Chapter 2

by me_chan

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"You know, hypnosis." Somehow Paula's hand reached out of nowhere to appear inches from his face, making invisible circles. "That phenomena that explains why you're following that finger in front of you so raptly. That thing that you've had on your mind since that fun little party hours before, and probably many years before. That thing happening above the table that's planting a seed to make something grow underneath the table."

The shock in his eyes didn't keep him from completely getting lost, but he still followed, unbalanced and out of any semblance of control. That finger stopped as the whole hand waved in front of his face.

"THAT thing."

Robb looked in her direction as Paula patiently waited for an answer. He got himself to breath a little slower, composing himself as best he could.


"Mind if I take a guess?"

Robb nodded his head.

"Early 20s."

Paula watched Robb try to pinpoint when, and could tell she didn't guess far back enough.

"Wow. Adolescence?"

The light blush in his face was silent confirmation. Part of her felt bad for Robb; she knew plenty of men like him, and would've suggested having an open and honest conversation about something so intimate in his life. But she also knew Trudy, and while she'd never bring it up, she figured it was a smart play to never have mentioned something that might instantly turn her off. It still seemed odd to her that all the experimentation she told Trudy about seemed like an effort for her to listen to or even enjoy, as Paula found herself open to so many things. If they weren't such good friends, Paula might've never discussed it. On the other hand, if Paula knew what she knew now about both of them, she might've warned Robb that he could be suffering indefinitely with proclivities to remain hidden from unwitting parties. Maybe fortunately for both of them, Paula loved the couple, but was very flexible on some ethics.

"Close your eyes for a second, Robb."

She resisted laughing at his incredulous stare, finding it funny that his little-but-hard-head might stubbornly keep him from such an opportunity.

"Just for a second," she lied.

He reluctantly shut his eyes.

"I want you to go back to that time when you first discovered you had this fetish, how surprised, how incredible it was to discover, and how happy you were to find something that made you, and only you, so happy. I think people with fetishes are the happiest people walking the earth, for no other reason that they know themselves, but more importantly, accept themselves, no fear or shame, or just no one else's business. It doesn't matter if they see you smiling after why you're smiling; they're happy you are happy, so in essence, they're happy that you are you, and that you have a fetish you indulge in."

The hypnotist wondered how far back Robb had to go in his memories to reach that point. Body language slowly started to agree with her words as he visibly, finally began to let go of the stress and shock from earlier, and gave himself permission to feel exactly what is body wanted but mind protested. The protest was effectively side-lined as Paula continued.

"For years, you got to dive deep into your early love of hypnosis. Always excited to see new techniques used, new toys put on display for fixed eyes, new fantasies on TV, movies, cartoons, that stretched the creative limits past what you knew,new theories, practical and realistic yet sexy in their own right, about the human thought process brought to life right before your eyes. And if there were disappointments for what didn't turn you on as much, you always had the reactions to fall back on, those who fell victim to those methods of thralldom, falling endlessly until they were no longer victims, but willing participants, and then those who had wordlessly consented to indentured servitude of their hypnotists, and then they fell some more."

Robb was too lost in the well-crafted words to feel Paula's hand resting on his knee, ready to inch itself forward.

"And what if the hypno gods and goddesses smiled down upon you by letting you become witness to a scene of unexpected hypno out of the blue - a young, nubile hypnodomme in the making, a hapless victim who couldn't explain why this girl was becoming their world, and you, the captive audience unbeknownst to either of them, watching her cast her wicked spell, until her keen senses made her turn her head towards you, shocked at first, but then study your face, noticing how glassy and glazed your eyes seemed, happy to note how you may have completely understood what was happening, and not only declined to interfere, but respectfully presented yourself in a way that showed reverence and surrender to her. Her eyes flashed with glee, gasping as she looked down to see your engorged excitement. Seeing her reaction to how you react to her sent tingles of bliss up your leg."

