination cycled through thoughts and images of them together, Trudy could tell something was done to her, something that for all her carefulness and defense against Paula's overzealous hypnotic control, then and there she didn't feel the need to check or correct whatever was done. Trudy closed her eyes and took more of that liquid in her mouth, and felt Paula's love for them both, something stronger than even the most expertly-crafted command given. She felt it, all the good times, all the times that were indeed improved by Paula being there.

It didn't take much for Trudy to construct the puzzle fully - Paula wanted to stay, in either vague or specific terms. She felt Paula's need, and how it complimented Trudy's want, destined to become a need. The butterscotch-skinned hypnotist wondered if she would ever come to this conclusion on her own; the fact that she didn't out-right dismiss the idea told her she was for it.

Warm hands reached up to grasp Paula's slack face. Blurry eyes opened wider to see the woman she was made to awaken before she fell into trance. She smiled down at her controller, closing her eyes as their lips embraced, tasting something sweet in both their mouths, knowing she was destined for happiness in the long-term for some inexplicable reason.


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