Like with Trudy's hand, Paula's fingers sauntered over Robb's pants like she owned the surface it walked on, loving how it was still yet shook because of whom walked upon it.

"She sent her first victim into self-trance mode, letting them sink of their own accord, ready to place all of her attention on you, just like she's the only thing you can comprehend. She let her fingers ghostly caress the length, feeling the power between your legs, knowing the real touch to decide how much more powerful it could be would come from her lips. 'Submit,' she would tell you. 'Sink,' she would whisper into one ear, 'succumb,' into the other, 'deeper and deeper' she'd croon with her breath coating, warming your lips. She is like hypnosis, she's everywhere around you, omnipresent to your senses, yet you see her so clearly. Wild, dark hair with colored streaks, a cute little nose ring, always with an intense look on her face, the girl who walks on the wild side, controlling it, controlling you."

Robb could feel him letting go to the sensations, to nearly everything described in this dream fantasy of how to enjoy his hidden fetish, except for the look of the girl before him. Even when describing her as hypnosis in a sense, he couldn't get a pre-set look of golden-brown curls, healthy, supple mulatto skin color, and gorgeous hazel eyes - all Trudy's traits. Paula noticed his resistance, prodded him about what he felt and saw, and what kept him from going deeper. Hearing that hypnosis took on the form of her sleeping friend made her smile. It would've been easy to let him use her form to drive him deeper, but she took it more as a challenge, excited to see his will being subverted so completely that Paula in one short moment could be the the only woman he's never knew he needed so much. It only excited her more to hear his protests of accepting Paula's form as what he really wanted.

"I...can't..." he spoke in a soft, monogamous form of resistance.

"No Robb, you can, you always can. 'Can't' doesn't exist when dealing with hypnosis. You can do anything. You can be made to do anything. You can see whatever hypnosis wants you to see. You can know that the possibilities of your mind and the pleasure it can feel are limitless. You can accept that my words will shape your actions for the foreseeable future, with no exceptions."


"Oh my, you are so loyal, and loving, and faithful. You're really an amazing couple, you know? One pre-programmed to everything I might suggest that a mere hint could make him mine, the other so adorably plain that she can't even comprehend how vulnerable she is to me whenever I want her to be."

Robb couldn't help but agree - sexy as she might always be in his eyes, Trudy often felt definitively vanilla, the kind that would be easy prey for the right hypnotist who was inclined to explore. His erection felt somewhat weird about how to view his wife now, but stayed strong because it was Trudy.

"Open your eyes Robb, look at me."

Hazy eyes, still glazed over, looked through a fog to find the only thing clear was Paula's face so close to his, her eyes being the clearest draw.

"You are faithful and loyal, to your true love. You absolutely love hypnosis, don't you?"

His mind was still distracted enough to respond honestly "yes."

"Of course you do, it's your original, one true love in life. You could never betray that love; it's quite impossible to when it commands you so easily. All of your attention, all of your power, any way it wants you, it will have you, just like my voice has you, and doesn't have to worry about letting go because you are right, gripping my soft voice as it's giving you hypnosis."

They looked deeper into each other's eyes, minus the moments he'd glance over at the mass of faded white and tan where his wife hypnotically slept.

"God, can't believe Trudy has kept you all to herself these years. Well, no wonder really," Paula chuckled, a new wicked idea coming into her head.

"Close your eyes again Robb, see hypnosis again, see what you want to do for her, what you want her to do to you, to make you do, let it drown you in that unabated pleasure."

Robb stared into the space of his fantastically suggestible mind as Paula spoke to Trudy again, bringing her right back to the surface of her own consciousness, yet unable to speak or move from her seat to stop Paula as she had her way with her husband. Trudy's chair was set to face Robb's, as Paula was soon to climb onto his body, giving him a clear view of a submissive, lightly hypnotized Trudy in the background, and a powerful Paula showing him how powerful to compare if he found a way to resist and pry his eyes open, and believe she was his choice for the night. The hypnotic rhythm set was disrupted for a few seconds as shifting in a chair and the sound of paper arose conscious attention. Paula got distracted for a moment turning to see Trudy pulling something out of her pocket with what little will she had. It impressed Paula, watching her friend pull out a piece of paper with clearly written words.

"Be True to the Dee." "Undo any binding suggestions you gave me."

Robb couldn't see Paula's face clearly as it turned in Trudy's direction, but what became clear in his vision was seeing her mouth words then abruptly stop, her cheeks and jawline relaxing to stillness. And nearly just as sluggishly, the pressure of her weight on his was relieved as she took slow steps to his wife. Robb swore he could see his wife smile as they whispered into each other's ears. Trudy emerged from the chair like he remembered the dramatic way she rose from a bath, trying to excite him. It was a trick that always worked, and a familiar intensity in his pants had no trouble rising to the occasion. Paula was guided down into her chair, seemingly needing Trudy's help to shift her weight correctly onto the chair.

Hand on her hip, and a finger grazing her lips as if in deep consideration, an intentional yet feigned as innocent move kept him on the harder side of excitement. She looked at her incapacitated husband, and considered her next move. The ladies in front of him exchanged more whispers between themselves, and a decision was finally reached as Trudy walked over, like a tan goddess, making Robb's heart beat faster as she came into full clarity. It felt like his fantasy come to life, envisioning a towering feminine dominant to instruct him, declare herself above everything about him, and make him love it. Fantasies spanning from the day he met her played in his head, but she didn't act out any standing before him yet. She just smiled down at him, smoothing out his hair, enjoying his dopey grin showing an emotional attachment through his tranced mind. Savoring that mindlessness could've lasted all night, but she decided against it, whispering into his ear.

Robb felt awareness being forced back to his senses like the cover being pulled off of his sleeping form that didn't want to face the cold waking world. A stronger brand of shock filled his eyes as he tried but couldn't make sense of how the trancer and trancee had traded places. His first thoughts ran to it being a trick from Paula, a playful trick to get one over on him. But the way Trudy looked at him dissuaded that theory. More than a knowing smile, Trudy's was measured, calculating, with a hint of a smile on the verge of something evil. Even when it eventually did as she watched him piece what he could together, he'd never seen such control in an expression.

"Kind of devilish, isn't it?"

"Huh?" was the automatic reply.

"Always the last person you'd expect."

It took longer than expected to make sense of her statement, and she loved how his mind refused to believe what was clearly before his eyes. Most would have the same trouble with Paula in her naughty red top and Trudy in a clean, white turtleneck, looking like a halo should be hovering over her head.

"No," Robb tried to say with surety.


He stared at a lopsided grin.


Trudy left his side to get her melted bowl of ice cream. She dipped her finger in it, teasing his lips with it, then placing a freshly-dipped finger of vanilla into his mouth. He sucked at its sweetness until he heard her speak.

"And if I told you to think of how good the strawberry ice-cream you had last week tasted? The way you just closed your eyes and savored that creamy flavor, that specific taste that makes those cute cheeks flush, red rushing to your face as most strawberries are a deep red. Swirling your tongue over your spoon, sucking that surface clean until you consumed it all, greedily keeping it all to yourself, just like you do whenever I buy napoleon ice cream. That cute moan you pretend not to make when you eat strawberry, probably the reason you chose cookies and cream so you wouldn't moan in front of some potentially dangerous women that outnumber you, or just a little whine for the little you're still sucking off my finger that makes you want more strawberry ice cream. So, my matrimonial slave, look me in the eye and tell me you didn't just suckle some strawberry ice cream off my finger. Or did you?"

Robb had trouble processing Trudy's words as he remembered last week when he ate the last of the napoleon ice cream, guilelessly in front of his wife, claiming it all for his own mouth while she watched with fake indignation. The same flush crept back up, a small smile as the taste overwhelmed his tongue, the vanilla beans adding to the illusion that he just had strawberry ice cream. Looking at her, she had the smile he had, staking an irrefutable claim over what was hers. A loud pop came from her forcibly removing her finger as he still sucked her finger clean.

He backed away from her finger, wondering how she tricked him though he knew she fabricated the truth.

"This...this is bullshit."

"Which part?" she wondered out loud.

"The..." Robb didn't know where to start.

"You're not a hypnotist," Trudy watched her husband settle on.

"How do you figure?"

"I...would've known by now. You don't carry yourself like one, and I've seen plenty, and-"

Trudy covered his mouth with a raised eyebrow.

"Let me try to address some of those things in the correct order, because I can only take so much naive cuteness. First, how is a hypnotist supposed to carry themselves? Always with a pocket watch on their person? Always making grand gestures or trying to be the center of attention no matter where they are, like Paula? That's funny thinking, and leaves you vulnerable to the even better hypnotists. Second, 'I've seen plenty,' implies that unless you do some kind of moonlighting work as a hypno stage show attendant or manager, it's a pretty big interest for you, or more than that, in which it's peculiar how a husband neglects telling the person he's most intimate with in the world about something he finds incredibly intimate. A vanilla wifey might feel left out, deprived of that, and would demand an explanation on the spot."

On cue, Trudy's hand was removed, and Robb was free to speak and explain himself, but felt shame at how she phrased it.

"Mm-hmm." She shook her head, and he could only momentarily enjoy her short curls bouncing back and forth.

"And I know there was something ahead of those two points, but I wanted to save the best for last - how would you have known when what you know is pretty much relative? Everything from the last flavor of ice cream you swallow to how your homely wife sort of shares the same fetish you do is now in dispute. And of those present, the only person to settle on that judgment is most likely..." Trudy voice trailed looking around at her unconscious friend and confused husband for effect.


"Who the hell are you?"

It didn't clear up what he wanted to watch her give a minute of deep consideration.

"Want to hear a fun theory?"

Robb's neck muscles were stiff enough that he didn't have to tell them to not move, not that it stopped Trudy from telling him anyway.

"Maybe this is Trudy 2.0...a little programmed version installed by Paula, the person I might call mistress, owner, goddess if she's feeling blasphemous. Everything before you could just be a little show, another demonstration of her power, proving I'm just an extension of my best friend's power."

The way she paused at referring to herself like an upgrade unnerved him, because what followed seemed like a slower model, who's speaking confidence deteriorated, until she looked exactly like the modest, unknowing victim he always thought she could be.

"At this point, maybe I have no choice but to go and 'wake' her, while you stay put and enjoy the show." That plus more was whispered in his ear, barely having any emotion to it, as she slowly moved to Paula, whispering in her ear, watching her lively hypnotist come back, pulling Trudy to a slow kiss, and then making her climb atop her. Pelvis to pelvis, they rode each other in slow waves, each with their own enthusiastic smile, whispering into their ears, knowing that an unmoving male nearby was dying to hear the exchanged words, hanging on every one he could."

"Sweetie, have I ever told you the fantasies I've had about both your parents?"

"Really," Trudy gasped between kisses against Paula's neckline.

"Oh yeah. Unlike some of my racist-ass family, I appreciate people of all colors. And when sexy vanilla and chocolate specimens who could basically qualify as models get together create an addictive butterscotch like you. Goodness!" she moaned loudly. "Nothing but goodness. And getting to fuck you, gotta figure it's like fucking both your parents in a way. Best of both words, you know?"

"Oh god. T-thank y-oh," the woman above beamed breathlessly.

Robb's jaw dropped as he saw Paula make more finger motions in front of Trudy's face, and pushed her face and body back with an index finger to the head. Trudy stood up out of the chair, watching Paula motion in circles at Trudy's jeans, and pointed down. Trudy slowly unzipped, and before she could push them down, a finger snap from Paula stopped her. She looked to see Paula motion with her finger again, and Trudy turned to let Paula see her naked ass, bending provocatively, shedding everything below the waist, before she was made to help Paula out of her clothes.

Never in his life did he think he'd be witness to, especially after marrying Trudy, the sight of two vaginas riding a wave of dual hips rocking together, teased by the small curls of each other's skin, sounding nearly as sloppy as their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. There was always the internet, which still managed to come second compared to vivid fantasies, but expectations shattered over how amazing it looked to his eyes. His breathing deepened considerably watching Paula pull the chopsticks from her hair, letting the confines fall just past her shoulders. She looked sexy and wild with her hair down, but not nearly as sexy and wild as watching her take those chopsticks and use them to pinch Trudy's nipples, bringing it to her mouth to tease, to lick gently at each, prompting the look on Trudy's face showing she was mutely begging and pleading for them to be given genuine attention. Each time she pulled at her nipple, Trudy uttered a sexy whine that was music to Robb's submissive ears. It almost didn't matter that it was Trudy and her best friend Paula, that what was tantamount to cheating was happening right before his eyes; the parts of his mind not completely enthralled with the show seemed to convince him that it was ok and he shouldn't be upset. Realizing that both, or at least one of them was a hypnotist, and this was all happening because someone had the ability and inclination to bend two other people to make their Saturday night fantasy a reality, was Robb's dominant line of thinking.

Paula set the pace for the duo, gripping Trudy from behind, pulling, forcing her into the treading motion that Paula needed to build up exactly what would satisfy her the most.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck!"

Paula got closer and closer, until she screamed in utmost satisfaction, only silenced by Trudy reaching down to exchange another kiss as Paula's chopsticks pinched a nipple hard. Robb moaned from feeling their coupling giving off heat like a nuclear reactor, contributing his own being made to watch something his monogamous mind often never let him fantasize about. He wondered if his wife had come from the experience as well, incognizant of his own cumming.

Sinful smiles and more whispers were exchanged between them, followed by Paula reaching up to appreciatively kiss a straight line down from throat to cleft, licking the length of it, reaching up to lower her shirt off her shoulders, to reveal bra-less tanned skin, and inviting, erect nipples. Paula latching onto a nipple while pinching the other made Trudy's head tip back. Trudy's hand found its way to the back of Paula's neck, and began moving the somehow pliable Paula's head wherever she wanted it. She moved it from one breast to the next, ensuring neither breast was deprived of kisses, slow licks, eager lips or teasing teeth grazing the skin. Trudy's teeth gently tugging at Paula's nose ring made her friend's bottom lip visibly quiver, followed by a her head and shoulders shuddering. Another wave caused by hips in-sync started again, yet it began to look what was left of Robb's nearly brainless, lust-filled eyes that Paula may not have been setting the pace anymore. Trudy's pussy seemed to move faster, and Paula had to catch up, the collision causing simultaneous gasps. That and how Trudy sometimes pulled Paula away from her nipples before she could make contact more or less confirmed his impression, topped off by the smile Trudy made at Paula's whimpering noises when she didn't get what she wanted.

"Fuck me, follow it Paula, harder. Keep up. You know you must."

Trudy meant to whisper that, but she quickly began to lose control and just moan it, maybe forgetting Robb was even there if she meant to keep her words to the girls only. The collision between genitalia grew more consistent, until they stayed together in the wave, creating juicy friction. It made Paula bite into Trudy’s breast, not skin-breaking yet hard enough to make his wife scream in ecstasy like he'd never heard before.

Envy joined lust in his eyes as he saw them smile at each other.

"Even the reality of the unbelievable sight you just witnessed is in question right now, isn't it?"

He thought someone whispered in his mind. Consciousness was taken from him through a sentence before he could find the source of the voice.

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